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    Sugar Cake Lace Made Simple - YouTube how to make

    Sugar Cake Lace Made Simple - YouTube

    Sugar Cake Lace Made Simple - YouTube
    hi I'm going to
    show you how to make this beautiful edible life
    i'm using Claire Bowman ready mix lace
    it's also / lies and this color is soft gold but there's lots of other products
    you can use on the market so I've already put some into my mat here now
    this matt is called serenity and it's much easier if you've also got one of
    these knives or a paddle to put it in with now this lace that i'm using you
    can see how far it really does go
    I've used this part on the cake beside me and also on another cake
    now I've put my mat on some greaseproof paper because it makes a bit of a mess
    so it's just easier to move the mat once you've got the latest in there and also
    saves on the clearing up
    so you just need to spread it into the mat
    don't worry about how messy it looks just get it into the mat to begin with
    can see how far this really does go and it also keeps really well as well as
    long as you put the lid back on the pot
    so you want to make sure you get this into all the little patterns and there
    we go
    now there's two ways of dry in this you can either pop it into the oven or you
    can put it in last thing of the night and leave overnight
    come back to it in the morning and then it's all ready to come out so i'm going
    to put this to one side and bring the other lace in I made yesterday
    now my cake place is ready to come out of the mold
    what you need to do is slowly peel away at the start and then turn the matter
    over using the knife just pull the mat back onto itself take one out a time and
    just hold it down with the knife and then I get to about one or two inches
    and then i moved the knife
    you got
    this is now ready to go on to my cake
    to stick this on you need some cold boiled water
    so I've got some here and a nice pinkish blush
    you need to work out where you're going to put the lace and my first bit of lace
    is going to go slightly higher on my bottom layer so I'm just going to brush
    the water
    roughly where the cake place is going to sit
    and then carefully place the lace where you want it to go
    and if you've missed any bits just add a little bit of water
    just lift up slightly
    my other bit of lice i'm going to put on no top tier
    I'm going to sit that closer to the bottom
    so again called boil water
    roughly where the lace is going to sit
    you can see how quickly you can really create a beautiful cake and then
    carefully wrap it around
    make sure you stick all these little bits down as well that you may have
    just pop a little bit of water underneath them and that way you'll get
    a really neat finish
    now you need to carry on with that until the whole cake is covered in your life
    if you need to cut it to match and pieces up then just use a sharp pair of
    scissors and a really really handy tip to know if you were doing this for a
    wedding type as this one beside Lee if you wrap them in grease proof paper wrap
    them separately and fold them in at the end as I've done here
    they'll keep up to two months you can get all of your lace made so i hope you
    enjoyed my video thanks for watching

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