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-How to Photograph a Cake (without expensive equipment) How to Photograph a Cake (without expensive equipment) how to make

How to Photograph a Cake (without expensive equipment) how to make

    -How to Photograph a Cake (without expensive equipment)

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    How to apply Fondant to Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    show you how to cover your cake in fondant to get those beautiful nice
    sharp corners and I'm going to use my element which is on my website are some
    company dot com slash recipes committing to a kind of tone down blue screen I'm
    gonna take a little but I've read a little bit of blue you can make your
    case of your cake any color you want when you first I always recommend that
    you keep this up until it's very very warm that's going to improve elasticity
    because it's been sitting it's very stiff and crumbly right now this is not
    usable you gotta put it back in the microwave for
    seconds until
    it's nice and warm you wanted to be to feel very warm like you just made it and
    then we're going to need it until stretchy before we even attempt to cover
    it okay so this was in there for 30 seconds very warm start meeting this and
    it at first he seems very small talk March and it's very crumbly to do
    something that's called the tacky method of media on your hands
    this is gonna actually help moisturize the phone as well one hand here
    poll like Kathy this helps reactivate the stretch and it also helps reduce air
    bubbles and it's a lot easier to need and sort of doing this
    like this is a lot of work on your back to this is more a workout for your arms
    counts as your workout for the day as well see how beautiful structure that is
    now you want to do that every time so I wanted that it could appear dry and oily
    and cracked and crumbly is actually just not conditioned this beautiful perfect
    churchy funded ready to go a little powdered sugar down the board here the
    frequently move around as you get stuck to the surface of your table for sure
    down if you need it will be from green color take my gosh cake that their make
    sure you don't have any chocolate on your hands
    that will get onto the surface of your phone and you get onto your room all the
    way around that the top first we're going to fluff the dress everywhere
    where there's a truffle just gonna pull it out
    press against the cake
    you'll be able to do it one hand like this go a lot faster just going slow for
    the purpose of showing you the technique oh I forgot to mention if your fondant
    is not sticking to your ganache then you can spray it with a little bit of water
    before you add your funded doesn't have any problems so I don't usually worry
    about any of that a lot of people do go around with my sneakers that any good
    fiction get that phone up against the cake I have this special goal that I
    like to use for my six inch rounds otherwise I use a cake pan but this is
    what i do to finish off my kicks finding you can keep use that for later
    chilled you can handle it pretty easily looked it up put a ball down or a small
    object that has a flat surface in a wide base of the small works out perfectly
    good is pretty stable and it's just more than a six-inch you know ok so it works
    out perfectly for this again make sure you don't have any chocolate on your
    one senator on top once they're inside gonna go around what
    you have any bubbles between the surface of your taking your funded they will
    turn into tumors take care of them now where they will come back to haunt you
    does this happen when people say how do you avoid bubbles
    well it's just inevitable you just gotta take care of him not cry about it
    move on with your life
    chocolate somewhere away from the surface of the
    extender after you
    have probably have a little bit but if you have butter cream touching it that's
    fine you can remix buttercream in to find it but you can't remix chocolate
    to place it on the cake for it I like to use the boards from Cape support
    solution dot com recoded there's no reason why not
    now we have our cake on our board and now you were free to decorate your back
    as you please that's how you cover can thank you guys SO much for watching *** *** Ruching Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    I'm pretty sure today going to really awesome quick regime using your papers
    so this is just thought of working longer working time that I wanted to
    give you that extension so dry cracked as he laid out my past years you can
    catch a product with my
    take that and then try to chisel just got here
    and then with the family and was trying to do this first
    so I'm completely honest I can't push
    pushed back
    just start *** *** How to Make a Fondant Pleated Cake | Cake Tutorials - YouTube !!!
    thing I today we'll be making
    pleaded take that would be perfect for a wedding are with
    so for this cake I feel the earthquake he bad
    and black I personally love these car company together I think it's very
    see May
    fun in I
    wait to you anything fun so after
    made my color I covered the cake very simple technique that we like to use
    this thing
    with the surfers feel fine is that is overlapping
    the first seven me think we define it would be to roll out a long step
    after I measure the height of my cake
    I cut my find it to be saying next like I don't like me
    and for this I decided think CBS's into and a quarter white
    I prefer to use a knife from cutting my feet
    because I find it gives me a better edge and left drag benefits
    her next phase here's a free it's a fake using a paintbrush and water
    from here i dnt overlaps the finest to get
    pleaded back
    for added effect I'll add a black glamour event on top
    if you don't have time to make flowers himself very me flowers a great here
    make this fire special I arrest them to personalize it to my project I first
    paper sensor fired green
    and then I came to rest the flower burnt orange red fiske if the flower
    a lifelike appears
    next I add the flour do this by finding new friends and then clean the flower
    offense for the finishing touch I had a few leaves around the flower
    and just like that you're done
    using a few simple techniques a flower can make for a very elegant and
    thanks for watching and the service subscribed to count others can offer
    more videos like this *** *** Pleated Buttercream Cake Decorating & Fresh Flowers - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    in this tutorial lake and wish I knew how to create this beautiful plated
    buttercream cake
    we gonna be finishing off with some fresh flowers and to help us out with
    that with foreign talent and you can't
    is one of history's best flow stylists and has worked on
    thousands and thousands weddings a lot of them with us
    I'm can run you through today had to
    I'm create the effect and to safely put your fresh flowers
    into the wedding cake with that actually pricing and
    into the cake itself common than teach you how to wire
    and if you don't eat on different style supplying
    now that we faked out to 6-inch cakes an act to
    eight-inch cakes both round out we're aiming for the heights today two inches
    plus the top crust when you biking the first thing you wanna do
    is cut feel and cronkite both City Cakes I'm using my chosen tight
    in pink for the crime kites and if you wanna say teeth in any more detail
    go ahead and check out cut feel and cronkite playlist
    next we gonna go ahead and stack
    outtakes if you need a hand with these check out the garden wedding cake
    and that will show you exactly how we do it
    now we're almost onto the fun packing stuff there is one more thing that we
    want to do
    to help us in the packing process and what we've got am PDF
    is just a a mock-up at two-inches'
    basically we're going to use these as a guide so that when we do and diagonal
    when all a guessing estimating and how far and how long the men too baby
    at what angle we want to mock all of that out properly
    so that we confidently pot I'm so what I'm gonna do
    ease actually presses against the side of the cake I'm going to place
    amok on the bottom right is on the bottom tier working from right up to
    and then I'm gonna place one Appiah okay so it got out to
    marks he then we're just going to
    charming a-line traveling between them
    doesn't have to be perfect but it keeps us on the right angle
    again coming around place a little dots
    and a little dot
    see week I had to he
    work our way around remembering
    bottom left top right this time it
    alright so now we have a rough idea of the directions what we're going to be
    using for our parking
    is I won I
    I'm a mildly obsessed with that tip
    we use it for out the guy in the israeli prime roses
    out the petal cake the ruffle cake and now a plated cake
    so it excellent value if you get what I thought is and you watch
    our classes you'll be using it all the time we've got
    disposable popping back we've got a couple of you don't necessarily have to
    have one
    I'm but I just like the fact that it looks it in a bit more skillfully
    cycle apply a bit more pressure and if something happens in these clocks than I
    can just wash at
    it and not the whole back
    so now I'm going to take aborn kala
    switches after natural by eBay ish
    shade with made-up if I was to have my hand
    up nice and straight elbow down I would have
    on what that meant big bottom go down you wanna have teardrop-shaped
    see what the biggest pot at the bottom and small spot at the top
    what we're going to be doing with this cake we're gonna start on the bottom
    we've already marked out Alliance frase self as because I it
    we're gonna follow one of the highest when we get to the top
    we actually want to end it by heading in the opposite direction
    that will give out a bit more the concert a no effect at the top
    so what we're going to do is stop at the very base
    rest your piping tip almost onto
    you'll born in a second will pop it stray onto a ball which try and pull it
    back from me a line so that you'll be able to actually say the line
    as you're working the
    and then just press it against the cake
    coming up
    and then release but gonna be working in this direction
    now if you're ambidextrous this is absolutely
    the cake for you because when you doing these con status you'll discover that
    one direction
    is easy if the youth in the opposite direction I'm so he can do by
    brilliant mice to Scott so if the May on left-handed
    I will find that my bottom teeth will be a a whole lot easier to do than my top
    and if you would like you wanted to be a lot easier and you're right-handed
    just switch the direction around but you always find that one of them will be a
    a little bit more uncomfortable as you go and that's normal and natural side
    don't feel like doing something wrong that's just how unfortunately popping
    see coming either by a third to get started then slowly lifted up
    and you working to try and get it to stick
    to the previous one and also to
    the cake itself still looking when you look down he want to say
    that it actually attached to the cake all the way
    so now say that your piping any
    accidentally done end up quite being lined up you've got this big gap
    best thing you can do is stop before you get to the top he dont wanna be going
    over the top multiple times
    but you can cover and hide no era so if we've done that what you want to do is
    start exactly where you were
    squeeze a little bit extra to cover
    and the median income Streit over the top and then what
    like up and it's like it never happened no one's ever gonna see that it's not
    going to affect
    people here on future ones at all
    week out and now it's gonna go once two-way over the top
    so the best thing we going to do when we work now top-tier
    ease I we found for a front is which is right here we wanna flowers
    too babe write about their so in that top right hand corner
    and that's where all about plate gonna be heading towards
    so in this case we going to be putting everything in the opposite direction
    if you're right-handed and you've been following me this will get a whole lot
    easier on this Tia
    I promise and and then basically we want them to come OVA
    and when I worry that this concert a NHA affected going one way and then the
    all worried about is heading to the essential point gonna stop yeah
    I'm gonna follow Aline all the way up to the top get some extra icing
    and then follow it all the way I
    to outline something about doing namaste
    is probably every five or six or so I'll what we need to do is just a plan to in
    towards itself and not go all the way
    otherwise it will get to built up on the top so
    what can I do a few more and I'll show you what I main
    has become up we're just gonna release it a little bit early to say that when
    are they laughing all the time
    you will find as you get closer to you where %uh flowers are going
    this top section gets easy Renee Xia all the way up to the top
    so now we have all about plates finished
    way going to keep popping back now's a good time to squeeze
    it all out unscrew the couple up I'm gonna place a number seven popping tip
    on the app I K so what we gonna be working on now is just creating a nice
    on its just a very simple pill border for our cake
    point going to stop by thing I squeeze and relates
    just keeping up pressure really like you not actually squeezing very hot get just
    applying a bit oppression more than anything
    kanu final one he's just adopt and that
    so now that we think is popping out hey it's time to bring this design to the
    next level and
    add in some fresh flowers to accent it so
    on my flower expert so I brought da leaning who he is and she's gonna walk
    you through step by step
    had a police together the right way the first thing I'm going to do
    with CAP all their flowers off to a to a short length I'm we going to why the
    flowers said that you can actually
    bison onto the cake and we also have a type volatile accident
    place going into much for nasa has the a
    so this is where all the flowers and going to going to the cake
    so I'll that's it's really easy my police is
    super fast this is the side pop that in
    go all the way down so you can see it so what will get where we going from now is
    we haven't
    gauge wire million you 22 gauge wire
    you can happen into a half until you feel confident you can cut them hot
    Pam said he had failed to make the war in case you
    might be the best that you can submit fix it up or as you get a little bit
    different way
    you can't happen today it's because we don't want them to it all
    I'm so are going to have to watch this show you what we do with that
    so we polled the top of the pedal hatchback
    and will feed the wire through these top patio
    and you have to push for early risers because it's a lot of pills inside of
    so you get it to the section and then
    within the other side you pull it down on the side
    and immature other hey he squeeze that in time so it's
    then against the same thats a teapot
    the next %uh is we have para film which is a viable
    people anyway these days so I the cake supply shops have a lot of the time
    it is something that we use on sugar flowers as well exact I'm
    soul tape at which isn't by stretchy and power film so you prefer /param param
    read last picture for the face by
    right so how we stop with the with para filming a flower
    is you bring pace at the very very top
    sites they had shut section and once you get it
    you so bad
    around the top lights too tight and then
    it's very stretchy so if you pour with a little bit of pressure
    you will say that the tight just calls after like stitches right out
    so once you've got on the day you hold
    the flower at the base and then you stopped twist
    and pull you tight as you guys so eat recent polls
    I've the wire and continue to do that all the Y
    to the bottom of the wire and once it gets going should have a nice find claim
    so the next if I'm going to give you is weekend he's now the rising again why
    that as well
    but I'm gonna show you is just a slightly different way to live because
    if you have
    box that you don't want to I think will get you to put it through
    that haha set the petal and push it just right
    through pushes straight through your petals
    again in a depressed and causes lots of pedals in the app
    and if you feed it through this way papeles y Cantina
    I now stay exactly where you want them so you don't have
    prices I can write top throughout the course of the day so it continues
    reading this
    all the way down on performing so it's stretched nice and tight
    so now we've got this done and Juliana suffering mean
    up so ideally we would peak office last month I'm
    we would put it into the holder
    and we would put forward and we would say that's
    we would take a nap tax some a little bit of the individual
    and always will put after this out flower said that we get the best design
    that laptop so that's just this flower you
    so then when Kennedy we're going to continue to place at flowers and I had
    to choose colors
    to that suits so annexed to come as a very so much success on that was put on
    and I actually want to bring that one back to he said that
    you can see that stupid also I'm going to cut that quiet down a little bit slow
    am I gonna place that in the back section
    to this is facing towards the back to the cake at the moment
    I'm and because it's am very pliable we can bend them to where we want them to
    think they would have been worried to be really gentle with them
    but still quite like sugar flowers there lil bit more resilient
    and again this line again to place that into the side
    so we have out third
    flower that with placed into the K am
    will then take care for flower who bring it to the solid
    back to the other side so that we have a very nice balance happening
    come we have a thief lower
    which will bring into the
    whole again ritual feel to this side
    we have one little tiny spot left am so we are going to use six Lalo
    that's a gorgeous flowers its value I think a lot of beautiful color has
    really really perfect for me I think
    so it will bring that in said actually just sits nicely
    I V enjoy this apply to law about flowers and about differences between
    and sugar and feel confident so they can pull off this entire thing
    %uh *** *** How to make a Fondant Ombré Cake | Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    the gradient effect is extremely popular what it is is one color
    this and several different shades spot feuds so is that a pink yelping
    like paying light light pink wait while I think
    and so on and so forth to get started you need to reshape the pink
    I start with baby pink from only eats
    and a little bit white fine XP mix the two together and you get a lovely soft
    shades of
    to make an even lighter shades take more white and added to the new shake
    you could go on like this forever I roll out the lighter shade
    and then I cut it into maybe a two inch by
    inch strip
    and then I fold over about three-quarters of an inch
    don't reset because you want to look like Roush when you're done I take a
    little ride get
    you could use water if you want but I like vodka and spreads it around the
    this will help the strip to adhere to the fondant then I take the stress
    and starting at the front I attach it
    gently around the site from with a spatula or knife
    the second strip works exactly the same way you wanna cut a two inch by
    flip it over and then fold about three-quarters of an inch down
    and then attach it below it don't forget that vodka spreads
    the third strip is a little different I wrote the same way
    want very then and then I fold both
    edges and so it really looks like fabric flip it over
    an attached to the same way you wanna make sure that the last piece covers the
    scene for the cake makes the board
    you end up with the scene in the back and it can be disguised in
    many different ways I like to use approach specifically
    see PNT what's the routing is done
    you've got up early why kasparov next everything better
    so I'm you use a pump brash and of course it's often because its peak
    see no it's better than any other branch out it you just pump the top
    and Russian on easy of to complete the cake
    you need one large rose and of course its peak
    and it matches the group to place a gently on the top
    to complement the Rose of course rosalee's
    3 will do it to in the front one in the back and now the cake
    is complete the gradient effect is easy is that
    only have to do this eat
    don't forget to subscribe to Cal 72 chance for more videos like this *** *** Rainbow Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    I seventy receives its fun in the simpson I'll be teaching you
    me a tight I V K to begin annexing all my train Reince
    in a bowl combining all-knowing to the N double
    the recipe in the Description box below Carrington Way
    when I recorded it mixing together but once it does you separate

    rumbles in at all York I'll I've used liquid karma and for my last
    fogelman his junk I'll nipsey
    the reasons to the time X is only in
    and instill in 1 tablespoon into your beloved use a financial
    for the sci-fi skating unicef my recipe is really runny
    that's what you can only use even a recipe or something
    white to pale and that way runs into itself
    as you keep hanging each table Speedway okay eat things into itself increases
    the usual boring day this is my favorite way to indicate
    yes yes because the rainbow just keep repeating
    you can tell this is beautiful rings around

    few people about three quarters of the way up to cancer
    and this is just a different way I'm trying to tie dye
    rain look only cialis into special
    I think and I just couldn't think they're
    Canon rent in reply all cialis into
    ball to the Katy
    and give it up just to take only in those
    a purple that might be trapped in and they close at
    50th minute next gonna make my cream cheese frosting
    now this first things going to incite the cake is also indicate the outsized
    with at
    but I went in just gives a much more stable
    strong forcing because in the outside and you won't seem keen on itself just
    your gradually and Kenya icing sugar
    and because this is a remake
    Wilson and sprinkle
    mix those three
    Nash you how I cut my cakes Asian the school with a serrated knife
    on the outside and making sure the key clinton table
    nice internet making sure keep my night as little as I can
    wanna make really level key
    wanted mark the outside stuff so in a way you take
    always make sure that my night can be seen on the other side key
    that we remain straight because it has a cake to help
    do that I use the same insulin and cutting my key can help
    do the same for time taking you see it has it it does have a very distinctive
    and look to you the ring we before so so very pretty
    next and I think my HK well & Investment Summit
    frosting on today that I hope the cake down
    on the ball and then just spent some
    it up that making it to make it is even as he can maybe
    centimeters with the frosting usually
    user humping entities didn't have any enhance ladies
    censure we'll see why I prefer the I think make sure that scented
    sit down and continue you the first thing I see as you working it that top
    player just %uh
    shifting around eight kills me so we use I think
    you won't have that problem you make sure you keep keys straight
    the Holy
    and she'll King sure it's not
    screen name
    strain enough sleep well
    lastly a which was the bottom of the cake seeking to the top
    nice once it's nice and straight
    concert taking away the excess along the edge just the
    actually do anything fancy and input into the freezer
    for good
    minutes so we went
    you cross the outside the key when shifted so nice and
    this time the huge to open it up
    and just with my way out the outside K just across the ages little
    the top and just huge dollars
    on the outside making sure that you 15 you
    and taking all these a pocket
    thing that frosting recipe well animosity couple
    the cake is using a spatula go over at once just a company
    and give it a real nice clean
    nation using my bench scraper making shirts and that money to Greece
    gist rotate Mikey boy you'll see that there are no spaces
    can just going with you'll frosting
    and then continue to you take off the excess
    big-screen Michael areas always tend to be right at the top is lousy
    discover all that and
    good as you satisfied
    with how smooth the outside is the cake you can
    start removing any excess of the top nothing that we can do this it pulls the
    edges out a little bit
    say was going around the cake second time just make sure
    them is raised again and his continued her
    as UK very elastic
    I put my been scraped under really hot water
    and very slowly going around like eight matches kids
    really really clean green smoothies change
    it's a massive fuel creating cakes
    that out because in funded to Hwy you will want
    you to not want to skip this step
    and other is my first thing in a collette
    all the colors in the rain and I'm screening
    into a bag
    fitted with case at Minister making
    shells across the bottom which and as a retirement
    you see the other colors and styles come through as well see
    keepers in your bank in you get the full range occur
    this is but
    officially for children's party do the same
    the top too slow on the edge
    sure you guys inside
    is your time dynamic a Capri
    that because the and you can see how
    you and guess what she did you know if you enjoyed this tutorial
    and I will see you anything *** *** Color changing cake tutorial - YouTube !!!
    Charlotte and here's the long awaited coaching kick tutorial thank you for
    watching i'm so glad you liked the cake the first thing I'm gonna do is use an
    ice bag with the speed I think it I completely cover the sides and the most
    the top and then I'm gonna go with the items back I have you must move the
    science first and then the top scraping off excess I think when you used to it
    but it seems kinda have to work because you can't go over it again because it
    will care and constables once it is dry if you used too much pressure you'll dig
    into the cake and Carlo's crap I'm gonna go over with my i think im I have here
    now I'm using the medium size but it can be done with smaller or larger obviously
    smaller can have more peaks and then the larger than a viewer I start with side's
    first goal on top in one direction
    next gets tricky because the movement of the car and starting an angle so only
    one-third to one-half of my cojones to make a guy cum downwards from the
    quarter and then I go and a wave pattern now on the other side I'm going to
    switch and instead of going downwards and the corner I'm gonna go up I can try
    to keep this a the waves the same size I repeat the two-step the overall zairian
    you start from the quarter going down in the corner of going up and try to keep
    the same size luckily this is the trickiest part interview practice he'll
    be able to get him
    the picture made him give you a better example of what I'm talking about the
    holding in England going to put my cum going downwards first and then bring it
    up making the way and continuing into him at the end the second wave I'm going
    to start going upwards first and then go down making waves then just repeating
    those two steps over and over
    switching which way you hold the home is going to give that overlapping scales
    ever since really easy to use Fisher first time eating some getting used to
    how much pressure to apply there should be held in
    degree angle for only hits
    one side of the peaks and I just made the current don't turn the kick was
    spraying until you're done with that side you wanna go straight across
    putting down the inverse color on both sides instead of just
    four colors and statistics like my original video you can get cake with
    just two colors like one on one side and on the other the colors don't
    necessarily have to be contrasting colors either I'm gonna take you to see
    the blue one time turquoise one side dark blue and it looks really pretty and
    if you have the same effect I just like using brightly different colors because
    it looks so dramatic
    so when I'm coming I sing and make sharp peak when I first rate forty can only
    touch one site same goes for the other side I sprayed different color it stays
    on the other side so when the cake is looked at from one direction you can
    only see the side that is in front and when this trend in the middle
    you can start to think both color citing giving it this fact that it's changing
    colors and that is how the color changing cage is made *** *** Ganache Dripping, Cake Pop Decorated Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys for countries these desserts but in the therapy teaching you how to
    make a cake decorator escape up sending an ash better stuff got my watched by
    insurers compound chocolate mix it with some heavy cream and making sure that
    all the chocolate coated and then my craving it for about
    seconds into its
    nice and fluid and cramming some vanilla cake here that I've picked most intended
    in a meeting in two teaspoons of Ganesh gonna be accepted but in the end up
    adding that three teaspoons of a national title and then go to work with
    my hands 'cause when you wake up the spoon you're not going to be able to
    tell what the texts like it's too sticky or if it stays come together so it's a
    lot easier just to use your hands with this now have the recipe for cheese cake
    pops and also the Ganesh in the Description box then taking a little bit
    and testing it out if it closed included in some very sticky looks like this when
    you bet is ready
    that I made some extra connection that's going to be used to dip out chocolate
    cake pops into the bed in a little coat up because I will be adding some
    colleges and I'll just have my finishing up to see using Skype into each little
    cup here are some for SIA SIA heavyset and some lemon yellow
    gel colors by america is combining that in mind set that aside in the meantime
    or pear cake pops that got my keep up sticks you can go into the regular white
    compound chocolate and saying goes to try to pay my cake that's quite a line
    around the top of the cake so I can pull through and make sure it's nice and even
    that laugh Lil do the same when I'm cutting the cake in half and just
    rotating the cake as I saw through your nose on the outside that helps to keep
    it nicely and street as well I'm using a five-inch into the cake for this cake
    putting some vanilla buttercream and just feeling it is well with a piping
    bag also regular vanilla buttercream
    sure that you sent to your cake and then press the damn near the same with the
    other layers as well
    the very top them using the bottom of the cake and that turned upside down so
    my top of the cake is gonna be nice and wet weather use a spatula just remove
    all the excess but if we're not stopping at the site and I'll put that into the
    freeze that just until its license it in the mean time to repair my kpop some
    dipping them in to be colored connection have to reheat this could drive a little
    bit and then off the excess while also reaching the cake topper even coverage
    because we did in the car at the moment it's a bit more fun with the usual so
    you might need to take a while to take you time setting off that exit with all
    the colors I used about four or so colors or so of each color that

    Caicos total that to try and in the meantime we'll take the feeds limiting
    my chrome coach that's just the Manila buttercream them adding onto the top
    making it up by simply adding it really thin layer to revisit the same closing
    of the sides my cake and what that's going to is going to capture all of the
    kid who scrum it'll stop that from entering now finally put it in the
    fridge for another
    or so minutes and then a team your final layer of
    buttercream so flooding it at the top adding peeps that can drive down the
    side of the time filling in the sides as well with extra butter cream and I'm
    adding a pretty quickly here because we're gonna go in later on with our
    bench scraper and removal the excess make sure you get rid of all the
    equipment as well as they can hold out later on the industry that have little
    cake take my bench scraper and I'm slowly scraping away the excess I'm not
    taking off too much at once going around salience scraping off the exit so my but
    that's what my scraper that's less and clean when I go around again
    what you have to level smoothness that you like
    run your script on some really hot water
    life is gonna clear off the top with this touch then observed that in my view
    but this really hot water and slowly make my way around the cake he can tell
    the difference between a nonsmooth and thus moved but it definitely skip this
    step especially he leave anybody can cake naked without adding any funds on
    top are you putting my pic script and review hot water each time that I've
    colors just out of it to the top and using special pushing it out to the site
    and while it's still most affluent going in with a piping bag and just adding
    some extra droplets wherever I see will look nice though because it's still
    really wet and you won't be able to see that that extra traffic was able to keep
    up the license that removed them from their state just like breaking that
    chocolate is accused keep up stick to the kick butt and arrange them on your
    cake hope you like I said I've heard one in the middle to guide the rest so I
    just kept popping up all around that and I helped make it all nice and even in
    between each other
    pick up that I have and I think we looked a lot nicer here is if I used
    more cake pops look so bad after all that I'm adding three of the bottom and
    then just text when on the sides that thought you needed something
    and making sure the very top of the cake I don't want them touching b-sides the
    Ganesh that's on the side of cake I think it just needs to be really subtle
    very differently and you can't be too much for me when I'm decorating it with
    you we will have enough withdrawn and also media *** *** CINDERELLA CAKE TUTORIAL How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! *** ***

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