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    Butterfly Cake with Frosting Sheets by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube how to make

    Butterfly Cake with Frosting Sheets by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube

    Butterfly Cake with Frosting Sheets by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube
    hi everybody this is jennifer cookies cupcakes and cardio . com
    this is our third video in a three-part series on edible printing now today I'm
    going to show you how to make this butterfly cake and in the previous
    videos i've shown you how to set up your printer and I've shown you how to lay
    out your how to lay out these butterflies in Photoshop and i'm also
    showing you online software from icing images.com we use
    I print and we used I I designs
    so in this one we're going to put it all together from the pieces that we've been
    learning in the previous two videos so check those out and let's get started on
    the cake
    so here's what you're going to need to make the cake
    we're going to start down here with some water we're going to need some tylose
    glue and that is just tylose mixed with water and it's used to make a really
    hard to take glue that you can eat
    we're going to be using our frosting sheets now I've cut these to fit my cake
    now these two will fit around the circumference of the cake and this one
    will fit onto the top of the cake here and I've also cut out the butterflies
    that I laid out in the previous video and photo shop
    these are going to be made used to make the
    here you're going to need some paint brushes for the Tyler's glue and water
    and you're going to need a fondant smoother some parchment paper sheets and
    you're going to need some butter cream to finish off when the edible images are
    so we're going to start first with showing you how to create the three
    butterflies because it needs to sit to drive so to make our
    we're going to do is apply some of the tiles glue to the back of one of the
    butterflies and then I'm going to put this one on top of this one and line
    them up and then i'm going to put them into a flower former just so they can
    make the shape of their wings on being up and nice and curved so the first
    thing I have to do is take the backing
    off of the butterfly and I've cut out the butterflies from the edible image
    paper just using an exact or you can use a really sharp pair of scissors
    so I'm just I'm putting my tiles glue on this on the lid of the container because
    if any ink comes off onto my brush
    I don't want to be using it into this fresh stylus or I'd have to make more
    was going to put a little bit on my brush and I'm just going to start at the
    edges and work towards the middle just putting a little bit on just like not
    and then we're going to take the backing off of this one here
    I'm going to line them up
    just like that then I'm going to take it and put it into the former
    so now i'm just going to let these rest
    so they hard enough and i will show you how to put the edible image onto the
    cake next
    so to apply the side what I need to do is just use some water and a fairly
    large paint brush and I'm going to just moisten all the areas where I want the
    icing sheet to adhere so I'm just going to go all the way around till I get to
    the other side where my one sheet is going to meet up
    just making sure in covering all the area
    I'm not putting on a whole huge amount of it because I don't want it to be
    soaking wet
    I just want it to be a little bit moist just so it was um it gets a little bit
    ok so I'm coming up here to the edge where I'm going to meet it
    it's going to be careful that I don't get the other piece wet i am going to be
    applying I'm an edge here like a border edge so you don't have to line it up
    and I've cut it so there's a little bit of space in between both
    so what I'm going to do next is just peel off the back here and then I'm
    going to line up the sheet on the board and i'm going to start at this corner
    here and I'm just going to put it pretty close to the other piece and I'm just
    going to work around making sure it's level on the board
    we've gone all the way around and you can see the other edge here
    just leaving a little bit of space which will be filled up with a buttercream
    so then you can take your fondant smoother and i'm just going to press it
    lightly to get any bubbles out if there are any i'm just going to go all the way
    around making sure that it's flat and it's stuck on all the different places
    if there's any gaps where you need to put some more water just apply that and
    we're ready to do the top so we'll be right back for the top
    ok for the top we're going to do the same thing with the brush and the water
    that we did on the sides and my the size of the image is a quarter inch from the
    edge because I'm going to be applying a border to the top here as well i'm just
    adding some water here
    ok so I'm going to peel off the backing
    and then carefully i'm just going to line it up first and then set it down
    and then using my i can just use my phone it smoother right now - like that
    but since it's on the top
    I want to just put on my parchment paper because that just creates a little bit
    of a barrier between the fondant smoother and the icing sheet just in
    case there's a little bit of icing that gets up for a little bit of water
    so now I'm ready to do the borders along the sides and the top and i'll be back
    to do that with my buttercream next
    so the firstborn i'm going to pipe with my buttercream is going to be along the
    top of the edible image on the top there and i'm using a Wilton
    star tip so
    I'm just going to do small top stars on the top and just work my way around
    ok so now i'm going to do the sides
    ok so now i'm going to do the seams and the bottom
    ok so now that I finished the bottom and the
    I'm going to come back to show you how to put the butterflies on
    ok so to put the butterflies on to the edible image i'm going to be using the
    tiles glue again just a little bit of it and i was going to put it gently on
    where it's going to go and then just put the butterfly right on to that spot
    so I'm going to put the third butter for a third butterfly on here and then i'll
    be back to show you the finished cake
    so there you have it everybody how to complete an edible image cake we've
    wrapped it around the side we put it on the top and we've made
    the top so thanks for watching our three-part series check out the first
    two parts to learn more about edible printing
    thanks to icing images again for providing us with their edible icing
    sheets and the ink and we will see you all again next time remember to check us
    out on facebook twitter google+

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