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    Barbie Doll Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
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    so me so I got to say and Michelson comes in this part we talk has brown
    and so was the case looks like accueil it and entries using one the Saab spit
    offset spatula is and I also have a couple more monitor
    helps the frosting to move more evenly so we're just gonna process but
    I'm just gonna be a crumb coat so I hope that you have when he saw
    so I but his blonde barbie doll that's my friend is line so so what she looks
    and then you can stick your inside and be free sticker anyone a kind
    her arms abs that the night in the way and everything else and just beware that
    her hair kinda fault that a little bit so
    in May you make one just make sure that doesn't fall onto the cake
    so now mistake in a thing kinda outlining where I want the opening
    up her skirt to me just that's a little be easier for me when I frost
    some great is marking on evenly around
    key if little tick mark so that we know where to start and where to enter
    baffles for the dress
    now taking this bull in bank with a tape number

    and we can start economic little rebels on the bottom of this great
    see just wanna go from one and and then scoop it down and when you strip it down
    I don't want to put too much pressure on the frosting
    and then just bring it back to the corner
    so this is what it looks like when it's completely done but i wasnt
    super crazy but I haven't liked and making it looks really cute
    it wasn't like the look I was going for so I decided to take a spatula
    and just dip in water Inc ranges and find everything an hour
    sinon skin spreading the AC on the same direction to their
    it doesn't look too busy and crazy with a call when you have different
    I'm icing lines
    now my painting bank is a number to
    enemies have yellow
    frosting and making credit just me is little
    flowers and I need to do is use to pry pressure and then just pick up your
    bank so it's really simple but it makes like really really pretty
    so when's your own demand that we can move on to the time up
    and Ukraine is going to make a little straight line going I'm
    and then just fill in
    can be a little tricky because barbies hairs kinda all over the place in the
    say just gonna have to figure out comfortable way
    you play sipping bank
    so now to give suggest more decoration I'm going to use the same tape the

    and we're going to make this little flowers but when you make these
    really make them a little differently than we did before you stand up
    high pressure and tape internally twirl your painting bank
    and I know how to explain it but yes you'll probably see me doing it
    it is a prime fresh air and then twist your bag
    so for a little extra detail I'm taking these little sprinkles and I got mine at
    Michaels and was going to put them in the center of the flower
    so angry thinking clinton also going to use some white ones
    sinon can take my cookie icing and I'm disconnecting in penile
    little line across her neck and his reckoning really
    I'm tricky because it's so tiny answer really really hard to work with
    so just ran to get frustrated when they and everything is little pearls again am
    just going to put those on her neck
    but you definitely just kind you to hold your finger there for a little bit until
    it dries
    so it can take a little while to do this on
    as you can see the tennis thing down a bit said he should be really careful
    sarin take the same bank in tape as we didn't make any
    and just do the same acting just make those little raffles though just gonna
    make this across the bottom
    just as it covers I'm any imperfections
    now you can take these girls again and just put them at the tape
    each of these little raffles
    now to finish %ah I'm just taking the spring causing chronic Sinclair
    and is going to spank list all over her chest just that she has a little speck
    early touched her
    enjoy you which isn't
    to see it any
    this second use
    he me *** ***

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