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    Box of Chocolate Cupcakes: Valentine's Day Cupcakes from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Dan from cookies cupcakes think I do. dot com
    today on the town on going to be showing you how to make
    a box of chocolate cupcakes now this is a really neat present for somebody
    special to you
    and a little bit different than the traditional box of chocolates
    so let's get started so you're going to need to have some chocolate buttercream
    and I have my piping bag fitted with the Wilton one
    a around
    you're going to need a summer
    Valentine colored sprinkles and now you can use any installment of candy that
    you'd like to I was gonna talk you through the kinds I'm going to be using
    so when using conversation hearts these
    caramel filled chocolates ownership apart again
    and these are a little candy corns but they're called cuban corns goes around

    stay how cute is that
    now I sorted through the spring colours for through the
    some skittles and I found the red in the pink why it's
    now these ones these little many hearts that come in
    red and white and pink they were called Happy Hearts and
    these our little jelly I'm juju type hearts
    so those are the different candies that I'm going to be using now I have this
    him you this one here and its gonna fit my cupcakes perfectly
    and I'm going to be using large regular sized chocolate cupcakes
    and I'm going to be using many now where I got everything I'm gonna put in the
    district description box below
    and put a link to the blog with more details for you there
    so the first thing you want to do is you want to figure out how many cupcakes
    your team is going to hold so I found the most effective
    is to put to at the top here in one in the bottom with the big ones
    and then take the little cupcakes and then fill them into those other empty
    just like this so this
    it was gonna take three large ones and a for me
    so the first decorating am going to do is going to be with the small
    minnie's from the sides here and then take my buttercream
    and I'm just going to pipe it on here in the center
    and then I'm going to dip it into the sprinkles just like that out
    and then carefully place it into the box
    and I'm just going to take my chocolate shake hearten put a little dab
    talk about working on the back elders help it stick their
    just like that so in a repeat that for my
    pink juju part there and this just adds a little bit
    are more color rather than just putting the jujube
    or the chocolate arm hard here
    on their plane in a sad little bit or
    excitement so those two are done
    so we're gonna work next with some other conversation hearts and the skittles
    he's gonna take my buttercream in this largely in the corner arms going to
    cover it with a thin layer
    now you wanna make sure that when your piping the icing onto the cupcakes you
    don't push it up to hire you not to Milford the lid on
    some is going to take some of these white ones and I'm going to make it into
    a little flower I'm going to put
    a red skill in the center no help me work around a little bit better
    putting those around and then I wanna put some
    other conversation hearts on this little one in the center here
    and I love leaving some other sentence some other little sayings to be read
    because they're so cute was like what
    and those two
    are fun so now working with the cupid corn
    and I'm just going to put another thin layer
    onto this wine here like that and then place the skittle in the center
    know who's going to go around the skittle and make another sort of
    flower type decoration just
    like this all the way around and the funny thing about this project as you
    can use
    any candy and decorate any way that you want these are some
    what is the address some ideas there you so we're going to move on to the last
    for these last two cupcakes I'm going to use these Happy Hearts here
    to make some elegant X and ol
    to signify a hug and a kiss if you don't know what the external means
    just gonna carefully take these and put them
    all around this one's gonna be the all
    for the hug and then after I get these ones I'll placed
    I will make the last cupcake
    into one big acts and that will be the guests
    so when I'm done these lines I'll be back to show you my fitness
    box of chocolates so there you go everybody how to make a box of chocolate
    cupcakes for Valentine's Day
    obviously yours may look a little bit different depending on what kind of
    candy you were able to find in your area
    make sure you send me some of those pictures you can find me in all a
    different social media sites
    in the Description box below the video so I'd love to see what you come up with
    let me see them and I will see you guys again
    next time *** *** CHOCOLATE CANDY BOX | Fully Edible, No Bake Box of Chocolates | Elise Strachan - YouTube !!!
    hey guys of the league and welcome back to my cupcake addiction today to show
    you guys how to make a simple no bake chocolate box that holds candy and
    chocolates but it also made out of candy and chocolates you can literally eat the
    whole thing this is my panda gift box unused three whole blocks of chocolate
    when you choose your chocolate log it a lot easier to measure if you go with one
    that's divided into squares rather than those kind of rectangle pieces and try
    to choose a nice block it just makes you need a edges and easier joining up with
    some fresh trouble and I've got my chosen candy truffles like I said you
    can put up to anything in this book I've got one gamble and apple sauce and
    melted dark and I've much Mike an email to the color of my chocolate because I'm
    using doctored locks that if you're using milk so why make sure that you
    match your candy melts at the same color as the block of junk but they do you
    think I will sit at the back and a good enough let's get started with
    room-temperature chocolate has two don't have your blocks of chocolate
    refrigerated otherwise subjected to brutal the fifth on that actually put
    some boiling hot water into a trade very careful here I do not try to move this
    tray once the water until the water is completely cooled down I'm resting my
    not because that's gonna heated up in its gonna help me to melt through my
    chocolate really I'm just resting the blade gonna take my first block of
    chocolate infamy mind made up of 10 squares
    along and to across I'm just
    going to wipe any excess water of my knife and then let the heat from the
    knife essentially kind of milk its way through just the last row for two
    squares or one-fifth of my first chocolate block so really I'm just
    applying a little even pressure I'm not trying to cut it I'm just allowing the
    heat of that knife to kind of doing work and through if you want to repeat that
    with a second block again hitting the knife in between and letting it melts or
    until that chocolate kind of releases itself not only to that method stop the
    chocolate from cracking but it also gives you really not shocked me they
    just what makes a box of NATO and its all stuck together so he might not begin
    with my third block I'm gonna cut off the two end pieces because I want to
    make sure that it's the same length as what's essentially gonna be my leader my
    base and I'm gonna cut length ways
    cross that I've got two long rows but I'm gonna he might not be betraying
    cause I want that not to be really nice and hot to get through that chocolate
    this cut is probably the most precarious
    if you're gonna be super gentle any
    of them make sure this long one you want to take
    short end now and you just
    gonna cut the same thickness is the truckload of five if I was to allow us
    to get a really nice the misfit when we put up together
    cool thing about this box is that it's made out of box of chocolate so rather
    than hiding those chocolate blocks I've opted to have them showing on the
    outside so everybody knows exactly what we've done here I've got my two long
    sides on either side of my base my bases break up and my long sides of my too
    short and a breakdown in chocolate brick kind of terminology I've got my melted
    dark chocolate in a ziploc bag and I'm just gonna slip off a very fine little
    corner which is going to create a piping bag and get around the dark chocolate
    around just even mildly of that big chocolate Bay I'm gonna take my to end
    pieces first and I'm gonna balance them you might just need to balance the first
    second just becomes a little tacky but don't wait too long and you want to make
    sure they're lined up nicely with that basic piece of chocolate before you
    attach it to side we gonna run just a little bit of chocolate along the inside
    edge of each time you do one and on it goes
    you know them very much a clock by the side so I don't end up with big finger
    prints this is kind of the messy part of the job and I really don't get messy
    fingerprints on the outside of my really nice neat chocolate box you've got a
    couple of minutes away all that chocolate set just to go around the
    outside edges and you can choose to run your finger up them make sure you got a
    really nice flush finish and everything's kind of even so you don't
    have any or any of your sides I'm happy my box is looking really nice and neat
    because I feel really careful to handle besides my chocolate store really shiny
    with no kind of messy fingerprints on that site by melted chocolate and my
    gamble on going to handle cuz we need to go to cut the lead off a chocolate box
    once it's all
    field so just a decent sized blob of chocolate and gumbel before you start to
    feel your box with candy strawberry give whatever you want to make sure that it's
    really nice and set and dark that these ones in the fridge good they can
    discolor chocolate make its wet so I'm just gonna go and I need to add fresh
    strawberries and then my chosen candy before we speculate on my little candy
    gift box is now completely set its full of them fresh strawberries to balance
    out my first requirement as well as some of my favorite candy now all that's left
    to do is to put the lid on if you were transferred to find any kind of distance
    I'd recommend putting just a little daughter of dr. shift underneath each
    corner of the lead to hold it in place with one going straight to my husband
    for Valentine's Day fell on you to put the lid just a thought they join Diego
    thinking get a peek of what's inside I think I've enjoyed today's really novel
    way to use standard box of chocolates to make something that's anything other
    than standard without having to turn on the oven if not are ascribed to the
    channel make sure you do two new videos every week thanks very much for watching *** *** Life is like a box of chocolates... (YIAY #247) - YouTube !!!
    yesterday I asked you to fill in the blank life is like a box of chocolates
    blank hear your best answers
    life is like a box of chocolates I only like the white ones like a box of
    chocolates you never know when you'll get nuts like a box of chocolates pretty
    crappy if you don't like chocolate depressing when you're alone
    life is like a box of chocolates jenny was a bitch that didn't deserve for is
    the notion sympathizer even after day wow life is like a box of chocolates
    always jack when he gets the cream filling is like a box of chocolates make
    lemonade know life is like a box of chocolates halfway through you realize
    how much a top life is like a box of chocolates it has never ending
    possibilities yahoo answers aren't supposed to make me feel good life is
    like a box of chocolates someone gets the best of it you get what's left of it
    there's a story there is like a box of chocolates you have enough get fatter is
    like a box of chocolates I don't have one life is like a box of chocolates
    consumer for sustenance life is like a box of chocolates down Daniele back at
    it a timeout timeout guys this isn't how you mean
    you don't just shimmy min there with no contacts no satire no punchline gotta be
    contacts and I'm not man
    know I am and I'm fucking furious life is like a box of chocolates you patti is
    like a box of chocolates I don't want to share with you is like a box of
    chocolates you never know what you're going to get that explains the goals
    that he got herpes life is like a box of chocolates I hate the vegan ones like a
    box of chocolates empty and finally life is like a box of chocolates no it's not
    it's really not it's not round of applause a challenge for you let's
    design a new poster for The Batman vs Superman movie thing you need to do over
    we do you want to go to heaven the better subscribe also leave the
    description yes he's upset here's a clip caption this photo of Erin holding our
    two dogs how do I put it in the oven for again *** *** Chocolate Box Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    parity this is Dan from cookies cupcakes Inc idea to come
    today we show you how to make a chocolate box cake
    now you're talking a fan this is definitely the cake for you
    as it has 8 different kinds of toppings on the top
    so let's get started sir going to be using a double layer over nine by

    cake here
    and for true chocolate lovers I that chocolate cake underneath and then it
    covered in chocolate buttercream
    so what I'm going to be putting around the sides of the cake are these
    stick owes no sir turn this around and you can see that they're really cool
    pattern here
    and you could use anything that's long like this or even shorter like Kit Kat
    or whatever you can put on the edge of the cake
    now the toppings are all totally up to you I went with anything and everything
    that is chocolate so I've got these lind or chocolates
    and that these are the white her see her she's
    hugs not the kisses there the white and brown
    likes Swire swirl wants I've got
    many chocolate chip cookies and some
    jelly pop in candy chocolate bar it's got the bright
    Center in the chocolates to give the cake a little bit a collar
    now is sticking with some whites chocolate cookies n cream Hershey's
    bite size Snickers bite size Twix
    and bite-sized rolos so let's get putting the cake
    together so I've cut my sticks just a little bit higher than actual level up
    the cake is
    and just to attach them to the side is taking a little bit on my chocolate
    and I was going to put a little strike peer down the side and then just press
    up against the edge up the cake like that and want to go all the way around
    the outside
    so have the edging down all the way around the cake now
    and I just put the extra pieces here into the center to divide the cake
    so just use the full 1 for these three pieces in this cut the matching piece to
    finish it off right there
    and then also for finishing into the middle
    miss going to divide them up so that we have eight spots for all over chocolates
    seek in Philippi to your quadrants pretty much however you want to
    gonna start in the corner here with my chocolate chip cookies was gonna put
    at a slight angle so that they're lined up like this
    and they're kinda facing the front of the cake saw finish that's
    and then I'm gonna move on to the little Hershey's hugs
    I'm going to put them lining them up as well
    and just kind trying to fit them all in just as neatly as I can
    is kinda want all your lines to line up and to make it
    as neat as looking as possible moving on to the next two quadrants here wanna put
    here the snickers wines and just again lining them up as neatly as I can in
    and then the next one over I'm going to put this
    awesome candy that's got if you haven't tried it's got pop rocks
    and little jelly beans inside a bit so
    fun to have and is going to try to lay it out
    so that these nice colorful parts are kinda poking
    out here so down here in this corner I'm going to put
    the sliced up a lint candies I just slice them in half following the little
    line that they use when they create them made it a little bit easier
    I was going to alternate the whites
    and dark as best as I can and then over in here I'm going to put
    all love these little many rolos
    to finish off the last two quadrants I'm going to you
    uses little her she drops here I'm just going to line them all up so the Hershey
    logo there is facing the outside
    and it's nice and meets don't throw them around
    and then over here I'm going to put in dietrich's into the last corner here
    saw me back to show you the finished cake so there you go everybody I have
    filled up the giant chocolate box
    cake now you could do this any way that you wanted to and I'd love to be able to
    the creations and the different toppings that you put on your chocolate box cake
    so if you do make one make sure that you passed a get cupcakes and cardio and you
    can send that to me
    on Instagram our Twitter and you can also send the pictures to me rights to
    our Facebook page
    I'd love to see them so send me the my way
    thanks for watching
    remember to subscribe to the channel: *** *** Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Box Cake (How to make) - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone and welcome again today creating cakes by Sharon
    today and get something a little different for you it's a very
    chocolatey K victim calling my chocolate lovers chocolate talks to
    say here have all my lovely ingredients for the cake I've got it eight by
    12-inch chocolate cake which and baked and cooled
    I'm going to be using it old-boy just to add to the indulgent look at the Cape
    they've got send chocolate marshmallow by attention chocolate sprinkles
    a box of Maltese this some little meanie re-assessed
    at some chocolate Jeff this as well as some white chocolate freckles
    I'm also using some juicy carols and some
    caramel chocolate bad I've got my key captain guess which will be at Borders
    I've got some little biscuit thing gets which it covered in milk chocolate
    a las vegas and this chocolate frosting as well as a beautiful ribbon to tie it
    all together
    they can see here I've got just a selection of chocolates
    then you can use whatever is your favorite chocolate the hottest thing
    about this cake is actually trying not to eat
    any of these if leaping UK benefits thing today Eastin cavity
    take a pretty nice generous slapped on the chocolate frosting
    duo the new
    ok this I said this cake is very simple and the
    against various creative
    they can see here and just placing like it think is right and left very educated
    the cakes it's a little bit lower than campbell et al which is perfect
    said that the chocolates at a place on top look like a setback
    can actually sitting in a checklist die before I can step putting my chocolate
    had to make it
    I need to create seven compartments a little sections
    so katie is my little chocolate biscuits to create some little divisions
    which will also act as a border for each type the different chocolate
    well do said now comes the fun
    hand that the placing Olympic different types of chocolate
    into love the little compartments I'm just arranging them
    nicely and raised to achieve a nice thing
    patten's I love this cake because it couldn't beam of symplectic
    create yet have such a way affect their about it
    it's a very simple cake that you can get the kids involved in
    provided that you do have enough chocolates left to bring a cake before
    everybody eats
    if you wanted to make this cake for someone special you can always
    personalize it
    by Eddie all have a favorite chocolate he can be absolutely sure that this will
    be one of the most favorite cakes they will it ever received do that to finish
    off this lovely Kate
    I've got a beautiful ribbon p.m. which I'm going to wrap around the cake
    and tie and beautiful by at the front do and they have it
    my very chocolatey and very intelligent
    chocolate lovers chocolate box dies I really hope you enjoyed this relief and
    quick and easy tutorial
    if you don't forget to give it a like and share it with your friends
    I love to get your feedback and you come into don't forget to get me a line in
    the comment section below
    make sure you subscribe to my channel for more creative cake tutorials
    and as always thanks for watching %uh when up
    I'm *** *** Life is a Box of Chocolates - Forrest Gump (7/9) Movie CLIP (1994) HD - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    What's the matter, mama?
    I'm dying, forrest.
    Come on in, sit down over here.
    Why are you dying, mama?
    It's my time.
    It's just my time.
    Oh, now...
    Don't you be afraid, sweetheart.
    Death is just a part of life.
    Something we're all destined to do.
    I didn't know it,
    But I was destined to be your mama.
    I did the best I could.
    You did good.
    Well...I happen to believe you make your own destiny.
    You have to do the best with what god gave you.
    What's my destiny, mama?
    You're going to have to figure that out for yourself.
    Life is a box of chocolates, forrest.
    You never know what you're going to get.
    Mama always had a way of explaining things
    So I could understand them.
    I will miss you, forrest.
    She had got the cancer
    And died on a Tuesday.
    I bought her a new hat
    With little flowers on it.
    And that's all I have to say about that. *** *** How to Make A GIFT BOX out of CAKE!! Chocolate, BUTTERCREAM, and pink and orange fondant - YouTube !!!
    welcome back to have a cake get i'm yolanda today I'm making a cake in a box
    which is inspired by Justin Timberlake and Andy samberg's fabulous SNL video
    leap in a box which by the way we know that Justin gave his wife just good deal
    because they're pregnant so Jessica this one's for you on your birthday next best
    thing a cake in a box
    so first off you have to start by making your boat we have our Orange funded you
    wanna needed a little bit and then place your phone then on your nonstick board
    and roll it out with your non stick what I'm aiming for is a long rectangle about
    eight-and-a-half by 5 inches so you want a sort of raised the middle and bring
    the sides towards it and press down and together well making that kind of looks
    like a bowl ready and then you want to do the same at the end and back end you
    want to bring your and to your metal and to help it even further to stop it from
    sagging of collapsing I like to put little pieces of tissue or paper towel
    respond something soft and just tuck them in choose the sleeves of the bow
    and this just helps it dry naturally in not fully flattened collapse now we're
    making the center of her books are both isn't quite complete
    this piece of fun and is going to become the tales for our boat and so I cut a
    two inch strip in a cutback strip in half so I have two and then as a final
    time through just gonna cut diagonally on the end to make the tailhook real
    estate and once again we can use our trusty paper towel to help us
    mold and shape the way we want the ribbon to drive realistically and give
    it to life we're gonna step aside to try and now we get to a yummy part the cake
    baked one cake I leveled at one inch I perfectly and then I cut off both edges
    to give me a six-inch length and then I cut the
    inch length evenly into three
    pieces we shower take some simple steps just to help keep it moist I like to use
    a little special when I fill a square cake just to make sure that I get the
    edges now that we've added are finally we are gonna cry me Kotar cake which is
    icing it really finley in a layer of buttercream just to glue all the cake
    promise to the cake around the sides and on the top will really Perfector square
    when we i SAT for the second time now that we've done our crime code we're
    gonna place in the fridge to chill for
    minutes I'm gonna roll out are
    fondant I'm using this gorgeous red I call it
    raspberry red mixed red and hot pink and I think it's now we're gonna chill these
    firms have fun and get back to icing on cake
    if you're not as confident with your square cake don't worry you can chill it
    again and you can touch up with buttercream and use your handy ruler
    until it straight take your time it's good practice my cake is chilled and my
    fondest chilled something to pull them out of the fridge and get started
    decorating so now I wanna do from our first rectangle of funding is cut out
    all the sides to cover our gift box cake because the fondant sheep a little bit
    bigger than the width of a cake or just gonna cut away the excess of on it that
    you see sticking out on this side if you find that the top is not quite level
    than what I like to do is fill in with just a little bit more butter cream we
    are gonna cut one of these the sticker rectangle to the size of the top of our
    gift box now it's time to cut some strips for my final piece of funding
    that will be the lid on our beautiful taking about here's a helpful trick on
    how to apply these first off we want to use water and a brush fondant
    with water a little bit of water just sort of starts to melt away and it will
    stick to another piece of fun and help you get a nice and straight I actually
    cake absent as you can see I started with the two shorter sides once
    again and this is because I want the scenes to all be on the same side of the
    now we're gonna roll out some orange fun and I like to do it on a nonstick for
    just so I can get it nice and thin and we're gonna make a beautiful decorative
    pattern for our lives just to really give some just chillin give just a
    couple anal let's get real gonna chill these while I wrote another piece of
    funded now we have our children cake and are chilled financed trips out of the
    fridge and we're going to apply them to our lives and we're gonna have a little
    bit of water or so that we can stick them turkic I'm just gonna cut
    quarter-inch strips of the orange fondant back in late on top and cover up
    seen now I'm gonna use a sharp knife to cut diagonally across both strips where
    they need
    just a little bit more embellishment before we placed these on our corners
    actually want to just score them a little because if we wrap the phone and
    around the corner it will wrap but it might crack a little bit I'm gonna place
    this gift boxes gift box
    I'm liking the placement of my bow so time to glue it down and I'm gonna use a
    little bit of piping jelly you can you should you can use royal icing this gift
    boxes looking so pretty but I think I want to take it to the next level with
    these really pretty gold rush days I just thought of another perfect
    embellishment that I have lying around
    have an extra little gift that I made that a dump its just eat food coloring
    marker is it really think that just to move right this week nobody's wife don't
    you dear Jessica I'm leaving you for Yolanda from how to kickit actually
    bothers me that just gets we love notes from trust
    that I broker gift tag but we still have our cake in a box this beautiful
    beautiful gift box chocolate cake on the inside layered with vanilla buttercream
    and then covered in this gorgeous raspberry bond in Orange fund in bright
    pops of color with a beautiful bow on top and some little golden
    embellishments to match our real gift box and I think its smashing you know I
    just a thought it over and even though it's your birthday you're ready just in
    now having his baby and I know you got to open his other box so I'm gonna keep
    this cake in a box and I'm gonna eat it too
    channel *** *** CHOCOLATE HEART Chocolate Box How to Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English - English CAPTIONS English - English CAPTIONS Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to howtocookthat I am Ann Reardon and today we are going to make a heart shaped chocolate box for
    valentine's day
    to make a heart shaped box firstly you are going to need a container that is a cylinder shape
    with straight sides that go up and down. And we are going to use that to draw the template of
    our heart
    So get a blank piece of paper put it on the paper and trace around the circle
    just over half way around and then move it over to make the second bump on the top
    of your heart and trace around that.
    Then take a ruler and draw a line straight down the middle of your heart.
    and then on your sides draw to the point
    of the heart
    up to one side and repeat that on the other side.
    Now we are going to use this to measure
    how long our sides need to be in chocolate, so take another piece of paper,
    wrap it around your cylinder and then bring it out right to the point of the heart
    and make a mark
    where that comes to. That is how long the side of our box needs to be.
    How wide you make it will depend how deep your chocolate box ends up being.
    I only want it to be fairly shallow
    so I will just make that line there.
    And so you want to cut out
    two sides in this shape. So you need to cut out that template out of some plastic.
    When you are cutting out your rectangles use a ruler and a knife to make sure that you
    get it exactly straight. I am cutting through both layers of plastic at the same time here.
    So that both sides of the heart are exactly the same size.
    Then take some more plastic and cut around your heart shape template that you made.
    Now if you want your lid to be slightly bigger than your box you can always cut
    around slightly larger than the template.
    Then place your strips onto some non-stick baking paper and take your cylinder
    and cover it tightly in aluminium foil. Now you have to use tempered chocolate only have to use ten-page chocolate
    It will melt at room temperature if it is not tempered.
    I have done a video explaining how to temper chocolate and what chocolate to use for
    decorations and chocolate boxe. I'll put a link in the description below this video.
    Spread your chocolate over the rectangles and then carefully lift them up and put them
    on a clean part of your baking paper.
    Do that with both of them and then clear a space in the middle or use a clean sheet
    and bring your cylinder and roll the baking paper with the chocolate in between it over
    until it's rolled just over half way around the circumference of your
    cylinder. Put something there to hold that in place and then we are going to leave that to set.
    Once it is set spread some more chocolate onto your non-stick baking paper
    In an area that is bigger than your heart shape needs to be.
    Remove the cylinder and carefully take the foil off the chocolate.
    And then peel off the plastic from the outside
    And place one of those halves onto the chocolate base.
    Then take your other half and using a knife put some chocolate at the top
    and the bottom of the heart and then put that into position.
    What we are going to do is let that chocolate firm up a bit.
    And then run a knife around the edge of the heart shape and then leave it to set completely.
    Once it is set you can just carefully move away
    those pieces of chocolate that are excess on the base.
    To make the lid take your heart shaped plastic template
    and coverage it in
    the same colour chocolate or you can use white chocolate or milk chocolate if you want a
    Do as you did with the sides just lift it up and move it to a clean
    place on the baking paper.
    allow that to set completely
    and then you can either leave the lid plain
    or if you want to decorate it you can add candy
    by just putting a bit of chocolate on the back of it and putting them on top.
    Or you can take some more of your chocolate
    and to colour it you need to use either oil based colours or powdered colors
    because if you use the liquid colours it will cause the chocolate to seize.
    Mix it around with your chocolate.
    And then I have just cut the corner off a ziplock bag and put stripes of a
    contrasting colour on top of this one to make it a bit more interesting.
    Thank you to everyone who has subscribed ot howtocookthat
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    and shared them with their friends. Don't forget to watch those other videos on
    what chocolate to use and how to temper chocolate I will put the link in
    the description below this video
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