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    Fondant cake decorating - working with sugar sheets - YouTube how to make

    Fondant cake decorating - working with sugar sheets - YouTube

    Fondant cake decorating - working with sugar sheets - YouTube
    anybody today wanna show you how to do this really cute edible
    you enjoyed the video choose any picture of a butterfly
    you believe
    in your going to pray and its on
    a sugar she if you don't have that special printer
    burgers special paper that is at a book if you're not going to use
    a real paper it's going on cupcakes or a cake so has to be
    I double and this is made out of sugar so you could go either to a BBQ glaze
    or a purchase does special printer
    I'm everything is at Uppal and the ain't
    as also I double and it's made out of food coloring
    the only downfall at this it that you have to work very quickly
    because it dries up very very
    quickly when they have contact with the air
    so what you wanna do is that as soon as you've done
    that peace I E a
    would be preferable for you to keep it in a ziploc bag
    very farm airtight so
    I'm gonna start out very quickly that you can if the
    my shit this sheet as already cracking
    so striking have a very quickly well you need for this project is
    too but it's a ways to cut one but if site you think
    Thursday's you gonna go OA around like that
    and that little part you don't need because
    economy made outta fun time so you just gonna cut like that
    hi early around okay
    to put this aside that's already cut them
    and then from here farm
    just keep them aside and I'm gonna show you how to do
    his body that already made great here
    so using a black a firm time
    here going to rule notes and
    create a little shape
    like this so the bottom part
    obviously you want it to be fair and the top part
    you want it to be a little bit and
    than just to create little creased says like this
    you don't need a special tool just ticket toothpick
    and create little temptation
    and K
    just think that's them one Fred
    had feet it gives you
    the letter shape of your butterfly
    many you can put this aside just right now
    ask you to cut two butterflies it because if you turn this around this is
    the white
    you don't want your butterfly to be white you want your bet if I too have
    the same colors on both sides so what you up to
    its on your stocking but if I you gonna switch damn
    by switching them this peeth
    and this piecemeal glue it together they gonna go together
    in order to glue that together you can't use
    Amy I'm product really
    either downs edible glue and have a look
    edible glue is I made by Wilton Manors safe you can
    aidid no problem so using a little bit of
    I am article fifty-fifth and
    your press you're going to turn here
    but if I around can't just put
    a little bit of top I love herm
    goo here
    just think so on the bottom part

    opposite part the site if you've gotta find any it and take a second
    and you going to glued them together
    and as you can see
    my butterfly is not perfect because
    we see even if it's late yesterday with we see a little bit of white
    don't worry about it once ethical food
    take feel that assessors and
    tooth kayaks them
    together so they they look like they're when
    p and just like that
    from Craig and thinking on the hottest site
    can then length the side can do to second mine
    so even take your body and what you could do
    its create a little bit if the crease
    great here you think your toothpick and
    on the other side author the reason why
    I'm doing thats that's because it's good EP
    much easier to catch both P fifty gether

    half bath again cake Airbus
    has a little bit of fifties save
    you can call them the that here too
    take both I am
    wing in
    Jets Park shifted
    you wanted to have a good night shape to it so we could do
    escaped from Scott power just like that
    and here care and then leave it like this so that it tries
    neatly thing and then
    that quote I hope you enjoyed this video

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