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    cookies and cream mousse (no bake cheese cake) - YouTube how to make

    cookies and cream mousse (no bake cheese cake) - YouTube

    cookies and cream mousse (no bake cheese cake) - YouTube
    hey guys welcome to reason is that spot in this episode I'll be teaching you how
    to make a cream cheese based cookies and cream mousse cake
    it's really nice really rich and contains no gelatin
    we need a springform pan have an age pena and spray the inside line it with
    something here I have my oreo cookies not very polarized am using a food
    i'm adding in my butter mix that all through and then you might want to get
    your hands dirty for this just to make sure that it's clumping together except
    written form you want it to be able to hold its shape and that's when it's
    ready it's time to be the base we have our cake board and I'll captain and make
    sure that it's centered on the cake board and i'm going to drizzle some
    melted chocolate or chocolate ganache even in the middle and this make sure
    that as our base try as they won't move around on a cake board will stay put and
    just press it all down
    want to get a right to the edges and try to keep it as little as you can
    i'm using the back of a tablespoon and helps to make it really level
    so go across the edges with the end of the spoon missing right up against the
    wall of your cake tin
    now place it in the freezer while we go ahead with the rest of the facility
    next we're going to pay out cookies and cream better so I've got my cream cheese
    and I'm adding some vanilla extract
    we're going to be dead until soft
    we have made this and I'm going to add in my cookies and cream or okay I'm just
    just like that
    next adding your cream and sugar and whisk until he gets to pick next
    combined cream by folding it in to your cookies and cream cream cheese mixture
    little bit of time
    it is really rough really tough oh sorry you had to use a lot of a at the
    beginning but it so happens we keep adding more cream it all maintained its
    creamy fluffy texture looks something like that can stop
    transfer your data into your kik team
    and tapping on the surface too flat up more spectrum and even episode
    I'm gonna place my cake in the freezer and leave it overnight that way tomorrow
    when we need to create it's nice and solid and went mountain next step of
    making our chocolate ganache of God my dark chocolate and adding in the cream
    no dark chocolate you add half of its weight in cream and that microwave for

    so I had total
    seconds in the microwave and two things that can burst
    that's that was invaded my gosh
    some of your connections fighting back and will be this reserved a great leader
    we have a cake straighten the reason not to end table and I'm just going to
    take up the passion that I'm gonna see if I can remove some of these edges
    standing up
    are you gonna straight-up don't add too much use especially just spread it
    around the top
    bring it to the edges you want some of its your fault not too much because
    we're going to use that connection we have a piping back to make a really
    pretty design
    leave it like that and then working quickly before you can wash that just
    going around
    lining the top edge and bring it down
    next I have a tip number
    x will turn and i'm going to start putting a little
    stars all around the Cape want to go write me the edge that we can cover all
    the not so unique looking good match
    that's how it's done
    and last of all I'm going to add just a quick happy birthday message using some
    light chop
    one more
    have you guys found this tutorial useful do leave me a comment below if you'd
    like to see something in particular on this channel and I'll try my best to
    make it happen
    thank you for watching and I'll see you next week

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