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    Giant Buttercream Rose Wedding Cake Topper- Cake Decorating - YouTube !!! Statistics

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    *** *** Cake decorating: Cascading Roses on a Wedding Cake - YouTube !!!
    hygiene welcome back my
    hitch going to show you now just
    a sticky shape roses
    downside say
    his see
    K the stadium on Sunday
    falling off cascade
    cake flowers
    so when you start doing K that you want to put the flowers on topping downsizing
    three different teams want you want to try and figure out which
    why know how you want to decorate the top because once you start putting
    flowers on you really can't move
    so what I've done is shows these flowers
    top Kagan asserted in the design this is the key
    size key okay and
    yes it's happening K planned on the bottom
    and planned on the bottom you want certainly do something I did
    is playing mostly because it video because I know I have enough flour so I
    could take as long as
    what together but for the video signal
    de Chine make plans ends so the first lie was the time the second part was
    that inside
    and this there's three here because we are you doing to happiness I
    was one of the few flowers on the other side on the very bottom just
    bouncy before you start issue
    put the roses you want to find the low side
    your cake so this is always a leucine me
    know kiki is perfect think ship year
    money you doing K try to find it
    and then its which once you have that is as the final the cake
    right so just where you want the front
    you go back a little further you going to
    to start your your the highest part
    biggest roses are going to be not quite centers
    KTVB sir you've got to the same this is realizing
    and I'm just going to one raise my voice raise my roses
    I'll K
    this is facing me guess I'm staying alright
    so these are mine flowers
    insensitive this case the design sorry but this one
    first yahya is very high
    on the cake yea and then
    if when you are picking out your roses you find you
    why are you so much actually do have this
    them don't worry K the jury have risen up from the
    without putting up lap K so
    these are going to be p.m. peking
    so pink and blue say pink and yellow and white
    flowers so unique
    I was just able to stick that when writing so
    thats Kb facing people I'm going to put this flower and you can actually even
    put some
    separate you know just for everyone when you
    pushed some you may want to bring toothpick have a toothpick so you can
    push with this president your fingers so you don't
    break off the edges this K
    Sep I'm going to put
    this one has appointed side I don't need
    are take toothpicks
    preach no
    totally lying down the same time something to put some
    leaves on Jimmy okay so
    I have a little Waitrose you're going to said
    makes have a little time
    think rose bed wat you can show us show you how to do all those 'em
    actually do the Rose Bowl educated one put the
    facing out out way that direction
    his the direction here's a little peek
    next I'm okay
    now is the time for one more over here here
    disc sup its M
    he opened a little way home no fee we actually could
    just fun okay
    so there you have some roses there
    maybe one stick a little think went back in here just to give them
    filling me

    P you that might be two months so maybe we can just
    p.m. know we're going to bring some downside
    so whatever you choose I'm going to take a peak mines was that would make sense
    am going to use Miami
    my toothpick
    to push it in so I kinda want to be right about there not to worry about
    decorations are not as good but the Rose Room
    I can actually stick a toothpick right in the center came
    percent rate in the air make a pit
    this month this rows below it you put a little smaller one
    this rosa turns on a things I wanna make them
    rose by turn ap rather than
    down so %um
    you stick that rate near
    so picked up my flowers I'm going to use and I think what I do is opaque
    ok but it think when rain here stick their ATM
    and then you can put
    small pink ones here he said his
    tips need to stick to my into the cage young
    a little further down stick that made
    to make placed him
    if you want
    always have a bunch a little white ones you have a bomb
    kik alright
    I think that's very nice and then to come down to decide here
    and you want to just put it too soon to rate where the heaviness comes as
    come over here in put some rate holiday ship
    its might think we're that
    design comes heavy sea freight
    down at the bottom down here played
    musicians its small airlines
    just that the mean so
    first them and then here's a little pink one bank here
    going to fix my own p I'm my friend here
    actually that she did not
    I have the am little bit away in
    think when here you can stick in the back
    just really love the balance and as you want if you were well
    you because you feel you won't see them this is a buttercream icing
    Selam you might see them to see against a very creamy
    little bit he turns better teams you'll these decorations your arm
    our way nice home
    so now you can certainly have some flowers around the back a lil
    little bitch just for pretty that has been used white one so you don't
    I'm just started sticking the little was bentsen anywhere you want
    she laid down on the decoration and that's really all you want to do so then
    now I have this little big green icing than enough and when you make a little
    East Bay
    sure you appointed me
    team he's roses and doing this you probably know how to do that
    so but just in case I'll change
    used to flatten down the tip and you just makin
    use me p.m. point scissor
    you okay and then click here this episode was james and susan is rising
    reasons papers said just
    cent now you can can't play
    you can practice a little bit making it leashed
    if the point doesn't come out right in the center view the
    that's okay you can also just turn your hit me
    singer make it plain thank you card
    come down more in the center
    so I wanna do is yet some some leaves
    this come back up again
    look but some leaves on the flowers on sign
    use pushed and
    useful app go behind your flower
    and some movies as soon as you might want these
    little leaves to be weights it's a wedding cake in my one true love your
    flowers to be
    might I L you leads to be like to see them
    flowers leaves week okay
    can find a highly
    was all those who
    I'll show you that again on the topic is she really can't see
    no stay because you can actually when you put your cake down somewhere you can
    actually an issue than flowers radon
    I'm table okay
    so can come over here and if you
    you can actually greater decay killed him
    be leave number worried
    okay so that would be your side so this is the time happen
    here is facing you years facing me so
    you look at the back as the cake you see that they're all leaving
    see so what you want to do you when you get back
    you wanna feel they do just a little bit leave
    and me and when you fill in be calling eggs SPD could be built the map
    just squeeze until it fills up in just a little thief don't have sticking out too
    to uncover this is all things that we him
    there's me you can see so much I can
    down here and then just a teeny
    bit around the Rose I'm in here you can actually put one's a little bit smaller
    right behind
    and find leave the cruise ship
    near came when Ray here between
    stewardesses when
    here take a look and see what you see doing it
    chain do it for you back here clearly
    there's no rose is no leave there so you can you want come
    squeezes bring it has to back to the flower term
    to me if so there you go
    and the roomies rosie is a little bit these little tiny
    was billed as a user tiny actually used to
    for that this is a tiny room
    this is one ones very very slow
    and because I'm these are
    decidedly squirt squeeze out in the new
    girly he just make a couple there
    you probably can see that very well like to put a little
    you feel it away and put away
    rosebud uses the line euros is not quite so drastic
    just here K so you can play with that and make it look as nice as you want but
    don't overdo it
    open too many roses downsized right
    and them human overdo it be very nice *** *** Buttercream Flower Wedding Cake Tutorial - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!! *** *** Rose Wedding Cake - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is not a critical case and this is really just take this
    little perot's him twenty cake is
    three tiers punchers attention middle tiers and eight-inch
    captures 6 are really really happy with the way
    this cake has come out I think it's very very pretty and popular bring
    the market discovered one content as well as the poor
    and museum in here so you can see the details
    and it's bad and while
    I just home was blown away and as you can see
    there's embossing on the here
    so I embossed a small design asphalt design and on top of that
    I hand-painted with Joe color and what time
    some harsh calls on top about I just wanted to give it more army

    on a flat surface so you can see all the lost in there
    very proud of my sister Melissa she created these
    for Jess has faulted sugar roses and then she dusted them with
    different peddled STM different textures
    and homes and then she made this gorgeous book came
    on top of the key all hand sculpted sugar roses
    I don't know exactly how many there are but hair parted
    Keystone she did an excellent job I know so we hope you guys like are beautiful
    rose wedding K and thank you for being a subscriber
    and we look forward to all your wonderful comments let me give you one

    and would like to write it please send
    check us out on Facebook can also follow us on Instagram
    i SAT there thank you so much take care *** *** CAKE TREND ~ Giant Cascading Rose Cake Pt 1 - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    welcome to my giant rise wedding cake tutorial
    we're really excited to be sharing this design with you we created it back in

    and in
    we were lucky enough for it to be featured in a gorgeous wedding
    since then it's been copied all over the world and shared
    and in this case we want to show you a beautiful hombre effect
    it's really a continuation and growth at this design into something that is so
    much more
    so we want to couple with you had a into lock those flower petals
    and really had to create something that is absolutely stunning
    and what we feel is the perfect rice cake
    now the best thing I'm going to date to make agile rice cake
    is to stop building rice we want to do this a few days before we
    assembly anti cake I'm so I generally like to stop that at the same time as I
    thought my baking
    that way every time I do well I yeah on these rises I can leave them for at
    least six to eight hours
    or even tie the knot and now a big difference if you've been looking at how
    simple rise to preach utah real
    and that has a lot of banging in texture in the pedals
    instead with this one way going for a nice soft finish
    so the major difference is that we're not buying the petals
    and we're also going to be fading out Alcala and the reason why didn't buying
    is that when I designed his cake I wanted it today a flower
    thats of Cascade into a beautiful wedding gown
    and has that raffle and the softness and so because dresses don't have to buy
    into them like flowers to a
    the best way to combine nice to was really to just lay off the pills nice
    and soft and PUA
    so the first thing we do is decide on what color
    you want to have euros Bay and if you are going to do
    more than on bright fade out along with me
    of gonna head intake and a soft pink
    and it's just the sugar flavor kala pink
    and I've made four different shades did not hugely different at this point
    but they will become more noticeable when you're rolling them out
    the pedals get quite in and so the color actually is not as pronounced
    as it is when it's right here so we're gonna start with our heaviest
    am I going to do alkyne for our rise in this color
    Hafiz couple appliance and then we're going to continue along down the line
    so I only make for callous in the end we can have more than that as weak transfer
    onto the cake
    as we do that it's going to be fondant in not sugarpaste
    so this is the sugar paste all the gumpaste that we use
    for this rise so
    we can just take a little section of it first and I'm gonna make a rose kind
    so I just make it nice and supple in your hands and then rolling into a pole
    using the palms of the hands and then all I do is pick it up
    pinch with my index finger and thumb to make a point
    use my other time to rest it on so that it doesn't get squeezed
    on that aunt and we just rotating around
    and that's really the easiest way
    some people make them by placing them on they hand
    enrolling like this but I do find that it creates a little bit unevenness
    so I prefer to just eat a peach method
    I K and we can allow that to dry
    I V not so I've got one that I've already prepared so that we can start
    working on Alliance
    we're gonna need to get out of Laurel Matt all about little
    out flower tools now for the sizing
    I've taken
    Peto set
    am cutter in the roses and I'm using a lot just
    3 and and as the cascades down okay quick can actually go to the first size
    in the extra Lodge
    rise pedals so we're gonna take a smallest
    that we have its gonna roll this
    out and we can adapt five pit oats I'm doing a bit of a cheat
    in that I'm using I laminating shape to protect
    this will come in really handy later on and as we work on the largest section of
    the cake
    and it just means that you can roll out a whole pile pedals tuck them away and
    lost a nice and moist
    site you can get them I'm from lots of little shops and
    art supply places of this place is things like that
    I K so we're gonna use a little bit
    shortening onto a table just rubbing it in
    little bit onto the top
    and just pressing down and rolling and we're gonna roll it out quite
    seen so as a rolling
    fluid movements with your whole hand
    you don't want to be chicky at all otherwise you get
    indentations and it will get teeth in places
    such as lifting all the time
    it wants to stick with the shortening some just wanna Kate lifting it out so
    it doesn't get stuck
    alright so it's getting quite
    in now
    ninety one more role in the center
    and then I'm gonna take a little bit of corn flour or cornstarch
    place it down tab that inflicted over just a little bit
    just so that it's not to attack you when I got a touch it and you can buff much
    to the delight
    so you don't see any white now and separate the laminating shaped
    and the first three that we cut we're gonna hide away
    India we're going to be using it in a couple of minutes it's not very long
    but you can generally take things under the laminating sheets
    for good
    minutes or so I site that's just a little tip that helps you
    to have to keep constantly rolling out
    k will teach a more to look at a place that onto al blue floral mapped
    always wanna keep excess
    tucked away nicely tries out superfast
    Tai Chi so move face
    we're gonna take a large have ample tool
    and just halfway on and half white of capital
    really gently gonna roll around I'm holding it like
    I woulda penso staying around the edge so hard for people to should be on the
    blue and hop should be on
    your pet ok and it just helps to soften the edges
    and it gets a little bit of movement for us
    now taking a chicago il and a small paintbrush
    we don't want too much glue on we're gonna paint one of them completely
    and the other one about three quarters at the white up
    okay so make sure that we've got now one that's tried I just place it directly
    pick it up tuck the bottom edge
    in and then taking one side ruffled
    all the way into the center and for the other side
    over the top he don't to be in to shop at the point
    it's just meant to be nice and gentle and soft
    and I take the entire thing pop it down on a second one
    lifted up again tucking the bottom and I just gonna kill by so these are really
    no pressure on the top you don't join these petals at all
    really nice and soft okay so that tough first row
    and because it's I on the cheap pedals and they suck really closely together
    we can go ahead and put an X liar on immediately
    so it a cast
    do the exact same thing as we did with FAA first
    just halfway on and half way of
    I can't now this is where it's a little different we're gonna take
    a toothpick and when we've got an even number this we want to have them the not
    all cold inside why
    so I'm gonna kill the right side of two of them and both sides up want
    so do I chief s we talk underneath
    with a toothpick pick it up slightly and she's your index finger to roll it
    and then release it you not try to squeeze it at this point at all it's
    just a gentle could with
    and then just 3G toothpick out again now this one
    we're gonna do them the right side and then the left side
    and that just makes it a little bit more cotton style:
    we don't want anything to be two angular with this because as it cascades down
    the cake
    we needed to flow on so we're only going to do a subtle
    don't pinch it or anything to accentuate now
    out clue this time it's just going down the left hand side
    from about half way up down into the middle
    and the reason why when opening on bodice is that we want to look like it
    on filling so we don't want to attach it
    with glue over the whole thing or cinch in too much
    okay say taking our rise I like to work of folding I have %ah
    the and of my first row take one of the ones that you've coached
    Co just once back place it on
    touch the bottom make sure that going the same as we did before
    but now we're just gonna press and the left side l
    open they were gonna take double coat
    Tackett in just by a couple of millimeters
    again attach the bottom and the left side
    and he can roll it enhance
    last one Tuckett only by about a millimeter or so
    touch the bottom and then
    kill it around so you pressing on all of the left side it's
    and then leaving the right sides nice and open
    profit up make sure that they're not gonna fall all the way back
    if so you just want to keep the little press on the very tallest pot a bit
    too so that it stays in otherwise this is ready to set
    I'm like I said about six to eight hours at least
    I or I not so we'll be ready to do affects row five when this is done
    anatomy lab now respond to dry way going to move on and we're gonna get the next
    size cut inactive seeks
    and that's how we're gonna make five petals going around brosser gonna fight
    out the color a little bit
    sigh with added a touch of white to Al pink
    it's not a huge change
    it's not even hardly noticeable yet but
    rolled out
    things get a little bit ly tops I O the other thing to remember is
    we've got a few more shades did go down the line
    and we don't want to end up with pure white petals at the base about hiking at
    the top
    we want to still have a slight hint and teenage Akala
    so we don't want us to fight it out too quickly
    so it is rolling really fluid clout
    shortening and an eighth
    couple more also we do need it to be fairly thin
    K so add
    a little bit of a cough hour
    straight that through and buffet away
    and that was just prevent it from sticking
    there's nothing worse than cutting our beloved days and you cannot budge them
    on countertops site the bitter conflict our
    now arrange them into as
    too and that's because at the Y that i'm gonna kill the edges
    so we're going to just pull them first so I take a poll told
    halfway on halfway off again really gently
    and it just helps to give a little bit amazement
    think I so without to rate we're just gonna take a toothpick under
    just roll the right side on me holding it back on itself
    but not squeezing the next to it gonna do a double Copac
    but again like F this trial when not trying to get a really shop point in
    fact that she got a big space
    at the top with one of these so that they not touching
    and really shop because we want everything to be super soft feeling
    with all about petals so
    like we did with acid have three we're just going to apply clue to the bottom
    left hand side and we can go ahead and do it all of them
    because it does take a little bit for that to set up so I pop that on
    now picking up their rice you can stop any way that you like but I just like to
    start with one that's code back once
    resting and you'll notice that it sits up just a little bit high out
    then after this trial pressing on the left side like we can't
    but leaving the right side open grab on to BW's
    and this time you going to I the lab by at about a thirty taking it in
    underneath by that a third gently keep a hold of it
    take your third one and and the main thing is to make sure that you're
    getting the bottoms to touch
    and also I that you're not rising up too high
    on your petals k let it back down to said he can't read this through
    and a final on
    and it's really that easy was gonna kill them all up and around
    cinch them a little bit make sure that none of the math
    falling completely if they I you wanna grab just a touch
    glue onto that right side but we want to keep them Philly opens a car looks
    really floppy at the moment
    but when we try it we're going to use a drying mat and we get a place it in
    today at and then I've taken little bits of paper towel it up just cut out
    just into little squares give them a little fault
    and we going to use days to help keep the shape
    call their rice so you want to look at unfailing we don't want to be really
    rice that we just want to make sure that they're all staying nice and upright
    and also that there's a space between each of them
    so taiwan ones like hiya
    they wanna stay fairly close so not only do we want to put this out
    but we also wanna allow bit a song tucking it behind
    disperse petal I'm just so that it gives a spice
    between them lifting this one up
    threaded through
    when we can elevate it a little bit more going around
    and the nice thing about Italian is that it doesn't stick
    if you use add tissues or cotton buds or anything like that
    the content it gets stuck onto the Chicago itself
    and then you'll be left with little fuzzy be its side paper towel is really
    good for not sticking
    of K
    that one doesn't need anything looks like it's holding really well
    so we're just going to lay face as it is seeking a the pop them into the oven
    I feet on you up in on a fairly light and and only for a couple of minutes
    which it all
    and a meeting place this entire thing in your often and
    that means that you can go into another row in around three hours a psycho
    otherwise you want to leave it for around I hours or even tie the knot
    X like yeah
    alright so let's have a look and say how a three-quarter roses going
    so it got really nice open pay tolls because we light it
    upright and just allowed it to fill all the Bach with hôpital we've got a
    really nice
    open look it's very soft and you can see that even though we have
    double coat some of them overall would not looking like a shop cotton rice
    but looking much more softer and that's going to help us
    so we gonna continue to to grow our audits
    gonna do the exact same thing again I'm just remember
    go down unique shade of color so we're looking at
    a quite a pale pink now at this stage and we going
    up a sizet to what is the largest in acid
    price cut its
    alright now gonna grab a roast putting up
    once it's getting larger like this I liked tenet I thought to attach
    some going to line it up in between to about existing petals
    I laugh this what I thought I want to make sure it goes
    almost to the center pressing down the left side like we always do
    open it up thread
    wanna be a double Kohls again making sure that's touching
    has sent out and personally the left side event
    but it and Phil to the next one
    always making sure that you'll lining up with the two pedals
    and making sure that you're reaching almost that middle as you go around
    and Phil and just talking last one in
    K and then we can kill it back seat can say
    it's what's is is not usually a full rise but we are going to extend a little
    past these
    so you want this to try can't so there's a couple of ways that you can do it
    you can see the place it directly into hiya and stuff
    it straight away or if its seeming like it's really humid day in its title
    really floppy
    what you can do he's rested on to hear and then come back in about two hours
    when it has just added to sit just need to get a little bit more of them
    and then he contended I about and allow it to try
    and that way these pills white full chief %uh back so just be mindful of
    what the temperature is like and what he needed his like
    anything made to because these pedals have been done all the way up here
    it's actually not a high spot the hotspot he is still lower petals and if
    they've tried nicely
    they can absorb the pressure other resting he abdominal out is to die for a
    couple that was
    and then I'll show you how much fun it I thought that allow it to try for the
    rest to the time
    alright to now we're going to grab at Las color that with pre-made up
    so if I did a little bit more white and gonna watch her again
    and we're gonna roll the steps I'm why and this time I can use the first
    in our oversized rice make shaken up but this could see gonna be crawling up
    quite a bit this time
    just moving it around
    Wentzel I'm sure it doesn't want to roll out as much
    just wants to move around and shortening so I just try and keep it steady and
    then stop rolling out
    now the set that I got I love the oversize rose petals
    was actually fairly wide so what I went ahead and did
    because I'm using them constantly for this particular design is I just wish
    in itouch so that they are a little bit longer so if you have a set and they're
    looking much wider
    and I'll show one and not the same as a house it's just that I've given it a
    quick squeeeeze
    because in this design I like them to be a little elongated
    so that's just a little tip but I'm done to give the right look
    casserole around
    now when we get into this final row we want to be really careful about a level
    that we're killing back
    because from now on we're not gonna be coming back anything

    bring it directly onto the cake so what
    gonna do now killing
    to the the right but I'm not doing a really severe it's not going away into
    it's just very slightest age
    and again with at Davos release at all
    we don't want to be obvious way with stopped
    allied try this and why we've started on the cake okay
    have got all of that only going to take now full rise because it is already
    was classed as a full gratis but we're good now going to apply
    out oversized so turning it over again same as always
    lineup between to pay tolls and make sure that you going all the way
    into the very sent us this time pressing on the left side
    then just on fill the right take one about doubles
    again aligning it up both with
    the two underneath and going all the way into the scent of many can call them
    on the pressing down the left side
    without glue as always however
    stepped in a little bit much mikhail putting down
    one more to go
    specially I'm feel that if it's in the white because they sickening saw a much
    all straight back over the top so if they've
    joined all-white into the center now only on killing me can say they've very
    very floppy
    so what we gonna do is you can use that same technique
    unless allowing it to dry on he out the only difference
    is I'm gonna take some of these that I haven't folded
    and just prop them up a little bit
    so separating between H about pedals just so that they don't dry
    attached to each other tank and we can't allow this to drive for only about an
    hour or two
    before we flip all about and allow to dry
    you now follow drying pad we just want to keep this separation
    on Kauai
    site and leave it as it is up to today and then we'll be ready to crab cake
    and stop cascading all those pedals
    so now that I'm Rose is complete well can have a little bit of a look and see
    what we were trying to achieve with this
    so what we were looking for is really nice open and full pay tolls
    had they look like that I'm filling and that will help us to line up
    and next lie is that going on to the cake
    we're also looking for them to be fairly soft to have a little bit of movement
    but not a lot of folding back because from now on we're not going to be using
    has a technique at all so we can keep this hiya
    we've got out 3t cake that we have already cut field cannot
    and covet with the cunt gone for a PIL PIL white
    and we've also print onto an iced cake board
    now if any of that and needs a quick recap for you always wanna go over it
    and that's what I wedding cake foundations course is all about
    he's just getting that flawless blank canvas to work on my dad designs
    I'm so check that if the name to you otherwise a next step
    is to take some about sugarpaste gumpaste
    that we've got in Hampi Inc and makes it in
    with some white fondant now when we doing
    the cascading pay tolls we doing it slightly differently
    and we're going to be working with my sleeve fondant and the reason for that
    his side that it reminds a little bit and
    them %uh throughout this process it doesn't take this long to dry
    so that the shapes that we put it in it was static out we don't want to be a
    as what we had without gum paste even though it is technically firma
    it takes a longer time period to them up so this is
    class color that we are working with was quite a pale pink
    we're going to need to go another four shots
    so I'll you can say without darkest that this is where we began
    and we basically need to have that much variation again
    I the formal callous we don't need to make a huge amount
    we've got the athlete is for how many you can aid
    in each of these four all documented for you in the course materials
    that basically for gonna start dividing up how white
    to love the colors
    made significantly more what fondant
    than the other yes so we're going into
    a little bit more in iris Tai Chi
    and then we'll at some can't and so we can take some about think that we hadn't
    and just start combining it with our white
    and just needing that in the main thing
    with this is just to make sure that we don't end up at peel what
    still have a slight teenage at the end
    so up a list calories not gonna be shine on the top of the cake
    at all it's just going to be in the lower section
    that we still want to make sure that every time some color
    now what we doing this you'll notice that
    every time we did a new layer on the rise we dropped the color damn
    where is this time we're only going to be doing four different colors
    throughout the entire cake and that's just so that we can have it
    so don't bleed out at the Rose fairly quickly
    and we still want that center to be the prominent feature
    and the other ones to look like this love just cascading
    so we want the color loss have to happen
    a little bit more slowly as we work our way down
    thing you notice that this combined
    had gum paste and find it feels a little bit sticky a
    then just the regular complex that we've been using an app pink
    there's no reason why can't combine these two
    it's really no different adding a touch a ty los into
    I found which we do a lot of the time without the grains and
    and things like that so I it's fine for the two of them to go to get %uh
    mankind so we've got our
    third kala might just pinch a little bit of this
    so that after final set of color is not appeal want
    that's basically all we going for that's really important that you stole days
    away when you're not using them
    and because I will dry out even faster than the gumpaste
    effing working with because they've got the fondant so I can see now we've got a
    strength of color slowly fading it's not a big difference
    but just fades it apt going towards the and
    so we can put this away now gumpaste
    and then we're going to be working with a skull is so we'll just keep them
    okay this one out and a little trick that I do is just have spiraled them
    around the container
    so that I know I the order but what we're working inside I don't forget what
    I've got more to get up
    so just find a way that works for you with a clockwise or counterclockwise
    and we'll start with the first one
    what pop down a little bit of corn flour cornstarch
    when not using the Crisco because we actually wanted to try out a little bit
    fast top
    so that it will maintain the shape that we like
    we are going to be protecting them in our emanating shapes so he's got some
    size it's a great idea
    otherwise it just means that you have to study the lightest color
    get by Scott get those prone to the cake
    and just makes the process a little bit longer
    and your little bit more on search in
    about how it's going with this you can always add an extra one
    have different tack callous where the maid
    think I so is still going for relatively themed
    he should be reaching a point out where it's a little bit difficult to stop
    looking at op you feel like it might start to take a a
    like I just make sure it may have been completely
    tennis around to a concise sneezy
    and then wheezing exact same size which is the first one in a series an
    famous what we did on a final hot layer about raw is
    and that's important because we want did today
    something in common with the end to this and the start of the rest
    otherwise it's a bit of a severe change
    so just pressing down same as what we did before except the release
    a touch easy a because they don't have the shortening
    now we've worked at all of the amounts that you going to need in terms of pay
    that is based on these being a
    hot cake by the time that they dont if you're working with the toll it headache
    or even a shorter cake
    I'm you just need to adjust it a little bit if you're unsure
    just make an extra half a dozen avait shite that it's better to have a little
    bit too many
    than not enough think I now before we went move on to the next step
    which is softening love the pedals and attaching an his wanna make sure the
    Olivia work surface because we're gonna be bringing eyebrow cake
    going to be working with everything all at once I'm so don't look
    equip around and %uh then we would be ready to stop placing them on to the
    cake *** *** Three Tier Rosette Wedding Cake - How To With The Icing Artist - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    let everybody
    my name is Lori and welcomes I think me
    I'm so excited today my brother's
    writing it's going to be a three-tier okay
    and dad all X of greener going out what happened percent fell last
    third party picked my cakes
    and divided them into three sections I've baked
    a blackberry kinda vanilla cake and I just paid to border going around the
    outside and that's to keep my blackberry feeling on the inside
    5 Big Ten eight-inch a six-inch and a
    and I'm just gonna stack make a step like this so each
    tear has three layers in them and just gonna stack it up between buttercream
    icing and filling and
    and my next layer of cake one-fifth acted up I just put some towels
    into the tears that there's five dollars in my bottom tier
    and that's my second tier doesn't think into it you're going to want to do the
    same thing with your second tier so you're third-tier doesn't think into it
    and I'm just gonna cover each one of those cakes and thin coat a buttercream
    and nothing is start stacking at making now between
    each here I've actually put my cake on a cake for it
    some a six inch cake is on a six inch cake part and that again is going to
    help support the cake
    and going to make sure they're nice and centered
    and continued stacking at now to hold all the cakes together so that way they
    don't have
    topple over each other I'm gonna stick it I'll going
    in from the top all the way down to the bottom sims in a market in pet
    and then inserted into the cake I will be posting a video and
    at some point actually how to assemble a full three tier cake
    so this is just kind of a quick video and going down to the roseanne
    when you're making the res thats you basically making a lower case
    be so starting off in the center and kinda rolling nice thing around at
    I'm using a1 and tap in a disposable piping bank to make my resents
    you just wanna go along like about and then when you're making the second layer
    your mistake urban in between the two first player
    and keep going around you just making little lower case ease with the piping
    and as I'm doing each layer
    the cake like each there for that I'm actually fading my buttercream a little
    bit so it's fading from a soft green
    up to wait and in between the tears
    and paper a little air have buttercream icing
    and that's gonna be soft green is smooth that out so that way there's and nice
    soft kind of lot adage on the top of each tier
    go ahead and start my next
    layer roseanne each tear has three layers ever sets and them
    this cake is super simple in its actually really quick it's probably the
    wedding cake that you can do or quickest kinda three-tier kinda cake design
    looks really elegant pretty but it's very very quick
    and the top of my cake knife at Mason flattened move
    and continue doing my wrote that surrounded
    in there you go
    cap it off
    and then scan stick a beautiful little poke a half hours on top of the cake
    and this is what the cake looks like when it's are done it absolutely
    I was really happy
    I think it turned out this is actually my first by
    K however love it specially cuz it was my brother
    banking and I'm frat party bank I okay and they absolutely loved it
    I have you guys really like it too and don't be afraid try say percent all
    you throw that at me indeed just a single tear
    like to do something like is Wow any special adulation
    my brother and his bf right Irish
    our happiness congratulations think
    of so much for watching I have you guys enjoyed my wedding cake
    and take care *** *** Decorate a Pearl Wedding Cake - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    the first decoration that we got
    work on the cake is at top T is going to have some stenciling
    we're going to do a bride
    chill and a groom and the show on a slight angle and we're going to be using
    stencils to do that and some royal icing and now the thing about
    stencils is they help people try to figure out
    what's the easiest way to apply the stencil and how do you stop it from the
    I will be honest inside that the best way is really to get a buddy
    so if you've got somebody else with you get them to hold on to the stencil for
    so it won't be moving and unfortunately not all this
    have somebody with this and we need to be able to do it so like
    so I'm gonna show you how to use some blue painters tape
    to stick this onto that it doesn't go anywhere while you doing
    decoration and we going to be shimmering lakes
    with a really nice super pill last a afterwards to match
    without pills but first we have to let it dry so
    we've got some dishonest insoles and I've gone ahead
    and actually added some little sections ugly type
    both on the front and on the back and the reason is
    that if you doing a square-cut it's very easy to attach this to the side of the
    out but if you're doing around
    tight when you go to wrap it around little sections for PopCap
    the stencil making it really hot to get it to stop I
    you end up smudging and smearing it so I've applied always
    just to be a little bit at the Bryce in certain sections so that we don't have
    those issues
    so it the first thing I'm going to do is work out how high up
    the cake we want to type so we've got to check a
    and then we haven't ill I've cut them they come in a big strip different
    up chopped them up just to make it easier to work with and then what I'm
    gonna do
    is take out rieben say at least

    so that we know of pre-cut this we're gonna have repins going around out
    now thirty so we can say
    this one is a fifty millimeter Rypien so now we want to make sure that we
    attach al it is in such a way that doesn't block it
    so I'm gonna lined it up so that this probably
    about half an inch and we want to I the left that the it soul stott about half
    an inch down
    on app cake for out shy I always do the top with the first and then like a white
    so we can get rid of this now has just been a bit of a guide for us
    we're going to take some ants me this just to me that cake
    around otherwise you can vote up sent a townhouse
    to me if that we've got a spatula that we're going to be working least
    out blue paint is tight sentences for that
    and then hiding and he just so it doesn't dry out
    we have some about royal icing an hour while I sing
    is quite a thick paste consistency at the moment
    and the main thing is when you're applying the stencils
    you really don't want to have to use where it floods everywhere
    so it needs to be a family peak so it make sure that you can still move it
    but try and get something that will stick aunty spatula and not want to full
    of poor of
    I kite so the first thing we do a is
    we're going to grab some about fully painted
    tight and because this is a small cake I'm actually going to try to get
    the painter's tape to go all the way a rainout so
    I just get rid of some to make it a little bit easier
    going to
    attach it to Aston so
    we wanted it to be about half an inch down making shirts on that nice
    angle it
    stick and not to our account %uh wrapping
    around that's really important that Kate
    this nice and hot you don't want to be too loose
    are all news around so
    there will give it a tram uncanny
    and in just at the bottom thinking go ahead and adds a little prices
    as well another little tram
    so now we know that it's not going to go anywhere we're going to apply our oil i
    say more
    and I was too in just small sections were not using too much at a time
    and just go with the overall crane
    on this side and then again the coast coming this way
    so we're gonna go in the opposite direction
    and we just wanna make sure all that it covers
    all is a stenciled beats Nazi
    all smeared on this a state nicely for us
    now we're going to take am it's quite power I'm you can use the metal ones if
    you like I just find it
    the plastic ones are a little bit more gentle so that's what she's to use
    and again we're going to stay with it so we gonna
    going to about the center because NJ
    everything skirting this why I say can say all of these are facing forward
    so we want to be moving in that direction stricture excess
    all always wanna make sure that everything is is really clean with this
    and then like going to look in the opposite direction
    for the other part about it right because again
    that's how the stencil got so be sure to examine the stencil
    and say sorry not pulling on it it can
    one more into the middle just to get that little bit of excess
    and then we're going to scrape a final bits
    of I K so we can see that there's no big reaches on the sections
    that will be showing now and I do
    is takeoff too small a
    just-released there we go
    so get rid of all of our house wash these up immediately because it
    otherwise it will stick on the quote then I can locate this
    can't so we can say we have had chai
    as a little fuzzy little section and spiking
    up post me as much special a nice and clean
    just adept at a white so now what we want to do is let the straw I for a good

    minutes to half an hour
    am because when we strap out léon
    below it there is gonna be some overlapped so we don't the blue paint is
    or any stencil to take this off so just let it rest
    you can go ahead and grab the rest to the things that you need
    am including some ribbons and the sugar flowers or some fresh flowers for this
    mixing wanna do albums on
    weekend but something new let me know champagne given I have talked to me
    an hour
    so on him pretty
    capsizes the on black other Barnes
    so in the case and outside tel
    on he stopped I was twisted best
    I'm so happy loosely both
    models clean indecisive on one side
    are you reading not on both sides because otherwise it will be attached
    hope this world and tests and help me is
    he does I'll take it might be missed why did you move on
    smalls immediately no I haven't its
    dockside types so just on one side
    price that
    just yeah he'll unit just
    in the section here and all it needs grounds
    no came once I
    yeah I'm at the top
    yeah you can say
    a hundred she's around a little bit breast
    it's not going anywhere it's better not to have anything sticky
    or couple on something
    on Sat Sun
    I'm a ninety now ready to lend money
    films nothing what he russians
    I have supposedly that's just special just for data for string
    supply shop and use it from I'm cases
    telegrams and message well and you
    is happened muscled I believe me and down since mass movement on the part
    so morning the skis keep it civil out
    Los we're going to use hell rusting
    this time but thanks hope I think that I hope
    got outcome a lot and I'm even number three NT
    is pretty flexible in terms of what size pocket
    some way from cheap by in its not anything
    seen it's just attach not to simply perhaps pills
    on so doesn't even include got back in the house
    Keith on scrap public are optional time since keep
    it's just so that I can see get alt or if you decide to change
    problems partly through Project you can deduct
    India hope that
    yeah science
    the last Cohen through cuts and
    just it's just about isnt
    speedy stop
    no I think consistency I'm or is pretty similar to what we would be impressed in
    you can go a little bit list seligman but not too much
    I wasn't one drop
    on I
    and scrapes on his wealth yeah crop
    I up and the other thing with
    archimedes Catholic not too much makes it difficult honshu
    laundry Tom
    now a reasonable place to hold I mad and the National a
    just yeah twist it around
    bird on use it not the
    he's actually too late flats plaque index finger
    right behind the index finger not through the run
    in harlem that way it doesn't matter as long as you feel comfortable
    for I'm this process to pop a little bit
    up to her braces so it doesn't squeeze not three
    I think Pat so first he's
    past remains neon
    MC Owens has a little bit fishing line
    it's showing guns I was just thinking that all
    might show the I've use stop
    we've got a large pills you don't miss flapping around
    on title now gonna stop uncertainty
    more mom gonna do is just get slapped price
    and that's what happened just she feels good to be secure
    you know asap
    I help just
    I'm company enemies depicts
    he didn't create the knots and he just use the rotting
    would hope for a long time its easy will be holding
    one beats and also they can just pop also
    quite easily now is to hold onto the ice
    this is a beautifully simple
    of these nights makes them to challenge peace
    it'll be time consuming just mentioned holding on to the east
    and they set up so when I tend to do to come cheap time a little bit
    is in Paul Elias didn't come down and help
    its your I'm not
    yeah just so I can start marking out with six months ago go
    justices Casey fulwood on
    so again we starting a new string int so we're going to press office one
    not in close my
    I feel at that age so that it gets a little bit of an unusual angle happening
    can't make sure that we're not confusing the sides
    now gone ahead and place to vent a spinoff clear alcohol just into a little
    I'm going to use awsome luster dust the best wanna many uses
    a super pearl it's just enhances any natural color
    but it also borders down I'll take still
    the county's as well so the intake silk is very similar to the pills
    and just a little bit lighter than everybody all attached to that
    of and then because we've got their alcohol in their
    it basically turns into a packed so it got
    a really nice beautiful golden touch
    as you add colors into the alcohol United I have a red or blue
    so even some colors that might look warm out place them in a have a test run
    and just make sure you're happy we have a
    at one thanks for the alcohol
    so we're going to take
    just a touch of that post in the cake around
    and we just gonna play iRobot the initials
    so working from the top it is going to give them
    a little bit shot
    don't need very much just make sure it's not
    too moist on your brush
    playing around some sections quite fine
    that's the nice thing about the stencils as
    has the variation
    this is a s
    or a little bit smaller it here got it unsteady hand at all
    this tends to dry in about
    minutes or so I'll
    so that's all we need to do to a touchy the cake is complete
    time he outweigh gonna play so I sugar flowers on their
    we've got to keep the antique silk out to cast their but you could use fresh
    we could use some initial toppers instant
    so I would have done is we've got three
    I've why it one of them because we're gonna be placing it
    in between the teaser the cake the other ones
    I just going to be resting on the board and on the top
    so just made in China little bit more I'm going to take another little douche
    and I intake still I
    no alcohol at all this time it's just the Shimla now
    wanna put watched Russian
    tap of some accessed can say that there's a fair bit on out brush at the
    now although checked that we like to do is turned upside down
    and Pat it damn and what that does
    is it drank some of that loss to down into the paint brush
    that one as a dusting it slowly releases
    I cropped that why you don't pick it up
    and a great big splotch in the middle he just slowly releases
    so do the one that's got the wife first
    just lightly touch on it
    work our way out very very gently
    and this will just give them sure all i've %ah
    and then we're going to use that excess but in the brush
    just to concentrate innocent of
    I K site now what we've done the state you can say we've got
    huh all over us and Oliver ass if this and now flowers
    and is just a love excess now the best way that I find to get rid of this
    excess is just literally to use a hairdryer so all we going to do
    is quickly blow some cold air with a hairdryer
    and get readable that before we put them on so now that we keep them
    with the coarsening on the hair dryer %uh where eighty
    to place them onto the cake now with this particular cake
    its a traditional cake so in Australia and I
    England and I'm sure some other places we have
    for cake on top and it's kept for the fish year anniversary
    all for the christening of the child so we don't stick any why is
    into that that's why we have some on white flowers and now
    if you're going to venue and the cake is going to be she moved around
    we can do is add just attach a royal icing first
    and place it on but because we know I'll that this is going to be site
    and we know that the venue is not going to move the cake on us
    we can simply get the and rested on the top
    so I'm gonna have this sitting right that they are looking to spin around
    and again out bottom one we can attach it
    if we like I'm with royal icing or if we know it's not being really like I did
    anyway I
    we can place it so we just gonna put that one down to the side as well
    the only one that we need to worry about is our wired one
    and basically when we're putting why is into cakes we make sure that it's the
    floral why is that have to wrapping
    and and what we're going to do is aimed to put it
    in between the cake and the board and
    about it so we're gonna be placing it on this side of the tank
    spin it so we can make sure it's a nice spot right about the app
    okay so what I'm gonna do is I'm to slide it through
    so that it's really not doing too much into the cake
    its just resting in between the plight
    all five of
    at and the top about four
    so I'm just basically got a sliding in the app
    taking it and just tilted the wire up a little bit
    just gently pushing you can use your fine pads at this stage
    to press against the flour if you like now I just gonna better
    right up against the CAC now alternatively if he didn't want to use a
    wire it all again
    pick up a double for lighting place it there and just hold it for a little
    until it settle down it's not going to go anywhere but for
    of us we're pretty much done with got out three flowers
    to make sure they're all sitting perfectly we want to make sure the
    French was facing
    buoyant an agency of if I was nice like and then you happen
    you've got your forty pill and Rose wedding cake
    already to set up until about *** *** How To Make A NAKED FLORAL TIERED WEDDING CAKE! Vanilla and chocolate cakes, buttercream & flowers! - YouTube !!!
    cousin's wedding I'm gonna be making a three-tiered naked wedding cake to
    materials are going to be chocolate one of the tears is going to be Vennela all
    layered with beautiful luscious vanilla buttercream beautiful fresh flowers from
    my case I should throw this but I need them all through the leftovers how's my
    little tiara it's not my winnings and I mean hair wearing my bride wedding dance
    be working chet come here like the scape it's time to get started to
    round chocolate cakes
    wrong well then I'll remove it to Helen chocolate cake

    inch and allocate and to talk to him which I'm gonna removed from their pants
    and level and use my fellow Italian meringue buttercream to fill these
    beautiful cakes because this cake is naked I want to keep my edges and they
    think so the easiest way to do that is to you i think im using a number

    there's always more pressure when making a wedding cake but now making a wedding
    cake birth family member which is added pressure at this level that was so if
    you're left pump it into you can actually continue to fight all the way
    around but I'm going to feel
    I need to do the top of this case so that the top doesn't dry out we gonna be
    really careful and then we're gonna be nice to more tears to go
    repeating the process again with our bottom tier and checking the cakes
    showering them and simply Sarah so what are you guys doing any naked case
    buttercream talk to me I'm all alone in here be careful of getting pregnant and
    your palate me if you do don't want them back into buttercream have a separate
    bowl dirty better
    top tier of the wedding cake all of your cakes should be put in the fridge and
    chill for no less than an hour so they're nice and cool throughout before
    we tier and decorate they said they can't take me seriously in this sale are
    nice and cool that's exactly how I want them and I actually want these kids to
    look very sort of because this is the heaviest especially it pushes the
    has to be very very chilled to the point that it as hard as I can pretty much
    guess what will be left with is the buttercream / to the cake so it's clear
    and sharp
    make a soft plush I've shaved off the exit buttercream or chilled time to
    cheer them on
    time today well I've been getting a lot of questions lately on whether or not
    you have to delegate yes you have to tell you take unless of course you want
    your wedding cake to see maybe that the climax of a wedding this is just a
    circle cut to the next size of cake and then I space the dow all out accordingly
    to help support that next year I am started out in one of the ball
    headline my dad was that put them up against two straight edge and then I
    take the mark from the first down and bring it on to the next
    move that
    first lol the other side using a ruler line between March marking all the
    now I know that all my dolls be the exact same height and we can come up
    with her gardening shears
    now insert my towels cut side down into the pattern that $
    cylindrical pieces of wood that are available at key check-writing supply
    stores they're also available at craft stores I used to tell all makes
    is now ready to support the weight of deer number two you don't have much time
    to move around buttercream cake that's the only thing we need to try and put
    this down right first good I once again we're gonna cut barred owls are third
    and final here
    here number three you would think that the smallest easiest lightest just true
    but feeling its gonna gary is at the center
    I am the cake topper now this is a cake t shirt like they are ya good and
    flowers myself deep deep coral these can keep each a little berries
    white freesia
    percent and then I don't know what these are hard but
    they're pretty back to these boards I know you can see why I also have just
    another way that insert color onto this beautiful case of credit to the proper
    circumference and we just layer ribbon on the cake and then I like you look
    into things and things being crafty is handy when taking next layer
    suburban on the bottom tier less scary there's no better team I know that once
    again my head probably looks like it's going to get a sense of what I like to
    do is search a trim my flowers and have them in bunches and then
    with all my time for flowers I'm pretty much cutting off most of the damn I'm
    leaving about 2 inches and police any extra me and I think this may give
    tiered Cape MEC level yes okay I'm gonna marry this cape I like to dress the top
    first is that sort of the crowning glory that's the chopper and then I like to
    use a few and doing a bunch here bunch there
    my producers six-year-old girl infielder she's adorable
    sorry we didn't make the cut
    that's it now I'm not the top four anymore
    fortunately or unfortunately it's not for me for real bride and don't want to
    drive on her wedding day I fed down cake decorators can't cut a slice of this
    case I can't feel it here is only one thing left for me to do I can still
    taste bad friday Ad here
    laying last August I have to say yes I said yes to the men actually a deep
    sense though rare if color yellow gold then I'll look at the clarity now you
    know why I married as goes well the case is actually bigger when I got married
    I just want to clarify I didn't say yes to this will this is not my wedding day
    feel this is my first communion veil that has been smashed up in a box for
    how my
    years now *** *** How to Decorate with Fresh Flowers | Wedding Cakes - YouTube !!!
    so you want to arrange real flowers on your wedding cake
    it's definitely a lot less expensive than using gum paste flowers
    there are a few caveats you don't want to use heavily sprayed
    flowers you wanna go to a respectable forces going to tell you the truth
    fifties ur
    organic it's great to buy them from a food vendor as well
    they'll tell you exactly what's what's on their rose are actually edible
    they taste a little bit like celery I don't recommend eating them
    so what I'm gonna do instead of putting these directly into the cake
    where they could potentially lead check out some other moisture and leave behind
    a strange aftertaste
    whatever to do is put together a ball a fondant ish
    don't go see this part so it's okay if it's a little ugly formed
    and I'm going to press this down into
    seen area and this is what my flowers are you going to
    instead of the cake some not leave any holes already weird flavors
    a mess me almost fires here actually always travel with three or four
    fires do I need that many fires yes people tend to walk away with them so
    it's good always have Spears
    so does good plunge this in it should go up to the base
    love the flower went to work in threes
    at varying angles
    not moral fight a couple more in on the staff
    questions and
    stew wanna over here there was no so obviously that looks a little bit
    strange we want to add some fillers
    this isn't Monte Cassino little
    CZ looking flower you could use baby's breath that would be lovely
    and you can use the nose pliers likely these are kinda woody
    they're going in for me really easily
    you put fresh flowers in your cake as close
    to the wedding is possible this is something you want to do a day at a time
    they will wilt not very set on your wedding cake
    your thank you
    already if you have are working with smaller flowers
    you can add a smaller punch a fondant to put your flowers onto with
    I'd like to do more than just the one what do a smaller version on the tough
    me here roses were snipped
    very close to the end
    just keep on adding these until our brown is filled in
    and that's is how you put fresh flowers on your wedding cake *** *** How to Make a Wedding Cake: Wedding Cake Decorating (Part 3) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Tim from cookies cupcakes in cardio dot com
    welcome to the third video in our three-part series on how to bake
    a wedding cake this is the third video and in this video I'm going to be
    showing you
    how to decorate using this ribbon and these artificial flowers
    make sure you've checked out the previous two videos where I teach you
    how to bake and
    iced the cake and then how to stack the cake and hear it
    so let's get started on this third and final video
    decorating a traditional wedding cake is usually done with some sort of flowers
    so you have a couple different options when it comes to decorating the wedding
    down below here what I've managed to find a local cake store
    where these sugar roses and they've I just bought wanna each of the different
    kinds because I wanted to show you all the different colors are they came in
    you can also order like really fancy ones little teeny tiny ones really big
    ones from lots of different
    online suppliers and what I also have over here are real roses
    you can be using real flowers if you want to as well
    and what goes with the real flowers are these
    flower spikes and what you do with these as they just inserted into the cake
    and then you put the stamp on the flower into the spike and so then therefore
    um the actual part of the flower is it coming in contact
    with any part of the cake that the guests may be eating
    and what I'm going to show you today is how to use artificial flowers
    I've got these roses that I'm going to be using some greens
    and some hydrangeas to start as well
    to go with decorating you also wants to usually include
    a deal ribbon that's going to go along the base up the cake
    now this ribbon is a one-and-a-half inches inuit
    here and it's about
    feet long
    feet long will be enough to cover
    the talk the
    the eight and the six cake
    around the circumference and will give you a little bit extra
    as well in the end so let's start by putting my ribbon
    around the base here and I've cut the volunteer links to be about

    inches and I'm just going to use a little bit a buttercream
    along here the side in the ribbon and what that's going to do is that's going
    to act as the glue
    that helps the ribbon stick to the
    cake and I only use the glue at the back because what I found
    is when if you try to put fresh butter cream on the ribbon
    the ribbon ken um it can show through sometimes
    and you definitely don't want like a different colored
    peace love your revenge if you're presenting this as a wedding cake
    so it will stick there like that as it is but again I do like to be
    like err on the side of caution sodas pick it up a little tiny bit
    put another little dot and just
    in here it like that see repeat the exact same steps
    for the second tier and the for the first year on the top
    and the first and the second tears so the one that's going around the
    that's going to be about
    and the one for the middle tier will need to be about twenty sevens
    I inches sorry not centimeters that some Canadian coming out for you
    inches for the eight-inch tear
    inches for the six inch tear
    now that I have my eighty years with the ribbon on them
    I'm going to start with my greens and I'm just going to place it
    you just stick it right into the cake jus right at the base of the ribbon
    there on the tear that's below it
    and then in goals the flower next
    just are after that and the fun thing with decorating is that you can put
    all these things anywhere that you want to that you think is going to look best
    and the minute but this one up here
    and and I'm also going to work on putting a little
    talker on that up next so my final step is I'm going to put a little bit
    %uh greens and flowers onto the top here
    just putting in the Greens and then some other hydrangeas onto the sides
    and then I'm going to put the roles rate into the middle
    so then I'll be back to a show you the completed Kate
    there you go everybody how to decorate a wedding cake
    I hope you enjoyed our three-part series today
    covered in buttercream part 2 took us through how to stack it and hear it
    and part 3 which she just wash was how to decorate the wedding cake
    thanks so much for watching remember to subscribe to the channel to stay up to
    on all of our newest videos I'll see you all again
    next time *** *** How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake Part 1 of 2 - YouTube !!! *** *** CAKE TREND ~ DIY 'Rustic Buttercream & Fresh Flowers' - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    in this tutorial we gonna be shine you
    everything you need tonight to create these beautiful wedding cake
    and we're going to be working with cutting and feeling LA is
    Rossi gonna show you how to create perfect messy
    wedding take a look and we're going to help complement that ok with beautiful
    fresh classically that gotten feel but more to and take style of it
    that complements years so it's gonna be a full-on tutorial
    covering both cake and flowers
    first thing that we going to do is take a look
    takes that with baked and cooled at the fridge am I gonna cut ally is
    into that style first thing we do is
    about the laptop I want to keep his rapping on it on the bottom
    and mainly just so that I can move it around and then wrap it back up again
    because we are going to put them into the fridge right after this day
    for take a rule lot play set up to the top day a
    market at the one-inch and just make a little
    incision you not looking to cut too much into the cake
    he just looking to make a little bit off the mark for yourself as a call right
    I K
    so what I'm gonna do now is just fine with those marks of
    and just start to line them up
    it's just basically to school
    the cake all the way around okay so now that we're all the way through
    we're going to continue without not straight through the centre and
    constantly looking I've got and just making sure
    that we %ah staying on track I cut you can start to feel that it's a Lucent
    RI gonna wrap those up and keep them for about half an hour
    during that time what do our I ate at $
    each to get them already
    but we just want them to become an awesome then before I start applying
    now it takes up in setting up in the fridge for about half an hour
    the next step that we going to do with each Bhatti's is to place them onto
    aboard and feel lack a client's out now with this particular design
    we are wanting to have this cake rest on a cake stand
    so we want to make sure that there is not allowed to take for that we working
    that's why I've chosen we're gonna from the bottom of this cake
    MDF 10-inch round so that matches exactly with
    the cake that working late when we go to do our other teas
    we don't need to be this study and we can go for something like a cardboard
    that we use in mice to that shit Orioles answer for Essex now I change will be
    working with Ace
    the fried
    just so that you can pretty safely and securely onto
    a cake stand we're gonna work with something a bit more substantial
    now to attach the cake to despite
    the sport itself I'm because I'm using a sweet butter cream recipe that you can
    find on the website
    and it is costing so I can use that in or stay put
    if you're transiting this quite a long distance out where you working with say
    swiss meringue buttercream or something that doesn't crossed
    then I would go ahead and use either a royal icing or a white chocolate in Osh
    by the by setup really really fair and it'll be a lot more secure
    Press gonna play some ovett on to abort scrape it
    all on Hannah is and then I'm gonna place
    a little bit onto the top about cake which is now going to become an abortion
    not a huge amount just to help but to adhere
    like a
    sign now we can detect a cupcake
    or is it a little bit more flimsy Denise you can always use the board
    and take it to the cake itself so want that's down
    we're going to take some have now buttercream
    how a basically working in a side with my shin
    building up one section at a time
    you notice I didn't grab a huge amount of it and just pop it into the center
    I'm working in a section hiya so
    you can say how when I'm working with just a small area
    he can actually say how thick you making about a crime
    and that's a really good thing because you can make sure that the one it
    eighty then but also that you giving you guessed so the people at

    the cake am a nice amount frosting in between the Alliance
    you don't want this to release kim chi Thanh nhi so as we work our way around
    to weaken it continued to just check
    and make sure that it's staying nice and even okay
    so we spend a little bit more he can say that it's not quite high enough
    and then we've got a section in the middle so now I can go around actually
    and see if it's gone Austin level then we can feel that
    in going all the way out to the ages that whole to now I can take and next
    layout I'm just gonna rest a damn really gently
    before press damn I'm going to use my index finger yes
    and just line up in four spots and make sure
    that it's staying nice and Streit say come back with a spatula
    now if you gonna be using this for the exterior as well make sure you don't put
    anything scrums
    back into it you can either wipe them away or you can't put them right out on
    the edge with a
    with a gonna get walked away anyway carried all that's now will allow that
    to rest again for another
    and will continue on without sex and now I ate
    with that HotBot pick fights
    cakes are now ready for the next step which is to shave down the sides
    this is a really important step in terms of the overall look of the cake
    I'm but the outside but most importantly for weddings
    at the inside of the cake when it's plated for each guest
    you don't want to have the side to the cake having like a ripple
    affect and we want to get rid of all of that so it's nice and flawless
    so we're going to take our shop right not and some parchment or wax
    I'm wax paper baking paper total different ninth
    tell you our I'm and all we're gonna do is
    just take the very very edges of
    so we're going to start just fight
    at the very very top trying to keep cannot nice and straight
    and unite us that in some spots to take up a lot
    and in some spots to take off hardly anything so
    just picked this up crab pots from paper flip
    spice it down and then we may you think it's
    he can I'm basically what we gonna do is rest and not just underneath
    the board we don't use the board as a gauge because it used to lodge
    so it's gonna tapped the not being just underneath
    and again work our way down and you just might find that mostly it's just that
    very very edge lit they a that it will chop
    of that top player
    all right we're ready to do our first coat on the outside a backache
    we're gonna stop with a crumb cut and it's basically exactly what the name
    means you are looking in the crumbs
    on the cake so that al final I am second cut a boxing
    doesn't get any of those crimes in it whatsoever
    so we're gonna stop with with a spatula
    the couple it's quite his big one is going to be
    to covered the toll surface at the top of the cake
    and if you don't have one of the highest that's okay can still use the small one
    the crime how is really not about being perfect it's not really that what it
    looks like
    week still going to say the color the cake shine through
    that's fine it's just there to look in that counts
    so I've got some about buttercream I think and if you are gonna be tinting
    at all to make a slightly different shade I'm for your cake design
    go ahead and add you Cullen now because the scrum caught
    wallet white be saying it's still going to be rubbed against
    as we do our next caught so we want to be consistent with that color inks
    so we gonna take a spatula and just apply it
    to the cake working away
    all the way to the bottom now if you were just doing one cake

    attended to is public cover about half as the cake
    and then begin scraping so that we can use the excess
    that we've accumulated for the rest of the cake that way we not constantly
    digging into fresh
    icing that will then have to be thrown away case time such scraping it back off
    so on choosing to use a metal scraper
    I like it because it keeps me nothin' strike by having his handle section
    that's attached
    so I can't dig into the top of the cake which is a really common thing
    so few cakes have a bit the tenting affects to them
    might just be that you taking it up a little bit much
    gonna come along
    and first they just gonna make sure they get everything off the bottom
    so that we can see that bought now I'm gonna come on the board just a little
    so that we can scrape the actual cake itself
    now working on the top there isn't a lot but there is a little bit awry stop
    counteract that into the center the cake
    and then take some %uh that icing
    that we had that already had a little bit of crumbs in it and just working
    apt to the very edge okay
    so again I'm just scraping I if %uh to get my stuff it off
    and then I'm gonna take our launch this was actually a paint scraper
    and it's been sterilized before we ever used it but it is a great tool
    and sometimes kato's on this is the only ones that can buy the cakes to %ah
    they just want you find that work for you so we love this because it's not on
    we can track it over the entire surface
    and the last thing that we're going to do is just do another whip around
    and the other reason for this is so that all of those little fuzzy beats
    a fucking straight back off again that way we can come back with a knife and
    easily turn them off
    if we keep them coming out it can be a lot more challenging
    so just around not looking to take any more of this is Sara Lee
    we just looking to lift that top so now that we've got this we're gonna let this
    sit in the fridge for around half an hour to an hour
    and we're gonna work on are the T string that time so you will still be busy
    am but we just want this to crossed up completely and before we move on to
    a smooth and then a little roughed up texture
    next step is to take all that this excess that's raised up in just chop it
    off with a shot not
    that was just give us a nice if this to work on for a second cut
    I K
    so we're going to take some more about a crane and
    we're going to build it out until we reach the port so is gonna come along
    nice peak
    etc amounts again we're not worrying too much about what it looks like
    we just wanna make sure it covers all over the board
    and goes up nicest right side always making sure I put
    a reasonable amount on the top all right now what we gonna do
    is actually me that all abt I know that it's looking quite similar
    I'm to what our inspiration is already but it's a bit of a challenge to know
    exactly how straight up and down the cake
    is I'm so lost you can do justice as you finish
    and be done with it we really want to take it to another step and just make
    sure that we're maintaining that
    before we work on the actual texturing so gonna come back around
    and where going to pull it back again to a the board is
    might wanna go around just keeping it nice and Streit
    texted we going to do is pull all this in towards the center like we did last
    and work on getting out top to have a nice solid coaching
    style track
    all-america s in and in this case we're not looking for it to be too perfect
    because we are gonna mess it up again
    we're just making sure this now High Point particularly in the Santa
    from catching so we're gonna come along
    dis Res up that section
    now I'm gonna take bit more about icing
    pricing in a such a rough it up a little bit more now that we know way stratus
    just one apply a little bit to at top section
    and if we're using ask right here we know that it's staying nice and level
    so that's got much to that covered now
    gonna clean of the spatula and we gonna use that
    just to make some markings into the cake working around
    you don't want anything today
    in a pickle online which can keep stopping and starting in random spots
    vacancy have just having that extra bit of padding
    has enabled us to hit a pole and drag a little bit of
    without going too deeply into the cake week I saw all the way around
    now I'm gonna cheese
    to some logic patches
    over-the-top using aspect sheila in this angle
    just so we can get some lodges strikes we don't want every strike to be
    tiny little thin ones going around the cake so we just gonna come back along
    and do some larger ones
    so now what we gonna do is
    just pull this in a little bit
    and then on the edges
    gonna go ahead and do that same
    little pressure strokes with aspect Chula
    so I've got everything happened
    stack we're going to go ahead and pre dad now
    out topped abhorrent ET's and just get those ready so that when we to get them
    at fridge
    later on this set will be honest I could up really easily and we don't have to
    worry about making a mess
    also even though it is a question but a crime it will stay nice and called for
    only a short time to work with that
    so we want to try and make thats process really quick
    so I've got some wooden dowels a graphite pencil
    just some taped else just chime wipe off the excess cake
    and I'm using small conduit cut is to be a cop
    doubts so just come along about two inches away
    gonna make for mocks
    and then one just
    of sent up rates were gonna press this damn right to enrich the and given a
    choice to bring it back up again
    am I going to do all five thou
    dow spots before we measure
    okay so do one loss claim
    and then what we're going to do is take that sent whole
    make sure that there isn't any crumbs it
    press it all the way down this time with the flat side going down instead of the
    point inside
    and we just going to mock
    where the paddock Remi's
    give it a little twist again
    head so we took undercut us
    we're going to do this line it up pressing the top section
    have conjured kinda chest below and mock holding on to both sides
    and just not and family bike culture i now to line them up
    I use them side up my bench said I can thread
    its it through line it up
    and get rid of the excess
    again using the same one every time not replacing it with a new one
    to line it up make sure that they're all much level
    and what kinda place them into a little doubt spots
    I K so now what we're going to do he's let them set up a good half an hour or
    so in the fridge that way we'll be able to touch them
    and manhandle them a little bit more without affecting out finish
    and then we'll finish up with our lodge dow for up to the fun
    hot but finally going to see a creation come together
    so it got all their cakes out just at the fridge that nothing called you can
    see that I can touch them
    not denting at all we're going to take the ice
    I've got a big sent abroad are down but we're going to be running through
    so that you can transit this around but the for the most part we've got all that
    Don in the last ice age so what we gonna do now is basically take
    a little bit of extra butter cream we're just gonna cover up they settle down
    and just section a fresh start on top so don't let he annexed Tia
    just a little bit too Cupar stacking is a really easy step once you've got the
    dow San
    you're halfway there so again keeping it nice and flat
    alright now
    using a spatula we're just going to slide and a
    al cake now it's gone eyeball where it goes we know we have about an inch on
    every side but we can always move it forward a little bit if we need to
    so to stay back a bit use aspect sheila
    and slowly lower it down and employees especially
    out and what's gonna give it a little push for want
    and a push to the saw it
    I cut now we can go bad a tape measure attendees a soft ones that I don't dance
    the cake at all just gonna come around
    and I've got just barely over in each day
    and we have not quite an inch this was gonna give it a little bit a pushback
    was gonna touch too far and that's right on the one-inch
    there alright so now
    we've got that compressed and a little bit where the deaths are
    just to make sure that stank and did the whole thing again
    picking up her cake
    have been at the look can always push it forward a bit
    taking aspect sheila Tuckett underneath
    and relates
    so now we take the lie
    that we have we have shop and it with a blade knife just to make it
    and I've
    and so actually go through all of these cake boards as well as the
    going to eyeball way the hot needs to be at
    style gonna come along and go
    a little bit less in our actual cakes
    and we just gonna work your way down
    checking ass ok to make sure it's staying nice and straight on the sides
    as well
    and to leave reach
    now for sport now I'm gonna take a hammock
    SP gets a little bit scary when people look at it but it has no impact on the
    at all we just need to get through that board so
    we're gonna hammock that until we reach
    the next cake now we can push down
    our reach and next forward down on our
    same process again making sure that it's staying nice and sent it
    now that we're not because we can use this just to counter sink in a little
    with Kat now lodged down it is just a little bit shorter than our cake
    so we've got
    brought on top just a couple more and that whites can a sunk in
    all we need to do at this stage
    take a little bit about I think and just patch that hole
    and that its all locks in together
    it's very secure you can say now that I that we've got our boards exposed little
    as I've been putting them on h1 this little bit spacing in a tight
    either you can do a spatula or I mean he's a piping bag
    and just feeling around the apt and was just messing it up a little bit as well
    piping bag a couple %ah I'm using a number seventy
    you could probably use anything from a five to a seven would be great for this
    but someone else's am gonna stop by chopping off the top about popping back
    not too much place the first section up a couple are in
    and you can say that thats
    a nice sized on all the lights that's hot place at tip on
    and the rest a coupla screen on tightly just make a seeker
    in your hands city can skip it in like a funnel
    site coming along
    can see that's just covering import
    its basic basically putting it
    come around and justs me that and to stop with
    just blending it sewing
    thanks for the best strikes
    and that's it alright site well we're going to do now is place it onto
    out beautiful cake stand and get ready the most important hot
    of the final declaration which is the flowers okay so now taking a cake
    we can t take a large spatula just gently touch app cake
    wage that underneath
    lifting op and I think they were acting as though this isn't TS
    so wanna make sure that this equal spacing on all other sides
    so an elite these pics Camille a bit heavy
    just drop it down again you looking to have
    a little bit extra the front because you can always push it for which
    really taking a spatula and just allowed to drop
    and while the special is the hot can't say I've got my special parking and HEA
    we're going to manipulate and move it into the position that we're happy with
    so releasing just gonna pull out ask such a lot
    and then we'll be ready to decorate it
    plate put it on a beautiful and traditional but a little bit more rustic
    stand we're going to do the same thing with flowers we want to pick up
    something that
    a little bit more traditional asphalt Posey on top
    and to help us out with that dying to show is
    although we need to know with the flowers have chosen today
    a few old-fashioned talk flowers to complement this cake
    I'm one being hydrangea have also chosen
    an intake rise which complements the color as well
    and nothing to brought cheesecake soft and beautiful
    and a very favorite for many people is David Austin so we've chosen
    page to bring a b2b to did have color into these
    my home today I think the page :1 za PolyOne the most stunning flowers that
    got in season
    so far this year and if it saves you may choose different class to complement
    compliment absolutely yet so how do we start wiring have we were
    festival we're going to show you hide right now up pre why somebody
    by about I'm going to share with the hydrangea with cattle very close to the
    bottom of the flower its
    and and we're going to use a 24-page fly which also pre capsaicin captain
    to roughly this link weekend if aidid through
    to have the Y to the Clarets am
    ethically back with I think this
    so you have it's very it's a little bit tricky but you get used to the feel of
    see the actual that you creating a false statement and then we're going to take
    another one at the sign
    because as a little been white this lhasa needs to be balanced and
    it's a big here is a big blanket and hygiene justin's you can use those stems
    can you because they just this solidarity
    and the heads adopt and I double s office exact ages so swamped the rest
    about flowers
    and lip because we're going to use EFL out while he and I have a limited
    Reina put Thursday NC small you want to get a get the other
    I'll the other flowers surprises and David Austin
    so excited para filme through these
    to why it's so important all together again it's just a lil bit tricky credit
    to the top
    but once you've got that thirst case around
    and her fans very commonly used
    in national thousands well lease for all types that
    isn't the straight quite in some quite a stretchy as louis mo mat
    and but with fresh flowers you tend to prefer that the power film
    is because it's a it's much appreciated so going to continue to Paris film
    all the way down the stands hydrangea stretching and pulling in power
    film and twirling a flower about to create that nice new thick
    all the way down and United hydrangea it's quite heavy
    back down otherwise be much bigger than this because then we won't be able to
    and into the top of the cake so once we have it all the way down
    quite a claim on I'm going to show you have to wire
    the intake rivals again using a

    while and to the right
    so you feat through the top power the petal straight through
    pull it down together
    put a parent film stretched around the top of the rose
    and now you can actually I
    you heard it through the petals themselves so that they say nothin
    they stay nice little yet close the doughnut we don't want them to open up
    fully because arris will continue to specializes atwater
    yet and if its re-opening it wilts we don't want to know I absolutely love
    each other
    a nice and fresh want them to look exactly la we've done them now
    nada de la since the last one and died of SIDS a very fragile to work with they
    petals will fall off quite easily so you need to be a little bit delicate with
    see Tony de vit awesome upside down people on the side
    of the petals and poor back into closes the flower
    weekend and again you
    gauge wire on this
    we're going to Paul part of the grain
    stein comes down in a pool that
    back to either side and we can defeat
    through from one side to the other so actually holding these petals together
    put down and turn it upside down
    and safekeeping working with sugar flowers this is a radical difference
    between how
    you why %uh real flowers and haywire sugar flowers
    so then we're going to gain para filme stretching and pulling
    from the top of the flower all the way down the stain
    he went well this one quite as hard because
    it will a is quite fragile so and next eight points but once we have them all
    actually going to pick up hydrangea on
    and rather than sit them sorry we're excited that I can actually
    inusa file by like a sore right in the center
    skin a place that Ian and it should
    pass really easily through the cake and we just want to be resting flash
    with the case said that's really simple n Easy and it just means that those why
    on going into the fayed and it also means that there's not much what he
    sings all over the top everything he's
    I kept in one nice phat to create a really nice
    soft feel for this cake instead actually placing flowers
    invasion onto the cake I'm actually I do a little hand-held Heisey
    with the with the fast himself and then we're gonna place the whole flower
    onto the K so I'm going to work with my day that Austin's first
    and I'm gonna pick them due to size I'm going to
    from and make him going to separate slightly the flower itself the hydrangea
    and I'm going to place the diver awesome into that
    and we don't want to pull them down too far because then
    that you actually see effective them and put them in nascent I
    which was we don't want that scientific focal flowers to still baby
    Lytle from from the race yet apart so than on
    probably ametuer the way around we're going to do to sign the game with the
    next time in Austin
    and we're gonna fade through and place it out
    and then I'm rather than two separate more hola
    the rice and the doses were going to a slightly different
    we're going to bring that David Austin in through the very top
    fayed the wire
    we're going to put through the bottom said its place still
    lovely a heart and then you'll find that the flowers will actually fall into
    I'm the next lower going to use other enterprises
    not chosen a stat that really am soft
    unanimity on teach I have ever gotten star with up the pedals that just
    fell back and shot points I think the hydrangeas overall it just looks a
    little bit more
    I old school really on drizzly morning tea and a different
    flowers with chai since I or complement each about so they're not fighting each
    other in May
    in the flashlight for this size and we're gonna play sup
    an intake rise onto once I'm slightly bend the standard all
    so that actually see pass a little animal that she's the next time which is
    slightly bigger
    in I'm size and we're going to pull that one
    again into the other side that we're gonna play some pretty well next to each
    and we can actually saw people went down a little bit
    so that we have a lot a follower feel to it
    and the last one we're going to bring completely at the opposite side
    might have to juggle around a little bit because as you feel h

    pushed back up again all of that para
    films you could pull together at the bottom a to the flower months you've got
    them together
    in it wat a place where you're happy and some
    you might have to actually push a little bit from the top but when she pressured
    her films together
    they come to get time what impact on my stick
    yes I do unnaturally just likes to stick together so want to get to that stage
    it's a little bit easier to halt and then you're just gonna get around a soda
    with granite top you don't have to park film is all the way down
    just enough to hold them together them all because we'll be cutting
    anyway I've I'll is only a couple inches long our site
    so we're gonna get mad at myself and I yearly so we don't need powerful
    all that's I'm gonna cut them badly that he doesn't want them too long
    say cut through your bias and then gently holding under ni
    and your place that into deflower okay
    said your have to push just very lightly
    from the top so that actually sits down but also why it
    to extradite austin's which we're going to place
    down the front of the cake to get into place in
    just that nice angles for the first time we going to place into
    this I was going to slot into the hope because only a tiny little bit why we've
    kept things very very short
    because we don't want long lies and okay then
    the next month we're gonna do at a slight angle of to the other side and
    again just slightly into the tight say that I i
    not last fall we're just gonna slightly turned this around so that the diagnosis
    balance with
    HK uncanny the UK
    is complete we had now finished wedding cake
    the beautiful fresh flowers and now in terms of preparation time
    the cake itself as long as it's not going outside or anything like that in
    the middle of summer
    it can be done in the morning or even though not all out but as far as the
    fresh flowers go how much time have we really got
    depending on the classiest some plaster don't have a lot of life span data
    wat outside hydrangeas and David austin's
    especially our fragile flower so they do like water said
    like to the better crime so we can get it all set up at the venue and then last
    minute but the plan is I was on remedy ceremony time that would be fantastic
    and while this is being hardly a very informative tutorial I hope that you
    plan to Los
    and I'm we look forward to seeing *** ***