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    Cake Decorating Border -- Over-Piped Double Reverse Shell Border how to make

    Cake Decorating Border -- Over-Piped Double Reverse Shell Border

    Cake Decorating Border -- Over-Piped Double Reverse Shell Border
    hi all over
    all for this border today I'm using anumber eighteen to get
    so works well for a lotta borders and itworks great for this particular one
    today I want to show you
    %uh quick little butter cream bordergoes like this:
    you can and do a couple little you forsure
    holes gonna
    over pie just like that but i wanna showyou what you can do with this because
    this is a border that you can use onyour wedding cakes you can use on your
    anniversary cakes or novelty cakes orwhatever its very first off
    but it looks kinda like it I'm gonnashow you what I was doing with that
    what I was doing there just might be alittle like accomplish a
    then coming around all the way back tothe same level and then another one that
    direct contrast the reverse up the showalso
    and just repeat that over and over
    get a really nice border
    so basically again we're just comingdown
    and down around backup down
    lot of pressure issue bring up the tailhere little bit
    wire pressures are at the that that by
    changing the pressure that up makes afor lamar
    definition so it's like that the startand we're going to overplay
    outside head outside my city outsidemaybe they also have these three middle
    you have to
    and then the third 1iwith the outside
    and show like that and what that does togive it a real nice
    fancy look what I'm doing there which ispainting a little
    comma shape shell down and then comearound with a full-scale
    them and around and come to the backside each time so you're coming here
    I'm feeling that right to the back sideover the top of the back side
    and again and see each time reversing

    so again we have this double reverseshell
    like so what we were seeing each timeand then we're gonna go over the top
    and not really on top but to thatoutside
    up the two shells
    so or ending up with as a border thatappears to be
    up a layering up three shells so andthat's what he pick
    up attractive and why keep it clean thatway so once again
    like so a small one
    a larger small larger income or I'll nowyou could be that way a lot
    much border adding this makes it alittle more elegant
    I so wish to this again a little closerup so you can see what's happening
    again show little shell like so around
    other wanted oxide that way round around
    around and just keep reversing
    and then to the outside age up those twopreceding shells
    at that third and it makes for a reallynice border
    now it is possible that the wrong withthis believe it or not for instance if
    you don't come around far enough and youjust kinda
    let these shells bombs Buffalo andagainst one another
    what that does is create a of as a lookthat's not near as smooth as it should

    again you want to come up and
    and make it make that transitionschmooze
    so its moon nothing that could go wrongpossibly
    is if you go way up or way down or
    anywhere in between but you get as aborder that's
    of handball over the place and you don'tneed to get around that
    is at least for practice purposes is too
    but some wine just put a few littlewines under cake just up for practicing
    it again
    and what we want to do with this is whenyou play your
    you're out first up calmest com I hateshale
    what we're going to do is for you knowaround income from the top down to the
    and from the top to the bottom andbackup to talk how
    from the bottom up to the top and theI'm
    up the car and back down tomorrow andyes continue that and what that'll do
    as get you use to keeping this confinedto a certain way
    shook again from the car
    down to the bar top down to the bottomand then back up
    to that same lineup other below the samethat Keisha once more
    what we're gonna do the same thingthere's our order and
    with the Commish a coming down and backup for that
    same level and so forth and just repeatthat pattern
    and can you can really get this goingpretty quick lunch get used to it
    but up and that third third language isa single lever shell
    over pipe so ideally you want to see allthree of those
    and that's all there is to it you'regonna find lots of uses for this border
    itself quick easy and elegant lotsa fun
    give it a try
    Tables fruit and sweet
    Tables fish-salted
    Universal table
    Design concepts are perfectly table " Kozatskiy "
    Mechanism of fish, meat, cheese. The sandwiches, e
    Slicing fruit
    Design concepts are perfectly table "cheese"

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