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    Fondant Butterflies - YouTube how to make

    Fondant Butterflies - YouTube

    Fondant Butterflies - YouTube
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    hi today i want to show you how
    make some pretty gum paste or fondant butterflies and here I have some on
    you can also do them on a full-size cake like the one shown at the beginning and
    i'm going to show you how to make the butterflies using plunger cutters and
    you can see these have a nice impression that they make their on the fondant
    gumpaste these come in a set of three and they make three different sizes so
    we have a large here
    this is the medium and this is the small one and where i'm going to use of are
    all three of the sizes for the full-size cake
    I use the large one on the cupcakes for the first thing i want to do is use my
    fondant gumpaste i'm using a mixture of both here you can use fondant and add
    CMC your titles to it that gives it a little more body and i'm just going to
    roll this out and just to make it an even thickness
    once I get this so it will fit i'm going to run this through the pasta roller
    attachment on my kitchenaid to about a number four
    so i've used the pasta roller on my kitchenaid and rolled out some of the
    white fondant gumpaste mixture here and I like to storm in these big two and a
    half gallon storage bags on some of the work mats that i use and i'm just going
    to take one of the pieces off here and put it on my silicone mat stick this
    back in the story the bag
    the excess and then i'll show you how these plunger cutters work now for the
    monarch butterfly which is this guy
    I don't want the impressions on there i just want it to be a plane
    cut so I'm so I'm just going to set it down here and give a little wiggle so it
    gets a nice clean cut
    lift it up and then gently push and that will top it out and buy not see I don't
    have any of the impression lines on there
    now if i want the impression lines on there I do the same thing
    kind of scoot around to get a nice clean cut
    I'll take the excess over here and then what I want to do is press down on this
    get a nice impression
    that's the top plunger part i'm pressing down on and then on the sides i want to
    lift up with my fingers and that pops it loose and you can see the design there
    isn't imprinted on the butterfly and i want to show you something kind of cool
    you can do with these plunger cutters that the ones that have the impression
    design in them some don't come with an impression design they're just plain but
    this this and many others have a design and what you can do in this is actually
    for cleaning them all so you kind of either give a little twist or a poll on
    the handle portion of this and that comes apart and then you could work
    wash these two portions just with you know
    mild soapy warm water but then you can also use this portion as a compression
    tool and just press down on your fondant gumpaste safer a border or something on
    your cheek and then to put that back together again
    you just want to pop that in there and then put this on the top
    set it down and press down and then it's back together again
    so here's the butterfly drying form and how you want to fold that is first you
    fold the two side pieces back and give them a good crease there and then you
    want to fold this one in the center so it goes up so I'll fold it back this way
    there's instructions printed on there so you can follow those if you can't
    remember how to do it and then these open spaces on the side of that I want
    to fold it over in half right up to that line in the center
    increase it the same on the other side and then it will once i increase all the
    pieces in there it'll kind of look like an accordion and the v's here or where
    the butterflies go
    and again that's available on our website is a free download if you follow
    the link that's listed here on the video where the tools that I used it also has
    where you can get this free down on on our sites
    so now the butterflies that I cut out with the plunger cutter
    I want to put them in this drying form to this money in here and i just want to
    give them a little bend in the center so they have a crease where I want them to
    put them in the form dry and this one is the one with no impression on it Oh set
    it in there also and this is how you would do all the butterflies and then
    you just set this aside to dry takes a couple hours maybe even overnight as
    good and then i have several of the white and several of the pink that I've
    actually it takes so somewhere around 20 of the butterflies to to make that cake
    design on an 8-inch tier that i showed in the picture and then I'm gonna bring
    in one of my work Matt's just stuff so I don't have as much of an area to clean
    up here and show you how i colored the different designs i'm going to use some
    pink dust here and the color that I'm using i'll put aaah and the products
    used on the website and then you can color from there
    so what I want to do is just take one of my white butterflies and dip in the pink
    color here and go over it just in the center and i'm going to work work out
    from the center after i take off some of the color get the excess off there and
    then sort of just brush to the outside
    and I'll do the same thing on the pink one so here's what it looks like i'm
    going to kind of have an ombre kind of effect where it goes from lighter to
    darker and darker to lighter and so that's why we started out with a white
    butterflies and you want to do the same thing on some of the pink ones is a
    light pink and add some color in the center and work kind of make it fade out
    a little bit to the edge so your lighter on the edges and then what I'm going to
    do too is take a pink food
    lekin and if you're not familiar with the food color pens this particular
    brand comes in a set of
    of 10 different colors and obviously from the
    name they have food color in them so there are safer food products here i'm
    going to take the pink which is a nice bright pink because i'm going to want
    some darker ones some of them i would leave just with the dust and then some
    of the others i go in and add a little bit darker in the center here so that
    you can go from you know the white with just a little bit of pink to the pink
    with a little bit more of the coloring dusts on there in the center so it's a
    little brighter in the centres and then with the food color pan where it's even
    brighter yet
    now I want to show you how I can make the sum of the little butterflies look
    like they're flying up off the surface and I want to brush a little bit of the
    candy coating either on the straw or on the back of the butterfly here and I'm
    probably not i'm using a cocktail straw and keep it all food so i can go right
    in the cake up going to cut a little bit of that off because they won't need it
    that long
    and then I want just want to set this on the butterfly where the candy is and
    then let that firm up the candy and it only takes a couple of minutes and
    that's why I'm using candy versus something like piping gel or something
    and here's the butterfly after the candy is set up and you can just push this
    down into the cake at whatever angle you need it at
    and if you're better place to have you be careful to put of and don't put it
    too much of an angle because it could you know tear a little bit there in the
    cake so more upright for
    the heavier ones the lighter ones it's fine to have them at more of an angle
    and so by using the straw that the straws a food-safe item it because it
    goes and drinks and you don't want to be using floral wires and things that are
    going to go on your cake so this is a nice way to get your butterflies to fly
    off the surface
    now I want to show you how to make a monarch butterfly or a butterfly that's
    multicolored and to start out with this i'm going to just have a white butterfly
    and one with no impressions on it then the reason for the impressions is so
    that my food color pens will glide smoothly on the surface here and what I
    want to do first is color the areas that are orange and you don't have to be
    exactly precise on this just the kind of the main Center areas of the wings
    so there's four areas coloroll of those once you have all the four areas on this
    side and the four areas on that the backside colored with the orange and
    there's a reason you do the orange first vs the black and then going back and
    filling in the orange area because if you do the black first and then go back
    and fill in the orange area if the black smears at all
    it makes your orange very muddy looking so doing the orange first kind of helps
    avoid that and then monarchs have white dots on the outer portion of their wings
    and i found that the easiest way to do that whether making fondant gumpaste
    butterflies or wafer paper butterflies when using the food color pants and
    sometimes the the tips will kind of widen out and kind of end up filling in
    all those the way I found to make so i end up with white spots is to actually
    make circles where I want the white spots and then I just avoid coloring in
    those air is later so you just do it kind of on the outer edge on all four
    sections and then what you want to do is go back and color in all the areas
    around those
    usually do an outline here of the orange and another thing that you need to do is
    add the veins in the orange areas and the way that I usually do that is just
    you don't have to follow any particular pattern but I just draw a couple of main
    lines real lightly
    don't press down too hard because it widens out and gets a little too heavy
    looking and then just make some lines that come off of those
    so when you have one side done then you want to put it in the form and let it
    dry and then you're going to turn it over and do the other side and turn it
    to dry that way and by coloring the underside that way if you see the
    underside of the the wing which you would from different angles then its
    color on both sides and looks really pretty

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