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how to build a tiered cake how to make

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    How to Make Chocolate Curls | Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    So I'm going to go to the fridge and get my sheet tray that I put in there so it would
    get nice and cold. To make chocolate curls or chocolate cigarettes I have a cookie sheet
    or a brownie pan that I've let sit either in the refrigerator or the freezer just until
    it's nice and cold. I'm turning it over so I have a nice flat surface to work off of.
    My chocolate is going to go right on, I have my tempered chocolate, right onto the surface.
    I'm going to use a small offset spatula just to spread it out really nice and thin. Just
    all over the surface, and you're going to see, because the sheet tray is really nice
    and cold, it's going to start setting up right away. You can tell when chocolate is starting
    to set. It'll go from a very shiny, glossy, wet look to start to become mat and thick.
    You can see already, as I spread, my chocolate is starting to cool down. What I'm going to
    do is keep spreading not really for the purpose of making it any thinner but just for the
    purpose of continuing to cool it down.
    The next thing I'm going to do is just grab my bench scraper. You can take your chocolate
    and kind of hold onto the pan a little bit. I'm just going to push it away from me, and
    what that's going to do is create nice, big, kind of thick, beautiful curls. You want to
    do this when your chocolate is still slightly warm.
    And you can see it's a great way also to make cigarettes. Just sort of push away from you.
    Really nice, big shards, and when I put those on top of, if I have a cake that I've covered
    really beautifully with a ganache or with any sort of glaze, if I put those curls kind
    of all on top it's going to be a really beautiful presentation. You can see how nicely they
    kind of curl right on to each other. It's like self cleaning your cookie sheet.
    That's it. I'm going to save all those. Be careful not to break those up, because they'll
    break pretty easily. So turn your pan around and do the rest. You can just sort of inch
    it away from you. Really nice curls. A great technique if you have a block of chocolate
    you can just take a grater, or a knife, or a peeler, and kind of grate big shards of
    chocolate in the same way and get those really nice, big pieces. *** *** Decorating a cake in pure chocolate ruffles and wraps - YouTube !!!
    hello my name's Nick econ today I'm gonna show you how to decorate a
    wedding cake with pure chocolate muffins
    and day
    taking a she now is quite check a and takes a little bit a practice
    but I'll take it in stages step-by-step to get a good understanding on how to do
    so what I have here is a frozen marble slab has been sitting in my freezer
    overnight at least eight hours by Daily
    longer the better
    and here in my town
    I've got tempered white chocolate I prefer to use
    temper chocolate but this particular technique that is a marvelous finish
    to the cake a lovely snap eat really beautifull a
    he could alternatively just melt some chocolate rather than temperate but it's
    not gonna eat in the same way
    it also need a flexible food grade
    so whatcha gonna do now is on a scrape down the port
    many ice crystals performed on that
    what that down year ago
    and the kitchen clock and then
    with my Lehto
    take a little bit the temperature ok let place around board
    and work as quickly
    as possible cuz this is gonna start setting immediately scrape off
    the chocolate and then lift up the decoration
    from the boys she gonna a better time to work through this take a small
    palette knife I'm attach chocolate onto their
    and wrap it around the cake
    and then using the cake board
    underneath you can turn the cake round is your
    turntable another amount of
    chocolate onto the rack picking up
    quickly and attach that
    to the cake and as top part the cake
    clean any excess of a scraper
    & Poor's and then like a next level
    i'm looking across the marble slab say that
    this bit and get warm and the NAP it will be cold the next
    my small and chocolate what a shock
    final a quick clay if you don't like
    the ruffled edges you could always just remember just by using the edge of the
    and then cut it in half so
    you have was straight band without the roughly
    edges which every prefer
    so if they're a little bit then and
    selling the National cake is showing through
    you can always make another band
    and put that
    Trinity to put that over the top known as a bit
    see through the essay I might just put to have a band
    just gently
    feed and into their
    mamsted down it
    a little bit a joke that UK
    you have
    urged with the maps and now we're going to bomb to ruffles
    if you've only got
    team up with and it worked with wanna put this back in
    the freezer
    get another few hours and go back to the cake later
    say you can either cut this in hardcore use a whole shapes want to quickly
    just left that on hands what
    basically concertina filled that
    into a lovely shape they've got a limited amount of time
    to do this before it starts at so
    and units were quite quickly see if you believe this but to no one here its
    set too hard and snap and then
    this fine position that goes on to their
    and shutdown
    and sure enough the keenest on the chocolate at the moment just to stick
    but only if this is getting a little bit
    set you put a little bit as at chock Alana using
    you up at night just teasing you don't cake
    you wanna make a smaller raffle
    it would cut that chocolate in heart and you sure
    Palin I'm just say get under there again and
    yeah I'm concertina
    that chocolate obviously that with this report says to heart
    make neither work with the now the Reg which is a bit
    less cut and more delicate fine
    give you that's what a finish then touched it you
    in the best position have a look which works best
    to the cake one
    move around and
    actual an expat a chocolate onto a
    is trying to keep create that day
    check to just fill any gaps and
    last one gently
    things quite warm quite careful eighth
    into into place
    to allocate just to check that everything
    is know you'd like it made always add a few more
    the band's or replacing the Raffles if you know with the position
    there we have it one finished cake
    with pure chocolate ruffles and wraps *** *** How to Make Chocolate Curls - YouTube !!!
    these top white house are exactly what you need to make a difference between
    that normal cake
    and then every Special K with real happens
    not the chocolate gently in a bowl a for paraffin ringwald
    watch to have tht have too much on
    pour the melted chocolate onto
    upside down making today spread the chocolate
    able to try using a big palette knife or not keep spreading backwards and
    forwards to mean
    Chuck to make indicate he hit
    to set you want the chocolate too fat
    but not be to your heart it was still need
    feels like a soft touch the top 15 partitioned into play
    use a palette knife
    push the trade to what your body to stop it
    meeting around and then push the night

    degree angle to work tonight

    the *** *** How to make chocolate Curls - YouTube !!!
    manage change how I make my
    chocolate can also switch and put on top K just using
    miss and your plane
    not topless each time
    no white chocolate delight I'm
    just I'm going to use Andy vegetable p.m. to do that on a tube
    these chocolate pieces
    just on
    just factually right
    we Fort Lee here
    Hardesty them and crack
    Moscone banking
    okay preach to fit
    just transcend painfully been on one side and
    get Hills
    lamp a
    but chocolate does need to be quite still
    too inflexible idolize you
    disorder chip away at it that's not going to care
    doesn't care and you need to see to it my
    for Sunday
    cool Caroline still when captain would appeal
    new would so I'm just gonna put that aside I usually let that
    them up in the fridge and
    bring my feet prices are intending to chocolate chips
    nothing goes to waste
    that just screams
    easily not what I made today I'm going to pop I mean
    originally baking hot not been in a complete douche

    use them *** *** How to Make Chocolate Curls | Candy Making - YouTube !!!
    So today I'm going to make chocolate curls. So I have a little bit of dark chocolate,
    and my dark chocolate is tempered, which means it's been melted down and cooled to the point
    where it's nice and just barely cool to the touch, and also it's going to setup nice and
    firm, and glossy.
    So I'm just going to take a cookie sheet that I've chilled in the refrigerator or the freezer,
    for about five minutes. And you should be able to touch and it'll feel really nice and
    cold. And I'm just going to take my chocolate, and right onto my cookie sheet. Let's not
    start with too much, but we'll just take a little bit. And then with my offset spatula,
    you could use a large or a small offset spatula, you could see that shape of it, it's going
    to make it really easy to smooth out my chocolate. I'm just going to gently push back and forth,
    and you're going to see my chocolate start to set, which means it's going to start to
    firm up, cool up, and it's going to change from that glossy sheen to something that's
    a little bit more matte and thick.
    So you can already see my chocolate is thickening, it's cooling down, and do it really gently,
    nice, back and forth. Don't feel like you have to rush this. As soon as it starts giving
    you a little pressure back, it's like hard to smooth, leave it alone. Take any extras
    off. And then I'm going to switch. So you can either use something like this, which
    is a little bit wider, to kind of scrape this up, or I can use my bench scraper.
    So depending on what I'm looking for, let's give it a feel. And you can see, it's already
    firm. Okay? So I'm going to take this, and if I wanted to make something like curls,
    you could see, once I lift it up, this is nice and firm, but it's not really kind of
    moving around. So I want to do something a little bit quicker. We get our nice curls.
    Okay? So nice quick motion. These are really good for on top of cakes. Once they cool down,
    you could just top a cake with like, these big gorgeous curls of chocolate, and this
    is also they way you would make something like cigarettes. So if I were to take this
    same motion and just push really quickly, I would get a little cigarette. Let's see
    if we can do that. So I get a cute little chocolate cigarette, just like that.
    So we're going to keep curling these beautiful curls, and if your chocolate starts to get
    too warm, if it's warm inside, just pop it back in the fridge and let it cool up again.
    If it starts getting too firm, move it to a warmer place, or even kind of touch it with
    your hand, let it get a little bit warmer. And that is it. You have these beautiful chocolate
    curls. Let's finish them off.
    So now we're actually going to use these as a decoration. So I'm going to grab a cupcake
    from the fridge. So here I have a beautiful chocolate cupcake, and I'm just going to take
    my chocolate curls, and you could just kind of arrange them in a really beautiful kind
    of fun way. Choose the ones that you like best, and again, these are great on like,
    really big cakes, just kind of load them up on the top. They're great as just a garnish,
    on like, a fruit salad, put some chocolate curls. And that's it. A little dusting of
    cocoa, or just like that, and you're ready to go. That's how you make chocolate curls. *** *** Cake Decorating Tips - White Chocolate Curls - YouTube !!!
    did white chocolate curls can be very time consuming to make
    and we've come up with a new easy way to do it and I'm going to show you how
    first have taken some white chocolate clay and rolled it out
    quite then I that that cool little bit
    and now I'm going to tare straps
    what we're doing is trying to tear these
    all about the same way yet about an
    inch inch-and-a-half wide and then I'm just going to twist and curl
    you want these two all be different shapes
    some sure some long you were a lot of variety here to make them look really
    and then you just take the little curls
    onto a sheet and let them dry overnight
    another chocolate curls have dried overnight
    it's time to put them onto our cake with buttercream and
    archaic and we simply take the curls and push them right
    into the buttercream we're trying to put them just as close as we can together
    so the chick ill complete coverage and that's a very easy way to make white
    chocolate curls *** *** how to make chocolate garnishes decorations tutorial how to cook that ann reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to howtocookthat.net. For a printable copy of the recipes simply go to www.howtocookthat.net
    Cover a chopping board with aluminium foil, or you can use a baking tray turned upside
    down covered in aluminium foil. Pour all your chocolate onto your tray. Then just spread
    it out, not too thin. Then we'll just chuck that in the freezer.
    You just pull it out of the freezer, take it off the alfoil, and push down in the center,
    and snap it into shards that you can then stick into your chocolate pavlova, or your
    With the tempered chocolate, let's put it in a Ziploc bag. Get a glass of Marsala or
    you can use vodka. Marsala is just a sweet Italian dessert wine that goes well with it.
    Have it in the freezer for at least an hour to let it cool down and then just squirt some
    chocolate into the Marsala. And as it's hiting the cold Marsala it is setting, so you get
    a nice chocolate swirl pattern, and you can let it sink to the bottom. Just leave it for
    a little second. Then use a fork to pull it out, and pop it on some paper to drain and
    to dry. So that's a way of getting some nice,
    Spread some out on overhead projector plastic, and then we're going to roll it, like so.
    And to keep it rolled we just pop one end in a glass, like that. And that will make
    some nice chocolate curls once it's set.
    Pop some at one end like that. Grab an icing comb and just run it through like that. And
    that's going to give you some nice chocolate sticks.
    With this as well, if you want them over like bows, you can just actually bend it over,
    and join them together.
    For other recipes click on the links that you can see. Enjoy! *** *** How to make chocolate shavings for cake design - YouTube !!!
    hi welcome to baking with not yet today and going to the gym in Sri
    she chopped its and we're going to be using

    haven't start Belgian chocolates
    I will also be used a sharp knife
    like this yes something to put it down
    intact and she chocolate
    issues for many different things if you use it for
    do you think cakes pastries I
    it its service life and set your case to your cake and Katie and gives it unique
    to look and so let me go ahead and demonstrate how indigenous
    safe so we think
    flex sharp knife towards ass and will just end it
    ports for access Estes as the shape
    are of
    of and as you see
    we get some role shaped chocolates
    that we can put in our content and you can't put it in the freezer
    to keep it cool effort to keep its shape and then you can
    a fight your cake pastry
    for at fantastic delicious mouth-watering were
    and fees refer her to you my other videos
    I'm I have any chocolate cakes that she
    chocolate and other pastries I'll be showing
    some pictures pastries in case that you can do this
    thank you so much
    I'm home
    0 *** *** How to make chocolate curls - YouTube !!!
    so I thought I'd show you how to make some lovely chocolate curls to decorate
    your dessert
    and this time I'm using the premium white
    but you could use milk chocolate or dark chocolate
    either would work I've got a hundred 80 grams said it
    melting everything clean running water and when
    it's melted in beautifully through the with my lamp for total
    just take it off the keys and we're going to spread it
    onto and apt and baking tray can use a palette knife to spread it out
    into a rough rectangle and the important thing
    is to let the said at room temperature you don't want to put it in the fridge
    give it one to two hours just a firm up
    so this is one that's been sitting
    room temperature to Alice quite Sen
    but still pliable and you need a flat bladed knife
    for this the important thing is to get your knife at the right angle say
    you want to be able to shape the surface to make an electrical
    two or three times you can just angleton I slightly
    and these two beautiful though keeping the free and she can just put them on a
    line baking tray
    and then just decorate your desserts in your guess is sitting at the table
    beautiful *** *** How To Make Chocolate Shavings | Jamie's Comfort Food | Kerryann Dunlop - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    high-speed chase Carey and here I made this amazing cake is absolutely
    beautiful I'm gonna show you how to make the most easiest chocolate curls and
    some shape jocular to put it over the top and make it look super sexy this
    recipe and loads more in the new Jamie Oliver comfort food book as you can see
    it's a three-tiered cake if you wanna know how I cut the cake into three tiers
    click on the cake but for now let's make some calls all I've got is just a
    regular bar of chocolate I put it in the fridge so it's nice and cold and have
    gone I shot
    I study board member in the shift a damp cloth on the needs to
    stop it from sliding around and you want to pull the jocular
    awards you so we want to put the knife or
    degrees and you want to apply a
    little pressure and just pull it and there you have looked at those come out
    the finest rotisserie in France when really they just come out my little
    kitchen in Hackney and keep doing it until you got loads and loads and loads
    and loads and loads and loads and loads look at their now with all these lovely
    curls I'm just going to sprinkle them all over the kickoff so now another way
    my friends fuck standard cost side of a household gray up and literally just
    great the truck and then you get some girls so even though the great it was
    still a bit shocked this is a much better way of getting the kids involved
    if they want to get involved in decorated cakes as well
    rather than making them do the knife you can get it done with the crater and look
    up girls and I'm going to sprinkle them on as well
    you can never have too much chocolate that's probably why I don't really let
    my daughter is this too much cuz she be so they haven't guys to really really
    easy ways to embellish all of your sweet treats so but the chocolate shavings and
    the really really super simple chocolate curls both of which buffers are in my
    old friend Jamie Oliver's book comfort food so have a look
    checking out anything else in there you might like
    don't forget to Like if you like the video subscribe if you want to subscribe
    is free off the rules so you know don't take time but most importantly guys have
    fun enjoy yourselves have heard him and don't forget to check out much more
    lovely recipes on it just click the link to check out now guys *** *** 3 Ways to Cut Chocolate Curls -- How To - YouTube !!!
    I just want to show you some simple chocolate curls
    you just use your paring knife and just
    likely come across the white chocolate this is part a class A
    white chocolate particle este it has a little bit I'll
    fat so it's a little softer its easier
    to curl you can also use
    dark chocolate you can make larger carl's with
    the peeler it's good for
    Black Forest or chocolate mousse cake
    or just simply with your ice cream K
    you can also use up box grater for at smaller
    Carl it's good
    for a nice garnish for cakes
    and I like to actually before I use this
    I like to refrigerate it so I can actually hold it and it doesn't now
    in my fingers chocolate curls *** *** Fondant Ruffle Cake Ombre Style Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys looking to raise these days that spot in the subset I'll be teaching
    you how to make this ruffled cake has some background and here they have
    colored with them black america langella food color and I'm using a circle cut
    out cut out my sooo cool that's about four centimeters to one and a half
    inches in diameter up to make the ruffles you can fall to see all four
    corners region photos they have two continents as two different clusters of
    before they can create that taking a phone patentable to land just thinning
    out and thrilling out filling out the edges
    bolt what's hot on the fund in half on the phone plan I'm just getting a little
    bit of pressure as I go around the funding side and add a little bit of
    steam onto your fondant covered cake to make a nice and techie then fold up
    you'll also calls and puts them into the fondant cake just like
    find giving them all a different kind of style of ruffle looks really pretty
    instead of just having like all of them being four corners or even being a tu
    cuenta ruffle his mixed it and kind of presents the K&N shaped it to be a
    little bit more open and close maybe cover up a lil bit more of the cake
    could just go along with it see what looks good but I think the diversity
    really makes the part I mean all these different shapes that are stuck directly
    above and I called my fund in a little bit ly Thai just a little bit of white
    funded to a black teacher I made a made sure to color in little bit lighter each
    time to create that nice effect it transitions release movie because each
    day is different color he's showing you just how he did that at a little bit of
    white fondant whatever we have left making it a different light and shade
    and then continue up the cake very easy just time consuming but totally worth it
    Jeremy Guthrie connoisseur of raffle and as you keep growing you realize all the
    different ways that you can make the ruffles and here I show you how I meant
    that three cuenta con ojos I folded it and then a pee shooting on one side and
    that creates like it that's a three-cornered I think that would be my
    favorite kind of awful thing looks really appreciate that once I reach the
    very top of the cake I just put on some rare white truffles to color it at all
    and you can stop here or you can go up another layer ruffles that you cover the
    very edge of the cake I can win up and above the age of the cake I think that
    looked really nice and you can see him
    the clothes that I was going to stop here then I realized surely you can see
    the back of the ruffles on the other side so I thought I do one more layer
    and hide those and it looks really nice when I do that extra layer of countries
    closer love really neatly on the very top of the cake plus the end just
    filling in those spaces

    hours just to decorate the outside that's because I was truly be ages and
    also so changing the colors that they went if you went to doctor lee ages just
    have a really believe that if you would just one color then you're probably not
    offer good our way but I think when you through the ages just looks a lot more
    delicate and elegant so if you have the time I step we wouldn't skip that step
    and if you like you can just go to my channel applet a new video every Tuesday
    and Saturday thanks very much a guy and I'll catch you next time *** *** How to Use Chocolate Curls & Lace | Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    But our chocolate ganache cake, I have some options. A really classic idea is to take
    these chocolate curls that I've made, and you can see they've just come off of my cooled
    sheet tray. They're kind of ready to go.
    And I can just take these if I want to and just pile them up. Very, kind of, anyway you
    please in a big. Almost imagine like a campfire. You're building a big pile of sticks here.
    You can break some of them up.
    And just all over the top of your cake. This is a very classic way to do this. All over.
    And this is one of those really good, like, winter time cakes that people just. They see
    it and they can't not take a slice of it.
    But also, I want to show you the final fun design that we did which would also be really
    cute on a cake like this, is my piped chocolate designs. You can see with my cornei I just
    piped a little lace.
    And I'm just just going to, kind of, flip it over and peel this off. And you can see
    it comes right off into this really, how easy is that first of all. But look at this really
    fun sheet of lace. Really beautiful.
    So, I would just break off little pieces of this. Very gently. And remember the heat from
    your hands may start to melt this, so work quickly. Or else just pop it back in the refrigerator
    or freezer.
    But anywhere you like to put it. So you can just, kind of, finish it with some really
    beautiful piped lattice work here. And just a little sprinkling and you're good to go.
    Two really gorgeous, very impressive if I might say, cakes. And you can do it at home
    with really no effort at all.
    So, I hope you give it a try. *** *** 3 Ways to Make Chocolate Decorations | Cake Decorating - YouTube !!!
    So I'm going to take my chocolate that's already tempered and that's just cooled down, and
    I'm going to put a little bit of it right onto my acetate sheet, my transfer sheet,
    and just take a small offset spatula and just spread it. You're looking for a very thin
    layer, not too thin that it will break, but just thin enough. Imagine like a piece of
    thin brittle like a candy. Just spread it all over.
    What I'll do is pop this in the fridge once I've spread it out really nice and thinly,
    and it'll set up within, I'd say, five, ten minutes, you'll have a really nice sheet of
    chocolate to work off of. You don't have to fuss too much with it. Just make sure it's
    nice and even. And one is ready to go.
    Now, for the other I'm going to make a little bit of like a chocolate squiggly design. So,
    I'm going to take a little bit of my chocolate right into my cornet and you can see it just
    goes right to the bottom. I'm going to take it and fold it over, and I have a really cute
    little cone.
    This is also great if you want to write people's names on birthday cakes. You just write happy
    birthday with the little chocolate cone. Just snip the tip and you can go as wide or as
    kind of small as you want to.
    All I'm going to do is just make cute little kind of squiggly designs. When they're set
    I'm going to break these up and put them in shards kind of on top of my cake. It's going
    to be really beautiful lace to put around. So easy, incredibly easy, but it looks really
    So that's it for that. You want to do enough that it's not going to break on you, so a
    good layer of squiggle, a very technical term. That is it. So, all of these chocolate designs
    I'm going to pop in the fridge or the freezer until they're nice and firm and set. Then
    I'll take them off of these transfer sheets and put them on some cakes, and you'll see
    some really beautiful designs. *** ***