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    How To Create Quilt Pattern On A Cake the Krazy Kool Cakes Way! - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is not a crazy okay
    i mean to you when another of
    had a lot of requests for this and this to trial fine TV
    about how much is very easily and quickly create a beautiful quilt pattern
    on any cake here so here I already have a really nice
    at Tiffany Lucic anche Katie your current finance an all-you-can-eat
    for your paul karen is your me
    some paper kasi cut out this paper
    and the same size as my Katie are so this is a six-inch
    up paper and all she has to do this in a little bit
    missus a nightie redrafting trying all
    you don't have to have this you can use any ruler I
    likeness because the highlight me how I hold in my hand but you can use any
    ruler and then also you're gonna need a ruler okay
    so go ahead and grab yourself a littler annual me
    some little pants okay and then
    you can use when did not enter just use another I little hand to poke holes
    in your case K cell whatever size
    Kate here you're working on if it's a
    shall I do is just bad
    a cardboard cake for and I draw circle
    i trace it on a piece of paper then you will cut it
    with a pair of scissors K and then you fold it said depending on what size
    quilt you want
    you fold it that many times so I'm going to do a pretty small hole pattern on
    this cake here
    so I hold it over several times in just be sure that you hold it
    even every single time so that when you I don't hold it
    all increases are the exact
    same side in the exact same distance so when you fall in the paper is you
    notice it's not flat okay it's not flush cell
    what I like to do to hold it down is I
    put it online i'm talking like a
    I take a little can and I'm going she'll
    Center the piece a paper
    you hold it down with the pen alright
    killed an exam and I do is to make sure that this thing is and flat panel and
    going to take a few my little pants just to help me
    hold it down I have a cake topper on this Kate you're so I'm not worried
    about any tiny little holes
    that will be visible if you don't wanna put little holes on your cane
    then just do a really good job holding it down here cleaners
    as you're working perhaps somebody help you
    okay sure these pants are just all the paper jam
    no big deal
    can be cocky
    sunau I can see the lines in one minute do is just take
    a pan and I'm just going to create a tiny little hole
    on the very edge of Mike a tear where that Greece will actually stop
    when I'm doing my people pattern and make sure they make it be an actuary you
    can see the home
    we're making a wholly key okay so there's my personal training how
    you can see it lines up with
    my paper and i'm looking for. p okay here than at home
    suggests make the tiny little home
    at every mine nice n Easy
    in the meantime I want to make you all to check out all my other
    free awesome tutorials
    I cover case
    pond and everything
    okay so there's a first for letting me all right now
    I don't need this anymore some binary all these pants
    make sure you don't use on me so now I'm gonna do
    is take my ruler K and I'm going to line in a
    with the hall and make sure it's nice industry
    okay so you can see that this rulers
    perfectly straight and it's lined up with this home
    and you know that is strange if the bottom on the rollers totally plush
    against the card okay cell
    I have my straight ruler I'm holding it strain
    right next to the little hollow and I take my pen and exactly
    at the bottom I make another training at a home
    thank you yahoo.com night that's why you're gonna do
    all the way around my nephew ruler next to the next home
    and Megan tiny little pin hole at the bottom
    nice n Easy
    hope so some insurance all honor
    homes online now
    perfectly spaced the new the new
    the new hmm
    right so there it is see can see all the holes on top and bottom
    are lined up with each other okay some now you're gonna do is grab your
    straight ahead for your ruler when everyone to use
    chilmark a lot of people like you main tools and all this stuff and
    for for me that's a little bit too complicated so I just like to use
    my street and champagne cell the
    smaller than angle at which you hold your straight edge
    that will give you the a lesser amount
    I'll quilt pattern are qualities I'm the more you hold here
    traded at an angle or let it drop the more quilts
    are squares are diamonds that you'll get on your
    apartments are if I were to hold it just like this
    and then the next 1i process for its just gonna give me one
    one cross a are to honor one intersection of two lines here in the
    I want Millar us Mar diamond pattern so I'm going to actually hold it
    at more than ample some what I'm gonna do is our place
    day and I'll Miami straight edge
    at this whole and then I'm gonna want to come
    all the way to this one so there's a space
    at June holes in the train okay
    so let me go ahead and do this now and I just
    hold my my stretch this way and I'm just I'm calling on my other police on me
    here so I just holding company
    and I'm pressing Chinese mine table
    very slowly and making sure
    that my line annis at this other hole
    my case I started here and then it crosses all I overhear
    says you can see here me the line with indented a little deeper here some
    reason to come back and
    and pressing a little harder so it looks nice n even
    I like this this a ninety-degree straight edge because it's a little
    any is me and I flying PU something very
    and Michael ruler it just get it'll give me a finer line see you decide how you
    want it to look
    okay k so for the next line
    we just follow the same exact a step that we just did
    you'll start at the next hole and humane
    a straight line all the way to the next one okay
    and then once you you've got mentioned the PLO
    you can do it a little bit faster salt
    keepin' your eye on the hole at the top so you know exactly
    where it now became there's an axe I'm
    and again a little deeper here in here saw you wanna do is just go back and
    am repress maraniss
    okay instant
    and I'll just be quiet now means
    mmm be careful and keep it strange
    you know how think you're financing you use your best judgment last year
    how hard I am pressing you 1 I'm pressed down so hard to wear
    you start to tearing up on any
    I think it starts coming out I speak from experience
    the new the new
    the new hmm
    %uh the mall
    must have he's movin the
    London the my
    good came
    song national tree pollen and he looked like that be awesome
    my were doing at home parents on our we're gonna do the same thing
    mccain so what we had done originally was
    we had PN demonstrated here
    and only scant line
    channel and then on the
    we connect online
    so now we're gonna do the same thing but in the opposite direction
    sunau will start here came before you actually precedent
    look to see where it and i also have my first started here
    and a cold one chill s on the line will have to come back to me here
    King on this stock some press and
    mmm-hmm here's the first time now the rest is easy
    you just connect the dots came
    strike fear into my find the next home
    I'm training
    cornet doctor mmm
    people came from my husband s
    have Chinese someone here porch and one here in maintaining pressure me on me an
    it or you very very funny
    mom the new
    the mud
    hmm %uh
    the mud room
    room year
    that's crazy
    home and I'm gonna hurt little drinking
    here to come in a little home
    and i hope i meeting someone now the diamond here so I shared a
    another cake and I've already done that hath less
    whole pattern on hearsay
    Kate you that I had previously done this is an a dense
    and as you can see me it's Scott a different whole design
    than this one so i'd in the same thing just cut out a
    AT&T round piece of paper place it on here
    held in place and then just in my little dots services
    what I wanted to show you that if you hold the east rain
    anche at a high angle are last I should thank
    then it'll give you a different designs so this is a really
    whole diamond pattern by just doing it this way no one that you don't hear
    we hung out there straight edge at Amy slider and more
    so again the more you or your stretch the marcos you'll get
    the higher your straight edge the less Apple still getting you can get
    different looking
    designs and they look very very beautiful just left alone like this are
    like I said
    at him at all a dry days with my life here pay
    cell I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial let me know if you have any
    it is very simple to do in is at a lot I'm really nice detail
    türkei and would love it if the knife could subscribe if you haven't already
    and also keep a check us out on Facebook
    we would appreciate your final moments and anything video alright I thank you
    god bless
    by the new the new
    the new hmm *** *** Creating a quilted effect on a cake How To Tutorial Zoes Fancy Cakes - YouTube !!!
    in this video and show you have to quell
    the edges of the cake basically to me
    of fabric like aims to taking a cadet own impression on flights
    love diamond smile quilting till are you can use maps
    as well and I P fifty years tasty
    put the imprinted with bath and a map which I find love
    marker to use so just taking it prestech in at the sides of the cake
    resting on the barge the you know that each level and
    when you have done it once you've left your impression in lining up next to it
    and put in next impression again
    and you want to continue around the cake like that but we've got
    all the way around now you might find that when you do reach the back of the
    that don't quite me and says I as you've got to at the back
    don't worry too much as it might be seen and
    and then you can run over afterward with a tool
    try and connect the back diamonds in it they
    touch as much as you can get and Tufts so
    don't worry impact hasn't gone into deep cuts with anger through again
    so what I've done now
    is amusing enough teaching tool which is a killer whale
    will spike so much grace I kissed chain line I'm just gonna burn
    up and down the lines of my cake avoid is
    plan with the impression and the leading passion quilting told
    refused so even all the way around
    when you complete it that way Hindu I'm just using the all the end of my till
    but she's just at the FAA and a straight line
    and put in little crosses indentations crosses
    in every point where the diamonds so meet each other
    and that's just gonna create a amal fabric
    like clock smoking up a little bit more realistic
    you don't have to put the cell crosses on she'd prefer not to
    I'm so you gonna do that all the way around when you have time now
    if you want then you can add love pale or something and
    into into those Pines search take the little tap water
    and just put that in each point so in Centereach cost you've just made
    and just gently pressing a little pale so I'm using pales to style
    and should have held me some Docklands on this one also looks quite nice with
    white ones
    an in a complaint I need of flowers as well he felt like him flowers instead
    pic to do that all the way around and not think that she take off it
    thanks for watching *** *** Buttercream Diamond Quilting Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hi my name is Jared
    today fashion handmade a diamond pattern
    came and a buttercream K room
    already have where K today you can do this with the Nikkei
    which he make sure for work the matter I'm losing
    I'm not using furstenberg I anything at all
    water where 3 it is very soft lips room temperature
    so also put extra
    on the with your gonna hate me so much away
    own so where are you
    for you understand why yeah you want to make sure this is good she'll
    injured I want you want yeah
    UK and the impression that the guy is an issue
    wat you you don't know the difference or you don't want to use this
    you can use these
    where you see it's just so long harder to get this straight keep in mind that
    him personally a lot of quick also you can use a
    and all this is the same thing but we had a contentious
    see it you put
    yeah K any trap yeah
    president yeah look the other way you just have to measure
    as you go is it see him figure out but this is for another time
    for about this on this one so
    we've got armor nice she'll
    in Aamir
    and long time
    you more not highway you Press
    you know why I will appear where rad said it's not it's not dry
    not done a lot of what i've seen nighttime Asha
    by doing
    was the one
    your day rather yet you did but not so much
    you it takes a lot not her called
    yet yes and
    so I'm are my all in her K her

    Mar this might be
    really hard to my take a look more than two weeks here
    but if he ever be here now
    linebacker reportedly you need to
    he has no pilots with your you want but
    agilis so little just mark
    K so there moms
    no right to use the name lol
    scraper your local I
    this you may luon hot water
    yes on
    so I'm
    didn't know the
    we're doing global levels
    so did cushy looking
    you can go back ever shoe do you feel better
    there are more they rather stay pretty high
    listed on the list lifting strap
    palaces thought so that your dad
    Hill tight
    not just trying to get the starting line we're trying to make it
    nowhere Liz is I all lines for

    what I will that do to you
    sometimes know how hard it is
    money she'll
    in between usually I may be located one-sided K
    and then here you do is look
    called so government
    and shit will be back
    the alright so we've switched and also let you know
    for just a few minutes
    hopefully be able to see that a little bit better work
    making v you don't want to go to D
    because if you do you'll hit UK or here
    cracow on in this case that chocolate cake sale
    I will see it in it you do go to D
    be because you're learnin and you don't get a hangover see how I'm kinda
    Russian outward that gives you that little
    bell that we're trying to do here
    if you go too deep you're gonna take your I think bag
    and you'll fill vacuums spot that you went to D
    chill it up and then to start over the defense
    so keep in mind spank her he did
    this is nice and hot
    you see a comment this ice and just kinda melting upon contact so
    right now pushing it and go from the other side
    put it down questionnaire harder when you get down to the bottom
    so then you get a little bit like this you can smell the man with your finger
    or paint brush whatever
    works best for you or sometimes just chillin mom and then
    and then go back and give it a little bit your definition so continue doing
    it did not come back through here cleanup this again
    your intersections from your first
    so much better that must be done cleaning out a
    so that we have a nice Bell
    and around each part of the time
    independent I'm a cancer I seen you have really depends on how deep you can go
    so that pretty much to text me I'm gonna continue on and show you what this side
    looks like finished in just a minute
    so work done a little bit more
    just texan a
    if you need to you can come in whether
    angled brush claimed so many salons a
    usually they're good I'm back said you can't
    the homology want that kinda gives you an idea what it will look like
    with address a in the center with our
    I'm but then I gotta do is continue on
    and my recommendation would be not to
    stacked them and then do the diamonds do this before you stack
    K on there really are
    you have to have it right down here to the bottoms you have a nice
    level surface to measure and to do all that stuff
    so basically you can do this what most any shape that you can
    get hot and maybe you know angle whether it be with your paintbrush
    or with your metal scraper so
    I recommend using a metal scraper be careful not to
    your hands too high I don't heed the edge over to
    cell I've never had a problem but usually go two or three
    dance before you have to Terry he every time
    you're done with male stripper wipe it clean so that you're not
    heating icing up so that your not caramelize in the shower on a striper
    so this is my tutorial on how to do better crime diamonds
    on if you're using and Crisco based I sing
    don't ask me if this would work I have no idea I only recommend doing this on a
    butter based icing we have %uh
    YouTube channel please subscribe if you can
    and check out our other videos thanks so much and have a great day *** ***

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