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    Sugar Lace: How To Make Icing Lace In Minutes - YouTube how to make

    Sugar Lace: How To Make Icing Lace In Minutes - YouTube

    Sugar Lace: How To Make Icing Lace In Minutes - YouTube
    hi I just wanted to show you this amazing product that we have it is a
    sweet lace but it's a sweet lace express if you're anything like me you have no
    patience when it comes to waiting around for a long time for these lace liquid
    laces to dry but this is literally set in about four minutes
    it's absolutely fantastic so I thought you might want to know how to use it
    first thing I'm going to show you what it looks like on the cakes and these
    beautiful cakes have been made and using the sweet lace express
    so the first cake here i'm going to show you has got hit with a border around the
    bottom which looks fantastic
    and also you can when it is when it's still pliable you can use a cutter to
    cut out as well as it was really pretty butterflies lace butterflies
    here we've used it again we've halved one of the designs and used it as a
    border around the base of the cake and as this beautiful lace tablecloth
    we've just taken the strips and just built them up and to create this this
    tablecloth square tablecloth
    so I think they look absolutely fantastic and so easy to use you just
    have to have the knack we really need to learn the neck and I'm going to show it
    to you now
    so let me tell you the products first of all the first thing you need to know
    about is the actual paste it comes in a little pot like this what's really good
    about this product is that there is absolutely no waste because once you've
    used it and you scraped it onto your mold anything that's left over
    you just stick it back in the pot as long as it goes back in the pot before
    sort of
    minutes then it can just be used again
    this will keep for ages and you can just keep going back to it going back to it
    it can be colored as you can see here we've covered it's really lovely
    likee purpley color and you can also mold it whilst its and whilst its
    setting so you can see here that we've got this really lovely it can be a
    cupcake topper or makes a really lovely
    in Paris soul or umbrella for the top of a cake but basically we've been drawing
    that on top of this
    this former and it will dry that shape perfectly
    so that's the pace that so it comes
    this is another great little must have when you're using this product and this
    is the spatula really really good product it's sort of rounded on one side
    flat on the other
    what's good about it it's got these bumps on the handle which gives you
    really really good grip for when you're pushing away
    that's good all different types of designs it comes in and so obviously
    these are quite small but it's quite instant so you you're going to put your
    paste into here
    leave its drive four minutes take it out and do it again so you don't have to
    leave this in four hours and hours it doesn't have to be really really long
    because it's a really quick turnover and some of the designs are more simple than
    others so have a look on the website that's the best thing to do because you
    can see close-ups of these patterns included in this sweet lace express
    starter kit is a spatula a design mode and a hundred grams of sweet lace
    express paste
    here we go i'm going to show you how easy it is to make a piece of lace
    as you can see i'm having a good old need here on the instructions it says
    need for at least
    seconds and I find actually that I just want to knead it
    until it's really nice and soft and pliable
    it feels absolutely gorgeous it's really light lovely and it has the most
    gorgeous smell so much like marshmallow it's lovely
    so I've got it now really nice and light and pliable
    i'm going to just roll it into a ball and just put it to the end of my strip
    and then I'm going to push down and then the action i'm going to use i'm going to
    push down here and really is we
    this is this really does take some practice because what you need to do is
    you need to get the right sort of pressure in order to squelch all this
    into the mold to get it in all the detail in but if you put too much
    pressure on it and obviously it's sort of tears away so you need to get enough
    pressure that is going to go into the mold but not too much pressure to tear
    it away and at the same time
    you just need to make sure you don't you leave any residue on the top so you're
    not going to get this the first time around but this just takes a couple of
    times practice but it really is worth X it's such a time saver
    ok so here I go so the whole idea really is to to press and then just an even
    amount of pressure all the way down
    night until you get to the end like so now you can see that i have actually
    left a little bit so I'm just going to try and just take off that residue
    now i'm going to tell you all the pitfalls ok of doing it again
    is that sometimes you might tear away pieces that actually were okay before
    some things have happened that time that was quite good
    ok so can you see how easy it is now they do say just do it in one but i have
    found that if there are if everything is perfect and you've just got a tiny
    little bit that needs doing
    you can patch it up like i have there
    now another thing you must remember is this only takes four minutes to set
    so don't sit there for
    minutes trying to get it absolutely perfect because you
    won't be able to get out of that it does set quickly
    ok so you have got four minutes and i think that's looking pretty good
    so I'm going to leave that for four minutes and then take it out so it's
    been about four minutes now we're going to take and sweet lace express out of
    the mold again back with the spatula just flick the end you'll know if it's
    ready because it will come away quite easily whereas if it's not ready to come
    out yet
    it will still be quiet time quite elastic e
    ok now this isn't the same as if you have a normal mold with sugar paste you
    can't just go and pull it like this you have to use this
    ok because obviously it's really really intricate all the little lines so I'm
    literally going to just help it out all the way along with my spatula
    as you can see if you leave it for the right amount of time it comes out
    don't leave it too long leave anything you know has a saying after
    it goes quite brittle so make sure you're working with it in the White
    there we go but we can't see that on there because it's a white that we have
    a perfect example before it dries obviously we want this straight onto the
    side of a cake or do whatever you're going to do with it and it does attached
    perfectly with some edible glue brush on a little bit of edible glue and then
    stick it onto your cake and that is sweet lace six place

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