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    Elevate Your Royal Icing Techniques - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone its body from 5th AV cake designs and today we're gonna show you
    how to create this beautiful
    wedding cake using alright I'll icing techniques
    so let's begin the first day ago wanted to
    is to do some brush embroidery with stiff consistently a thing
    a number to nuzzle and
    pinned number two round artistic rush
    schools have them for this you can I didn't
    go ahead and freehand year
    rail a sink lower and this will be a res as I am going now
    where you can use any type
    have rose impression cutter such as
    at Patrick cutter were
    a blossom cutter an imprinted into this of
    find that before it dries and follow it that design
    with your releasing

    if you choose to use a
    am cutter to make your impression
    you're gonna want to do that the night before and allow your fun dentist that

    if you choose to go ahead and freehand it just allow you after you cover your
    allow your Fenton just that so that you don't
    have it so that by that is it to stop

    be Kate word and the bee
    border this is after gonna have the cake will also had some
    oriental string work designs
    on it so you will need to have your cake
    attached your cake board before even starting

    you also want to divide your cake
    into for its before you start your brush embroidery
    so each at the main for our
    is in the exact same equal distance
    from the other flowers
    sale have one underside run in the back
    are too unsafe everyone in the back and
    one in the front
    they all want to do that the under fire love your cake
    and above the middle have your cake were hit as you can see I have already made
    my a calls for April a sink street work


    you'll want to pipe
    at the same design Iran care cake up on the top
    above year holes and down on the bottom
    once you finish the pressure embroidery
    we can move on to the next decorating design

    we're using paper in jail that's mixed with a little bit
    a satin sheen paralyzed
    powder you wanna filigree and whatever type it is saying you like
    in between the races on
    you can do a little bit ever over piping
    to give it up op
    in a better I F appeal and depth perception
    when you have finished with your gel
    you can begin to paint your flower with the exact same satin sheen

    and a little bit at ever clear alcohol
    go ahead and paint your piping gel
    as well
    once everything is painted you can do your oriental string work
    thank you for joining me and I'll see you in the next video
    bye bye
    0 *** *** How to Make Royal Icing. Royal Icing Recipe by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Jennifer who is case in car
    dot com today show you how to make royal icing
    first like to announce the winner artist your
    cupcake book which will the contest so you ready for a trial

    so what you gotta do was
    leave a comment about what's or so upcoming years you like to see from us
    but if you a video response you were
    entered twice which apparently have proved to be very lucky because they're
    lucky winner was our only
    they do respond to her name was Holly so congratulations Holly you are the winner
    the boxer and wealthy from %uh is
    huh get the consistency well I think I'm workable
    way flower engines like to see some for life
    transfer so now the issue is that he was that you up for holy the lucky where
    so I will be attached and we will send you out your book
    so we're going to get started on how to make royal icing
    so we're going to be making royal icing and in order to do that what you're
    going to need for
    this batch is going to make book three cups %uh
    completed royal icing you need to start with four cups of I think sugar
    confectioners sugar
    I'm now you need a three-level case
    tablespoons of meringue powder and this is the Wilton brand
    for sure there's other brands out there this is just the one that was readily
    available in our area
    and airlines me five to six tablespoons of lukewarm water
    so for making icing it you will have a mixer on
    for about
    seven to ten minutes usually when I make it does take the
    I'm so I do recommend that you you some sort of electric mixer just because it
    a lot of work out a bit and what you're going to start with first
    are is the entire amount of the icing sugar
    the three tablespoons amor anchor
    and I'm loath features to mix those up
    and fixing you can leave it on and what you're going to start to do
    is I'm added to your table through the water
    Flickr this needs to be lukewarm sector
    and this is going to make stamp consistency royal icing
    the counter offer guest
    a list of it 6 at that point right
    to medium but it makes a little bit more
    now make you are rising for become
    Arts where you just start to know 50 will have it
    if it's right or not so right now
    it's still chrome moly and I can see that there's drive cars are love icing
    sugar and right itself
    so there's not a water it's pretty much not
    I'm there's no point continue at this point light
    until about Mr Lauder might only know 1 tablespoon flour
    total Taylor Swift total mister counter
    you can see how it starts right away to come together better
    internet on
    due process
    now I'm I
    one more
    %ah first do here
    first are you make your life its yeah you my
    cold do yeah
    if you calling me too much I'm in
    saw a to
    and now will
    for you
    here fire
    are you
    sheehy doll
    don't know that it's ready to go do more more
    just like so I've just been watching the edges around below
    and what I'm seeing is the decrease %uh lush keen
    and so I'm just gonna pull it out quickly give it a little test
    like this that I wish I could be a little bit more specific at this point
    on what the relationship
    feel like I'm it is pretty stiff on its hard to manipulate
    and I was gonna strip the ball to make sure the
    I've got all the stuff before I pushed for the final program do for about two
    more minutes
    and since I'm gonna be doing I as you can see here
    since I'm gonna be doing I'm hyped flowers
    I want it to be adjusted step consistency they can find yourself stop
    and I'm the ability to be able to type it out of the bag to some other
    royal icing flowers tips can be quite small
    and so at this point I'm just gonna half tablespoon or
    and hope that that is going to be the perfect consistency but like I said
    you can I out it's a little bit more even ask the at the end soon perhaps it
    was the back in turn on for two more minutes
    okay so it's been at the pool
    about full
    minutes so I'm just going to give you a little
    I'm visual cue it's really hard when you're not
    on in person here gonna try my best to show you
    what's diff consistency royal icing should
    look like so was cleaning of my
    with care and I'm going to use just my
    regular straight spatula mice my small I'm
    to get this to get he hosted
    consistency I'm if I just put my knife
    rain here it's not gonna we called wheels around a little bit
    you can see but is staying upright
    so that I could the indication bono whether or not you have stayed
    so hopefully not too little to help if you have any other questions please let
    me know
    I'm it is something that I have learned by trial and error and on
    hopefully you are a little bit more lucky than I am hopefully that will tip
    helps you out
    so our upcoming videos are going to use royal icing we're going to color royal
    I'm to make some beautiful flowers and we'll do some different techniques like
    color transfer royal icing tracks first and lots of other fun
    beautiful things you can do with royal icing best thing about royal icing
    is the clean-up it is the easiest up to clean up you don't have to worry about
    I'm the fact that in the content with buttercream or any other shortening
    I'm I think it's so thanks for watching
    I hope we enjoyed the video and remember to subscribe to our channel:
    you can find us on Google+ Facebook
    and on Twitter *** *** How to Make Royal Icing Apple Blossom Flowers by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Jennifer casing I dot com
    today I want to show you how to make right now I think Apple Blossom
    Anders its cute little flowers here let's start
    solar today making the AU
    royal icing apple blossoms you obviously are going to need your oil I think
    and we happen to have a video up on that on our channel on how to make your own
    well I think
    and also I'm as you can see we die
    ours pink so if you need more information on how to color
    well I think we're you can just follow your VDR that's called how to
    color buttercream the exact same concept you used on the gel colors to create a
    vibrant colors
    I'm here also want me
    call and this just spins around and between my fingers
    I which allows you to type the pedals on top it is fitted
    with the diagram that will help you
    fit the proper size pedals for the Apple Blossom
    you don't have to have these guides but I do recommend them because
    as you can see I'm it's really easy to make
    the pedals the exact same size so you get nice consistent flowers
    and they come out hit like on this one you can see this is violet
    there's one for Rose Primrose Apple Blossom
    daffodils and out the other from Wilton I'm sure there's other brands you can
    get but I really enjoyed working with these ones
    and they're just a they just did he said to me to stick to the topic of our new
    you're also going to need I'm some sort of lower for her
    and you'll need small though two inch by two inch
    pieces of parchment paper which goes on top
    up here well off because when you working with royal icing
    it drives really quickly you want to be able to clean your pedal earth
    your pedal to before you go on to the next pet owner next flower
    you also need some non-toxic clip
    so we're going to get started so the flower nail is going to be
    topped with be Apple Blossom sticky like I was talking to you about
    and that you're fired its position in between your first
    I'm not tolerate here and in between your thumb NAS control it around like
    so that's the motion that should make for when you're turning in order to
    create well so the non-profit blue does not come in contact with any of the food
    all issues for is to stick
    tiny bit as you can see and a stick at the parchment paper
    down onto the little guy
    so are gonna do now is
    using a
    to the
    Wilton tip
    I'm a hole in the bag at a
    degree angle
    the try to get the so you can see at the bottom
    updated it goes from fast up into narrow
    the fact hard for this flower is always going to be touching
    right in the center and I'm going to turn my wrist

    just like not and I'm going to start right in the middle
    and want to squeeze angle up that dotted line
    slightly turning and then come right back down
    and release first R-rated beginning in center can squeeze go up it online
    and come back down squeeeeze
    up to long come back down just go all the way around when you get to the final
    I was gonna pull it down
    crossover talk well where you can just
    touch it down like that now in the middle
    for sure you can um
    puts if you have yellow butter cream you can do that but
    a nice little touch are these yellow
    hurdles an apple blossoms kept for
    in all the pictures that are
    just like that
    that's how you hi cure-all
    Apple awesome I thought those are on the former over here to dry like the rest of
    and then that you can create them to decorate all sorts cakes
    cupcakes and all sorts of things so I hope you enjoyed
    learning how to make an apple blossom from royal icing
    if you have any questions as usual please let me know I'm
    would love to help you out I'm it's really fun to make these flowers
    and it's the next level up in your decorating krier
    so hope you enjoyed thanks for watching will see you again next time *** *** Royal Icing Daffodil Flowers by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    screenwriting making it does
    using royal facing so let's get started
    so the first step that you're going to do
    is it put a little down in the center of the firing out this is just going to
    help pay for the president to video itself that's that's not rolling around
    now i've started with the crescent moon shakespeare
    and i'm just going to decide as if i was going to take a break in the cattle
    who's going to start in the middle where all the way out to the edge of the nail
    and bring it back to the center
    service center great out to get to the mail mail sorry we'll bring it back in
    somewhere around doing now
    which is going to give me
    uh... sex therapists
    final and back into the center
    now if i was doing a whole bunch of daffodils
    at this point i would change makes yet
    i would do all of my ones with this hit on and i would let them
    set into the site and then a switch into it
    unofficially except for the poor purpose of the deal right now
    so i'm going to switch it to the number three
    so it might number three ten
    in the center
    i'm just going to start hunting in a circle turning ninety oh resort remain
    mail like a real
    and i was going to go around and around
    building up
    slowly building up
    how my money goes out to you
    just like that
    so now i'm going to switch to my wanted
    so we're don't want to get on top of why i can't buy number three
    i'm just going to create a zig-zag pattern of the very top
    to swing back and forth
    outside and inside
    the very top there
    congruent twice you know lots of definition
    and they love it
    so in order for the royal icing to dry i usually leave it for about twelve to
    twenty-four hours at least especially if you've got like six stuff in the middle
    if you're just doing pedals it isolate quicker but all the stuff to the middle
    takes awhile to dry
    so before and you can answer before you put in many ways to make sure they drive
    and you can put them in a steel container and they'll keep until you're
    ready to use them for whatever purpose you need them for so i hope you enjoyed
    learning how to make adapted a lot of royal icing and i'll see you again next
    time member to subscribe to check out
    given some top and you can find a sensation
    bluegrass and on twitter *** *** Coating a cake in royal icing Video Demonstration - YouTube !!! *** *** How to Pipe Royal Icing Roses (with Four Coloring Methods) - YouTube !!!
    hi Julia a respite Spurs we live I'm back with another
    video by popular demand I've made a lot of paper royal icing roses
    Rose transfers that use on my wedding bouquet video and sometimes I used in a
    tiny ones
    on other projects like on the wedding cakes that I decorated recently
    so people been asking how those were made there at numerous YouTube videos
    about how to make
    he is and this is just my approach but I thought I'd jazz my approach up a little
    bit by showing you
    not just the mechanics of how to make a basic signal-caller rose but also show
    you how to add color
    in different ways so ministry to techniques for adding collar
    Asher piping you get multiple colors and the roads are you pipe
    and I'm a show different techniques for adding color after the ice it
    after the icing is been piped in the roses are completely dry
    so lot get started here some examples are: roses
    so would like to show on the first half in the video are ways to impart color
    beforehand or variations in color beforehand
    so I've got examples of two tone roses here were got dark centers
    in light outside so I wish I knew how to do that and I've also got roses here
    they're a little bit more variegated
    they're largely paying for you'll see they have come as a reddish
    pink scraping on edges the pedal to make sure that effect as well
    a single color rose in the basic mechanics and then we'll extend onto
    dual color rose what you'll need for roses least if you take my approach
    you want Rose nails which are these little gizmo is that you're putting on
    her knees hurt world is in your hands you can get around the Rose more easily
    they come in a variety of sizes I think the largest when I have here is

    and the smallest is a

    or even anime I think the numbering maybe
    different from vendor to vendor yeah here's my small switches and nine
    so basically every day release more urgent get away with something that's
    about an inch in diameter but if you doing a big rose like something
    this size you want something big enough it's gonna hold all the pedals
    so the first step is just preparing a little pedestals
    for the roses are gonna pipe euros nails a few well
    and I like to pipe them on the roses
    on a little bit a parchment paper so once they're dry
    I can just you know even if the roads are dry and they're still setting up
    against my the Parchman of
    and then reuse their rose nail right away and then what the Rose dry and
    peeling off the parchment paper
    but you don't want the parchment paper scratching around just got a little bit
    a shortening Crisco
    butters fine too the used to keep that little
    Pacha parchment paper down while I'm piping so get your Rose nails of that
    I like to work five or more at a time sometimes

    like to keep them upright and piece of Styrofoam something up
    flopping all around and the reason I like to work a buncha time
    is so that I can add a pedal or two at a time I find that if I had the kind of
    too quickly to the central core
    the pair of kinda merged together even if I work with the really think I think
    I just don't get as defined a result
    okay so the first step is laying the center core
    for the two tone Rosa typically like to a darker core in the center as a
    minister with my darker pink
    I want a lot of texture with these roses from working with very thick ice things
    about as thick as I can pay through their
    pastry bag definitely a blue consistency
    you know not falling off the spin at all if you work for the loose right thing
    noticed this shape very very quickly now like the pipe a central core this is
    going to be what I'm gonna be attaching the panels too and I liked
    that dry little bit first for the
    Sundus using a simple round tip I think I'm gonna number ten in here if you're
    doing a really tiny rose
    you might want to start with a smart central court but you can get a lot of
    incisor rose even with the same central core and I like these to dry just enough
    so they're not flopping over but you can't let them dry too much bigger than
    a pop of the parchment
    as your piping the pedals on them but maybe a few minutes and drying time is
    still want them kinda stuck to the parchment paper
    these have been drying is three in the front so I can start adding petals to
    those first
    now for this you need a different tips here the size that it really does
    influence the size and the Rose quite a lot
    this is a
    panel to panel tip
    car looks like an elongated teardrop it's got a fat and in a row and
    this is a

    ass which I believe is one of the smallest ones use the
    s to create
    and the
    to create
    roses at the size for roses at this size I'm typically working with a

    I rarely use the
    for roses for cookies because they get
    really big

    by the really appropriate for roses on cakes however attend a work smaller and
    move to slightly bigger tips as I move out to mister with my
    here gonna cut you a medium-size rose as I said there's a fat side
    and a narrow side and you always want the narrow side piping ops you get a
    narrow edge on your paddle if you have the fat side facing op
    you're gonna have a really clunky looking rose I wanna be simultaneously
    twirling this
    while applying pressure to this so I have I go all the way around and create
    like a little bring
    and if slightly angling in towards the centre not change the angle in
    %uh my tip as I go so the pedal start
    taking more out as opposed to an I start by anchoring down low and I kinda do an
    upward motion
    cleaning the into the tip rotating it slightly so they overlap
    up and down you'll see have those pedals are still kinda oriented vertically
    they're not flaring out yet that's cuz I'm holding my back pretty much a

    degree angle to the Rose now
    so anchoring up
    and down so got
    up petals around the central core now on that one
    so op and down and that is complete
    that rose Center
    at this point I would you
    now probably swap out to
    to just forget a little more coverage
    continue in the same color and that would be fine and dandy but I just wanna
    show you again had introduced
    a little bit have however creation several
    slightly lighter pink here again very thick as you can see
    going into the bag hopefully that
    take a nap I think you could even yeah I think could be an inspector from the ice
    is really affect the pet also kinda
    Tehran the ad which looks really real you know there's an kinda breaks and I
    like that like
    this isn't quite back minute travel a
    four or five more petals down at this level and at this point I might start
    wearing out more so my
    topic might it might be angled more towards me the pedals
    third wear out but again it's the same motion i anchor
    and then come down
    soak up for the outside I definitely need a fifth or sixth there to complete
    that little rose
    as I get toward the bottom
    I'm just gonna keep adding some panels to attend a flare out more holding
    almost holding that pointy and almost directly toward me
    so little more flair on his bottom panels and again I want this one to sit
    before put a final panel or two down at the very bottom
    we're back from a show you another way about in color as your piping
    in this is what I call kinda painted a fact we're gonna paint and your property
    price in this on youtube to services despite a cuvette
    me to paint a straight a food colouring along the inside the bag on one side
    on the side ideally that's oriented towards the
    top cited a tip that we can adjust the tip orientation relative to where the
    colors coming out later
    and I'm just taking my normal liquid gel food coloring lil bit on the end of a
    pastry brush
    and I'm going to paint
    is stripe all the way into the couple are actually is not just
    take that much last time to come out of the bag and mostly of the side
    I think enough is pink relative to last time I was piping whether
    a little bit because
    I thought it was just a little to lose a life petals more can quite the
    definition that I wanna
    get that in there and then just kinda shake it down and push the icing on the
    way the
    and the bag and i'd would ever want a few trial runs to make sure
    you know the cars coming out the way I want it before paper on the road got a
    lot to the first blob it took a lot of color out
    a big :love: rhetoric headed out to the on that one
    roses up there but now that I work some out it's coming out
    I'm more nicely and it seems to be
    relatively oriented to the top of the tip though this coming out the side I
    think one thing I'm gonna do is
    readership might tip a little bit this way and see if I can get more red coming
    at the very very top okay sir Karl
    I'll little bit a red now coming out on the top I don't lotta read this is just
    to be a subtle accent
    some just gonna continue with the way I did on the other roses
    by piping that center around
    for first as nicely coming out on the top at the tip
    which is top in the leaf there pat or other got a
    tippin here now
    slightly bigger than when I started with last time concedes had a little red
    accent on the top and pedal which looks really nice
    from here
    my paper you can see notes fighting around a lot
    making a little harder to pipe just gonna stick a little bit more
    shortening underneath
    and if you find you know the red starts coming out from a slightly different
    which can sometimes do
    you can shift you can just unscrew and shifter to Brantley get the red coming
    out exactly where you wanna
    I'm kinda liking how that's looking right now
    it's not exactly placed on top for the tip
    but it's pretty on capitol but it's pretty close
    now if I don't make contact sometimes I can see a little hole
    at the bottom the panel i cant im addressing it on this make sure that
    they're all connected at the bottom out he saw that
    there's the rose almost completed prior to few more panels to that okay before
    we get to post coloring techniques
    I wanna just talk a little bit a work process what suppose you only have like
    five rows nails and you wanted to star in the next five roses
    we needn't wait this is why lined with parchment paper you needn't wait for the
    roses to completely dry you can to slide
    these guys of rose nail and then
    set them over here to completely dry would want to lift the Rose right now
    units my shirt but I can remove all these pretty safely and
    put them somewhere else for drying and then go ahead and reuses Rose nails
    for other roses wants the royal icing is completely dry for
    for think chunky roses I like to wait at least overnight
    then I'll simply like pop off the parchment paper here's what I do
    a lot earlier it doesn't pop of you can peel it off
    and then stick it onto whatever you're gonna be putting on Tim
    obviously this is much better rose and some other ones we did I you probably
    use to

    if not I wanna for tip on something like that just again here's the range you can
    get this was done with the
    in a
    very small


    on this bottom line
    a couple ways I like to color roses after they've been pipe
    pope them a
    single color especially sometimes any a little bit of dimension
    I'm gonna work on these teeny tiny roses these were done with that pale pink that
    I was working with summer prettier than others
    this is that same roseanne all I did was dust a little dry
    held us to poppy red collar that's kinda highlight some other detail little bit
    so dry and wry dusting technique in here
    on me to show it on one of these couple days and see how it looks
    so got a little bit have the dust in the cap and I'm just getting
    put it on and then dust off the extra
    and it kinda settles deep into the grooves
    secretes is kinda shadowing a fact which is really kinda nice
    just just give that I'll a little more dimension let me try on those bigger one
    doing it mostly in the center you could extend it and you could pay much more
    deliberately you could take a smaller brush in
    really shade in these panels but I find that sometimes just did
    macro dusting like this pretty carelessly a heads up with a nice
    result this just has a little more dimension to me than when it started
    spec contrast there the plain ones in there the dust in one's
    whenever you get color on is just to the edge if you like
    and I got some examples over here were gilded the edges
    roses this can sometimes be a nice antique a fact
    some attempt to do that I'm gonna use my
    gold luster dust for this in a minute extended into a paint with a little bit
    extract bring a little more
    dust into my container here now what he's a queer extracting alcohol-based
    extract because these duster not soluble in water
    you can also use just straight up vodka and I've just put a little drop in there
    minute make it into paint now rather than paying our the paintbrush for the
    Brussels can get all the insider the roses
    I'm just gonna sponge it on so I can hopefully keep it I slated to the edges
    up at all
    and this is going to be easier to do on some other is bigger rose is still a mi
    let me try to cheat on roses these are in another example the two tone rose
    I think work really nice dark pink in the center in light on the outside
    I'm using rather small sponge brush for this just cuz I think I have more
    and I'm just gonna sponge in on the edge a bitch
    at all to create highlights
    one pedal at the time I can certainly on the air outer edges I can do that
    culture gears you get the inside both find a sponge brush
    tens if I hold the perpendicular to the paddle no get just the edges the paddle
    as opposed to getting deeper into the title word I really want
    some cases you might wanna there in which case a regular paintbrush make
    this work fine
    now it's a little trickier on the top of the rosa to be a little more careful
    because the panels are closer together but that's why the smaller sponge brush
    gives me a little bit more control a big a big spender pressure I think this
    would be to bed
    I think Alex pretty good just slightly anti defect
    so in this video we not only cover the basic mechanics have had a pipe
    a royal icing rose transfer for cookies or cakes pressure on you had a caller at
    two ways beforehand both with two different cars a vice things and also
    with the painted straight the fact
    with food cart and I've shown you two different ways to add coloring
    afterwards both dusting and then sponging with a lobster paint
    again these are just four different approaches to adding color to Rose's
    I'm sure there are many more but hopefully this will get you started if
    you'd like to see these roses an actual you skip on over to my wedding bouquet
    video because I use them all over the top
    that cookie project there to next video that sweetly
    in *** *** Royal Icing Cake Decoration Master Class with Charlotte Feve - YouTube !!!
    right this is what we call royal I
    all the cake
    as you Colts
    you need to
    Sentebale with one hand
    from Pavel the icing with the other said as she do
    me do school paddles
    and then one she's gone wild once he can see
    that the NEC in yet the polls
    will have disappeared all must said the next H
    his phone to use a straight edge
    safety fantastic ap Los torrent job in Mombasa
    do in rice cakes so with the same H
    golf straight edge he then
    to me Packham fall the trend still
    eliminate the airport false and then when you think it read a
    take it off and you've got a nice move set this
    so I was clean is good because you never know
    media tools
    lapsed so clean up the facts
    old just said that we've got a nice
    cleans thanks again because right I said it dries
    very each hatch basically
    it's the only i say more is Bristol
    so from now we're going to do besides I delay
    it's good to actually leave it to drive between
    but stache at the old
    what cell function at me
    he can't see me paddling
    is exactly the same as the top food
    all the way around to dispersed air bubbles again
    and then you'll see
    he becomes a nice SSX
    for this time instead of using a straight edge going to use sites great
    and create a similar H
    so miss wong
    makes you feel very uncomfortable
    we have to do it Walden martian
    but alas you will get lives and
    erasing weeks
    and needs all the sites where fat to just take off
    the bottom edge this
    pass the royal icing cake shit saic about two or three Colts individually
    of it all and side Colts
    so once you've done that with the side script that
    just meet in the H
    so that the next stage over a license will go on small flake
    so this cake is actually going to house some more like squirrels
    on the top on the bottom
    soul staff it
    you with no music at all got today we're just going to
    just freestyle food
    just to get the roof edge among food fall
    S&C squirrels poop
    often this far too many times much
    so when you actually do a squirrel
    you have to roughly put pressure on
    but keep the constant pressure for gradually build up the pressure
    to lessen the pressure of which I will demonstrate
    set that is a nest squirrel
    as you can see got all the way around for you my Kintz
    some americans have covered up but that's fine
    because technically and this girl
    is three times bigger then sea swell
    phone just need to
    at in DC scrap
    so once you've gone round small nonprofit tear
    the next stage which is score it
    this clip I allows the next stage call
    clean of rice and so with the script type you actually
    introduce share enhance the SharePoint you though the Colts
    so that she can see pictures
    nice shit males
    said go all the way around again
    when you script type you
    you know actually scraping right
    into the actual squirrel youjizz hovering over the top
    any fuel a long the ice in a dew drop pipe in
    he will see holes a PS through the actual squirrel
    so that's the fall stage
    next stage
    support the next layer on
    to also incomes and this is dropped typing
    this is said that it piecemeal
    so always overlap on for the next school
    because everything needs to be challenged
    so cake like this funny to say it's a matter of moments
    once you mastered the technique
    and you can do small schools do everything
    just these troops
    go to last long
    says you can save its nice shit to that so we're going to start from the bottom
    and to do a half moon swirl
    for the measurements what we have from the top
    the dance is just mara at the bottom
    suspected the actual statue
    to create half-filled
    also graduated Farrell say east at softening graduate
    they get and then when you hit middle
    you need to graduate smallest
    so then once you've done this
    play at and you also the script type
    which salsa creates a smooth us at this
    sentence Great Plains to create a shared
    like the fall
    and then what's likely go up
    something back to the French and
    to stop at the gate mall shared
    and then in a moment we will put circle around
    so we will put the clone next and then we'll finish of the cake
    to dislike him colette just two incomes exactly what you've done
    say can see that lifts all he she it
    from the drop
    months again shows a nice move
    so the secret is balancing out pressure
    Cassie few don't squeeze had enough
    and the pressure will break also a fee on all
    he feel too quick for the two depression will break so it's a nice even balance
    the precious pleasent and obviously the speed you were going
    from there best creatine they're really pretty cake
    so it's also enhance for lice cake
    the simple graduation lines of so graduation mine is what you put in the
    to obviously enhance the shit all stay schools
    and it all fits together
    just finish off the bottom
    all the way around
    it's always have it at the front of the end because Senate he won't go off with
    the measurements
    so far my when now going to introduce
    I will tight on the side so from that
    you don't need no temp also anything to shift following the Gaddafi all
    the secret service is obviously
    even pressure and also the speed
    or follow
    and along with the school's just
    over the edge of the case
    and it's been left just two incomes
    again which is the plan changed
    small do
    spoke Farrell playing ball
    to all the way around stop in style
    me feel necessary much
    back on
    to them again to repeat that a
    at the bottom just to get
    his bottom have home barrels
    little bit of columns between the top
    and the bottom of the cake
    occasionally make an air bubble purchase
    plot device into it
    style such as can show you two lands
    of the graduation line skewed normal traditional
    do sry because it just enhances it little bit mall
    said always start with a line above
    he'll see squirrel spot along the K
    so it's easy to do this perhaps
    and to do with Ashley Cole fee do as she couldn't
    thing is that news and shape of
    you just fall initiative again Paul feel
    actress enhances shit
    still of typing as that creates a smooth line
    and launches amnesty with people online
    next to him cloudy skies

    scrape shade to glanced at it
    me if you do can enable straight in an old
    small discontinue its pipeline
    and i was just going to take a little bit of co-op
    next to and also on top of page
    wind despite for the slang
    he didn't need to do any particular order
    slow start and stop because then that gives them a shaft
    line it needs to be a toothache s
    in between so
    already that's created in may share app
    enhancement e schools which match
    before you know it you know master
    slots a practice is needed when it comes to graduation minds
    sugar from short line
    to a pic I
    spend less time so papon tough the original line what you up pipes
    so the secret to drop playpens yes
    take a call to Ralph the line what need it's a
    if I am drop pipe in the air and it's a stop pressure about here
    and then another line will fit
    almost there
    special ways wiper to as well in between because
    that stops the ice in from dry and
    and also if his any other excess icing on the outside

    AL to health problems
    so already
    looks like could kick
    fall think next hs2 just give it a little inscription
    think we'll choose happy birthday
    stand K *** *** How to Make Royal Icing | Cake Decorations - YouTube !!! *** *** Vintage Piped Wedding Cake - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    welcome to have been teach piping wedding cake tutorial
    in this lesson we're going to show you how to create this beautiful three tier
    wedding cake
    we're gonna take you step-by-step through how you create a template
    we have a downloadable PDF for you we can map it out on your cake
    you state that there is no beginning and no end
    so there's no back to: cake it all lines up perfectly
    then we're going to show you how to pipe a shell bought is
    some darts and even some lady its we're gonna be working with fondant
    create all of these Peter for floral pin yachts
    and then we're going to put it all together and you to see happen
    and hopefully improve your typing skills along the way
    so the best thing we have to do when we creating
    a pipe scallop wedding cake is to market with a scalloped kinda guy
    and now in your Kate you're going to have a PDF download all the day's
    budget I show you what I use to create them in the first place
    basically the top and the Middle
    Tia have a scallop effects that I got from just
    a it's usually used for creating border repins
    on cakes and things like that but they had a really nice gala perfect
    so all I did was fight a copy it in Lodge it and just play around with the
    until I got a perfect to go on the cake and
    so what I did was I've ended up making two sizes
    one size which is for ap top TF and then I blew it up a little bit la jolla
    and and that's from me tortilla so all you have to do is print of
    you down lights then you just take a little bit all
    parchment paper or a big beat you wanna make sure it goes all the way around you
    Cakes I love marking ash
    just gonna fold it three times into three pots
    because we've got a top middle and bottom tier i cud
    so the most important thing is to actually wrap it around

    and just make sure that it's kinda feats
    and then you take uses chop them all out measure them so that they're the exact
    of two cakes I've done that he and basically
    all I deed was take my pattern
    which you'll have in a downlight place it
    underneath and trace
    Streit I for it and that date now
    when you're doing it on the spaces I it's really important to have
    the measurements will we have a line here on our pts so that you know how
    close to the top and how close to the bottom
    to actually placed them out from the 21 it's a little bit ACR
    because it goes did Santa so all you need to do is fine just sent to point
    initio cake
    oh and also the bottom one was just a cookie cutter
    i Justi to circle cutter to get asked gallup and that so now top and bottom
    Tia and so easy night as a kite
    its so we're gonna take our first cake which is now
    yes divide up out top T sections
    give it a quick change down the middle
    just two separate them so
    that the work for every different kind of hot just in case your cakes and up
    slightly different to a house
    out so also with the easy one which is the bottom and basically what you wanna
    ease have the pencil markings facing in towards the cake
    because that's gonna my carry-on pression silo
    I stop down he at when it takes impedance
    playset always on the line
    out somewhere where I know that I'm going to be popping anyway
    and I'm not placing one right he added just because
    we've got the two lines meeting and so I don't want to put a hole where I might
    not end up putting aligned
    so all we need to do now is just gently Rob
    you're just pressing it against the cake and giving it
    a slot Rob he shouldn't be trying to apply any pressure that wouldn't
    the cake in any way like I know you can do a little bit of a snake
    take and check and make sure that you've actually got some of the late showing up
    for yourself
    I'm it is a good idea if it's not too heavy because just in case
    any feel parking strikes don't line up completely you don't see the late
    but he's winning have a really good gauge his self
    okay so now we're gonna come along lining up with a top
    now I'm not gonna go right to the end but because we've got
    fidel double scallop EAC I can say that that's a fairly good spot to put
    one appearance so it's gonna bust again
    exactly the same as we did hands last one
    and just let it drop straight damn you don't trust me up the cake as it guys
    so now that we've got out oppty done this is the time when you want you since
    May the pads or some photos up tate house
    I'm or otherwise just gone washing hands but make sure that they are extremely
    afterwards because now that it's got this on the yacht you don't want
    it to smudge and you also don't get you fingerprints
    all I the cake site
    now we've got on next templates that we got a place
    just lining it up
    work our way around
    now somebody might be wondering why we use a pencil and he said i can't.
    even though they called a lead pencil 8 isn't actually lead that's in it it's
    just graphite which is known talk
    toxic side it's really no different to when you make sure the flowers
    any dust them with chalks alright so we've gotta love that
    again will take a little paycheck yet and that's really what you going for
    style don't be too strong
    now the other little tip to remember when you actually during this apt
    make sure that your pencil is extremely shop and stays that way throughout the
    whole Tracy
    and and that's just really important because the shop at it ES
    the more the point that you're using and you end up with a fine of
    in a long line you really want this line today as
    in and as inconspicuous as it can day I cut
    now you can say that I've covered my fondant the possibly it's had to pick up
    than what I had when I mocked is an apt so we have a couple have mail macy s
    and the best buy that I find to get around this situation
    you might find it when you cover a cake its just slightly different
    is just not to rub all to the white to hear and that way you can bring your own
    I about tonight it's only a couple of millimeters
    so it's not you can add and now this
    a swag into it and things like that but I just fine if he stop
    rubbing just a little away from it then you can add in an extra
    may also on each side
    now the first thing that we're going to do when we start popping and cake
    is to make the royal icing up out now on going to stick to
    the CK brand which is spray might just with some warm water
    am it really depends on which country I mean
    and when I'm in the US I like to make it from scratch
    I'm but I have found in Australia and some is at least
    and that it can be very difficult and temperamental and it tends to pull a
    little bit more
    side to get the added structure that you need for this type of pie I think
    this is conmigo to thing when I'm he upped so all we need is to have a little
    bit in a ball
    going to apply add to that a little bit of
    now warm or talk to slick warm water
    now the consistency of your royal icing is very important when it comes to
    I'm this is a little bit thick it's good for doing show borders and things like
    am but the fact that it doesn't actually poor of here at all
    means that for the small popping tips it's going to need a lot of if it and a
    lot of strength in your hand in your East
    in order to get at to work so on and do is dead the spatula in itself
    just to get tiniest bit more liquid it can very easily turned
    from stiff too runny so at this stage she just want to be really careful
    not to overdo the water
    now there is no technique
    I'm that I use to make sure that the royal icing
    is actually the right consistency for different popping tips
    and today we're going to be using and number one and number two so it's quite
    fine work
    and so what we're looking for is for it to be his still
    I fairly sloppy so
    basically what you do is grab a small section a bit put it between your ass
    index finger and just some and just put
    up and you'll notice that it will small space to write up
    but it will eventually full I put to the side and if it does that quite easily
    then that's a sign that it's good for number one or number two
    if it stays up a little bit longer and that's usually benefit things like a

    and then of course as it gets more most def and loses its shine
    it'll be better for lodge a popping tits but the key thing is
    if you don't have a large packing tape you don't wanna make it too hard on
    yourself to squeeze it out
    so now that we've got a good amount to stop with
    we're gonna take al popping back I just got a disposable back
    am just going to cut the top off
    on also bring a coupla in because throughout this whole
    tutorial we're gonna be switching every every Tia
    has the number one and number two popping down on it
    so a couple lot will maintain that you can transfer between them
    without changing popping back by saliva section
    in five packing bag push up as far as you can go I'll
    see where it's landing basically squeeze it they at and then just give it a tram
    just below the push it back up
    and you're looking for something that either flash but definitely nothing that
    anyway me out
    all the Regis data to screw it on we're gonna stop me now number two
    but the rest a couple together
    and now when I fill up the backs
    smolder in on itself I like to create a seeker
    in my hands just so that it can act as a bit of fun alt
    leftists up it is really important to make sure you don't have too much
    icing otherwise it affects let you hold it
    and it can mean the popping looks a little bit more on steady because it's
    just too bulky and hands really
    now this two main ways that time to kurdistan to hold a popping backs
    I'm the most common why is to squeeze it into a point
    give a twist underneath that point a couple times and you can already say
    that it's wanting to pop out for you and some people than
    take that in today beans or just leave it am NOT
    I prefer to do it different slightly different technique
    which is to just flatten out the parking back a little bit more
    wrap it behind my index finger and through
    and I just find that keeps me a little bit more Creek I type side the first
    thing that we gonna work on
    ease out top scalloped that we've marked out with a pencil
    and Albaugh shem now we're gonna do those boys in a number two
    trend basically the technique that we're going to be working with
    is just basically like a shell boorda and by that I mean
    you gonna squeeze a lot of pressure and create a bowl or SPF
    and then we're gonna dragged off to one side a field left-handed you'll find you
    on track towards your left
    if you're right-handed you dragged towards your brought am
    what you can do is do a bit of a test run either on your counter
    or on eliminating shaped holding up I think it nice and level
    you don't want to be tilting one way or the other when your pie think
    you just get it keep just off the surface
    cojes and then release
    squeegees an release so you making
    a secular bull shite and he's dragging it of to end it
    so as he releasing that means you're releasing the pressure hiya
    and you dragging it all at the same time
    okay so now more
    to our real thing now I'm gonna sit down the pipe some people find that they
    have to stand up to pot other people have to sit down do what works for you
    but there is a favorite of popping said just make sure that you couple I K
    so what we're going to do ease I like to start at the top and work my way down
    the cake I just find otherwise if you working on top of yourself you worry
    about bumping
    and things like that so I we're gonna top start with the top scallops
    and then go down to the bottom what do everything we can in at number two
    before we move on to a number one just make sure you were in a two on a
    I'm gonna begin at a point at the top
    and we doing the same thing which is squeeeeze and release
    working away
    the only thing to be mindful of is that everything has turned
    so when you doing I'm popping but we just practiced
    it in a straight line the trick with this one is to maintain that pits
    so always keep an eye out on what's happening with
    you late oil graphite pencil marks
    they can be quite fine too but you can still see them in the lot
    here's why what's your way around
    squeeze and release
    tracking in town
    just making sure you leaving space for h
    an hour last one pretty much has to end in a point which can just squeeze
    but we can actually drag it will bump into our first one
    so now we have the first row which is south coast they can see it's got a
    quite a vintage touch to it already
    and now we're gonna work on how bottom little scallops
    that we have happening here and before we move on to number one so
    just read just a piping bag as you need to
    and we're just not gonna squeeze quite as much
    so these are going to look a little bit more delicate
    they will be the same piping tip the number two
    but we just barely squeezing this time
    have to piss we can give a hand a little bit of a rest
    again just adopt her last and
    okay so now we've gotta love thise markdown
    we're going to switch to out number one the hands a little bit of a stretchy
    fingers in particular
    and and we're gonna switch I've of eye-popping tips
    all rights announce get time to get started on a little dots
    we going to be doing and outside line around
    a chip out pill fates that are dropping am I going to do some little dots
    above the scalloping hiya okay so standing with their number one tip
    way going to begin at top again and just thank some little tiny dots
    just below where we did up film so we squeeze
    and I push it backed in onto the cake so that we don't get
    right East little pokey it that you'll often say
    so we squeeze and push it back onto itself
    and that will I'm negate the need to get there with
    a dry Oro a date paying that paintbrush and actually
    Deb them to blunt them which a lot of people do it if he can just not pull
    I Y Y is still squeezing and just push it
    in on itself so I squeeze and then push down you'll find that whilst I
    a nice perfect circle for you just a nice
    even spacing how is the big day I just tryin late that size cap
    is a really good gauge some iced popping dots
    like I said now we finished
    out top player we've done lots and lots of dots save head hex
    practice just readjust your piping
    back from time to time just make sure that you clearing it
    sheep away otherwise your dots my progressively get a little bit la jolla
    as you've got a just from having a little bit excess around it
    am so now this time we working a ball now
    little shell border that we created at the same technique
    just squeezing staying in nice distance
    a pot Nick
    k we're coming up to our last bill scallop
    and then we'll be able to take a little bit of a break particularly cannot use
    to piping you will find that it is a little bit nervous tryin
    it something to eat need to get used to it and if you like packing as much as I
    kept up with any little bit if uncomfortable nest
    stretch at you think is a little bit on the next thing that we going to do
    in his upper section we want to make it a little bit more floral
    to match the fresh flowers that you could put on well sugar flowers
    and go with this design so we're gonna move everything and just prepped for
    alright so it's time to make some flowers we going to you actually use
    little patch what Kutta it came in a floral set and it just got a flower
    and it's got some not little aids and little tiny dot
    blossoms and basically all I want to use added that is the center flower pot
    I was gonna do that either at a fondant and the rest
    way kind pipe on just to keep it a little bit more delicate and not a
    on the cake saw so can sprinkle a little bit corn flour or cornstarch
    using a rolling pin
    always doing long fluid motions with our hands we don't want to be pushing
    down and
    if it's a little bit humid you wanna go ahead and make sure this cauliflower on
    both sides
    alright so it making it quite
    in am it's not quite as the has been named a sugar flowers
    but still say it's really a sexting company shots I still very very thin
    and we want that because that's currently in use that to our advantage
    when cutting this apt
    and now when we cutting we just wanna make sure
    the way out pressing all the way through or it will get stuck
    into two groups are the patch what kinda so little press
    and release
    you want it so it's almost lifting
    up you usually find that the middle section wanna grip on
    and then push back down
    there alright
    so it now what we're going to do is racially just going to pick it up
    and we're going to use the fact that it's really thin am to press
    in we f ing got and just popped that actual flower
    stroll right an apt trap
    if it does have any fuzziness you can usually keep it a little bit of a packed
    you know gonna squishy can touch it it's got too many on them you can use your
    craft exacto knife
    just to get rid of the excess now I'm using and laminating shape that we used
    before to do I test
    to hide the Sawai and this is a really great thing
    you can get them in smaller sizes usually just from
    a dot supply places or from office am places
    am and we use them of course llama night for different Tom
    things but in sugar flowers and things like this
    on the going on to the side as a kite it's very K that they stay moist
    if they don't go dry at and I white wrap around the curve
    the cake so you have to cut out each one individually
    and we are really want that when we have to do a whole bunch of face
    so he took them away into hiya by will lost
    side the first thing that we going to do is
    apply these little flowers into the sent up golf
    out little Crescent being hit Tia I which is just a fancy word for
    a middle section Asha glue
    if you don't have ensure the clear you can make it yourself
    using anti Los oscillation and some water
    and leaving them I V not I or you can use a clear alcohol
    as well I don't tend to like using water
    because just that moisture and that doesn't burn off fuck
    they stay site want grab one of these
    now with a little thing like this I don't like to apply the sugar Glee
    directly to it because then it gets to Kenya hands and it's hard to release it
    so you want to find a spot on your cake
    that you would like it to be and in the lot you can see
    that shine see no way are aiming for place it up
    touch the top section and then the lower section and just had a really gently
    into place he don't wanna squish it out because you lose all that really nice
    definition that the patch what kinda gave you
    am now a spade because I know that
    when case can take a really long time to take a right what I'd like to do
    is go all the way around and attach all about little blossoms
    in one guy before we get back to our hiking
    are at work onto our last one and thats
    eat so that just helps to speed it up a little bit
    I'm now what we're going to do East stop hiking again
    and and basically we want something fairly similar to what the patchwork
    Wallace in that it's got some little late going around it
    I'm just a little dot little clusters dots
    and I'm to simulate a flower
    just so that we hit I think it will really pulled together
    all love those little tiny dots that we did
    as part of the house gallops mister make sure that every time
    adding a new element in ad that you are
    tying into the rest to the design site
    me out this has been sitting for just a bit so just when I
    get that going again
    i cud so I many uses it as just a bit of a car ride for myself
    so it starts off doing the lates when we delayed
    am basically what I like to do
    he is try to get 1 at line all the way up to the ant
    so I starting at stop above the lake where would come out with Stan
    and going all the way to the T and then following that all that way back to the
    I'm so show you what I main
    just too early up
    and then another one damn
    one into the center so just squeeze
    think I so it got out to rate so just hang of pacifist just a little bit so
    that if you do get the shakes
    you why notice it in your piping come down
    and back up it is a real
    up being able to do the natural more flowing style
    so just be patient with yourself as you do now
    just a plain those dots are into a series of three dots
    together which is quite a traditional thing that is on cakes
    to have set three dots so we'll just have to pull together
    those at the bottom and also that vintage failed so now what we're going
    to do a
    is continue all the way around now cake can all meet up with you at the end
    now you can add stands and things like that and now the flowers
    I just find that in a small space like base it tends to cramp it
    up a little bit sometimes less is more
    when you do dots poised to push it back onto the cake
    not straight up and that is eat we've got our first he completely finished
    we're going to move on to doing ass galloped an out-and-out dots
    on a middle-tier and also on are the T later on
    so we're starting now and can weave ass second-tier
    right at the beginning we gonna do the scalloped pop show boorda
    going all the way around now little vignettes
    so I'm gonna start a point PF the manly differences that we also going
    upwards as well as going downside we just wanna follow an alliance
    to an ice queen East memory lace
    into that tent St get the first curve if we got to the second one
    squeeze alright
    can and that one and now I'm gonna come around and do the bottom for you
    I know it's a little bit of the things that I what to do but
    attend about to travel around the cake as little time as possible
    so in a case like beasts are usually do one or two of them
    and then do the bottom section at the same time because we already have to
    come back
    to do our little dots sofa may I just want to feel like I have a section at
    the cake
    completed I know it's all in my head but it makes me feel a bit better
    small dot
    end that see it alright to now it's time to switch
    i've %uh just like we did on a top-tier we had all of those little dots
    gonna do then all over again now
    this particular T has a lot of dots inside
    you might be here for a little while so
    mention that you're not uncomfortable when you pop pink I'm
    take the chance to sit down and just
    shape-shifting is that from time to time and
    just always pulling down on the packing if you need to make up some external
    royal icing
    you can do that
    alright so what can she now is take an apt
    can't working in small sections
    where can I make and to roll it out very in just like we did for their
    top-tier and it just makes it so that when we use the Patrick Cudahy Wis
    it just sorta breaks of nice and easily
    kite saw we are going to be using the same little flower
    had that we'll had on our first T
    but we're also going to be using a different one it's a lot lot China
    now going to be using the rise section in act
    as well so because we've got April
    vignettes here we're going to use I about Lodge M-sixteen
    a valid hope already cut out alley talk and some about Lodge once
    some just gonna finish up pressing down nice unfair and
    lift up patted down
    you can say that it's not something
    so it separates very easily
    so what we're going to need is a piping bag to have the number one team
    we're also going to need now sugar glue
    now paint brush have a guest out with the lodge rice
    and just place it in the center of having it so
    just packed and any excess little puffy tits
    apply and glue
    to the cake itself
    and just take a look and make sure that we like where it sitting
    can move it around a little bit still patted down
    so we know it's gonna stay and then
    for going to look at doing a couple of days
    that we might wanna feat some late in as well
    silo of first stop by finest I'm going to guide
    chast a little bit Hyatt Santa not change much
    give it a bit of a turn so that looks like it's facing on this site
    thing that it
    town in line to now I'll take a piping bag
    site now is from fill in the gaps and this is where you can get a bit creative
    you don't have to make it identical to an ounce
    gonna stop by adding a couple blades
    into here
    and then one at a little bit more detail
    out to the sides here we can just look at adding that s
    like I so gonna let that one seat and set out more we work on a funnel cake
    all right we're on to outlast yeah the first thing we're going to do is stop
    all over again
    with a little shell scalloped border style
    this time same as always you know the top tier you bottom section
    just at my quiet as Lodge
    a little dollops as you do shale
    just said it's slightly smaller
    than the other sections that have the
    the three different kids coming on in them alright
    now I'm gonna change tapes because we're ready to do and dots Obama
    just like we did at the bottom about first he began to repay
    that they can on a boat and Tia and that's all we need to do for the whole
    as far as top a consent to bed down out now what we gonna do
    is just too some little clusters a flower is not very much
    on the ice and then the whole cake will be ready to stack
    now with that too
    Alice I kinda fish of I just using one about a little close-ups
    can H Pascal apps can applying the glue
    for some but to the cake itself
    by gannett Plata your thighs too so we can get an idea of what it's gonna look
    like and we'll continue on through
    to rest at the KH snaking sure that we've got a nice hot for that
    I don't go too high I want to sort of keep it as a porta
    on this Tia and
    I'm just going to do a couple lovely meets not too large
    because it just has the blossom we want to keep everything in proportions so
    they sleep going to be a little bit closer together and just a touch small
    and miss

    K by the time you done with this Tia
    should be a pro doing lights but

    of them just honest here a line I can I
    but he went on: sigh we're gonna Saket a lot
    and say yeah finished product
    have gone ahead and stacked hour
    take up am onto an iced cake forward I some ribbon around
    and the final thing that I want to do before this is complete
    is just pipe a shell bought up just the same as what we did with all about
    onto the bottom than me tortilla I'm now united I don't have anything
    on my top and bottom tier and I'm gonna leave it that way
    and the reason is that the scalping around them
    is silo to the bottom that that does act as a porta
    and if you have followed actually Toreros on our
    either working with fondant or the wedding cake by six you know that if you
    love your pics a level
    you don't have any on even spacing to need to hide
    by piping or even and things like that it's just up to the aesthetics
    up your design so we're gonna cake with a number to popping TX
    and we're just gonna go around and do that
    same shell
    i said i coming up the last few just remember again it
    the very last one that you do you might not be able to create that track
    so just and in adult an adult
    they wake up so that's the only thing that you have that shows that there's a
    back to this cake
    I really think thats quite fabulous side if you knock it all out correctly
    you'll have it look perfect in all directions
    am and now its complaint we can put some flowers on it
    abdic any left exactly as it ease its beautiful without anything added
    at but because it does have these floral details it would look perfect if you had
    some fresh flowers
    well some sugar flowers to add to it other than that keep practicing yep I
    and enjoy *** *** How To Make A Royal Icing Rose by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is yo her cookies cupcakes cardio %uh
    today going to show you how to make over well I think growth
    so let's get started so what you want me to make a royal icing Bros is a corporal
    I think
    and the bag is fitted with a number 12 built into
    you're also going to need pelted and I'm going to be using the

    you can use any of the Pell tips I'm but for following this size up arose you
    want to use the

    you're going to need a Flowerdale
    part red squares and
    you can get away without the non-toxic glue but I'm going to show you how to
    use a as well
    so the first thing we're going to build is the basement which we put the petals
    um pro-gross so I'm apartments where some Center
    the square going too slowly build up the pressure
    squeeze it out talked about centimeter wider happen engine standard men's Nike
    ball building up slowly and release
    until about the height that is
    one-and-a-half times the height a tip that you choose to use
    so approximately one and a half times the height
    so these bases will need to drive for you can build the pedals
    and so that'll take probably an hour couple hours in order for the
    I'm royal icing too hard and but I've got mine made ahead of time
    so minutes which by tips to the
    and I'll be back to show you how to make
    flower petals so after your bases are dry the first thing that you're going to
    need to do is to attach the parchment to the flower now and this is one that will
    come then
    so just add a little bit below the non toxic stuff
    miss pressed down your based there
    so well your the wide end up your 104 temp facing down
    you're going to do a full circular motion around atop a tip
    so if it actually I think right at the top
    turning around night nice even pressures gonna make the but
    pressing down and then squeezing it down pulling away
    so I play make the first initial and the next rose going to have three pedals
    you want to attach it just after your seem on either side clear pedal covers
    up the seam
    cessna start on one side squeezing an ellipse slightly up
    and pull down and away so two more petals
    left up pull down and away left up
    and pulled down and away wanna make sure your ticket screen
    so make sure you can cut a wet cloth or paper tell the pain at all
    next row attacks your icing on our text your tip on the other side of the same
    and five petals for
    and five YouTube of and the last one underneath your slave return your text
    out on a angle
    and you're going to try to fit in seven so cleaning of just pulling that tip
    away at the very end
    a meeting at the pedals at the bottom nice and open
    so there you have it that is how you make
    aight well I same rose thanks for watching remember to subscribe to our
    and we'll see you again next time *** ***

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