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    Assembling and Decorating the Butterfly Paradise Wedding Cake - YouTube how to make

    Assembling and Decorating the Butterfly Paradise Wedding Cake - YouTube

    Assembling and Decorating the Butterfly Paradise Wedding Cake - YouTube
    hi everybody today we're doing something real this is a real quick and we'll be
    delivered to relink i would like to take to this wedding couple enj so being so
    kind to let me to share all those information with you
    I like to start from something irrelevant but there is a similarly into
    it when you go to movie theaters
    you know that it's not real this is made by actors and actresses and then
    directors studios and other stuff but wants to let me start you get into it
    that you believe in
    what's happening so you like or dislike what's happening you like or dislike the
    people in there etc so why it's happening because we don't see the
    things that which is happening behind the scene you ask them to me now
    what's the relation between ready click sin and movies what is to do together
    because wedding cakes also has a behind-the-scenes section
    so this video today will be about that part
    we have to deal especially this size Winky which is about five year and all
    together i'm guessing about what we end up about

    to get up it's not it is not possible to calculate exactly how much
    going to be the weight of this really quick before it's finished
    you don't even have the scale to put it on and find out we just have to fill it
    out there is it alright so in this cake with this size there's things to be deal
    the weight as I say has to be considered and the construction what we put inside
    when you click this to be good enough to deal with that
    wait so it doesn't have any disaster assembly link
    another issue because sometimes we do the creases on the each politics
    separately and we join them together later on sometime we do the decorations
    all in once on the take
    but this case is a bit different so how we deal with that that we don't damage
    to take will be putting together and then the other issue of course
    you may not have
    same size of the of the truck so you will have a possibility of limited
    height and then how to deal with this
    even the cake is so large and you can put in different parts and join together
    in the event place
    so this is already another thing when you look at this drawing
    I make this drawing a couple of weeks ago when the customer approached me
    they come up with the certain ideas they want to have for example live
    they can they can express the colors what they're looking for it again
    expressed it
    the the flowers etc and then general concept everything
    for example i always ask the customer how high you want to take first because
    when we go into details that this is important to start from the precise this
    why i have an indication of customer they looking for something that size and
    I start drawing that putting that one . here
    one point out there enjoy everything in that day customer doesn't come
    always the final design so we have to add our on our own ideas
    combining with the customer digest to come up with a final design
    so this is come out like that and also what you see or hear there's different
    components see that the cake is completely covered with the piping here
    there's a cake here gold plated there's another one with the clothing design
    there's another with the initials on the gold plated the overclock and ended so
    i'm finished with the matching piping around and then there is roses in
    there is a part of rice to is also visible and sitting on the cake
    so all those is not my issue today for this tutorial my tutorial today is about
    how to deal with all those things how to put it together
    how to arrange it everything so all those little bits and pieces come
    together to a-achieve in the final product final result
    so this will be a bit of like a step-by-step method so i'm going to make
    very small short
    short steps that show you one by one and also i would like to invite you to take
    not while you're watching this video because it is important what you do
    for it after I said it all the time and also that if you have intention to do
    this kind of wedding cakes give a lot of attention to a inside of the cake like
    how to build this construction and cake doesn't drop
    so all those things when we talk about love its combination of them is chose
    our responsibility
    I always relate that being a cake decorator dealing with someone's most
    important event
    it's like very similar to like flying that commercial airline so you have a
    couple of hundred behind that you you you you have the application yet to make
    sure that you are landing in the next place and that when cake decorators us
    also important for us is responsibility
    same as that we have a couple of hundred people in the event that make sure that
    they're all happy at the end of the wedding because if something ever to
    it said it's not going to remember as a nice wedding it will remember is it
    they were linked with the disaster because the cake was not there so that's
    why it's important this tutorial is like it going into details of those kind of
    responsible x i'm going to start now construct new buddy
    so all the parts are ready so there's nothing to actually produce here and
    this is important in this tutorial how to combine together how to arrange
    things together
    what's the thinking behind so this is what we're going to talk about today
    starting from the very base of the cake
    I actually use the table top because it's very nice and strong and then i
    have also a bit of grip on the meat so it will be very secure to go for this
    month that if you don't have a table top of course you have to use and at least

    millimeters wood and color with the desired material on top and also i have
    plastic sheet which is telephone sheet on top and I'm not talking about this
    cell phone sheet before everything is finished so it's protecting anything
    drop on it or anything like a stain or something
    so the first thing is I like to place this cake on top of here
    but if I place this weight on top this cake in the room temperature after what
    it will be correct on the site here and then sort of pressure imagine this is
    only the second here and there will be more tears on target
    so I want to build this cake step by step
    by using this PVC pipes these PVC parts stay in the middle and then take the
    so how i did that and there's a hole in the middle of this board exact and I
    place this click also in the middle of this part so but a couple of millimeters
    difference it will get this Center results which is this long traded long
    traded wrote it may be just not in the middle if it goes if it goes to limit on
    the site on the side here
    there will be more pressure here and there not enough here so it takes to
    state almost in the middle so to measure that I like to first of all before then
    that i like to explain you how is this
    so when I place this one here is see that is lower than the kick
    because there is a report on the little extra board on anything
    so what i do i place my my wooden stick in the middle and then make sure that I
    don't go anymore and I put a little mark over here with the pencil and then take
    it out and exactly and cleaned up and after that i make sure that exactly the
    I have to be exact already a bit lower but not more than that because if it's
    too much will be the topic will be turned around so i did that for this and
    for that I exactly the height of the
    the cake accepted the board on the lead
    so let's place this one in the middle how we do that first of all we have to
    find out what's the central
    that is the that's here
    is around there
    let's put the response here first ok
    yes and then over your show

    that's about
    day so that's supposed to be the center of the cake
    I'm going to push this one down all the way down I have to meet with the center
    hold of this part i'm straight here and on a bit make sure it's straight on the
    other direction could
    let's see yes
    go through that makes this is the point of the deck are places in the middle
    that's in the middle not in the middle personally would like this
    alright so that means the cake is this pc park has to be placed inside the cake
    exactly this location so that's a bit of not mess will create so just take it
    your blade and then go millimeter outside and cut this or the little bit
    room temperature dried form done if i push this one now
    like that nothing will happen it will go inside but what will happen is they
    create some trace
    also maybe not important because you can likely coming on up but i just want to
    make sure that everything is nice and neat
    so i'll push this one in and don't worry about the cake stays in sight
    ok right here and i can take this off now
    all right
    that's a little bit more than a kick but it doesn't matter because we can always
    lift i'm still a little gift
    around here we will always come up with something else in every ok now
    second thing i like to do and what it's like the same thing in here i have a
    board underneath
    also it hold so I want to make sure that you are in mind the middle or not
    don't have too much on the gold
    and pie five to seven is actually three

    and a half

    is it in half
    they turn off
    it's not there time to go select the display
    ok let's is in the middle or not
    is it is
    ok not placing it
    is it in the middle get up there this
    that's it's pretty good
    all right
    let's get a couple of hammer
    all right
    this cake is now ready to carry the weight
    this is also executed right so what we do know place this cake over here if I
    go with my hands on right now and that are places over here
    what's gonna happen and we're not removing my hands on the meet all those
    icings we crack the gold will drop off everything will happen so that's why i
    will call some help
    and then my closest help is my wife and i will ask her to help me
    now we're going to place this cake on top of here and then i have four pilot
    it's a biggest one size truth so i need to have this four-part all of them
    underneath and balance it together and then place it to kick over here
    so may i introduce you to my wife job
    she has a big muscle she exercised every day's takes to help you so please take
    palette knife and then going to be putting in side here it has to be
    crisscrossing so we have to balance our our positioning everybody think about
    two o'clock six o'clock nine o'clock twelve o'clock
    no you are true yeah you have to be more today exactly
    ok now came in today so we're going to place it under the middle but don't trip
    over the product not because i'm going to go right on i'm going to check that
    centralizing everything slowly lifted up
    are you okay
    I mean if it breaks one else will be fine and I was gonna happen
    ok in the limit in the middle name yeah yeah
    go to your place to a student ok leave the puppet master please thank you
    a little bit correct spot doesn't really matter you can fix them tip thanks a lot
    ok so before I i remove that pilot nice i like to do I want to I want to just
    just check that is it in the middle can I go inside all the way down and then
    meeting the whole on the neat
    so that's why what I like to do this is not long enough so i'm going to go with
    this one
    take this out take this one out and try to push everything in and then we're
    going to meet the hole
    ok the palette knife folding
    what I like to do have a problem is not yet so I'm going to try this one
    that's it finish that knife sharpener it's got very sharp and ok one of them
    still holding
    yes true
    so let's check it
    not there yet yes we are down so now I can you know my pocket knives slight
    damage on the corner but this doesn't really big matter because I'm going to
    fix that
    anyway they throw me some decorations that
    so next thing now is to place your coaster next year on top of it
    next thing I like to do I'm going to place my washer and then not underneath
    you know that is so much this much of this road coming right on the late i'm
    going to place this one in and then don't worry about the top yet
    so once you complete everything with this now we're going to tighten up the
    top one and we will have everything secure property
    so you would maybe ask me why I didn't do this earlier because to live this
    cake on this high bring back to hear it will be quite challenging very stressful
    that's why I want to put two of them together and pushes my in together and
    also why can't we do the church one and then after that
    - this one because to find that one two three holes at the same time
    maybe it's a bit too difficult that's why is the two is just stopped him and
    the Turkmen i'm going to put and place it in like this year
    so let's get this one in here now quite the rating move
    is there
    okay now I'm gonna put it back in place all content
    and check
    I put some stuff on legs on the dates so to make sure that is there's a finger
    that's good so this to kick now on top of each other
    when I look at it there is a little cupcakes around here because of the
    pilot nice and everything
    so this is always fixable with a little bit of a very nice single bit of lacquer
    softened up the phone that can always pick it up the also another thing is if
    you see that the corner which is very drastic is not really possible to good
    good job meri pari because we have this all those flowers and butterflies and
    everything coming on
    so you select that particular corner to cover it with in other decorations right
    there will be no problem think I think I can handle myself the number tree
    so this is the quilted level this case are actually produce and the covered
    with the Fonda and it's the day before because you need to have a really firm
    and the right fundament with a kind of firm taking us inside so i left it into
    the room temperature but at least 19 degrees so we have a condition here can
    go over
    degrees and if you do not have that kind of condition you have to
    put in the fridge and you have to deal with it
    watch the latest on the search face so i have to grab it like this i have extra
    bottle of course and there is a hole in the middle of the body and so I have to
    reload that they're not
    so that one going on like this
    it doesn't matter because it then we'll be able to squeeze every so clean hands
    lift up and then fight this one
    there's a lake in here
    ok little bit of cleaning
    well great mine
    dry brush and brush everything off and the ready for the next level
    now we came to the fore table till now with all those trailers
    we will not I did not really worried about what is the phone what's not the
    foreign citizen but it is see that in the fourth layer
    there's a front to look there's a decorations in the front than this must
    be different of the kick
    so I'll take the unfortunately that before I place the fourth one
    I will go on and then select the right place where is the front of the kick
    so we're turning like that I will have no problem at all on this level because
    can be any site in the front
    when we look at the first level which is the piping one
    it's also there is no problem at all except some top parts but the parts are
    not really important because we're going to put some ribbons and cards and
    everything around to spot a no problem at all
    now when I look at the golden part because God is such a very thin coating
    any small little crack will be appeared so when I turn around
    unfortunately that it's only one spot here
    there's liquid crack we can fix it we can just record with the gold we just
    put a bit of like a fun into something but I'm not going to border to do that
    so i will choose that little Craig at the place that which i'm going to put
    roses and butterflies later on so this is the
    degrees here
    that is the plug that's the spot that roses maybe it's more fun to like this
    here and that is the front of the cake so i'm going to put one little
    indication here that shows that it is the front of the cake and I will not
    miss it
    alright so that means i have to get now this cake on top and I know which
    direction to put on all right now let's get this one done but I can't go to my
    fingers underneath it's impossible so I like to make it upside down and place to
    stick on the
    on that on this starting blocks like this that i can put my fingers
    no big breath and turn this month in once like this
    just dropping in the about dog too much for us you will have your own exhausting
    ok now that this happened like that
    I think I call out to emphasize everything on the need
    there's a three minute mentor wood covered laminated with white cardboard
    underneath and on the top so this
    there is no cake catching to the the wood and then there's also preval in the
    middle so i can go to this displace so I'm a place that little legs underneath
    here like that startled they put something else if you like up from just
    like this and place it on top box in the middle and then hopefully nothing drops
    stopped breathing
    alright so now i can i can grab it
    so this is my this is my front I'm going to turn it on like that
    ok clean hands
    I'm going to take from these fingers on the neat but these two fingers on the
    I know that you
    now the next thing is this one
    this is not long enough
    this is a little bit shorter so what will close that problem that cake will
    be sink in because the the topic we're not going to stop on the surface is
    going to stop more down so i have to cut a hole . i think is ok because there is
    a cut on the Nick
    they should be accurately measure that again so much just go inside yet
    take it out it's perfect
    hundred percent I forgot that there is that would underneath the advice I was
    so places in the middle and just push
    wha sit perfect all right now we have to make it up for screening which is it
    that's good that's the front look back
    all right now I have to get the fifth level of the kick here on the table and
    explore more things about it
    one more layer left which is the fifth layer and at this stage we have to start
    thinking about the transportation because it is getting kind of here
    my transportation facility is only 7 centimeter and when I'm measure this
    from from the level lower level from the table to the the top of the this long
    tret it's about
    sit with you
    just nice but if i put one layer of course it's going to be not possible but
    at the same time I have the kind of like obligation to show you exactly how the
    cake is decorated completely so I want to do that
    that's why I keep my base separate so if i put this one over here on top like
    this right
    I can actually take my not which is this one and then complete the square is it
    down tight tight really tighten up and then I would have said that this
    who's this these charges throws now it will be completely tighten up here and
    the cake will be all in one piece so it will be compact together
    the only problem is if i use my knot and then tighten up nicely
    the wood which is underneath this couple shades is only three millimeters is not
    going to be strong and so that's why i put a metal washer inside between the
    cardboard and they would I hide inside that if you want to have more
    information about this how to build orders all those construction everything
    Tyler video called internal support for high kicks
    so you can just look at it have some more information about that now
    what's happening I like to keep this everything together put together and
    decorate together but I want to separate again
    so for the transportation so that's why I'm not going to blow anything together
    so let's get this one done what I'm saying it
    there's a metal bar here which is I don't want to keep the cake touching you
    even that is saving up but I don't want to do that one
    so what I like to do first and we
    put my the metal washers on top
    officially and pull it up and then get this one
    tighten the first
    I'm not going to use anymore
    PVC pipe around this this cake and the coach there's no more much more weight
    coming on just a topper not gonna be heavy enough to create problems I just
    tried it up nicely and I'm not really squeezing too much this is already good
    enough right
    so I don't want all the PVC pipes inside the cake is touching each other
    there's not a lot of pressure on the case now I like we have to clean again
    again I have the last layer this one is the fruitcake
    I can keep it quite firm unit doesn't really doesn't matter what temperature
    and also a customer wants to keep it for for an anniversary or something
    I can't really lift up over here now to put it but if i do that i will get the
    cake inside you that's why i like to protect that what I do is it and stick a
    straw for / this is just the right size
    I think it's a bit little bit bigger than there in
    it just right
    I cut this off
    look like this it's really good
    all right so I'm going to put this game on top and then by night and also what's
    happening on the lady cake
    there's a book there's a part with the big hole in this one yet
    that ball is good enough to take this posture is not so I'm going to this one
    now and put it back again I'm going to clean my hand son
    now at this stage we have look at it if there's a frontal pic here like this the
    the loggers yet
    we selected if there's any imperfection on the other side planning that they're
    putting roses and decoration to to cover in the same time when we have the chance
    when put this one on like that
    on the way in here and then we can take it out again
    so this is already just nice and also look at it if the cakes
    some of the kids like some sort of a bit higher and then the other one is to go
    to balance so if you have the kick and this side hire other one this side
    higher so you have to turn around to get this right but i guess i can see over
    here there's no problem i will leave it as it is
    the next thing is we're going to put together more on top of the key
    but i'm not going to go in as i said i will put all the creases in it but i
    will make sure that i can separate castle
    also this cake for transportation all the heavy liftings are now finished
    what's left with the lifting is tomorrow we have to lift everything together so
    and honestly I can't do that myself even with my life together
    so I called some friends and we will be for all together to lift up bring it to
    the transportation wake up and go straight to the venue
    it's about
    kilometres sadly so it will be no problem at all
    okay now what's left here I like to place my disabled on the top of the cake
    and then I'll show work on some coverage that I like to color all those gaps
    between two case every time in BK comes on talk to other one do we get around so
    we use different matches to close that like maybe something written sometime
    cord sometime piping so i will do different things on this is level
    I will make my trip down here and i want to also white ribbon here and then I
    will do gold card here and also got court here and gold ribbon also here so
    he was dead soon
    I like to show you something quite interesting as you see on the plane
    i will put butterflies and click like a painting around the key
    so there's two butterflies comes on dogs because they were here
    I did some work but it's often the problem so there's a hard surface here
    on the disabled
    and then it was surprise our heart so to join them together in just a little one
    . is not going to be really secure way to join it together
    just . . so what i do i put to just let me show you here you see here a little
    so this one I made it in about 23 seconds
    just roll into the ball of pastor josh and stick over here with egg white and
    some bit of a relaxing around and let it dry completely
    so that before the pasta guys get to dry I actually take one of the butterfly
    just push it in this corner I get the exact indentation from the lower part of
    the butterfly
    so later on too good about fly over here it will be no problem dog
    so by doing this about two seconds work it will solve a lot of problems and
    while be joining the butterflies on these pages
    ok now i like to put it on so that is the front of the castle and this is the
    front cycle of the cake
    so I'm just going to lift up here slowly carefully insert completely dry
    the problem as long as you're not knocks on there will be nothing happened so I
    just place it here
    make sure that is in the middle I think it's pretty straight
    like this is ever want
    alright i will leave it like this time later on we will separate
    ok now let me just show you how do I close that i have different kind of
    ribbons yet
    one of them is the white women it's a cloth people always adopted first script
    or circle because can be dusty or because
    so just go around
    okay i'm going to use realizing to do with that
    just at the back of the cake . for relaxing here and there . another . on
    top and then throw it together
    this is only for temporary because i'm going to roll again i just use that
    just a little small . so that's already covered that gap second one also with
    white ribbon
    that's pretty apparent i just used a little bit more relaxing
    that's a problem yet it has to be
    go on the net so what I like to do
    I'm not going to use this one I'm going to Scott coach around you
    so by using golf cart girl code is something that which is it could be
    quite annoying because at the end is just like this all the physical is
    coming out so i have to secure that with the video for ticket
    just got out of it and i got from the middle
    all right that go around
    when the court meet at the at the end
    just put your sticky tape in the middle of this a cutting eventually cut the
    so put it on to each other and then cut exactly from the spot so that all those
    which court doesn't have much better pricing here off a true and the other
    I'm going to . here i can cover that also good
    so that's really good enough there's a lot of decorations on the steak so you
    don't have to do you too can see about that
    next one again the gold coach
    that's also our talk
    now when it comes to that . that where the gold case i'm going to supposed to
    go to them that you to make it much more cleaner better stop from the hip
    that's the back
    no that's the back right
    that's it there's I think nothing else it as a ribbons or court order
    that's already clean enough eh I'm sure you realize that I put in the top right
    I see on here to fix that little crash that cake pressurize that cake a little
    bit too much
    I think I cut this pc with tulle and could be lifted higher be better
    all right so I so good i think what we should do now we have to start with
    putting gold Rogers here so i'm using it right I see because white the white is
    not going to be seen much
    all right just what i do is take her
    I'm not going to go too much on the edge here
    one two three four five
    so I see that fire is rising is not driving
    I'll increase the number maybe six or seven so that's good that's good
    that's good
    and five
    ok next time maybe six one two three four five and six
    so this is the best how dry is the room
    how cold is the room and then how much is d string of your realizing that how
    could he get dry so that you have to measure if you want to make it fluently
    without any disturbance without instruction
    you have to contact how many you need to do and it's six accompanied with it

    is good
    so I'm sure you don't want to watch me the whole cake I finish with grudges
    so I'm going to start picking up and get back to you in this whole thing's
    mention my next step is placing the roses on the click
    as you may remember that on the plane
    we have three locations one is the SEC over here coming down and the second one
    is is here
    coming down and then the third one also here and it starts from the large one
    little bit smaller and then smallest one here
    so normally what people do that they this kind of cascade of roses is another
    way of doing it like you wire everything and together into one one sort of
    bouquet and then you place the whole lot in once on the kick
    it's a tradition that because people take it out and keep it and maybe just
    frame them whatever but i'm not going to do that because of two reasons first of
    all it's too much time consuming and then people doesn't want it and pay that
    so another thing is like I don't like to use too much wires on the kick
    so that's five it but at the same time I like to create the kind of warranty of
    sizes of the Roses it looks much better
    so that's why i asked my wife to do all the roses for me job and then she make
    two white roses on too large too much
    ok and then one more like a rose on the top it should be more than enough
    everything else is the normal fundraisers that you have another video
    to watch and learn how to do those roses
    so I verges with a green but is very likely so exactly what we did the
    library and we had just the daughter of green and just to change the toilet but
    I don't want to appear any green indicates this is not going to make any
    so instead of doing this wiring bookcase we're going to blow all the resist just
    be chocolate on the surface of the kick and create that kind of feeling that is
    actually is a kind of like a spread that has been done altogether
    so I'm going to use white chocolate and i'm going to use also a bit of color
    that said liquid here
    so when I sprayed on the spotted by I was a chocolate
    it will immediately set and I continue with my work
    I would advise you something if you have roses bouquet is like this
    arrange them all on the surface like that so you see that I know exactly how
    many i'm going to use and then I don't have to look at again
    what I have to you so it's already i will show all the nice that make this
    book it on the surface and transform this one by one on the cake it's booked
    a lot of easier method that to the strains that are going on the kick is
    start doing it one by one
    so this is my second wicket and this is my turkey
    so as you have seen that I have done one because i always study first before I
    show you something if I have any problem is solved before I don't show you
    so there is no problem at the moment I'm going to do the second one in front of
    let's get this year this year first sight adjustable cans on a neat and
    that's the spot that I like to do that
    just here Terry so at the end of today I want to create that s kind of looking
    with the flow of the roses
    so I start from this corner I want to have one wired right here right here
    the rotors are wired and then also we put a strict white plastic tape around
    the fit so it doesn't go
    anything in the kick going to put next one here
    script I'll make sure just to deepen their noses into the chocolate here
    every time I want to put one right I place it first I see that positioning
    just a bit too large and put this one here and also that roses got the
    platform underneath you have to select the right right place like this
    I did generously but I'm not depending too many times
    only once clean dip and then just make sure that is not dripping and then just
    go back here and then push a little bit on the show face a little bit and after
    that use that one here
    that's right now you have to go one by one
    so next thing is I like to put one of the drawers here
    they're this
    why choke it
    it's a very good blue especially using my roses on the white surface
    I mean you won't use that doctorate in this area isn't it
    so this doesn't make sense so one by one
    you place the doors and see the size is correct or not and then continue
    I think this one can go here no to be this one now
    grab something smaller here like this
    very good I want to make a disco here right right here so i'm going to
    continue its smaller roses and there's one
    going to continue two more here
    definitely can come this one
    I want you to realize that I'm putting roses in the way that it actually all
    the stems of the Roses is meeting somewhere behind the kick
    so it's just like this is here and then not everyone the same direction it goes
    here and there in there in there in there so this one goes display this one
    goes this way
    it's like if you put the stick in the middle of those it goes like an
    explosion .
    all right it's coming up nicely now I like to see one more time
    what else I can do here I just want to put more of this market is this spell
    don't forget we will have still leaves coming in you can cover all those gaps
    we do these after that
    that's good
    all right one more here
    it's fun
    i'm applying quite a bit of fortune on the road so that's why better to do
    these roses in a few days before
    nice and nice and sort of firm that you can apply force you can push it
    that floors okay one more here
    all right now I like to put this once
    so this is single single single petal just a roll around and makes it like a
    sharp edge here
    it makes it a lot of beauty at the end of the okay
    all right a little bit more here just a couple of small ones then pretty much
    going to end up this
    oh it looks beautiful and i like to put out a couple of leaves lose again that
    you just look at the empty is that is too many
    not every range of
    see grace nice pitching
    beautiful so let's start with another one yet ok so because this cake going to
    stay till your this one removed so i'm going to make it ok here but I'm not
    going to touch to the much to the castle because it will also be separated
    so I'm just going to start from here and one smaller care here pretty much they
    all the bouquets of flowers the same so we placed in one last flower in the
    middle or too large for in the middle and after that you fill up the interiors
    by looking at the directions of the flower going in to thank you
    according to the meeting at the bottom somewhere and he's like an explosion
    look like so i do i can put one more girls over here just to finish off that
    it is it's an action
    connecting with inconceivable that their best to free is still ok no problem
    so now is the time for a long way to her
    butterflies to place them on
    I'm going to stick now to butterfly and top on the disabled on about this is the
    platforms that are prepared before and then after that I'm going to put two
    here two here and two here
    so of course my heart is not i'm not talking on so i just go all that look
    hopefully I don't fall off on the on the cake so it will be very funny anyway so
    what I do is so because the chocolate is give me
    instantaneous contacting you in good standing in the way once but i'm going
    to go with a lot of chocolate and after that I'm going to adjust it as well
    along with the royal icing that you don't see it wrong I've been dressed and
    drives everything much more stronger just a dollar short with you
    all right
    I like to take this one
    just grip from the strong corners that doesn't really you don't touch any of
    this place designs all that like this
    not holding
    to put it more chocolate
    just get rid of it
    coolness states so I let I don't touch any more
    I just like to talk a little bit i'm going to put the next one you know when
    i'm doing this
    I was a bit of struggle because I didn't do the chocolate sir before
    so the best ways not it's better idea
    just put a little chocolate over here first and just put it very very -

    just smear their right and let it this one set and then next time you take it
    in the hand
    whatever you want to glue and also put a little chocolate here where you want to
    clue just about here
    ok also that is set
    just a few minutes okay
    once this one set this month set the terms amount of trouble in between these
    two sets of it it will good in no time
    that's good at standing
    now i will give about few seconds that stuff anymore
    then after that i'm going to start welding around the edges with the rising
    when it's dry will be completely dry and completely secure problem i can start
    with this one actually but there are see you later realizing here
    the other butterflies will be no problem because I always stick to join it
    indicate a problem
    I'm going to leave this one like this I'm not gonna take anything away
    so make sure that it is not nice and solid good next couple is here next
    couple have to go in between the roses
    so I have to just find the right spot I think there is a get over here in
    between three years i can place this one on
    I want to have the two butterflies looking each other so this wonderful
    is the fourth K it just goes through the other fruits will be quite solid
    that's good I don't want to push too much next Bond has to go in between here
    so flaw that that kind of place would be in direction so I just do it like this
    that really works on
    look at the different stuff the cake is not coming
    more elaborate
    next to if i look at the Cape from this direction this is the front of the kick
    so i have to mention everybody butterflies coming up I want to one
    right here and then one right underneath here
    so this is the right location here so that's why I want this one actually
    dollars like this like this have to find a way to do
    we're here yes
    don't push from the wings because otherwise will be great so you have to
    push it
    putting is it too long because it's like touching somebody site
    take it out again and cut off with a bit
    don't snap it because snap will be migrated to modifying the break just to
    break it just like to push it and break it
    that is contrast paper issue this cake pop sticks
    let's go
    that's right
    and the next one is here
    in each direction like this that's better
    all the way I can touch to the roses
    in walmart
    ok I have to look at now the case altogether staying like this like that
    and then after that like that so that scandal of here's one here's one just
    right here that I have to go inside
    here's one
    that one here do I want to get here
    test the front has to be here
    terror is broken I can put it back on
    ok so far that butterflies in place we have one more surprise attachment let I
    make some spikes but and I like to have this like your addition to the floor in
    a bit
    so I did similar to the butterfly antennas but much more larger so i want
    to add this plan for a last addition to the to the flock and then just inside
    and answered for a last step
    ok these are the spikes that i'm talking about the ID on this couple of hours ago
    out of class - so you cannot make it out of fondant or other for Isaac because
    you need to really straight that we just all the passages from tickety
    and then also cut starts from take two thing and then it's actually like just a
    squarish and and you bend it
    while the process the shot so I thought is a good finishing touch it represents
    the the wing wind of the of the sort of wind of the wings of the butterfly
    so it's just acting is elegant
    so I did or the couple of them I want to add the last few in front of you just
    eat the egg beater for chocolate and then you of course you have to first
    position and see where you want to put so i decided to put this one around here
    just right here just like this
    finish last one back to put here in front
    right here
    the only challenge that is the delivery tomorrow
    obviously I can't lift up myself even with my strong wife
    so we will be four to lift I hope this hole behind the scene experience was
    education for you and we'll add some comfort to your next big project
    that's all for today guys god bless your stay cool and happy to the next video
    bye for now

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