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    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Cake (Katniss Wedding Dress Cake) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - Yo how to make

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Cake (Katniss Wedding Dress Cake) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - Yo

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Cake (Katniss Wedding Dress Cake) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - Yo
    hi everybody this is jen from cookies cupcakes and cardio . com
    today we're going to be making one of my favorite cakes to date
    it is a Hunger Games Katniss cake if you're familiar with the hunger games
    series you will know exactly what this cake represents but for you
    those of you who may not be down below we have the Mockingjay feathers the
    burning ring in the center and the top is her wedding dress
    let's get started on this really fun tutorial to make the cake we're going to
    be using this
    Katniss Hunger Games doll i'll put a link in the description box below for
    where I got it on amazon
    we're going to be using three colors of buttercream we have black red and white
    and then for cakes are going to be using to pieces
    this one is an 8-inch round and then over here this one is a taper doll pan
    which are used in previous videos if you need help with that
    now down here in front we have some white fondant and black fondant
    we also have hard candies red orange and yellow and then these are little edible
    accents their silver hearts you could use anything that's silver and small
    like this and we're going to be using some white royal icing so we're going to
    start with the feathers as it takes a little bit of time for them to dry and
    you have to make quite a few for this activity
    so what I have here is this is just a feather press or a feather mold you can
    use it for chocolate fondant like we're going to so it's just has the imprint
    here of the feathers and i'm going to take my piece of fondant and just roll
    it out and that's going to emboss it but first what I want to make sure i do is
    put a little bit of the shortening on
    so any where you're going to be using it just rub the shortening because then
    that helps to make sure that it doesn't stick
    when you start to make your feathers all in all these little veins
    so then take your fondant here and then just press that down using a roller roll
    it out like this
    just get approximately to the right the same width and height of the feather
    peel it off
    and then you'll have an embossed leather there
    so then you're going to go around it with the cutter and cut out the excess
    part from around the outside
    there we go you can use like a sharp knife or maybe something a little
    sharper than this
    like that
    peel away the excess and then with an exacto knife
    you just want to give the feather some texture so I'm going to follow just
    along the edges on these little veins using my exacto knife like this so i'm
    going to go around the whole entire thing making these little slits like
    this and then when I've gone around this side
    I'm just going to cut out a couple so it makes it look a little bit more
    realistic cut out a couple totally random and then you're going to want to
    repeat this process with the feathers if the white and the black about

    times each
    so once you've got them all cut out and I'll do this side too
    you're going to put them onto a flower former and they will dry like that
    next up that needs to dry is our royal icing now this is going to be the lace
    piece that goes over the shoulder of Katniss's dress on the tip i have a
    number three but you could use any round tip I'm just taking my royal icing and
    this is just freehand you could use like a lace piece if you wanted to
    you just want to make something that's going to kind of go up and around her
    shoulder and then come down around her waist so you can make I suggest making a
    couple of these just in case they break because they are pretty delicate and
    then when they dry you can i will show you the next spot the next step and
    that's as simple as that part is once the royal icing has hardened I've got my
    little pieces here the little silver pieces ready and I've got the piping gel
    here and now i'm going to put my paintbrush into the piping gel
    you could also do this with water I just find that the piping gels the little one
    accent stick a little bit better to it now this one I tried to use a couple of
    different like little sprinkles and i just found the best effect came from the
    silver accents
    now if you can't find them you can definitely use other things like sanding
    sugar or even like silver sprinkles if you can find those are little silver
    draws a draw Jays but these ones i just found gave more of that realistic look
    to what Katniss's wedding dress looks like
    so you just sprinkle them on like this and then it's ready to go
    so the last thing we need to do to be ready for the cake assembly is to melt
    our candies into one big huge piece of melted candy and then we'll be able to
    break it and make it into flames so all I'm doing here is just removing the
    wrappers and then this will go into the oven
    that's preheated at
    degrees Fahrenheit and you're going to want to
    melt it for probably eight to
    minutes it's going to depend on you have to
    watch the candies kind of quick or kind of closely
    just to make sure that they're not burning or bubbling and browning on the
    edges not a big deal if it happens because you can always choose not to use
    that piece but you just want to be careful that you don't have a little
    candy candy burning fire in your oven
    I'm going to put this into the oven let it melt and then we'll be ready to start
    assembling the cake
    so we're ready to assemble the cake and I've got the
    tapered one stacked here and i also have cleaned and wrapped the bottom portion
    of the Katniss doll in plastic wrap and that's just going to help keep the doll
    clean and the doll or directly away from being in part of your food
    so now you just take the doll for and that's the feet-first put her into the
    center of the cake like that and then just press down into the cake until
    she's all the way down in there as far as she can go
    so we have a dollar on the cake and I started to apply a thin layer of black
    buttercream to the bottom third of the cake so I was going to make sure I get
    that all the way around the cake and then i'll be back to show you
    next step so we've got this in layer on now
    and so now i have a Wilton number 104 petal tip and i'm just going to place
    the fat and next to the cake then I'm just going to zigzag around the cake
    like this
    once you've gone around one full time you're going to go around two more full
    times we have the buttercream on so now we're going to take our feathers and
    they're pretty delicate so you want to be careful and i'm going to put some
    down near the bottom there and then i'm also going to put some a little bit
    higher so I'm just going to alternate like high and then lo and all the spots
    like these spots up here we'll get covered up later when we go to the next
    layer so we're moving on to the burning layer and I'm going to take some red
    buttercream and I just have a really pointed tapered spatula and i'm just
    going to apply a little bit here
    now the reason I don't want black behind the candy that stimulates the fire is
    because the darkness of the black buttercream
    it kind of dulls the actual flame because the candies are a little bit
    so you just want to make sure that you don't have any black buttercream up that
    far and then you're just going to take your candy and just slide it in there
    and go around the whole cake with a fire layer here use lots of different sizes
    lots of different colors and it will look really really cool like this so i
    have my feather my Mockingjay feathers and then i have my ring of fire here
    the next step is to cover the rest of the part the cake here in the white
    buttercream and again I'm using the tapered really thin spatula because i'm
    going to just carefully try to cover in behind the flames and then i'll be doing
    some more covering up all the way up her torso
    I've got the base covered up here now with the white buttercream
    so I'm switching to my buttercream with a
    for tip and just like i did with
    the black
    I'm going to squeeze and just do a zigzag motion
    so all this is doing is it's just giving like a little bit of demand
    chin to the cake in case the white feathers don't cover everything up so
    that's going to just give it a little bit more of an interesting look so I'm
    just going to continue this all the way up
    so I've got it covered up here now so now I'm going to add the little white
    feathers and we're going to do the same type of thing and just add them down low
    and just try to change the height of the feathers and then try to fit them to in
    between the flames
    sort of like that so I'm just going to continue around and finish off this
    better bit
    so i've switched my white piping bag to a
    tip and it's same as a petal tip
    and i'm just going to finish the rest of the torso and the front and the back and
    then i will place the small little lace detail over her left shoulder and i'll
    be back to show you the finished cake
    there you go everybody you can see that i put the lace detail on the top here of
    her dress
    I hope you will enjoy this tutorial today it was really fun to make a cake
    that is for such a fun movie series and book series of course I've read the
    books and I can't wait to see the newest movie that's coming out
    thanks for watching everybody remember to subscribe to the channel and I will
    see you all again next time

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