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how to remove dirty mark with mastic how to make

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    Classic Chocolate Tart Recipe - SORTED - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    who doesn't love a classic French tall and I we do and we do a chocolate one
    just for you thanks to your requests Tesco to kiss Thailand where we met some
    great tribute is to learn how much cool stuff gets made
    now we're knocking up six delicious chocolate recipes recommended of course
    prime so let's told chopper chocolate tarp
    in Dover in the cold and maybe rehm hoping the rain
    we're going to the most decadent French atoll I make it
    as good outside on a table in a website excuses already
    night this is amazing so we're going to make the pastry fair
    our plain flour own way doubt into that you can do this
    you can rub it in all of the call diced obsessively weapon inside
    make sure this is straight out the fridge makes you the hot hand if you
    look at site by white
    it's free probably no problem and I you end up with some resembles breadcrumbs
    and that the public stage I last and we we were told so many times
    own comments that you guys didn't wanna too complicated not just celebrate the
    simplest T
    choctaw bean curd orange zest lemon zest something into the pay should be like
    we're not going to very simple
    the average forget couple of best way to check
    you know happy its shape but a little bit not
    slight sediment growth without rubbed in
    we can strengthen our sugar all these ways measurements are available down
    below the condom accept anything as well
    the No they're not there brought ok manuscripts books
    and then
    and that the liquid goes into this stock has been anything
    and try and keep topped it don't want overworked overheat the space is a top
    to keep your fingers
    together and using work paddle then you don't get too much in the dough core and
    everything ASAP boat overheat the bottom
    now work in this together into died yes it encourages packed together
    and then out on saying board the whole thing will come together
    at with the clean table nothing to worry about but the biggest
    date night you think the g8 the unlike bread or past that you don't need this
    he just kinda want to press it together t get one day
    might have to read nothing Mikey right the that the
    I and what the whole the weather at bay replaces quite delicate
    the issues you need to know rest of tea but this stage est site
    at this point you've got one sleep does that needs to go
    wrapped up into fridge for half an hour twenty our and then you can start
    working arrested day
    to be like that site given in this bed dusting of flour
    and he just rolled how what's going on nice gentle she don't crack it
    keeping as round as possible and open to all talk at the moment
    nearly a bit of a net becomes a pastry yeah just makes perfect because they
    operate within this review is now a
    unit and what we need is something quite circular and some big enough to fit
    inside their also citing he can get more you about that thickness
    whereas take nap in not more and back is kinda K
    something that you can later on moved from this site Smith see freezing
    sometimes known as the loop spot yeah mixed up
    points do it right around our own pen yep
    I ever wrong whole thing men
    upsides and easy in robbed push in
    because he die when I've worked the pastry they have to have a fluted
    know if it's just more traditional it helps get out later on best of not to
    this at this stage because it might shrink by two states the plan place
    greaseproof paper and loaded baked beans in tomato and I just went down
    Saif this knowledge to rest again in the fridge behof now
    yep and then put into the oven yep at
    and eight degrees Celsius

    minutes then left all the beans I'll contains the amplified
    I and then we'll end up some girl at school had been nice
    perfectly Chris show you can follow me today left thing left
    whitewater Donna transferred it to a nice chopping board
    brilliant not that is and Chris pastry case we can now park shopping in place
    Creek into saucepan yes and then bring up to boil
    and while we wait for the cream to borrow which look at shop for all for
    love it
    but men basic that is the main feeling to how toxic
    doppler if we can just not trying to pretty small pieces the smaller the
    because the residual heat win cream is going to melt later on yeah
    convinced is about
    percent at
    Ecuadorian bull chocolate we chose it because it has kind notes
    of green tea and honey so the the brew ways
    by the best joke you can afford out yet betting afford I want you like
    you only know that my tasting several I would stick to the same one what problem
    and I for one you like
    right to keep snapping map yet other ingredients gonna go into this
    otherwise it would pretty much just pick a Nash he is but a
    yes the bus is gonna go in and now met with all the residual heat in the
    cream as well you could have a flaming orange zest lemon zest yet released amid
    so many great flavors that work with chocolate we and grey simple it is
    literally just
    very cold honey back teeth in a funny just a little squeeze
    but got the pain and swelling and then just to pay for that yeah great from
    high schools down
    you want all the way to do he in there
    a man is just a maximum staring
    you mister kemp pp by job
    would comport McAlister Kemp he just bring out
    chop it off towards us the whole thing of all
    all all gays all all already up
    Matt is perfect for chopper sale I think way today
    just make the point I'm level really batman is to get into fridge
    yeah for good three or four hours setup companion should the hot night by Chung
    perfect slice with different top very simply
    disaffected only that with you my place in the fridge for backing out
    have chocolate are set up now he's come out the fridge
    into out here is almost like a treaty and now for the fun decorations and
    taken if these ones can shona
    re-up this a little sprinkler lies just decoration because
    sometimes that leads on talking the real KK
    a hot knife suggest strap yourself pretty hot water
    makes your blades nice hot would take a slice at least I wanna show you
    Choctaws like inside and every guy
    now beautiful decadent chocolate tart
    I think you might be what happens I sinister I want enough to be able to
    reporters about
    being yes all at a comp claim
    chocolate truffle published all of
    I just might make him you know up luxury but hardly have that one time
    I was absolutely credible this is it. ten times better
    know I'll know I know you sighing that when you have was really good this is
    a promise you this is better it is delicious
    Bochy pastry and I'm believed
    of Ryan Newman right numbers about
    problem bring your own on for happy
    good *** *** Easy Chocolate Pie | One Pot Chef - YouTube !!!
    are you looking for dessert that's not only incredibly simple put together but
    massively impressive
    you will not believe how easy this is to put together
    minimum effort maximum indulgence is my seat of power
    other one pot chef
    right BizTalk Pauline at this is incredibly simple cheaters version
    cut it a little bit on a subtle with a frozen pie crust
    is that
    centimetres saws for 220 grandpa across
    now the instructions are usually on a packet
    best to
    degrees Celsius Rep 15 minutes we're just gonna bake it does
    get golden brown Christie
    so good politics the other hand they were going to work on of chocolate
    filling us or stone we're going to bring
    two-thirds the cup all crane to
    the boil on a very low to medium pace we don't burn up
    now but had trouble in the past not City's Craig hope people often get a
    little bit confused so I'm going to explain this one
    this crane is what we call thinking crane here in Australia
    essentially it's the same color creme you would use if you're going to whip up
    with we score
    electric mixer in order to put onto desert so
    eighty called whipping talk frame will do
    as a taken credit sometimes known as double cream whatever you wanna call
    basically that's the cockring we want to use so
    like to make him hate four couple minutes just to get it boiling with
    stuff public
    we're gonna take it off the hate call crane is really hot it's just come to a
    boil on Asustek
    of the hospital a call once and two I'm good at

    grams of chocolate I'll try to this recipe is you don't have to use any
    particular cause a chocolate you can use milk chocolate dark chocolate white
    you can even use your favorite blog all eating chocolate just
    chop it up a little chance today I'm using chocolate chips the
    block chocolate chopped up will be fine just service the whole
    crane and select paul crasner to the chocolate and it's all smooth
    as you can see the couple has not melted into the crane
    and we are going to transfer this into up watching pie crust
    is ready for food porn moment or yellow
    check to so just gotta poll this chocolate
    into the cross and then simply
    Paul this whole thing into the fridge to lab set
    occupy has been in the fridge for about
    just not talk the talk extra incentive to set so it's not some for
    so im just gonna do a final today a russian and there's another person
    flex chocolate over-the-top just
    some little chunks other us for flight child
    up and just crushed up sir absolutely delicious
    and then we have to finish occupy so who faces a slice
    and he's a sloth about things chocolate Paul
    as you can see where that lovely pastry that beautiful thick chocolate ganache
    to the lovely chocolate flakes on top on how to dig in and try some right now
    very rich very slight
    got the thick chocolate and national
    flights on top it's a lot like a version: posters just beautiful
    from amazing
    and has simple was that for together i mean anyone could do that
    and you look like
    share so hope you enjoy the city yet
    taken by the rest these one partition dot com and of course
    all the information is in the description below until next time
    sale I to *** *** Chocolate Tart - YouTube !!!
    yesterday I will be sharing chocolate peanut butter pastry shell when need
    half a teaspoon of vanilla half a teaspoon salt

    tbsp of cold water
    grams of powder
    the body should be called by the way against the flower just make this a
    quick motion so the battery doesn't melt in your and do this until you get to
    this consistency and then you can add the vanilla we can you support process
    started with this step by the way you look
    now we can gradually add the water
    and I added about three and then into a bomb then flatten it and then put it in
    the fridge for about
    minutes after
    min paper and board fees they
    pay for finding it hard to roll up the parchment paper you can always put this
    back in the fridge billing paper here at this point it's very sticky you could
    put this back in the fridge
    by so quick and then it is possible to put this in the freezer for about a
    minute before baking
    the pastry shell so much paper and then possibly be the way it down if you don't
    have a little bit she continues being sore right that make it in a preheated
    oven at
    degree heat
    that they cut the beard and then bake it for another

    and then I will say this point in a law
    at this point we can add the vanilla and the soul and the soul is not read them
    in the original recipe if something that I added to make it a little bit
    gonna give it a like that to get rid of air bubbles and then pour it into the
    and now and we will bake in a preheated oven at
    degrees for about

    minute when you pull it out of the oven after targeting militants still wiggly
    in the middle
    opera back this because if you are back there it will crack after about three
    are you have two analytical down at room temperature and serve it at room
    you will not refrigerate it doesn't need to be refrigerated because if you
    refrigerate the you will lose the class of the time and you lose the texture so
    this is what it looks like when you cut that I'd this is really again the more
    you put in your tired gonna be forever
    cream or vanilla ice cream again thank you so much for healthy again next week
    by *** *** HOW TO MAKE MINI TART SHELLS, HANIELA'S - YouTube !!!
    hi guys it's hanging here welcome to my youtube channel today we're gonna make
    many torch else
    days are cookie based shells but you can fill with different fillings
    from custard the whipped cream chocolate ganache
    Carmel and so long so let's get started to make the show's I'm using many talk
    like fence
    these you can find online orange specialty stores
    I'm also going to use my limbs a cookie dough recipe recipes posted down below
    you gonna need a rolling pin and two Boeing guy
    these urges to pee nurse takes that I picked up at a hardware store
    and we also need and round cookie cutter
    so the store do we have to spread offense with nonstick spray
    I'm using
    to rolling guy to rely on my dough this will ensure that the dough is rolled out
    evenly so I don't have any bumps if you don't have Dell
    easy-going guy to stem but I'm using you can also use two pieces of parchment
    now released the dough from the Med and now we can cut out the round
    if you don't have a cookie cutter you can also use a glass
    once you have the rounds cut-out begun to form the shelf so you gonna put this
    around on top of your
    chocolate then very gently press it into the pan
    now take plastic wrap take another
    then align it properly
    and then gently press the pan down
    don't press too hard now peel off the plastic wrap
    if you see there's an access of dough on the edges you don't want that to take a
    spatula engines remove it
    and then repeat this on all official so once we have all the shows I'm going to
    break the ban on with the fork
    I'm going to bake these in the preheated open for about $
    until the edges are lightly golden brown
    launched and we have to let them cool in the pan for about
    minutes or so
    to remove the show from the pan to make sure that
    edges are clearance so you don't have any
    does stuck to it and then gently tap the ban
    to remove the show you can make this ahead of time store them in a freezer
    and like I mentioned before you can filter with variety of fillings
    thank you so much for watching guys I hope you guys enjoy this video let me
    know what you think in the comments section down below
    and now see you next time *** *** Easy Chocolate Tart Recipe, The Yes Chef (Ep4) - YouTube !!! English English
    Come On In To The YES Chef Kitchen
    Today I am making a quick and easy Chocolate Tart
    It's so simple to make
    Your friends will never know
    I've got my Ingredients

    The Butter is slightly softened

    First I am going To bash up my Biscuits
    I have a Rolling Pin and a Big Bowl
    A Plastic Bowl is ideal
    I will bash the Biscuits until they are fine Crumbs
    when i mix in the Butter it will bind the Biscuit Crumbs together
    if the Crumbs are too big the Tart won't hold together

    I have the Biscuit Crumbs bashed up

    I am going to go in with the Soft Butter

    Massage the Butter into the Crumbs
    I am looking for the texture of Wet Sand

    I've got my Biscuit base all mixed and ready

    I am going to put it into a Bowl lined with Clingfilm so it is easy to get out
    You can use any Baking Dish or Bowl
    Compact the Biscuit base and push it slightly up the sides of the bowl

    I am going to create a Tart Casing
    I now have to make the Chocolate Filling
    First I have to melt the Marshmallows
    The remaining Butter goes in first
    And then in with the Marshmallows
    And then the Milk
    The Milk helps the Marshmallows melt and the Butter prevents them from catching on the Pan

    Whilst the Marshmallows melt
    Break up the Chocolate

    The Marshmallows are melting nicely

    You want them to be halfway melted before adding the Chocolate

    The Marshmallows are melted enough so i'm going to add the chunks of Chocolate
    I am also going to add a big pinch of Salt
    This seasons the Chocolate and makes it richer

    I have reduced the heat to the lowest setting
    I don't want the Chocolate to melt too fast
    Turn off the stove once the Chocolate has melted
    Its should be silky and smooth

    I am going to pour the Chocolate mixture on top of the Biscuit Base
    It smells amazing

    Smooth out the Chocolate mixture quickly because the Marshmallow sets very quickly as it cools
    Give the bowl a little shake to even out any lumps in the Chocolate
    Put it in the Fridge for

    This lets the Chocolate and Marshmallow mixture set
    I have just taken the Tart out of the fridge
    It was in the fridge for
    Use the Cling-Film to lift it out of the Bowl

    Take a sharp knife
    and cut it into slices
    The longer the Tart is in the fridge, the easier it is to cut
    Here is my Chocolate Tart
    Only Four Ingredients
    So simple and delicious
    Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more Recipes
    Share the Video with your friends or click the Like Button
    Thanks for tuning in. *** *** Tarte Au Chocolat (Chocolate Tart) recipe - Valentine's Day Special! - CookingWithAlia - Episode 229 - YouTube !!! English - Default Track English - Default Track
    Make sure to use the best chocolate you can find, at least 60% cocoa, because this will make a big difference on the outcome of this recipe.
    Using a kitchen knife, chop the chocolate into small pieces and place it in a large bowl.
    In a saucepan, add the heavy cream, milk, and butter. Heat on medium heat until the mixture reaches a boiling point.
    Pour the hot cream mixture over the chopped chocolate. Let it sit for
    While the chocolate and cream mixture is resting, preheat your oven to
    F degrees (
    In a small bowl, slightly beat the
    Little by little add the 2 eggs to the chocolate mixture, while stirring the chocolate mixture continuously. You will notice that the chocolate mixture gets thicker.
    You will need a pie crust for this recipe. You can either buy frozen pre-made pate sucree that you bake or already baked pie crusts. You can also make your own (check out my recipe on how to make pate sucree).
    Fill the pie crusts with the chocolate cream. Make sure that the pie crust is filled until the top because that will create a creamy center - if we just fill it a bit, there wont be enough chocolate cream to have a nice texture.
    Turn off the oven. Place the chocolate tarts in the oven for
    Remove from the oven and let the chocolate tarts rest on your kitchen counter. Then place in the fridge for 2 hours before serving. Bon Appetit! *** *** Chocolate Ganache Tart | Keep Calm And Bake S1E1/8 - YouTube !!!
    my name is holly well I was a finalist on the Great British Bake Off
    anti-trust law called recipes from a normal mom all this essay
    okay come back okay she had to make a simple chocolate ganache tart
    it's really easy to make and up
    his daughter I'll way it sunflowers
    plain flour and pop but I'll
    and then a personalization yes it is to make sure the pastries nice and sweet
    and I've got some playing unsalted butter here
    this is an all got a pastry actually tastes really delicious
    it also means is quite easy to handle say walking to do this
    make this into breadcrumbs you do that by
    dropping the mixture in say usual thumb and fingers
    she to push the daughter through a
    a flower and icing sugar mixture say I've dropped all about to end yes sugar
    and flour and you can see that our country great
    breadcrumb like consistency which means it's ready to bind it now
    I use an act by pastry and I don't mix of art and I just
    practice training can bed I use about night she
    break the UK and then makes up a bit and then
    literally just starter around and you see the pastry start considering cuts
    now it might seem not to come to get that it will
    just be that patients gonna be some easing in night not what happens is
    because my hands on the ball
    and more is the enemy pastry piss you off he called
    must be lazy interested in fridge after this date
    now I'm going to get my hands on Napster last that
    I'm scanty pull it together he saying
    palm of my hand and it should leave a completely clean bowl
    at the end that almost there rights
    every case a fastened think they'll 2006 make into

    squashed circle thats
    is perfect circle and I will
    discovered came from actual another the page
    tasty and fresh
    every heart many gay
    say my case she has been chilling 30 minutes now
    say I am good a little bit plain flour
    oh my what that is here this is just to stop it
    sticking but I'm going to Athens I'm
    place yes parts the top
    bit more power
    I tell and what okay is
    least potent kid this is important
    because it means get your chocolate Nash talk about
    much easily AK to use my hands just two
    make sure that the house all night to talk day want by
    growing stay now when you're voting pastry
    it's important not to do
    me this K if you do that you do
    your cunt stretching the pastry and you are you working
    which means that the great starts seized up and
    it makes the paste tough que se a shame we didn't
    said issue start of a good one way
    K and another trick case use the wat
    your body she died I'm internets again I'm strategy
    same here it about
    four millimeters if pastry I call it my most well behaved
    pastry I've never had it stick on me yet so this has happened today
    say wat transparent I find
    easiest pit if she has an attorney and keep them
    home of and then literally
    just racket across get as much she had in to YouTube him i mean by that is
    pushed down and make sure that it's gonna pastry
    this going all the way down and cornice
    how do you create it all pastry this is the easiest way to do it
    take the bowling hand I just take it all away stop this case you are really nice
    Chris edge take these all the way
    and then popular songs
    into the fish K just shop all
    his latest one space down that's a my
    Wednesday shitty just post above

    like this I'm gonna get there and chill just because
    it means the pages that slight shrinking the oven and
    hit with all say taste much better because of time to relax
    take pastry after the bridge briefing paper
    and and making strange given for 15 minutes and then take out
    and fake without another
    ish minutes Kenneth knife
    and golden brown say pastry case bait I'm going to pull the double cream say
    also he bouquet waiting and Hill
    starts get but was just scolding cream don't let it bubble up in borderline
    because if you did that you can actually a bit grainy
    as well that blew out I wouldn't trade leads to use it
    probably won't look as good once in the page case screen ours doesn't get St
    coming off a starting get p.m. bottles right
    the page pan that's right on the table he
    person but hit that also artichoke which is milk and dark chocolate
    and reasonably finely chopped just because that means they will not walk
    just take a break be and Sturridge sentimental
    cells as it melts it will become one p
    color stuff just great cool here having rather having a party
    she also funny naked tiny cases you want to eat
    you only tart say you see here past
    simply same color make sure they got City
    what's behind a final stages koreans the pace
    case say I'm literally just can t you can basically got its start to the
    National that
    they make sure that you subscribe to the channel: and he came make the Tar
    sending your pic is leave any comments below and
    okay from a few other things I'm going to be patient a bit out to the free
    agent if that
    I hate your escape *** *** How To Make A Chocolate Sheet Cake Recipe - Homemade by SORTED - YouTube !!!
    now the chances are your head because your favorite cake don't always get it
    right side
    this video is gonna show you absolute failsafe version
    a texan she take it stays moist for days it's so good
    because let's face it your chocolate cake is dry and Danny's picked up
    now this Texas sheet cake is actually foolproof super moist his daughter the
    wet ingredients
    you're gonna make chopper heads after but a is going to pan
    once about this meltdown you can imagine Co Chi
    and Ford consul hastings is the pace is there then you go
    mean with a little bit of water occasion everyone had to cope until the butter is
    to keep it dry KK to help and thats bad three started well
    to Hugo hope to find stuff city buses mounted any the KK
    then when you got a paste in the water meanwhile we can look at the dry
    ingredients now
    you make a triple yes several times yes usually
    you would cream but it should get together yep than at any age but low
    and fold in the flour yes this message was more of a factor
    i cant to the game a joint means-test got plain flour
    raising agent sugar and they were going to accept I'm to notify my hands of
    and then you can make select together knock aikman scuff which up the pace
    that hit the water at it today
    under not moving it the visit
    tonight if it side is known as a slumber over a big guy
    in truck drive it slowly like any back to
    actually little bit I'm as is with day
    at the moment that looks like consistency a cake mix you might spring
    for painting
    but this the bat writing more likely to
    distracted class
    buttermilk and the buttermilk help with this really moist as it cooks
    had trying to dribble all Miller extracts
    to be in there as well anesthesia happy nice
    all smooth and efficient chain of and bring an end the whole thing time action
    look come under its not about spooning a picture in
    it's definitely a batter collect loss to it
    mention just wanna let about and a beauty eat this cake if he's nice and
    flat finish eating a tenant in
    it goes into another
    ace recesses for
    well that bites of we can look at the other components or hate yep good cake
    he'd like to fuck pricing frontal country decorations the country for next
    not yes sewn into his honey them
    you take not amazing the toss them in a sweetened
    eggplant ministers said a quite pop into a ball get ready again
    and then we went to
    and spice our flight so if they don't even
    home jersey honey years like that well and then
    three nights in there make sure all within not covered
    in some sort egg whites honey mixed up and then transferred into a non-stick
    try anything layup but not too much
    access point see eg what do kids the clipboard is it a nice crunch
    and shine if you wanted you could do these is that it makes me better chili
    K and hungry not my favorite punching out
    yeah he's a sweetie with honey and cinnamon drug K they can go in the oven
    next for cake only about half an hour
    and the next up the fun haha okay to the choppa in nashville really kinda creepy
    kak ti site cream goes into pan we want to bring up to basically just point
    and you've got
    me cream and 290 chocolates if you take back you have
    your night
    he just wants to take out before I pass out into small pieces
    and the hot cream its hold a little chocolate okay day
    my place speeding up
    that's when the top splits so chop chop up
    how small to check signifi- says
    possible to chop it does into a heatproof bowl glass is better
    and then a platypus team who have a cream don't actually boil but it was
    just shy
    boiling yeah and then take it for a bit of that matter
    don't be tempted shop hang hand-hold
    we want from cream and that a top tip from you guys
    tempted honey makes can mash amazingly shiny sweet silky smooth is a texture
    and flavor thing with how his mic it a smooth of
    whatever you put it and get some tips or height
    that point made by this battle we're off to and then leave it
    them time to stare too soon just to leave it for about a minute or so
    then you better stay her be sweet in NASH which
    comport Hershey hey despite stack and now here we are talking
    K has cooked and cooled you can see it come away from the age that because the
    out a national on the hot silky smoooooth
    you can spread back I broke a tie just my preference not these what is the oven
    help a little bit of today only to the Cape adult about tennis is a good thing
    we turn the oven
    of as opposed to that it drives knocked out now playing
    call the cast me this is the smells amazing
    not people like that right now the honey and you can smell the honey
    yetta honey this country when you happiest all roughly
    evenly spread to the slopes a big chunks a connection one end or other
    then you can I think people at your I like that we go
    it's a bit like an oven cleaning windows yet one continuous movement is with

    you just do that
    market yet these bits cuz when I chale all
    then we go on with %uh not say how everyone just gonna drop them on scat us
    up/down regular or irregular you decide I'm back is an incredibly moist
    very very simple Texas sheet cake sought
    yet more did make a national this home
    just so so moist
    and it does that happen while the pecans a
    believe of well if you like them and you have to bring his chocolate cake sup
    is in this video share it with them and improve their lives improve their
    culinary skills that they compress the weld with some amazing comfort she
    to check *** *** CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY TART RECIPE How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
    Today we are making a chocolate raspberry tart. It has a crisp pastry base with velvety
    chocolate filling balanced by the tartness of fresh raspberries and of course decorated
    with some dark chocolate swirls.
    To make the pastry you will need sugar, one egg, flour and butter. Add the butter to the
    flour and using your fingers grab some butter and flour and begin to squash the butter,
    grab some more and squash and rub your thumbs and fingers so that you are rubbing the butter
    into the flour.
    All of the ingredient quantities for this recipe are listed on the howtocookthat.net
    website in grams and ounces and cups and everything that everyone needs wherever you are int eh
    world and I will link you to the recipe in the description below this video.
    Keep going until it looks like bread crumbs so there are no more large pieces of butter
    it is all rubbed into the flour. Add the sugar and just stir that through using a spoon and
    then lightly whisk your egg and add that too. Stir it in and use your fingers to squeeze
    the mixture to form a ball. And you'll notice we didn't knead the dough and that is because
    we want the pastry to crumble in your mouth a bit more like a shortbread. If you knead
    it you develop the gluten in the flour which will make the dough have a tougher texture.
    Place it on some plastic wrap, squash it down. Put more wrap on top and roll it out.
    Remove the top plastic wrap. I am using a loose based baking tin lined with non-stick
    baking paper. Lift up the pastry still with the plastic wrap underneath and flip it over
    onto the base. Peel off the plastic and trim around the edge of the circle. Take the other
    half of your tin, put it over the top and lock it back into place.
    Roll the remaining pasty into a snake and flatten it out between two sheets of plastic
    wrap using your rolling pin and just make a long strip there. Peel off the top plastic
    then using a ruler and a sharp pizza cutter cut a strip of pastry, cutting right through
    the plastic underneath so that we can use that to pick up the pastry. Using a ruler
    for this will help you get it exactly even all the way around your tart.
    Pick up your strip and starting at one end gently place it around the edge of the tin
    there. Once it is in place then we can just use our finger to smooth it off all the way
    around the edge just in case you've dented it when you were putting it in. Then peel
    off the plastic and repeat that with another strip for the other half. Using the plastic
    wrap allows you to pick up and handle the very soft pastry dough. If you didn't use
    the plastic it would be really quite hard to put it into place. Putting it in a strip
    around the edge using the ruler this way instead of just pushing it the whole way in also just
    gives more of a neat modern look to it rather than just hte rustic home look. You can just
    put all your pastry in and do it rough if you are after more of a rustic look. Line
    the base with non-stick paper and add ceramic baking weights on top. If you don't have these
    it doesn't matter you can use dried beans or even rice. They just weights down the pastry
    while it's baking os that we can blind bake it so that the pastry shell can cook. Place
    that in the oven until it is lightly browned. Then remove it from the oven and take out
    those weights and the paper. Then put it back in the oven so that base can crisp up. Once
    it is golden remove from the oven and leave to cool.
    To make the yummy filling you will need milk, cream, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, egg
    yolks and sugar. Mix together the sugar and egg yolks. The place the chocolate into a
    In a saucepan pour in the cream and milk and heat it until just starts to boil. Using a
    fork to whisk in the egg yolks and sugar mixture making sure that you keep whisking the whole
    time that you are adding that and stir it. This will be ready almost immediately you
    can check if it is done by either using a candy thermometer to see if it is at
    or 85c or looking at the back of a spoon and wiping a line across it. If you don't get
    drips across the line it is done. Or you can tip the pan and if it's starting to stick
    it is definitely ready probably a bit over ready. Remove from the heat.
    Immediately pour through a fine sieve onto the chocolate. The sieve just gets rid of
    any little lumps if it is slightly over done.
    Unlock your pastry tin and remove the sides so that you have just got your shell there.
    then pick up the shell and place it onto a plate making sure you don't have the baking
    paper still on it.
    Stir the chocolate cream mixture, the hot liquid will of melted the chocolate. Keep
    stirring until it is all combined and smooth.
    Now every week I still have subscribers saying they are not getting notified when I upload
    a new video like this one. The best solution for that is to subscribe through my website
    - and then you'll get an email the moment a new video is up.
    You can do that by clicking on this link and you can subscriber there.
    Pour it into the pastry case until it is brimming at the top. Gently tap to bring any air bubbles
    to the surface. Then put that who;e thing in the fridge to set.
    To make your chocolate decorations tip some tempered dark chocolate onto some acetate
    and drag over a metal comb. Now you can get the acetate from an office supply store as
    a book cover or project cover you can get theme there. you can get these from cake decorating
    stores or from hardware stores as tiling glue spreader they have them there.
    Lift the acetate and gently roll it and place it into something round like a cup just to
    hold it into position while it sets.
    Once the tart is firm add raspberries to the top starting at the outside and working your
    way all the way around the edge then do another circle and another circle until you get to
    the middle.
    Remove the acetate from your chocolate to separate those swirls .
    Arrange them one at a time on the top poking one end into the tart to make it look pretty.
    And you have a beautiful velvety chocolate raspberry tart.
    If you love chocolate give the thumbs up and share the video with a friend.
    Subscribe to howtocookthat for more cakes chocolate and desserts.
    Click here to go to the website for all of my recipes,
    here for all my other videos and
    here for last weeks piping bag hacks you should know video.
    Have a great week and I'll see you all on Friday. [music: the boat song by youtube.com/setsailtv
    used with permssion] *** *** Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart... - YouTube !!!
    hello all your romantic sexy Valentine's Day lovers
    I their you I looking for the perfect dessert to serve up with a glint in your
    eyes and a romantic world
    for me in your teeth when you've come to the right place because I'm gonna show
    the magic my salted caramels shakur's
    can ash tire it is so good that it's going to guarantee you
    second day and kicks off with shawcross a tree with some border
    and sunflower in a bomb and when you're making is pastry it's important that the
    border is mean
    holes in the get really nice short cross Bates
    about some caster sugar in going in so just give that a quick mix through
    and into binding I'm gonna use some with just make a little well in the center of
    the pace
    act and then just Korean eg
    should do you mean the net you in your hands get it in there
    and just press it together and shape it into a little flap disc
    and doing this will allow you to control a a little bit easier
    this is gonna go into rest in the fridge for about
    minutes just
    until you're left with really nice firm dough and
    I do have one prepared
    this is gonna be field now with lotsa beautifully weaves the in NASH
    that wonderful salted caramel so you have to get this part right
    so Rob a little bit of flair sprinkle it over the top
    and this will prevent you're rolling pin from sticking to your doe
    and it will also prevent the dough from sticking to the board so I worked
    they've all the way
    role in a into nice tits I have a little tart in which we
    bordered and I have a removable base which will ensure that it comes out
    very very easy tonight all you want to do is laid out pastry in on top
    then press today you don't have to be to cap will make this just
    getting there lock act a beautiful little pastry case and no to finish it
    rav4 and just pricked the bottom so that you have nice it'll hold little help
    all the way through once you put that all over like that
    I'm gonna fill this with baking beans and this will just help that cooks
    evenly all the way through
    now a great we'll take is the house a baking sheet
    in the oven that you can place this on allow you to take a very very easy once
    it's cooked all the way through
    pastry case in the open it's time to make that beautiful caramel sauce
    about some pass sugar so get that straight into a poss
    rain this up to temperature and it'll start to melt and you're looking for a
    really nice
    which golden brown color okay
    we have got caramel baby it's looking really good so
    Robson green its gonna biz opp its gonna bubble
    but stick with this just given slow oster
    and it'll come together going to get here on
    this little by Marie are well what about meltdown are chopping but before that
    I am going to grab my pastry case which should be done edit the oven
    oh yes thought as this comes a
    you out that beautiful smile on baked pastry it is
    good good smell in this kitchen right now so I'm gonna leave that dress now
    and in fact a great deal to it it to take a those little baking beans
    and if you want a little bit a collar on the base up your I'll be attacked in
    you can put it back in uncovered like that
    for May
    minutes jesus take it back in and get a nice color and the
    I have some really good quality doctor and the best you can afford here
    specially cuz it's down times day even a good chuckle
    all two bars of chocolate go straight into our lovely by Marie
    get that in there with some double cream also adding a little bit of sweetness
    from from castor sugar it's starting to come together really nicely now
    and the Chocolate looking beautiful I need to get a minute book
    while I'm waiting I'm gonna grab my pastry case edit the oven it never got a
    lovely but a color
    mixed up through
    and that why it's still hot it could be poured straight intact pastry case
    gonna bring that over and we're gonna trim it up
    take that's all the time I saw skill asl star before you put it to bed
    and port strange over that all
    lock bass classy the
    luxurious and I'm just talk to me around
    dade a sip so get this straight into
    the fridge I'm just gonna let it set so that forms a little bit the skin and I
    can put the chocolate on top
    have no good does not look right now
    this is now ready to be topped over that beautiful caramels also
    let's grab from the lovely French and no
    just swirls top Paul ok
    little sprinkle all sea salt over the top and just give you and sends what's
    and look good
    for a little bit at room temp signs sports this over here
    and ladies and gentlemen if you've been waiting and you can't wait any longer
    I have good news because I have one that's prepared our look at this
    outgoing does Outlook beautiful salted caramel chocolate tart
    really beautiful this is the one that you need to make this Valentine's Day
    will up stringy
    beautiful Carmel goodness all
    yeah am shopping
    paramount Melanie decadent salty
    Crumley pottery all the things you want on Valentine's Day
    this is absolutely gorgeous I want you to give this a go is a perfect little
    Valentine's Day dessert I know it's going to get in the second date so try
    and a
    click subscribe if you want to see more beautiful desserts like this leave a
    comment below
    tell me he got the second day course share like to do all those wonderful
    cc *** *** Chocolate Ganache Tart Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 933 - YouTube !!!
    hi memoir kathleen on their personal learning kit I want to show you
    wealth then this is so good it is make me feel guilty
    because it is to die for people love it but it is so easy if my chocolate cannot
    when I tell you this is a show stopper and I also like to serve it with some
    gray morning a
    like mastery strawberries which just really take this to the next level
    you will impress someone think I have a boss coming over for dinner
    factories because this is where the love
    I can tell you this is what you need to make the tart
    so easy chocolate chips chop
    graham crackers that crushed unsalted butter
    a little bit about a for both things heavy cream
    page assault that is all you need for the actual tart and I share EQ
    my strawberries in a little bit insanely easy ever show you how
    first by a man in preheated the 350 degrees
    in my food processor going to add
    my chocolate graham crackers you can use any chocolate biscuit you like
    idoney had any additional sugar to this because these are slightly three-dollar
    the already sweet already profit chocolate mixture is sweet
    and it's just you need a good balance and everything so that
    and your unsalted butter the nice and soft
    they go in there gorgeous gonna make this
    out and tomato mixture comes together
    excellent stop senior it's almost like
    what can to make sure i cant now I have here
    is a 9-inch tart pan with the removable bottom
    take that out I have it over a baking sheet because that just makes it easier
    to get
    in out the Arvind yeah
    and I just using your hands push
    the mixture around in just really press it well
    in the top pan perfect
    gonna pop this in the a minute preheated at
    eight to ten minutes and I'm gonna show you having in nashville what my craft
    it's calling when he gonna make in the failing which is
    so EP I got a really small saucepan
    too late I'm going to add I cream
    and mind but and I am going to just bring this
    two of them are and let the butter melts completely
    I'm also going to just add right now a pinch of salt
    shield my chocolate chips which are found odd but really it makes a huge
    difference to be at a little bit assault
    to death because almost make the chocolate it doesn't make the chocolate
    even more chocolatey if you could imagine supplement let that sit
    wanna babysit make rain let it come to us gentle bubble and just let the butter
    melts and then we'll per se
    K good
    butter is melted like bubble around the edges
    now gonna port this over the chocolate
    you're not a to it for a couple minutes just let that sit
    for a couple minutes and what that does is the chopper just slowly starts
    melting in that way when you start with King
    all just flows into the most gorgeous chocolate lava
    goodness tonight that the for comment and now all pretty much
    satellite after
    couple minutes just start with King and I know what you think anything can
    that doesn't look like it should have it will
    just need to have be a little bit patient which
    we know each other for about five years shell reno patience is just
    it's just not me
    but watch what happens just keep
    with kinky with king and look and just turned into the most
    magical the roof of failing
    the work
    at laps share
    we when I can even just wanna put my faith in the book ha I got you were here
    fun intriguing yet only almost forgot you were here
    now I'm holding the ball as such in weird manner but
    this just totally took over look at this
    can we just take a second to appreciate the glossiness
    now this is really quite likely at this point don't never be able to cut it
    mean you can't cut into that unless let the school
    overnight minimum about six or so
    hours but really overnight works really well I don't even cover it
    I just put it on the top shelf remember fridge Raiders nothing outta my
    on that top shelf but the whole thing in there that if that overnight and
    tomorrow we are going to top this with some deliciousness
    and weakened again I think my
    targets police said overnight and completely optional but I like the top
    this with are some spice strawberries for just the fifth class of Grand
    I think that shockley any arent any
    sure berries go so well together like a nice little extra touch but you don't
    have to
    I'm just adding a little grandma ringing to some spiced
    strawberries again I'm not having a lot because I don't want the student
    to Guzzi now I just want them to have a little bit
    S&P to the most nice little talk of the only data any sugar anything because
    this is
    Pawlenty sweet stuff so
    good okay and gonna give this
    a slight I'll I'm nice that goes and
    is like velvet I tell you
    look at that attack
    free network that cookie base looks fantastic
    a whole plate ready for me now a dollop of whipped cream
    could take you long way but you know I'm really impatient so
    just gonna go with just a few strawberries
    up aren't pomp twice to reach
    if they will put a little with cream a little spray governments to suffer Fanti
    was gonna go for a buy on the strawberry a little shy very
    and I want that tart King
    the best when I'm just glad that came into my foster
    best weapon describe him the melted chocolate candy
    layered and take a look at me name him
    I'm not even kidding that's exactly what it is like
    mmm not happen
    well at that query is right there
    him new
    need is in your life it's incredibly easy to do
    girl are in the kitchen com get the MSP makin
    I guarantee people give me a standing ovation
    when you present them with the star that's how good it is that's how simple
    it is that's a great thing about it like
    incredibly delicious it is so impressive but it takes no time are
    ever yet but I think make it you love it
    religious freedom me season I am
    1 *** *** Individual Chocolate Tarts - Gordon Ramsay - YouTube !!!
    first combined something but some and sugar
    and creamy to songs
    called breaking a leg a mix well %uh
    next fold in the flour
    pour the mixture onto a floured surface and simply need it lightly
    to as well combined then shape into a disk
    and chill
    then simply wrong a pastry it was about a quarter said to me too thick
    cut into small disc antennae present a lightly greased
    and bought a mini tart tins and put the bottom
    to prevent the pace from Dublin's breast in the fridge this shows that when the
    pastry bakes
    will turn out nice and soft them play key to gold
    as a cool make the gorgeous silky chocolate filling
    place a mixing bowl over a pan object boiling water
    this is known as a bad memory then and double cream
    %uh but up %uh complain chocolate
    then stir until amounts and his glossy and smooth
    then pour it into the crisp and golden pastry cases
    and simply tap to level and chill until set
    %uh so easy so indulgent
    and so delicious be done with creme fresh ice cream
    or simply by themselves perfect mix DJ mustard

    min ago
    olive oyl and staff from nice blast
    thick slices possessed the lemon bakes
    inside the fish *** *** Salted Caramel Chocolate Ganache Tart Recipe - YouTube !!!
    hi guys it's Joanna fifteen spatulas
    today and we are going to make salted caramel chocolate cannot starts with a
    QWERTY rest Saturday video is special because I asked about ready to Preston
    each create
    the best chocolate recipe then ever had basically all together we created
    ultimate chocolate dessert playlist for you guys just in time for Valentine's
    looking for something to make your special someone
    suffers to redo is make are chocolate cookie crust
    gusta hacer out is up all-purpose flour here
    and to you this I'm gonna add a half cup for one hour
    cocoa powder quarter teaspoon assaults
    together quite west to combine thats to set that aside for a minute
    and this whole life
    tablespoons unsalted butter
    expense of untrue temperature and I just got a mixed together
    with two-and-a-half as a half cup faction Exchequer
    understandable why not with your mixer
    that one that mixed together in at and
    shoe eighty Oaks and about half a teaspoon
    the male pacer no extracts I'm gonna make those then went to finish the
    thought I have high dry ingredients little by little
    and makes us told corporate in
    I want that have come together
    were ready to press it and she liked our hand Sekai an
    inch tart pan has a
    removable bottom which is wonderful
    it's so much easier to get the tart out later have stepped up by Joannes the
    and then press out with my fingers
    covering all the bottom metal that up beside
    something to practice all over with a fork
    and I am pappas into the freezer for about
    it's going to help the sides from slumping down to chill the dough a
    little bit
    and then this is gonna go into it 350 their head up in about
    across finish baking I just let it cool Sarah to work on our salted caramel
    so got to require Cup Kalia checker
    in my saucepan turn the heat to medium
    I'm gonna add a quarter cup up water to this
    three-quarters Cup up light corn syrup
    and a half teaspoon
    a St salts and we're just gonna let this cuts first gonna get clear that's gonna
    take on some color
    you notice I did not stir this I definitely don't want to stir
    even if it looks like a mess it will work itself out trust me so
    just let it be endeavor of the sky
    my car all is now a beautiful
    amber color some had and
    unsalted butter its gonna bubble up a little bit
    and I'm also gonna and

    cups at heavy whipping cream and then to finish this off
    about what a hot tea spoons the No a paste
    you can use vanilla extract instead if that's what you have
    as you can see can make it
    like separated but don't worry because I keep %ah he keeps turning
    it'll smooths out really nicely we're gonna keep cooking this over medium-high
    heat for about
    just let things get a little bit by Karl Hess
    thickened up well thats thing and take this and
    for it into my shouldst hard-pressed
    and the airport this
    into the french first three hours and that Carlos guess
    second set during that time so for the very last effort to scan a top this with
    a chocolate cannot
    thought he had a a hot cup heavy cream
    a chopped up four ounces %uh
    chocolate a risk I'll let this sit
    seconds and then you're gonna start this all together
    toilets nice in glossy and smooth
    and what's your chocolate is smoooooth you're gonna pour that
    all over the top has spread it out with your spatula
    once that is smooth to your liking your gonna pop this into the fridge for an
    just to let it set up my tart
    is all finance charges putting one last touch
    slow pit a flaky sea salts
    right on top now
    cut myself
    place just like this Gloria just hurts
    out of its shell I'm so excited to cut into
    it's just so beautiful
    I like one of my favorite desserts
    SL take a sharp knife breakthrough that harm all
    alright take a look
    home I i I am so excited to take this fight tell you how it taste
    alright take a bite from a friend
    oh yeah the caramel
    so I correction battery good ever made homemade caramel
    just so much better any car look at the store and a little bit
    at sea salt on top that chocolate liked cross just kind of like
    category over a little bit softer humbly
    so good hope you guys enjoy learning how to make this recipe
    do make this recipe feel desert you won't regret it and make sure to check
    out all my friends videos a good feeling to those in a sec add
    thanks a lot CS next time *** *** How To Make Chocolate Tart - YouTube !!!
    hello and welcome to video chat
    we're going to show you how to make a choice
    step 1: you will need the following ingredients:
    to serve eight to
    grams a ready-made short crust dough

    grams have chopped doc chocolate
    three hundred milliliters have cream
    two hundred milliliters have milk
    to hold X and one egg yolk

    a courtroom a teaspoon of salt
    and a little whipped cream for the garnish
    here is a
    and the list the ingredients
    you also need to follow
    bring utensils want ot mold 28 centimeters in diameter
    two saucepans one ball a whisk
    a spoon a sieve a rubber spatula
    a fork some aluminium paper and 500 grams of uncooked beans
    have any type to weigh down the dough
    preheat the oven
    before you begin making the tart set the oven
    degrees centigrade
    take the ready-made 0 and very carefully fitted
    onto the top mold been careful not to repeat
    make sure it's fitted along the whole bottom of the pan
    to ensure this lift up on the sides
    and gently press the dough against the pan
    now press the dough onto the sides with the mold and tear away
    any excess
    use a fork and make pricks into the top crust
    covering the entire bottom just as our chef is demonstrating
    this will keep the dough from rising
    or bike

    placed some value million paper on top of the dough
    and then fill the mold with the beans this is done to stop the dough from
    rising during baking
    places into the oven and bake for
    this process is known as blind baking
    now take the top
    shell after the oven
    and remove the foil and the beans since the tot has no actual cooking time
    the crust has to be brown on top before it's filled with the chocolate
    if it's not yet Brown return the empty shell to the oven
    for about five minutes
    step 5: melt the chocolate we are now going to melt the chocolate
    over water place a stainless steel mixing bowl
    over pot of simmering water make sure that the bottom of the bowl does not
    come into contact with the water
    now introduce the chocolate into the bowl
    and wait for it to melt
    you can give it a quick stir to help it along
    when thoroughly melted leave the ball over the hot water
    and remove it from the heat
    the milk
    the brandy
    and the salt to a source been and warm them up
    over medium heat take special care not to let it boil
    next whisk the eggs in a small bowl
    and combine them
    now strain the hot milk mixture into the melted chocolate
    whisking gently to combine it thoroughly but taking special care
    not to add any excess a into the mixture
    the feeling needs to be dense not fluffy
    step 8 make the task we are now ready to put the tot together
    carefully pour the chocolate filling into the shell
    your chocolate tart is now ready for the oven
    you can now put the tart into the preheated oven let it cook for
    and then turn off the heat now leave it inside the oven for about
    when that time has passed take it out and place in the refrigerator
    to chill for at least three hours
    once the
    heart is cooled carefully remove it from the mold and serve it
    it goes well with whipped cream or any type of ice cream
    how to make chocolate tart the video jut way *** ***

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