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    Cake Decorating HACK Super easy- Edible Butterflies - Stars - Flowers - Hearts by SHE Creates - YouT how to make

    Cake Decorating HACK Super easy- Edible Butterflies - Stars - Flowers - Hearts by SHE Creates - YouT

    Cake Decorating HACK Super easy- Edible Butterflies - Stars - Flowers - Hearts by SHE Creates - YouT
    hey welcome to she creates this is Deb and I'm here to show you some super
    quick and easy decorations may refund up here I have just added to my thunder and
    I've been working in until it's completely covered and
    really well
    got my little friend on rolling pin and make sure you are seeing sugar or sugar
    cakes its weight and I'm just beauty model shapes and sizes that are bought
    from a box full of mixed up I just want to show you what I had just a box of
    and I'm just making a lot of different shapes with my pic
    here are going to go on to my cake that I'm making pretty girl
    through and popping out with the butterfly ahead to press it through the
    hot dog that had to press on top of the $
    really super easy
    because it was a stinking and so when they properly they are just a few of her
    had to keep you fit into my icing sugar because it was just so hot so you can
    get a cool place to work with really good
    oh you're not using your speak on topic why should a container just covered up
    with my butterflies up just pinch them hard and I just told him
    to drive
    full view and unjust prison into the bottom economic shape
    and on the other end of an unjust person ever since
    at a little tiny bit of women really
    nice rich palette color
    so I'm just going to quickly run throughs and more stars more flowers
    more butterflies because of my cake to be really helpful and pretty
    they shape is really easy and you can't I don't have to be a bit across the
    world be like they make the cake was really pretty really interesting and
    it's so easy to work with
    ok just got some or just a little bit of a blue jail just to show you how easy it
    is until your hands go blue like why and when I actually wanted this for my
    flower shop on topic a slide once I got the right to the whole white and
    once you've got too much just working and I'm going to use a cookie cutter fit
    big leave and
    just keep bringing the pedals
    I actually ended up losing three round gutters just spinning at the edges so
    when I waited to give up I'm going to have a big problem
    kind of
    and I just like it roughly into it looks good on my next life I just thought I
    try the ball for a change
    didn't work as good as I thought I ended up feeling around did before this one so
    maybe just equip you are the one that will be flattered pointy area which is
    roughly into the center squeezing pushing until it was fucking ruffle
    flower and then the next time the smaller one of just put that in going to
    poke around and looked up pedals just much more better looking
    really important because it actually just woke up hope because I want a
    reason to show that I like another one and in my leftover blue I just started
    making thanks so much for watching hope you enjoyed this quick and easy fondant
    cake decorating tutorial check out my other ones on my channel she create with
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