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    How to Stack a Two Tier Cake - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    tennis lesson I'm gonna be going over stacking cake
    I'm basically all you need is your cakes cake board if
    ice to ninety let set for a day just because you don't wanna half
    finger marks on any touch it so if it set up you can touch it
    are you want s not gonna mark so ways I'm Saturday
    just it's just good idea to miss royal icing
    so that you can attach a cake Tibor to talk and move around
    am spatula to put it on with I'm
    we like to use the crank and a once just because they're easier to
    I maneuver and not tent anything I company some towels
    we for use the wooden dowels the reason why is because if we have to
    put it through a couple of tears to lock it on place the wooden ones perfect for
    that but you can use
    whenever you use to I'm you need something to cut it with cell
    we like to use as conduit cutter it's like a plastic pipe cutter
    but it's actually really good for cutting through wooden dowels
    so that's what we use I am now there's a couple ways to move your cake around we
    like to use
    I'm a soft pad I'm
    if you don't have one of these you can just take it tea towel
    followed over a few times that we can move your cake around and not dented
    so on Mindanao just put some royal icing on my board
    so I'm scraps in this here
    kissed the idea this is
    you wanna put enough down that the cakes gonna stay but you know wanna put too
    much down so it doesn't dry
    so what I do is I just put a bit on
    working my way around making sure I've got enough
    just have to Surya ball how much
    room you've got to start from the center
    work out from there how far out you can push it
    and then I come back and I'm gonna put some
    scoreline sir this just allows air
    through so it is another way of drawing
    turnaround justice in crisscrosses
    manassas can allow enough water
    aren't site water enough air to get under there so it's gonna set up nice
    and hard
    I'm use my soft pad to move my cake
    second just push that out and not cause any damage to it
    bringing over now I want to do
    is I just wanna keep my hand under their and just chant the
    put it over there about where I want to go
    and then you can grab a spatula
    to lift it up and set it down
    and I want to take my pad dispersion of
    now in a senate I'm using iPad
    holding the board just pushing it
    in all sides it's about
    perfect and I've got my first tear down
    am on meaning uses my template now
    we're gonna give a PDF this
    so you don't have one other issue just printed off no give you God
    SARS come from a holes
    to rope pre holtz know where the marks are
    and I'm just gonna push that Dell
    whole way through now these this way
    police office to give a bit of a twist so just doesn't stick to the taking it
    just pulls up by sneezing
    and paper towel here what that of
    I'm gonna go ahead and do all the holes
    kaelin's are all
    push through I'm standing on a turnaround
    I'm just prefer to have the flat side down
    just easier to measure the next
    couple cut and use that the pointy end this can take a pencil
    and Mark at top the cake
    pull that out ready to cut it
    take my cutters my mark
    straight through
    reliving the
    the tooth topped income of now
    instead of measuring marking and cutting
    I like to do is just bring it to the the edge if my boy or
    my table and I'll put them together
    and I can just push down
    line them up and cut
    so got off for hard else
    I was gonna push into the cake and
    now in its moralizing so on has put a bit more on the same as we did on board
    just enough to cover the areas we need it
    hi naturally go back when I also put the lines through this
    furthest here as well so it's going to dry
    P have too much relaxing and output these lines through
    it's never gonna dry and UK can move around so
    it's alright if you just not going anywhere with it but I have to travel
    with cake
    you really wanna make sure that it's not gonna move around on your so
    again is a soft had to move it so there's
    put my hand under it hold it and
    put it down about where it needs to go Newcastle just
    drop it day check us out here we are
    lo preste and make sure it's gonna stick and that's it
    pretty easy to stack hanks not that difficult you just wanna make sure again
    that use
    well supported it and it used to something to hold it all together stock
    in a move around on your so
    we just need because is to tear just use royal icing again if it's going to be
    for fire sixty-year you'd wanna put some some these Dells
    all the way through your cake to hold it in place *** *** Learn How to Make a Tiered Cake - YouTube !!! *** *** Icing & Assembling a Tiered Buttercream Cake - YouTube !!!
    hi I'm chef Alan Tate Show with Global Sugar Art
    and in this episode I'm gonna show you how to do
    how to make a buttercream wedding cake we're going to start with the cakes
    already baked me to show you how to slice them
    fill them ice them how to put dollar odds indicate to support the structure
    and how to build a tiered cake and you can use this for any size or any shape
    cake that you desire
    so I'm gonna be again I have are two
    already bait and we have charts on our website at Global Sugar Art dot com
    on how many cups a batter you need two-out to make each size cake
    generally a good rule of thumb for the average type of cake
    is between
    in two-thirds full a batter
    so if you're not sure exactly how much better you need for your pan
    all you have to do is pour water in the pan arm
    and up to just a little over half halfway maybe two-thirds at the most
    and then dumped the water out measure it and that will tell you how many cups a
    batter you need for that particular cake pan
    it's not hard to figure out at all we do sell cake mixes
    and our regular a Alan Tate you select deluxe cake mix
    makes about 4 cups a batter so you can figure out how many cake mixes you need
    as well
    so to begin after my cake is
    bait and I've been inverted and I let it cool on a rack
    I put them back in the pan and I do this because these are two inch pants
    and I want my final cake on these bottom tiers
    the first two tiers I want them to be four inches high
    so by cutting these flat I'm going to get two layers
    that will make one tear that is four inches high for the top two tiers
    and this cake I wanted them five inches high
    so I would have big three cakes cut the tops of them
    and on one of them I would have slice the cake in half and I would have added
    that extra half layer to give
    another inch of cake
    fuse a nice long serrated knife for us are
    like a slicing knife and just go right along the very top
    above the pan and I like to turn the pan rather than cut straight across
    if you cut straight across sometimes
    you can wave a little bit are you it doesn't quite always get is even as you
    want and then once you cut all the way around you can just remove the extra
    and I'm gonna do the same on this one
    I'm just letting that
    night press right across the top of the pan here we go
    and let's see its
    got a sheep and here I'm just going to put this extra cake in the pay and
    okay the next step is to put the cake
    on some sort of a board in between every single cake
    there is either a cardboard circle or
    I really like using these
    phone boards these are quarter-inch phone boards which are much dirtier
    they have a plastic top on them so they're greaseproof
    and their and they work really really well in a tiered cake
    so you can add the use the cardboard or the foam my choice
    is usually the phone these
    you'll notice that I have a set of on dummies set up back here
    that's the exact same size as this wedding cake
    in I'll be using the phone dummies a lot built throughout the process for this
    wedding cake
    to show you exactly how things are done and if you're a beginner in cake
    having a set of on dummies to practice on before you actually make the wedding
    is very very very helpful and you'll see why as we go along
    group so I have a
    inch cake and a ten-inch circle and I'm just gonna
    put that on top the cake and protect right over
    intrude on my turntable now the reason to putting it on a
    is when I stacked these cakes I don't want the cake circle
    sticking out I wanted to be flush with my icing coming down the sides of the
    now one of the things that I forgot to do that I
    that I generally do before I put the cardboard circle on
    I will take a little bit a buttercream and this will help
    to stick that circle to the Cape so it doesn't slide
    so that's one important part you really should do
    okay now I'm ready
    now in order to ice this cake
    if I do it now and then have icing down the side of my turntable
    so I'm actually gonna put the entire thing on a little bit larger cake
    cake circle and that will give me room to work
    so I'm gonna center that on there and the first thing I'm going to do
    is put a very very light player a buttercream
    there are many different ways
    you can fill an ice a cake this is just one way
    even though I'm going to use a lemon filling in this cake
    I still like to put of nice thin layer of buttercream
    and what that does is it seals the cake
    so that the filling isn't absorbed by the cake and when you cut the cake a day
    or two days later
    you still have a nice layer filling in there any fruit filling
    is water-based and the cake would gradually absorbed that
    and assorted disappears into the cake and you get to it shows like you
    that you have less and less filling as every day goes by
    so that's the beginning now I'm gonna take some find it now
    this is a buttercream wedding cake but this is one place where I will use in
    sleep one of the problems with buttercream wedding cakes
    is after you ice them about
    eight or ten hours later sometimes the next day
    you'll start seeing a little bold right around the middle of the cake
    and anybody has made wedding cakes with buttercream icing
    will tell you this happens all the time part of it
    is that the cake is settling overnight
    on and the air that's trapped in all the layers that the cake
    slowly pushes out and it pushes that buttercream out
    so we have a little solution to this
    and I'll give you an alternative to this as well so I'm just
    rolling this phone that into a little bit of a rope and I'm gonna put this
    all the way around the outside edge
    doesn't need to be very thick this is just going to prevent
    to filling from squishing out
    and from the buttercream bulging out
    so I just want inside the cake now if you want to be
    arm if you want a true of buttercream wedding cake and you don't want to deal
    with the fun that at all
    you can take some love your butter cream icing in a small bowl
    and keep adding some powdered sugar to it until it becomes
    so stiff that you can actually put on the board and you can roll it
    and and you actually we'll get to that consistency so you actually could use
    the buttercream in just the Kennet
    a lot with powdered sugar and then roll it out the same way I did the Fonda
    but you can now buy fun in a little eight-ounce package so it's
    it's easy and it's quick I've got some luscious lemon
    cake filling this is one about the Allen Tate your brand's
    and it's real all ready to go this doesn't need to be refrigerated
    so this is perfectly safe to make your wedding cake and leave it out
    there we have quite a variety we have raspberry strawberry
    a blueberry I'll MN
    how we have icing fillings like a German chocolate icing cream cheese icing
    and we also have a chart on our website by these fillings
    telling you how much filling you need for each size
    tear so now
    I'm ready to put the second layer on this is probably one of the hand this
    little tools I have
    this is are made by fat daddy O's this is a cake lifter
    when you're working with an even larger cake like this like if I were
    icing my fourteen or sixteen inch cake use a pizza peel
    if you have one as a an aluminum pizza peel not a wooden one
    but they're usually about
    or 16 inches in in
    about diameter or square and they're great for lifting
    a large cake so many put that right under
    foot the cake out and then just
    later right on top and just center that
    and now I'm ready to ice this cake in
    the first thing I'm gonna do it ice the top of the cake I've used some above
    the our teacher buttercream
    and this is flavored with our Bridal blend in
    and when you buy the buttercream or if you want to make your own the recipe is
    on our website
    make sure that you put in the mixer before you
    you use it if you made it I had a time work you're purchasing the icing
    and with that on a very low speed for about five or six minutes at least
    you will get super creamy and soft and easy to work with
    so do the top first and then I'm using
    what they call a quick ice to by Wilton I
    I think it to tube
    and I put this into
    I've number up and eighteen-inch pastry bag
    or you can use a disposable bag as well basically a
    what I'm going to do something apart the icing on the side to this cake
    I'm start at the bottom
    just to right around the cake
    you can see how quick n Easy this is and the nicest part
    is you know get any crumbs you're covering the cake all in one movement
    me and the top
    don't be afraid to put
    too much butter cream on your cake the first time
    it's much easier to take some of then to be
    trying to smooth the sides of the cake and you're digging into the cake and
    pulling up crumbs
    and then you have to keep adding layer in layer buttercream on the top a bit to
    try to fix the mistake
    so always start with more butter cream then you need who's going to
    bring the top in first
    and then I'm going to use
    a bowl of hot water I just heated up in the microwave let me grab that
    so this is just warm water
    and I'm using any tea Co are this is a dough cutter
    our site scraper I like it because it lays
    flat this way and when I put this on the side to the cake I can light flat on
    this larger cake board
    that's one of the reasons I wanted a larger cake board and I can smooth the
    so I'm just gonna dip that in the warm water you don't have to dry it off
    and many do this in a couple movements I'm not gonna do it all at once because
    I'm taking off
    a fair amount myself
    true came
    they don't have to clean the buttercream of
    I really I just want this to be wet a little bit
    and that looks pretty good
    we're going to be smoothing this using the paper towel or paper method
    so that's all I have to do on the side but now I want to get the top
    someone to do the same thing I'm just gonna dip dyed in the water
    come in from the outside edge toward the middle
    never go from the Middle out when you look at the wedding cake is only about
    an inch-and-a-half that shows on each one
    on the edge so you don't have to worry about the center it's just the outside
    if I have a lot a cake to do
    or for me to be icing several cakes at one time
    I usually use a pan of hot water that I can just put back on the stove for a
    minute or two
    or if you have a mic wave right next to you you can just show up
    but the ball back injury here and that's all I'm gonna do at this point
    the icing is straight it's quite smooth I can almost decorate the way it is
    but I'm gonna let this dry now staking of any lecture icing
    I'm going to let this dry especially because I dipped my spatula in water
    I can see a little bit of water on the icing so I'm gonna give this about five
    or ten minutes to dry
    and then we're going to come back and I'm going to use the paper towel
    and computer paper regular copy paper to show you the two different things you
    can use
    to get a super super smooth finish on buttercream and then we'll go on to
    stacking the cake
    we'll be right back I've let this icing set now
    and dry for about
    minutes now this is all going to depend on the humidity
    in your environment and in your kitchen arm where I live it's rather dry so it's
    not a problem
    if you can just touch the decided that and it doesn't stick your finger
    you know it's ready so there are two things you can use to smooth this
    further at this point you can use the Viva brand paper towels
    or whatever brand you have in your your area
    your country that doesn't have a pattern on them
    if it has a quilted pattern you're going to have a quilt
    cake so what you wanna find a paper towel without that pattern
    if you can't find it good old computer copy paper works just as well
    so I begin with the top just lay this on the top
    and I'm using a of fun and smoother if you don't have a fun it's more that you
    can use your hand and I'll show you that
    and I'm just gonna lightly press
    and working from the outside in remember just like icing the cake I don't wanna
    push that
    icing out over the edge you can see that starts moving
    if you don't have one of those just use your hand
    just push down a little bit try not to leave any
    finger March you want to push too hard you can see all the
    rural areas not going to worry about the top too much
    because most if it's not gonna show
    so now when you get to the side just to show you that you can use either product
    minute put a piece of computer paper on here
    Hannah menus with
    the fondant smoother in just lightly go up and down
    back and forth
    and pull that away you can see how that starts moving out
    the cake was not very rough to begin with
    but if you're a beginner and you don't have a lot of experience
    icing a cake you're gonna find that this will really hide a lot of mistakes you
    when your icing the cake
    this really isn't taking much at all this is a good spot this is where
    I pulled the the scraper away from the cake
    so let's see what it does to that area can you get a good shot at that K
    and then we'll see this chess how smooth we can make bath
    its you can see it's
    it pretty well disappears you're gonna see a little bit at the scene
    but the unevenness has now gone there
    looks pretty good and that's really
    all I want to do just to show you again
    you can use either one either the paper towel
    or the paper and it doesn't stick to the buttercream
    and you don't have to use this for a wedding cake you can use this for a
    birthday cake or
    any cake you're making if you want a really nice buttercream finish
    that's a great way to do it so now we do all the cakes the same
    get them all smoothed arm in the course they'd write a little bit
    and then we're going to go on and we're going to stack the cake we'll be right
    back to show you how to put it all together
    so the case have all been iced they've all been smoothed
    are you know summers more than the others I purposely didn't smooth my
    bottom tier
    because I'm gonna be piping a decoration all around the tear
    so it doesn't matter how smooth the bottom is it's going to be covered
    I did make sure that the top edge here was smooth but that's all I really
    worried about
    so I made a grab one of my my out
    dummy parts here this is
    a cake circle which is the same size as this third tier
    I'm middle layer right on top
    the buttercream icing now
    I just showed you how to smooth the icing using a paper towel
    or arm a piece of computer paper and this is across the body cream so it's
    dry enough
    that I can't put something on it and it's not going to stick to it
    and that's one of the beauties are working with the with a crossing
    so I'm putting this this is the same size tear as my next year
    & Wellness Center it on there and then use a little scribing tool or toothpick
    and just go around the outside edge and just put a little mark in there
    your probably not see this on camera I
    but it's enough for me to know exactly where my next here needs to be placed
    I have five places that I want to put a dollar ride in
    I need to create an internal support so that this cake
    doesn't tip over. and that if I need to travel with it are bringing to a
    reception hall
    it's not gonna fall over on me so
    inside the circle I'm gonna put five
    poly dollars in these are a plastic dowel rod that are reinforced
    and I know that i'm gonna be putting him in these five places
    I just chosen for
    and then one in the middle and what you do is
    put your dollar right up against the side to the cake and use a pen
    and Mark with the top have your cake is or you can simply measure
    and figure out exactly how high you need that to be and then using a pair of
    heavy kitchen scissors
    or even better yet a pair pruning steps that you would use on like small trees
    are brushes
    works even better and then just cut and measure
    your five dolla rods and it's a very
    easy matter I just pushing that dowel rod rate in the cake
    and I want them to go just below
    the level love the buttercream I don't want them to stick up at all
    and I know I have the fifth one
    so now we've supported the that we're going to support the second tier with
    these five towels
    and if you remember when I iced the cake under this larger play
    there is a plate the same size as this cake
    so that is going to sit flat on here I'm any use this large spatula again
    and I'm gonna get right under that cake animal lifted up
    hanna Mina line it right where I left my marks
    and then pull that out
    and you'll be able to lightly move
    the cake a little bit if you need to readjust it
    so now all the weight from this cake
    is laying on the on the board he just show you here
    Sweden all the way to this cake
    is sitting on this board and that board
    is sitting on this supports that I put in the cake
    so there's no wait on this bottom tier it's all being transferred
    to the dowel rods the going rate down to that bottom board
    now I'm gonna repeat the exact same thing
    I would bend take my next my next cake size
    put that on top scribe all around it
    put in four on the cake this size probably for no more than five dolla
    and then put my next year on and then repeat that before you put your top tier
    and that way all the weight from the very top of the cake
    goes through every set a pillar does onto the board below
    through the pillars through the board and then down to the base
    and then you have a perfectly straight cake
    that's not going to lean back and forth no matter how warm it gets outside
    or if you want to transport it'll be nice and solid
    okay so I stacked my my cake I have dowel rods
    in the bottom tier the second-tier and the thirty year and they're all
    from the top down arm
    popular things that you're seeing some decorators do now
    is taking a very long dowel rod like a quarter inch towel rod
    and going down the center the cake and basically pounding this in
    through the board's rate to the bottom I feel that that is completely unnecessary
    in my opinion I don't think it does anything for the cake if you have this
    completely supported with DOL rods
    this cake is not going to tilt in either direction its gonna stay
    as sturdy and straight as can be and I have made
    and a tier wedding cakes
    like this
    and they have never ever fallen over so I really don't see the need to put a
    single dollar rod
    that dowel rod going straight through is not going to prevent your cake from
    moving from one side to the other
    unless it were actually screwed to the bottom board
    arm almost like a pipe that was in place so
    that's my opinion on on that method one last thing
    a four-tier cake or three tier cake can be rather heavy
    group I highly recommend for your bottom board
    that you use a half-inch wooden board
    arm and then what I do is I cover them would like to Wilton fancy for oil or
    some sort of a white for oil covering
    and then place your cake on that you can use a foam board
    if you're not planning on traveling very far with the cake
    or with lifting it from the edges if the cake is small enough for you can get
    your hand under in left yet
    you don't need as strong aboard but certainly for four tier cake that I was
    going to be transporting
    I would want a very sturdy wooden board that I can grab on the edges and I'm not
    going to worry about that bending at all
    and these are available on our website as well these are known as a
    masonite cake boards
    K so the basic tools you need again for the
    the cake is you need some sort of way at large spatula to lift the cakes and put
    them on
    you need the quick I sir are if you don't want to add the prostate on the
    side with a spatula
    so nice big eighteen-inch pastry bag and the quick I sir
    you're filling a little bit a fondant to
    make the the damn on each cake arm
    and then something to smooth the cake either the paper towels the Viva brand
    paper towels which have no pattern in them
    or the a computer paper and then
    a bowl of hot water in your spatula and that's about all you need
    in one last thing I didn't mention this
    is a four inch cake and so was this one so I use the metal
    a tea Co scraper for the 5n sure if I had a six inch cake
    I would need a larger scraper and this is
    a.m. scraper and aside smoother
    made by fat daddy O's that can be easily do a six or seven HK
    and that's what I used on the larger tears and those are also available on
    our website
    the last things you need are the dowel rods
    month these are the half inch poly towel rods
    those are really great for the bottom tiers when you get up to smaller cheers
    or if you're doing a smaller cake
    you can actually use the quarter inch these are butter cream color
    and these are cut and put in the cake the exact same way
    will be using these again later on when we add flowers to our cake
    I hope you've enjoyed the second part of the video on how to actually
    slice Phil ice and construct a wedding cake
    use the same technique whether using around cake
    a heart-shaped cake square cake any configuration you want the technique is
    all the same in putting the cake together thanks for watching
    and remember everything is available at Global Sugar Art dot com
    have a great day
    1 *** *** How to Make Homemade Tiered Cakes : Decorating Cakes - YouTube !!!
    nandan hand in hand and then hamlets corbett on the party cuz fifty about
    you can't buy me a tablet at the end of your party hosted deepak dot com
    i'm gonna show you how to make
    homemade tiered cakes
    when making a tiered cake i want to explain to the difference between layers
    of a cake and tears of a cake
    cakes are made up of layers we have to wait years here with some icing in
    and these two together makes up one tier of the cake as we often see in wedding
    cakes to see tears stacked on top of each other so i'm gonna show you how to
    construct them and have them stay together
    and a professional we have some predate kate layers this one happens to be
    eighty and chicago then yellow cake
    and you wanna put these two together with a nice
    dollop of homemade better cream inbetween
    and this you don't have to be real concerned about perfection or crumbs
    because you're basically just pulling the two layers together to make
    want to hear about your cake you and make sure it's the same thickness all
    the way around see a cake is a lopsided now we're ready to put the other way
    around and i've leveled this piece
    so that it doesn't have amount on one side you wanna go for even a still a
    professional chips popped that baby around town mixing which out of it
    gently press
    anti-violent make sure it's the same with all the way around
    that still looks a little messy at this phase
    but it's a process
    leveling your cake and taking the time to prep you can so that they popat
    easily is really important
    the next thing you're going to jail use you wanna fill in around the edges with
    your buttercream maybe a little bit of a gap there
    don't worry too much about the crumbs
    because you're gonna be covering this with another layer
    make sure your body cream is nice and soft in your room temperature so it
    spreads evenly
    and smoothly
    want to go in one direction turning as you go and a little trick if you start
    on an area that's already iced
    and backup and then forward
    you're less likely to pick up crowds
    you can always go back and
    neatness up a little
    pandemic and into the top some people start with the top in both the sides you
    can do either way
    this part you want to be
    a little more careful about spreading icing that you're not picking up the
    turning as you go because part of this will show
    and again starting on an area that party has icing
    spreading out
    and going back see you never actually touching the area like the crumbs with a
    nice clean statuette
    you are going to go cross the top his evenly as you can don't be too concerned
    about those little bubble marks because i'm gonna show you a trek on how to find
    this out and when you're stacking another tear if you have one spot that
    you're not as crazy about
    its easy that's where your tears coming down behind it
    all right so we have our second layer buttercream i remember we did a nice
    crumb coating
    i would you don't have to be
    eat exact about
    another nice thin-layer butter cream on top in its gonna hide your com skipping
    a nice uniform look
    your buttercream has gotten a little bit of a dry come across to it when you
    can't touch it
    andy darkroom does not stick to your hand
    you take eight
    clean paper towel
    and you are going to just lay around the cake
    very lately
    it will smooth out your better cream without sticking
    and leave a nice little pattern so this is kind of a fun option if you wanna
    smooth finish
    but you don't want to go
    the route of doing the funding or anything too complicated
    suggests very gently with the warmth of your hand you can go around the edge
    with your paper towel
    needs lindsey graham of korea they remember you've got your two layers
    together to make the bottom tier of the cake and i have a very small tear here
    this is really tiny like maybe five inches
    and i've got two layers here and i've done my uh... my first layer
    and this very different method on this one dot for status i say there is a
    little piece of cardboard underneath here
    you can buy the cake for dinner and treated on one side with the wax coating
    so that they are conserved through
    and it's just gives you some stability when you're putting onto your first here
    nominee different
    and go toward the back of this cake
    now depending on the size of your cake
    you won support this next here
    from sinking into your first here
    this is very very small
    so we can use something called bubble tea straws and they're just a very very
    sturdy drinking straw you can find the most anywhere mankind guess where that's
    coming down
    anyone sink that down and that's a little bit
    long-sleeve just kinda trend that amount to support tests
    from falling into
    your first here teens highbrow at once a paid down you can't move it
    and there without sam and i think it's a fun way to decorate tests
    and show you
    probably the icing that we are corrupt places to some nice little swore off
    one started a nice generous little dollop of icing on your spatula
    and then you can stand
    little swirls
    this is just kind of a classic look
    and on the top
    just gonna go
    almost a little nini
    figure eights
    turning as you go that's kind of a rougher
    uh... old-school look for you about a cooking
    so we have completed
    a tiered cake homemade we've got our two layers on the bottom making up my first
    year with buttercream inbetween
    a crumb coating
    a second coating of ice cream
    and cute little layer on top here which makes up our second tier
    has the two layers buttercream inbetween
    a little swirl about a cream on top this is all ready to get creative play
    you can get some flowers on it
    you can write happy birthday
    pretty much anything you want to do and tiered cake so a lot more fun than just
    a single layer cake
    so i said you had put this together using the support
    this is for a heavier tear sitting on your first
    and i do want to mention there is another option for you
    you can find just a classic wooden dowel to come in so many different on sizes
    and shapes from very tiny two very large
    and you just want to cut those to the height that you need so that is a third
    option for you as well
    the deficit how you make a homemade
    tiered cake
    i was clear that the party hosted fever
    w_w_w_ party hosted david dot com
    and i'm making your life a little slater
    name didn't end in dayton *** *** How to Make a Wedding Cake: Stacking a 3 Tier Wedding Cake (Part 2) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Dan from cookies cupcakes in cardio dot com
    they want to welcome you today to our second video
    in our three-part series on how to bake a wedding cake
    this is video number two and in this video I'm going to show you how to stack
    this wedding cake like this and a Wii
    previously show you how to bake the cake and covered in buttercream
    and coming up in the future video I'll be showing you how to decorate the
    wedding cake so stay tuned for that one as well
    and make sure you check out the first one let's get started
    in this video I'm going to be showing you how to get here the wedding cakes
    that we previously prepared
    in our first video all we're going to be needing for supplies the size the cake
    are going to be these
    into wooden dowels
    now I get these from Wilton and that's what they're called the twelve-inch
    wooden dowel rods
    and you can get them in any cake store you can order them online from Amazon or
    ebar such or you can order them directly from Wilton as well
    so let's get started stacking and hearing archaic
    so my work top I have the base
    are the three tier cake so this is my 10 inch cake
    on top of this cake is going to go in a ditch cake
    but in order to prevent collapsing into the bottom tier
    what we do is we put in these wooden dowels
    just insert them straight up and down into the cake like that and I'm going to
    be putting
    if you doing like
    different tiers you might wanna put
    more more these dolls into them but since we're just doing a three tier
    and my cake is very solid I'm not worried about it collapsing but it's
    always good
    to have this extra supports here so what I'm doing now is in just taking an
    edible food writer and in yellow
    and is marking where the top of the key kids and then when I pull them back out
    that's going to be where might cut line is just below
    the little mark rate there you can use a night if you can use a little many saw
    or whatever you'd like to in order to cut that some going to go ahead and cut
    those and then
    bring them back and show you what to do now I have my dolls cut to size and now
    just put them back into the holes that we made already
    like that's and then
    taking my next tear
    up cake so we're going to the 8 inch was going to lift it up
    and then I'm just going to place it on top
    I'll the bottom tier just like that
    so we got the two layers here the two-tier stacked
    and what I'm going to be doing now is putting in three more dowels
    but because I have to go through the layer cardboard underneath the
    underneath the 8-inch cake I've sharpen the dollars to a tip
    so that just helps with pushing through the cardboard where
    so does the exact same thing I'm just pressing
    down and you'll get a little bit of resistance at the cardboard
    and then you just wanna press right into your bottom board there
    someone to repeat that with all three here going through the board
    and then using
    my edible writer again and I just like the color yellow
    I because it's just if you make a mistake it's
    easier to get out than some of the other colors maybe just marking their
    an unmarked all three of them and then I'm going to
    cut again and I'll be back when I got all three doubles cut
    I have my doubts cut to size so I'm going to put them back
    into the holes that I put them owner listening
    help myself there the back to the other ones
    the cells to go down a little bit and then we're going to take the
    smallest top-tier and we're going to put
    its on the top now that's going to
    gently put to so then
    next we will put one final dial through the entire thing
    so I have one remaining dowell to put into the cake
    now this final dowell is going to hold the entire cake together
    so that if you were transporting it it won't tip over what not
    so this one goes through all three layers now I don't bother putting it all
    the way through to do the guide hold
    debt the beginning because I want to cut it so that it comes like
    always underneath the top of the cake well I don't want to have
    any sort up this towel coking out through the top of the cake
    so what are you doing here then was gonna eyeballing it and i know i wanna
    take at least an inch maybe an inch and a half of here
    someone to go and cut that off and then I'll be back to put it into the center
    so I've cuts might dowell now I'm just going to insert it right into the center
    and I've got another little extra piece I'll Dowell on hand to help me push it
    through here
    so it's gone through both of those layers when I'm just going to use this
    little extra piece just to push it
    down through their so once you have the whole still left over
    you just going to take a little P a little bit a buttercream and just patch
    up that whole
    and nobody will be any the wiser and it is just
    hidden like that so that's how you do it here
    a three-tiered cake so make sure you check out our
    other videos as well we've got the video that shows you how to make
    the cake and ice them and our video coming up will be how to decorate a
    wedding cake
    thanks for watching see you next time *** *** How to Make a 3 Tiered Cake - Gretchen's Bakery - YouTube !!! *** *** How to Make a Wedding Cake: Baking and Frosting (Part 1) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Dan from cookies cupcakes in cardio dot com
    I want to welcome you to the first video other three part series on how to bake
    a wedding cake this first video today is going to be
    the process a baking the cake and covering it
    in a buttercream the subsequent videos will include how to tear the cake which
    is stacking it
    and the last video will include how to decorate the wedding cake
    so make sure you stay tuned for those coming up in the future
    let's get started so the first thing I'm going to talk to you about
    are the baking pans to maker three-tiered wedding cake
    the big one at the bottom is a 10-inch round
    I'm cake pan and that's going to be our base
    our next a middle-tier is going to be an
    and our top tier is going to be a six inch round cake
    now each of these will need to be bait to time so when we're finished you can
    inches and
    to complete the cake this is called a heating core
    and what this heating core does is you place it in the center
    love each of your pants if you choose to you don't have to use it
    but it kinda speeds up this though it speeds up the baking time
    up the cake any put a little bit of cake in the center as well
    heating core and that leave so that when there's a whole left in the cake
    you still have the cake that pops out from the center the heating core
    I'm not going to be using that but I do wanna tell you about it because it is a
    handy thing to use specially when you're making
    I'm larger wedding cakes now these cake pans have street sides
    which is something that you want to make sure that your cake pans have see don't
    have any angles to your wedding cake
    and he's under each three inches high and the cakes will be baking to be about
    a total up to two inches
    in height so we're going to start the baking process next
    we're going to start out baking r6 inch cake
    for the six inch cake you're going to need to cops
    a batter per layer so in total for the top tier
    you're going to need four cups of batter now I am using a homemade vanilla recipe
    which will put a link in the description box for you
    but you can use any kind of cake that you choose you can also use a box mix
    if you prefer that as well you just need to make sure your measurements are the
    same at
    so I'm just taking some non-stick spray and I'm spraying my parent here
    and I'm also putting a layer of wax paper in the bottom
    that just helps put the cake out a lot easier
    when the cake is finished so then in goes my daughter
    and I'm going to be taking this one
    at to
    degrees Fahrenheit and it will bake for about
    minutes and then it should be nice and finished
    something pop it in the oven and then I'll have to repeat the process so I
    want you to make sure
    but you're remembering that you have to do two layers per
    size %uh cake pan our next two layers will be the middle tier
    and it is the 8 NH so again and spraying my pan
    and I'm going to be using per layer three-and-a-half cough
    I love leave cake batter for this layer
    give it another stray so you lied seven cups in total for the middle tier
    and it's going to bake 4 so I'm probably about

    minutes at
    degrees Fahrenheit
    so in a pop that in spread this around
    first and then pop it into the open and then
    we will be working on our largest here next
    now we're onto our largest here which will be the bottom in it is the
    inch layer we're going to be using six cops
    a batter so in total we're going to be using
    cups a batter altogether
    for both the volunteers so I'm putting this
    the wax paper and again at the bottom you can use parchment paper if you
    and is putting this in now this one being that it's the largest it's
    obviously going to bake for a longer time
    it's still going to be baking at 350 degrees
    and it's going to bake for about
    and you just wanna watch it to make sure that it's completely finished in the
    center in springs back to your touch
    so many pop that an and all the dock with all love the cupcakes
    so all six love the cakes have bakes a nice in golden brown
    but if you notice when you been baking Katie might find there's a slight dome
    so what we're going to do next is we're going to level each of them
    of because we can't we will need to have our wedding cakes be completely flat
    so the State Street up and down so I'm going to level of my cakes now
    and what I'm using is a large Ateco cake knife and it's just got a serrated blade
    if you don't have one of these you can just use a regular kitchen serrated
    knife it works just the same
    so I'm just putting it here and in keeping the blade level
    while turning the cake around here on my turntable
    an unjust making sure that I'm using a sawing motion because I don't want any
    up the cake to tare I want it all to be cut in this level
    area here like that and you can see a slide easily of
    just like that someone to repeat that for all six are the layers
    no other cakes are all levels what I'm going to talk to you about next
    our cake boards no keyboards are essentially just cardboard pieces and a
    covered with foil
    this one is quite thin it's that eight-inch one that I'm going to be
    using for my
    8 inch layer now this one is a six inch one and as you can see it fits perfectly
    on top
    love my six inch cake now this one is a bit larger and it's actually called a
    cake drum
    and it's thicker it's meant to be used on the bottom love
    tier cakes or what not now these two I purchased locally at a cake store
    you can find them at Meijer stores such as Michaels and what not you can even
    buy them
    online Amazon eBay try those out they just called cake ports
    and this one actually make made you just cut it out
    out of cardboard and then you cover it with your own foil so that's what we
    need next to support the cake so now we're going to start
    covering it by in buttercream so now I need to
    attach my cakes to my boards
    so I'm going to do out for glue isn't just going to use a little bit if I same
    to smooth out into the middle there like that and then I just put
    my cake in the centre thereof the port
    just like that now you may notice that the because this one is the bottom one
    it is a little bit bigger band that the other
    8 in the six in sports for this one we want the base to be a little bit bigger
    because when you're transporting the cake
    want somewhere for your fingers to be able to go so that's why this board is
    little bit bigger than the actual cake so this win total
    is at
    inches in diameter so now we're just going to start
    by putting a thin layer a buttercream in between here
    like this and then I'm going to plop
    the top part above my knee
    bottom layer summit other tenants just like that
    want too much from the scraping some of like that
    and then and is going to place the second one
    on top just like that so I'm gonna repeat that process
    for each of the three tears now we have all three of our tears
    the layers are all stacked on top now we're going to do is we're going to do
    our crumb coat
    a crumb coat is the initial layer a buttercream
    that goes on to the cake to catch any up these
    crumbs that come off as your applying the buttercream to the sides
    in total I'm probably going to be using about

    cups a buttercream
    and I will put the link in the description box below
    to my vanilla buttercream recipe that we already have up on the channel
    so I'm just going to coat all three of these cakes in my initial crumb coat
    and then I'll be back to show you the final step to this
    initial video in the series so the last step
    to icing the cake after the crumb coat has caught all other
    up the crumbs from the sides of the cake we're going to use
    more butter cream and just cover it completely
    something to do all three of these a different cakes
    and then will be finished how to bake entice
    a wedding cake so there you go everybody I have finished
    off at the beginning stages I love baking a wedding cake
    we've got it covered in buttercream and the following videos are going to cover
    how to stack
    the wedding cake which we called hearing and how to decorate the wedding cake
    for a final product so make sure you stay tuned for Lowes
    and I will see you next time *** *** Stacking 3 tier cake tutorial 001 - YouTube !!!
    okay here and the tutorial
    this one is stacking takes okay and both CTK to stack
    this was gonna house tracks on but I'm gonna put those on after
    lies in an fielding K
    this one's gonna have and it is taking on too much
    this is a 10-inch K so what you're doing is
    ok teasing you again 8 this is an intense board
    region is pleasure eight-inch bulwark on
    UK ensure that you click the distance
    even all around then within
    just gently
    put questionable makin
    slight mom see you know
    where cakes consents
    nobler lbs
    things have gotten them is
    plastic ones you can get and some schools is wow
    dismissal McNabb me not be easy well use these for the moment
    squad went to keep closing do it
    square now what I've done is got you
    imaginary simple man those weapons paper
    I'm display citizen
    passes Center have made some ducts
    thats wanna put mines wraps
    did you find one this one thinks its ATK
    analysts ponds the quite deep in the head me
    with mine tool
    yet again this content make a mock
    in where and then pop
    region okay
    we take no you've got your marks on
    you may want them in turn out
    just all depends how r now with the fish from heart
    to be freed Papa

    and she said its cool way to the bottom you can use in
    Mark Penn and numba
    and an edible Penn all
    just make this among on your
    not and pull it out
    say you can see keeping still make anti-big
    to get
    keep it on
    this can make it a little bit more certain see
    like this just
    my months doing
    home well
    rocks million to level the mall

    me K
    more you got your original school mock
    you see it
    some took a salir this
    know the reason you safer patterns you can have all you
    down in Ron's same length so you're going to keep him he said
    leaving town cake cookie
    Commission cross
    thing anthem
    should have been pretty X began
    use acting mean began
    seaga sound effects and me as well
    group again she should
    mcgeehan in
    its flush against K me
    on it here
    this one's a chocolate much with chocolate our
    and min choc put cream
    in yep
    so if you put your boredom top invest and only want
    being turned away from
    we can't have a tutorial without a Dunkin
    I'm just gonna move you consume people lesson
    to move this month away
    here okay is the best
    testing on
    have autonomy pay same with facts
    pop you food on you can do it with
    by and I'm who commit meticulous and
    measure same
    me n she's got the kid n who's going
    in sir me from

    not to worry because it will be heading
    think musical
    sending me this paper this one is a bit bigger than
    only you know how to do it with the paper
    or you're just doing too much risk where by Anna
    and mobile
    and on their
    now those shops and I just talked
    quite long this is the result of
    I'm just trying to Kansas and the cake
    and it's long enough so I can get to Los
    active once it arrives I'm same again

    making mom
    if you'd be popular with another person his name will halt
    palm me my phone just
    and not close to the edge think
    market people second same rule applies
    the me for me
    as me more but morning
    metal what this
    does NZ just breaks this is Cindi
    computer abandoned and includes
    nap right two films she hot
    home make a comment
    action films is roughly half the bench draws out
    not Kate net retraction homes
    Shin Shin
    walking wounded
    walking wounded months from
    with them

    back parked in you know
    one to
    scheme pits
    %um added up to the cake usually
    to stick them together I put an
    and not move relaxing act is good not this
    stick them today on the street or in person
    possible yes completely
    top-tier K
    I can pick my cakes
    because I did them last night the fondant is sacked and
    there's no punitive damage if you've got
    and when its
    a delicate cake intend to find is
    he used and partner
    or fish linus or something to
    to get pic just don't make people look saken
    left ito and then
    gently clase E on top of the cake
    this point you can then check fee distances
    I'm tune in the hands them
    who dawn the
    islamically long in at least a point in me in a little bit
    term he was asking any comment minimum rising her
    just gonna go
    are up
    K Sep
    such a case that
    statement the pulpit
    to put your trip in which acts as the etching so that
    he cannot see the troll or spread the small be
    I see less stuck in the cake
    anything in there cake Wilson hooks
    no qualms case the cake *** *** How To Make A Wedding Cake Base- Two Tier Cake - Cake Decorating - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hi Liz lesson here with some basic on cake decorating
    today we're gonna go over something really important if you're serious about
    cake decorating
    which is stacking cakes dive into mix together
    or doing it that way K so today I'm gonna make sure
    that your first act K is sup rock-solid
    stance top and there's no slow pitch now though right
    and relatively shared that were level
    we want to take a.m. marlin
    and go around the cake and measure
    to make sure that your level stacking
    well look like it's falling over if any other layers are not level
    and flat so make sure your car and this works great
    time there's a sewing tool that works great self next we're going to move
    right into telling
    an area again at again here
    and you want to get it just below the level of your racing
    say wanna make a mark and cut your first lol
    and then measure your towels
    from there so what we need is for this cake we have a six inch round roundhouse
    we just need six tells
    Moran Marco and about of orange circle so much
    to ranches are engine all the way around from
    the largest part of fire I'm the cake is going on next
    I want to do a test make sure cartels
    are right makes and I'm gonna make that out just a little bit longer is better
    quarter-inch I think to show everyone that too
    reached just here to the surface %uh are cake
    test I was really important because they can be too long to short
    want to be just friends so it's good just a little bit longer
    and retest see an impression that and with another Dell
    Anhui just about right there yo
    there is no you my circle underneath justice for all the way around
    so this is the point where you need to put your layer
    coconut so if you're asking do I need to use coconut
    the answer is No but coconut is way it's fairly light
    and it's a fairly new talk later I'm he can use Nazi can use chocolate chips
    anything that's going to keep the two layers from sticking together
    and keeping your top here from ripping the top of your bottom tier
    when you separate it Snowbird al
    and our coconut design and we're ready to put our second layer on top
    and I want to take this time to mention that every cake
    that you're going to stack on top needs its own board
    so I six-inch K has a 6-inch for I don't however
    but a poor under my name cake on that matter
    because it will slide so this cake goes right directly on your
    fighter or your remain serving tray s so
    that doesn't have a partner everything that goes on top of that does have a
    so I'm not sure he is an offset spatula and show you down but
    this is a good tool for when you're sleeping one cake onto the other K
    for many years may not set to get under my
    six-inch around get my hand under that this is a tricky part
    use your are set for balance
    and then
    position now you wanna get as close to senator as you can
    but this first positioning but then we're going to use
    I ruler and measure and level
    to want to use I'm ruler here
    to measure at play have your board
    you don't amenorrhea I think it's because i think im very mature for
    so this is about two inches all the way around which is perfect
    chest but we were now we want to make sure
    at our level %uh market level this way
    square up and down
    higher can a new towels can help with that a little bit
    wanna make sure the right thing and are hoping it hasn't gone away
    now you can measure overall height
    IBA heard of this is gonna be I'm falling in CAT scan back every angle
    and make sure that your cake looks square this way
    these along I make use yours they must enter and they already have a point
    again he's not not appropriate for down but great for pinning
    so pinning as all the way through now
    each tier that you sat on top needed
    phone pinned to the next year so if you had three tiers you have pinned between
    this year and just here
    this year and missed here and one all the way through sound like a lot but it
    will definitely prevent fighting
    and have been over so let's play surfer style
    so its owners I'm not ready in center and
    of to the side just a little bit so common it twist
    to see if I can pierce my Ford first
    sometimes that works need to be very gentle at this point there I got
    I got to move now
    if you have to him you can tap but the top a spatula very gently
    but very definite because if it breaks through and you're pushing too hard your
    hand ok all right through your cake
    now I'm a little power here and that's okay just the tiniest bit of
    because I'm gonna go ahead cocoa content here for women cake topper would go
    if not I'll be covering it for us but i wanna be able to correct this tallow
    and pull it out to I'm separating cuddler cakes
    now for this little tiny cake we really only need one
    Shin however if I'm delivering this cake
    and I have to go to cart for very much longer I wanna go ahead and put
    another pin just for safety details can also help support your
    cake topper if it's happy and if it is very heavy you might want to put another
    ring up supports here
    so there basics for how to stack a cake I hope you learn everything you needed
    to know
    if you use this telling method he'll be stacking a cake like a pro
    check and double-check for your
    website decided straightness for you up and down straightness
    but beyond that this town method works amazing
    thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe and we'll see ya next time *** *** Easy 2 Tier Sprinkles Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys are going to a season that's fuckin is absurd I'll be teaching you
    how to make this very easy sprinkles cake and working with a eight inch cake
    and a six inch cake
    adding liberty but according to my clipboard that'll help my eight inch
    cake adhered to the Cape Cod pressing it down when Tyson sent it and then adding
    in my vanilla buttercream just piping there on my next play an extra Center at
    the moment happy with its positioning up her sit down you know areas and then
    just continue building your cake like this for their last year of cake I'm
    using the bottom of the cake and attended upside down that weighed myself
    at the top
    adding your code helps to grab all of the loose crimes and
    cakes here very
    last layer of buttercream won't have any crimes in it and also make sure to press
    them against the cake that way all the air pockets have been filled out a bit
    about to come to the table to keep his file and then just taking it off towards
    center of the cake for sitting around the cake to lift those areas up then I
    put into a freezer for a good
    that way the doesn't shift around when you're adding the final a buttercream
    and to top first news my speciality flattened that out and shoot the better
    come to the sides adding some American genocide and this time I'm adding a fair
    bit of it as we are going to be taking off injury of the body cream with a
    scraper to cover the whole outside the cake then using a big-screen gently go
    around the cake scraping off the excess and people ran into its nice and sunny
    then take off the top section of the cake as well just moved into the center
    and this is a six inch cake I feel the exact same steps and I'm just covering
    it with red butter cream instead of white and you do the same motions and
    its kicking sitting on a six-inch board which is attached to a twelve-inch board
    reason being is that makes it a lot easier for me to work with the
    buttercream to add it on and taking off as well
    I'll generously than using my bench scraper to scrape down the excess and
    Smith Center then I'll be putting that into the freezer for at least a good

    minutes that way it's so nice and hard and we can handle that he paid the
    bottom tiananmen sprinkles in a cookie sheet template that way my cake consider
    this plate and you give me good waking space to start adding my screen calls
    from grabbing a handful of it and just putting it up against the cake leaving
    at this has been sitting in the freezer for a good
    minutes the speakers
    actually stick on really well in kind of press and lift your hand press meet you
    and all the way up to the edge of the cake that gives you really good coverage
    now just continue to do this around the whole cake
    and if there's any empty spots like to go in after a cover the whole cake and
    just fill in those areas same way that I'm doing here on to the very top of the
    cake exactly why is just sort of misleading moving around and it's a
    really good waves who fill in the spaces at the very top within the edges seems
    to be like a problem area that way you can kind of shake motorcycle in prison
    between your hands to my fingers and cover those edges don't feel too
    stressful not sticking when you're working in the scientific and picks up
    when you're working on the top remove all the extra federal down its nothing
    attached in to move the speakers from the cake borders really finger along and
    whatever it doesn't want to come off the cake thought just president begins to
    security now I'm adding my extra thick straws and adding these because I wanted
    to be able to support the weight of my top using the american ago me and just
    marking on the cake
    where I need to cut it that way it sits flush with the frosting don't make sure
    our top kick doesn't seem can destroy a bottom
    now releasing my cake from the cake boy just running a special around the whole
    the bottom reason being is if you were to take it off directly from just one
    site without going around the whole case somebody cream rooming stuck to the
    bottom and kickball and you have really uneven cracked ages and because of this
    reason we can handle very easily just collected to give you need and I just
    read take your turntable to make sure we have it all sent it adding a little gold
    ribbon around the cake just streaming offering needs to start and finish them
    using some non-toxic double side adhesive money and I'll stick to itself
    then you deliberate glucose syrup onto the bow and that'll help it to stick to
    the cake as well there for a couple seconds and you done I'm sure they will
    enjoy helping the fam when it comes out you won't me shape when you press it
    obviously you will agree but it's actually pretty steady with this week's
    editorial thanks again for joining me and I will catch you next time *** ***