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    Buttermilk Fruit Cake Recipe Demonstration - Joyofbaking.com how to make

    Buttermilk Fruit Cake Recipe Demonstration - Joyofbaking.com

    Buttermilk Fruit Cake Recipe Demonstration - Joyofbaking.com Add subtitles/CC
    hi I'm Stephanie Jaworski enjoy baking
    calm today we're going to make an
    eggless buttermilk fruitcake and this is
    what it looks like this is a wonderfully
    moist and tender cake it's full of
    ground spices and dried and candied
    fruit so the first thing you will need
    to do is to pre-heat your oven to

    degrees Fahrenheit which is
    celsius and then you will need a loaf
    pan and we're going to butter and flour
    our pan so I just melts a little bit of
    butter and then i'm using a pastry brush
    to brunch the inside now you and if you
    don't want to do this you could buy one
    of those non like the vegetable spray
    that also have the flower rate in it so
    that's another option but adds a little
    butter like to use it so then once you
    battery and just put a little bit of
    flour in there now I normally do this
    over the sink
    I'm just put this paper towel just go
    move the flower around the inside of
    your pan done and then just gonna be
    noisy and there you have your pan so now
    this is a really easy fruitcake
    we don't need our mixer it's it's just
    it's really it's a quick bread wet
    ingredients dry ingredients mix them
    together and we're done
    perfect i'm so for the dry ingredients
    in a large bowl you will need one and a
    half cups which is about
    grams of
    all-purpose flour you may know that is
    plain flour and to that I'm going to add

    teaspoon two grams of salt i like to use
    a kosher salt prefer that but you could
    just use table salt and then this is got
    some spices so I'm adding three-quarters
    of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon a half
    a teaspoon of grated nutmeg and then
    quarter of a teaspoon of ground ginger
    and a quarter of a teaspoon of ground
    cloves course you could vary that if you
    say some people don't like close with
    the ground close you could just leave
    that out so I'm just gonna whisk that
    make sure everything's mixed together
    and then we're going to add in here are
    dried and candied fruit now you can
    really vary this a according to your
    personal preference i liked like i said
    i like a mixture of both the drive and I
    like the candied like mixed peel and the
    candy cherries if you don't like that
    you could just leave that out so i'm i'm
    using a mixture of raisins i'm using the
    dark raisin she could use the golden
    raisins i'm also i have here some dried
    cranberries dried cherries would be good
    i'm using some figs I've cut them up
    dried figs I cut them up into small
    pieces you can use like dates or prove
    you could use some dried apricots I mean
    really kind of whatever you like and
    then i also have a mixture of candied
    lemon and orange peel and then my
    personal favorite I like the the candy
    chariots read there's also candy cream
    cherries so two you need two cops of
    total which is about
    grams so just
    mix it up as everyone you know whatever
    you like
    sometimes I just do raisins you know
    depends what you have the time of year
    and so what I'm gonna do is I'm just
    going to put my hands right in here you
    want to coat all the fruit with the
    flower that way you can you know some of
    the fruits kind of stick together like
    the raisins and i know some people are
    going to ask can I macerate the fruit
    before i make the cake in alcohol
    you sure can you could do it up to a day
    or two ahead of time i'm not going to
    today because I want this is i'm doing
    like a fast and easy fruitcake
    so I'm for our wedding drying your wet
    ingredients in a separate bowl I have
    three quarters of a cup which is

    grams of firmly packed light brown sugar
    and I typically like to just put my
    fingers through that sometimes you can
    get some lumps in your brown sugar make
    sure and then you will need a half a cup
    a hundred
    grams of butter and you
    want to melt your butter and then let it
    cool down to room temperature and just
    going to add that with squared and then
    for flavoring half a teaspoon two grams
    of pure vanilla extract
    if you want to leave that out by all
    means you could and then as it's a
    buttermilk fruitcake
    we're going to add one cup

    grams of butter now you
    can buy your your buttermilk
    you can also buy buttermilk powder or
    you can make your own like a really good
    substitute take one cup
    of milk and stir in
    lemon juice or vinegar just let it stand
    at room temperature for
    minutes and
    you have your own have buttermilk sour
    milk so just whisk or you can just stir
    it all together
    and then what we're going to do is just
    I'm going to make a well in the center
    of my dry ingredients and just pour it
    right in there and stir together and we
    are done you can see this
    you want a fruitcake you know really any
    time of the year but especially
    Christmas this is one that you can make
    and you can serve it the same day so
    it's not like the ones where the
    fruitcake word you you know brush it
    with alcohol over several weeks although
    i do have recipe for that type of fruit
    cake and just go to the joy baking . com
    website for that recipe but this is for
    you know the last minute and cook which
    aren't we

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