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    Edible Fall Leaves For Cakes and Cupcakes - How To With The Icing Artist - YouTube how to make

    Edible Fall Leaves For Cakes and Cupcakes - How To With The Icing Artist - YouTube

    Edible Fall Leaves For Cakes and Cupcakes - How To With The Icing Artist - YouTube Add subtitles/CC
    love your body my name is Lori and welcomes they think artists though this
    week we making some fall leaves now these are completely edible I'm using
    yellow orange and red campaign I'm just gonna start rolling in dough into a lot
    like that of course these these you can stick on top of cakes or cupcakes or any
    kind of treats and they're really pretty and completely out of all I'm using
    gumpaste here but you can always use phantom and a little bit Tyler spatter
    to it and that's going to help you have these kind of hard enough as a dry now
    once you have your three colors rolled out I'm gonna just with them together
    like that
    it twisted I can afford that now and then in half again and then I'm just
    kind of pushing it together to kind of Marvel two colors together you want to
    be careful not to Marble it too much because then you're going to end up with
    kind of like a murky brown we just want a lightly marble colors together so that
    we can get all of those different colors in every leaf got about this point you
    ready to roll it out I just did my surface using some icing sugar so it
    doesn't step and I gotta roll it out really nice and then the thing about
    your role it the more delicate yearly is there going to be a more realistic
    there's been a lot
    I can flip it over now and I can see this fight is actually a lot more
    marbles and usually I find that's always the way when Sizemore marveled at the
    upper end of colors like this I gotta come I'll leave that aside
    now here at the lead cutters but I bought you can click here if you'd like
    to see right I bought them if you like to buy them yourself but I can use the
    equity we're just going to use believe and they have an impression in them so
    when you cut out you just wanna push down on the flow kinda plunger here and
    that's going to impress every leaf it's going to get those really nice fine you
    can have a kind of different colors differently fact but if you want to use
    a different paintings to all you want to cut them out without impressing them so
    you just have the ship now this is my favorite more but I own it it works very
    very well so you can click here if you'd like to see where I bought I'm just been
    a lightly dusted using some icing sugar the access my lease on the inside and
    then flush it down there much impressed nice and hard
    lift up the one side and then that's what you're gonna be left with it just
    kind of popped that like this this is more works amazing and leave these
    beautiful vibrant relief but if you don't have either of those kind of
    impression you could always make your own vying for using a toothpick to just
    going straight up my lease and these are the kind of like going angle
    that this way that way and then you can make these little kind of marks
    branching out from each one of them and that's a quick and easy way to make your
    own little things if you don't have all the right tools and equipment
    this is just a betrayal that I got from the produce section of my grocery store
    and I'm just gonna pick my leaves injury over about Apple tray and that's gonna
    give lots of different shapes and dimensions my life that's gonna make
    sure every lead is kind of drying and copying and roughly and all these
    different shapes you gotta let them drive for about a week before ready to
    tell them what their color you can see how they tried Mason firmly in these
    really nice shaped I'm just going to place them onto a piece of paper towel
    and get them ready for the next stage than you think made airbrush machine and
    I just bought mine at a local cake decorating store it works really well
    very small airbrush machine I paid about
    Canadian dollars for it to turn it
    on and then you add yellow airbrush tolerance to it and just start listing
    over my leave I'm not going to spray the full leave I'm just going to spray the
    sections that have a little bit more yellow on them and just
    because we're
    gonna be spraying these lots of different colors and it just missing
    over the months ahead of them
    they could see it goes pretty quickly add a little bit afraid to my yellow to
    make a nice orange I'm gonna do the same thing I did with the yellow and just
    pray a little late section of it I'm just trying to change the colors that
    are already there and help those yellows and oranges and then those ride now just
    using just glad I'm gonna finish them up the way that the read books on these
    very pretty of course you don't have to airbrush them you could always just
    amusing colored eyes or leave them out but airbrushing really brings out these
    beautiful vibrant colors and those leads and when you're done airbrushing them
    you let them drive for about an hour before you put them onto your cakes that
    we have a nice and dry before you pick them up and then you can just stick them
    onto your cake using some butter cream or just take them right onto a cupcake
    morning having a beautiful how crazy instinctively and on cupcake that would
    be really ready are you asking whether the single tier or two tier entirely up
    to you guys like to see another kind of
    teams take legally competent and
    landing now and if your YouTube channel subscribe to that new videos every be
    thanks again guys for much for watching and I'll see you guys later

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