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3 -rabbit cake tutorial () -Rabbit (Bunny) cake tutorial rabbit cake tutorial how to make

rabbit cake tutorial how to make

    3 -rabbit cake tutorial () -Rabbit (Bunny) cake tutorial

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    Frozen Elsa Doll Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    crazies to set but in a subset of you teach you how to make a frozen else like
    a good ol Li newsday specification that's like a address shape I've sprayed
    with a little bit of canola putting some flour and I'm just rotating so our
    sticks to that oil spray that I that way out cake will come out from the oven
    much easier if you'd never leave the link for that in the Description box
    below and make that a hundred
    degrees mind about an hour and
    minutes then
    to cut off the very bottom I'm using a serrated knife and just scoring around
    the sign in a little bit and then routine I just steps away on the cake
    that's very end just sort of shave off the excess to make a nice place
    mark in three different sections into different sections you can cut it then
    on your timetable create a bit of the eyeliner going to cut through and just
    saw straight knife through

    trusting and also addressed before that in the Description box and put on your
    very first kick back and piping about how the meetings with cream cheese
    frosting on the cake and adding on my second line making shirts scented and
    then pressing it down and continue with Bristol is
    adding it to those spaces in between the very bottom using a spatula depressed
    that in making sure that all the implicit removed and creating a bit of a
    crime coach says she's gonna catch all the experts crimes make sure doesn't get
    into a final layer
    excess and then pop it into the fridge for about
    minutes I'm gonna score two
    lines on the side of my cake and this will be my guide for we're going to
    fight the understood it and using a 91 to
    creating upside-down scenes so I'm
    just kind of work my way over from one end of that line that had reached the
    other side of the line then ending in right on there looking it up and keep
    going with that same motions up the cake and be sure to overlap at slightly with
    the bottom layer that we just continued at all the way up the cake
    also creating an atmosphere around the very bottom of all the way around a much
    tighter seal a lot closer together to make a color vision have some white and
    some real butter cream but has a very thin split the Blues cut and then we've
    been very pointy kind of in a slide all the Middle Temple gonna add the white
    lines up the tuskegee sign on top
    make it my friend type and start typing on your skirt I'm making a much broader
    see ya and I'm moving the piping bag up and down kind of to make that call
    pleaded sort of work on the cake making moves to use and enjoy the lab that
    underscored that we had before
    all the way around to make the dark color I'm taking out just for blue put
    it back into a container and add some Orajel food color here by america in
    Skype we put in that room and returned it back into the piping bag
    that a little bit so it's back into the main piping back and continue to do that
    for every layer of scrutiny you make you every time if you wish you could also
    just keep it one color maybe do a maximum of three colors you like about
    how you go about changing the color and just continue overlapping and the most
    of them bunched shape
    as you start and when you and your you create a much wider address whatever
    let's be honest we created never been a close off the dress creating a much
    tighter see a lot of small YM and its overlapping on top of that white section
    that we had a full circle create even small ones right on top
    from Skype refund amount of colored and I'm cutting it to it just on top of the
    adult by the way cinematic just saw the funding will stick to it and turn it
    over and pension funding
    using a rubber spatula here to cut off the excess wrapping her legs in black
    wrap and that'll make a nice and safe for us put into the cake cutting out a
    bit of a section here into my case I can fit the cake to get the dog now if you
    putting her up to their waists and you'll need to cut a hole big enough to
    fit her waist otherwise the kids going to split it was only a small hole here
    early ending aryan to take your bag and pipe around that again and I didn't
    either too late until the skirt reach the top of a dress shirt
    and a skirt just a lot cleaner that way too
    waves even create a pleated skirt on a phrase and ok thanks guys gmail address
    this quick video tutorial and I'll catch you next time *** *** 'Frozen' Elsa Doll Cake Tutorial - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    hi today he
    you key side I'm used
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    Katie he all
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    dollywood we

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    he make all facing any
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    I'm leaving a note and all
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    shade just
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    right he me
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    p now away
    you wanna small here so
    coming he still
    player to
    and he
    create hold subspecies
    stop just
    he time round a little bit be okay
    he's each you
    so excited to stop K
    like this Korea each in day
    so to you needed
    I'll do cast
    all right now
    the really and Gatorade
    need way Machel
    crime all
    %uh I and
    again bridge he
    art and then we can
    how much be Lake the
    and way he's great
    me you would
    should need to come up
    me cleanup good
    no tape
    ended sold
    my head
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    and he hinged
    all make
    and me
    saw me
    said lot


    around he enjoyed lucky
    me *** *** Barbie Doll Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    since key
    me he feared
    he so sport
    does is make me s
    Keith he
    so me so I got to say and Michelson comes in this part we talk has brown
    and so was the case looks like accueil it and entries using one the Saab spit
    offset spatula is and I also have a couple more monitor
    helps the frosting to move more evenly so we're just gonna process but
    I'm just gonna be a crumb coat so I hope that you have when he saw
    so I but his blonde barbie doll that's my friend is line so so what she looks
    and then you can stick your inside and be free sticker anyone a kind
    her arms abs that the night in the way and everything else and just beware that
    her hair kinda fault that a little bit so
    in May you make one just make sure that doesn't fall onto the cake
    so now mistake in a thing kinda outlining where I want the opening
    up her skirt to me just that's a little be easier for me when I frost
    some great is marking on evenly around
    key if little tick mark so that we know where to start and where to enter
    baffles for the dress
    now taking this bull in bank with a tape number

    and we can start economic little rebels on the bottom of this great
    see just wanna go from one and and then scoop it down and when you strip it down
    I don't want to put too much pressure on the frosting
    and then just bring it back to the corner
    so this is what it looks like when it's completely done but i wasnt
    super crazy but I haven't liked and making it looks really cute
    it wasn't like the look I was going for so I decided to take a spatula
    and just dip in water Inc ranges and find everything an hour
    sinon skin spreading the AC on the same direction to their
    it doesn't look too busy and crazy with a call when you have different
    I'm icing lines
    now my painting bank is a number to
    enemies have yellow
    frosting and making credit just me is little
    flowers and I need to do is use to pry pressure and then just pick up your
    bank so it's really simple but it makes like really really pretty
    so when's your own demand that we can move on to the time up
    and Ukraine is going to make a little straight line going I'm
    and then just fill in
    can be a little tricky because barbies hairs kinda all over the place in the
    say just gonna have to figure out comfortable way
    you play sipping bank
    so now to give suggest more decoration I'm going to use the same tape the

    and we're going to make this little flowers but when you make these
    really make them a little differently than we did before you stand up
    high pressure and tape internally twirl your painting bank
    and I know how to explain it but yes you'll probably see me doing it
    it is a prime fresh air and then twist your bag
    so for a little extra detail I'm taking these little sprinkles and I got mine at
    Michaels and was going to put them in the center of the flower
    so angry thinking clinton also going to use some white ones
    sinon can take my cookie icing and I'm disconnecting in penile
    little line across her neck and his reckoning really
    I'm tricky because it's so tiny answer really really hard to work with
    so just ran to get frustrated when they and everything is little pearls again am
    just going to put those on her neck
    but you definitely just kind you to hold your finger there for a little bit until
    it dries
    so it can take a little while to do this on
    as you can see the tennis thing down a bit said he should be really careful
    sarin take the same bank in tape as we didn't make any
    and just do the same acting just make those little raffles though just gonna
    make this across the bottom
    just as it covers I'm any imperfections
    now you can take these girls again and just put them at the tape
    each of these little raffles
    now to finish %ah I'm just taking the spring causing chronic Sinclair
    and is going to spank list all over her chest just that she has a little speck
    early touched her
    enjoy you which isn't
    to see it any
    this second use
    he me *** *** Halloween Monster High Draculaura Doll Cake How to by Pink Cake Princess - YouTube !!!
    for them to think a crackhead I'm NJ and today I'm going to show you how to make
    a monster high
    secular okay here for tech at how I make
    crackin faint deepening at the end of this video
    from basic pay he's like very
    fantasy into para que contact them on top when you think you'll be back in

    at that time tax lest my dime que into
    and it needs a sec kinda kinda preventing can I feel
    and then coming make a plea swiss meringue buttercream
    you can take at least crisis more detail might
    armed okay and here at my K
    okay here into making same make the merrier
    from black Monday
    and then you might end up in a sec kinda character collapse he left off in
    Minnesota kinda
    kinda percent error and Frankie
    cash and they said nothing rector
    you and cornflour and many
    in with your feet film I find a
    and period uncover might be head of hair just help me
    great appeal benefit me
    members gonna catch it on to you make a
    you know certain throw the content without it cannot parent
    here and showing how to do it just with the wooden skewer
    and turning this here
    and high-end rolling along with working day
    scanner and the fight and before
    in the process until I covers layin
    but trail
    am gonna cut the excess of being do
    do que tenia back to the front
    you're just gonna got very
    just perfect for shit
    pick in the NBA in body temperature I'm here
    meissner a text written I snapped but I kept them
    Taylor has a really sweet cannot
    and it but I smashed my hand in hand
    handling it campaign rap
    and then they're just gonna press patented Monday
    anything out
    wrapping up my tongue something wrapped okay
    covered in paint
    american apparel play it
    am gonna cut at a little triangle
    living water ignorant aunty
    michelle's test
    gently pressing their said goodnight Star Trek the patent
    in the binder
    by cutting the extra stuff it's a fact
    coming up perfection have a bit they've had at the back
    ninety-some or

    and he can't export to help had at a sample
    and again and again by Monday

    and my night to catch from the center to the apt I'm
    picking up get me
    enticing until like eight
    making sure that I'm covering the butter buddy kramer et cetera
    Canada and then they're just putting it down
    occurred at another circle
    hammer and placing it on again
    pleasing my to cut our excess
    and then decide
    for trading on the other side
    hearing-ear has hit the club either 10 attaching it to you
    led off with a little bit what up
    yeah just hailing at UniCredit
    from creating an appeal hack
    they're coming here TV black sections to cover her
    distressing their have a tough women show disarming jet-train
    pressing around the Sun
    heading from excess of policing mighty Justice League Carolina
    think implicating prices with the other
    me and Mike Matheny identically correct that Bernard
    no threat click Add to Favorites USA yeah
    pan am placing her into the cake
    Gary pressing their
    America sipping a separate Yelp know he rescued her
    be pundits and Chrysler ran where the Kate during
    and pressing it down
    media head kinda can abstract attract hundreds

    attacks little bit higher and address
    paying up to accept the back
    and attaching some to decide who gets
    makin love level even morning tear gas
    attacking and everybody
    contain the same to the other side
    their mailing your and you said your point Monday

    at and Melina make a living race
    you can see a more detailed to carry on the family channel
    my Halloween prime
    have made peace prize isn't I don't and I'm attaching
    each side
    are covered the event
    everything contact I'm ataxia
    pretty little black that's fine wine you can see how I D
    you like Batman take the time you know
    pair met that jackie Moore any party %um that month the high
    your favorite school let me know in the comments below
    and looking for more dog cakes you can take it from me
    Pierre that hit make the tribe but unlike their the actor David
    more free Turner crazy and watching I'm you guys have a fantastic day *** *** Frozen Cake - Elsa Doll Cake how to make by Pink Cake Princess - YouTube !!!
    try and jam weapons think a princess
    today I am gonna change guys had to make a crane airfare
    okay critically appraising paint tiny said he had someone that crazy hand and
    the Fraser
    yet to hit with your special princess you looking for more present rates tend
    to get treatment that's right button here
    more three-year and in which demanded that the enemy morning
    T more phrase in nineteen
    place a small round cake until cake part
    and their I'm just icing the cupcakes somebody crane
    companies three cases in tow
    nothing about seven inches wide am gonna
    set them on top of each other
    and Karen buttock pain in that made in between
    six innings a serrated knife and I'm gonna tremor
    the cake is a top said that looks like that's good
    are health and stress
    to spreading our little bit at a time and here
    never shake and the skirt trainer
    my set the standard for I my son the rest in the body
    crane and Emma K
    them in a place in the brain to fit plant that when
    went firmed up taking it at Hannah adding
    a second I am buttercream and my head before I as the back in the fray
    for another half an hour this day to realize I forgot to cut out
    Center advocate for me downs les

    said I'm just doing at maritime second kinda and my serrated knife
    using FB and help me maybe in the middle you don't need to cut all the way to the
    just enough for the late Heath pp
    come to my friend and running a complete hundred and that means
    came to get him any and the whole day campaigning at and be physical with my
    K forward as the guy
    blackberry be cuz you want to come in the home here
    using them well I feel and get a £

    my K on him a cake for
    and out cut Melissa and the Center
    had a kinda cat from the content in your sign
    bread it up
    and place yet carefully aunty K
    shaping scare
    and making sure that the front is all coming
    cut me
    him getting mad 0 and disrupting head names including Rep
    and because he's pretty productive thanks to check
    my head chest isn't is gonna come about you know section with a bit on what
    I'm using a template to Canada and butter
    and me for I put it on her I'm just gonna put some impression with this
    plunger cutter
    can you determine what happened scanner I'm gonna stick on her clothing
    mentioning the xfer
    have no doubt some light blue Hyundai Hannah kayaking on the street
    mentoring on TV am section get repressing
    and meeting ever until it joins them
    coming up the excess funds
    comedian heating manager at nigga
    anti-crime Hey
    can using my template again 50k small faction
    for the top a budget
    attaching with a little bit of water and
    my head
    dampening set down into the cake get me pressing him
    in using my craft night cut excess

    not a compressor in a little bit better
    next a round at the extreme are sleep under and his gun agree that
    around here to hide the joining
    if the and like in the future and don't forget to click the Like button below
    any think any agree add to favorites thanks to jail for future reference
    now I'm just gently pressing down on this trip Monday send a
    nice and me
    campground at be fiction and the light blue Hyundai
    an upcoming two-match a
    and then using my undercutting for 10 most nights like impressions into the
    now I'm gonna have this section too hot
    Kemah sanitarium the top portions of
    just checking they haven't been a huge on hair dress nafta
    for an amusing to hear from whatever
    just acted alone before I think it on
    to shaking in a rare are the meter am
    and a mantener back
    and just making it look like it striking down beside a pair
    carrying excess up with minecraft night
    and again using a little bit more
    here attached second place to be and this item address
    trading at seven o'clock straighten hair
    heading up the excess
    and just attaching a high little bit tactful manner
    paint mantis doing the final details and okay
    and he's a little number three cutter
    to carry out a hundred rainy an attacking it but a little bit and wanted
    to I'm wire
    and Anthony an assigned to separately
    an hour saying
    contact them Medion there
    they think you're name
    and I'm making them candle holders that some funding
    I'm also going up but I read a poem what from banks and also coming here
    from what's nice like and company thanks right
    attaching the number pointy haired
    is wrapping them lying around her hand and am planning on my little

    until a hand with them well I think
    and also that bring condom the name and nice break on to make a point
    finishing up with a little better real mmmk one
    and placing the candor that back what do you love about praising
    cummick and hear bill I Debbie it is hideous
    with your special princess if you wanna see more
    brazen trade Creek the link here and epically that's right button here
    well be more free terrier camera hello
    thank him for letting guys you guys have a fantastic day *** *** Barbie Doll Cake How to decorate a Barbie Doll/Princess Cake with icing - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    to when I'm stocking cake I always do the
    I'm Rob Parker the insider the cake up when I'm building
    I also put it my icing in the very centre
    get my spatula down in there
    and turn from their so guy getting nice
    where frosting important create less leveling
    so this is a multiple stacked cake at this point it really needs stabilization
    but you could at this point or before have put
    a plate underneath can actually created a real stack cake with the winky
    but the pretty light layers there only in tram so
    I'm easy technique with strongest you want three
    you want to stay calm down in a triangle shape
    this so keep my layers nice straight up and down while I'm working on now um
    go ahead and trim out the top
    gives me nice stability
    around the place where I'm going to put my dog so wanna find the center
    and market
    and then we're going to cut about the size of a silver dollar around not
    you really don't want a big hole
    who we don't want our Barbie sloshing around in there
    than a minute taker regular state
    about the rate link you can see here that the knife doesn't go all the way
    down to the bottom
    not what we want gonna go ahead and just cuz our little hole out
    we've already tested that this cake is gonna come
    when it broke down and they're just about to
    her hip line not where we want it to be
    so we're gonna mark about it can Chen all the way around so at this marker
    gonna come from the top
    at an angle about like this
    we're just gonna but around at that one inch mark
    be really don't need to cut anymore
    than the top layer not gonna give us
    the starting shape for her skirt she has it come around
    and continuing at an Ingo
    you got a nice even ring
    so many used I thing from are filling
    to go ahead and give this a little crow minus
    don't really you really need add any extra facing
    but you're just gonna make it nice and splits mood the going to make it nice
    and smooth
    and feel down any crimes
    next I'm going to use the quick I
    tip this gives me a nice even layer by thing to start with
    to begin my first icing on this before we start decorating
    you can see it's a nice way to get creates a nice even layer
    so decorators this is no different you really want to keep that
    degree angle
    and your pressure here so that we're not hurting our hands keep the pressure on
    the back
    you want to turn the turntable and view
    squeeze the I'm you don't really wanna be moving the bag so much
    as the turntable so we're gonna start here at the top
    see the knife in layer that creates and just keep moving down
    next time you use my on people's paper here
    choose without my icing this is a really great professional tool this one happens
    to be made at a plastic
    I'm you can find me that paint stores I'm
    for putting on bondo on there are also nice metal
    I'm what's called a bench knife that you can get
    at some %uh viewer I'm kitchen stores you can also get them at your restaurant
    separatist again
    we are turning the turntable not so much moving our arms
    I'm gonna started this side and turn around this way
    I'm turned to see my body posture at this point but
    he really want your elbows out you want to keep your needs a loose
    and you want to be able to have a lot of movement around your cake like this
    so I'm gonna start here and just poll lightly
    light pressure on my table scraper
    so I'm really movin only about how maybe a quarter to a third around my cake with
    my scraper
    mostly and turn in the turntable to
    this is really our first layer and you can see we've got a little show through
    not okay we're going to confiscate with all violators the icing in borders
    so we're going to get our bar began in
    now with pre-measured to make sure that we've got the right height
    so and get her down and just about upper hip level
    we're gonna fill in a little bit with I think money keep arteries hands over her
    head and get her hair up
    Anna a rubber band so that we're not interfering with the rest of our cake at
    that point
    renews our quick nicer again
    we're gonna fill in here around her waist
    gonna be careful not to go up too high to begin the scare
    it'll look a little strange
    prided even are out here not add too much more I think
    color gotta lotta layers address
    Kim is gonna come back around us move a little bit
    you don't wanna over work because keep in mind we're going to cover this with
    a decoration so it's a great idea to sketch out the design beforehand
    so this is what I'm thinking about doing I wanna do but basic princess cake
    you can see I've got some garlands planned for the bottom
    and some ruffles plan for here planning a little lace
    over the top here and a sweetheart bodice to good idea to plan out the back
    also she have a good idea what it's gonna look like it and in advance
    if you're really experience decorator you can kinda wing it
    but I still even like to have a good idea what I'm gonna do had a time
    so I wanna show marking
    the cake we have our Design and now we need to mark that design on the cakes we
    have a good idea where it's going to go
    you can use any of your standard marking tools I you can use your
    half cup you can use your I'm
    Wilkin garland marking tools or you can just use the dow
    for now miss can use the dow wanna pre and a little bit I don't want it
    and so tight so I wanna mark
    finder Billy button and Mark straight down straight down the freedom a cake
    so that I know exactly where my friend it is
    wanna come over about a third way around
    and market again
    many just want to take a look make sure that's where you want your skirt too far
    think i'm in a mood and just a little from their so
    I want my cake to have a nice flow open skirt
    going to check just to make sure they're nice and even some read about to their
    and right about to hear that helps a lot
    didn't wanna move around to the back
    cited the cake do exactly the same thing and marked down from the back
    here we're gonna decide
    how far down the side our parents are gonna go
    and how many in between
    looks like we're going to have about three okay
    so I'm not use my quick I think you'll hear again
    to get a nice even top layer for those of you know I'm really crazy about color
    striping but for this we actually makes the bad
    have some light purple I'm gonna put my first layer
    a ruffles on with the quick I think I
    we're gonna start here
    at her waist and move down
    and make the first garland might come down
    and make my second
    peaks in only work on the other side
    so at this point I want this area to be a little bit smoother
    to use a little bit different technique just gonna pull down and
    up may click the pedal a flower
    this is an awful lot like her petals that we've used for hype this case if
    you've seen any of those videos
    we do squeeze we let it build move down just a little
    pulled out their beds we release you don't want any thickness at our way
    through this is the perfect hotel for that
    squeeze let it build at the edge pullback
    and release squeeze lately
    let it build it they an edge pullback in relief
    see Note then we're getting have been here leaves a flat the knife space to
    decoration at her waist so
    this is a good example as we got going here I thought it was gonna do a ruffle
    and as it turned out they work toward flower petals which I really like banner
    you can see as you go you can adjust to what you're working with
    and what really looks nice at the time so i just want to see at this point but
    I'm actually working
    opposite side of the cake so you can see from your vantage point I can't actually
    see the side while I'm working on it
    they can see we've got a little bit a gap here that's okay
    we can cover it with a ruffle no problem but for you you're gonna wanna work
    on your own site at the cake its way less awkward much easier to
    show you a quick I
    make this pedal
    is great for you beginning decorators cuz you can cover a lot of space
    quite easy to use for your commercial or advanced tech readers are people who
    were doing a lot of work
    you can see how much space I covered in a short amount of time
    but it's not a very pretty in fact so keep that in mind it's great for Speed
    also great for beginners so despite having to work in white
    on the front and the cake but I do wanna stay true to my design here
    so I want to make sure that my first garland
    there's a equal with this so let's make some data crossed
    and I want to be right centered so
    the night gives me the space for my parents on the side I know right now
    they're gonna be
    again you want to do then search
    faith in yourself there too
    she got a good idea what that looks like I want to create
    kinda girl ladies here in the frontal a slow Karaja
    look and a mini use my number

    pan show tip furthest
    want a nice full border care beginner wanna make sure
    your space in the even using your why
    and and to and
    so I want to create ruffles that actually
    cover the bottom border
    already got mark you're not sure what my girl in so many come down
    just a bit and put my marks
    for my ruffle a ruffle
    is pretty even I'm pressure control
    but the flight up-and-down movement now
    the only parted this that lot of called is that that
    beginning and the end of your raffle you need a lesson up pressure control
    so that you have a finer edge at the beginning at the end will demonstrate
    no one to place my garlands over my ruffles
    so they are gonna need to cover the top edge out the ruffle
    also it's a lot the same movement on this car on a disc in a used
    a ruffle movement also I needed to be thinner
    at the beginning and the end picker in the center
    to begin very light pressure control
    begin to build and now really
    very light pressure larger zigzag larger pressure
    my tire pressure again
    Nadu a double garland here in the front same movement
    just over the top gonna give me another layer
    really roughly now
    were kinda just adding layers of pretty stuff we're also gonna cover any gaps
    that we have
    so I want to add another layer ruffle
    around the edges might pedal here you want to come
    all the way up I wanna start me rate in here
    very very thin ruffle and get bigger
    make sure it angle heroes tip
    I've added a little bit of a darker color and sure I A
    gotta writing tip here dominios for the bodice anyway
    so I thought I'd drop some string work in the front this is a little more in
    advance moved
    soaked wish to report its all about pressure we're gonna
    drop the string so we're going to squeeze
    poll our let it drop and reattach
    you can see I'm leaving my string an ever so lightly
    okay so we're going to start a botanist up the draft
    now this also may be considered like bill to boost a a pub for a little
    more appropriate botanist we're gonna start right here in the middle
    and create a little sweetheart neckline
    which looks like the top of the heart come up in over
    just down under the armpit
    we're gonna stop come around the side
    my pin over
    just under the armpit we're gonna stop the reason that we do that I so we can
    get a nice even back
    we're gonna come around from here
    and drop all the way down to a point in the back
    at this point we want to fill in the bus this is mainly our little guy
    we can use dots or we can all see is the emotion
    which any use for this one to get a little more design
    we want to start the top instead at the bottom like we did this way because you
    want to get smaller
    as we get to her waist sir gonna start here
    create our little EE you can see it upside down from what we did before
    still the same motions grazing really squeezing relief
    all the way around to the back side
    so I'm creating a be as they go down
    and I'm using much much later pressure control down into here
    they don't want a lotta think I think
    so I want to create a nice little point here in the middle
    this can take one more path
    to create the way so the bodice
    come on around
    show before I treat my low couple I want to create
    just a little bit a belief and if those are you
    watched her son for video I'm making just a little corn lela
    to very small cut in and a bad
    for very small Raider think I nervous quickly
    random that shape now remember
    that we're just creating layers a pretty stuff and you can stop
    at any point
    this is where the dress designer in new comes out where you get to decide if
    more is more
    for less is more
    so I still want to add my little pup pum don't have to
    but I'm gonna go for it
    so I'm gonna put a couple of a little rosebud here this is actually
    the center I'm sweepy but I'm any use it is squeeze and release
    biker show border but we're using a roaster
    squeeze let it build rock back release
    squeeze let it build inward rotate slightly relief
    but now then we rotate fight me
    relief okay now
    I wanna put in actual rosebud here
    okay now we want three
    very small part of squeeze
    let it build really squeeze
    my bill release squeeze let it build release furrows bond
    we're just gonna take one handle that goes all the way around
    and release
    so as you can see even get a little carried away with the decorating
    on your princess or Barbie cake this one we've gone a lot of players going on
    you can do a lot you can do more at this point I'm gonna leave you with the cake
    at this level were actually gonna move on
    and make her into a southern lady with an umbrella and the hat
    I'm gonna leave you with just a pearl necklace and we'll see you next time *** *** Beauty and the Beast: Belle Doll Cake | How To - YouTube !!!
    the holds
    so Beauty and the Beast
    the whole movie is like minds now
    you know not that I am super excited to meet missile let's get to it
    and unique a bell doll cake more know me I know you're going invest where you are
    your doll molded Kate dressed
    yellow funded and I'll let you know that a blocked punt
    white icing and of course doorbell
    mean after you baked a cake you can cut a hole in the middle of it but
    night then we can take some white frosting and frosting
    hired a rolling out are you'll find in me to cover the entire cake with an
    extremely thin layer
    band plays are held all in the middle
    we can I find it skills but not really because it looks like garbage
    I now I don't worry too much about making this look good because the hoping
    the cover with not only upon which is why I need
    super super then can actually kinda see some
    anything picking out to a little bit to the cracked so all we're gonna really be
    working with
    is hour you'll find some you take a little bit upon and
    roll into a ball and flatten it out with our fun them gonna catch all the sides
    and creaky door of want to go on the bottom dress
    am just happy this with different sizes points like to get different of course
    on the front
    dress then it is a tax into the bottom I became
    will live in a water lol like that
    site covered the entire from partner not a dime we're going to cover the back and
    the rest in the dress with another time Robertson said it wrong to evolve I'm
    going to roll into strips and then I'm gonna find out their funds
    and I'm gonna lay here and hope to keep miss him keep repeating that process and
    for thing column now you see technique in Canada I mean wedding dress
    which is great because I kinda wanted this to look like a yellow wedding dress
    my god had so much fun that person buddy who doesn't like fun
    I so we only have one more major peace have fun
    put on an unbeaten degree so you're a lucky lol funny
    and cut a piece that covers her we said up to where her chest
    tax acting her body like tax
    game alright thicker there
    them I don't like Yahoo tho
    all day I started in nineteen and now it's four o'clock it
    and I don't like have been product don't get me wrong I think it's a beautiful
    and model the bottom I love that hot but nothing about
    think it's caller that is really
    not screen JK cell I'm gonna do it over and mustard brown
    exact same style exacting technique band
    rush on some cold
    and on the same details and go home well
    moving bus color me such
    PT different and Shane Byrne oh my god daughters the Muse like
    you did a great job the beaker in me like how the hell do you eat this
    million while I am super proud miss you guys
    so I'm trying to figure out how might the review team to be some and I
    think you might be pure gas I don't know because
    all of them are some good I'm curious what's your favorite Beauty and the
    Beast out I hope you guys enjoyed this
    let me know in comments or anything i shimmy next I will see you
    very same II
    wanna see more head over to my rescue dock on and I'll show you how to become
    a beacon Rockside
    or you can watch more pray now dogs
    that *** *** How to make a fondant bride doll cake or cupcake How To Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!! *** *** Birthday Cake/ Princess Doll Tutorial How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How to Cook That.net, I'm Ann Reardon. For a printable copy of the recipes, including
    quantities and ingredients, simply go to the website, howtocookthat.net.
    Today we're looking at how to make a princess cake, using buttercream and vanilla cake.
    To start with, to make your cake, put all the ingredients in the mixing bowl, and set
    it on high and leave it for about
    minutes, until it is light and creamy. While that is
    mixing, you need to take a bowl that's about the size that you want the skirt to be and
    spray it with some cooking oil, and also you need one tin that also needs to be sprayed
    with cooking oil. Take some baking paper. We're going to line the tin with baking paper.
    Fold it in half, and fold it in half again. Using one hand here, because I've got my baby
    on my hip. Then once you've folded it in half
    the shape of your tin. And then when you unfold it, you've got your circle ready to go in
    the base of your tin. And that is ready for your cake. Check your mixture, it should be
    looking like this light, fluffy and white-ish in colour. You need to half fill your tin.
    If you put anymore than that in there it's going to overflow when it rises in the oven.
    Then when I'm making my cakes that I want to layer, I like to push more mixture towards
    the edge and away from the middle. Even though when you put it in the oven it's going to
    flow back into the middle, this seems to stop the large doming effect and the sides being
    too low. Put the rest of the mixture into the oven-proof bowl and then push that towards
    the edge again.
    Bake in a moderate oven for about
    minutes and then move both of them down to a lower
    shelf in the oven and then put a baking tray over the top, so they don't burn on top. The
    bowl in particular is going to take a while to cook. You just need to keep checking it
    by placing a knife in the middle to see if it's done. If the knife comes out clean, it's
    Once it's cooked, tip it out and allow it to cool completely. And then we want to trim
    around the top edge of the bowl. Cause we want it to be the shape of a skirt, not the
    shape of a bowl turned upside down. So you need to take a sharp knife and trim off around
    the top. Start doing little by little. You can always take off more. And then we're gonna
    cut this into 3 layers. Being careful not to cut your hand. There's one, and then there's
    two and three. So you're doing two cuts through which gives you the three layers.
    Then take your cake, which I don't need to level the top, because as I said, the way
    of moving it away from the middle has meant that we've got a flat cake on top. So we're
    just cutting it into 2 layers for our base layer. There we go. And then using a cookie
    cutter for each of those layers in the middle, take out a centre circle. This is to allow
    room to put the legs of the doll down the middle of the cake. Then you can eat those
    Then we're going to take some simple syrup. The recipe for that is on the website. If
    you click on the link in the description below the video you'll get all the quantities for
    the cake and the Simple syrup and everything. The purpose for the simple syrup is it keeps
    the cake moist. Often if you have an ice cake, it can come out quite dry, but by adding some
    simple syrup, which you can flavour how you like, it helps keep the cake moist and it
    doesn't make the cake soggy at all.
    Put a layer of butter cream. Again the butter cream recipe is also on the website, just
    link in the description below this video. Then spread it. It doesn't matter if it's
    overlapping on the outside because we're going to put a layer of butter cream on the outside.
    We don't want too much overlapping into the middle, because that's just going to be wasted.
    On your next layer, just repeat what we've already done. So another squirt of your simple
    syrup, then add your butter cream, spread it out and repeat this, all the way, with
    all your layers, up to the top. And you're just doing the same thing. As I said, don't
    worry about butter cream sticking out on the outside edge. Because we're gonna use that
    to help cover the outside of the cake anyway. And it's easier if you've actually got it
    overlapping to the outside because then you don't have lots of gaps and holes that you
    need to fill. So there's our final layer.
    Then using a large knife or spatular if you've got one, spread out that butter cream that
    we had overlapping. If you need to get extra, just get some extra out of the bowl and spread
    that around. So we're trying to get a really thin, what's called a "crumb coat" over the
    whole cake. And the purpose for that with this cake, is it's gonna help us when we're
    piping on pretty frills, to not get crumbs in our icing. And also it'll help the icing
    stick to the cake.
    Now take your doll, put its hair up, and wrap the body in plastic wrap to protect it. Then
    take a zip-lock bag and make a cut as shown. Just a small cut, not too big. And then take
    the very tip off your bag, just a tiny bit, not a lot for taking that off. And you want
    to do that twice cause we want two bags, one for white butter cream and one for our pink.
    I'll just show you on an envelope in case you couldn't see that. Make a small cut into
    the bag. And take the very tip off the end. Then fill your bag with your butter cream
    and put one layer of white butter cream around the bottom. Then this is your pink. Just showing
    you the direction that you hold the bag. And put a, just above the white layer, just overlaping
    slightly. Go around, just slightly going in and out with your pink icing. And continue
    to do that all the way around. To make it easy to turn, if you put the base on a bowl,
    you can then get your hand underneath to turn easily.
    Now you've got a few choices of bodice types. For this particular one, bend your dolls legs
    and pop the doll into the cake. Then get a zip-lock bag. Make a very small cut off the
    corner and a small cut in. Start with your straps, over the shoulder and around the back.
    This is your classic sort of bodice that you see on these cakes. I have given you a couple
    more options of different ones after this, if you prefer a different sort of a style.
    So follow around the line of the top of the dress with your butter cream, giving a line.
    And then just do little spots of butter cream. Just push it in, give a little squeeze, and
    pull back and move along. Repeat this all over the the whole bodice. And you've got
    your classic butter cream bodice for your cake. Then take your bag that you had your
    frill butter cream in, and just put a frill the whole way around to fill any gap between
    the doll and the cake and finish it off. And then finally, we'll take some silver decorations
    and just pop those at the neck line of the cake. And that's one bodice option.
    Your other option, you need to do this before you put the doll into the cake. Just make
    an outline of your dress, and some stripes going downwards. Make it go further down the
    body than you think you need, so that way you don't have to come back and top it up
    if you've missed some. All the way around. Then what we're going to do is, hold the doll
    over a bowl, and cover it in sprinkles of your choice. I've used pink here, but you
    can use multi-coloured or whatever you'd like. Shake off any excess, do the back and the
    sides. And then take your butter cream again, and fill in the holes that you left the lines.
    So it gives us a striped bodice effect to your cake. Which can look pretty. It give
    a bit of variation to it. Once you've finished doing that, again bend the doll's legs to
    get it to the right height. And because you've already covered the body, you hold it by the
    head, and push it in. And then do the frill around the top.
    The last one, which is my favourite one. Again do your outline, going around the doll. Then
    placing it over a bowl, using some white, longer style spinkles, so it looks a bit like
    white fur, cover over the icing that you've already done, and shake off any excess. And
    then take your butter cream, and just following straight down, doing lines all the way down,
    finish off your bodice, and do that all the way round and on the other side. And then
    put your doll into your cake, and do the frill around to finish any gap.
    I've also done a tutorial on how to do a princess doll using fondant which you can click on,
    or the easy butter cream rose cupcakes for you there as well.
    Thanks to all my subscribers. If you'd like to subscribe, just click on the link shown
    and then you'll be notified of any new videos that have been posted. *** *** Shopkins Cake - Shoppies Doll Cakes - Bubbleisha Jessicake Popette - How to Make Mini Doll Cakes - YouTube !!!
    hi i mean to you so late today I'm doing a special collaboration with the lady
    friend we're doing a show in collaboration you can check out all the
    issue and take another
    quitting the league and the three billion just below
    right here in my project and then we make me so happy though I don't love me
    doodle created the lycée don't think in america gonna bake the cake like a cool
    place I tried to cover it up and then I'm just gonna need but I don't have the
    died like
    rusting if it isn't working together once a critical just gonna wait let's
    talk a little bit and then doing great thanks for the call
    around the middle of the three
    in a purple top and bottom and the top and then get another and that he needed
    an upgrade my paper
    yeah let me put the letter K
    the sprinkles
    and that's it defecate them
    as you can see the various get a festive look like a popcorn container today she
    picked up in red and what the gallery on the bottom so I doubt two circles when
    and why not use my wallet or is it all the way to the white portion
    went on to every second
    that's gonna
    by what portion onto my rent collection
    Johnson it
    the white horses
    didn't have that to you
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    funds in that region
    of water
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    and get me shaking it
    and he just had to play
    green tea and cake for my channel you check out my we should take the lead in
    the swing now and a couple of my other cases so be it to subscribers will get
    you in Spain will trade for my general thought *** ***

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