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    Hey guys, its Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies!
    Earth day is coming up fast so I wanted to make something Planet Earth themed, and
    you may not know but my very first video on my YouTube channel was a video of my sister
    and I volunteering for Earth Day. We love to do this every year, we love to give back,
    even if its just in a small way. It just makes our day, something near and dear to
    our hearts!
    So, today we are gonna be making an Earth Themed cake, and, the design of it is super
    cool because when you cut into it, its gonna show the different layers, and theyre
    gonna be colored! Woo! Alright, so lets get started!
    The things you will need, will be: 1 cup of regular, all purpose flour,
    cup of
    self rising flour, 1 cup of almond meal, 1-1/3 cup of sugar,
    teaspoon almond
    cup butter, yellow and red food coloring.
    Now for the 3 layers of our cake, we are gonna be using cake balls, for our core.
    Here Ive pre-made some, and you can use your favorite recipe. I just used a white
    cake recipe so that the color will be white. Then for the second layer, I found this
    3 inch sphere mold online, Ill put a link down below if youre interested in checking
    it out. And then for our third layer, I found this pan set a Michaels, its by Wilton.
    And technically on the box it said 3-D Sports Ball Pan Set, but it is perfect for planets
    and it was the perfect proportional size and Ill put a link down below if youd like
    to go check that out because it just matched up shape wise perfectly.
    Alright, now lets put it all together!
    The first thing that were gonna do is whisk together our flours and almond meal into this
    little bowl. Just whisk and then set it off to the side.
    The next thing that were gonna do is cream together our butter and sugar.
    Im using a stand mixer, but you can also use a hand mixer, that works just fine.
    Now that this is all mixed up, we are gonna add our eggs,
    So were gonna add an egg, and mix, egg and mix.
    Now were gonna add our flour mixture, Im just gonna add it
    its mixing, until its all combined.
    Final step, were gonna add a little bit of yellow food coloring, and then mix it up!
    Just a reminder, this is enough for 1 batch, but we want to make
    off to the side, and that
    Our butter cake batter all ready and now were going to fill the
    with the batter, and Ive got this little cookie sheet on the bottom, so that when you place
    it in the oven its not so wiggly, it has some stability.
    So what you do is youre gonna take a spoon, and its really thick,
    its gonna hold its shape!
    Typically, butter cakes dont rise as much as a regular cake, so you can fill it almost
    to the top, and its OK if it spills over because well take off the excess later.
    Once the mold is filled, youre gonna take your little cake balls, and remember these
    are vanilla white cake balls, that's what I'm using. And youre gonna place them in the center, and youre
    really gonna press them down there, I wiggle them.
    Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!
    Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Now that weve got our little cake balls pressed in, its time to
    bake! Youre gonna heat your oven to 350 degrees and then were gonna bake for about

    minutes. But keep your eye on em, because some molds bake faster than others
    and, this is the perfect time to make your second batch of batter and dye it red.
    Once your cakes have baked, make sure theyve had plenty of time to cool, and now were just
    gonna flip them upside down and were gonna cut off this outer edge to make them
    completely smooth. Da-doo! See, like this.
    Now Im gonna pick my second favorite and do the same thing.
    Next, were gonna grease our outer crust pans. And for these pans specifically they
    say to grease them with shortening, so dont use butter or oil, or baking spray,
    just use shortening.
    After youve greased your pan, were gonna scoop in some red butter batter.
    And this time, were gonna fill our pan about
    Once your pans are filled with batter, were gonna take our spoon, and right down the
    middle, were gonna make a little pocket, just press the batter to the sides.
    Take your cake and place it right in the middle, and now were gonna press it down.
    Then what I like to do is take my spoon, pull the batter over the top so it kind of locks
    it into place so that it wont rise too much.
    Now our cake are assembled, and theyre ready to bake!
    Youre gonna heat your oven to
    degrees and were gonna bake them for about
    to an hour. Just keep your eye on them, and if youve got a cake tester, use it!
    Or you can use a little skewer or toothpick, but you just stick it down into the cake,
    pull it out, and if nothing sticks to it, its good!
    Once your cakes have baked, give them plenty of time to cool, and then were gonna
    level off the top. Got a little bit of this brown stuff, we dont want it!
    Get out of here!
    So Im taking a sharp cutting knife, just being careful, little sawing motions.
    AW! So cool! And now, were gonna level our other cake.
    Cakes are leveled, and now youre gonna pick
    And then youer just going to cut off the bottom so that our globe can sit freely.
    Now were gonna take a little bit of buttercream frosting and were gonna put a thin
    layer on the cake. Wee-ooh! Wee-ooh! Wee-ooh! Wee-ooh!
    Then Im gonna use a spatula, just spread it around evenly.
    And then were gonna put on the top.
    Now youre just gonna spread blue frosting all over the cake and use a spatula to
    smooth it out.
    I just finished frosting the cake and to add a little bit of texture, just for some
    fanciness, I took this spatula, and I just dabbed, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab,
    all the way around the globe!
    And, for the final decoration step, Ive got some buttercream frosting, I dyed it green
    with a little bit of food coloring, and then Ive got a coupler and a number
    the end for a little bit more control. Ive actually gotten so many requests about how
    to assemble 1 of these decorating bags, its really, really easy, so I made a video with
    Wilton, Ill put a link down below, go check it out! Easy tutorial of how to assemble
    these decorating bags.
    Time to draw our continents, doesnt have to be perfect, just do the best you can.
    I even bought this little, this was a dollar, I think at world market.
    Its like a little foam, play, globe ball, and Im going to use this as my reference.
    Now Im gonna take some of this white frosting that we used before and just make
    little spots of white, all over the globe, for clouds!
    Here is the Planet Earth Cake that we made today, in celebration of Earth Day!
    I hope you guys have a happy Earth Day and I will be posting lots of pictures of
    this cake on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!
    And if you guys make this cake or any other Earth Day treats, please send me photos,
    I just love seeing your baking creations, I get a big kick out of it.
    Alright, thanks again, bye-bye!

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