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    Sweet Pea Flowers - Sugar Paste Flowers - Cake Decorations - Pastry Classes - YouTube !!!
    and and
    and and
    and the don't
    I'll welcome to class
    me and said we're gonna be continuous sugarpaste flowers and today we're gonna
    make sweet peas
    sweet peas I want my
    five-year easy unicom in a variety of colors you can
    so you need a filler lower eat something to are set with
    use a sleepy and they're quick and that he'll
    and their playful I'll sup what we're gonna start up with as usual is harsher
    so the country want me to this there are only cute
    okay and what it looks like ol
    I think well i'll settle %ah here and I'm not sure media
    well you at now cartoon or something that's what these bitches
    Harris this is where the status like L
    said to be down here by the stem but that
    so many eastern Paris and I also brought another car
    this is from up company that makes apple cider
    cars and I purchased it as a package
    and using it because I want you to see that you don't have to buy everything in
    some things that common plastic he can use of gay on and they're they're very
    the paper this you get a whole happened shut down and press under the covers
    they're like this would probably cost on that as much
    you purchase on sale within the Orbitz is parked car
    I will be equal the amount will be to buy the whole package at the classic
    but they're good circles they have all the other cars you be
    but they come in handy as the that little small pieces that don't always
    well other car sets little pushing things
    this is going to be and at the bottom %uh are sleepy
    so it you'll have issued by sleepy doesn't come with the car
    with this car only has with these two cell now yes i sat
    supplements just not my thing that
    so you're gonna start out as usual but many missiles showcased
    look at all this we have to make a center and its kinda fun
    certainly keep the peace I'll
    about that they maybe even a little ass because that's a sizable
    that heeeere for bill
    and then take it were lit
    doesn't have to be a perfect circle
    and then it begin she'll tapered off
    I RTC that this is a little larger than I what so many instead of just a little
    bit more
    number sure
    they sent me mice now Keith keep it moist
    supple right there religious shape that's slightly
    so that I could hear drop shape their different ways different people have
    different ways of making their
    I centers for their sweet peas some people have been very very tight
    months a little bit more stylized lot but if you look at Sweet Pea's the cells
    they have more the shape and sweet he's coming right
    in many varieties she never did see one sweet peaches
    looks like one thing I love AT&T rose for any lower
    so right there at
    my patients
    well all my shirts up for this a little bit
    little but on some remove it
    and liked it put it right inside look at front there
    /img /url alt and then pull it back
    squeeze it just a little bit around the base to make sure it hears
    okay trailed
    and then and then K and ninety-four
    a street in stirring and proline
    right down the middle
    you can press it fairly d
    keeper the ends now let's hope not
    anger each do that overnight so for all I love
    your sweet peas to start you have to start the day so what you're really
    going to be
    doing this or on your wedding cakes
    it's great just have one day
    for one injury or one very helpful
    brendor has been child lever and
    put together volunteer centres and then have a collection of them but then
    policy while that way when he got to make your flowers you don't have to
    start from this point
    you already have it together just pick up the sand hills and mountains he won
    with flowers so just doing this with one other color
    lissy see they're not very many
    true blue flowers still this week he has a nice little one
    I even can choose if you look at the gym is your purple
    the cold flowers a very blue flower but they're not that many
    true blue flowers and the sleepy has one
    so again I'll a little tear drop
    my wired
    wont lock take my
    look in the bond precedent star singer Smokey and
    taken down right hedged
    then take nine get
    a little you crash one
    to the other
    messed up here a little cachet killed
    Wow limited road
    solid another night unless they're dry then we'll continue
    to go on to the next stage I want to show you also a second sleepy Center
    sometimes you can do it this way as well you don't necessarily have to keep
    playin games patient as we did
    on the first one I you think a just change it up a little bit
    on this is how some people may do it again
    for every school you know exactly how r got there
    well and then a lived
    you on this one instead of putting
    impression actually gonna create
    rich summit take my hands a little bit
    corn starch on so that I don't stay and right
    from the kept to the basement take my fingers
    and press it just a little over the top
    and their you have another wait to make your sleepy
    said with the others
    just hung up letra now we let dry overnight
    writes me Arpels so now ready to finish up sleepy
    care paste something up
    their role in our
    I our
    the Registrar up with what I call the
    congress that's what it looked like well lunches
    that tells not cut as many as any
    her I'll my sweet peas and I have not here
    think that the second hell
    goes on the outside
    and then do that for both
    that purple little up
    yeah I'm not like that first satellite
    and back on my saw
    global or clean tools
    a little bit of cornstarch mixture that doesn't stay
    yeah and lunch is something my goals
    that on
    path of an extent that base just a little bit
    something you're going to learn as you kill
    your flowers that make it will be easier I just found that banks and
    these easier for me to pitch around and right here
    get a little better wrestling is the done to other flowers
    so it has little no she didn't pick which eventually what
    but because it's a small so I like to use smaller
    also now let's make sure that I real
    all access just more power
    this is a small flower
    cell you he had use
    a regular being here but they sometimes have to larger Bay
    so there's another their incomes in the state for
    you can see right here that has all these ridges
    that's what you're going to want he is for small flowers like this
    one day we'll probably make some hydrangeas
    which are PS but fun and we just want to put that pressure there
    yet baby with that be larger than
    the flower itself getting both sides
    walk down the cake that center I have finished
    a little bit
    lil just down the middle and right here
    minute Press that sent direct to the base
    kinship up around my
    flower and pull it in
    once its pitched and I feel it's little and then hanging upside down
    you can have their closed all the hassle
    my recommendation is when you make your flowers
    that Harry how open or close they may be
    that is it much more of a natural look and once that's done
    also if I feel let me a little bit more motion there I can take my
    to land just hurl my sides back
    a little bit so it looks like it's opening up
    just a little bit us and will have to let that writes a lot last run
    and I'll to the next lower
    so now I'm ready to give the hour
    and this one I wanna make sure that anchor
    I'll might tap tap because the shakers
    then you want to do that early keep them cool
    cracking you can also take it like this to get much more interesting
    curl make its state-backed welfare
    and thats something will do with other flowers ill
    cuz at the council Roland yesterday
    that's all you want is just a little bit the whole like that and take the same
    really just getting shit right
    sufficiently by now Luth
    lay it down but your eyepiece
    right on top and also help is that you can see I might need just a little bit
    more clear
    did not go all the way up says it's almost like be like a
    K it's not too pullback
    singers like that was gathered under me pull it slightly towards
    flower pressing up
    then you can take this killer or
    here press here
    all that signs
    curls away from the plant
    a little then because there's a real
    then once that's done Canada
    hope that I'll and
    same thing the flower
    I have a little this they understand GE small scissors
    and that now
    restful crashing there lemme that rich in that something you can do with you
    slept here
    Center Drive
    now just and let those driver about a half an hour and then we'll
    the finishing touch on so now we're ready to finish this week peace
    and using a little bit they on Green paced so I'll
    hat dark green allow free both know that we're not quite the collar so I just
    took the peace
    each and mixed in together yet all
    nice tan colored green for South
    cell this is not a lot of sugar is necessary
    just as usual we're gonna warming up
    thank you roll it out I'll
    I have that's about as thick as I walked
    our lose that one
    parents not sure about that massacre yet be careful with classic cars that don't
    always stay sharper
    says sometimes you may have to take the camera aboard ship them
    this was a little hard to get killed so I'm just gonna pull
    down on it and trying to make sure that I
    yes clean-cut as possible you can see right through there
    it's not a little bit hurry srt8 might trolling just pressed through their
    so that when I push it out comes as clean as possible
    leaves the other side my halt all
    when it drop it right I don't mind that like that
    now make I love these silly me
    not allow them to the site juror where I see there might be a little bit
    sugarpaste there and take this small
    manicure scissors ingest that those little pieces out
    they don't look like much now
    when you go to stretch your sugar face it they're still there
    they have a a will a little
    ragle so
    those out and then once they're cut minute but this Anthony
    keep it moist bureaucrat just a couple more
    so now we're going for the last touch
    we cuddle let them rest just a little bit cut all that we need for all over
    now I wanna stretching so I'm got a small piece just means the small
    cultural in the center I'm just allow me a little bit are
    rounded out a little bit and then from the stands or there's little arms and
    just gonna stretch it straight up
    that's slightly but that's okay no one could doubt that you can if he wants you
    take it all pinch the answer to that has little to reassure
    point to it that's a detail that you may or may not want to deal
    because it's gonna be on the basis that larry may not notice it
    it's not necessary but it's one of those things you can't kill
    once done and then take a little little
    right into the center indicate that sweet piece that I meet earlier
    in the head right and I'm just going to chill
    there at the center lifted up
    let threat all the way down
    and now I'm covering that base
    where my flower was put together that's
    the finishing touch previously p
    think that drop I'll do the same thing
    the blue line sent down a colorado flowers
    and how we make that we need to put somehow now the whole purpose of having
    up put all that impression is to hell
    and the the baby that we get is to help bring up the impression is that how
    so I have my brushes I use my brushes over and over again you can have
    towel their shit while of the collar in the train
    as usual and take a little bit my corn starch over here
    mix it with this purple as I don't need to be kill vibrant
    and start to crash on tonight
    and the announcer payment he put in there in hell
    pull out the color and the paste detail
    and depending on what you doing you can also you know
    you want to be more fantasy consumption Marie here
    the last us then also the EU's
    a little bit green because we look at our sweet piece we will see
    that there is some green on there
    so I is just a little tree me is that the base
    me and bring it up the plan slightly
    now I wanna head night takes these but if you're not sure about taking a look
    at some of the other
    videos we have to talk about how King one that gets you very good
    instruction will be on the to us
    so what just a little green
    I can put all green just only inside
    is when you look at your flowers you'll see that they're not
    perfectly one color neither said that before a panel
    in just a little touch you know
    to give it more natural
    so did you know that for all my flowers you want to have your
    sweetie out a little bit like they've been getting kissed you can
    you use a luster dust it's got a little luster they in there and there's
    something called up
    %ah super super pearl it'll just get this
    iridescent look and that's something cell
    now that I have flower color I love my flowers
    I just want to assemble them so I want them to look a little natural
    so I want you just you right now
    will a lot so that you can see what should be done
    so I have my gonna start with mine me
    both lower already Kate
    part optimized am because my sweet peas kinda perot

    stand have of sheets
    so I'll get that start then I wouldn't say
    my neck sleepy won't print them just a little bit you can always adjust it you
    can look at that
    blossoms you don't want to necessarily cheap clothes
    because you don't want them to hate each other when she get one have a little bit
    of a room
    so that she can really starting to gather

    whole one whole
    round into the Sun
    so I have a short wire here

    extended so I have another whack in prison a
    I can put it right in size and the EQ put my flowers together
    and rap that and that way I can continue making a whole long line
    a sweet piece sound like a lot like but
    as I can tell the all these little closer to me
    they have a tendency to get very fragile
    cell try to work even put a damper not dampen a dry towel here so
    if they should fall they don't shatter on you
    sound we're gonna alternator one on one side
    one another you can see I didn't have to worry about
    taking all the way down on any
    my flowers because I know I'm going to be taking them and your
    just one where it's going show
    even make your spray as long as you'd like
    year once you've done that
    cover the whole thing over
    and then we're gonna Mason tendrils for
    both all
    as long as they basin
    that right there
    and that makes it handles polls
    we require that you have a little bit K like this
    unity it Minister interested
    leave a little bit open because I would decide where and when to apply it
    my play lower highway right like
    look like this one is just a little bit higher
    ranchers yes re
    up this temple
    then when
    K and
    skewer in this case
    brush twisted
    alternate very closely pull it out

    and I he had those
    where ever write like on me flowers so when do the same thing with all of them
    to create alright sweet peas in whatever formation I want
    now for some of them not just blossoms
    and then released and then for others
    even now blossom at but
    even put those together as well
    included along with your ten-year-old and then you have a variety
    for your flowers and what's more national
    not only is just flower flower flower
    having some but it's there actually ansel later
    and a little nice design and ease a little close together
    such a season that just a bit and then I'm going to use this
    to be my tenth right from the base
    starches twisted situation two ways that you can do it
    you haven't had a very didn't think about it you can always go back in at it
    re you a little just think it is time as you possibly can
    should have some texture to it but it should look like a twisted pieces
    to the end with its kill much
    image is true that just a little bit then again
    wrap it around
    will tonight
    pull it out the stretchy however you want
    be so there we are a sweet piece
    I hope you'll join us next class we're going to be roses *** *** Milly Molly | Sweet Pea | S2E6 - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    i cant one coming YouTube on it emergency I've upgraded unit
    got the emergency I bought I okay
    stop being overrun by kids I've up homie
    it on the policeman and his wife
    who was also a police officer mom coming two million Molly school girl long time
    baby hoping to have children of their own yeah
    moon wider segment the monthly mime
    where the phone it's a policeman everyone do you remember when I put two
    safe to the PlayStation to arrest you all I put handcuffs on him
    like a
    me yes lot but could you possibly the case
    I am NOT tired the packet police station
    hello looks like we're taking you to the place I should come for you
    I killed me how not be time night
    no matter wat up the two police officers always remained calm
    from until one day well ppl
    from goodnight like my
    use might want to give me Lakshmi
    do I have a very important announcement to my
    of guard for download yeah haha dunno
    near you ground
    right done by him at friend
    done a few weeks later
    million Molly still hadn't decided on a present
    profit-making patch like kale I
    cops a try but on board meeting
    gave million idea me
    maybe I might happen to him you last got
    keep me out lawyer cock you go
    leon party busy knitting baby booties to be interrupted it'll be spring before we
    know it
    as summer rolled into winter policeman was also trying to solve a tricky
    from your front door is the only thing that's missing
    he had to think about right name for the baby broad he was certain they were
    having a baby boy
    met his family always had baby boys
    menu Matthew match
    hmm keep going I
    UK hot I
    yet the campy don't act like I he humphrey
    thanks we can make the baby house
    yeah little tiny baby kak
    heist County and
    you don't want to buy I
    yes it is urgent right colebrook by beam
    ok found a bit save cafe
    I perhaps of I Schubert
    koike along I cap black ops how come you know Kb
    I love hey what about
    kettles slightly I Katie
    I yeah can really nice like a
    he didn't want to buy what's called a baby
    Katie i've %uh hasta sherry
    I Katie huh well
    ap psych up a lot
    recalculate lookup Kelly
    bowling springtime came very quickly
    I and still the police officers didn't have a name for the baby
    character yeah the UK
    for humphrey I definitely not coming unit Mon
    baby aunty is why
    what's your exact location i buy I'm hockey now but straight over
    Albert carjack Albert franca K
    goodnight idiots garage
    II go
    by Pete album raw honey why diahann
    I go out yeah
    hurry sorry I'm ho
    good I
    we'd like getting a big payday
    okay you have to hide it for the truck but I had a little girl
    nunu I
    telecheck but not great ok out but what if he came at me
    i'd get ratajczak yeah yeah I
    drops play trucks so poll million Molly still didn't have a present
    well I was well and truly here
    dole will
    hmm crews
    home million Molly thought they might find a present for the baby girl
    amongst their own Tories the
    I'll do two police officers but very happy to be parents a blast
    and very tired hi
    for me Miley
    I made a big jump on you for the new police parent can you take it before
    what he out okay right now
    by came only can go with you
    my the girls really didn't want to go to the police station
    without their own present to give I
    got County and laptop you could give
    County OK no
    nada goes got a pretty bad for the baby at get
    night Caroline not yet my mom for
    look like everyone in town given a placement by be another depressant
    does suck your cock on
    may be obtained
    apt-get even care I
    a bit of a mess but sweet pea cakes pretty basic

    got a
    halfway sleep a
    by is as
    I way to kick you got here
    just over there somewhere Michael A title I get me take care babe pig
    guys hmm
    wat happened hi hey
    mom complete these hey dress shoes hey go hiking for a walk a
    of friend hey
    okay okay yes
    you Academy haha of lead card I haven't even noticed
    okay pay plan to walk a
    two million only surprise sweepy fell fast asleep
    often just a few moments Madhubani
    can you outlawing you like it baby fast on Yamaha
    absentee you can keep up do you
    a high I
    to create para late home only
    okay he can carry Kelly
    from lovely kid arrogant cocky plate plate a heap by
    out haha I
    out we can get monus plan kept them busy
    afternoons tidying up doing dishes
    holding washing
    getting dinner ready until all that was left to do was to put the spring flowers
    in Obama's honey lapaglia
    him parent
    I the mood
    I'm not dreaming we've had a good week
    have you ever be good line
    maybe even haven't K
    haven't got a pic
    me but you've given us the best honda's present a whole
    we'll have always help you give us and you're not
    but them sleep I've had in coming weeks
    all any cuts to wait paid wat
    gold she's to Los link
    ok sweetie she look with a lower-body
    OMW that keez
    prided not Albertina Raja Raja ki to
    shiny prize did them to hold I'm for al
    beautiful girl it getting back you should drive million Molly hymie
    I'll and when you get back you've got lotsa fun cold to my
    ok ok I lied to everyone in town
    to thank them for all the prison hmm
    as the policemen drive the girls home Miley had another idea for a gift they
    could give
    by helping out my do
    LeBron me do what He
    certainly dummy
    hmm the nine *** *** Barbie Doll Cake How to decorate a Barbie Doll/Princess Cake with icing- flowers - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC *** *** Sugar Sweet Peas by Margaret Ford - YouTube !!! *** *** Cake Decorating Piping Techniques: How to Make Sweet Peas - YouTube !!! *** *** Cake Decorating - How to make Flower Fairies - Part 1 of 2 - YouTube !!! *** *** How to Make Royal Icing Apple Blossom Flowers by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Jennifer casing I dot com
    today I want to show you how to make right now I think Apple Blossom
    Anders its cute little flowers here let's start
    solar today making the AU
    royal icing apple blossoms you obviously are going to need your oil I think
    and we happen to have a video up on that on our channel on how to make your own
    well I think
    and also I'm as you can see we die
    ours pink so if you need more information on how to color
    well I think we're you can just follow your VDR that's called how to
    color buttercream the exact same concept you used on the gel colors to create a
    vibrant colors
    I'm here also want me
    call and this just spins around and between my fingers
    I which allows you to type the pedals on top it is fitted
    with the diagram that will help you
    fit the proper size pedals for the Apple Blossom
    you don't have to have these guides but I do recommend them because
    as you can see I'm it's really easy to make
    the pedals the exact same size so you get nice consistent flowers
    and they come out hit like on this one you can see this is violet
    there's one for Rose Primrose Apple Blossom
    daffodils and out the other from Wilton I'm sure there's other brands you can
    get but I really enjoyed working with these ones
    and they're just a they just did he said to me to stick to the topic of our new
    you're also going to need I'm some sort of lower for her
    and you'll need small though two inch by two inch
    pieces of parchment paper which goes on top
    up here well off because when you working with royal icing
    it drives really quickly you want to be able to clean your pedal earth
    your pedal to before you go on to the next pet owner next flower
    you also need some non-toxic clip
    so we're going to get started so the flower nail is going to be
    topped with be Apple Blossom sticky like I was talking to you about
    and that you're fired its position in between your first
    I'm not tolerate here and in between your thumb NAS control it around like
    so that's the motion that should make for when you're turning in order to
    create well so the non-profit blue does not come in contact with any of the food
    all issues for is to stick
    tiny bit as you can see and a stick at the parchment paper
    down onto the little guy
    so are gonna do now is
    using a
    to the
    Wilton tip
    I'm a hole in the bag at a
    degree angle
    the try to get the so you can see at the bottom
    updated it goes from fast up into narrow
    the fact hard for this flower is always going to be touching
    right in the center and I'm going to turn my wrist

    just like not and I'm going to start right in the middle
    and want to squeeze angle up that dotted line
    slightly turning and then come right back down
    and release first R-rated beginning in center can squeeze go up it online
    and come back down squeeeeze
    up to long come back down just go all the way around when you get to the final
    I was gonna pull it down
    crossover talk well where you can just
    touch it down like that now in the middle
    for sure you can um
    puts if you have yellow butter cream you can do that but
    a nice little touch are these yellow
    hurdles an apple blossoms kept for
    in all the pictures that are
    just like that
    that's how you hi cure-all
    Apple awesome I thought those are on the former over here to dry like the rest of
    and then that you can create them to decorate all sorts cakes
    cupcakes and all sorts of things so I hope you enjoyed
    learning how to make an apple blossom from royal icing
    if you have any questions as usual please let me know I'm
    would love to help you out I'm it's really fun to make these flowers
    and it's the next level up in your decorating krier
    so hope you enjoyed thanks for watching will see you again next time *** *** Paper flower - Sweet Pea - YouTube !!!
    hi today really know how to make sweet peas
    put this issue to me an equal oppo
    but the plot and acting by follow-up legal
    paper well lot of a sidwell
    okay while a fixed rate while
    up of the file
    I double for this unique the fireworks K
    okay said rebel opec
    Academy I apcs anybody thinking about
    up the halo effect but
    I probably got it
    UK's FTSE
    a book that could be quite
    well treasure I'm
    got kicked out it look like this we have it be so effective
    and focus up the sect's you baby have better than to please both at home and
    you all
    our index finger I don't think I think we should in
    objections this is quite often think I am Facebook etc on the nightly
    in next thing you know the big in between anti-bush out what is going on
    copping you do the same for the edges but
    in this %um copy in a month this is how it looked like I do the same for the I'm
    later date a big overcame flexible i/o could be
    go to bed which have included up the blaze MRW each
    I don't and if for them from the same don't think this
    Naidu oil well
    in a bit a bit a bit for what think this
    I think big go my out a new right there on the basis of Loctite
    this is how the flowers light
    light pink blue and you put it on the base in the flap
    and then a big acceptable and if ticket and on the beach
    what's up
    sting this happen thank you I don't think
    after you stop to set those aside update this
    now you guidar a big party
    and then you wind it
    I don't be a sort of stuff
    at it okay you got the extra and electus
    after you have to update
    they looked like this now you car tonight which is a
    so I be and you have to i don't understood
    fire apply a bit of a blue
    on its and to limit my
    around a while
    after you've got fifty into like this ninety competitor
    I mean by why i'd on the bench to like this so that it forms
    fighting take it out
    and your big girl fixed rate while and using what came flexible why
    guy on top though take wire liked
    tighten the while
    and how we looking night at eight a bit of a Florida a payday apply
    for starting up the pic straight wire keep grinding on the wire
    nighty of
    before flop and you put it on think why and a new one the people around it
    and then leaving are gap of course and we did
    each you'll be addressing the floss
    this big tits and this is how you sweet pea will look like
    you can also add a pig out gifts like this *** *** Barbie Doll Cake How to decorate a Barbie Doll/Princess Cake with icing- flowers - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hyman Larson back to do another

    our fire K this one is gonna get while
    guy yeah Ohio flowers okay
    technique and it the difficulty level
    I'm gonna walk you through it got not going to do a photoshoot for real she
    handed over the flowers
    so you get decorators but whatever pick it up right away
    you want is everything 7 beginners just use the techniques that you're
    comfortable where
    I hope you like this what I had a really good time doing it
    so for this project how many years a very large rose to
    official is bad large past be
    quick answer it doesn't have a number on it but we'll see it to bottom
    been inch-and-a-half rose to number

    for small rose tip number
    and a number for writer
    so I
    good ol that the patient the dress in a very very
    Hill grain I want her cracked and
    cover just think if anything shows through because they've been all kind of
    flowers here real suffering in the background will be a perfect
    I'm going to use my large rose to
    here to give her a wrapper around the bottom we're going to get some bases
    covered here
    getter a nice I'm border on the bottom a wrap on a few basic
    underpinnings before we begin our flowers
    so I wanna start in the back in math word here a little bit
    and I'm going to use a raffle
    you see map or I need a little bit of entire Apple
    very even pressure I'm getting my wrap up by
    movement my wrist back and forth here
    dying with my two fingers here
    I've used a light green why barricaded
    my bottom row
    bomb is not going to be
    the main way up to stress that want it to be shock collar thing pretty
    that landed I begin my
    decoration here and I do tell
    in advance I kinda had an idea of what I want and so we're still kind of working
    underpinnings here and the first player
    my design I'm also gonna do a green on green planning ahead a little bit over
    find work this is going to be like the curls over
    furnad and so I want to come
    kinda down manned aircraft
    and even know where worked in where flowers and vines we still wanted to
    have design our
    so well I want is just a series
    spirals really
    so I wanna come down off the next one it go the opposite direction
    okay curls up a little bit that's kinda what friends look like
    we want to get fit for something larger
    but not quickly larger yellow blowout like it had there too
    paddle embellishment
    you know me the more the better you can see that I have that'll
    variegation here also if you've been watching you know I love my verification
    gives it a little bit of interest
    and we're going to keep on going down here
    this of July understand that powers its not gonna be so prominent
    will have ever
    grammar also I am pretty element of Art Design
    cm kind going
    site side in a middle you wanna give its okay gallon
    now here's the important part 1 integrate this bottom layer
    here so get your swirls down on that
    continue on around here a little bit fantasy where you need a little bit or
    that ancient smaller ones
    anything overlap that get to gets a little bit interesting another one of
    those here
    show there's the first love my design
    I'm sorry now with my first layer flowers
    which are going to be chocolate now I'm right or did it this is a difficult case
    well this is why I wouldn't seller
    a little bit challenging but due in a month scientific a
    how that can be rough it's all about being all
    I'm playing my placement first
    but also up government do have a little bit
    pay up I'm pattern dirty
    for the left
    Pakistan to descend into can have an idea of where are my flowers
    to be time starting I'm with my bottom
    flowers first cuz I wanna be able to build up from that i won
    summer mind more cascading flowers to
    a fall over the show
    it's a man in a little trouble with my Ingo mostly because I'm trying to do
    for the camera here but I'm Minister here with this one
    you can see that english i'm having to reach
    over a dog what is up hardship essentially just squeeeeze let it build
    in really use
    need to get my little heart
    penny-pinching kinda changing side you get the rating go
    picking flowers on the side and he is all about the right angle
    do what you gotta do to get there
    you can see you really have to move twist your heirs
    to get that flower just right
    for you advance decorators
    you can't give this a try for you beginners maybe tread this flower on a
    flat surface
    first and use a flower that you know
    order for this cake you can use hard during
    flowers make them in advance if you really like the design but
    aren't quite up to the challenge a pipe in the flowers right on
    here are my top priority just my at least smaller
    okay job which have unique
    Center actually a funny little mix of colors
    here medium kinda pray
    you can also make a mark after no just a little
    say that in middle and I get this kind of an angel were
    shape on our edge
    and there is our first player flowers
    can be getting down to permit
    are rose detail on I'm using way
    for contrast them to be using some white happened upper area but
    you wanna be aware that your color and contrast for this I am piping heroes on
    a skewer or stick
    this is really an example where
    this particular skill pays off because you can take your rose right up your
    and face that right on K
    are skewer like this
    gives you easy access to place
    the rose for every you wish music skewer
    here and there you go I want my roses
    in varying sizes for sure for interest
    no roses in the car are all the same so we're gonna do from larger to smaller
    and you've always wanted place your flowers
    in kind of a trained killer fashion
    gives it more entrenched and
    down can smear
    past my fashion face it a little bit different angle and in behind
    house to get a little more interest to nasa
    coverage now I can come back
    and and pay a little bit
    I'm little rosebud
    happen also in and around
    I'm gonna be going on a lot of these kinds of flowers so I don't get carried
    I've got this far here that I don't think we're so I'm just gonna take my
    I'm talk about my backup see how easy that was
    neary friendship slightly smaller flower
    this is sort of the downfall of placing
    flowers right on the side of the cake
    special a single yes you want to get him to stick
    getting in the right place sometimes need to place just a little bit have had
    and then go ahead and replace your farm again on the other side thing get a
    better angle here
    that's gonna work out so much better I wanna show here
    that I am repeating my design on the back side and the cake
    now if you wanted to you could do a different flower
    following around for each area
    but I am this is faster cashier a
    you can use the back again and also gives the Cape Town continuity
    on to the next where flowers and reduced to me
    absolutely precious little forget me nots now
    these are especially difficult to put on a scientific
    so normally what I would do and I'll show you the process first
    how I would do it if I were decorating not for the camera may not do it for the
    camera so you can see it
    but this is twister the rich
    flower so it's a scree that hit
    to get a little had all that I want an attorney ever so slightly
    band get the next one in there
    so what I would do is turn the cake completely around
    to get the angolan
    you can check come back around and
    my own stamen
    now this one out for the camera and I walk around see
    kinda get an idea have it hang on any
    so can I twist
    my next
    lower really get under there
    then I need to come over the top
    people yellow Dutch first payment animated kinda breaking making pastel if
    you wish to
    but I kinda like the contrast that one little brightness for this cake
    has become earn that back sided KK
    just wanted to show you a little bit more
    the angles needed to get this flower in here but also time
    and attacking a million behind the roses we will be using leaves for
    filler but british chick we don't want to use too much of that
    so we want to get to
    much courage is the camera for actual kind of can make it much later
    fair use a smaller touch a lighter touch
    still like easy squeeze here smaller movement
    few I'm gonna actually overlap a little
    go and
    here try yeah
    get me and I saw Center I'm happy with that like this
    as you can my cascading
    gonna start going in a different direction now form fitting out now may
    be moving
    get it began my cascading flowers found the first minister
    is with to urea now
    this technique that I am doing can also be used for sweet peas
    modified just lately and also what I have done as I have really
    straight up the stack show it has three layers and striping has a straight but
    the outside edge it has pink
    and it has a stripper lavender and the reason is that I want the colors to
    as I move around the dress I don't want it to get
    stagnant with with
    Syria said Gary don't like it
    like flower
    grouping up flowers and so we want them to
    kinda squirrel around
    not paying straight down and their little bit irregular agency ish
    dinner at the bottom a little faker here in a little there
    that kind of power steering things it's kinda part of the windy
    up with Syria compared
    where like it with Syria as you can see removed from the bottom
    up more gonna start again here for this particular far you do kind of have to do
    a reach over
    me there's not really a way so to squiggle and
    to fanning seeing the out and twist the rest
    in so
    the first panel is straight up and down thinking she and stir into overlap
    onto my other design which is exactly what we want
    want is to see mister they just simply emerge altogether
    hit that will benefit not just remove it
    put her back in
    have you can see guys if you do make a mistake it's pretty easy to repair
    and especially with this cake putting so many things
    over so many layers but if you want to remove some things turned over
    you not to notice it in your final product
    you can see how my colors search
    me too who just making go here a little bit income behind her
    do a little better cake decorating gymnastics workers cake
    but thinking she don't be afraid to reach over your cake don't be afraid to
    get in there getting
    all you need
    now so much Syria not all if you have a lasting and I would rather than one here
    well yeah
    like to look a bit I think I don't have a low interest
    how we've been here want me to find a compound full her
    now I'm unity Mysteria I'm several areas
    around the cake care because I love to look at it so don't get
    and I really want to plan
    even at my design with that gonna come back in here
    bring my kink in a little bit and this is going to be a
    full sweetpea netzer
    ruffle hand he is a hat twisting motion no my wrist here
    and spineless
    like show Border Protection happened back
    can make these larger and smaller and you can make 'em
    climbing as well as cascading to the peace process
    you know nor mine so sweet he is very nice
    fire that you can get away with putting just about anywhere
    like to bring in pink back in here
    for a little bit about Lance minister to see why it shows that he'll create an
    you can see that it's showing through and I'm not sure through them fat
    name of Oconee is simply use
    show you a little more verification technique a minute to use repeat here
    but I'm going to make them lamar cascading
    Friendster reloading my p
    where more pain carry loaded same
    King back with white
    at Catholic come down it becomes a later
    my hair you can see I got my night pinkish company getting lighter and
    lighter and a pink
    this is great again free professional decorators who want to save time
    you can keep relatedness chain bag with similar colors
    and even contrasting colors I'm using papers for this particular project
    because I am changing colors so many times
    but if you're using
    plastics you can just continue to act around today
    had peach tipping lavender
    so I am at a point where I want to address the bodice
    and I want to print this design into the
    kitchen knife flat design
    for one so I'm just going to start doing certain phones
    and get her as much as a backup address as you
    want conceded there's a little gap between her
    Andy skirt and that's okay
    we still have one more layer
    to go so
    I wanna be again to for the
    panels around the top and
    really did it go or here and
    give a big swooping head up so
    to do I wanna put in it be so that I can get that
    held a stand-up of as a cake
    gotta come in and around the fiery wanna come
    you can do rotate out ownership
    and come back and squeeze really
    about pay at all
    may create a smaller one here
    and continue on around
    so were our last to bit here finishing up and I'm gonna cut
    this parchment into be
    its gonna give me I leave tibet
    or you can go ahead and use only kit so
    this is gonna take a little time to do I'll get you started
    you want to put I'm Mary getting colors in here I don't like to use one solid
    color and it'll of the Commission interest revenues
    white and later green undergoing
    have I move through the pedals
    I get different colors throughout
    K if you just wanna talk purely
    tip under any you will squiggle
    re knife taped going down there
    can just add them wherever you'd like
    tie their feeling a little for one a little accent
    time to bring her arms down
    had just a little bit more action
    here her trash my
    girl I have a few extra
    little addition any her
    a crown had a
    thing white chocolate green white chocolate
    and added a few little catchy to it reggie's our little love edible
    pearl cesar haps a metallic
    time you can get those in way and gold
    thing that you've seen in this video are shown
    India him our other videos for instant
    how to stack and nope this fiery is shown on our first printer
    by reno okay also you were lucky
    the technique for having crown it had I butterfly under
    right thing we also show how hi perot's elastic
    in another video and from the other flowers a polar tutorial as well
    hope you find out happy decorating *** ***