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    The Chocolate Ball | Byron Talbott - YouTube !!!
    hey what's going on are very welcome back to my channel today amina she an
    interesting take on chocolate
    to kick off chaka week I'm a star of by showing you how to make
    the chocolate ball first administered out by tempering some dark chocolate so
    essentially just gonna bring it onto 101 degrees Fahrenheit or so I
    in a double boiler and that should take about five minutes %uh
    %uh ok
    %uh plus the dark chocolate is thoroughly melted and up to temp you
    take out the dub boiler
    and add a few more dark chocolate chips to adjust to cool the temperature down
    to iraqi nineteen ninety degrees
    this is where the chocolate is actually tempered properly
    and it's getting cool and harden and it really shine months and the mold
    I cover more about tempering on my website burnt out da comp to check that
    if you're interested on but once the dark chocolate is tempered important
    your mold
    about a quarter the way just not seeking I thoroughly coat the mold
    on and then once you do that in a cap it off coat the mold
    and then you put in the refrigerator after about a half an hour into
    completely sucked

    one thing wanna keep in mind I with this mold in particular and eyes that
    you want to give it a turn every two to three minutes otherwise it is gonna be
    are really a dance hard spot on one side or the other some issue this costly flip
    man CNN nice even chocolates
    fear also one other ways you can tell that it's actually done and completely
    Harden is that it will pull away from old just slightly
    and leaving dis a space in between the mold and the Chocolate
    one thing I do here are the you don't necessarily have to do is I just get a
    little hot spatula and run around the center and the spear to take away that
    you have to do this you can keep it really shiny and keep the seam
    I think it's actually beautiful sometimes with that nice shiny sphere
    but me personally I like that smoking here's a fact and is taking way that
    seen in the middle
    and kinda roughing it up a little dis makes it look almost like a perfect ball
    chocolate on the site the big Jack truffle but thats or my take on it
    and once that's done all you do is get a hot plate or a hot little Pyrex
    container like I'm doing here he'd up in some water
    wipe it off with a towel and you're just gonna melt the bottom the actual
    chocolates here
    and that's gonna create the cavity for you to be able to fill with whatever you
    want %uh
    alright so what's your chocolate boys ready at to be used basically compared
    with whatever you want you can fill with brownies are different
    toppings ice cream news I mean there's a million one different variations for
    this recipe
    the whole inspiration behind this recipe for me was really an traditional Sunday
    done a little differently obviously and I love the idea the caramel and vanilla
    ice cream Starbreeze you can do bananas I put some peanuts on their
    and essentially just melts the chocolate around the caramel on the camel around
    the chocolate
    and kinda makes is cool up delicious hot page
    and really really good care mall around the ice cream
    and I think it's a really cool twist untraditional ice cream sundae
    that waiting to be made by you %uh
    I'm really excited to try this sucks absolutely incredible
    I want to pour the sauce on or before cause down it and I smelt the effect
    that this is amazing
    right here goes
    over hopefully cast as it's amazing
    right away like bursts open home
    love this desert alright track
    little bit and a strawberry
    whom mmm
    sure we're I love how it melts around the desert
    so reveals the desert as it goes down just a really cool fact
    very simple dessert I really don't think that it that difficult as long as you
    have mold
    if you don't have them all you can pick up a balloon I've actually done it so
    much and before except and said the
    horse fear I've done like a half sphere as I was like a chocolate cup
    and I was for a Valentine's Day suggest that as well you're interested in
    like I different way of preparing us for I love the idea that the chocolate that
    that's almost a container for the desert
    and then as you pour it melt the chocolate kinda mixes with the caramel
    mixes well with ice cream in the Piazza has like this
    I'm sorry this refined
    Sunday you can definitely go crazy with the attic fan as playing a little brown
    on the bottom
    and there's a million different variations and I think it's a it's a
    very cold desert I def recommend you guys trying it out
    sharing it with your friends and family this is definitely something you don't
    make all the time
    I but when you do you are you trying to impress and people you dislike blow
    their minds out there so
    tried out share with your friends and family hope you guys enjoy this recipe
    if you did please
    subscribe comes up and calm a block or feature video questions wanna see my
    and of course I see you guys next time with another delicious recipe I guess
    do *** *** The White Chocolate Ball - YouTube !!!
    hey what's up everybody and welcome back to my channel today I'm gonna show you
    how to make this beautiful his stunning white chocolate ball with an incredible
    feeling so let's get started
    ok so the first thing you do is know two-thirds of the white choc chips in it
    double boiler and tilts completely and thoroughly melted somewhere in the
    hundred and ten degrees share screens is perfect but make sure not to go with a
    hundred and twenty three months after that you can remove it from the heat and
    added the remainder of the unaltered white chocolate chips and then stirred
    in and tell that melts into the rest of the chocolate and reaches about

    once the white chocolate is tempered and ready to go
    you can add a few tablespoons tempered white chocolate to yours here molds
    begin cutting them as evenly as possible and once that's done you can refrigerate
    the choco balls for about
    ok so while the chocolate is setting up in the fridge get a slice of banana
    lengthwise and cut it on a bias or diagonally after that you gonna a
    disputes you better to a very high nonstick sante tin and then you can add
    in the bananas along with a thin slice mounted or even some banana bread with
    the really nice additions well then you're to caramelize everything until
    they are golden brown on all sides
    is crisp and bananas have some really good color to them he removed the cake
    from the pan India glaze it was some dark rum after that you added some brown
    sugar with just a pinch of salt and cook the bananas for another two minutes on
    high heat until they're thoroughly coated in the East Room glaze and once
    that's done you just gonna set it aside until you're ready to play
    right now that the chocolate has set up to get out of the fridge and remove it
    from the mold as carefully as possible since I need to holla one side of this
    in order to cover the dessert I'm going to heat up a small Pyrex container in
    the bottom side of the chart above all until it's approximately the diameter of
    the dessert now this may take a few passes fYI so just be careful with how
    much you're handling it because the chocolate tends to be very fragile and
    your hands are much much warmer than the melting temperature of chocolates as
    you're doing all this just to get mine and be careful
    alright finally once the talkable is ready
    along with everything else it's time to start putting it all together so firstly
    a place to crispy cake down by the caramelized bananas and a touch of
    French analyzed finally talked to deserve with the white chocolate bowl
    right over the top just until the ball slow starts to begin to fall apart and
    that's it guys
    chocolate ball magic but everybody
    the white chocolate
    killer got my most viewed video I've had a lot of requests for a new tutorial or
    a new spin on a charcoal ball so I decided to come up this the white
    chocolate is stellar
    it just adds you know different fact very pure and it is that a really clean
    elegance to the dish so it's obviously a rich desserts so just keep that in mind
    is not something that's very light or refreshing there's just a lot of dark
    flavors going on in this recipe with that hosted pound cake the caramelized
    of course the sauce that comes after that use or use some of that labor
    that's on the pan to infuse with dark wrong and all that good stuff so it's
    really really good dessert I Terry imagine this deserve again coming in the
    future I really enjoy working with chocolate love making desserts pastries
    are deathly huge passion mind so healthy guys enjoyed this hope this inspires you
    to get in the kitchen
    you know makes only find think a little bit differently about things and I you
    approach recipes ingredients and I like it slow and just get your mind working
    in the kitchen yet again hope you enjoy this recipe if you did make sure you
    thumbs-up subscribe to invest ideo just click the button you'll be locked in my
    channel and of course comment down below for future be request and things went to
    see my channel and I'll see you next time with another recipe later days *** *** Chocolate Truffle Recipe Tutorial Demonstration: How to Make Soft Ganache and Firm Ganache Truffle - YouTube !!!
    welcome back to the Jordan kitchen I wanna show you today
    am something that we do in house we try make as much as possible on house and
    one other things is chocolate truffles
    tweezers for guest accommodations so it's day one she had to make a bright
    have different travel these in the same basic ingredients
    start with cream and I'm using dark chocolate today
    we use the Chopra and the chocolates from San Francisco
    I like it because its local its organic on that's a really nice
    dark chocolate as far as in tools what you need is a small pot
    to pull your cream annable to make the filling in another pot
    double boiler set up with the ball for you melting your chocolate
    you often need to use an offset
    flat spatula a piping bag and your chocolate malt
    so you also need
    some soft room temperature butter and then whatever garnishes a
    you may want to use on the finished product so the basic difference between
    your chocolate shell or exterior of the trouble is that that is just
    dark chocolate and I'm using the center that has cream added to it
    whether it's cream or an A or butter filling
    it's something that's gonna soften your chocolate and make it so
    typable now I'm initially basic soft and nice that's what you use into a candy
    that's one perk cream
    per chocolate so
    just for simplicity that's four ounces the cream four ounces of chocolate
    you start by feeling your cream are you looking for some bring it to a boil
    the port over your chocolate of
    know what I like to do is just cover it firm in there too
    to keep the heat in there that's really can ensure that it not properly
    now the way on if you do in a firmer gun archery have a lot more chocolate than
    you do you to cream
    it's gonna be hard to not that chocolate so if it's
    not completely melted you can turn into a double boiler on top %uh simmering pot
    of water
    and then just gently stir and tell it all the way in office
    you uncover at a just wanna make the altogether
    I use it probably something Mike especially because you don't wanna with
    air into it see don't use the West that
    bring it all together if it's not coming together you can use the West just not
    the whole time you don't want to put a whole lot air this is about the
    consistency are looking for for a
    soft in Osh but it will firm up as it cools
    and one thing that you can do a lot of people add
    soft butter and that's going to give you a smooth mouthfeel
    going on at about
    percent of butter tea recipe so
    for this recipe about a tablespoon is gonna and just makes it to incorporate
    don't wanna get lunch that's why he's really fast also if you want to use
    bellacor and you're filling you with a tractor mounted liquidity use
    for your face so if you want like one ounce in the core take out one out
    cream for USB so that you still end up with the desired consistency
    and you can see the butter thickens it just a little bit
    what's important is to make your filling
    had a time because if it's still warm when you go to cover in chocolate
    its gonna know your chocolate or fits to call such as if he had put in the
    refrigerator to set up
    its gonna sees you talk their shock it went to get a cover
    and then you talk a lil crack if you have cracks in your chocolate
    there's gonna get into where you're filling is and create multi don't wanna
    either those you want to tell you is that when it's at room temperature
    now that you're feeling
    prepare your chocolate
    any always need to temper your chocolate that's just a really simple way of
    heating and cooling your chocolate so that it's usable
    on start with melting about two-thirds have the talk that you want to use using
    really your eyeball a clean dry both if you get any liquid in here
    its gonna stick in their chocolate so that it's unusable and we're gonna mouth
    over a double boiler
    C-one be careful keep an eye on it because you
    it can seem up and from this team can get into the chocolate and ruin it to
    keep an eye on that
    the reason for tempering is so that your truck was set up properly and also give
    it a really nice shiny
    sheen and the knife crack to it if we don't temper your chocolate
    if you use it just when it melted the fact this is also free out a bit and a
    rise to the top
    you end up with something like this which is called a blue chocolate
    it is still edible but it just looks terrible c
    some simmering water just over out between a low and medium heat don't want
    it to get too hot
    and I'm melting I want to end up with a bow to pounce on nothing about
    just a general a fam
    you may have to add more emails left and the reason we're
    tempering is because we're using a knife what's called a coup richer chocolate
    so it uses actual cocoa butter from that cocoa bean
    know the starring at something what's called baker's chocolate
    and that what they do there is they replaced the cocoa fatter the cocoa
    with just like a vegetable oil or some other type of oil
    so if you decide to use a is inferior but you do not need to
    temperate you can just not in use right away
    so my chocolate is melted chocolate melts in about
    I'm be sure not to get too much higher than that because it can burn
    but it's too hot right now to you so we need to cool it
    the wave pool it is by adding your remaining fresh chocolate
    into their about one-third and this is gonna encouraged
    all the factors tools to align properly so that
    you have a temper chocolate am also
    what helps to cool it is to continually stir agitated
    and now make sure that all your chocolate the same internal temperature
    and you're gonna wanna check it with a thermometer you wanna get it down to

    degrees on
    and so you keep adding chocolate you keep stirring until you're about their
    check with your thermometer to make sure
    another talk that's where I want it things up five minutes
    sometimes little less sometimes longer when you get it down to about

    degrees it is tempered but ideal
    working temperature for dark chocolate is closer to

    see one is return it to you double boiler for a few seconds to bring it
    back up
    minute will be a little run air be easier to work with
    as it cools it taken so if you can get a little bit that thickness out it would
    be easier for you and each brand of chocolate is little bit different some
    will recommend
    slightly higher slightly lower temperature to work with you're working
    with milk chocolate
    that's at that and that's tempered in about
    and then why talk is about to brief us not chocolate you wanna check the
    package to make sure what
    each friend is recommending for now the chocolate is tempered
    and the king of the feeling that we made earlier is ready
    effort that in a piping bag that would be a lot easier for you to use
    on and in order to what you want to do is fill
    candy mold what we use here are these
    hard plastic there about twenty-five dollars get them online
    but also if you're not going to be using them very often
    there are thin disposable trays that you can buy this for about two or three
    dollars at a craft store
    places like Michael Saylor top okay something like this
    and you wanna make sure that your momz
    are clean if they've been aired ready one away from out so that there's no
    water spots on there that will transfer to chocolate and also it'll
    help your chocolate and up a little bit shy near
    so what you gonna do I usually just laid off my chocolate
    all the way Philip each mold if you have allotted details in the design and the
    mall you're using
    you might get a lot of air pocket than air bubbles so to get rid of that
    you just you wanna tap it and you can see the air bubbles rising to the top
    and as you do not you also want to scrape it clean
    you can let miss it and sometimes
    32nd five-minute really depends on the temperature in the room
    and your chocolate but what your you're gonna be
    kinda looking at it as it sitting you wanna see there's a little bit of a
    shelf starting to set up
    around the around the outer layer at your chocolate malt
    to just let it sit for a little bit keep your eyes on it
    and once you feel that you have a kinda Michelle what you gonna do is actually
    empty chocolate
    back can to hear and you'll be left with
    shell chocolate an empty cavity to fill
    just wipe it clean and then at that point you want it to
    set up and you could put in a cool place to make sure its firm before you fill it
    now that it's set up it's gonna work a lot like this
    you see that you have reporter around there yourself
    and and the areas where you gonna put your feeling that you made
    so this point you start filling your mall you want to make sure that you're
    feeling isn't sticking out too high
    because then I'll be exposed to the air again in they'll be more likely to mold
    to relieve a good amount a room sick top it off with chocolate and cover it
    once either of all again you're gonna get get your temper chocolate
    and fill-in the rest to the empty area here
    and a shake it over to make sure that there's no air left inside
    the chapel
    and again I'll probably usually tap it a little bit
    make sure there's no air
    and then to finish all you do is just scrape it clean
    you have a nice finish truffle and this just takes about
    minutes in a cool area setup
    longer is fine too you don't apply now too early
    because then to lose a lot of their shine from August stack
    you end up with the room trap of as your chocolate calls
    its gonna shrink a lot on contract now make it really easy for it just a fall
    right out at the mall
    Sasha an example this one is already been set up this chain you'll see it's
    nice and shiny that's what you get from this number
    I can just listen it little by by twisting
    and they just slip it right over and they should pop right out
    and if you use one and a small at you don't have to do anything else to finish
    its really a
    usually come with a nice design so you have a pretty look
    and then a soft centre which people usually aren't expecting
    so it's nice about this recipe is you can easily adapted to create a whole
    different looking truffle
    when I showed you was of filling and that was sponsored the cream for into
    the chocolate
    if you want to do a truffle that different style
    and that's how the Dept enough firm filling for that
    so rather than four ounces of chocolate are used for a month
    chocolate with my four ounces of cream and then it just spread out onto a flat
    and let it set up you end up with something like this
    you can really end up with whatever thickness you want
    and I don't like it too thin because I like to
    cut it a little bit bigger and once it's set up you can cut into every shape you
    here's a few examples of on and
    they are easy to handle that's why you need them so firm
    and these ill Dept into the chocolate us a few things you can do with that
    and you can just use a basic fork our special fork so that but
    regular kitchen for works just as well
    so you want to drop it into your chocolate
    and cover it completely and then left that out
    and you want to avoid getting what's called for it and not sexual part of
    around the day so you just let all the excess
    chocolate chip %ah fight on the edgier ball
    and now it's ready to be put on your
    on your baking sheet before it sets up there's a few things that you can do
    one other thing that is you can just for a little piece have
    garnish if you want not just the coconino while the people like to use
    we can put anything really if you haven't had a feeling you might want to
    put a little sprinkle some nuts
    another thing you can do is the use transfers
    sheets and these come in a variety of different colors
    see around four dollars you can find them a different craft stores at places
    like Sir lataa
    and what they are is just random designs their
    made with cocoa butter so they're safer the chocolate
    and he wanna put the design site down and that will transfer onto chocolate so
    then when it cools
    you just feel of and you're left with a nice design
    so the spurt one right here you just kinda press it on
    slightly tier chocolate
    the design you can do is just creating a simple design using your fork
    starts to set up
    you just let for your fork on the top
    kinda drag it over that's really nice about this recipe is you can really
    creates so many different look so truffles and really
    any filling flavor you want you can at into the cream
    you can use dark milk or white and end up with such a big variety a
    truffles for example here's just some examples
    what you can do if you use the candy mold all these have a soft centre
    but different mall and different chocolates
    make it look like completely different fillings and
    if you using the firm billing you can
    do the same thing where you put a little garnish on some of them
    you can use transfer sheets you can come into different shapes
    use milk dark or white and it really looks like completely different raffles
    but it's all the same recipe *** *** No Bake White Chocolate Oreo Balls - 3 Ingredients - YouTube !!!
    hey guys day from could hear hear
    today's recipe is no bait white chocolate Oreo balls
    believe me guys these are no frills but nevertheless super delicious
    you're gonna love them so let's get started the
    I've got a couple sleeves and Oreo cookies here in this is about i'd say a
    hundred and thirty seven grams
    so what we're gonna do is add these to a ziploc bag I'm just gonna break them up
    and you can use a food processor whatever method you feel comfortable
    just until the broken up and nice and crumbly
    thats with an ad in a
    but a
    grams a cream cheese new can one make sure this is a room temperature
    otherwise is gonna be really hard work with so I'm just gonna start combining
    this with the wooden spoon
    then moved to an electric mixer because it looks like a whole lot easier
    and the nimitz this until I get the same is moot sandy mixtures something like
    after that would you wanna do this nigga polite say
    heaping teaspoonful place it into the palm of your hand
    and simply roll it into a bold
    okay we're gonna set these on a baking tray liners and parchment paper
    and put them in the freezer for both 15 minutes just to Sir
    well the cookies are setting don't forget to click Subscribe
    and you'll never miss a video up so what I have here is about
    sweet like chocolate
    I suppose you'd use almond bars as well that would be really nice to you
    and I'm gonna melt this down in a bowl over since of boiling water
    now this is just kind of a makeshift double boiler this is gonna take
    somewhere in the neighborhood
    up about
    minutes you can microwave this to just take a look at the back at
    the bar for instructions
    now the chocolate has melted down
    remove it from the heat take your Oreo balls
    out of the freezer insert a toothpick into the center
    get them into the chocolate
    and I'm just gonna take a spoon here ends net legally gooden's
    over sure so they're completely covered
    after that set them on the parchment paper once again
    sprinkle a few Oreo crumbs over them
    and let them sit for a few minutes just too hard
    and there you have it are no big white chocolate Oreo balls
    believe me guys these are ever so simple decadent and delicious
    and head on over to cook in sheer dot com for this recipe in many more simple
    and don't forget to click to subscribe in like our videos
    thanks for watching and see you next time
    %uh *** *** Chocolate Ball Recipe - YouTube !!! English English
    Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel
    Today I’m sharing with you how to make a melting chocolate ball. It’s a ball of chocolate
    which is melted with hot caramel sauce to reveal something inside. These have become
    quite popular recently and they’re not too difficult to make, so if you would like to
    learn how to make it then let’s get started.
    The first thing we will need to do is melt some chocolate. You can use whichever chocolate
    you would like here, milk, dark, or even white. I would just recommend you use a block of
    chocolate rather than chocolate chips which are usually chocolate compound. They don’t
    actually contain any cocoa butter so they don’t taste near as good as proper chocolate.
    Cut your chocolate up into smaller pieces and place into a bowl. We’re going to melt
    the chocolate over a Bain Marie, otherwise known as a water bath. This provides much
    more of an indirect heat so there is less chance of chocolate burning. Fill a medium
    sized saucepan with a small amount of water and place over high heat until it starts to
    boil. Turn off the heat and place the bowl of chocolate over the top. The bowl shouldn’t
    touch the water in saucepan so make sure there isn’t too much water. The steam trapped
    underneath the bowl will rise up and melt the chocolate. so leave it for a few minutes
    before giving it a stir.
    Once the chocolate has melted remove the bowl from the saucepan. Make sure your chocolate
    is not too hot, it needs to be around
    degrees celsius or
    fahrenheit so it will harden
    at room temperature and have a shine to it.
    Separate a round mold and spoon in few tablespoons of melted chocolate, place on the other half.
    Rotate the mold around so it is coated evenly with the chocolate, the easiest way I’ve
    found to do this by shaking the mold. It works quite well at evenly dispersing the chocolate.
    The mold I am using is
    inches in diameter, I will have it linked in the
    information box if you are interested.
    Once the chocolate has evenly coated the mold place it into the fridge for about
    to harden.
    While you are waiting for the chocolate ball to harden you can make the caramel sauce.
    It only requires a few ingredients, I will have the recipe listed in the information
    Once the chocolate ball has hardened remove it from the fridge and set it to the side.
    To fit anything inside the chocolate ball we need create an opening at one end. The
    easiest way to do this is to heat up a surface like a cup or mug or ramekin to melt the chocolate.
    To do this I am using boiling water. Place the ramekin into the boiling water and leave
    it to heat up for about
    seconds or so. Remove the ramekin from the saucepan using
    tongs and use a paper towel to dry it.
    Remove the chocolate ball from the mold by pulling apart each endThe chocolate ball should
    come out very easily, if it doesn't it might not be quite set yet. Just place it back into
    the fridge. Be very careful with the chocolate ball at this point as it’s very fragile
    and can crack easily. Set the chocolate ball on top of the hot ramekin and move it around
    as it starts to melt the chocolate at the bottom. You don’t want too big of gap, just
    enough to fit something inside. Remove the chocolate ball from the ramekin and set it
    to the side.
    For the inside of the chocolate ball the possibilities are endless. I’m going for a sort of sundae
    theme so I am using ice cream and fruit but you could use any type of dessert that would
    I’m placing a few scoops of ice cream into a bowl, followed by some strawberries, blueberries,
    and finally some mint. Then it’s time to slowly place over the chocolate ball, making
    sure that everything fits inside.
    When you are ready to serve the Melting Chocolate Ball Dessert make sure your caramel sauce
    is hot. Pour it into a serving jug.
    To serve the dessert slowly start to pour the hot caramel sauce over the chocolate ball
    and it should slowly start to melt, revealing the filling inside. This is a really show
    stopping dessert that would impress anyone, but it’s not actually too difficult to make
    so give it a try! I hope you enjoyed this video, if you would like to see more then
    just take a look at my channel! Thank you for watching and I will see you in my video.
    Bye! *** *** MAGIC CHOCOLATE FLOWER DESSERT How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Norwegian Russian Spanish (Latin America) Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That
    I am Ann Reardon and I've had requests this week to show you how
    to make a magic chocolate flower dessert. This dessert is inspired by photos of one
    you sent me one made by Pastry Chef Joaquim Sousa in Portugal.
    Firstly you need something to go in the middle of your dessert. I am using a chocolate macaron.
    I have a whole video that shows you how to make chocolate macarons so I'll link to it
    in the description below. Next take some tempered chocolate and pour
    it out onto some acetate or thin plastic and spread it out nice and thin.
    Then give it a shake from one side just to smooth the top and get rid of any air bubbles
    in your chocolate. Now using the shape and you can print this
    shape out from the website and just use it as a guide make to make a curved line in the
    chocolate, followed by another and another one all the way down to the end. Then turn
    that whole sheet around and repeat that making a curve so that you're making petal shapes.
    Now if you don't want to do this by hand you can instead use two sheets of acetate and
    cut the shape out of top one using a utility knife. And then spread the chocolate over
    the top and then when you lift up the top piece of acetate you'll be left with the petal
    shape. You will need
    petals for each dessert.
    Working quickly before the chocolate hardens curve it up to make a half circle. I am using
    cookie cutters to hold it in place if you have a cylinder that you can use that would
    be even better.
    Now for our base spread some more chocolate onto the acetate and leave to firm up and
    make two chocolate truffles. You can leave them plain or you can fill them with whatever
    you like I've got thirty different chocolate truffle recipes on the how to cook that channel
    so you can go and choose what you want.
    To assemble the dessert use a little chocolate to secure a selection of fruit to the top
    of your macaron.
    Then cut circles of chocolate using a small circle cutter out of that base chocolate and
    then cut each circle in half.
    Take one of your chocolate truffles and use a little bit more chocolate to secure the
    macaron on top of that . Now this lifts it off the base so the petals can go around it.
    Once you chocolate is set, remove the cookie cutters and peel of the acetate. And gently
    seperate out the petals from that spare chocolate. And you can just remelt that spare chocolate
    and re-temper it to use it again. Arrange the petals around a silicone hemisphere
    mold. If you don't have one of these you can just arrange them on the bench but it is going
    to be a little bit harder. Then using some more chocolate add the base
    in place and this is going to hold all the petals in place right where we want them.
    Repeat that of course to make the other half.
    To make our creme anglaise or thin custard sauce. You will need egg yolks, sugar, cream,
    milk and a vanilla bean. I'll put all the recipe quantities on the howtocookthat.net
    website in gram and and ounces and cups. Cut your vanilla bean in half and you'll see
    this sticky mass inside. Just use your knife to scrape it off and add it into the cream.
    Pour the cream and the milk into a saucepan and you can add the vanilla bean pod in there
    While that is heating whisk together sugar and your egg yolks.
    Keep an eye on your cream and milk because you don't want it to boil over.
    Once it just starts to boil remove it from the heat .
    Pour into the egg yolk mixture whisking well as you do. Once it is well mixed in really
    well pour it back into the saucepan. And just put it to one side for now and we'll heat
    that up in a minute. Now take one half of your petals and use a
    little bit of chocolate to hold it in place in the centre of your bowl.
    Then add the chocolate macaron to the middle there.
    And carefully add the other half into place trying not to break any of your petals off.
    If you broke on off like I did just use a bit more chocolate to secure it back into
    place being careful not to fuse it to the other petals. We want each one to be on it's
    own Add a decoration to the top, if you have edible
    flowers they will be ideal but I don't have any so I am using a strawberry cut like a
    flower. Leave that at room temperature. When you are ready to serve the dessert return
    your anglaise to the heat and heat up to 185 degrees farenheit. If you heat it hotter than
    that it will curdle the cream. Immediately pour it through a sieve into a
    jug. Then take your dessert to the table and pour
    some hot anglaise into the bowl. The hot sauce melts the base of the petals
    making them fall open beautifully and gracefully.
    You can experiment with different desserts at the centre of your flower. Why not even
    an engagement ring if you want to propose.
    And make sure you subscribe to how to cook that for more cakes chocolates and desserts
    put all of your requests in the comments below. Click here to go to the channel to get the
    macaron recipe how to temper chocolate and heaps of other stuff. Here for last weeks
    emoji cheesecakes and here for the How To Cook That website have a great week and I'll
    see you all on Friday. [music: the boat song by youtube.com/setsailtv
    used with permission] *** *** Chocolate Rum Balls - Sweet Chocolaty Dessert Recipe By Ruchi Bharani [HD] - YouTube !!!
    that if even the time when we get closer to a friends and family
    so with an extra and got week and they know what they're hot
    I'm gonna show you ok we can he be there be that you can give them
    I'm gonna meet numbers in this episode let's get that day
    after one year and the Chocolate forms if you have brownies or even stole what
    like think you can you that and put him in a blanket in the blame bill
    I'm just going to beat the chocolate coins
    held putting the blame
    just grind it into a pile this
    get this out in a bowl and I'm gonna
    grinding me sponges when using a balmy
    ponge make sure we can be or yesterday called some company
    I also entitled a little bit with you can become anything
    get tonight Whitstable and let me when a happy with whom the freemen
    grams of making Topshop
    and I just like believed it for forty thank you don't even
    conduct of town if you don't act dumb
    in the mixture you can always use won t for not knowing anything
    beauty before the chop what not you can even use drop
    on even commented exacting

    rent-seeking at that event and i wanna meet
    anything again
    affidavits will not buy don't makes anything possible
    and the mix kill Hindi I'm gonna dust my hands with a little bit of I think
    should up
    so that the mixture didn't think to my
    I'm gonna be one inch ball
    of you in a heap in the end I am jump just fed them in the fridge
    like anything I'm gonna call the number on the dot chocolate
    so I have
    grams of dark chocolate liqueur
    amendment the mic to leave for just $50 thank you the chocolate at midnight me
    I'm his first auditing and given that any fuel am
    you know they use the veto and smooth it out
    let it cool down for people came in it before dipping but I'm both
    I'm gonna dip that I'm Boyle to make the chocolate
    and courted properly
    let it drip but if you think
    in in peace X and shopping and just remove it
    on poetry before the chocolate fit Springfield a little bit of both
    pilots been good so that it sticks eBay
    finish courting put on board
    with chocolate and sprinkled with me and let them set
    in the refugee don't fight
    we haven't added any help would be different number of the damn good
    at room temperature for around PB and a couple more days in the deputy
    and gameplay enough money
    enjoy the holiday season unique dang go back from
    home *** *** How to make a CHOCOLATE BOWL using a balloon How To Cook That by Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How to Cook That .net. I'm Ann Reardon.
    Today we're looking at how to make 4 different chocolate bowls using balloons as a mould.
    We'll also have 2 other videos looking at how to make them with ice and with a container
    as a mould. You can click on the channel link above where it says howtocookthat.net to go
    to those.
    So to get started we'll lookat how to make a dripped balloon bowl. You need to take your
    balloon, wash it and dry it, and then give it a light spray in cooking oil and then rub
    it in. And then for this chocolate bowl, I'm going to use chocolate melts. You can use
    block chocolate. If youre gonna do that, you need to temper your chocolate. There's a video
    on how to temper chocolate. If you want to see the other videos on this channel, just
    look in the top corner, click on the howtocookthat.net button and it'll take you to the other videos.
    Then you're gonna need a small bowl. That's small enough to put the base of the balloon
    in, so that the balloon will stand upright in the fridge, because we're going to put
    chocolate over the top. Now we need to melt our chocolate. As I said, I'm going to use
    chocolate melts. So I'm going to melt those in the microwave.
    seconds, stir,
    seconds, stir, and repeat the 10 seconds, stir, until they are completely melted.
    You have to keep stirring or they'll burn. And they need to be in a bowl that doesn't
    get hot.
    Once your chocolate is completely melted, take a small amount on a spoon, and just feel
    it on your finger, and make sure it doesn't feel hotter that your finger. If you put it
    on the balloon too hot, the balloon might pop and that will make a mess in your kitchen.
    Take your melted chocolate and put it in a star shape or a cross shape across the top
    of the balloon so that it can start to drip down the sides. Depending on how runny your
    chocolate is, you might need to give the balloon a bit of a shake to get it to go down the
    sides, or if it's very runny, it will drip down by itself. If they're not going in one
    direction, just tilt it in one direction and shake it slightly. Allow that to set in the
    fridge, and then get your white chocolate that has been melted and repeat the same thing.
    Put it across in a star pattern, and then again give it a shake to get it smooth. If
    any of the drips go down too long, just whipe it off to the length you want it to be, and
    give it a little shake to smooth it. If you want more of a marbled effect, you can put
    both chocolate colours on together without waiting for it to set in between. Once your
    bowl is finished, put a small amount of melted chocolate on some baking paper, and then place
    the balloon upside down onto that chocolate. And that forms then your base that going to
    hold it upright. Just in that very rubbery bit at the top of the balloon, just stretch
    that bit out, and get some scissors and make a very small hole in that piece. You don't
    want the balloon to pop, you want it to go down slowly. And as you stretch that little
    hole, it starts to go down a bit. Then you need to go under each one of the drips and
    loosen them away. Any drips that are too long, too skinny or too thin, they will snap. So
    don't worry if you lose some of them. Just try and loosen as many away from the balloon
    as you can. Once they're sufficently loose, you can let the balloon down a bit faster.
    You can see here that you lose a few of them that snap off, particularly the ones that
    are, as I said, that are very skinny or are too thin, they're going to break off. If there's
    one that you particularly wanted on the bowl, you can just melt the end of the chocolate,
    so have a look at your bowl, see if it looks uneven, then melt the end of the chocolate
    and just hold it in place until it sets back onto the bowl. And there you have your dripped
    chocolate bowl.
    Next I'll show you how to make a piped bowl also using a balloon. For this one I've made
    the balloon quite a bit smaller. And then you just want to make circles overlapping
    each other, going around the balloon, this makes quite a strong shape, because you don't
    have the drips that are just up the top on their own. And then smaller circles going
    around underneath that, so it gives strength to the design. Once that's ready, just place
    it on some aluminium foil or baking paper in the fridge to set. And once it's set again,
    make a small slit so the balloon can go down slowly, and just loosen it away from the chocolate.
    And there you have a nice little chocolate nest looking bowl. And you can fill that with
    your dessert and serve it like that.
    This is a decorated bowl that's be made using a balloon also. For this one you need to completely
    cover your balloon, apart from the top section with chocolate. If you have a large amount
    of chocolate, you could just dip it in, if not then just use a spoon to cover the balloon
    over. Then what you're going to do is give the balloon a bit of a shake or a bit of a
    jiggle to smooth it over. You don't want to do it too much or it will get too thin around
    the top, but just give it a shake so that it smooths out all those bumps and lumps.
    Place in on your baking paper. I'm going to put it on a bit of an angle rather than straight,
    you can do it straight if you would prefer. And then just hold it there til it sets a
    little bit, and pop it in the fridge. Then do the same as before, slowly let the balloon
    down, and then you're going to need to reach in and pull the balloon out of the inside
    of your bowl. To make the edges look a bit more pretty around the top of the balloon,
    we're going to take a hair dryer and put it on a hot setting, and just gently blowing
    to the side, and it will just melt the little top section edge there and make it fold inward.
    If you blow too much, you're going to melt the entire thing.
    Next we're going to take a piping bag with a different colour chocolate, so we're using
    the white chocolate here, and just start piping a filigree design. You can pipe any design
    you like. Just practice drawing the pen on paper first until you get something that you're
    happy with and confident that you can do, and then just do that onto your chocolate
    bowl to create a decorated effect. And once you've finished place that in the fridge to
    set and then you have quite a pretty looking bowl.
    The fourth one I'm gonna show you is a multi coloured bowl. Very similar to the dripped
    one, but we're gonna colour some of the chocolate using chocolate colouring, which is an oil
    based colouring, so it doesn't make the chocolate seize. To do the design that I have shown
    in the picture, make a target shape on your balloon with one colour chocolate and then
    generously pour the other choloured chocolate over the top. Then using the back of a smooth
    knife or a spoon, something that's not going to spike the balloon, just run it down the
    side of the balloon. This helps the two colours to run and give that sort of spider web patterned
    effect. Then if you've got any little gaps or holes, you can put a little bit more chocolate
    over to cover those, and then we're going to do, just like we did before on the other
    ones, give it a bit of a shake to smooth it over. And see here if you just give it a bit
    of a jiggle around, a bit of a shake, it smooths right out. You don't want to do it too much.
    Then have a look around your balloon, and if there's any edges where you think it needs
    another drip of chocolate, just using your spoon, just give a small amount on the side,
    and then again give it another little shake to smooth that off and pop it in the fridge
    to set.
    Then using the same method, make a small hole in the top of your balloon and let the air
    out slowly. And loosen each of those drips from the side of your balloon before you let
    the balloon down. Use the knife to push it further away. Again you're probably going
    to lose any really thin ones, they're likely to snap off, so you can try when you're designing
    it, to not allow them to get too thin or make them a bit thicker, or you can just be content
    that a few are going to break off and it'll still look ok. And then pull the rest of your
    balloon out of the inside, and you end up with this beautiful effect having the two
    colours on the inside. To make the bowl stand up, just put a small amount on some paper
    or some aluminium foil and put it on the top, and allow it to set.
    For more intricate designs, click on the links shown and you can find out two other ways
    of making chocolate bowls. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and left comments and clicked
    like. Really appreciate it. *** *** HOW TO MAKE OREO TRUFFLES - YouTube !!!
    today welcome to the simple cooking show today I'm going to show you how I make
    Oreo truffles they're really good
    let's go home
    them have foreseen a
    is about
    grams Oreos know that's going to be rough p
    I get a big bag like these putting all the RA's in a huge any
    talk to are you like I'm using the pink scented
    story scented ones and now what you want to do is
    just beat the living daylights out of it until it's
    a nice certain crumb makes get a large mixing bowl
    grams hold cream cheese and just
    throwing won't get close
    or is that you lead a life lol
    and just for something for everyone
    makes the skin in stages so
    the Aria dozen fly everywhere
    no Korean one teaspoon hold
    the light essence of no extract
    getting except for a better
    and just start
    they had law
    and as the final
    that passed on now we'll get on to the next stage
    but its absolute dish that's relatively flat and get some
    baking paper or something get the mixture
    and roll into balls whatever size balls you want
    some people like be on balls his place in only
    and just keep doing that ain't even as many as you want or any
    there's about twenty one day and that this makes it will make about
    close to $
    total now put this in a free trip bout

    minutes just to chill a bit beautiful
    throwing about
    cornmeal chocolate now put this in the microwave for
    then give us to then create for another
    seconds thank you
    thing given mister and repeat until its
    nice mill right that's looking just the way you want no use milk chocolate for
    now in another bowl get about three hundred grams over white chocolate
    in do the same thing into its nice
    he melted like these yet
    the little balls and
    get a toothpick her secure
    or slotted spoon or fork or anything
    students training
    just let it drain of
    Mayo Clinic train all that off
    that's fine want to drink as much
    put it on a
    sheet with baking paper or waxed baking paper
    put this in the great room at ten minutes fifteen minutes
    and then we'll get to the next pop are these are being put in the fridge
    you can see there are yummy
    now get that white
    chocolates put it on the focal something that you can
    in drizzle over with
    in just CRISIL
    like that just put it in the fridge for a few minutes
    to let it dry and then you start eating
    you can put summer days in the white chocolate and do it the other way around
    so these a white with some
    milk chocolate on the top in the head
    Oreo truffles so simple so
    unbelievably yummy well I hope you really
    really like these ha they just
    do just also
    I'll see you next time for my next meal
    home *** *** CHOCOLATE CARAMEL PEANUT BOMB How To Cook That Dessert - YouTube !!! English English Russian Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
    Today we are making a chocolate peanut caramel bomb, this is a very rich dessert so you might
    want to share it.
    Firstly we need to temper our chocolate, there is a video on how to temper chocolate on the
    channel I'll link to that at the end of this one.
    Place the tempered chocolate into a hemisphere mold and spread it out so it covers the edges.
    Now I am using dark chocolate but you can use milk or white if you prefer.
    Tip it upside down and give it a shake to let any excess drip out. We will use that
    excess chocolate later in the recipe so keep that.
    Flip it back over and use a spatula just to flatten off around the tops.
    Then turn it back over and leave it upside down to set.
    Now to make our chocolate cremeux which will fill the bottom half you need some milk chocolate
    and the left over dark chocolate from making our spheres. Put them in a bowl and place
    a sieve over the top. Then next mix together your egg yolks and
    All the recipe quantities that you need for this are on the website howtocookthat.net
    in grams and ounces and cups and everything that every body needs.
    Pour your cream into a saucepan and heat it until it just starts to boil.
    Add a little of that hot cream into the egg yolk mixture and stir it the whole time while
    you are adding it. Then add the at back into the cream in the
    saucepan and stir it in.
    Return it to the heat and stir continuosly now you don't want to overheat this or it
    will split and become lumpy.
    We just want it to heat it until it gets to
    sieve onto the chocolate.
    Leave it for a moment for the chocolate to melt and then stir it in and keep stirring
    it until it comes together into a nice smooth rich chocolatey custard. We want to let this
    cool down until it comes to room temperature.
    To get the hemisphere out of the mold just hold the edges and push on the top with your
    thumb or fingers and just peel back the mold.
    Now if it is properly tempered like this it should be nice and shiny and smooth.
    Now we want some crunch to our dessert when we are eating it so for that we are going
    to make some peanut brittle, Just pour some unsalted roasted peanuts onto a tray lined
    with non-stick baking paper and spread them out to a single layer.
    Then heat your sugar and water over high heat stirring it until the sugar dissolves.
    Then take a pastry brush and wash down the sides of the pan, this gets rid of any sugar
    crystals that are on the edge, if you don;t get rid of those it can make your sugar crystalize
    back out at the end instead of being smooth.
    Then let it boil unstirred until it starts to go golden. Now it can be hard to see through
    those bubbles if it is golden or not. So just take it off the heat, let the bubbles die
    down and look it the colour, if it's not golden put it back on and let it start boiling again.
    Now here I've taken it off the heat and you can see it's golden, if you're not sure just
    take a small amount and put it on a cold surface or a plate and it should set up and straight
    away and start to go hard and then you'll know it is ready. Then pour it over your peanuts.
    Do not touch this as it is hotter than boiling water and it sticks to you so you'll end up
    with a bad burn.
    While we are waiting for that to cool down. mix together your peanut butter and the maltodextrin
    powder adding just one tablespoon at a time. Now maltodextrin is very slightly sweet but
    hasn't got a flavour of it's own so it just takes ont he flavour of what you are mixing
    it with so we are just going to get a peanut butter flavoured powder that we can use in
    our dessert here. Once your peanut brittle is completely cold
    you can snap it into small pieces ready to use. i
    On a plate place some peanut butter powder. Then a chocolate hemisphere
    Then fill it with chocolate cremeux, now your cremeux will set firmer if you put it in the
    fridge so if you want it firm just refrigerate it at this stage.
    Then sprinkle it with peanut brittle. Then take another hemisphere and press it
    onto the base of a warmed pan. This is just going to melt the very edge so you just want
    to melt that quickly and put it on top to make the sphere.
    To make the caramel sauce is really easy put the cream, butter and brown sugar in a bowl
    and stir. Then microwave on high heat for
    it 1 minute bursts and stirring it until it is hot and thickened. And you can use this
    on icecream and any desserts that you want. Place that into a jug.
    Serve your dessert to the table and pour over the hot caramel sauce.
    Now the top hollow part of the sphere will melt revealing the peanut brittle inside.
    And then you can eat that rich creamy cremeux with the crunchy peanut brittle and smooth
    caramel sauce. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes,
    chocolates and desserts Click here to go to the channel and watch
    the video on tempering chocolate and here for recipe on howtocookthat.net
    Have a great week and I'll see you Friday
    [music: The Boat Song by Set Sail used with permission] *** *** How To Make Chocolate Balloon Bowls... - YouTube !!!
    to life
    I might stay in a case involving a little bit different paths instead of
    working with hot and then work with chocolate
    stay and making chocolate the pals since starting by blown-up San
    water balloons maintain N my name out my chocolate in best
    thirty-seconds just WAM
    but it doesn't modest area after each into one
    no mind
    I'm using doctor because it seems to
    hold them unique polls minutes in with the white
    white chocolate is optional you don't have keys much much think at a little
    bit something special
    you wouldn't you go and decrease the blade with
    and smile just don't make sure that the people incomes away
    from did the ball and it'll be easy
    have made a white chocolate thanks just the thing to sit on plans to extend
    on and it blames me
    me and my ski clean-cut
    well the
    rather not
    too much well on the whites into the chocolate doesn't stick
    and lane hair making Sam
    chocolate shapes need to go inside my ball when I finished
    I make a mistake making my shapes let teeth and
    and these breaks and make sure if you can he can t text me chain make
    nice the shapes and its strong making at Patton steamboat I keep getting it now
    we see this will make the outside area well not quite nice
    you know say make inside if you bowl quite nice nights leading
    on top reduction mean definitely an
    now I was running out chocolate Hess and I'm Bowl is
    quite and small at but it still looks quite nice all the same shit after
    should put my planes now miss the east
    and just pull out the access mean
    comes out quite easy a may have it
    managed in Poplar St the ones that
    and it my
    chocolate well in San now to check like a and getting hundreds and thousands
    is just think it makes it a little bit more special
    nominees make maestro please look nice and pretty
    and getting them in it second edible glitter
    and because much-awaited in the fridge do
    could live a condensation on them since the amplitude stick
    nice and it just makes it look quite nice and frosted
    genetically thin mustache especially if you make any effort in a party or
    understanding few he's managed it in various things
    now like my putting that was my finished Bowl
    and I'll say makes him shapes
    with the leftover chocolate that I had nitpicking
    how many he came in love cream
    lot not that great
    man admits to a base just six a much nicer with that
    better on first hit me pretty
    now and then at my nice
    shapes they made genetics a special
    near really really easy to you
    nasa made to capture month as you can see and is going to get a and Justin KK
    pic is I didn't have any injured and another story
    good measure man has my elbow
    where I put the white chocolate on top of the dark chocolate that
    and like this one as well I'd like to clean again
    and that make you a piece
    much for I hope you enjoy my video guys
    he liked him and he listens up subscribes the channel
    you think I Spy me are
    theme *** *** Chocolate Truffles Tutorial - Gem Ombre Truffles - YouTube !!!
    a foot injuries today let's teach you how to make white chocolate
    unreachable degraded column
    dusting the science well Kennedy to seizing some nasa dust
    this really cute truffles interest
    just melted and using eighty
    spinning which one this will be a
    this team
    well the change fun
    continued the STM

    on picked up an account French for about
    to Super Bowls at my age coming
    gannett much each president
    braces color to get sleep
    same agreement on
    too much I miss you use
    just makes it
    article about $
    citing happen you can to

    calories just because you chocolate
    said for you chance to you plan
    in same
    angry im
    have planted
    wake anything
    page by mid and put on lastly and
    collapsed mine Kilcher and
    their wrists way
    cannot use tapping
    hope last couple
    you can
    and that's in the fridge for about 15 minutes
    for admittance from had troubled
    infringement nothing
    my at some final details manana
    goalie the way I do is I cut out to the strip that came in the packaging in that
    aikman that were in ET and compressed and keep a leaf raking
    because it is sorry sticky you could
    and rehearing getting

    fingers string fresh
    only and pressing
    companies polycotton mold these
    chocolates very pretty shiny finish
    run finish soon animals the tent you more than
    latin hunk ran funny happened
    leaves each of its last gotti
    most point I didn't use patient chocolate this was compound
    I can't be see compound chocolate
    you don't have to temperate which means you can just not in the microwave
    stream to carry
    your children
    tension mccauley a comparably I just give it
    nice Press with my thing
    that really and his they have here somewhere paper they're printed in a
    building containing
    and it's just a really pretty small polka dot pattern
    the second
    some to a couple much
    much as you can see have my pink butterfly
    just sending back the
    my weekly in a statement print
    but for me chapel
    typically just consists of to and we consider
    be close to you stylista
    and wouldn't cable and that %uh
    Sun I hope you guys enjoy the theater it isn't particularly
    select the up when he had to leave a comment below and I'll do it is to make
    it happen
    thank you for watching and I'll see you next week in *** *** Chocolate Balls Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    to cookies crafting and I'm gonna be your host for today is recently is going
    well I love to close
    goal is simple Rios some chocolate cream case and the police and so what we gonna
    put all the oil into the
    and now a little bit more
    different and *** *** Pootles Advent Countdown #14 Mini Box for Chocolate Balls Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hi there its sound from people suck idk thank you very much for joining me today
    and thank you for joining me and people that don't count on this is
    that are coming out you too weak all the way through December this is today's
    project isn't it cute tiny little box that holds chock-full of a couple of
    days ago had purchased with two couples in and subsequent to make festive and
    this one uses a tiny piece of paper that measures just six by four centimetres

    centimetres economy today with the package thank you
    want to have one show this is the home for Christmas paper I like it I like
    this strike retro that's the two retro for me but I'm gonna show you how to
    make its own alongside scores at one and three eighths of an inch two and three
    quarters four and one eighth of an inch and five and a half and in metric that
    three and a half seven ten and a half and
    then you turn around and run
    scored again one and three eighths of an inch and two inches which in metric is
    three and a half and five centuries
    school bags little tardy she morning
    and somehow managed to fit in
    ok so hopefully consumers school lines now what I hold in the heart of course
    on to live with these two in the middle
    there's a longer part of the top that that's two inches from there there this
    is only one and three eighths of an inch said this is the bottom of the box so a
    metric that five centimeters that means any three and a half that you need to
    cut up to the first school I'm not a second just the first and remove that
    little little rectangle that ok thats I still go to school now we're going to
    cut up these funds here again just to the first school on the books
    finished on insurance of the box is 138 that way in that way it's five eighths
    of an inch to that point there from the base to their but all the way to where
    the bottom of the river but two inches from there to their show in metric its
    three and a half centimeters that way in that way all the way around its one and
    a half century to still air base to that like button there is five centuries the
    size but the back right so this is the branch and when before you put your
    chocolates in school shit together we will see that it won't go any further
    Ridgeline there so that's where it's going to stop so so cheap and you put in
    the country
    couple of holes in lunch so we fit in here every single light not risk

    might be pushing it
    yeah it's gonna make it popular resentment
    reached my boys he's a
    damned ideological it so let's say the size I that's how many of it in there
    and get them very clear where I get my phone and I love them through the great
    I did put a picture on my facebook patients and he said would you get
    mister X for the photo ID not easter eggs that was funny
    party also
    perfect children home from school tomorrow partly that's the thing at the
    moment is that the children taken presidential each other my budget
    doesn't allow for the fact that my children between four of them are in
    class with a hundred and twenty other children so that's not going to happen
    but a nice little treat like this may be the best friend or a couple of their
    friends anyway thank you so much for joining me *** *** Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 905 - YouTube !!!
    hi enlarge battalion and the personal are you getting I wanna share if u
    my recipe for happy about evolved out with them
    I know that these are usually meet around the holidays on a to make a treat
    a sweet treat
    I and that's what these this recipe actually was influenced by one of Joe's
    family members and she actually make these around Easter and Mother's Day and
    Father's Day like very much
    all year long and sons fathers day mothers they are kinda coming up I
    thought this would be a really great treat to package up in like a boxing
    to you were up to
    a nice little treat or present
    not they are
    so easy to make miss you really be called chocolate peanut butter crispy
    but whatever you fifty I think Todd at the think tank hook us up with some
    confectioner sugar
    he also many some rice creo any kind you'd like
    some creamy peanut butter liberman potted Potter
    and you need a little bit a vanilla extract and also don't need just a
    couple more ingredients to make the chocolate coating
    that's going to come in a little bit so for now it is so easy and simple just
    wait and see
    I've got a small saucepan into my salt pan am going to at
    my own salted butter I'm just going to
    yeltsin this over about MediaWiki and then what add
    our next ingredients attack
    it's about where
    at the banal and now I'm going to just
    turned of am going to add my peanut butter I sprained my little boy with
    some non-stick spray so they kind of
    pops out really easily and now I'm just going to take my time
    and make than the peanut butter and the butter into everything
    is a nice in creamy and smooth you might have to turn this back
    on medium green in order for it to melt a little bit quicker but
    just take your time and be patient I should use a much bigger scale
    in a much bigger South Penn but what can I say
    don't think quite some time head
    a fabulous that looking out to take a bath in there so if Nemu
    wanna go and buy a few are now
    thousand things the peanut butter and butter and fill the bathtub for me
    appreciate it
    at but this is done and now it's just a question up putting everything together
    really easy you got your right theory all your confectioner sugar
    this luscious nests I'll over the top now mike you want to say one thing
    you okay adjust the amount of confectioners sugar
    that in this recipe you can adjust it to however much you like
    now some people at the port at the pound of sugar in here
    when I on the other hand
    modest amount not too much but yet not too little I think this is the perfect
    amount but
    if you make this recipe and given a taste along the way
    and just find that a need a little more sugar than by all means just add a
    little bit more sugar
    now what you need to do don't think years of it never gonna come together
    it's never gonna hold
    but it will what you need to do is just be patient
    and makes this with your spatula until every piece I love
    every little bit of power sugar is no longer visible you want it to be really
    incorporated you want
    that rice crispy know that right serio and
    the power should go to be well coated in that battery next year so just take your
    and given a good mix get that upper body workout again forgot to get this morning
    get it done now this is what you are looking for
    okay for now I have here they just filled my ball the above water and i
    also have a baking sheet
    with some parchment paper that I sprayed with nonstick spray
    got my lower heating the little ice cream scoop that about a teaspoon size
    and what you gonna do is you're going to just
    porn them for now and then
    will keep his all roll once you have formed them because you could do this
    just put your hands but I always find that
    arm the kinda very inside cell four-man
    and then we'll roll them and down will get them chilling
    once you have them all
    so for me know you got all your your
    battering the same size you want to just take your hand game plan a little water
    that's going to stick your hand and give them a nice little roll don't have to be
    perfect I me mine certainly not perfect summer bigger than others but who cares
    that amputee up anything that homie
    now it got that rustic have charm to a
    now one I have rolled each wanna pop this
    into the fridge these me to set for a good couple of hours you can even good
    at the ninety-four
    make like really easy if you've got budget people I'm
    are you making these for you can double or triple the recipe it completely up to
    and really fantastic if you don't like a baby shower bridal shower does anything
    like that when you need to
    no guitar a burn I was wealth giving out food
    up so this is a great one to make everyone loved them and they're just so
    easy so I'm just gonna fall on them let them chill
    and then we will cut them okie dokie
    had a couple of hours in the fried and they are set and they're perfect and
    ready to go so you don't need to make
    it I went to spike one thing to another any difference so X I did it's not even
    you can even make a chocolate coating to coat the thin what I've got here are
    some semisweet chocolate chips
    and some vegetable shortening its kind porn you have actual shortening
    its gonna give you the right consistency the right shine and mix it up to that
    the chapel wall crack you can not over a double boiler
    or you can do an idiom in a pop it in the microwave on that melted chocolate
    and let it melt for about
    seconds giving it a stir every
    seconds or so
    to make sure
    it's getting knotted even if my pop this an OK won't get to coding
    the K
    this looks perfect
    and now I just hate you little peanut butter balls
    you can do this with to Forks if you want to or you can do with your fingers
    however your heart desires
    and you just dipped on in there like us all
    that to myself voice by the way and you popped them
    right back on ga.-based sheet now is gonna continue
    to do these as quickly as I can
    and then I'm gonna let them set and then we'll be ready to enjoy them
    poppies in a fridge
    only for about
    minutes so that they sacked and don't worry if they don't
    look all perfect because look when you pick them up
    I just circling around the edges you got to go with it in all our to tap a
    this is lacking the kitchen so my food will look like it's been made in this

    no factor here but it's really easy and really simple
    see like that and then this can be the Cook Street in a look at beautiful
    that'll truffles about so creamy
    paying a barroom crunching
    perfect in
    not is but
    idoney with you how to make these they're not like
    sir fifty have the mean really bad they're so
    Harvard that I like them to be really nice and creamy in the crunch coming
    from the quitting on the right serial
    bad at the piano by paula like if the you are in the same boat as I am about
    texture and flavor and aroma sweetness this is a recipe for you
    girl are in the kitchen on comp the recipe will be waiting for you make it
    back to these this weekend for your friends and family
    take a picture share me of social media tweet me talking re tweet tweet tweet
    tweet tweet tweet tweet
    and tell you how much I love you going to be down below I have enjoyed my time
    with me now
    time by
    time *** ***