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    Cherry Blossom Decorated Chocolate Cake - Cheeky Crumbs - YouTube how to make

    Cherry Blossom Decorated Chocolate Cake - Cheeky Crumbs - YouTube

    Cherry Blossom Decorated Chocolate Cake - Cheeky Crumbs - YouTube
    hey everybody welcome to chi crumbs
    today we're going to be decorating a chocolate cake I'm going with a cherry
    blossom theme
    it's the season I've already made two chocolate cake and i'll put a link to my
    chocolate cake recipe in the description below so what are you going to need
    a cake a cake board and i will be cutting my cake so i'm using a cake
    cutter but a knife is just fine i will be making flowers so I have a flower
    sponge of fondant
    this is my base color and you will need other colors for the branch and the
    flowers little pearls that i will be using in my flowers
    I have a pencil stamps of butterflies and flower shapes a ball tool for the
    petals a dr brush pink powder dust a small rolling pin a smoother to apply
    the phone down to the cake a big rolling pin for the base fondant and some
    chocolate ganache that has been cooling in the fridge so harshly you're going to
    have to cut your cake
    I've already got one of my cakes like so and i'm going to call my cake now with
    the excess cake that you have left you can be there are about it or you can
    make delicious cake tall
    now that you have your three layers to place your wash in between each one and
    make sure your cake starts up as straight as possible
    you will now need to coat your cake you can do this by applying a thin layer of
    ganache to trap in the crumbs
    place the cake in the fridge for 15 minutes and then apply final layer of
    ganache making sure it's nice and smooth
    I have transferred my card cake to my cake for it
    I prefer to do this operation before I rotate with fondant
    so as not to ruin with on the wall and it's also much easier as if i put the
    fondant on a cake stand
    it's going to hang and it's heavy and my grip
    so let's make the phone down now to roll out your fondant
    you might want to put some corn starch on your surface and just take a road and
    start by washing it
    you need to do this bit by I so kind of alive
    your cake sign and figure out how to make any to roll out your phone once you
    have rolled out your fondant make sure you don't roll it out to thing because
    you're just going to increase your chances of it breaking when you put it
    on the lift your fondant I like to lift park and then
    put my arm under it and do the same with my other arm and then I try and center
    start by smoothing the fondant on the top with your hand and then start
    working on the sides then slowly open the folds and start smoothing lower and
    lower towards the bottom of the cake using a smoother than rub the entire
    surface of the cake use a pizza cutter to remove the excess bond on the first
    thing you want to do to decorate your cake is make a branch and you're gonna
    roll out a snake
    you don't want me to say you make it think you're going to dinner like a
    natural treatment once you're happy with your size and color of your branch and
    have some water ready as the water will act like glue for the fondant
    we're just going to take some water
    just a little bit you don't need a lot and wet one side of the front and now
    you're ready to place your branch on the cake
    there you go
    and now you keep going on putting all the other branches on your cake
    once you're happy with your branches and I have some coming off the cake board
    how this and we'll be placing a ribbon around the cake
    you can secure the ribbon in two ways
    and please if you're giving this to someone make sure that you tell them
    that this is in there you can use either on uncooked spaghetti which is good for
    children because even if they find it's just spaghetti or you can use a little
    dull or you can use a toothpick
    that is completely up to you i'm gonna put this in the French now and start
    decorating the flowers and to make your butterflies take some Lila fondant and
    roll it out using your small rolling pin
    using your stencil cut out the shape and remove the excess fondant then press the
    stencil to emboss the pattern and there you go
    butterfly I'd you can decorate your butterfly using powdered food coloring
    I decided to make my wings pearly to give them shine and you something to add
    some color and nice contrast
    I want my butterflies to look 3d on the cake so to shape them simply take a
    cereal box and place them facing down on the edge forming a
    degree angle and
    now on to the flowers since i'm making a cherry-blossom cake
    i will be using right thing condom using your small rolling pin roll out a piece
    of fondant and using your flower stencil cut out the shape and remove the excess
    place the flower on the flower sponge and using your bowl tool simply around
    the petals off using a circular motion
    this will also make the petals curl in making it look more realistic
    use your pink coloring to add some shading to your flower
    don't worry you don't need to be an artist for this next roll out another
    piece of pink fondant and using a smaller flower stencil cut out the shape
    now try and face it as central as possible to your larger flower use the
    smaller side of the bowl tool and flatten and curl the small petal you can
    add nothing color to the center of the small flowers if you like
    i think i will do this only to have my flowers to add some diversity
    once you're happy with your flowers place the drop of water in the center
    and add your pearl
    I want my cherry blossom to be curled i'm placing them in a small cookie
    cutter to give them shape they don't need to drive a very long just enough
    for you to make your next flower
    so once you've made your
    flowers and some of your buttocks lied you can start sticking them on to the
    you simply take the flowers example put a little bit of water in the back
    and then you find
    where you would like to put it
    new place that cake
    and once we place our flower we're going to do the same thing with the butterfly
    I need to hold this little bit
    and now you're going to want to stick all your flowers and all your
    butterflies on the cake
    just a little tip to make sure your butterflies drawing
    some kitchen paper and place it under the waiting's also remember you can only
    use water to blue your flowers and butterflies if you have just made them
    however if you make these decorations a few days earlier
    you will need to use edible glue so this is my sharing awesome cake and I'm
    really happy with it
    I think it looks great I have made different sizes of flowers and I have
    different-sized butterflies
    I applied my ribbon and I also play some flowers
    here and there on the board just to fill it up a little bit
    yeah super super happy with it I hope you enjoyed my video and if you did
    click the button up
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