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    Mothers day cake decorating with kids - YouTube how to make

    Mothers day cake decorating with kids - YouTube

    Mothers day cake decorating with kids - YouTube
    is that happy for you
    happy Mother's Day we're making cupcakes from this day
    yeah yeah yeah so what we're gonna do
    it's got my ice in every way
    you got really should be nice and yes you switch to you roll this out
    all right then out where this is going to cover the top of my cupcakes you've
    already read it was ok people that were on the top
    so what you need to do is cause there
    oh can you remember what we did last time you have that one and that's like
    yeah you do decide to use a chair beside you like
    remember we did last time you can import the circle
    oh I heard of it around your head of those
    it just looks like a machine yes ok
    and should we give those little bit of time to dry and then we'll get some that
    were already tried a little bit
    so what we're going to do is get a little bit green and a brush I'm going
    to go get on the top you use this one
    we have to get turns for the big brush to let you want to go first yeah yeah
    it's printing get we're going to top you do it
    no it's not some edges ok
    it was but we've never used it for makeup so you can use makeup she's as
    long as they're clean
    so this is a new one that we use it we're gonna roll out some shapes and
    I've actually come out earlier as well that we can use tips over here is a few
    different ones
    what you're going to do the pretty on the butterfly . pinch a little bit of
    yours now you'll be well that again so it's nice and flat
    yes so when you press that to a percent it keep this bill
    presses button we can see that my fingers out that's right and lift it up
    now you can press that topic they got it up two out
    yeah so flower shapes with my store their little hats and butterflies
    so what I'm gonna do can see draw the middle in the flour and the circle
    putting all of them
    you say you think you can handle that allowed you have anybody to fly and what
    we're gonna do is draw our petals on there so we use the amazing patterns
    that interval so you can eat the ink tell you that comes off on them
    ok so we'll let now draw a flower next to push nice and soft that's right
    yeah and then some nice little petals around the edges
    oh look now you're on Julie use your we use pink on red pink so shall I show you
    so we've got two ends can you see it's ben is a little bit thin
    we're going to use the thicker end and i'll show you fast so just press down
    you see like that and we're going to color in our souls and you get all
    different colors in these pens
    we've just got a few coolers and today to use
    I'm gonna pull those in so you have gone
    coloring and the hard to put out things shaped you drive flowers and butterflies
    out you on these animal pens
    well I'm you can it doesn't make yes I don't press too hard
    depends the wise shape making sure that once I can't run that much for me to go
    does not without a little things that we've met i'm going to stick them on our
    cupcakes now so if you grab me the one you've made you reach that what we're
    going to do is carefully on the back of it with a little bit of water and then
    we're going to push it in place
    about me not reach the water look like and then see if you can get a little
    flowers or anything around that man
    yeah and there's a nice Mother's Day
    so now we need to put them on top of our cupcakes . we're so let's put it behind
    my back you cheating it's got a little not a long end and then reducing the
    night everybody went back to Knothole
    oh did you have to do it and you you put it on me squeeze the back to squeeze it
    up like that too much
    and then what we're going to do and people this bit i'm going to pull that
    gently on the top . that's keep all the way at the top as well
    otherwise it squeezes a buttock so you do the same
    you could have squeezed get it is what it is yes sir
    your house and leaves and all things on our own way so we like this part
    so what we're going to do you see I'm just whipping some real
    I am a bit that on this barge trying to get around the edges so we're going to
    cover up the middle bit with another cake so we don't get lost in the middle
    of her when you let me know them a little bit
    yeah on the edges oh nice
    oh my god can you see we got a little cake how much . the middle so i'm going
    to put a bit green on this cake
    so we're just gonna stick in exactly the same way because this is hard to believe
    all this stuff is edible meat
    now what I'm going to do is just put a little bit of cream on so that really
    takes the cake
    so decide which it looks nice list and put a nice if it to the front so you can
    also cut out can you see lots of the shape so I got out some letters that say
    mom I'm going to separate them the same way that we've decorated the common
    I'm not going to do this
    I water sense what I've stuck on the cupcakes from the sticks my kik so as
    well as the flowers and butterflies
    you can draw your own shape and cut around it so on this one
    you see I've drawn a million a daughter I'm not going to go on top of that can
    block of ice in behind it
    told in spit in place like that
    so we're just going to put a quick we're going around the cake and then we'll put
    one around each the cake balls as well
    no you definitely County the ribbon so once you've got a lot of repentance and
    we're just going to place a cupcakes decorated now around the bar yet
    brilliant get yours on that we are now should put yours on that
    so that's it finished into it we just need to put a scope get to the back and
    then it's done
    yeah gay dog day
    kk do it which put on some wings there and icing that keep all the way at the
    top as well
    yeah I told me all the icing
    why do squirrels swim it back
    go on why
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