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, girl on a swing how to make

girl on a swing how to make


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    How To Make a Topsy Turvy Cake with Bronwen Weber - YouTube !!!
    I okay
    all rights this is the cannon office stands can you believe that I think of
    it on here without falling off
    you know the secret is twenty two and a half degrees that's about as
    much is you can go without the K crashing into the floor
    so this is twenty two and a half degrees and then this one will actually come
    back and is only about

    degrees so it's kinda wanna lose it and you can actually build it taller
    the it comes with parts like this a male par
    and a female part I did not make that up farmer said I think
    and then you screwed together and then they just cannot
    like fantastic so we're gonna do a three-tiered one
    today so first I have a square K
    now the secret to this is aboard with a hole in it so that you don't have to
    balance this
    okay like this right that's hard to decorate
    so just to visit our home or a boxer roll the tape or anything like that will
    keep this
    stable so that's what I have here no organized a small square cake real quick
    he'd this is I
    but are cream I think comes in a bucket
    I have Scott not yet
    but are creating testing
    what I think he is any kind you want
    what kind all over of course right anything you want so when I sit for fun
    it because I'm gonna covered in pink
    of course I want a nice thin coat
    now a lot of people are afraid of square case saying what's
    square you only need a nice
    then coat on the square K now do you see
    I have my special like this right kind of like
    if you had a lightsaber you would hold the same way alright
    and you holding upside down I see a lot of people do this
    it's not like this I got a knife
    no no alright upside down
    a nice easy coat doesn't have to look beautiful
    under the fun
    cover up all over imperfections once I get the smooth coat on I get my fifty
    dollar to all year
    just kidding these are the yeah what fifty sent to all this is my favorite
    thing in the world
    and then I guess run along the sides
    just like that by the way he makes fun decks
    and flowers he's a busy man
    so you see I'm not stressing there's no crying
    does it look perfect what I write happy birthday mom on this
    not if I wanted a good press alright
    so now I have some paying fondant
    this is pink find X and they call it sexy pink
    is that sexy yet it is alright
    well so we're gonna need to find it why do you need the funding
    does anyone know to work out
    right you have to warm it up
    and you have to get it working when you take it right out of the bucket there's
    no elasticity
    the more you need the more elasticity develops that's what you need to correct
    look at these corners we want to cover this cake without it ripping apart
    so the more you need it the better yesterday we had a
    automatic sheeter here to roll it out today we're using the old fashioned
    right here they work better when they're paying of course
    so what's the trick to I see her to really have fun a little corn starch on
    on the table in you can roll it out on any service
    but you want to make sure that the fund it moves any roll it into a jelly bean
    oh my go
    deal i refrigerate the cake before I covered with fine
    but you have to no the fun police will not show up at your house
    and arrest you I promise rate Daniel yes
    right yes

    is the file a police my bad
    being in bed so how
    wanna roll what's the answer however think you wanna go
    when he gets I stop notice getting about
    a quarter-inch less than a quarter and then are you roll it
    the harder it is but the more funny got leftover
    see kinda way those two things you know
    that figure you roll it the easier it is so I always recommend
    if it's if you're a beginner in your working with funding for the first few
    through it a little bit thicker cuz it's a little more forgiving that way
    if you roll it really thin on Your First Try you might starts wearing
    I've seen it happen is Yanks everybody turns into sailors
    something ago quarter inch
    you start at one corner
    and then the opposite corner I'm ready
    this is a lookup is this the best rolling pin ever
    yes because that state not because it's made a silica
    you can use anything you can use a PVC pipe you can use a metal rod
    miss nylon doesn't matter whatever one
    you like the best I do recommend think what's
    alright so that I got my final all that it's a nice
    maybe eight then and then I'm going to this
    for its Mike K remember I've got it on that stand it's got that little
    up this is crusting buttercream so I wanna spritz just to make sure that the
    final six to eight
    what I spent it with vodka
    vodka right is it too early for five no
    now you can use TN run whatever
    now you can use water to you want you can use anything you want I is vodka
    because it evaporates quickly
    cuz its to SF
    yeah alright so I put the fun in our
    you roll it out benny Gantz lebanon however you wanna do it
    just don't pick it up like this alright testing
    be scared scaring me scared rights
    the stone attack so I'm gonna start with one corner right here
    I'm gonna push it to the side alright so then I'm gonna work on corner
    one first then corner
    of and now go back to court to up
    and then finally the last corner now look at that
    and I have a couple a wrinkled I'll just pull it out and push it in
    ask where is actually easier than around food
    good so now surprising the square cakes
    because they are really popular right now that and hexagons
    hexagon or octagon
    all rights so than the last step would be to trim it
    if you put your cake in the fridge and you got the buttercream nice and firm
    you probably don't even have to use a smoother right what is no they're not
    and ir you gonna be horrible
    you are not going to be able to iron it out there's no steam setting on a
    fondant smoother alright
    so I'm gonna trim it straight down nice color
    we call that sexy
    now the stance you can work a couple different ways you can put them together
    and decorate the whole thing already put together or you can decorate all the
    tears individually
    which is usually what I do so I don't have to pipe a border like this so we'll
    put it together at the ends
    now what's becoming really popular and
    Texas for wedding cakes are people are bringing in their parents
    pictures of their parents cake for their grandparents K
    and it's all the old school pride thing that I absolutely love I think piping is
    becoming a dying art
    right but you guys pack practice piping
    every day whether you know it or not how many birth certi
    I getting pretty good at that face right
    its say right I is giant piping bags like this you can use again any kind
    arising you like
    I don't feel it all the way fall
    but I promise it's not gonna fall out right all if I could get one that was
    three feet long
    I would as I just throw the other half over my shoulder
    and I start typing but this is about as big as they show up
    alright so
    I made this cake directly on this little more if you want to do that
    you could make the cake like this one crazy
    you can make it on a board just remember said cut a hoe
    in the more that's the secret tank at the pipe in
    without the whole on the board so
    we can put that one on actually after work alright
    fantastic so we're gonna do some basic piping
    okay supporters what civil right
    also made a star from right I like the star from cake
    low-calorie they are
    high-fiber alright
    I don't know you can see this paid just takes practice
    a lot of practice
    the borders
    shell borders are coming back they were taboo for a long time and I seashell
    borders everywhere
    so it is really fun when a client will bring in a picture up there
    grandparents K you know all the piping on it
    even those old plastic bills which we don't really plan on anymore but
    everything it's just it's coming back full cycle again and it's really
    exciting people are bringing in their
    toppers from their grandparents and it's just so cute
    you have a little couple at the time very cute
    fantastic all rights
    we're gonna pipe some as in cities all over this
    Daniel you wanna roll out some fun and we'll make some
    polka dots on the bottom tier alright so
    s in CT scan everybody reading this in the sea
    half classic and you're halfway to fighting with that to face right
    rights you wanna roll some pink out we're gonna have some
    decorative accents to the bottom tier there were an established full flowers
    fantastic put it together
    so when you go to assemble it
    since I've already got my peace in their I'm gonna stab my right in the middle
    think that pizza find it now and I'm just gonna push the pipe in
    right you should be able to pick k-cup with the fight alright I want all of our
    I scare you
    of your mouths agape alright how we can put it together
    you want to make sure that the pipes going really tight
    you should be able to pick the cake up this one ways quite a bit nosair from
    I'm ready did you see
    did you see what I did you see my delicate up cake cutting move
    yeah I just stepped it I just at that sack
    just cut it it goes all the way through actually so if I pick this up their
    privacy a little bit K Kennedy
    here yeah yeah it's a whole
    now you can put these in the dishwasher definitely sanitizer washing out you can
    use them over
    and over and over and over again all rights
    so then the piece goes on like this you push it until it stops freaking
    if you sell your premium I've your back alright
    see that I it's it's pretty secure
    we do these really tall at the bakery and we deliver a party assemble
    like crazy
    yes absolutely crazy so the top one if you did it this way
    I have a little bit a double apps take here double sided tape
    so now I can have the top tier again push it till it stops creaking
    the faces help
    it was still out there wasn't any
    graceful delicate absolutely now the tables gonna stick to the board that I
    have under here
    right now don't do this at all it's good like
    covered this cake last night and I have a hole in the board
    and a hole in the K see that crazy huh
    crazy fantastic carry all look at anyone is polka dots
    fantastic so I'm gonna go back to the Vikings
    again why because it's
    and it's time for Bach
    and I'm gonna spreads the outside of this a little bit
    and then we're gonna have the top what people are scared K
    why KS K is fun and it's exciting
    and the mistakes taste delicious rights and just died in there and start
    people always tell me can't do that can't do that real surgery to make this
    crazy thing here
    you know just jump in and go has a cake
    ever fallen over yes I do not have a que
    see there's no pain I'm not a superhero
    right things happen the only thing I can count on in my bakery
    is that nothing will go exactly according to plan so I plan for failure
    and get really excited if I have a success I always have a crass kids
    in the van with us we always bring have
    tools to fix a que and it's like an umbrella I find if you bring an umbrella
    you're sure it's not going to rain but if you don't pack that press kit
    watch out that takes gonna go down ok yeah
    so course of course we have mistakes everybody has mistakes
    we deliver two hours prior so that we can
    fix anything that could go a rock but yes
    I have delivered a wedding cake put the box down open the box
    look at the end and I just said that the gal who is
    delivery with me keeps sweetheart there's the bride keep smiling
    put the lid back on that box up would just go write it
    it'd but whatever you don't stop smiling
    you started and all hell breaks loose right
    if you are in control the situation nobody panics
    right that's the secret don't panic it's just K
    the wedding will go on hopefully
    sometimes we we talk to
    cakes the weekend
    depends yet depends on how big the cakes are
    you know we do I we had a lot this weekend
    it's wedding season and our of a lot of crazy sculpted cakes it's not just
    weddings anymore
    well pipe
    look at that day nearly so good
    when it's completed I put it in a box always in a corrugated cardboard box
    wouldn't believe it
    I am a girl into boxes arts closer together
    cut apart and slide it down
    for its always in the fridge because I put delicious good
    who in the middle I wanna have lemon curd and this shit
    staff that you want to keep in the fridge so I always store the case in a
    corrugated box definitely in the box
    and you can keep it in the fridge for two or three days
    now another question
    I'm ready with the finding on their
    oh my gosh again the fun police have never visited me
    right I K Ca Mau the bakery anyway in the fridge
    set well
    the most unique place in your cooler in your
    cool bakery warehouse is the fritz the driest places the freezer
    right so what you wanna do is control the humidity in your fridge
    see there's actual companies they can come and and help you
    deal with the community issue in your fridge I had a guy
    showed up to the bakery and he looked just like Captain Kirk every
    time I talk to attacks on like this and he said he could reduce my energy bill
    and I was like yeah I whatever I don't have time I and i got quite the do
    me so I can reduce the humidity level in your cooler people do this all the time
    I was like real and it'll reduce your energy bill
    so we can any puts all these panels up all over the cooler mall
    my cooler went from eighty five percent humidity to
    percent humidity
    I'll start lemon curd
    and fix the humidity issue don't fix anything else
    pads fellow
    site its me a brahmana from Stardock
    I'll email you his name and phone number
    what you have to talk to him like
    yes there's companies all over that do this
    alright so we're gonna stab some flowers at this thing
    Daniel made all these flowers this morning by hand
    you see you know these are beautiful
    we do use a lot of these the bakery gorgeous now if he remains and is
    watching you would never ever static a contrite never ever ever
    what you can do is you can turn these into like a little new
    Frank you can stick it on like this and attach it with the skewer
    right you could put a strong inside put the little stick in the straps
    rights I there you can actually put a
    to be here like this remember there was that one fees in there you can actually
    put one like this and that's what
    this is for so that when Carrie watches make a never put the wiring the K
    so that's what we'll do today you can put some butter cream on their
    and it'll stick to it
    oh my gosh look at that gorgeous
    you these they're all liars
    make sure you straighten out the leaves and stuff like that you can get a nice
    seeker for an s-curve with these look at him go
    you can cover the center pole here you can actually spray-painted with some
    kinda up
    paint that will dry same kinda painted you can use in the kitchen
    you know make sure you do it like weeks in advance don't think tank on the wet
    stands you know he is a color really nicely
    we paint some we have some silver from seoul
    we cover it up with some flowers or some photos
    for some leaves or whatever we had that's a part in the design
    brown man has been my favorite variation
    you can cut them apart
    with some pliers
    see that beautiful to yes
    why because there's mad all
    in the Wireless right so you wouldn't want to actually have that come in
    contact with your food
    so you could wrap it with something
    there's plastic floral tape that you can get
    just so that it doesn't come in contact with the K right
    series and I
    I always if there's wires on the flower rights for all them and leave them to
    to the butter the flower so that way if
    funny goes to pick it up to eat it bilko
    from their for ok
    frighten so I also wrote up and leave it on their
    alright don't cut it short have so many eat the flower
    and in just two wire right safety tips by Bronwen
    who thought any other hits on the flowers
    nonprofit don't you up it yes
    alright with me one more
    who look at this one you like that one I made it too skinny
    Daniel made just kidding
    made it now but is gorgeous
    you need is one forty your way K one of these in the middle
    stick a version of native yeah else
    sleep for yeah
    absolutely absolutely you
    I know you were
    how about here that lets get I like
    what do you think with nice
    fantastic nice
    if you see this flower six inches
    yeah it's a beautiful cake topper if you don't happen to have your grandparents
    cake toppers
    right what you want this one
    fatuous sorry scared
    it's not gonna fall over I promise yeah
    some questions about anything random like fridges
    yeah nobody asked for deliveries how do you deliver this sprawling
    I'm putting up a bad think fans work
    faster hallo definitely have got to Pink Panther I actually make a little fridge
    at every cake box I'll if the cake
    up it's a
    three days in the summer time in Dallas
    that's a lot even in Celsius that a lot
    I so I lifted up on some star from when I put dry ice
    underneath a que right and then I put the lid on
    and then I put some desiccant in there to absorb the excess moisture
    the dry ice will cost so I have many friends you know what a box in a few
    pounds of dry ice is cheaper than
    one of those giant refrigerated vans
    it's a little bit cheaper cardboard dry ice
    you can use a cardboard again dry ice
    not so much yeah I do have one
    you know refrigerated van but again in Texas at
    as soon as you open the
    guess what happens push all the cool air comes out
    degree air goes it so we do deliver
    we take a lot of a little trips we don't just load the van with
    wedding cakes
    and go
    well it's three not let's stop the first one so we go back and forth a lot
    a whole lot yeah any other questions on
    technical stuff yes sir
    the ass if I ever use Crisco shortening to roll out find it
    I must cornstarch kinda girl why
    now I like corn starch better than powdered sugar
    and better than shortening now I the first thing I did today before it needed
    the fun it was I put a little bit a shortening on my hands and I needed the
    wanna how long does it take to prepare for for your talents I'm never prepared
    I've never been prepare
    have you seen the show I but I
    sometimes they give us a month sometimes three months back in the beginning eight
    years ago they would give us three months I can't believe it its
    of course me and my personality I waited to the last two weeks anyway
    so I some sometimes I've done in towns where they
    call me on a Sunday said can you come out we have a challenge this next Sunday
    Osher absolutely fantastic I can pack a pink van full like a crappy my house
    yeah I know what I need I actually have a list saved on the computer what I need
    to pack up and go
    because we do sometimes pack up and go and make plays
    and other places which is fine that for
    absolutely it won't buy
    oh I like this
    how long have I been doing since I was
    years old which was
    six years ago now it was no longer than that in metric
    I am

    I remember the first sculpted cake I ever made I made it out at two rounds
    and I
    with under the impression for some reason that it with the Santa throw cake
    so you remember that Chinese game taking groom you know how you put all the
    pieces together
    we're not allowed to leave any extras right so I I really thought it through
    and i cud one and a quarter hours and I stack some open
    I use the entire two full rounds to make this little sitting
    for I still have a picture I put it in my office so that I can remember
    how painful it was the first one but the second one is easier
    third one gets easier and I promise by the time you get to the
    you could do it blindfolded right but you're still having
    just as much fun as he did on the first one cool stay all
    fun does it ever get stale now eventually
    they I it does expire about a year
    right but I've never actually had a bucket of on it last that long
    we order it by the time they back up an
    and we unload a whole
    alexpal very fun I do
    just kidding I told a lie I do not
    yes how you can make outpace you can make gumpaste
    out of Honor was gonna be seven its guy
    sugar it's got go get some fine ass and
    it's got sugar it's got gum if you are a little bit more gum
    CMC powder or gum track and
    carboxymethyl cellulose what else is a call
    was pretty much every much yet if you had a little bit in there
    you will make pay stick I actually
    never make gumpaste anymore from the beginning
    I always use fun X and I always make gumpaste other that
    yeah how much and how much people always ask me that
    I always say to a fifth i speaketh
    rights that's my accurate measurement I'll
    to I'll or yeah
    it did you have fun
    totally so wealthy but again
    ready yeah are
    Rai its well good morning and have a good show this *** *** TOPSY TURVY CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I 'm Ann Reardon and today I ma going to show you how to make
    this beautiful whimsical topsy turvy pretty cake. You could use this for a first birthday
    or really any celebration it is so cute and pretty. And it's not that hard to make, I'll
    walk you though it.
    Now I just got back from a trip to the USA and had a great time and of course filmed
    with the minions and also got to just relax with my family which was awesome. And one
    of my highlight was definitely meeting some of you my subscribers at the meet and greet.
    Now I know registrations for this event filled up so fast and they had to close it because
    it reached capacity. So some of you missed out. I am really sorry about that but I will
    be flying back to the US for vidcon which is not very far away. So you have the chance
    to come and meet me there. I am actually going to be on the Makers and Bakers booth which
    is by Wilton, Simplicity and my network KIN. And I'll be there for a short amount of time
    on the Friday and the Saturday and I'll have some gift packs to give out to you. So I have

    gift packs for the Friday and
    for the Saturday so the first
    people on each day
    will get a free gift pack. You can come beyond that and say hi but I've only got
    to give away. I'll put the times of when I'll be on that booth in the description below
    and what you should do is probably get there a bit early and cue just to make sure you're
    in the first 50. So what's in the gift packs, that's what you want to know. We have some
    silver pearl dust and I've used dusts before so you should be familiar with what that is.
    Some cake spikes, and they are what allow you to put the fresh flowers into a cake and
    it gives them a bit of water so that they stay fresh. I'll show you that in a minute.
    The 3D cupcake mold which is what we are using for the cupcake on the top of the cake today.
    And a couple of new products, we've got treatologie which is basically
    you can add to cake mixture or frosting to change the flavours of your cakes. ANd also
    color right which is very similar but it is not falvour it is colors. And we've got
    different colours there and I'll show you more about those in a minute. As I said I've
    used all of those in this cake today. Well not all
    weird but some of each of them.
    So what you need to do if you want one of these free packs is come and see me at vidcon
    I'll put the times below, now I know some of you have probably already written a comment
    going I don't live in LA and I'm not going to be at vidcon. DOn't worry I'll also give
    a couple of these packs away over on facebook as well on the howtocookthat page. So just
    make sure you are following me there I'll put that comp up in about a weeks time. So
    lets make the cake. First level we are going to make is of course the bottom. We are going
    to make the tiramisu layer and then we'll work our way up to the top.
    For the first two layers of cake we are going to need one quantity of my perfect sponge
    cake recipe. If you haven't made that before there is a video and recipe for that one on
    the howtocookthat.net website. It makes a nice light fluffy cake. Bake that in two tins,
    one that is
    inches and one that is
    inches. Once they are done
    they should spring back when they are lightly touched or you can double check by putting
    a knife into the cake, if it's comes out clean then they are ready.
    To hold the cake in a topsy turvy style we are going to need some sort of support. I
    am going to use bamboo rods and some round cake boards and I'm just drilling a hole slightly
    smaller than the bamboo rod into the cake board. And you want it slightly smaller so
    that it fits really tightly. So see how the rod is just staying upright
    here if you had your hole too big it would just fall over.
    We also need a support for the piece of cake, you will need to cut one of those from a
    round cake board. Just measure 12cm in from the edge and then draw two straight lines
    and you can make the slice as fat or skinny as you like. And you will need a hole in the
    centre of that one too.
    Make sure your bamboo stick can go through the holes because we are going to be placing
    the cake onto those two cake board and then putting the cake onto the bamboo spike so
    if they don't fit it's going to be a little difficult to put it on once you've got the
    cake there.
    Now we want to stop the cakes from slipping all the way down to the bottom. So I am going
    to add a plastic support rod over the top of the bamboo one. ANd just trim it on an
    angle at the level where I want the second layer to sit.
    Now for our tiramisu we want some coffee syrup. For that you will need some instant coffee,
    sugar and water. And all of the recipe quantities you need for this and everything else that
    is in this video for this cake are on the howtocookthat.net website and I'll link to
    that in the description below. Combine all of those ingredients in a cup
    and microwave until the sugar is dissolved, then just let it cool.
    For our tiramisu frosting we are using mascapone cheese, cream and sugar. Just place them all
    into the bowl and whip together until it is smooth.
    Cut your 8" cake into two even layers, then use some of the frosting to secure it onto
    the board. Add a generous amount of the coffee syrup, I could of added heaps more here, it
    just depends how strong a coffee flavour you want yours to be. And then add a layer of
    your mascapone frosting. Place the other half of the cake on top and
    then cover that whole thing in frosting. Place the bamboo stick through the middle
    from the bottom of the cake board and then I like to put the whole thing on a plate to
    make it easier to move around. Add sponge finger biscuits all the way around the outside
    of the cake. And then use a ribbon to secure them into place. Try and choose a ribbon here
    matches the colours of your flowers. So it just brings the whole cake together.
    Place the plastic tube that we cut earlier down over the top of the bamboo stick all
    the way down to the cake baord.
    For our second layer of cake we are going to have a salted caramel ganache.
    To make that you will need white chocolate, cream, butter, and some vanilla custard and
    salted caramel flavouring. All of the recipe quanitites are on the howtocookthat.net website
    as well.
    Add the cream and butter to the chocolate and then microwave that on high for
    then give it a good stir, microwaves heat unevenly so it is important to stir. Give
    it another
    seconds and it still has a few more lumps so another
    seconds should do
    it. Yep that looks nice and smooth that looks
    good. Now add your salted caramel and vanilla custard flavouring to taste, these are really
    concentrated so you wont need much. Just add a couple of drops at a time and taste it and
    keep going until you are happy with it. Then put that in the fridge to firm up.
    Once it is firm make one batch of basic buttercream and mix the cooled ganache into it. This make
    a yummy creamy salted caramel frosting.
    For the macarons follow the macaron recipe video. And you want to make three colours.
    Pipe them onto non-stick baking paper. To get them all the same size it really helps
    to print a sheet of circles, I'll put the circles in the size that I have used on the
    recipe post for you. They are smaller than I'd normally make macarons but I just want
    to make three of them up the side of the cake.
    Place some of your ganache frosting onto the
    is on an angle. Then add one third of the
    the middle part and then more frosting and the top part of the cake.
    Now we want to colour the rest of that frosting. To get the colour t I am using some red, pink
    and a tiny bit of blue. These colors are quite strong so just add a little bit at a time
    especially with the darker colours like blue.
    Place that into a piping bag with a wide tip and pipe it all over the cake, If you don't
    have one of these tips you can just spread it out using a spatula, this method just makes
    that process much quicker.
    Then take a spatula and smooth out the sides. If you place your cake on a bowl it lifts
    it up off the counter so you can easily get to all of the edges and smooth it out.
    Once that is ready measure the width from the centre of the cake to the edge and push
    one of the plastic supports into the cake, make off what level it is at, remove it and
    trim to size. Then add an end cap to it and place it back into the cake. And this will
    just support the side of the cake where it is leaning down to the bottom so that it is
    not going to squash the bottom layer of cake.
    Add the cake on top lowering it down on an angle.
    Add the macarons in three rows to the side of the cake and then add raspberries to the
    bottom layer. around the edge and to the side that is visible.
    To make our slice of cake you will need one
    the center of the cake. Then cut another slice using the two edge pieces to make that bit.
    Place some frosting on the cake board and the your half a bit, add frosting to the edge
    of it and join the next piece on to complete the bottom layer. Add more frosting and then
    the top half.
    Now you want to cover the whole thing in frosting and once it is smooth place it on a plate
    in the fridge to firm up.
    Colour half of your white fondant using some yellow and brown colouring to give it a sponge
    cake colour.
    Roll it out and then place the cake slice on top. Fold the fondant up and over the side
    of the cake. Then trim off the excess, letting it overlap the side slightly. So that you've
    got something to join the next piece of fondant too. Do the same on the top and bottom smoothing
    the excess into the frosting so that it sits flat.
    Add more brown to the fondant and use that on the base to hide the cake board.
    Use your finger to find where the hole in the cake board is and mark it with a knife
    to make it easy when we are adding it.
    Then roll out your white fondant and place it over the top and down the back of the slice.
    Use your knife to gently cut off the excess.
    Place the slice on its side and mark two lines using a knife, you don't want to cut through
    the fondant just indent it. Then use the tip of a knife to drag some of the white along
    those two lines.
    Add your plastic support spacer and then lower the cake slice into place on a slight backward
    Using a clean paint brush and some food colouring paint lines across the layers of cake to lookw
    like frosting. Then use some red colour and paint it underneath to look like jam and to
    make the colours pop. You can paint it down a bit like it is dripping so it looks more
    To make the cupcake on top. Melt some candy melts or you could use chocolate and put some
    into the bottom of the mold. You don't want it full because we are going to add the second
    part on top but it's a bit hard to guess how much you need.
    We only need one but I'm going to make all three so we can choose the best one.
    Place the other half of the mold over the top and push down firmly on the joiners to
    secure it together. Turn it upside down and leave it to set. If you are using melts you
    can set it in the freezer.
    Once it is set separate the mold and they should lift off quite easily. Use a hot knife
    to trim off the excess from around the tops. Then using a round piping tip make a hole
    in the base, You can use hot water or a brulee torch to heat up the tip so that it melts
    through there.
    Dip your plastic support into the some melted candy melts and then add that through the
    hole. Decide it you want it straight up or on a slight angle and then leave that to set.
    In the same way use some melts to add a cherry on top, I am using a real cherry for this
    one. Tip the base the right way up and fill it
    with candies, then use more of the melts around the top edge to attache the lid. Once that
    is set use some of the silver pearl dust and a dry paint brush to brush over the base.
    This give is a nice shine and makes it look pretty.
    Add the cupcake down into top and turn it to the angle you are happy with.
    And now to add our flowers. We are going to use these cake spikes with hold some water
    to keep the flowers fresh and they have a silicone top to keep the water in and hold
    the flowers in place. Arrange the flowers into little bunches and then push the spike
    into the cake. Continue to add a few bunches on each level until you are happy with it.
    And there you have it an amazing topsy turvy pretty cake finished of with the fresh flowers
    which is ust a really easy way to finish the cake. How don't forget if you are at VidCon
    I will be there too so come and say hi at the makers and bakers booth. And for the times
    check the descpription below or the recipe post this week I'll put the times that I'll
    be there then, And if you are one of the first
    there you
    get one of those packs. SO make sure you come early and cue up to make sure that you get
    one of those and you don't miss out. don't forget it you are not at vidcon I'll also
    be giving a some away over on facebook in a couple of weeks time. SO make sure you are
    following over there too. Subscribe to howtocookthat for more cakes chocolates and desserts. CLick
    here for last weeks recipe. CLick up the top for the recipe website howtocookthat.net so
    you can get all of the details you need for this one and hear for the youtube channel
    so that you can check out all of my other videos. Have a great week and I'll see you
    all on Friday. *** *** Easy Card Force Tutorial (Topsy Turvy Goldin Force) - YouTube !!! *** *** topsy-turvy-cake-stand.dv - YouTube !!!
    today topsy turvy cake
    okay becoming more and more popular and so case has come out
    kid for you to use on your current case better support
    to use for many many different today I'm gonna shining
    using I am and square so let's get started
    finish are need are all included in your topsy-turvy
    kit that is and staged but you know one day it
    assemble year Center KS
    about it inch-and-a-half tolerant than your tear
    after hampers
    head on take K ever top there'll be two
    and spacers in your kid for each here
    one up and
    height play
    to give it book sharpening
    are States on play
    here's our sick spacer accent
    you wanna take and time here
    rot ship our items
    threaded rods
    not absolutely necessary but ice
    for extra support Archinteriors and you want to make sure you're OK army
    lower and the cake next step
    be taking your K and UK once you get your cake
    on Center house you will want to and okay
    as saying a molester play funny damn next here
    it's gonna be square and we're gonna make
    let let take
    here we want to
    tight yes tight camera
    threaded rod now
    are fourth tier
    scumbag angle %uh are care superstar
    higher angle stay cut it
    take care play
    they will take us
    said and spacer they will take care center
    as you can see here
    not using any any
    traded now for support it really doesn't need it
    this are cakes /url it lighter okay
    said okay but
    get it done but then our next here
    square and take care
    threaded stay okay
    and finished it tacked up here and this is just one of many many different
    great carry yet K
    picture and a finish K easy
    the ThinkPad Hall KK create
    K *** *** Topsy Turvy Tutorial & How To - YouTube !!!
    the way

    hi guys this is Rebecca from angel food dotnet
    today video tutorial is on these crazyass cake
    this is the Madhatter topsy-turvy K
    won t a where it is indented and as lopsided and it
    truckload on now we're going to get the on even
    top see what a really long life one of as big if the cake
    about my large serrated edge knife you in stock
    yeah and you can cut a diagonal angle
    to the other side stott last joint
    slowly backwards forwards
    watch million lives going yang
    to he area this Abercorn reporters the way over that's fine
    no mention upside down get that angle on me
    you actually gonna want me little bit for the right a guy but
    in danger low-key don't want it straight up and down what out a little bit fed up
    join together got it made but a crime
    nasty going on
    us re: faded that yet
    cuts at all make sure it goes it
    sign with for fantastic
    alright now we're going to confiscate
    up so we want to get those indented side and this is why
    we put the
    track a plan to me site he flipped inside
    seeking think the cake boy
    is giving you a space you wanna contact
    cut it down to that level
    action at an angle see a aiming for the
    cake board to the edge the cake educate copia
    cake boy that we need to be of my hold the cape or where it is
    that's why the case will be called need to be out watching maintained a little
    respond slowly Kabwe
    anti-tank the cutting heats up at stage
    you can do more much stuff the paper from minus
    needed on the paper again
    light so he cut off
    let less is more always just keep carving at
    just cleaned up that bench and I actually transferred the cake onto the
    big a cake board now
    something to do the crime coach on HIA amended final car
    and I'm gonna find all on this cake boards i'm happy to have it on the good
    cake board
    some potential ramps and that's just a really basic design
    issue looking for something a bit special I don't be cake Borden Public
    Company cake boarding
    bond take that would be really beautiful you can then had a covered cake
    Inc and having cake board in fund as well
    on it cake board tutorial me out to crown heights a cramped car
    is all about one really been laying off
    I think national buttercream on a cake to
    get than Knicks cart
    are the National buttercream onto the cake need to
    carts on a cake to cover in find
    least to some cake is d sry s
    just about putting that can ash on
    as thin as possible so you pick up the Ganesh
    you do a forwards backwards my shin to get that Nash
    of the pal knifing onto the K not push it around
    gonna be a bit forceful with that operate on making paper two seconds in
    anything he could bring

    wins well I what happened
    forget montana that he can do it on on a bench absolutely no worries
    and with the kid Nash do need to have it at
    palette knife consistent say so I have given you the recipe for the National
    and you can use it for drizzling and you can use it Palin not
    thing so it can be lot different consistencies
    and to get to the right temperature it's all about refrigeration and mock away
    so it is a little bit %uh little bit of practice to us
    ties to get to do what you wanted to doing
    PC again believe that beginning
    make up crap top to bottom you can see more that shape showing
    right now lot topsy-turvy I just think it's so sexy it's just sorry
    cute and fun there's nothing else like it
    or we just wanna think I don't talk now to say
    so because just
    when not actually copping out center of it to stack more on top
    see if you wanna learn how to do that the treaty a topsy-turvy
    PDR an angel faint dot me all right sir got a thin line
    seeking think it's me think a little bit of cake damn thing to hear that both
    always focused did so wanna feel that being
    with can match want to be
    a flat tabletop say yes this is the cronkite stage does need to be perfect
    but if I stop doing it in me how
    less filling I have to do lights and final Chi
    alright looking better already
    alright so dusty
    quick the locker rooms don't anyways
    or bumps in cronkite because we're gonna put in the fridge

    minutes let set pull that give
    funnel cakes and lumps in advance it in the fridge in the gonna be hard at.
    palette knife and ran to light you can see I've missed
    a little bit just down here these pickup morning pal
    backwards forwards company meh Skrull
    is cranky pal I far and then sneer Durant
    RI now we've got pulled aside someone just got these lips that i'm gonna get
    me know
    so can expect palette knife of and put back towards the center
    all right some just warming life bond
    up so you can see here but and yellow
    under so I started with the bay Kells RTR I think which he is
    just a white fondant have color myself so I used
    be golden yellow Wilton concentrated feature
    thing he do you will turn
    gels 4 coloring
    under a shame that people or any other video tutorial called
    what is on sorry I call it yesterday
    Michael said hi listed yesterday that means
    I put through a ty los had a which makes the pond
    easier to handle and all sorry
    home dry quick a see need to have tireless
    through it and you can't do it up to 24 hours beforehand
    judges doing it on the day the cake at
    absolutely fine cultures first
    then put the tireless through so it'll take about
    minutes all together
    at least honey cousin is a bit of an elastic
    alright with Jeff did
    you can see that I just tested the size by
    poverty whose up the cake but you are running
    plus four inches plus
    came for
    hate clark's I hate to get it wrong and frankly a
    something a little bit more but it will
    full length stretch a little bit as you plan on the cake cd
    but the other way
    artist in his youth big mess as well so he die
    decorate cakes very often you want pick up so close it was saying to me you know
    she decorate if decorated using comment before he got a bit
    in a seeking a half a centimeter you can also get into quarters this enemy
    but not for topsy turvy cake I wouldn't recommend it
    because you got such a height in the corner that was done in with
    if there's a high likelihood the way to the fund
    ripping and tearing at these points I'm to do
    keep it a little bit because then probably normally once I get half a
    which is where now sorry
    must stop messing with it open to do is gonna give you a close up
    sure you how organic find uncover this
    about the cake in this thing now on you clean baking paper
    got my to is not in handy on as planned to the song
    alright I'm gonna p.m. back
    the first topic the mass
    seen this before in the other map tutorial him
    got it tested second why and it's not going anywhere
    so I you can help sherri
    wasted on the K you got chewed up a little bit of leeway
    online it's not want moron
    the big science of good enough funding to cover that K
    panel stretch a little bit or I think that
    been to detach the fund just peel back ima
    and all stopped falling away you can see
    I play a bit less on it looks mining
    tsk peeling away and that a detection
    from the mat may want to start with the top best
    somewhat quickly and you want to get everything possible
    air bubbles see what a fool of this good called
    fielding the fund and up and allowing
    any air to escape use performance
    mated s you can say that the fund it has actually
    I did roll it out big enough for to cover the whole cake
    so this would be the time it would start stretching with gravity
    you encourage it to come
    damn didn't quite have enough miss it. gently encourage it to
    to have a little bit so I'm just trying to decide
    now I'm just starting by going down one
    each you don't go all the way down one side you keep
    laughing muskurahat service call for things that have come to believe
    cleats down here you want realized place you can do this on the cake turntable if
    you've got one realizes that black buttons baking paper
    use it to
    pushed okay like BS quite gently and
    spinning by itself keep flopping said that
    difficult thing will be in Middle East plates
    out adding
    creases to you find in black TK just takes patience
    encouraging two guys to shake the one
    song that two inches down now now mandated three inches
    passes a play tour increase forming mess on its gonna
    Latin have my fingers
    and then think
    there we are has put a little border on
    Coletta name board %uh and you can day
    right is in anyway seeking put flowers on
    top it a ball by a cute couple bar is on there
    you can put toys on then anything really
    guy laymen did you wanna see some more examples of a topsy-turvy
    he again
    on lead
    that one the
    topsy turvy cake
    I night the little bit time consuming and lil bit hard with the sculpting
    by you can see well worth the effort man he wanna see more
    a new foods also met head over it and you feed dot me
    we've also got franchise opportunity so this is a business
    where you get to work for yourself and make money oh my god best job in the
    and the free information pack available at Angel pink dot net
    also check it out on Facebook and like it
    thank you very much
    deep deep
    different want a a for Mad Hatters style K
    let's go play with them more funky fun laptop
    n funky fun pump
    up *** *** Card Tricks Revealed - Topsy Turvy Cards (Tutorial) - YouTube !!!
    this is a tutorial for topsy-turvy cards
    so let's learn it if you have and what's my performance yet
    don't watch this tutorial click the link right here
    what's my performance and then come back and also you how it's done
    for the streak you flip the dick face up
    and you spread through the cards and as soon as you read to the last guard
    you bleed a little bit backwards and then you close the spread
    so this is the situation right now you have the whole deck
    and the last car is in joke
    just like that at this point
    you grab the deck from the front and you flip it face down
    and now you have the whole dick face down
    except for the last card which is face-up and now you're ready to continue
    at this point you got Cup the Bach
    and you don't need to face up and as you turn it face up in the spectators look
    at the face of this card
    you also turn your left hand upside down
    now you place the face up by Kate
    on the back over your left hand and then
    you take the other packet from your left hand in your place it on top of that
    just like that and now this but they don't think
    that perhaps the deck is face up and have the biggest face-down
    but as you can see only the top card is face down
    in all the cards our face up be careful not to flush the face-up cards
    are you putting the second bike at over show what that point you say that
    half the biggest facing this way the other half is facing that way
    this way that way all the deck
    is mixed up after that fully pink sequins
    make sure that you end up with all the deck face-down
    and the last guard facing up at this point you say that you will use a random
    card from the bottom portion of the deck
    and you pull out the boat on guard we'd is the only
    face-up card in the pocket you waive it all over the deck
    you place it on the dope and then you spread the deck
    to show that all the cards have turned to face down
    but don't forget hedrick without presentation
    is not a trick so if you have and what's my performance yet
    click the link right here and what's my performance to get some ideas about how
    you can present it
    if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment in the
    comment section below
    and they will be more than happy to answer to you if you enjoy the tutorial
    please like the video and subscribe for more tutorials in the future
    that's it daycare and stay human did *** *** Topsy Turvy Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    him to show you guys how to make a really
    simple basic topsy-turvy and they always look much harder than they actually are
    suffered I be she wears a
    K user to 8-inch round and especially if I'm gonna be cutting a cake
    carving it like to have refrigerate overnight you can I think ought I'd
    unwrap the fun that's why I aidid at damn
    and the filling and then what we're gonna actually do with the top plan
    taken i not tolerated another night expert
    all I know don't use to rate it good K
    and i actually i cuts down down will hear the case
    I don't like to cut corner to corner and I'll show you why because when you put
    the over onto the cake
    I'm all your cam and filling you can be covered
    well so I'm gonna cut it who clearly
    skin me hit close to the corner
    and I worked my way
    all to the according to and looks really nice
    it does not have to be absolutely perfect
    me so heating or the whole section head out of the gate look from
    hey I haha for
    you can the we have a diagonal people down here
    and the you look we have a diagonal here
    coming in here a minute thing will air on this one
    and likely to filling because then get a lot of
    billion propping really them section but as you can see if you cook
    leave her and you would have
    nothing or very little at all covering this
    dement telling no I'm gonna do propping where
    and man of humble top on ok in the end
    are really then layer this is mostly just creating a glue to keep the top
    layer together
    when actually gonna do from the let this cake
    over the end in this and it's really important that you match
    your stay n square your thick and
    then and with defendant and up to you
    really sweet that no chocolate on there say hello
    small no
    know you homes they come
    smile even though
    spring low
    when they're alarm
    in the Scot okay so i cud
    out you can see a whole it out at my best to make it even
    what's really calls from it but it's still hollow
    journey so what you want to do it compote and
    dow all and let me just show you we're gonna doctor thinks
    fenced here on here and already we're gonna that it in
    and beautifully and not wait your neck
    layer is standing plot only one will
    well upward thought way and down
    towards the other slapped looks pretty cool I'm
    I also want to know whomever I just applied profiting
    became a touchy layers and this is why because sometimes when you get into
    you're gonna actually get parts for you get down into their
    and that was killing it's just it messianic create
    more weakness within your cake layers we want this to be very very very strong
    nothing doing it when it's chill really house Kehlata
    at that a lot of cracking I'm
    not the prettiest cake but I
    will come caught it might be hola K follow what I did and I just did on my
    damn frothing the lair crofting on that cut-out section
    night gala and I that the top here on top
    I me really like gearing
    issued buttercream crofting
    with it stacked officials so
    so much manipulation when you're putting it together
    that I am that having to pretty much keep ross anyway a pond on
    totally out of a hot issue of Croft and have a pond on first up on don't push
    for forgetting number
    him a little bit unorthodox but but works for me
    so I enjoyed a frosted and I'll show you how like
    okay though I A
    profit the bottom tier I'm gonna let it cropped and you might be about papers
    home acted
    which you can be and
    in my evolution of a wedding K
    I and wall with buttercream a
    for a while buttercream crop I'm gonna do you that hot here in brown
    and down it would be for the whole thing it works great
    but I did they just leave a paper to hold it decorated a
    nothing super fancy something anybody can really do a home
    I pointed you show your really humble easy way to do it
    and so I'll make a hell naw
    home every key UK damn you're wondering how I did that happen my video on
    two years okay down always you're really simple
    to cheer posture K you *** *** Topsy Turvy Fondant Birthday cake & short tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hello everyone this is the latest cake they made its
    for birthday and it's all fine and it also a topsy turvy cake
    it's pretty special to me because its for me
    and it's my birthday this weekend so I really want to make something that I
    done before successfully
    so this is obviously looking very topsy-turvy
    in very angleton quite happy with it
    I'm just gonna show you the back up the cake for puttin and here
    on a silver candle and
    this one is Ashley L so and gun case saving
    that their move it wherever I want later
    on am quite happy with how the angles
    turned out I mean compared to the previous cake that I've made
    I'm for those
    cake beginners I wanted to
    show you and a sketch I made mean I'm
    I'm also together so I would always try to give and illustrations I
    initially wanted something like this and then like just making all the pattern
    and doing it all over the cake but it's so hard to do that cuz its
    it's so on very time consuming and you'd have to
    punch holes over and over again and put Leicester Dustin
    and and I don't have in an air crash
    so very very and time-consuming
    so after making that he carried I wanted
    the key to look a lot more happy you know not look very very serious
    so I came up with another sketch p and there it is
    so I wanted the ruffles to relook
    uneven make it look a little crazy and
    there it is and also I chose chocolate fondant this time because I haven't
    killing me that in a long time now I also wanted to share too
    others beginners out there who like me would turn to the internet to find a
    instructions on how to make things and maybe for it if you haven't made a topsy
    turvy cake
    before I wanted to show you a real quick
    visual on how to do it and there are several ways
    I am and hope by country to raise today
    and I'm standard your paper because I don't have fun
    actual cakes to work on Saturdays go to hell
    I want you to imagine
    arm while it looks like a 8 three-tiered cake
    to test how I want you guys to understand that piece that paper
    so the first second and third tier
    normally fish tank and it's going to look like that so I want you guys to
    stretch your imagination
    just a little bit and that three
    pieces that paper here ash bottom tier second and/or third
    now if you would like to achieve the slanted book
    on the first tear and also the others
    way would need to do is to car about besides
    up the cake carbon not slanted
    so duvet cover them out
    until looks like that and then
    for the angle the cunt op he would also need to slice the cake
    so if you already have say
    3 mayors appcake inside and theres buttercream and their
    I would recommend just putting it sticking it in the fridge first
    to make a cake for my stable and then curve it out
    I'm come code and take it back so
    if we do the same to all the cake is the same process
    carving the bottom I am covering the sides and
    also carving the top and slicing it you would come up
    Kate so wanted the steps
    I wanted the ways to make it it's pretty much a stack it
    stack it like a regular cake arm
    and others have done this very successfully the
    only and thing you would need to look at
    or look and be more cautious about his guest second
    on top of each other you would have to be very careful with how
    your support system is going to look like because your Dallas will not be
    sector fine with it and you can you pretty confident it's not gonna
    topple over that's fine that's one way to do it I on the other hand
    I'm always afraid that things are going to blow over so another way to do it
    would be this and it's gonna look pretty hot
    that's pretty down but I'm
    one way to do it is if you can imagine a cake boy
    this has a key part in the bottom right so use the same K Bary
    use the same sized to trace on top of the cake
    a whole and a level that whole
    not to date like what I did in my cake not that D
    and but in now so that part
    here second here was thinkin
    same thing for your third here know the nice thing about this
    it's a deal time-consuming mightiest to do but
    it will still be very stable
    because you're using same says dowels and technically the cakes
    are not sitting on angles they're practically
    the same as your
    three-tiered cake you're actually level
    i picking and get a a better grasp on that but
    their online and
    the same level with and I'm a three-tiered cake said
    I would be transported I would be
    a light are confident that it's going to get there
    so on the outside you don't have to worry about
    looks you get it gonna look like
    K they have this a very short
    and visual it's not a great tutorial but it said
    it's a nice visual to aid goes
    who want to you you know at least get an idea on how to make it
    and rooms for improvement for this cake for me
    would be to make have better measurements
    to me I think this second chair looks a little smaller than the the first
    and they let and the top tier it's because they carved into much
    and I think that the whole got a little bigger so I put the second-tier day
    teary incited I know the pic in engulfed in a bit
    I'm still happy with the final results though
    cell thank you so much guys happy birthday to me
    and authentication and you get a care *** *** How to Decorate 3 Tier Topsy Turvy - Part 1 - YouTube !!!
    deep deep
    hi my name's Rebecca
    from angel pink dot net today video tutorial
    is all about the topsy-turvy but have some at had a fun
    the do
    that %uh
    that %uh
    that %uh
    for three-tiered topsytail be
    you're going to need a lotta stuff
    or so a topsy turvy cake
    is also called a Mad Hatters cake rhamat had a style K
    and that is the cake at some really be used for different levels
    that looks like it's going to fall are ya
    I happen to like p indented
    stop so that means the bay you indented
    to add more the illusion that god awful like that
    seek ended the topsy-turvy with straight sides by
    I will be shiny with the indented side so what you may need to do it
    is a lot okay fifth up wit so enduring
    actually two cake
    and then explain the saws to you in a minute let me show you everything else
    I've already done the bottom tier and top-tier
    just because he can take a lotta time to decorate we don't have enough time today
    but I will be showing in the middle tier
    side at the top you're not here you need
    some butter cream and a match fought layering it
    and then get matching the thoughts of got some peppermint greenback occurring
    tonight for layering
    and their chocolate can ask for the side in the top
    you will also need the mat
    Mariah the fund using them a and also using the rolling painting me
    garth about fondant today this is the bay tells brained
    so I do like using misprint it comes in seven kilo boxes I get it from I like a
    cake decorating shop
    all the local bakery and I've talked a lot about bike Hills before seeking
    see more about it in another video tutorial cold what is fondant
    I do recommend checking that one out first before you attempt this cake
    and I also recommend that you actually work with wonderful because it is a bit
    it definitely is a bit tricky this the topsy turvy cake to have a good
    experience first before attempting
    cuz she can t keep loving que canta wanna
    eighty sorry fondant you will name it
    many other tools that you
    so you'll need
    cake came lot different sizes the man explained that mean a
    unique cake board disposable
    again lots of different sizes will explain that in a minute today
    you also need really good solid
    cake board for the basic the treaty it has to hold
    lawrence White 6 cakes with the White Sox gonna be one of those big solid ones
    from the cake decorating shop
    this month is a 14-inch rammed cake board which I've
    three coveted in Farmington sorry nintendo's in disposable cake boards for
    each tear as well
    you also need some moves and food coloring
    sets to call the funding because the bay kills on comes in white
    I've got the P so this is pink albright Wilton
    the color in jail I've got the violet
    and above the grain that are used today this is Lee grain
    so will converge old again from the cake decorating shot that ten dollars a trick
    by ethics
    or eight pack for what about the eagle is I
    me you need to issue me ty los is well tolerated
    pat to work with the fund you want me
    decorations so I've got some butterflies and flowers stuffed reminded
    they made a funding cut out as well and she added a tease in there the other
    video tutorial as well the washes
    London video tutorial the usual see here someday I'll
    so this stacking takes that explains why I'm doing it as well but basically it
    HK solid Chris tacky now the cake
    on top with it the white Civic is going to compress on the cake
    need dale's to hold it up so cannot explain different types
    heavy use not when I'm doing that later
    sup plastic not got some wooden ones here as well to show you
    and that other tools to make the pundits knew this
    again cake decorating shops I'm
    HD you have to have this to work with on Dec
    a highly recommend at least one got to him you need not
    the copying the cakes you will need another role in controlling
    funded for decorations you will need how it not but the gnashing and butter
    you like this you feeling you made a fun didn't
    I'm cut-up desist current in just say
    of people funding on you need to cut about I've got
    paintbrush for decorating so that's for tech cheney the fund
    and decorations to the fund or attaching the border as well
    you made a page a paintbrush again just one that's been used
    I need for food now not had paint on it I K
    left everything when a bit let me explain the cake sorry
    for the middle tier got to take pia and
    each cake TR level had different sizes
    so let me give you all the numbers now united gonna need a pen and paper to
    write it all down
    SAR for the bottom tier what I use
    is my 10-inch round cake something to give you
    inches in centimeters clapping to work in inches which is a bit of fashion
    site the tenant rum cake is 20 centimetres rant
    you can use that for the top of this one some shopping anyone slightly smaller
    for the bottom TS see what a teach or what

    senators site you
    each and eight each
    and that's the bottom tier then for your
    second-tier what if you use used on the bottom hiya
    that'll be the top of next year so use ten-inch in a ditch
    then you want to use age seven each
    say a beach which is what I got here and then
    seven each Anthony see inventing a thought used
    right cake sizes you can have less to combat
    can help he ate define where you copping Terracina
    over Coppinger and carving see getting a uniform site
    so these my seven inch said as:
    Haas intimated
    and they just happen to have such ones because they what I have in my cupboard
    at times I just use that is utilizing rather buy mooncake teens
    sites second-tier have not confusing you guys I know it is a little bit
    ok probably explained again that second-tier
    was a bite Sapia eight each twenty centimeter
    seven each
    haven't made up that too with a dick was
    just got a little teens that he is
    you second-tier then the third tier
    this was the base in the second-tier is now the top
    I V
    a this
    he is the seven entrapped then

    that's the basis of the third tier
    so games giving you the defined they a to HIA
    to the top to the bottom that we %um don't think that's how much are popping
    out to two centimeters
    all one thing on the outside sorry
    that the indented so I back the hot
    of the top tier that site actually seven inches
    but you can see over he is that size the a
    so happy is not that an let me spend again
    outdoing inches so you can convert it later to send me this is kinda inches
    tension H a tension

    each level the bottom slightly smaller
    because you're indian teen the bottom
    sorry it does take a little bit get around to hit by
    once when she got it when she died when she copied at it made it a lot more
    and you will see here I do actually have to
    train cakes just because that's
    what I had bagged all
    on but doesn't matter I'm still gonna comment out to
    didn't ramp so I just a bit more copping that's all that's what a
    bike often thought that you wanted to say
    saw fit to take the opposite his two cakes at uni

    up and is a very big cake
    very heavy black leave pic to my
    taking decorate it can be mean really really special really different really
    unique really quirky
    sorry I think that everything sorry let me show you how to a
    caveat tear the top
    I have done a video tutorial on a one kid topsy-turvy before as well
    I do recommend you check that one out by
    let's stop putting this baby together
    be deep *** *** How to Make a Topsy-Turvy Cake - YouTube !!!
    this is Derek lamely pastries fine bakery in Palm Desert California today
    we're going to show you some ideas for making a topsy-turvy
    T but we can't do it topsy turvy cake which is basically
    going to be a cricket team very easy to make cookie cake anybody can do it
    on this cake because it would start of a little too straight we're going to make
    a cricket
    and I've just a carrot cake just as can be alone
    can still have your any kind cake won't work tap a feeling
    what I'm going to do isn't going to stop start on top
    and take a little bit off but I'm going to angle it at cricket
    pace there you can see it that is a little creek
    their I'm going to turn this put this over
    first point a little bit frosting this just simple butter cream here
    half bad it's going to be just
    we already have our feelings cream cheese in there
    so branches defrosting
    ideas on how to turn this cake around
    and put it back on that we actually have give it more but I am now
    it's what I did is it took a piece of a cricket turned it around
    and take give this a higher face its own XO ideas will I make it a lot more
    lopsided is it definitely cookie cake as you can see
    but we are also going to take a little bit of the edge so
    if you're going to make a cake with a certain mass surveillance what you wanna
    do is bake the cake a little bit bigger
    so that when you actually take a little break a cough you still gonna get
    servings that you want so I'm tilting nice in just a little bit so that I can
    make this as well a little bit cricket on the bottom
    so now not only do we have a
    cricket shape on the top we have angled shape on the side there as well
    sale getting very cricket there
    we're going to give this a quick I C and give it some collar and I'll show very
    simple ways to decorate this out
    topsy-turvy we ask all mad hatter so it's anything goes anything
    kinda collar is gonna make this fun care gonna give it just
    & Co to frost on the outside I don't for
    I'm taste benefit but as well to make the
    European rolled fondant a place on the outside of this cake
    stick to it as well this bag is what we call
    are easy I sir just a very flat
    keep that cricket look on their
    so I he's calling that a nice cool color
    I've taken some chocolate fondant or you can just to a brown color
    fondant or any other car that you want to do and
    I'm going to just cut out I mean cut-outs
    strips bit water on their finest
    star top
    spot on my line
    once we put a message on here it's just simply years
    square pieces fondant that we've made
    have time to set up a little bit make our favorite little ball decorations
    just gonna be really fun in there we also going to give it just
    some dots all around in the blue spots here this is our topsy turvy cake like I
    anybody can make a cake and their ideas for some topsy-turvy cakes from the
    pastry salon bakery *** *** Topsy Turvy Madhatter Cake Part 2 - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    okay so you just have one last thing you do before we get to the decorating
    and that is I'm are centered Alec us through our entire three tiers
    is quite fixes can be hard to get to push through a cake actually helped
    along by giving I got holes so
    to do that what we do is we just for are bottom tier onto a six-inch Pam
    so I just put on top there
    shirts and ironed
    I'm now we need to do
    is quickly just measure the cake
    so it's
    in the quarter so I'm going to put a point
    at six then six inches in
    and i'm new measure from the side
    do the same still measures about opening quarter
    specifics in a and then
    just from this angle saying so that is my center point right there
    so when a man is just take a circle cutter is the same size as my dau
    and you don't want to go at the same angle
    as the top of the cake so I wouldn't push it in parallel to the top edge
    I want to go down sorta perpendicular to the ground
    t just Center at to push that

    Arsis not long enough to go all the way through
    so I will just pull that out
    take a dowell
    career in the center has pushed her all the way through
    until it hits the cake pan underneath so I'm going all the way through
    I know that that's straight down
    take that out her skin is a butter knife
    to basically put it in and just give it a spin
    and if you can hear that but the cake is actually just following into the

    so have a nice a whole
    for Dell to go through not gonna
    a four inch pan for my second-tier
    again I'm measuring my cake
    and this is a good reason why we use our other cake plate
    because that makes our top perfectly round so when you do you measure you do
    hit the center point
    Amerigo all done and now I can get or decorating
    case I've gone ahead and guns
    all set up to your stripes on a volunteer I'm with these topsy turvy
    cake since our most requested
    is to have the strike since it sort of synonymous with this type cake
    so its it's not too difficult I like to use a pasta machine
    you can't just hand rolled out and do it but when you put them on the cake
    the edges won't be quite the same thickness so the stripes won't look
    quite as good so it's always a good idea if you if you've got one to use a pasta
    machine cuz then all be the same with
    so we need a pasta machine just some cornflower
    I'm I have a especial
    tool special ribbon cutter if you don't have a nineties
    you can just cut stripes with like a pizza cutter something
    they actually don't have to be all the same thickness we actually
    like to make them in different thicknesses so doesn't matter happen by
    I'm and then you just need some sort of a rolling pin so
    I'm gonna start with the yellow ones I'm
    to display some yellow fondant put some corn flour damn
    officer doesn't stick skill roll out
    he is in a pasta machine one
    that's about as wide as you want and then just wanna go like twice
    that's good start squared off
    sheesh so
    Paisley like to get mining to a number two
    my pasta shame
    okay it's not just gonna cut some stripes and
    that test set this up thick
    I'll run-through now
    the other thing that I like to use his I'm can pick up these
    these are large laminating sheets time
    I like to use these instead of using cling wrap just because it
    more airtight and it keeps better in their easier to use so what I do is I
    just put my stripes
    pride in their
    all rights
    it up to your stripes on my cake on the iTunes we're gonna need is a paintbrush
    some clear alcohol page pizza cutter
    a ruler some acetate and just a craft knife
    so to get started the first thing you want to do
    is paint on the clear alcohol you don't want to put on to strike you want to put
    it onto the cake
    now the the shapes that we're going to use I'm
    for this is it starts low works wider
    at the middle of the cake and then goes back to a point so it's
    it's sorta and on check so I wanna just paint
    first where I want to go now you don't want it to go
    perfectly vertical here more than a slight
    little angle caster angles enemies are leaning towards one side to not start
    stripping down
    just started a couple
    to the right vertical
    and then on the top I'm just gonna paint
    bit of a triangle
    South and because it's at a bit of an angel at the bottom
    I'm just gonna cut a slight angle
    Obama that said it sits flush
    with the bottom
    Scott that I'm just laying over stain on the line
    my cake now what I want to do
    mistake my ruler and I want to
    bring it to the middle of the cake and just to the
    edge have my striped I'm just gonna take me a pizza cutter
    and has cut that right off
    that's done at over there wanted the same
    with the palm
    first time I is my craft knife me to start and
    skudra just take my acetate
    poll that down to the base touches
    insists that if a rub
    tax now
    same again painted on
    make sure you don't get too much for this on the site and check taiwan a
    personal matter and I and the colors can believe a bit
    can go read this time again
    clean a slight angle its
    I started at the parliament but it up to the cake right next to my
    previous one
    time just gonna push it in to where they're both
    meet up
    strike that over take the ruler
    cut that off and
    you have to watch out for here if you don't wanna start making this angle
    too far back otherwise a startling too much too young to be careful that count
    take too much of
    just work to town
    so if you'll notice we started off with a bit of a lane to the right
    but it tends to straighten out as you get cost
    from cake disturb more lineup article
    so when you come back around the front wanna make sure that you start that lane
    make sure your angling that cut to keep that
    that angle going just a just looks a bit nicer
    like otherwise lost are gone the other way on your not careful
    eso rar last couple love
    stripes to go its
    already looking amazing colors are really bright colorful to perfect
    so one of the hardest things to do
    I wanna tricky things is to try and get the last one in there so
    a fellow technique for that I'm
    basically what you want is you want to grab
    a second I ask for spur on like normal
    now said just happiness like I was on the edge normally
    I'm gonna measure my last one and see how wide that
    transfer this when I come over and measure
    from here are on the edge in that one
    to wear that other one should live up
    it's not that my point skin a cat to that point
    you also want to measure the bottom to make sure don't cut it wider than
    what that the last fall Bay
    tact not want to know
    spent trying to hear is just line up this hedge
    on this side say much on the top seed got these two
    sites lined up engines
    to add up so that lines up perfectly honest top edge
    just when you think you can't make the crease marks
    have what you need to cut off I need to do
    since run this run along the crease line the main
    mention a pro or ruler
    all along that itch
    Miss Hannah chart for the police allege is in here she
    te says it
    CR got everything out to you stack archaic so
    got the board which has been setting out for a day so it's nice and hard it's not
    going to put any marks on it if I touch it
    about all three my cakes I'm the first thing I'm gonna want to do
    is cut debt to size my center del
    so what I need to do is take tape measure
    you want to measure and to the middle height
    the cake where it's going to come out of topper this cake see
    measure that any measure
    the middle cake
    so and then I wanna go up it just a little bit into the top of the cake I
    wanna go too far
    I'm just not too so say hold its a couple inches
    some gonna cut mining at

    gonna go back to using my
    just Parker
    now I cut it at an angle
    cut all the way through that appointee sign
    just gonna go through the cake that's really good knack attach it to my board
    so like I said a preacher old
    a whole so the screen ago easily into that you don't make it difficult on
    you don't wanna ruin your board I'm because we've let the setup
    actually just set it up on its side start to screw from behind
    his he poking through
    feet onto your tell
    and screw it
    all the way and that's nice and sturdy their ego
    Dells and that's not going anywhere it's nice to put a little bit a royal icing
    around that to hold the taking place
    you want to go to think with this
    she wanted to actually try so don't put too much on just getting nice
    carrying of it makes you don't go
    any bigger than the base in your cake you don't see it and then again I wanna
    and to criss-cross pattern through it take away so that ha this just allows
    some hairs getting there so really dry ice
    ha hot a
    ha Africa
    now stand for the cake on I'm it's funny watching my students in class when I got
    to the set to get a little bit freaked out
    don't worry about it its it's very simple we've already pre made the whole
    night takes us just a slight right on their
    knocking really have that big of an issue with a just pull it off her
    me just wanna can actually look out through the whole
    see this don't you just slide it
    on their you gonna get some on the cake
    coming up with that that's all right
    and then when you get like this
    you basically just have to drop it just
    two hands on the way with
    now I just need to put some support als I'm into the tank so
    confer for the Zen time I go bad
    an inch away from the centre dow
    tune in to happen now more that are in the washer be outside where UK shit
    straight and
    chair and wiped it off I'm
    I really like to have a point and down like a turnaround have flat and down
    to just turn around they gonna wanna mark this
    the same tangle Asher K you don't want to cut straight across
    you have to cut it at the same angle of cake so try and market at that angle
    makes sure that i cud along that line to have the right angle
    and putting
    and makin sure
    use the same angle
    so I got all my for Dell's in my center Dallas need a bit before lighting
    can still want to put the lines and such tries time
    so this is where people get freaked out the next one
    I'm is only have cut at the angles that I've
    put in tearsheet: here I'm PDF muscle weight will be going still down the
    middle of the cake
    if you cut too much have an angle in turn you got too much weight on one side
    then you can have issues but as long as you've cut it to the
    same proportions and you can go taller
    front and back but as long as the same proportions the wait will still be
    so it's not going to want to go anywhere so don't worry about it
    hardest swine this song so
    just I was like to put the office hit them
    you need to use your pad to poll that bottom up a little bit
    I'm if it doesn't meet perfectly that's fine just give it a little bit oppressed
    time can you just wanna make sure
    here homie not going too far away from that side elks you don't want to be
    outside of
    means quite a small cake on the bottom so don't don't cut it too far out
    tanked just a little bit more all I seem to local the final tear on
    homeschool place that
    makeup kinda all stacked and we can just finish of all the decorations
    so now it's time to finally start its decoration
    I'm we're gonna start on the streamers first they're gonna beast you know
    shooting outside the cake
    gonna give that that movement to it make it look it more festive
    so I've done one here actually pretty easy to make
    so don't be afraid to these I'm in a good thing is that gonna wire going
    through on
    so they're not gonna collapse in humid areas
    if you live in a humid climate and you use to like you flowers and everything
    from collapsing I hate
    don't worry about these cuts they've got the wire in there sir and
    it's not going to be too difficult to make so is needed to fund a
    sprawl that out I like to get it's about a five on the pasta machine if you're on
    it out
    want to be like a millimeter thick
    sneeze my pizza cutter cutting
    sizes I want
    half and we're gonna have to sort of the
    diagram on our PDF the shade size is that we used
    I'm so you can use them to make longer shorter whenever you feel like doing
    time can make one long one one shorter one
    tenover nominee you some sugar glider
    nothing when they have is
    a this is
    gauge I'm
    floral wire so
    what you need to do is you just wanna apply
    liberal amount about
    half an inch why
    and then you gonna want to take
    for wire put it on the edge if tool ejup that
    and but you want extended about that far over the top
    to a little pressure I wanna press this
    in the funniest one arrest their me 10 roll this
    up folded over the wire
    being careful to make sure that the wire stays
    on the back edge where the fall this
    just keep it light Press
    make sure that it sticks just take your
    pizza cutter he just when I cut it last night backed
    less than a quarter of an inch unit take
    a wins here or
    just you wanna do is is rested
    about the stick so the
    the bottom other fauna is just about your
    your stick and then you can I take that and the last long
    and just wrap it around
    strike that
    and just poll the skewer out and then you can take something the cuts wires
    and describe it right hand
    you know what pull it back over that clip bit
    you can see it just finish off the tip
    on a cut this little bit shorter
    stand to be quite that long and then just put it into something to try
    we're just gonna do
    of former colors and that and then we'll be ready to move on to the next step
    test our I've got my cake
    actually prime turntable I'm I just like do that when I'm decorating
    special it'll be easier to move around and we're gonna go ahead and put some
    on this top-tier so often a g
    different colors parents can start with my yellow
    just wanna make for the each
    color I'm I'm just using two different circle covers
    I once Inchicore months three quarters manage got
    to you just pressed an hour cease given a twist so cut all the way through
    him and put it in and laminating pouch
    and Chaka on my circles for any
    some standard where's my cake over
    it's easier to get to push sugar clue

    things you want to do when you when including different color
    I'm stuff onto a cake
    you want to try and put the glue onto the cake where you want it
    and then attach it I'm otherwise you put in your hands will try to get a clue on
    you gonna get all of your fingers

    gonna pull it outta shape and it's going to be a little bit harder than if
    you just
    for a little bit where you know needs to go and then stick
    your decoration onto the cake hang on
    new crop circle
    gently pressed and cake
    pants have gone ahead and cut a few letters
    the for the name coming up from the cake these are the letters that I
    using just the just a letter cut-out letter you just basic pressing cut-outs
    quite easy such issues whatever you've got I'm
    tough world out some fondant miss kahn use yellow
    to the name I'm a little
    tip with cutting letters and numbers out
    takes Crisco on issues in the laminating sheets
    just want to rub a little bit Crisco on it
    men just put your funding on top for the Crisco
    precedent a little bit so that when he cut it's not going to move on you not
    letters can actually stay down
    has not gonna tear as you
    as you do it so give it a good press town think insurance coming all the way
    and then because we've got the
    Chris go down it at Allstate on their
    so tune poll up son just pull up the
    excess content that I don't named
    and then there's my letter it's kept its perfect shape I'm
    it's not gonna do for money if you do that so it just
    I'm couple last one and I'm I left that's it for
    about five or
    to set up just a little bit but I still want it to be movable I don't want it to
    harden I'm because then it won't go
    around the cake it'll stay too stiff so deliver for too long
    for us it will crack on health
    America after all my letters so the next time I do on the cake is on a proper
    streamers on my pre
    that we made earlier spring my takeover got my streamers here
    spots for us
    women there
    basically just wanna come make it look like it's worth coming out at the
    try some Scott set up to put my letters on
    just sitting down to get a better angle on it I'm I'm gonna put him on because
    it's a little bit of fun cake
    I'm not gonna try to line up perfectly and is gonna sort of place them on the
    and iraq's for the fashion such high-tech Mike
    I craft knife can just kill up I wanna start
    with the middle letter just that I
    can center it easier so slip it over
    gonna put a little bit have my sugar glue on I don't wanna put a lot
    just gonna getting a few she spots
    so stick
    homes there
    just put it on
    up like that
    sirico stuff to all my letters on China press and make sure they're
    touching on every little spot
    they are gonna do is make the candles ago on the top of the cake
    I'm many use red and green to grab a little bit the green out
    I will be to read out
    so when you wanna do me that much
    just wanna make those sausages
    ski pro now
    and it to start
    so what you wanna do is wanna take the end up to
    skin a little bit Pench sartre cut that off
    and then you just gonna twisted
    on itself
    and then twice from the other side as well so it has even
    name just wanna roll it together
    ensure that you don't unroll your twists just he just bought a flat net
    and pushed together
    given it cut
    do the same with the next time
    it's never gonna take a number

    and gonna feed that up through the middle
    and I want to cut it
    rest hall
    someone to being scattered around the war I want some hot wired to be sticking
    Palin the top edge because we need to make a flame
    has to attach to that wiring
    have caught that on there
    so I just put one in here
    last on
    Erica now we just need to make the flames they go on top time change a
    little bit if
    orange him didn't yell to fund it to do that
    spot that here sustains up
    Commission West doesn't dry out just police basically what you wanna do
    is just pushing together pull it out over yourself
    and roll into baseball test
    take my fingers I'm just kinda pinch
    to appoint to it
    check my size
    and I just wanna putting up on my hand take my finger
    just go back and forth
    I want to keep going all the way around I want it sorta pp more on one side and
    Ste times can take a little bit
    shoe glue and just
    have a little bit
    on there
    like and also stick
    there you go three candles on there
    I think that looks pretty amazing
    I'm happy you're fat just gonna I'm
    thing I don't like is the bottom in the port has
    this silver I'm edge I mean we covered in this nice play fun in
    I don't like seeing this over sums to take this off
    a turntable and I just wanna put some ribbon
    around that some ish can take this white ribbon
    and put that around the base
    looks much nicer sorority put some double sided tape on it
    South put about six or seven on this
    to start at the back
    all the way around
    turnaround so there you go
    that's our three-tiered a topsy-turvy party cake
    we wanted it more I'm carnival thing with the bright colors and streamers
    coming off
    but you cannot take any colors that you want that's going to match your thing
    and just use the skills you learned in this class *** *** Topsy Turvy - Stand - YouTube !!!
    hell I'm bill Feltner I'm the inventor the topsy turvy upside down tomato
    our customers love topsy-turvy but they've
    bento several times to help get a better way to hang up
    so why we come up with is the topsy-turvy patio poll
    it's very very easy to assemble
    so what we're gonna do here which were gonna go through it one step at a time
    very quickly
    in the same order that its and the instruction sheet we have a complete
    part list
    here for you and let me tell you it's very easy to do
    okay with this is the attachment screw that goes on the bottom up one other
    legs its crews are out and the here
    and their you have these for
    which helps a get level the entire
    patio stand-up then you have the top two legs
    an all-over lakes have holes in them what you can put
    drop-ins down the whole it to the ground which helps to make it more steady
    then we have here this is the bottom
    post a this is where the legs attach
    and then it comes up wheres waged on in
    this is the top pop post where the top arms go on it
    us with its wages down on the bottom post to give you your main post
    this is a locking bracket that will help hold everything together
    this is the top cap that you use when you're finished
    this turns crew here helps to lock everything together from the basal
    become clear later
    a here we have the pans that use
    when you put this out in the yard they help pin it down to the yard for
    the in the help the two top arms that go off to each side
    and the stop arm sewers what you put in there to topsy-turvy is are hanging
    basket or whatever you wanna hang one of each side
    and the these are locking systems that will help our
    hold the lakes and the top together securely
    these are the
    that go through unlock everything together in three different places
    and the this is the cleaver spans that go through the hole in the end the lock
    that locks everything together once and for all okay the first thing you do is
    you take your leveling screw
    a new mountain and to the opening ok one of two legs that have
    the leveling screws you have to for Ernest leveling screws
    you have four lakes the them out
    into this but the bottom post and you look for the
    up to for the plastic part the black plastic part in the bottom
    and it's very simple you simply put the top on the leg
    and the top hole and you put the bottom part of the leg
    in the bottom hole and that's
    all there is to it you my all four legs exactly the same way and this is easy as
    it can be
    now we have all the legs in place
    on a call your attention that the leveling screws
    this is the normal way that we recommend you do it across from each other
    directly across
    however for a bit if it's better for your use and you're on your landscaping
    or your deck
    to put on a different way you can experiment with it and do it anyway the
    those best and you take this locking bracket which has four notches in it
    and these these Go Daddy upside down over the four legs
    and where the it's not covers a leg and and those holes it into place
    you lock it into place with this locking screw and yes lock
    locknut and they go through the bottom and it goes down and screws into the
    threads underneath
    and this a lot this tired as it can be okay now I
    view this is completed that's all are down pat the legs are in there tired as
    they can be
    and they're locked in four different places okay this is the bottom locking
    ago up and over down the hill or post
    and you line up the holes and you take the locking pin
    and you go through the whole look around to the other side and
    it comes right through very easy then you take the cleavers
    locking pin and you go through the whole that locks the
    papillion solidly the legs locks the bottom legs and solidly
    and you're in good shape and now your editor
    assembled the top part first thing you want to do is take the locking collar
    and you slide it down over the top the folk I just let it now we have we have a
    pan that's mounted at the factor that a whole lot in place
    the next thing is to actually put their arms in place
    and that that's what the easiest thing about it is simply put this part
    and to the March and not drops into the hole that's all there is to it
    couldn't be easier you do the other side the same way
    lock it into the top pole and you're locked into the bottom
    now this is the locking collar gonna pull this up
    annual and the whole in the locking collar up with the whole
    in the post and a new tack one other push pins
    and you pushed through the whole
    and out the other side
    then you take a a cleaver span
    and you push it and two the hole in the and a locking p.m.
    simple as it can be the last ep
    as you take the cap which has not just and hold you wanna put the notches
    directly over the top hanging arms
    and then you'll take the pushpin
    through the whole now that the locking pin is through you take the cleaver span
    and you go through the whole in the end the locking pan
    and you're finished got us locked solidly at the bottom and the top
    if you have any questions about any topsy-turvy products
    just visit us online at the addresses below *** *** Frozen Cake - Elsa Doll Cake how to make by Pink Cake Princess - YouTube !!!
    try and jam weapons think a princess
    today I am gonna change guys had to make a crane airfare
    okay critically appraising paint tiny said he had someone that crazy hand and
    the Fraser
    yet to hit with your special princess you looking for more present rates tend
    to get treatment that's right button here
    more three-year and in which demanded that the enemy morning
    T more phrase in nineteen
    place a small round cake until cake part
    and their I'm just icing the cupcakes somebody crane
    companies three cases in tow
    nothing about seven inches wide am gonna
    set them on top of each other
    and Karen buttock pain in that made in between
    six innings a serrated knife and I'm gonna tremor
    the cake is a top said that looks like that's good
    are health and stress
    to spreading our little bit at a time and here
    never shake and the skirt trainer
    my set the standard for I my son the rest in the body
    crane and Emma K
    them in a place in the brain to fit plant that when
    went firmed up taking it at Hannah adding
    a second I am buttercream and my head before I as the back in the fray
    for another half an hour this day to realize I forgot to cut out
    Center advocate for me downs les

    said I'm just doing at maritime second kinda and my serrated knife
    using FB and help me maybe in the middle you don't need to cut all the way to the
    just enough for the late Heath pp
    come to my friend and running a complete hundred and that means
    came to get him any and the whole day campaigning at and be physical with my
    K forward as the guy
    blackberry be cuz you want to come in the home here
    using them well I feel and get a £

    my K on him a cake for
    and out cut Melissa and the Center
    had a kinda cat from the content in your sign
    bread it up
    and place yet carefully aunty K
    shaping scare
    and making sure that the front is all coming
    cut me
    him getting mad 0 and disrupting head names including Rep
    and because he's pretty productive thanks to check
    my head chest isn't is gonna come about you know section with a bit on what
    I'm using a template to Canada and butter
    and me for I put it on her I'm just gonna put some impression with this
    plunger cutter
    can you determine what happened scanner I'm gonna stick on her clothing
    mentioning the xfer
    have no doubt some light blue Hyundai Hannah kayaking on the street
    mentoring on TV am section get repressing
    and meeting ever until it joins them
    coming up the excess funds
    comedian heating manager at nigga
    anti-crime Hey
    can using my template again 50k small faction
    for the top a budget
    attaching with a little bit of water and
    my head
    dampening set down into the cake get me pressing him
    in using my craft night cut excess

    not a compressor in a little bit better
    next a round at the extreme are sleep under and his gun agree that
    around here to hide the joining
    if the and like in the future and don't forget to click the Like button below
    any think any agree add to favorites thanks to jail for future reference
    now I'm just gently pressing down on this trip Monday send a
    nice and me
    campground at be fiction and the light blue Hyundai
    an upcoming two-match a
    and then using my undercutting for 10 most nights like impressions into the
    now I'm gonna have this section too hot
    Kemah sanitarium the top portions of
    just checking they haven't been a huge on hair dress nafta
    for an amusing to hear from whatever
    just acted alone before I think it on
    to shaking in a rare are the meter am
    and a mantener back
    and just making it look like it striking down beside a pair
    carrying excess up with minecraft night
    and again using a little bit more
    here attached second place to be and this item address
    trading at seven o'clock straighten hair
    heading up the excess
    and just attaching a high little bit tactful manner
    paint mantis doing the final details and okay
    and he's a little number three cutter
    to carry out a hundred rainy an attacking it but a little bit and wanted
    to I'm wire
    and Anthony an assigned to separately
    an hour saying
    contact them Medion there
    they think you're name
    and I'm making them candle holders that some funding
    I'm also going up but I read a poem what from banks and also coming here
    from what's nice like and company thanks right
    attaching the number pointy haired
    is wrapping them lying around her hand and am planning on my little

    until a hand with them well I think
    and also that bring condom the name and nice break on to make a point
    finishing up with a little better real mmmk one
    and placing the candor that back what do you love about praising
    cummick and hear bill I Debbie it is hideous
    with your special princess if you wanna see more
    brazen trade Creek the link here and epically that's right button here
    well be more free terrier camera hello
    thank him for letting guys you guys have a fantastic day *** *** SLEIGHT OF HAND vs. MAGIC | 1k subs MAGIC TRICK REVEAL & DECK-GIVEAWAY - YouTube !!! German German Add subtitles/CC
    Hallo Leute, ich heiße Othmarius und willkommen auf meinem Kanal.
    Der gerade
    Abonnenten für sich gewinnen konnte!
    Abos gibt es ein Funktion namens : Fäääns ;-)
    Eine Liste Eurer Beteiligung hier (hehehe).
    Gerade auf Platz eins: Benjamin aus Schottland.
    Und der lebt scheinbar ziemlich weit oben.
    Also Freund, vielen Dank für Deine Unterstützung. Da abonniere ich doch gleich mal! ;-)
    Abos ordentlich zu feiern,
    zeige ich Euch heute den Unterschied zwischen Fingerfertigkeit und echter Magie.
    Und zusätzlich haue ich heute drei schöne Kartenspiele aus meiner persönlichen Sammlung raus!
    Erkläre ich am Ende des Videos.
    Ich heiße Othmarius und dank Dir fürs Einschalten und Deine Unterstützung.
    Das macht einfach zu viel Spass, aber jetzt soll es magisch werden.
    Also fangen wir dann mal an.
    Also suchst Du Dir mal eine Karte aus dem Spiel aus.
    Das machen wir so:
    Ich lasse die Karten vom Daumen springen.
    Und Du stoppst mich wann immer!
    Und hier geht´s los!
    Stop da!?
    Na gut gemacht!
    Gucken wir mal, wo Du mich gestoppt hast und es ist:
    Das Pik Ass, ha!
    Ein wirklich schönes Ass in dem Spiel, das ich hier benutze.
    Guck mal, all die Bienschen fliegen um ihren Bienenstock und sind emsig am rumbienen.
    Aber egal, weil viele meinen gerade, ich hätte Dir das Ass glatt untergejubelt!
    Also würde ich das gerne wiederholen.
    Und dieses Mal stoppst Du mich hoffentlich bei der unverdächtigen Herz Zwei. ;-)
    Und wir machen es wieder!
    DA ?
    Wundervoll! Gucken wir wieder und dieses Mal is es:
    Das Pik Ass schooon wieder!!!!
    Könntest Du das mal unterlassen, mich immer beim Pik Ass zu stoppen?
    Dann kann der Trick auch weiter gehen!
    Da wäre ich Dir sehr dankbar!
    Also nun zum dritten Mal!
    Und was nun?
    Das Ass liegt oben jetzt, sagst Du?
    Nicht doch, das ist die Herz Vier (lüg).
    Du hast gesehen, wie ich das Ass da hingemogelt habe?
    Du hast wohl Adleraugen?
    Du siehst alles! Dir entgeht nix! Und ja, Du hast mich erwischt!
    Tatsächlich liegt das Ass oben!
    Na mit dem Ass oben auf, ist mir egal, wo Du mich stoppst.
    Weil immer das Packet von oben einen Kreisel in die rechte Hand macht.
    Und dann verkaufe ich die Das Ass von Oben als käme es irgendwo aus der Mitte des Spiels.
    Und das nennt man: Fingerfertigkeit.
    Obwohl es nicht so sehr darum geht, wie schnell die Hände sind.
    Es geht mehr darum, wie langsam Dein Gehirn arbeitet. ;-)
    Also jetzt nicht Dein Hirn gesondert.
    Nein das menschliche Gehirn allgemein.
    Guck mal, hier bewegt sich die linke Hand aufwärts, die recht Hand abwärts und dazwischen rotiert das Packet.
    Da kommt das menschliche Hirn einfach nicht hinterher!
    Und was macht das Hirn?
    Zunächst wird die Drehung in der Mitte ignoriert. Im Ernst!
    Und dann wird das erste Bild mit dem letzten verbunden, indem es umgestellt wird.
    Von hier nach da!
    Damit das dann auch Sinn ergibt.
    So viel Sinn, dass ich jetzt das Ass selber aus den Augen verloren habe.
    Also selbst, wenn Du den Trick kennst, kannst Du drauf reinfallen.
    Weil Dir dein Hirn die eine Bewegung für die Andere verkauft!
    Also schön vorsichtig mit irgendwelchen Urteilen!
    Sobald mehrere Sachen zugleich passieren, hast Du wahrscheinlich nicht mehr das tatsächliche Geschehen vor Augen.
    Aber egal! Fangen wir noch Mal von vorne an hier!
    Aber dieses Mal gehen wir Sicher, dass das Ass in der Mitte des Spiels begraben liegt.
    Wir habe also eine beliebigen Karte oben und auch eine unten im Spiel.
    Ich zeige Dir die Karten nochmal!
    Du stoppst mich wieder!
    Bereit? Dann los!
    Stop hier?!
    Zum ersten Mal hattest Du jetzt die Chance mich beim Pik Ass anzuhalten!
    Schau, was als nächstes passiert!
    Und wieder hast DU mich bei dem Pik Ass gestoppt!
    Und das meine Freunde ist der Unterschied zwischen Fingerfertigkeit und Magie
    Denn die Magie liegt jenseits der Erklärbarkeit.
    Wenn Du diese Forcierung lernen willst,
    könnte mein Tutorial für den Daumen-Riffler nützlich sein.
    Du willst ja, das das gut aussieht, wenn Du das abziehst.
    Wie man da Packet zwischen den Händen über die Fingerspitzen rotieren lässt,
    lernst Du mit meinem Tutorial für einen ziemlich schicken Falsch-Abheber.
    Ich nenne den gerne: den Wing Man Cut.
    Dies Schönheit hier.
    Gibts da draußen für Dich!
    Insgesamt ist diese Forcierung eine schöne Alternative für die Überkreuz Forcierung.
    Sollte also mal kein Tisch da sein, kannst Du jetzt auch ohne arbeiten. ;-)
    Keine Ahnung worüber ich spreche?
    Guck Dir einfach mein
    Abonnenten Spezial an, und Du werde noch viel schlauer, als Du ohnehin schon bist.
    Und jetzt reden wir über die Spielkarten Verlosung!
    Deine Chance eines dieser tollen Kartenspiele zu gewinnen.
    Gewinne das "Blue Verve Spiel" oder das "OGMA Spiel" oder die "Timeless Spielkarten"
    Erfahre mehr über diese tollen Spielkarten in der Info-Box.
    Wie nimmt man teil an dieser Spielkarten Lotterie?
    Ganz einfach!
    Du musst Abonnent des Kanals sein, dann das Video hier liken.
    Dann gehst Du zu facebook und teils das Video mit dem Hashtag: #othmarius
    Und dann kommst Du hierher zurück und kommentierst das Video und schreibst:
    Erledigt (done) + facebook link und vielleicht etwas nettes ;-)
    Die Verlosung läuft, sagen wir mal zwei bis drei Wochen, je nach Beteiligung.
    Vielen Dank fürs Zuschalten, Ihr seid super Klasse, vielen Dank und garantier auf bald.
    So wie immer: Mehr magisches Zeug, geht bald auf Sendung!!!! *** *** Part I: Creating a Shoebox and High Heel Cake - YouTube !!! *** ***