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    Rainbow Drip Candy Cane Cake (Christmas Cake) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Joe from cookies cupcakes in cardio dot com today and
    will be showing you this absolutely crazy rainbow drip Kate with candy canes
    covered all over the top
    it's Christmas Eve but not to Christmas Eve so it's perfect for like any kind of
    party that you want to team up for I managed billions of a rainbow candy
    canes so before we get started on the tutorial like to invite you to subscribe
    to our newsletter going to be sending it out regularly and the link to it is in
    the Description box below once you sign up make sure that you confirm the email
    I can't do anything but let's get started on this is totally crazy rainbow
    candy cane cake to make the cake we're going to be using a rainbow of a colored
    vanilla cake batter and we're also going to be using a rainbow of colored royal
    icings and what we have that do not colored is just regular vanilla
    buttercream we're going to use that to cover the cake entirely now a link to
    all three of those recipes will be in the Description box below for you we're
    also going to be using a whole bunch of candy we're going to be using a little
    bit of clear and light blue rock candy and then I have candy sticks curly candy
    sticks jumbled remove candy canes many remote county games and every single
    color of candy cane I could possibly find I went to pretty much every story
    that we have in my town and I have the most success at the dollar store and a
    book Barnes I hope you guys can find some cool colored candy canes like I
    added so when you start out with the cake batter here I've got all my colored
    ones in front and I have agrees eight-inch pen you're going to need to
    inch pounds for this recipe you could even use nine in terms of just
    have your cake will be a little less high then it would be with these
    eight-inch you can even do it in like a rectangle pan to pretty much do this
    kind of a technique in any type of parent does remember that if you're
    using these round pans that you do do it this twice what I am doing so as you can
    see I'm just kind of like scribbling my cake batter into my pen
    and you can use any kind of design or any kind of order that you want to
    totally up to you as long as you do two different pencils really I'm putting
    about a quarter of the batter in each round here so I have lots of different
    layers now once I've got all of my cake batter into my pen I'm going to bake
    them in a preheated oven at
    degrees and because it's kind of like a lot of
    battered going to take around
    even you maybe even
    minutes it's going to
    depend on when you have you think it's finished what you do is you just pull it
    out and make sure you put a toothpick into the center make sure that toothpick
    comes out clean and then you can and will be ready for you to go on to the
    next stage which is we're going to cover it and buttercream once our case have
    been baked and they're cool completely we can put on our buttercream so I'm
    just going to put some in between my layers here and I just used a serrated
    knife in order to level off the dole that usually happens when baking so I'm
    just using this buttercream here and again in the middle you can put as much
    as you want or as little as filling in here that she would like to talk to you
    and then I'm just going to put my other half on top like that and I'm going to
    cover the entire cake in buttercream and then I'll be back to show you the next
    step now my cape colored it covered in my buttercream and I have all of my
    royal icing is out here now they're very runny so there's a couple of things that
    I do before and I just kinda late work of the bag just to massage it because
    like the water separates from the mixture not sure why but I'm sure some
    of you might know and so all I wanna do ahead of time is just kinda like massage
    and give it a little square in this in this little boy here and then I'm just
    going to go on the cake
    totally randomly and monitors do all these sorts of little things here and
    then just repeat with all of my colors so you can see how it's just kind of
    gathered there so I'm just going to massage that extra little color there
    and then give it a little squirt into my ball just to get rid of it
    it and then just back to the cake and eventually it's gonna fill up and it's
    going to go over the sides we just want to do it kind of gradually comes with
    your final the royal icing on like the nosh once a kind of find a way to get
    over the edge of the cake it wants to be off the keg and will just flow and loan
    flow so you only want to put a little bit over the edge but it's not a huge
    deal if you get it running off you just might have a big clean-up last night
    roll all the way off the edge of the cake and all the way down to the table
    in the counter so it only happens when this gonna repeat what you see me doing
    here with all of the colors and once I've got it all covered in the royal
    icing and it's flowing over the side show you the next step will have my
    royal icing covering the cake now and I've got all my candy canes out to some
    just gonna start with putting some of this rock and around the edges just
    going to give like a little shimmer to the cake I know when we've got it on
    display like this it's finally nice like almost kind of wintry so I'm gonna go
    like that all the way around the outside and then I'm going to start in the
    middle with my larger candy cane musical jumbo ones they're actually million ones
    if you're looking for them there minyan candy canes and expressing that into the
    middle I'm going to keep my taller ones up here towards the middle and then I'm
    going to work my way with the shorter ones out to the outside here and I'm
    gonna put them totally random of God like my candy sticks here too and I'm
    gonna put in these early ones or she's gonna put in these curly ones here too
    I'm going to make the cake covered with as many candy canes as I can possibly
    get on this cake so there you go everybody I have finished off the top of
    the cake and I can't even count how many counties around at all there's so many
    of them and they also had a second one ready to slice into so you guys could
    see the crazy surprise inside this cake which turned out really cool so I hope
    you enjoyed this tutorial today
    if you're going to use it for a party or something make sure you take a picture
    and send it to me on any of our social media sites you can also email me and
    find be our blog and remember make sure you subscribe to our newsletter it's
    going to be going out soon as I'd love to have you along with me on that as
    well so thanks for watching remember to subscribe to the channel and I'll see
    you guys all again next time *** *** How to Make a Candyland Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Dan from cookies cupcakes in cardio dot com
    today I'm going to be showing you how to make and
    edible candy land game board cake this is a really fun game it's been around
    for years and years and years it's quite popular with kids a
    all ages and I thought how cool it would be to make it into a cake
    so let's get started so there's a lot of areas to the Candyland cake that I'm
    going to show you today
    so what I'm going to do is do each segment at a time and I'll show you the
    ingredients for each of those
    at the time where I'm moving on to the next part so what if God hears the game
    for peace late out
    and the cake is a two-up

    stacked together if you don't have a cake pan that large
    used for nine by
    stew get the exact same shape down here
    so I'm going to be using a will to number five tips in order to pipe the
    and I'm also going to be using I'll green butter cream was will to number

    which is the grass tip
    and for this beginning stage I'm going to be using
    a whole bunch of different colored starburst so the first thing I'm going
    to do is take my vanilla buttercream
    and I'm just going to pipe a pathway where I'm going to put my starburst down
    so it's quite similar to the game board just not as much in
    intricacy here coming out a couple love the little terns
    man and it there and then once I got that lay down
    I'm just going two starts to put my starburst are
    right beside each other so they're touching all through
    following the entire pathway so I've got the whole pathway done
    I'll be back to show you the next step now that my pathway is finished
    what I want to do to make it stand out more than
    around the outside of the pathway but before I do that
    I'm going to put on the grass in the sections that need the grass
    so the grass is going to come from a top here
    I remember that this is the finish in this is the start so we're coming across
    the top here
    really go all the way inside here all inside here
    all the way inside here and is probably too
    about here where we're going to cut it off right there
    someone to start up here and the all those parts they just showed you
    are the areas that I'm going to cover with my grass
    so have my grass finished and now I'm going to outline my game
    are outlined the path here and I've switched the tip to a larger one
    and it's a number
    tip Sanders going to gently squeeze and just follow the
    all the way around the board the next part I'm going to be showing you is
    rainbow trail now remote rails a shortcut in the game
    and it's located around this area so what I'm using
    are rainbow Twizzlers cut to about three inches in
    length so I'm just going to place them
    just like a rainbow up like that in the
    order red-orange and yellow
    and the green and blue and then finally
    the purple so more working or not
    and then the next area we're going to be doing
    is peanut acres and for peanut acres
    we're going to be using peanut butter chips
    and peanut butter marshmallow to over in this section
    is where Pena acres is where a gramma not
    resides so I'm using my marshmallow peanuts that I just found at a local
    grocery store
    you they also make those circus peanuts which
    are you can also use their just a little bit larger in
    size then these ones are these ones are a little bit smaller but the bother them
    work just
    that's just the same and then I'm just going to fill up some the empty space
    around the peanuts
    with these peanut butter chips
    so next over here we're going to be working on gumdrop mountains and gum
    drop pass
    so for the gumdrop second I'm just using giant jump gumdrops here in little teeny
    tiny ones that are kinda flats
    I'm so what I just do as I take those and in my buttercream is going to press
    it down
    this can use a variety of the colors and a variety of the size is to make sure I
    I all sorts of different with a different look here so it's nice and
    bright and colorful
    some also going to going here
    the news again summaries littler ones filling up all the spaces
    and using a variety of colors so that is gumdrop
    mountain income drop pass next up
    is peppermint forest located in this corner I'm going to be using many candy
    canes peppermints
    white Brock candy crystals and edible glitter for this section
    gonna start by laying down some other candy crystals now these are just like
    crumbled up
    rock candy you know the kind you can't grow yourself on your own stick and what
    I bought them in bulk I ordered them from Amazon
    if there's any the candies that you can't find always check Amazon is a
    really handy
    summers gonna fill in summers space here
    with the rock candy and I'm going
    now to take my mini candy canes and poke them in
    of course peppermint forest is where system into lips
    he hangs over here and some in the peppermints
    in like this nothing in other one there
    into more problems now just to give it a little bit more of our
    kinda mystical look here I'm gonna take some other edible glitter
    and just gonna sprinkle it over top above where my rock crystals are
    it a little bit a shine so that is the peppermint forest
    the next area we're going to be working on is here with a lollipop woods
    where Lawley lives so I've just got some other round lollipops and some other
    flat lollipops to use
    and you can just put them in a different heights you can do some low
    and some up nice and tall and just fill it in like a forest
    but lollipops just like this in the force is going to
    travel little ways down here as well
    some different height in some different shapes as well
    and it will be complete just like that
    next up for going to work up top here at snowflake a lake
    where princess frosty and lives we're going to be using the
    white rock candy crystals again and summer
    snowflake sprinkles someone to put my
    Kenny crystals down first laying down my
    ice I guess it would be on a Lake if it's frozen
    soaring to fill that all up this whole area here
    and what's more now and then make sure that there's enough room for your
    snowflakes to stick as well
    through the rock candy everywhere so many put my snowflakes on here
    sporadically scatter them
    just like that so that is all the link here
    so the last obstacle in the way before the and is the chocolates swamp in this
    area where gloppy lives so many using
    large peanut butter cups many peanut butter cups
    summer multiple colored percy
    Hershey's hugs and some little many Hershey's Kisses
    someone to put a big one here and
    another big one there in the center the all-around these ones I've been to make
    sure that I fill it in completely
    son is going to put a little dot
    there a little dot there because I wanna make
    stack here wanna put another one on top
    and one on top there and then another little dot on top of that another dot on
    top with that one
    and put Hershey's Kiss up on top of their
    so as I was saying earlier I want the ground to be completely covered in
    some an alternate between using so the kisses and using some other
    the hugs and just make sure it's covered completely
    around the outside their and around the inside
    right into here so the last thing to put onto the cake
    is the finish which is the candy castle
    so I'm going to be using many ice cream cones and inside line is just one of
    those larger
    peanut butter cups that I had going to be using these little mini-gel ease
    some rainbow sprinkles and then some more butter cream
    someone to put up my my ice cream cones first
    and put the three up here so this is where you wanna get to you when you
    finish the game
    you wanna get there first let alone a pipe to talk on
    now just got arm a starship on here
    it's going to you pipe a little top
    so they look a little bit more victorious
    mmm like that than
    couple sprinkles on their is randomly placed these ones
    still a couple to show you know finish them off afterwards
    and then all around the ground I'm gonna put the rainbow sprinkles cuz it's a big
    to really colorful area so you want all the rainbow sprinkles to cover the
    ground entirely
    so I'll do that all the way around the homes here on all the sides
    was a runaway candies in this one now I'm also going to make a little tower
    I'm just going to put a couple love these little jelly's like
    in a statement might need to use a little bit
    I love buttercream in between them
    just to give it a little bit more a grand entrance here
    at the front and then on the top you can even put
    a little yellow a little yellow I'm still some butter cream
    there and pick it up on top like that so we'll finish that off early back to show
    you the finished
    cake so just as the finishing touch I put
    a little border of Smarties around the Cape just to kinda finish it off
    so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial today on how to make it
    edible Candyland cake board its lotta fun it's such a fun game as
    is so grab your characters grab cards and put this cake together
    and have a great time with the family hope you enjoyed it
    remember to subscribe to the channel: and I will see you all again next time *** *** CHOCOLATE CANDY CAKE - VIDEO RECIPE - YouTube !!!
    however welcome to Nico's kitchens fast food tonight we're gonna be making lows
    epic takes I had Tom across I chocolate
    candy tight so easy to do and really fast
    let's go yes good large mom day
    book Wednesday bombs broad
    is shit
    each that
    so for a chocolate candy cake you going to need
    to differs cakes we can use one
    it's completely up to you know what I've got here %uh to my favorites
    more chocolate mud cake which I've made a few times her knickers kitchen and
    also my terrible
    mud cake which also made on because kitchen now looking to re
    make them for you because I've already done those recipes once or twice before
    so I will leave a link to those cake
    recipes below but you could use any cake recipe
    that you want if you're a white chocolate mud cake and the Chocolate
    and just match it up switch it up completely up to you
    so this is more about shown you the decoration on the cake rather than the
    actual risk because I've done that before
    now another recipe that on this Rios is some chocolate frosting
    and it's included in those recipes I just told you battling its summer that
    and I'm just gonna spread it on the chocolate cake here
    Adams gonna place the caramel mud cake
    on the top just over the top again gonna be putting on
    some of that chocolate frosting again if you want to use
    milk a sorry what chocolate frosting you could do that too
    I've done a recipe for that as well and also want you to
    do the sides love the cake as well
    so once you've done the outside and it doesn't have to be perfect because we
    gonna be covering it up
    with chocolate lollies and candies and all that good stuff
    that will not let a so don't worry if
    it looks a little bit messy or Emma Trish cuz play on the cake decorator by
    any means
    the next thing we're gonna be putting on these little
    chocolate fingers and if I just broke one he'll say they've got some honeycomb
    inside you can find these in the chocolate all this milk chocolate ones
    is dark chocolate ones
    like I said I thought these would be really cool with the honeycomb and
    they're just the perfect size for to these cuts on this gonna
    stand them up and stick them around the sides
    so once worked on the outside stride in the middle
    I'm gonna be placing down I forever she almost like the crown
    if you like just on the top there know what I'm gonna do now
    is I'm gonna get some more all those civil chocolate sticks
    and I'm gonna be placing just one day on there and there is gonna at
    these are gonna act as I barriers so in omega-
    different segments adjusts to mall there
    and another two coming out like that
    and 4s sections on an amusing a variety of different
    chocolates and can easily lolis
    I've got some skills here I've got some Maltesers some
    doctor blue chips have got these whites
    little candies just here about some Eminem's
    and also got some tunney at the mall chocolates paces
    filled with some more honeycomb in there but you can
    you can completely change this up and put what
    ever you want to in the different sections
    suffer some old is with that wind is going to sprinkle them on
    moved across and never gonna be placing in now
    Eminem's necks about some Maltesers
    nixon wanna be putting in some of those dark chocolate chips
    next to me putting in the
    skills and Leslie just those
    chocolate honeycomb paces and they have a gauze
    check that out it's ok at pick n mix
    chocolate mud cake it really reminds me the good old days when used together the
    and used to go the Kenny burns pick n mix little bits of candy in shock but
    the wanted to
    this guide is truly one of the
    most epic cakes I've come across and my king was so much fun and it is so much
    easier you know if you even if you don't wanna make your own cakes
    come by some because decorating &
    takes like 5 minutes really takes no time at all
    it's such an easy cut to put together right for kids parties or even fatal
    ones if you want to build a novelty thing
    you know what these too much tax a sensational like I said in the
    description below for those mud cakes let's have a toast
    I love the combination that so
    really moist that chocolate feeling is just such a psycho and you know what
    like I said before sucking on moving the pic n mix
    with those chocolate candies on top this one is an
    absolute epic superstar it is I
    eat me once in a lifetime cut you don't have this bad way be late because you're
    not gonna be on this planet for long let me tell you
    but you know what for once of you have to give this a try
    and I hope you block it because you know what it's just
    that damn good my
    way *** *** NO-Bake CANDY Cake! The easiest 4 tier Birthday Cake you'll EVER MAKE! - YouTube !!!
    hi guys
    Italy my pic addiction on today that the third I'm going to show you how to make
    are really simple really quick nobec can decay
    where you can take your favorite candy antenna into the
    K let's get started so the bases
    you can make a good going to be these guys these apricot
    round polystyrene all-star friend cake dummies available at my
    cake decorating shops they're basically like a fake
    cake and I went with a 4-inch a pic tinged and AT&T and attendance for this
    you guys can decide how many layers you want just make sure the bentley
    two-inches' differentiation in thise see but not for him for all that candy
    America want to take I'm also using just a knife in a spirit and of course I've
    got a myriad
    OVC anything when you're choosing a can you can see that have gone for like
    think that a prepackaged in flats that have large boxes could you need less if
    it to go around
    you can choose whatever can do you like and I will leave detailed above the
    and the type of candy that I used in the Description box below I'm but with
    lithium action at
    need out for marshmallow right
    here often eat some melted what chocolate today
    you also anything to present your cake on so I'm just using a regular cake
    board which have covered in a little bit of pink glitter
    scrapbooking paper just by cutting it to five in glowing it down
    a little bit of white chocolate now on the board and then you just wanna stop
    your tears have cake and you just pennies white chocolate in between
    hiii is to stack them so what you should I'm not with is a knife tower
    love straight polystyrene block on some sort of a separate the cake bought a
    cake stand are playing
    starting with the bottom land use like a big a candy he could it's gonna be wanna
    be a big alliance just take it food also
    about melted white chocolate he told me too much pop it on the back
    and use it just to stand candy out touching that polystyrene
    make sure you get a bunt a different color than flavor theater really nice
    and bright colorful candy feeling your cake
    not direct entity it to you glue to stick on any good
    and the elements when you wouldn't believe star in the blue actually eat
    into the police sorry
    and you can you just gonna fall off fifty that white chocolate centerville
    edible glue alternative meeting on accion next largest last time you use
    one mile I check and again I don't leave cool don't really
    gummy keith is and once again a bit a white chocolate on the back and I'm just
    finishing them
    all the way around that second-tier for my next class
    I used bad that I love them cuz the different colors on each side so I kinda
    alternated I did the green and blue side
    and then I showed the pink and orange thought other red and orange time
    and just stop them alternating around that connect
    layout of the cake this white chocolate take a little while to fit on these
    polystyrene cuz they not call so once you stop them all on you can kinda just
    use your hands to position information I really even in nicely stuck to the side
    now typically buying your candy I recommend taking you out he is a
    and actually testing it out in the store I went way overboard in my head because
    I didn't realize exactly how much I was going to make
    and ended up needing Follis than I thought not be in the world I can just
    eat it later
    Taliban extra hot track cake I've got a couple a little
    rainbow lollipop to pop in the top to put these on before you add the candy
    ran outside
    your top tier K and this cake actually a portion
    a extravaganza KK making for one of my best friends if you want to say
    what I end up doing that I will be posting pictures on my cupcake addiction
    Instagram later this month
    for the very top tier now I'm deceiving fellow be little longer
    funded and I liked it because they're kinda flexible and you can rival at them
    a little bit
    Sunday hyper lappam and I mean use a rubber band here to hold the foreign
    place because their little bit less
    and then on that candy and it helped them wrapped knife in neatly around that
    polystyrene block
    now I've got a little gap at the top of my fads so I'm using
    a rove Twizzlers just a little bit a white chocolate around the back at
    and it just draped around the top a fad this is optional you do need to hold on
    to the for quite a while until that what chocolate
    set because otherwise they just gonna put a full x at a little bit an hour
    little bit more difficult to work with know it's funded think right for the top
    tier cuz they also create kinda like a little weller little kerkorian and I'm
    gonna fill my with little
    racked individual Jolly Rancher candy and then to
    feel I've anymore the white polystyrene I'm actually going to you
    marshmallow ropes start price: an immediate to actually blew you must
    Miller wrote together be four sticking them onto the cake
    so you want include end and with white chocolate
    to make one big long marshmallow right
    section so that I can play too tightly over the top
    at no rebate candy cake
    now bear in mind that all in the Kenny the popular marshmallow right
    and it with I completely pre-packaged there is no problem with them touching
    the polystyrene
    but you may wish to remove the wheeler and also the National Right
    prior to serving so that you don't risk having anybody accidentally pick up a
    pizza police star anyone in your candy by
    there's no need to work I have a service K he simply let your guests pop-up and
    grab a pizza candy as they wish
    I did rather enjoy this really unique take on a
    no baked a cake and as always thanks very much *** *** Snickers Candy Bar Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    everybody this is Tim from cookies cupcakes SynCardia dot com today will be
    taking everybody's of favorite candy bar knickers and turning it into an amazing
    decadent hate it's got gooey caramel chunk of actual Snickers bar in the cake
    on top
    peanut caramel it's so delicious let's get started we're going to be using an
    eight inch round chocolate cake and i also have an eight inch round vanilla
    cake both of these recipes are in the Description box where you their favorite
    so they've made already now we're going to be using caramel sauce as well you
    could use your own homemade version or you can use store-bought for our other
    toppings here I've got some delicious honey roasted peanuts and their whole
    here and then I've also chopped some up for a little bit of a different texture
    on top we also are going to need some regular vanilla buttercream and for
    extra drizzle we're going to be using Minaj's so I have a white ganache and I
    have a regular milk chocolate ganache they're both delicious and the recipes
    for the collages and the buttercream will be in the Description box now of
    course to make a Snickers cake you need Snickers candy bars so I'm going to be
    using a combination of like the big ones and little ones but you can get away
    with using one or the other
    you can totally make whatever size you can find work for you to start out we're
    going to start with our vanilla cake so I level it off with a sharp serrated
    knife to remove the top there that's the leveling part and then I also went ahead
    and made another cut to make it into two thin layers so it's gonna put that
    second layer aside for a moment with my buttercream in a piping bag I'm just
    going to make what kind of called like a down because we want to stop the caramel
    that i'm gonna put in the center from flowing out the sides of the cake and
    I'm just going to take some of my caramel filling here and the sport and
    it's totally up to you is like how much you input into how little that's totally
    up to taste here and I'm just going to use my spatula here to spread that
    and on top of my caramel layer I'm going to place one of my fav chocolate layer
    so did the same thing and I slights to the chocolate cake layer in half to give
    to thinner ones now I'm going to put on the top a little bit of the buttercream
    cuz I want some of the Snickers bars which are coming on next to kind of have
    something to stick to a little bit you don't have to put the butter cream on
    like the Snickers will stick to your cake but it is killing it gives it a
    little bit more glue do that and then we're just going to kind of line them up
    as best as you can to fit them on here and you can put spaces you can put him
    really tight clothes together now in this kind of a gap I might want to use
    couple of my smaller ones I could even just trim one of these longer ones but
    you don't want to have the gaps are the ends of the Snickers bars hanging off
    the end it just kinda gives its gonna give it a bump when you try to go around
    the outside with the icing so once I thought that all filled in all do more
    but I'll show you this part 2 and I just wants to kind of add some icing in
    between here which is gonna lose those guys together so I'm gonna fill up cut
    some Snickers to put in those gaps and then I'll show you the next staffing
    step I'm a Snickers fit in here in our own filled with some butter cream now
    I'm going to take my second the middle layer and I'm going to repeat what I did
    on the bottom layer which is putting the dam around the outside here now if
    you're worried about the kerry mullis keeping you can do two layers around if
    you want to but really if kary mullis like us keeps out the side are we gonna
    have to much of settlement over upsetting over that settlements not work
    but to go something new today and so I'm just putting some more caramel in there
    and spreading that around my final layer is our second chocolate cake layer just
    putting that on top of that delicious caramel and then very generally cause at
    this point it's pretty fragile you don't want to move it too much and you want to
    put the final touches of butter cream all over the whole thing and when it put
    on top I'm gonna put it on the sides and if you want if you're like a little bit
    worried about it kind of knocking itself over which it is possible you might want
    to put it put it into the freezer very briefly twenty minutes half an hour or
    so it settles that caramel and it makes the layer stick together and you can
    also see on the top here and getting picking up the crumbs and this is called
    this initial layers called the crumb coat so if you're getting crumbs out of
    your cake layer here like this then just popped this into the freezer once you've
    got it all covered and then you can cover it a second time and your crimes
    will all disappear in that second coating I'm going to do that and when
    I've got my cake all covered beautifully white I will be back to show you how
    we're going to decorate it got my cake covered in my buttercream so now I'm
    going to take all the fun stuff and get it onto the case so I've got to my
    caramel here and I'm just going to squeeze it down over the sides I'm gonna
    decorate this little part frontier that you guys can see home and then I'm going
    to go of course over the back and finish that off as well so you can get some
    more going down if you want to it's totally up to you what you want this
    finishing steps to look like so after my caramel I'm gonna get some chocolate
    running their own this guy wants to run the coming down the sides they're like
    this and you can come farther into the center to if you want to wake up into
    this area please sort of got that dripping down the sides and of the white
    chocolate ganache we can have that going down as well and get us up to you you
    can do I just like how this gives a variety of colors to the side here it's
    kind of like rather a blend pilot of the dark caramel and you know the whites or
    just kinda gives a little mention here have bought some of the full size or the
    little mini ones and
    have also cut some of these chopped winds up I really like how the top ones
    show off like the inside of the stickers that are and then I'm gonna add some of
    these crushed peanuts around the side so that's going to be my p.m. around the
    whole side here really great where the ganache and the caramel is meeting kind
    of witness tackle these big things we've got some more here so you know you
    better look those up there you can you put some like double high if you so
    and then I'm also going to throw on the top some of these full peanuts like this
    so I'm going to finish off this decadent cake and I'll be back to show you the
    finished product and I will make sure I cut in
    they go everybody I have
    taken the is Snickers bar and I have gone over the top and I have created
    this Snickers candy bar cake I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial it's covered
    in the peanuts I was telling you about and I even put like a little peanut
    border around the death down at the bottom I saw those a nice little touch
    if niggas isn't your favorite chocolate bar candy bar let me know in the
    comments and maybe I'll make your favorite candy bar into a cake next time
    see you guys soon *** *** Candy Crush Saga Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon level 33 65 97 - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a candy crush cake. Candy
    Crush is a free game that is currently being played
    million times a day. Despite being
    free to download it is currently the top grossing app in the itunes store but we'll talk more
    about that later. To make your cake the first thing you need
    to do is bake a cake, I made mine 15cm square on the top. And completely cover it in buttercream
    You can use the raspberry buttercream or you can use plain buttercream and colour it with
    a little red food colour. The cake recipes and buttercream recipes are all on the website
    howtocookthat.net There is a link in the description below the video.
    Use your spatula to smooth it out as much as you can and run the spatula up the sides
    and gently fold over any bits that are sticking up on the top edge by just smoothing it into
    the middle of the cake.
    The candy crush icon has rounded corners so run your spatula up and then around each corner
    to smooth it.
    Then wipe your cake platter clean as you can using a damp piece of paper towel being careful
    not to bump the cake.
    Put the remaining buttercream into a piping bag fitted with a round nozzle. If you don't
    have a piping bag you can use a plastic bag and cut the corner off but it will not be
    as rounded as if you use a nozzle for this one.
    Pipe a cylinder of buttercream along the top edge, turning it when you get to the corners
    so they are rounded.
    Next we need to fill in and smooth that gap that is along the side of the cake.
    Just get a little extra buttercream on your spatula and spread it across the gap. Then
    use the straight edge of the spatula to smooth out the side again.
    Place that in the fridge for at least
    minutes for the buttercream to firm up.
    While it is doing that Print out your logo in the size of your cake, I have put the logo
    in the size I am using here on the website so you an download that there.
    Put some non-stick baking paper over the top and use the picture as you template to spread
    some chocolate into the right circle size, making sure there is more chocolate in the
    middle so it is not completely flat. To smooth the surface just lift and lower
    the edges of the paper a couple of times. Take some colourful round candies, I am using
    soft sugar pearls which I purchased from the baking section of the local supermarket. And
    sprinkle them over the top making sure that you get an even spread.
    Even though candy crush being free to download but it is currently bringing in $
    day for the game developers. If you are a candy crush addict, I want to know what level
    are you up to and how much have you spent on it? I am only on a very early level

    and I haven't spent any money on it at all. And if you don't want to get ripped off or
    if you have little kids playing this game you can turn off inapp purchases by going
    to settings, general, restrictions, inapp purchases, you can turn them back on at anytime.
    So if you do want to go back on a different app and buy something you you can turn them
    back on and then turn them back off again. While you are there why not also set your
    age restrictions to an appropriate level and your rating restrictions for movies, games,
    and TV shows. Get another sheet of baking paper and pipe
    lots of chocolate over the jelly bean shape and smooth it out along the top. Let it set
    then To make the base of the jelly bean so that it sits up a bit higher flip it over
    and add m&ms the the underside. You could make a second half of the jelly bean and and
    stick the two together but it sits better on the cake if the jelly bean is a bit flat
    on the underside rather than completely rounded. Take a knife and scrape off any little lumps
    in the chocolate Roll out some red fondant and use it to cover
    the jelly bean, wrapping it around underneath. Gently rub with your finger to smooth out
    the surface.
    For the other candy pipe the shape put of chcolate, you can Leave it plain chocolate
    or add m&m's into the middle like I am here to build it up and to make a nice oval shape
    . Then add a circle of m&m's around the edge. Let that set then pipe some more chocolate
    over the top of them and use a knife to smooth out the edges. You can of course make these
    from solid fondant but I just think they taste much better if they are have chocolate and
    lollies in the middle.
    Once that one is set cover it in orange fondant, use scissors to trim it up and tuck it under,
    then use your finger to smooth it out just like we did with the jelly bean.
    If you want it shiny which looks quite good with this one you can paint it with a mixture
    of half vodka and half water. The alcohol content will evaporate off and it will stay
    shiny for around 4 hours. So if you are not serving it straight away you will want to
    paint this glaze on later once they are on the cake.
    Take a tiny bit of white fondant and roll it between your finger and the palm of your
    hand. Add it to the candy where the white highlights are on the logo.
    Cut out the inside section of your logo and check that it easily fits onto the centre
    of your cake, if not just trim a little extra off the edges.
    Roll out some white fondant and using the cutout as your template cut around the square
    with your rounded corners. Then cut the blue off your paper template
    and put it back on top and use some blue powdered food colour and a dry paintbrush to dust some
    colour over the top making it darker at the edges. Take the template off and blend it
    in a little. If you cant get hold of blue powdered colour
    then just use your gel colour to colour this fondant blue before you roll it out.
    Take your cake out of the fridge and place some paper towel over the edge. Gently rub
    it with a fondant smoother to make sure sure your edges are completely flat. If you don't
    have a fondant smoother you can use a book or anything that you've got that is flat.
    Repeat that on each side.
    Take some white fondant and roll it out thinly then using a ruler and a pizza cutter cut
    thin strips of white. Add the strips of white bringing them up and
    overlapping them over the curved buttercream and then trim them to the right length at
    the base.
    Make sure that they are evenly spaced and you can use an off cut of white to measure
    the gap between each one as you add the next one.
    Once you've added all of your white strips use a fondant smoother or book to gently push
    on the sides to make sure your fondant is flat and stuck to the buttercream.
    Add your blue fondant square that we made earlier . Then the orange candy, followed
    by the giant chocolate freckle and finally your jelly bean. And you cake is ready to
    Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe and join us next week for a dessert followed
    by chocolate the next week and then back to cake. You can put all of your cake requests
    in the comments section below. Have a great week. *** *** How To Make A CHECKERBOARD CANDY CAKE! Neon vanilla cakes with buttercream and hot pink ganache! - YouTube !!!
    welcome back to have a cake it or shall I say the cake factory this week I'm
    making a super fun cake topped with a ton of candy and chocolate that's really
    bright and colorful and its size is just as fun and colorful and tasty as the
    and round cake and I've died each one a different color we're going
    to remove them from our parents and then of course we are going to level them and
    each case should be cut into two equal-sized players that's why he's a
    ruler we are gonna take these layers one step further we're not just gonna layer
    them to tax
    checkerboard this each player and we are gonna cut circles that I'm you think
    four and a half inch color and two and a quarter inch color
    now we're going to place our beautiful take bring back into these cakes
    alternating colors you know what I'm placing the pink into yellowcake then
    I'm going to place the yelling into the green and finally the green ring a
    little hole we're going to place whichever color is missing
    into the cake layers I'm about to fill b
    buttercream it's a great rest of the S suggest you try it
    click the link below in the description and you can make it yourself ladies and
    gentlemen back in time for another shower now remember you have six layers
    I do I did three and yellow green come across this case to get it ready for our
    beautiful yellow butter
    now that our cake or chrome good it was gonna pop it in the fridge to chill
    we're going to die the rest of our butter yellow just add a little more
    than a drop quite a bit and we want this case to be
    cake is nice and chilled
    ready for our final ice
    I'm using an offset palette knife I find it helpful when he is really high and
    just remember not to press too hard putting a nice sort of heavy rare
    buttercream cake and then going to China hold lend edge of your palette knife
    straight along the side of your cake gently turn your lazy susan and then I'm
    slowly raising the knife to smooth the top but dragging in the efforts toward
    the center
    don't be tempted to overwork you better get frustrated it's harder than you
    thought she lit five-ten minutes and which as you know is one part chocolate
    and one part within cream chopped chocolate it's finally as we can't if
    you have not seen him a ganache you have not been watching that had a cake it I
    make a new video every Tuesday at 11 a.m. there's no excuse because this is
    only a little bit of ganache I'm going to keep my cream just to almost Boyle
    using the microwave just for your hot cream right on it
    I can I should be ready to stir during keep stirring until you get a nice
    finish what I want to do now is divers clash
    I'm using a gel case color for my gosh it's better not to add too much liquid
    so gorgeous kinda matches my shirt like a plan now you need to set aside to cool
    at room temperature
    we don't want to set up we just wanted to be portable but not I K should be
    chilled and ready to go I'm gonna bring her out I have a nice white screen stand
    ready for the Cape really careful I'm gonna move our case we have one chance
    to center this I need among men do this
    I just like scaring myself obviously believed you susan is a bit wobbly I'm
    gonna priming and ash into a piping bag because they actually want to sort of
    guide the trips surprised I want to control the uncontrollable I'm gonna try
    my best I wanted to come out to be a bit thicker I'm just typing a bit more this
    center guiding it down the side with a night
    yes what we're gonna do we gonna chill heard just a little bit so that the
    white chocolate ganache sets before we had all our glorious the topping I
    actually went shopping for all of this great candy and then they strike eight
    colors on this can be a cake is chilled for the last time she's relaxed she's
    ready to get dressed and go out I'm just gonna start placing can be I'm gonna
    have fun with it
    this cake is not just a party to party
    really i three you see that I think and yes yes it's not
    it still looks if that is what I would do our cake is finish fresh from the
    cake factory tour just bright yellow butter cream and dark hot chocolate
    ganache and then we've talked this case all you don't think I wasn't gonna cut
    into this cake did you just because she's all dressed up but actually I
    think anytime I'm dress with your gut
    she's good she's beautiful inside and out
    we take a picture can we capture this moment being built like a lovely love
    that I can order like a good night *** *** M&M's Rainbow Cake! How to make a Gravity Defying M&M Candy Cake with Cupcake Addiction - YouTube !!!
    happened well
    on hi guys Italy for my cupcake addiction and today the fact that I'm
    going to show you how to recreate the
    gorgeous two-tiered Eminem illusion K
    not only me show you how to bake fact a really simple and crew
    TK I want to show you how to make it great illusion effect that makes
    it look like you've got a packing them in and
    cascading down the fight a BK it gorgeous it
    simple hanoi a little bit over the top let's get started
    think that you need %uh cake board to rest my cape on a got that on a spinning

    I'm using the equivalent have to pack in cake mixes you
    any recipe like you need likely a double recipe I'm in the making a small to take
    enough to them about
    people I up every pothole buttercream frosting in
    in cotton wool balls about my two little teens of oranges signage
    three large bag regular Eminem's this
    lustig this is what we can use to create a revolution affected basically a
    plastic stick with a little balloon cup on the end
    sold my party supply stores I'm going to Spain and a pastry brush
    Banbury skewers and Paris's just small or regular hot spot at
    I've been offset spatula a threat not and some wax paper
    amount of dark chocolate this container just insert services to text been a
    paper cut gem with three tablespoons I've just plain water
    hit up the right way for about 30 seconds to make like a simple shuster
    that's really really easy to make I six-inch wouldn't take whatever
    four-inch just a cardboard cake board you don't want that sent aboard to be
    homogenized by 2k getting so horny think indicate in with the for anything
    so first I wanna line out teams so I just a criminal circles but on the base
    the team's he just got a base they trace around the bottom of your container uses
    to cut that will settle a white paper out giving you the perfect five faculty
    evenly covered by
    your painting one Sun I use quite loud she did you know wax
    baking great proof paper doesn't really have some I like to faultline
    into three this gives them a lot more stability and they're quite
    toll quite high so I wrapped around my hands to form a cabinet
    call %ah and I'm just gonna sleep that's right inside the cake tin
    this case never really told extended hot
    on Mike 18th I'm not diminished three-inches' of the actual cake tin
    we can but that take up to four inches if we want what cakes in the line you
    want to fill the
    not feeling the almost all the way to the edge about cake tin
    letting the wax paper allow for the ride if the cake
    I also do you have to cut a second 6 importance tackle and sit on top of the
    which is actually help the cake to rise really evenly in stay flat on top
    and stop it from cracking on top publishers of in a moderate oven and
    cook them
    until a spring back when touched in the mail coming back never wanna take that
    top circle wax paper
    you can see I'm nice and flat that cake is on top so what
    allowed to cool in the pan for about 15 minutes and I just drag out the wax
    technically that wasn't the case at forty should just be averted it out
    peel off the bay wax paper what you've got
    really knife need relatively small square edged K
    I'm off to the side to completely cool down now you take your cardboard cake
    for I'm is just a tea towel something so that I'm not kissing my bench
    you what do your parents is is not shop pointed scissors shop pointed not
    and very very carefully make a small hall in the center
    it doesn't have to be dead than to be close as you can get it is quite I'm
    just wish to my sis's
    this is why we use the comp aborted not a wooden board and is making a hole that
    big enough for that balloon stick to fit straight through this is gonna get back
    take stability and structure
    now you take them on that note the dark chocolate espiritu generous taste
    on that wouldn't
    baseball stick
    lustig cop upside down into that chocolate and that's effectively to glue
    it to the bottom of the board
    you want to leave to complete the set and then you wanna grab a little pockets
    car really Nate call on all empty evidence that you can ate them or use
    them for decoration
    and then wanna stuff your empty Eminem's pocket full of cotton ball buds
    lutece it makes it really not a lot but still makes it appear to be full
    you doing is taking his dick straight in the eye and the cotton balls or she can
    hope to hold the stick
    in place on the M&M czar want to chop it feels that on that plastic brought you
    up in a bit more chocolate onto your plastic ballistic
    you just wanna slotted take a moment to check that boy
    UK a sloppy smaller than the cake boards resting on
    if not you may need to trim down just to make sure they fit
    within the confines of the cable using a threat not
    you want to trim the top of your bottom Tia
    making just not I'm flattered even then your chin up bar in TN hockenberry
    delicious frosting in between eighteen
    I liked time I K as a German always fun to give me and Nate Adcock
    animal even cut repeat the process but the top I and you want to line them up
    side by side and trim that so it's pretty well the exact same height as the
    on my he cannot even results you can happen again
    brush it with them about their 33 rushing it was there because they're
    gonna keep cake moist and stop it from drying out
    you use in your office actually gonna give a nice generous
    turning up at a cream frosting in the center but I'm shoot it here because
    there's gonna be a lot of frosting on this day
    but different content to be quite sway once you get started you wanna lift it
    anyone roughly century on that balloon stick Paul
    before sliding it down straight onto your six-inch
    board you do a little bit of leeway it's not exactly centered just
    move it around try to make sure that they ages of overlapping
    the cake porn on the net butter cake that process I get this error:
    again with the buttercream frosting I'm gonna stick a second bite down on top of
    that ballistic
    to add to the support structure for the skate world add some
    wooden skewers to go along with that Intel cake board and the Apple instead
    somebody's fault wooden skewers I'm just gonna push them down into the cake to
    get the rough measure
    and anyone who uses just to cut them off to size as with any time you make a tee
    and cake they will generally have supported them
    K ford's wouldn't doubt and now cases balloon stick
    while the balloon stick are non-toxic they also I'm non-edible so with the
    decorated is your responsibility to make sure
    if you drop in this cake of your informing the venue that there are non
    edible complainant in May
    I'm making sure that they were made for the cake is set
    slot don't have food cake what down over that balloons day
    and I can repeat the process up spirit and buttercream frosting and thrombotic
    to small Alliance K now fact
    on the turntable just 80s we can be given a really nice
    in crime car suddenly Mohammed Badie creeping on
    scrape off any excess body recommend keeping about a claim in a separate bowl
    for love crumbs another rubbish you know when to use this in your final cars
    so if you can pick up car the entire cake enough cream frosting
    and now I'm just all around my house that bachelor I'm really
    writing back and the evening of those edges at the same time

    relatively make you wanna pop okay off into the freezer for about half an
    hour to an hour
    to let that go to create quite completely that they get nice and fat
    when you take the free they can take yet more butter cream frosting
    I'm using offset spatula to apply a second car on top
    crumb cake you know going to pick up any crumbs all this company of breaking into
    the base of the first things he shouldn't really nice
    what car on top once you and your first thank you once again won a school-record
    back and you want to make sure that you get it is needed possible so I is the
    offset bachelor again
    just a really school right back beside and the more
    you can scrape in one long sweeping motion
    as you can with the cake turntable the near about going to pay
    you also want to take the time to try and just mean that those corners and
    but your body cream frosting card he did not have to be perfect if they're gonna
    at condominiums on the cake but if it's not perfect it's gonna be at the back
    and no you get into it with UK frosted you want to take your presentation K
    more than just a little doll the mouth adopt chocolate and what is not
    just glue the cake onto the board no I didn't put the cake all the way the
    center of the board actually left quite a bit more space
    at the front of the cake Eminem's to go down to the port
    I'm gonna stop by hi evidence that balloons did you the little bit that
    melted dark chocolate
    do like one little liar them down the bottom
    I'm gonna come into play evidence to the front so I found it atheist with by
    had placed them rather than to stick them all on in one huge jumble
    for some reason heart time blue M&M than a packet
    how much I just ignore the handful I felt like I just had way too many brand
    third lines down the edges up where are my M&M bill to fall
    and I feel demeaned credit trying to make sure that it looks a bit random but
    I'm getting a really nice assortment
    Eminem colors chevy blazer still in my ball
    once you've got your I guess your bf Eminem's coming down the K
    good lustig any just wanna another three or four
    imminent I'm doing this few time because
    if you try to put all new Eminem up to balloon stick the mouth the choppers
    just gonna slide down the PowerBook par-
    know anything about it that such a playa not
    in Chi about a cream frosting got a little bit of a blog at the front of my
    cake board
    this is gonna be by Eminem the feeling all the way down to the cake for
    almost so far they coming of the cake board
    in between a little sections a place in Yemen ames on the presentation board
    on I just loved it is one section and then only go do for five more Eminem
    that the balloon stick
    because those bottom ones will have tried this helps you kind of faith that
    your time a little bit evenly
    a little bit more about a cream frosting down onto the ball and another little
    mountain or fallen Eminem
    and you saw her pick up for a second to your entire stick is covered
    and you're happy with the spread of the names that you've got all over your
    if you love this video make sure you have it my channel my particular should
    and if you're not already subscribed hit the subscribe button we have like
    several times a week
    ton of stuff to do with cakes cupcake baking chocolate
    all things this way you can adapt escape from Eminem's cake to the skills came to
    a Maltese
    K the basic principle is your state completely play with a make-your-own
    to talk to Eminem's wrap a nap it is as simple as just
    waging its track down on CNN's State CNN's dick sticking into that cotton
    inside now discontinued be more about the dark chocolate
    you have a little bit of a gap I'm just gonna feel in any little gap between the
    packet and the ballistic
    with the final couplet Eminem's you want to make sure that you cannot see any
    all you can say is the packet looking like the Eminem I just following
    straight down from
    I'll to dress the back of my cake with just a couple up a little tiny
    gathered Paul the demonym the back didn't look to play anybody looking in
    the back
    K is not going to be disappointed they've missed out on a minute
    it does have a few evidence to everything K
    because if you happen to be serving it take to get to sing all the Eminem's at
    the front
    I may miss out on Eminem's because they've got a tax loss they might be a
    little disappointed
    I gotta love this tutorial I've thoroughly enjoyed making it
    K is gorgeous but also relatively simple to make
    if you loved it makes you even thumbs up leave me a comment down below
    II love to be given a share as always thanks very much for tuning in tonight
    do *** *** Kracie Popin Cookin Happy Kitchen DIY Cake Kit! Kid Candy Review - YouTube !!!
    how I'm killing hey feel well today
    sense that making you guys wait all week we just hired take a little break
    hey seriously now silly think I can for toys next week she should be fine
    if you feel like coming at a get well card
    him our new post office box
    that PO Box why DL
    blanket P all one

    yeses also provided in the description the left
    please I don't think Andy he will be gone out for safety reasons
    anyway welcome to prime all I you all
    we have crazy popin cookin
    happy kitchen cake well haynes a mouthful
    had that each some asshole to you a lecture delicious
    what cable is provided by our friends what cutie
    heiko i you can okay this cake for yourself up cutie pie
    Playa com gala may be key for essential you can also go to their website to find
    a small set of instructions in the DNS
    there's a lot kid scale at any rate etc
    you on a bad only re-cap and
    said you're gonna wanna do that possible
    part call packet olive hearts all over that hump
    eight-ball got click scan its you
    sprint rawls for school
    lunch a little our doctor like all clocks
    of takis ask you know I'd call
    the neck greenspan on a stronghold here a little I'm getting the Cape
    yeah next a four-year
    orange packet injured a large cake more cake
    as a starter button now add team measuring spoons and water into the cake
    past her with your plan mixing spared
    act E yellow packet team release while a cake mould
    its with a heart on the palm this one gets only one skip a fire
    now make it count
    alley dissolved
    weird we fact happy instructions are back right because
    as you can see the bigger more has less batter in a smaller more has more better
    well we'll see what happens now you put the
    this a number I can wait for
    seconds the he battles
    stop you're my girl a time
    remember I use my great under parent supervision
    we need spanking hot go for me this one's already
    back now carefully
    take lol me cake can remote
    you might want to use a butter knife to listen they're not okay really easily
    see instructions were backwards
    and I'm turn lol slippery functional
    case cost learning now you pour the remaining
    small thing into this Lulworth
    mean it's not a mixing bowl bad landscaper fire
    and stare K
    unlike only think
    employees into the very well
    take youth
    shaped like your job
    got your leftover very next in
    CD a regal Aaron track me
    full had your blue packet to the larger mall
    out kids keep someone who wants to know if you're mixing spare
    ok fast in the low voltage landscape
    largest feel like Jaleel in there
    in of the sea steric
    the heatsink
    Napoli you can taste me into your PC bad
    can pretty much get
    thanked just about all the squeeze on me I sing it to your decor
    have the pastry bag I grieved and yep
    now the fast the cake with white frosting now
    UK s very small
    from their pink
    first in barricade here on a parent for an apparent Delphia
    so it's not too bad costs
    now with nectar air cake
    first we use this photo:
    going on
    to keep

    buried on the mood in a range them on the Cape
    initial suggest a East yep shipping Simsbury
    to decorate the cake by bridges can %um
    I'm all mmm
    some this is the press KK Beverly by myself and I didn't do
    too bad not conform
    down fast track
    box from
    ports yet it's gone
    didn't loop Lynn
    mmm me
    so that was crazy popin cookin happy kitchen gold
    I get the plant back at home and the flavor I cannot
    past I can save this other half
    for Rd what saddam I'd like to thank cutie pie coli
    for providing us with desktop you can harness cake at cutie pie Clyde dot com
    for what for today's Friday's Class Paul
    plus one don't forget to like comment like and subscribe
    I'll and hollered span for new ventures
    every ball and keep sending us those original artworks
    hotlanta also remember you but unhappy
    polls get me sinus him fashion
    lackey eighteen right yearly by
    jaded the whole lot and don't laugh cry do
    the new
    through went
    out weld
    served *** *** Candy Cake mit Waffelröllchen - YouTube !!! German (Automatic Captions) German (Automatic Captions)
    es ist wieder mal Zeit für einen bunten Kuchen wir zeigen euch heute eine
    weitere Variante Frank Andy Kapp dass Topzeiten singen Anhängern geraten ist
    wie immer in der Infobox unter diesem Video freilegen
    Ottl testet das amerikanischen das kochen Punkt de
    Nein Tiergarten ich selbst minimal schneller ist
    das Quartier ist
    höchst überrascht von der sie bei der die Kuh freien Lauf lassen die
    Hoffläche das Video gefallen und wenn ihr die Rezepte ausprobiert würden die
    Antrieb ich überblicke auch facebook-freunde hatte genug vom
    amerikanischen Westen hat geht es rechts oben zu unserem zweiten Titel Kanal Koch
    Kino *** *** How To Make A Gingerbread House CAKE with chocolate, buttercream, candy and icing! - YouTube !!! *** *** How to Make a No Bake Candy Bar Cake - Kit Kat Cake | RadaCutlery.com - YouTube !!! Hi, Kristy in the Rada kitchen, and today I’m making a Whole Kit and Caboodle Candy Cake. It all stacks up to fun! First you want to get your pans prepared. You’ll need a
    cups of sugar,
    cups of corn syrup, and we’re going to heat this until the sugar dissolves into the peanut butter and corn syrup. Now the sugar and the peanut butter is melted together. You’ll need
    cups of Special K cereal. You can put it in a large bowl because you’re going to have to stir it all in. Use half of the cereal mixture first. Just pour this over that. I’m going to stir it. Once you add the peanut butter sugar mixture to the cereal. I like to take a piece of wax paper and really pack it in there. Really press it firm. This is the base of your cake. So here I have a
    inch base plate and we’re going to pull that
    inch circle and a
    layers. With a knife, the Rada Super Parer, we’re just going to cut around that
    inch circle. So we’re going to set those circles aside and we’re going to make our edible glue. That’s going to be
    cups of butterscotch chips. We’re going to melt these in the microwave until it’s smooth. What we’re going to do is use this to frost that first layer, the layer that you have on your base. This is the Rada Spreader. Once you have that spread, we’re going to place our center, this
    inch one. You might want to let that cool so you have a stable base. Starting at the top, we’re going to put our chocolate on the side. You need
    of these snack-size Kit Kat bars. We’re just going to set those on there. You might have to hold them to steady them. When the chocolate cools they will be glued in place. You do the same thing on the second layer. If the chocolate gets messy in there that’s fine because we’re going to fill those up with M&M’s. Now you have your second layer done. Your last layer can do the same thing. So now we have our layers made and we’re going to fill those layers with a
    ounce bag of M&M’s. It doesn’t hurt to make the cake the night before you fill it because if the chocolate isn’t set it might not hold the Kit Kats very well. So no we have all our M&M’s in a little decorative feature. What I like to do is take a gumball and a skewer and push that gumball through the pointed side of the skewer and I like to stick those in the top. How cute is that? You Whole Kit and Caboodle Cake is ready to serve. It’ll impress your friends and family. You could put birthday candles in the middle if you wanted, it’s a neat layered cake idea! End of Video Transcript Rada Cutlery is manufactured in Waverly, Iowa. Rada Knives are
    million kitchen knives and utensils since our start in
    non-profit groups make 40% fundraising profit selling Rada Cutlery. Go to http://www.RadaCutlery.com to learn more about how your group can fund raise with Rada's kitchen product (knives, utensils, stoneware, cookbooks and quick mixes). Category Howto & Style License Standard YouTube License Show more Show less Comments •
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    *** *** Easy No Bake Candy Tower Cake - How To With The Icing Artist - YouTube !!! Statistics

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    *** *** Melting & Thinning Candy Melts for Perfect Cake Pop Dipping! By Cupcake Addiction - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    We're going to start off today with just some Wilton candy melts because they're the most
    common ones available. Let's pop some of those on to our bowl.
    Alright, so my hot water is now boiling. Before I put in my candy melts, I'm going to take
    some shortening. And I like to put in my shortening about a tablespoon or so at a time. But like
    I said, there's no real exact measurement because in my experience, I seem to get different
    results out of different bags and different brands of your different candy melts. So I'm
    just going to take some of that shortening and I'm going to pop it into a bowl. And once
    that's completely melted, which shouldn't take long, we'll turn that heat off and we'll
    add our candy melts. Alright, so you know that your shortening
    is done when it's completely clear, so regardless of what color it starts at, whether it's clear
    or whether it's white, once it's melted, it should be completely clear. So I'm going to
    turn my burner off now, completely off because I want to just control how much heat I've
    got in that bowl. I'm going to get my spoon ready and I'm going to put about half of my
    bag of my candy melts in. Perfect! So now I'm just going to grab a cloth. Be
    careful of those stainless steel bowls because they can be quite warm and I'm just going
    to stir. As you're stirring, these candy melts are going to melt and that shortening is going
    to help them because there's going to be a bit of heat in the shortening but chocolate
    and candy melts both melt on agitation so if you don't keep them moving, it takes them
    a little bit longer to melt. Beautiful! So that's done and if you have
    a look as it comes off the spoon, look how beautiful and fluid that is. You're going
    to have absolutely no problems dipping your candy melts or piping that or whatever you
    want to do with it. You do want to be careful not to over add
    your shortening. If you add too much shortening and it is a little bit of a by eye thing,
    you want it to be the consistency that you can work with but if you think it can make
    your life easier by making it super super thin in getting a little more mileage out
    of your chocolate, what you'll actually end up with is chocolate that's too thin and you'll
    be able to see the cake pop through it. So you'll get the discoloration of your chocolate
    cake pop peering out through the color of your candy melt. You don't want that. Alright,
    so that's your candy melts done. Now whenever I'm dipping cake pops, I always
    put them in quite a narrow and tall container as you would have seen on a lot of my videos
    which makes it just really easy to be able to dip your cake pops so you can get them
    in and out with no problems. If you're not going to use those straightaway or if you've
    got any leftovers, I always recommend storing them in zip lock bags. Zip lock bags are fabulous
    because you can just pour it straight in, you flatten it out so it almost becomes like
    candy melt bar and seal it up. It keeps it away from the air because you do want your
    chocolate to be kept away from the air. The air will eventually dry it out after a week
    or so and it will make it stale but it also affects the taste.
    You want to seal that bag up. You want to flatten your chocolate out and pop it on the
    card board and it's ready for you to melt another day.
    Alright, so I brought that water right back up to the boil again. And I'm going to show
    you the difference between the candy melts with shortening and the candy melts with no
    shortening so that you know exactly what I mean when I say thicker and thinner and you'll
    be able to see exactly the difference in the consistency from that sneaky shortening tip.
    The water is boiling so once again I'm going to turn that stove right off and in go the
    rest of our candy melts. Not only do they not melt as fast because they don't have that
    additional heat in the shortening, there's also a little bit more risk that they're going
    to burn here because the shortening for some reason, and I have no idea why, seems to protect
    them from burning both in the microwave and when you melt them in the pan.
    Alright, so the second bowl has melted. And to the naked eye, it looks like it's melted
    just fine. So you can look at that there and that's not too bad. It's not too bad. If I
    tip the spoon, kind of falls off in, I guess, little chunks or little globs... sort of.
    So it is definitely thicker. It still looks melted. But if you ever dip a cake pop into
    that, it's probably going to dip but there's a good chance that the thickness of that candy
    melt is actually going to suck the cake pop off your cake pop stick and it's not going
    to work how you wanted it to. Going back to our initial one that has the
    shortening in it, you can see there just a difference in even just stirring it but as
    I lift it out the fluidity of which, it comes straight off that spoon. To the naked eye
    not such a difference but when you've got the
    making a lot of cake pops that shortening makes all the difference.
    So that sums up how you're going to get your candy melts to that beautiful, smooth, dipping
    consistency for your cake pops. So let's get that water boiling again and I'm going to
    show you how to melt and color white chocolate. *** *** How To Make A CHEESEBURGER CAKE! With Chocolate Patties, Buttercream Mustard, and Candy Relish! - YouTube !!!
    this is a decay gig I'm yolanda and I am creating a burger and maybe I made sure
    cookie prize will run will continue to general check it out I want to thank
    will turn
    meet all these awesome products to make this happen I'm using
    their ready to use white color right performance system Coco candy and Wilton
    icing colors doesn't just mean found sorry I start by taking a three-pound
    portion of my vanilla cake in
    interim man's wife and his two pounds of matter
    and the other pending I remove my case from their pens and I start working on
    them one by one these two pounds are gonna be are funds that was really just
    these plans
    I begin with the bottom bun which is the lower cake I level that and then I flip
    it over and I start to just sort of round off the bottom just like a fun I
    use a small serrated knife and I just car we make a cute little by little
    remember you can always come out more but it's hard to put one wasn't happy
    with my buns I give them as I usually do with my Italian meringue buttercream
    which should make click the link in the description this is just a light nice
    things to really grew all the crimes to the case when you're done cloud hosting
    pop your case in the fridge to chill for about
    minutes once your child I
    search takes a hard time they don't have to be as smooth as usual because the
    surface of a pond is not that's news and once you dicing popular in the fridge to
    chill again the town I need to cover these but in fact did this is my first
    time using Wilton ready to use fondant as well as the Wilton caller ID system
    I've used a panel behalf of white fun them what I'm actually gonna do is color
    a little piece of fun at first I add 2 drops of BCL oh and one drop of being
    around and then I start to me but I need those drops into my quarter pound of fun
    and really well and when I end up with is a really concentrated on color I take
    these pieces of colored fun and I start to needed into the rest of my life
    funded make sure you need your funded well you don't want any streaks a good
    credit check its rule your fun into a ball and cut it in half
    haven't you look inside if you see streets or marbling you want to avoid
    that meeting
    to roll out and cover my buns I feel like I'm like moving Gaza like I was
    gonna be like I roll my findings of an inch thick and covering my buns and one
    at a time
    the bottom bun first throughout the funded mainly using my hands because as
    I said I don't want it to look like I do use a Finance Manager at the base just
    to bring the fun it right to the base of the case were gonna contributor I repeat
    this process again for laptop but really I'm I find it
    draping it over with me and then release this is actually easier came to cover
    was funny because it's not very high and there are sharp edges that would
    normally with interior fondant it's nice to low with the Seattle dome so good
    start I did not have a hamburger model because I would be i havent eaten any of
    my other models right walter three-person I need to take this fund
    the next like this
    top bun I'm using some gum paste just felt like an outsider and I covered it
    with some of my leftover money fund it just because it's such a small amount if
    I were to add food coloring and instantly be too dark all I do is shop
    little pieces of companies will roll it between this and then kind of like a
    little kid dropped and now that you've mastered that do it

    time I didn't make this fun look even more bunny I'm gonna paint a layer
    on to build a bottom and top bun to bring up the color a little bit more for
    this item using Wilton ivory icing colors mixed with a little bit of
    extract brush lightly onto the bottom bun and the top but to be honest Wilton
    ivory is one of the colors I used the most in this kitchen I use the lock to
    pay the outside of kids and really deep in the color but I also use it in bright
    colors to just sort of woman making all of your system because we need to throw
    these leads on to the top by Molly still went ahead to the punch
    thank you
    the dream I would replace my complete hamburger buns in the fridge chill while
    anything rest of this burger I'm moving on to the marshmellows Coco amounts in
    light and dark and I start football team Ikoku candy know if the microwave in
    22nd place you don't want to be piping hot you want to do mounted with no
    chance and nicely then it popped my marshmallows in the right place and melt
    them they only need about
    seconds it's really weird to pick up like a puff
    up and don't look like they're melting but once you begin to stir
    definitely melted then I for both of my childhood into my marshmallows and he
    that mixture for
    seconds and then really quickly I for you and Michael
    Wright puffs and begin to stir and then I actually just grab hold its head to
    get together into I made myself two patties for this program because I'm
    that country but make sure that your panties are bigger than your fun there's
    nothing worse than getting a hamburger at your table and you can't if I find it
    you're actually it's not
    temperature with my rule about 20 minutes to get it before I shake my
    letters I use a flower impression mat to get the Vale of Leven followed two
    companies on top of with Matt and then just sort of press with my fingers to
    really get into being used a sharp knife to trim away any excess jumping around
    the edges better able to further sort of rockville those edges of my life and
    make it look
    best this is ruffling clearly the Joplin I'll talk they know when I'm trying to
    tell him that a strike in a realistic shape I like to roll of paper towel ball
    it up and then leave my she's a company's onto that people should take
    this medicine and David Vance because we needed to drive a blue monday s I use
    the base color is yellow and the base color blue color
    a little bit rates are used some i three Joel colors and all of this was done
    extracted and then I just brush it on my level it's helpful if you pull them are
    quite delicate so just make some red onion slices what I did hear his roll
    out some gum paste and then I paid to the surface just the top surface using
    the caller ID system once again I used Facebook to be spanked and Bange
    criticism to get that bread I'm really it's like purple reddish so tightly that
    those colors of the little bit of lemon extract and brush that right onto the
    surface tried to brush this fixture on in an up-and-down motion to make it more
    realistic that piece of gum paste drive for just a little bit the lemon extract
    does evaporate really quick about 5 10 minutes and here's what's important you
    need a very sharp knife and then you need to have a tower beside you that is
    both wet and dry but what we're gonna do is cut this companies into thin strips
    but you need to wipe your knife off every single and this is because you
    don't want to drag the color down to the white part of the time he's got it
    as you cut the strips leave them on their site I used two rulers two species
    that was strips all together and then I carefully started to the strips around
    into the half circle once you have a nice little half moon of onions trip
    take again a clean ninth and just cut off the ends so it looks like a cross
    section of onion has been cut info you want these to dry in a natural for me
    should as well so once again your trusty paper towel and then just lay your
    onions places on the paper told if certain come apart that's actually
    perfect cause that's what onions do though I used to read fun them and what
    I didn't they just rolled it out to about a little left and I used a round
    three quarter inch circle cutter to cut to round of course there are ways to
    make this to me to look very realistic I would have used seedless raspberry jam
    and I would have made but the truth is to go through all that work and just
    cover it with others in a bun and we just want to see the outside edges of
    September glad look even more realistic I'm just gonna brush on some Wilton
    color great read
    not diluted to start earlier all the way around the circumference of my mother
    that taking a little bit of a town line brothers and they have died it using
    will let me lo golden yellow and buttercup yellow icing colors just looks
    weird color in little by little too happy with your mustard color really fun
    to me because it has to recreate that chopped up pickle found in the relish I
    chopped green apple liqueur ish
    and green and then I asked some clear packing job as well as some welcome at
    least three and and not screen I think colors near the end of the race and
    color I did water is down with a little bit of water to make it look like for
    this cake is white chocolate modeling chocolate dive to look like cheddar
    cheese on a roll it out to eat the fish and then I'm just gonna cut soon I swear
    that will read on my time to read before this is the part I love the most is both
    exciting a record her before I add any more toppings I need to make this change
    little bit anyone who watches how to keep it knows where there is a volunteer
    opportunities there is a
    and helping and look at how small *** ***

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