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    Magnolia Flower - YouTube !!!
    hi everyone welcome back to the scrap among the studio
    today to show you how to make them these wonderful Magnolia flowers with the
    ornament punch from Steph not
    so what you gonna economy
    be ornament punch he going to meet the one and three eighths
    ko punch I'm also going to be using that pic seeking
    classic Stampin pad like that colors for twenty
    be tumbling multi Liquid Blue
    very handy know if you need a sponge from Stampin Up
    as well as your up paper piercer
    your paper cutter and most importantly of all you're going to need
    your sheet up
    not by
    glossy paper
    and don't forget last but not least
    if your coffee person like I am you make sure you have your coffee with you
    so what I want you to do first
    is I'm going to have you kick your paper
    in your paper cutter encroach your paper
    on the
    so I
    and cut ever chill wind chills
    along that paper and actually believe you
    a strep up three inches at the AM so I'm just going to do well
    do the three his own going to show you
    like trial
    know what you want me to do
    is going to take your ornament punch
    can you just start crunching unique approach

    up bonus some
    of glossy paper sometimes turning into a nice
    acquired dunlap for us and then also on the big three inch piece he also hot
    to cut %uh the circle love one and three-eighths inch
    so that's been done well
    the other fun thing I like the G and one of the easiest techniques
    that their yes I guess ask where the most dramatic effect on everything
    and sponging
    so what you wanna do you want to take on a few sponges
    and cut it into four pieces she take your staffing patterns chrome
    so whatcha wanna do is he going to rob
    chrome your sponge
    and take the gloss decide if the paper
    NHS going to sponge the edges dojo
    you don't need to be perfectly not worried about any have topped
    should just keep on going and he did not tell all
    of those pieces
    and don't forget to do the circle
    just like some so this is where
    Bucky done almost punched him what you do you take your paper piercer
    Aegis you see and in your role each and every one of them
    a punched Parliament punches
    just roll it around to give it the curl
    and as you can see by the pile here just to save time
    I've already done the rest of them I just want to show you
    this technique I need to use this rule around
    just like so okie
    done not know this is where the fun really begins
    what you gonna do you can take your multi-purpose tomboy who
    just a little bit loops
    already too much some onto
    put some engine here
    this is where becomes
    a lot of fun and that's a lot easier the
    you can't you'll be able to see how
    it will align along the edge of the circle
    what you do is you do it to all four sides
    above the circle
    about dr. sounds like yeah but added you from the Flintstones
    and this is the bottom one so may not want as Curly
    apologized those are my dogs are all getting excited because the front doors
    just like that
    so now we go around again except this time
    I want you to go with me autumn end up the ornament punchless
    I'll just put it down here and I will show you
    you may want to hold it down for few seconds has the flu
    no I'm hoping you could see this well
    i phone lines the top
    %uh me ornament piece here
    to the pot on up more people who look before and many just keep going around
    and around in around and around
    until we get to the center okay and you should be getting close to the end by
    known all you do is you still keep putting in the middle
    and for us in the end you're gonna wanna
    and the bottoms up lost it comes make it easier
    and then hold it down and I'm down to the
    last to news keep calm around
    I love it is so beautiful I just love it
    me spread them out
    and last but not least might wanna make this one a little tighter
    so he might want to look around again like of clues you don't get glue on
    spread them out
    any way you want and there you have it
    your very own Magnolia beautiful flower

    to for the credits all have all product numbers there for you
    and also for more inspiration or registration for my classes and videos
    in to purchase tutorials
    focus on my website at WWW dot the scrap mama dot com *** *** How to Decorate with Fresh Flowers | Wedding Cakes - YouTube !!!
    so you want to arrange real flowers on your wedding cake
    it's definitely a lot less expensive than using gum paste flowers
    there are a few caveats you don't want to use heavily sprayed
    flowers you wanna go to a respectable forces going to tell you the truth
    fifties ur
    organic it's great to buy them from a food vendor as well
    they'll tell you exactly what's what's on their rose are actually edible
    they taste a little bit like celery I don't recommend eating them
    so what I'm gonna do instead of putting these directly into the cake
    where they could potentially lead check out some other moisture and leave behind
    a strange aftertaste
    whatever to do is put together a ball a fondant ish
    don't go see this part so it's okay if it's a little ugly formed
    and I'm going to press this down into
    seen area and this is what my flowers are you going to
    instead of the cake some not leave any holes already weird flavors
    a mess me almost fires here actually always travel with three or four
    fires do I need that many fires yes people tend to walk away with them so
    it's good always have Spears
    so does good plunge this in it should go up to the base
    love the flower went to work in threes
    at varying angles
    not moral fight a couple more in on the staff
    questions and
    stew wanna over here there was no so obviously that looks a little bit
    strange we want to add some fillers
    this isn't Monte Cassino little
    CZ looking flower you could use baby's breath that would be lovely
    and you can use the nose pliers likely these are kinda woody
    they're going in for me really easily
    you put fresh flowers in your cake as close
    to the wedding is possible this is something you want to do a day at a time
    they will wilt not very set on your wedding cake
    your thank you
    already if you have are working with smaller flowers
    you can add a smaller punch a fondant to put your flowers onto with
    I'd like to do more than just the one what do a smaller version on the tough
    me here roses were snipped
    very close to the end
    just keep on adding these until our brown is filled in
    and that's is how you put fresh flowers on your wedding cake *** *** How to Make Gum Paste Flowers : Wedding Cakes - YouTube !!!
    I am Andrea Nicolas from
    Andrea Nicolas cakes here in Portland Oregon and I am here to teach you how to
    make a sugar
    calla lily so we're going to start with doing the center this is a
    process takes a couple couple different steps are gonna have to dry items in
    we and then move on to the next stage so we're gonna start with some yellow
    campaigns for the Center have the calla lily
    you'll have the fastest just a regular guy on his thats colored with Gel Paste
    be very careful to use Gel Paste not
    the regular kind of food coloring that you get at the supermarket shelf East is
    much thicker
    and does not have much liquid in it so it won't break down the gum paste
    so I you can come up with any kind yellow color you want this is a.m.
    and mister some colors but mostly aglo that I like to use
    so I'm going to cut off
    from here maybe mmm say about the size the large gun law
    very large como and I'm going to roll it
    except for the ways that doesn't dry out I'm gonna take it and roll it into a
    nice perfect ball
    the trick to getting a ball that doesn't have wrinkles or imperfections is
    putting in between your palms giving really nice pressure in the beginning
    rolling around in your palms in them slowly listening that pressure
    now I've got a nice clean
    pop so from here I wanna make this into a nice conical
    shape that's gonna eventually end up like this but i wanna it make sure to
    retain that ball this space
    on Center because that's where the outer portion of the flowers going to get here
    so I got this nice ball a mistake in this lower portion of my hands right
    in kind of work it's I'm working at into a common shapes
    alright so there you go I rolled it in those
    in those that part of my hand I got this nice conical shape
    I still retain the suitable the spot so at this point
    I'm hold on to this I'm gonna grab my wooden dhow
    that any use for the base of the flower not dip it into my sugar gloom
    you don't have a lot access on their so go ahead and
    whites out of I'm just getting started rate into the base
    now I'm using the flat portion of the dow because I want this point a fortune
    the easiest a great into my cake rights I stick it in there
    obviously don't stick it up so far that it's gonna change the shape that the
    just so that it's in there good and
    secure so that is the center
    portion a calla lily now you just take it and stick it in your phone
    and allow that to dry completely so what we're gonna do with the center that's
    now dry
    when I got my thing brush and the gloom
    and I'm going to put us in layer of glue
    all over this entire center this next year right here
    is corneal with a little bit of cornstarch in it for the majority of it
    cornmeal and you'll find that from oddly enough it looks a lot like pollen
    so it's a really nice a edible
    concoction you can put together to make pollen for flowers so I'm gonna take
    glue from the center and I'm gonna roll it
    inside here go ahead
    tap off any excess now you got really nice
    center for Caylee it looks really like a real callous enter
    that she keeps it clean
    and we'll take that must take that back in our film
    and we're also gonna wait until that dries completely
    I'm going to make a white calla lily obviously Calif come in all different
    so feel free to explore that minute take
    medium-size not the spaced
    make sure it's worked a nice and smooth now I've got my rolling pin
    guess in that out
    it so I've got this one said at number three on my pasta machine
    so we've got a nice piece a paste here and any use my
    Calicut are the same you can get online
    for any cake decorating store a lot that has any far making supplies
    I justified a tiny bit a shortening around the cutting edge
    the tense give you a clear cut put that right there my pace press down
    get rid of any access paste alright
    so now I've got this nice faith
    hear from Mike at got a ball tool
    and what I'm gonna do is thin out this flower all around
    but I'm not going to thin out the base I want that to remain thick
    so very carefully apply the ball to lani basically wanted to be happening that
    happen the flower
    okay now
    many use this very small needle to the larger portion on the side
    I'm gonna run that you'll tool down here and the in kinda rule it out
    and then pick up the paste as I come back in
    and I'm gonna give a little movement to the other rounded portion to
    discussed it might be able to hear roll it up
    that's right now you can see it's just got kind of some cramping movement
    there's no exact science to this
    because just like in nature every flowers different so once you've given
    that nice curl
    my flip that over using a paintbrush in your glue
    you can apply just a small amount
    about quarter inch up year a little bit up the side
    and now I'm gonna take my center
    and I'm gonna lay it down
    so that the base the yellow portion
    is just above where the pelicans
    now I'm gonna very carefully
    rack the flower
    right from the base
    all around
    wanna try and keep it as clean as you can on the bottom covering up any that
    yellow center portion just buy it
    very very gently working your fingers around the base and now you've got this
    really beautiful kala
    go ahead and form it with your fingers
    to whatever shape you feel looks most natural them
    and then you'll take it and you can drive on your phone
    either straight up to or you can hang it on a rack
    ok *** *** How to make a gumpaste Anemone Flower with Kaysie Lackey - YouTube !!!
    I I am the owner people skate
    Seattle Washington but today and you I'm sweet like Nashville Tennessean
    I'm going to to know how to do a gumpaste many
    and so go to last up here to make my eyes with
    some special things you need that lingers in our
    5x pretty color purple on it wasn't I less makeup
    place that just spring out that teachers the flower
    teardrop cutter sets and brushes
    take herself export this is probably the most important day
    you must have a cell subject for today s upset
    the baseball process and a impression that
    so how do you start with these guys is he taking place
    bring out a little piece in it
    work it
    warming up search make a longish types
    for US states you can cover all these little crystal or
    you need those girls in order to answer
    wire and your flowers you want I was why are all my flowers that
    no peonies roses enemies
    or get your smart because they're stronger you wire individually that
    try and make them all in one hunter said
    and always Greece yourself short
    a little bit I like that discuss special starting today
    our well instead or starch and test start
    you zero in Penn work and it appears the port
    and that pushed out you really wanna get in
    stickers the board
    and you know you're ready to put up to begin to see very slightly
    that the ridges are different colors a bit darker purple
    when you get to that point you know it's
    nice vendela camp at all pullback
    of the as the court and then
    when you pull it off you have these beautiful
    famous in it and that's where you insert wire for Bain flower
    are for wired petals sorry take this now
    cutters and many pedals are little bit
    all along so these are great because you can then shaped
    ever need them to be had I'll
    always get in that area shape as well and a jacket putting me

    in the pedal down towards the bottom part
    one to
    many bottles they have between six to eight petals
    they're all different each camp start with sex anymore
    US few more be sure to wrap your company campaigns when you know that
    PC ps
    beautiful I love makin and his cuz they come in so many different colors
    you can always find a car and see whatever cake you're making
    so then you'll take we've got
    K Jha

    wire that happy and sweet less carries
    fantastic dip in a little water eek
    and pick up your paddle and very gently
    insert the pad the wire
    into this rigid make with your cell board about a quarter-inch
    Habsi can see about where that bans as much as you need
    an accepted just had to pension down
    and send it on to the liar your hands gets to hear you feel like you're
    sticking in a campaign stop at the white fat
    take care that to Sky this many fingers
    and sell again if you know and so you can't come play with us trying work
    might wanna check pedals that I can do
    five or six time without drying out because when they start to dry out and
    Sat you won't be able to help
    wires and Artur them or Ben Mr
    now in Boston see how to have to work quickly incidentally he competent is
    work with a small number
    petals are next at
    to take arm painting bad that got this is the Rose being mad say take these
    guys face
    upset at Ridge size ghost town
    one firm press is all you need and you get these beautiful
    pains are better at that will lead us starflower herbal
    really pop out and make it look might like game
    and once again if you find your company's is sticking to these assets
    concert can usually won't stick to anything but I think it's a little
    sticky just a little bit more %uh
    like back on any Greece
    alright so not many panels
    always Carl & Sons I doubt see leave them with the rich side is always the
    bridge size down take your large medical
    and very gently have on the mat have on the panel
    brand around the edges paddle to give it a little bit over
    Reginaldo that a rock hard to make it look more realistic
    there's also a really important that you need to do for great flowers just
    fitting that edge
    spire panels are incredibly been an incredibly flat fragile and delicate
    and try to put a picture is always the key
    their next step it's dry here few spins you can use our and create found
    anything just to drive on
    taken to strengthen over mind the lab
    and gently press on the wire right there better shape has been still have it
    happy like this when you play it
    so go ahead get all me and I'm
    set up like that and you can rub off on them or less
    an enemies something happen really really really roughly
    have barely any of it all says on our
    personal preferences yes so the next Sat is
    you take a sandwich Rd me
    and as far as a
    accident for Arctic he stretched out now activate the app
    the sticky that so then you take your flowers
    are you ass
    news and I'm slightly
    Egypt one on
    going get the next
    so you can see how I'm adding the white petals and because there and everywhere
    adjust them and move them independently
    as makes front overall a stronger
    sugar flour they're great when you're driving in delivering cakes I can't
    worry about your flowers cracking and happy tend to be
    so much sturdier an all in one flowers
    I can attend a work and I act as a piece of that one on one side and one on XI
    and his pals are still pretty soft
    you wanna let them set up and dry little bit you can
    if you worry about them those shape I was home at Paris upside down and
    putting them together
    stood me
    to keep going adding about its or
    cover sat in on this one
    bank and then once you've got all your pedals on you wanna rap all the way down
    to the base
    the wire the great thing about this problem also is it will protect
    exposed wires from your cakes actually insert this directly in the case because
    covering on it and got protection so it wont yeah cause middling Kate attached
    as Exhibit No
    don't do it
    just lockney extreme
    and there you have a beautiful an enemy that is ready to get tested
    and then you take them to send flowers they're great for top earners are
    also to master at trial
    unit five minutes and I this free alright I thought this
    try and set up a little bit so I'm gonna go back in with paintbrush
    and some African violet petals last I just can't bring it to life well that's
    all I do is just kinda
    I am from the edges skip a light dusting just get
    a second color have to play with
    that's good fic then content places was really
    bring these guys to life I can always pick me
    edge to the center as by no means the only way to do it
    he lectured us I'll
    viewing to these are completely firm can actually very gently
    then the pedals backwards to paint this
    that's all a matter of personal preference
    SK keep going to get on Palestine when I'm done with this
    action a very very light coating unless you decide to use them off
    discuss an enemies have slightly glossy
    house some I don't work here a look at our key markets happy now
    shimmer light just smidge
    she's had bigger pattern trash spanking back in give it a little bit lost its
    very subtle
    that makes a lot of difference especially the other night wedding that
    you're making powers for
    help glow and sparkling a candlelight and for the centers are these we just
    done there's pre-made black statements
    and a little piece of black gum paste is holding it together
    and there you go
    you have a beautiful an enemy power
    ready to go on many K that you want
    they're great leaves flower there why they take a lot of space in there pretty
    simple and fast to make
    so thanks for joining us on YouTube the celebrity corner
    have fun making some really beautiful flowers and we'll see you next time *** *** Wedding cakes from Custom Cakes in Savannah, Georgia - The Knot - YouTube !!!
    dumb Co
    who ho and
    bomb grisham
    where now we can address
    your cousin he can't match you may know her and she is known as a little k
    celebrity here's the Madhesi
    actually won Best a leading year after year after year and no
    the girls are really nominating and voting for nafta wedding
    went home you know there's a lot of decisions like right here and always had
    me really
    the ass in porn they're really looking for Saturday
    Marian and for us that means
    main oh yeah
    as guardian yeah
    and hydrangeas flowers now on our end
    your time and so we like to recreate and sugar
    for the rise and Islamist some great he took
    for now we're still here services time I case that we have in our
    and is decorated with this trip is 90 yeah
    and green and a little bit just a little bit announcement home
    frightening our money I'm case apartment

    playin this gives a nice ornamentation
    unit without being I was really cute I love the contrast the really nice green
    color and sharpness in the green and only leads to
    the cables YouTube here can tell you okay
    well it's always have to look like

    sometimes people just wanna make a statement
    yeah I W make a obfuscate was actually created
    or a guardian planning here and it was held in one of our hands that has a
    beautiful garden she wanted to recreate that again sugar
    so we made the frosting look like and instead
    and again we've used flowers there isn't a heart you're here
    can be treated as in sugar so you definitely getting in southern
    experience here with me net has in case
    mad at you and I both know that grooms cake for the huge southern Commission in
    both our destination local pride
    always my Steam groom's cake tell me a little bit about what we're looking at
    right here
    what what we have here is for two examples a sculptor
    that we've come up where 4 our bride and groom
    traditionally graham's case can be anything they can be
    sports they can be colonization be haha be whatever we
    but every while we pretty much to me this alligator
    for example was made for a couple who both graduated from the University of
    and they wanted a part of their schools their wedding reception so we came up
    with the Gator
    and down payment it's amazing and in the evening
    well I know from experience working with youth the sky's the limit when it comes
    to these groom's cakes
    on have you had any really strange request
    we both has a rather I'm some we do and some weekends but
    on typically people come to us for transkei because they do want something
    that's going to make a statement and again like I said we're known for
    have been a basketball be an animal
    unit airplane transportation you like to think they can do at home
    and her take her anything and now not here and the now foo
    and Logan
    like the time
    the mood *** *** How to Make Magnolia Floral Wedding Centerpieces by Linda Peterson - YouTube !!!
    now we're thinking abt cable skate
    let's think I'll centerpieces and court at that show I saw a big beautiful
    extravagant four pieces but remember the phrase
    left is more doesn't mean I just because you have a simple centerpiece
    you're getting up elegant and you going fifty in this next project
    we're going to head back to the studio and going to show you how to create
    and they know you're floral centerpiece so this is a super quick super easy
    project can make it and what you're going to need is some tacky glue
    you also need
    a votive candle he'll need your flower stands near want
    approximately six up these and you can just pop is right of up the bush
    arm also you need to glass marbles and then to meet here have a paper doily so
    if you have a crocheted doily
    by all means you can use that as well before we actually
    go in and make the project when I wanna show you and talk about a little bit
    is choosing your flowers you don't have to go out and break the bank with these
    flowers you can actually
    just and purchased for flowers at the dollar store
    sometimes have some really good deals on flowers but what you wanna look for
    is a flower that holds its shape just like you see here in my hand you don't
    see me
    petals falling down he also don't see any frayed edges
    I and if there are just a couple frayed edges that okay but she'll
    you wanna look for flowers that that have a nice clean edges
    you can sniff of any extra little frayed edges and can clean them up a bit
    also the one thing about are working with flowers that are a little bit less
    expensive is that they tend to kind a bunch all up together say you need to
    spread them out
    and just with them just kinda work with them to make them look
    more natural can pretty simple pretty easy
    right now you going to come in with your glass votive an actually
    we're going to glue these onto the side in our class photo so I already started
    this one here
    and you can see data just include the flowers
    around so we need add are left to right here
    and lightning deal come in
    with really good yeah I'll
    the tacky glue and the nice thing about this tacky glue is that it does
    try clear in this press those down
    I actually let it sit on the cable and I do let it dry overnight
    that way you don't have to you worry about your panel falling down and
    sometimes I even
    tak the pedals
    onto each other so I'll actually tax you know a couple petals together just with
    a little brat dad a
    the glue AT&T that all the way around you're going to let this dry
    now to make your centerpiece the next they were going to do
    it were just pointing is going to make noise you going to put a glass marble
    in a bottle here educational
    gotta decker defender Keith let me show you what this looks like a whole list
    of then
    the *** *** how to make quick gumpaste roses with the 5-petal cutter - YouTube !!!
    okay I'm gonna show how I used to be
    five petal cutter to make a quick rose and I don't use any kind about to
    learning because it is hackers
    campsite she's my fingers I roll this out

    on a KitchenAid pasta roller
    so it's at
    your own up to things you might be able to manipulate the edges
    that tells
    your fingers but you don't want it to be to think that look right
    signed a six it's a good compromise and
    I paint the entire little flower with the water
    on the back to wrap it around the con to a car loan
    with Tom miss to pick in it
    yes sick it right through the mail
    and wrap it around
    we make a five petal cutter alternate the panels for the two center once
    then do one
    to carrying
    don't worry about ruffling the edges at this point me before you do this
    what you gonna do now you to get your fingers greasy with Crisco which I
    or get some corn starch whichever is easier for you
    and start many going into the cattle
    and my pinch it but as you can see you want to take your finger and kinda run
    it like that
    share and you need to experiment with that how your fingers work because I
    when I remind one way by do this it makes the panel go

    this Mexico overseas had to kinda pension see which way it's going to go
    and just opened up a little bit
    and take the petals and so you get the roughly age don't have to do it on a
    metal one just on the other one
    alright so that's your first layer and let us try
    I have some I made these little bit early ish their little bit drier to take
    your second little
    flower on this when you only put the water on about halfway up the paddle
    you don't wanna put water on the whole way cuz you know what the whole thing to
    miss hafer okay
    paying into the same thing put this right to the center
    bring this up to where it's about even
    with their and start sticking around
    sounds a little too high you know what the
    outer petals to be higher than the airlines just
    not look right okay if you let these dry overnight
    if you want to enter once dry overnight then you get you can really get a good
    grip put your finger on the middle when you hold it
    if they're still let you not be able to pension is hard
    okay soaking catcher Chris Kahn your hands and start
    manipulating the ass if you want to get a little too
    take-or-pay pressure something Tom kinda and
    panels are you can or you just change it now giving a little
    Ange misty that all the way around
    helps to go get a real rose
    and look and see what the pedals look like because they really don't look like
    a lot of the
    Tom instructions for compass roses that i've seen
    there's so many different kinds arises you can pretty much do anything you can
    find a restless that way
    and if you're making me specifically for a bright he's using a specific I never
    as you should probably check with her to see
    what they are some other look more like teens
    and summer on more formal right
    its units out I got there
    and has no followers are a little bit and
    testicular cancer from let them dry I'm
    nothin enough for the pills in a stator see it's not
    attached here because that's where did not put water on the panel
    so she's their part is attached if you have to put some water on its fine
    just keep it there again if you need to use in tin foil to keep it from
    falling was put in file their
    and this up and you can't
    make a tinfoil and everyone else today
    if you want to be a little more open suspended tin foil to be the
    little guy and you can manage your life
    canes and then lost
    said Ryan you can do another layer of you watching depending on how big the
    Rose needs to be
    but that's basically it ok *** *** Beautiful easy to make Wedding Cake - YouTube !!!
    this beautiful elegant wedding cake very easy to make
    and surprisingly economical when he's going to help me show you how
    the cakes are cooked when they feel springy to the touch
    or a knife inserted in the center comes out clean
    leave the cakes in the tens for a few minutes to cool a little
    then turn each cake out a bit stain onto a rack
    remove any lining paper and leave them to cool completely
    while you make up the battery I sing
    with the shop serrated knife trim the top of each cake
    to make a flat surface
    divide the cake horizontally into three even layers
    spread the bottom layer with a little jam
    and then with about a quarter about rising
    do the same for the next layer and pilot on top
    put the top layer in position then cover the whole cake finley with but writing
    repeat all this layering all three tiers and the cake
    dust the work surface with a little saved icing sugar
    and need the white icing and its soft
    and ready to be rolled out roll out the icing dusting the rolling pin with a
    little sip icing sugar
    it begins to stick until it's big enough to cover the whole cake
    lift the icing on to the rolling pin
    and then on roll it over the cake
    smooth the top and
    hands easing around as you go
    then trim the excess from around the bottom edge
    keep the trimmings in a plastic bag all clean film to stop from drying out
    to support the way to the cakes about the bottom two layers will need peace is
    a Downing put in
    we've done one layer and this is how you put them in
    each layer needs four dollars
    push them into the cake and cut them off flush with pliers to the top of the cake
    out evenly and in a place where they won't be seen
    under the next layer of cake
    spread each dial with a little royal icing then position the next cake
    on its board on top
    to cover the board at the bottom cake using some of the ribbon or a tape
    measure all round the edges the board then make a sausage shape after some
    other white icing
    and roll it out to make a strip
    check the length but it'll stretch quite a bit as he put it on
    then trim the strip to roughly the right width overdoing it
    rather than risking it being too narrow
    dampening educate board then
    unroll the strip onto the board easing at round as you go
    overlap the ends and cut through both layers
    removing to excess pieces leaving and needs join
    then trim the excess from all around the edge if the board
    to at the ribbon to each layer add a little royal icing
    into the ribbon
    and stick this to the cake overlap the other end
    and stick it with a little more writing
    put a little sticky paste around
    forward and at the ribbon overlapping the end and sticking into place with a
    little more paste
    pipe some scrolls onto each tier
    adding little dots advising at the end of each scroll
    and pushing a solvable into each
    then paint all the piping with edible silver coloring
    Cup two ends for both players and stick them first
    onto the side of the cake make to double bows with the ribbon
    tying a normal bow then tying the second one
    on top stick the Bose into position
    then stick the bow on to the ends using royal icing
    then put some icing onto the back
    the brooches and stick them in position
    holding them in place until this day
    in you *** *** How to make Sugar Paste Filler Flowers-Wedding Cake Decoration-Online Pastry Class - YouTube !!!
    so we're getting kinky with popular flowers these are like
    St and these are going to be all curled or
    and statements that we have their creamy
    in person at the store any our listeners so I'm trying to be a little bit
    conservative about how I use them cell
    three here and from this 3 I'll be able to make
    keep flowers so when I first you is at stake
    yeah school
    and then I table
    while up the pearls internet upside down yet
    two pearls on one one on the other israel's
    I'm gonna fall and then take
    like wire use a size

    wire because it's a soft little
    flower doesn't need a lot of support that
    a little bit love here old
    hope that right between the issue stifle
    or so that they're holding our
    once they're mistake my pliers in Press that
    gather to make sure that they're really clamped
    really really well just like and then I'll take a little piece
    K he's alive range me
    it doesn't really matter that are you next year holler
    case you wanna stay true to the plan you look it up and see what color
    how deep it really is out this damn for this
    just a little bit K all I want is to be able to hold
    those pieces together so again
    all around him us
    tables so that they stay together the
    much care that are Wow
    I'm ready to make my flower he'll have to drop
    cities are so we talked about before
    the East the four yeah how are these the holes
    X kayy
    pace your fellow flowers a color that you want
    but a lot of fun you have a lot colored flowers
    each want to balance it out so I'll
    didn't lose the flowers lot but you know if you wanna
    mostly a while flowers in a vase yellow flowers
    Carl so after I'm done this would take a little piece
    my ace sugarpaste he
    the whole the size flower I want you can see here
    yes 1q three four five six holes in that depends on the size
    other flower I wanna make for today I think I'm going to pay
    and use size number four so I take my pace
    I think ride over the whole pressed down oh yeah okay
    my role etan n roll out
    much walls up
    illegal once done he cannot
    there I have a little
    termite or over this time
    way use was also I'll que les
    are it's for the bombs a different flowers
    but also makes a great filler flower so this particular set
    has three sizes a large I'm even in a small
    I'm going to let this small are right away this temple
    and one but Center Mike Potter
    rested now pull my sugar
    a stairway all shred clean-cut
    again make sure that outright keep it moist
    Press this center
    sometimes you might have to find a is interesting to learn essential
    yet the holes in the car a little bit tight
    and then press the whole thing yeah while
    their is be a my flower yemenese my
    or and we want them to look real estate so we have to suck
    just a bit which it might also and yes
    up in my and yes and
    doing so you also elongate the plow
    so if you want to install you all
    one higher was small you could
    Paul me sugarpaste paper
    and then stretched and then make flower cell
    I decide whether or not I want my flower open
    out watch opened all so I want all
    out from the backside and take the smallest
    my Paul Jewell ample right all
    to the center here
    us couple place see how curls back
    I'm going to take the second I already me and then put just a little bit
    up my lil just slightly
    put a little on and take a little of don't want
    cue and wanted threat that
    through this entire my flower
    all the way down
    covering that will near way right now
    and I think pushes are undecided like
    squeeze it German I'll to make sure that
    altogether also take just
    ships at my flowers and pitch them slightly
    to give them exaggerate look
    wealth of flowers you can get a little than simply get a little fantasy with
    have to be
    exactly correct once done
    K hang up now metal and rock
    okay my flowers dried so now
    its rent time protesting just like anything a little bitter
    makeup will make the difference you decide whether you want to be just pure
    or on this one and put in just a little bit agreeing
    along the edge
    you feel like you have too much color they even take a little bit in the
    and Rahul right helped his know that our meaty
    eat the color so it's not so century
    now last thank you is to take
    so again easement a LEED
    so far this me individual flower
    cistern about LeeAnn just remember that Nikki
    has a flat side in the sticky side wheres
    turn on the inside your role is Justin sign
    that's what you don't like it here wire struggle
    further down should all the way up
    and then just cover the liar
    with I
    like *** *** How to make gum paste poppy flowers - YouTube !!!
    can this social security trust that you didn't
    who wants to centers in india
    going to show you have a stalemate
    gun case files
    so what you're gonna need is you need an arm around or in oval
    and compete rather
    buchanan nida uh... gaining not
    orders for their standard
    and your need a hand having
    dams for this is like a little
    and they need to testify on their new president and the law in preserving
    blame for that
    antigone campaign several aren't
    tell my little spatula
    in double sport
    and i have taken
    so i'm going to use and i could and hot water
    that we don't abide with them
    i have arms and cornstarch
    it's does it
    inherent today
    deviled egg carton
    or a double-edge holder
    and only use this to you and put my firm
    flowers and so that they can dry
    so here's a guy who do you want to keep your gun case cover so i have mind
    you're gonna roll
    invitation to make sure when you're not using the gun case
    that you and to the characters it does work and try out the quake
    has had this out little mac i used to do my work on
    in your gonna roll out
    you're gone paste
    you in a pretty tan
    not sure if you can see here but
    when you grow without you'll see the rain is little darker
    so you're going to make sure it's nice to be valid
    nominate extending my round and tighter and i may ask me sit together
    together a little bit to make it one more oval
    and they don't know why not
    the bottom part with the arum
    but the place where the seventy
    can send them to take that might stick flower
    and this is what the back of its gonna look like
    it's going to have um...
    this little flap here
    well when you do you need to have some flower wire
    you can buy back excellence of michael's
    in reducing the insert the stand here
    make sure that it does not show two different and then i just have mine down
    ueda into your account a standard
    so you can use it as well
    now i put it on my impression manner
    an ominous firmly push down
    it has an impression
    snippet on my little
    matt here enemies my roller
    and i'm just gonna roll of
    the very end cebit
    cyril is going to be half on the flower and half on the map
    we scanner all the way down
    and so that's what it'll look like
    and making a lot of them so i haven't found a couple etc
    doubleday holders something he really appreciate and
    and at the base of the stand and i'm just gonna folded over and i will let
    the striking
    and sometimes it'll go ever but that's okay
    says he can tell
    they're kinda hard to see 'cause you're white that you want to start out of the
    broward making progress
    a scholarly work
    and if you want to start out with a darker like
    if you want to read rose you can start out with brent that
    it's gonna be alone
    parts too
    can't make it popped
    technicolor unless you make it like a dark dusty
    rather's so we're gonna repeat guests
    the poppies
    if there's a bunch of different ways to do it
    have seen some on the internet
    some of the house
    six titles from the mass three pedals
    uh... they have about
    this lady is about seven
    seven to eight petals
    so units you're needed here
    your sentences that water your drive off a little bit you don't want to anyone
    you need to discuss the back as possible so you don't see the difference
    happens whenever
    now they are very delicate so
    you know just were quick
    would be very careful
    then on tuesday one-at-a-time
    be keen get like them
    a pasta roller to roll out your gun case think i guess could cut a bunch of them
    at one time
    version of it
    but at one time exists
    you just got to make sure that you keep the government in haiti
    or some kind of so that they will dry out one group
    sylvester yes and then i will and
    seen extent
    months time
    when cease-fires are dr
    so what you want to do you want to let them dry at least overnight
    that way there is in part
    where once it's together
    and learn from what's on there with this i show you how to make the states
    cement stand then state stains on them and it's gone
    inside part of the forum
    lemon actually do that with
    the red
    actually looks pretty neat
    so and i'll come back in shape out before you do that
    for right now i don't go ahead and make your petals
    here in the policy of oppenhiem
    ok sara now for this
    damon part for the black wolf as important
    how we're going to take an center admits just regular so internet
    and urinary tract around to your fingers in your gonna wrap it around at that
    hour param
    forty to sixty times hanging on helping you want them to saint louis
    so now i'm going to take some
    and wire
    this is
    just several
    fly wire that's why personally take my little spam black centers i made
    and they're trying to get it to them
    into the center as much as i
    i possibly can
    just gonna an
    sandwich tricky
    as you just one of the time take dick the bottom part
    at that time
    you don't want both leagues
    might be easier to to steal it
    and to explain
    their head and kept the top
    to make that
    says that they like this
    in the middle
    perhaps the little black
    and i'm just gonna try to correct this around
    why are they really have the flower and
    will be able to manipulate said
    going to
    touched down as far as i can
    now to take this wire
    manages wrap it all together
    sis a little difficult
    might be easier to have helped
    somehow that wrapped around there and out bc i can manipulate the
    little fuzzy things
    around my center
    and i can make and you no longer support contention that make a longer and then
    but i'll do installed just ran that
    once i get it
    separated everywhere
    nassau county
    may come along with making sure
    however you want
    you can make makers we are
    some minor dixon
    the way it works can afford to
    actually hear do you think against the light
    have that
    now all i want to take my
    my petals and and you can do in big ones right now this is a big center
    so he's going to take
    my pedals
    humankind intended is first says
    the actual pedal as you can just be careful because they are great couple
    i mean they're pretty pliable
    points you you know what's there dr dot
    through characters
    so you can do i mean
    one can always turn
    what i'd like to do so i don't have as much tape
    services and see because i want to try to get at least details
    on the floor and taste
    and then you can convince
    and fix the sentenced
    so that's what it looks like
    to dictate
    this is like floral tape this came in and i will take it
    so and it's
    be safe and free trade safe at the ladies
    balloting or they were
    happened there
    so use wire wrap it around just a few times just to get it sad to say
    and so now i have
    in you can you know
    manipulate the citadel
    eugene close and you can open and however you want you know you can't open
    it up a little bit if you are
    and one of the and three and four
    next level
    and what i do as i kinda at everywhere
    where the flower
    separation is between the two titles
    so i did the same thing aside after three
    titles of the time
    began u_n_ do that we're
    where the gap would be
    never talk a little different so you know you can't see s
    because she is the way he was that uh...
    to look beyond
    fairly less fairly hello everyone
    such as swimming team
    here's this woman
    now i'm going to take these three m
    detroit's have it taped in december and just a few times just and stabilize it
    and then you can do different
    so that six he can make a seven or eight
    makes six catalyst for pedals however
    worry when
    try to get these little
    and seven comeback campaign be so ever to be worried about the center of it
    right at the same
    then i think that night just asked
    you just said that they would then see where insulin that's
    and then when she have a mall
    all the titles that you want
    might see you and protect
    do this spirit this phrase you can without tearing up
    first uh...
    and taking all the way down
    just keeps missing
    make sure all the
    wire insti
    and then when she does just pulling up the for the rest of the ball
    there you can
    when she had the story one that you can't find that they wait there
    and there is your plan org
    time and then continued to make some more release
    small mins
    so you can happen if i am i think you need a turf battles and just is
    for finals
    prison inmates smaller part however you want i mean there's unless
    just a very careful with the titles
    they are delicate
    and that you can
    along pretty well *** *** How to Make a Gumpaste Magnolia (Part 1 of 3) - YouTube !!!
    hi rushing under custom cakes in Savannah Georgia
    and today I'm going to show you how we make our southern magnolias
    here are the tools and supplies needed to make the center
    the magnolias first to start a fam some gun glue
    cornstarch house shortening
    gauge wire
    wire cutters
    known as pliers
    a small power at night
    size guide and a pair of small sharp pointed scissors
    using the wire cutters I'm gonna cut the wire into three equal parts
    and with my real nose pliers I'm gonna put a hut
    any and at the wire
    take your fifty
    Asian a fondant gumpaste needed into a ball using your size guide place the
    ball into the size

    making sure that two-thirds of the ball is about the whole
    I have a size

    a roll into a ball
    and now I'm going to use the side might harm
    and my hand and make it into account
    flatten it out a little bit K
    so it looks like that me take my wire
    with the hook but just a little better can clip
    on the edge take up the excess
    answered it's about halfway
    into you account
    now I'm gonna format around
    the wire
    so it looks something like this:
    using your palette knife makes ridge's around the bottom two-thirds of the town
    not 2d to cut the pay but light enough to still leave a mark
    right now we're gonna make are cuts in the top third at that kinda
    but your scissors into the pace just a little bit
    and then cut and you want to make your cuts
    all the way around in line pecan snippet
    and keep turning until you get to the original cut
    and we want to do this but
    cuts so we're gonna go around Inc roll down Kurlander
    now we're gonna make our second line of cuts and we're gonna come up slightly
    and cut in between where we had cut the first time
    again we're going to turn down the edges chrome over
    and then kurland down so we want to try to get him as Curly
    as we can
    now on the 3rd will go up a little bit and
    began again same as we did before now if you're
    scissors are getting a little sticky you can always liked them off with some
    and that will prevent the gum paste from sticking to it for the
    cut it around until we reach our starting point
    and then curl girl down
    column over chrome damn
    and now we're gonna do it against be the fourth line
    just keep cutting and take all the way around
    chrome outer
    an anchor on damn and you can see if we were using all gumpaste incident the

    how this would be much more challenging so now we've got a little bit more
    time to work with and we can really make our curls look good
    gonna cut some more
    all the way around you can
    and then just chrome over and curl
    damn now we just have the sole top he slapped
    so go ahead and cut all arrested in a call it
    rested your cuts now you're getting
    your piece right middle chrome over
    chrome down alright that's what we want it to look like *** *** How to Make Sugar Flower Anemones : Wedding Cakes - YouTube !!!
    old this
    I am Andrea with under an eclipse cakes here in Portland Oregon and I'm going to
    teach you how to make
    a sugar flour an enemy all right we're making a sugar foreign enemies so what
    we need to do
    is start with the various parts at the flower we're going to make the pedal
    we're going to make the center and then we're going to add
    these stamens around the outside
    I'm so we're gonna start making that's on all these things are going to need to
    overnight before you sampled the entire floor at the end
    so we're gonna start with that center and you're going to need some black
    gumpaste you can just buy regular gumpaste dye it black with
    some gel paste or you should be able to buy blacktop East
    store and and used to take tiny tiny amount kind of a large
    just with a large gum ball size
    and that's gonna depend on your cutters
    what I'm gonna do that's kinda the size that i won right there
    and we're gonna take take this fall put it in our hands
    right near palms and really kinda tightly put some pressure on their road
    gonna get a nice round ball and then just kinda slowly
    release some pressure looks like I've got a nice
    perfect clean smooth ball pay so you don't have any imperfections and
    miss set that aside but this is a japanese wire you can buy the site
    cake supply stores or online for cake decorating
    and flower making the japanese wire is
    stickers stronger I'm gonna use that for the wire
    for the center at the flower so that's also cut into five-inch
    I'm gonna take my Flyers and just make
    which got that right there on the edge and just make a little
    hawk and that's going to keep that pace from falling off up there just a little
    ok with it you want me in
    I'm gonna dip this hook just little bit in there
    you don't want too much clothes I get messy a wipe off the excess on my wrist
    and I'm in a very very carefully hook
    that ball right there
    now in a shape that kinda get a flat base
    just make sure it's nice and sicker secure on their not get the subtle hoped
    on the wire now the way do you get that text her on the center
    is using a very very fine
    sister at this tiny little scissors they is for sewing and what I'm gonna do
    is hold this in my hand and slowly spin it around and what you want to do is
    just kinda give
    cuts tiny little cuts be very very careful
    ago on that outside on the go continue on inside wanna get all covered
    get a nice little slice shape it
    so it looks so it's nice that hook isn't sticking out anywhere
    never got that's our center right there
    can see how it's got that text your honor but it's still nice and secure on
    the hook
    so that's part one you can stick that in styrofoam
    so they can drive overnights
    next step is creating the stamens so you can purchase these Lily stamens again
    online for any Kenia flower making store
    and usually you'll get them in white or yellow
    it's not often that you'll find them with a white base and the black
    a statement so I end up painting is hand painting knees
    myself if you can find them like this go ahead by in like that
    it'll save you a lot of work so these are prepared ahead a time
    so I've got say about

    and when I like to color with because it dries nicely
    and adheres is actually air brush colors
    I'm not campaign all these but I'll show you what I do a grab these
    and I'll grab a paintbrush on your brush paint that
    just that the lands don't got it on
    for its gonna get clumpy that's it
    you got your black statements okay let us out to dry on a nice piece of film
    that's going to take some time to dry as well
    you want to do all of these okay
    set that aside so once those are drying you got your center drying
    we're working on the center let's start working on the pedals
    the flower alright so we can take small amount were only making one flower here
    gonna work it
    communities are loose at rolling pin
    roll that out
    now this is something you can do by hand with your pen and cut it
    but once again I recommend if you're into working
    with flowers sugar flowers I would recommend getting yourself
    motor for pasta machine so mmm
    my pastor he never hear
    know at that pace again I even I think it has
    now this is to about four or so
    on my pasta machine every pasta machine is different what you want
    is I like to call panel thickness basically you want to be the place to be
    rolled out
    than enough that it's delicate but not something that you can't answer to wire
    and work with it so fine what's comfortable for you so you got a nice
    thin layer here we're gonna take our cutters
    these are and cutters that I shaped into an enemy cutters actually work
    originally foreign enemies
    there's a cutter for every single flower out there and
    trying use one cutter for multiple flowers if you think that you can
    because they can get expensive over time
    but and what you want to do is cut out your health
    and as you can see from this flower got three larger inner petals and three
    smaller outer petals and one good tip to is always cut
    one extra each petal you never know something is going to break new
    you don't wanna find urself assembling flowers and missing at missing a paddle
    so before you work with your cutters go ahead and but a little bit that
    shortening on their make sure you get a nice clean-cut don't leave the sitting
    out too long it will dry out
    okay got are large cattle
    alright so we've got these nice title so we've put together
    we've got three large
    and three of the smaller ones for the outer portion try not to let that dry
    out at this point you need to work pretty quickly
    I've got my
    I've got my six wires here there at the
    gauge like %uh
    into five inches these were not hot that's very important what you want to
    do is take their your sugar glue
    just dip that and in their I just like to use my rest for this
    and just because it's there all the time clean it off you know when a lot of
    excess glue
    hold this between your thumb
    and your middle finger at the base of the pedal and you're gonna
    very carefully insert that wire right into the center
    that pedal and you want to go about and I know a quarter of an inch or so
    page that they so it's nice and secure mmm
    and then laid out undersell pad hey this is a nice
    spongy pad that you can be able to work with with your paste
    then you're using a ball tool
    I like to use its kinda medium-size baugh and you just gonna very carefully
    no's edges up the paddle okay we need to do that again
    thank because it is freaking hot and this is melting
    I me on one sec so just do another one
    get back Wow really quite different working in this heat
    okay are water
    see if the smart my
    okay alright
    and we're gonna send this very very gently around the edge
    that thing really makes the flower much more delicate looking and more realistic
    siphon that now I got my wire in there
    now I'm going to take my flower Press and this
    press these presses you wanna two-sided Press so what we want to do is very very
    lay that in there make sure your wires at the base
    and I'm gonna put that top on their and gently press
    just so I can get that being right there
    see our picks up on that beautiful texture nominee carefully carefully left
    that out
    makes you catch that edge again
    it's nice and tight and then ima take this and I'm delay it in my
    a mold this is the sponsor also in cake supply stores they use them for
    exit Easter time and they're great for drying
    flower petals I'm so you can get these in various sizes company in sizing
    I'm laying that pedal in there with this part hanging up towards the smaller
    portion of the a
    I'm just gonna cut it then that wire so it's nice and stable
    and then ima let that dry in there once again
    overnight you want this to be nice and dry so
    we're here the next day everything is dry so we've got
    are nice dry stamens our center of the flower
    are three outer petals free in our paddles
    where to put it all together using floral tape
    night so the stuff comes in different colors I like the dark green for this
    as you pull it its gonna stretch on you and tighten up around the flower
    so I'm gonna take all those stamens again you don't need to be sitting there
    exactly how many stains are in each flower just do what
    seems to look pretty to you I would say I've got probably about
    or so here
    and they gather those together in my fingers
    and then ima take that center that's nice and dry and stick
    right in the middle now many use my fingers to kind of bend
    the stamens out so they form a nice little ring around that Center
    the CEO's kinda surrounding that
    no use my floral take
    to secure those two that center
    this can be a little bit tricky to keep them from moving around but you'll just
    alright so now what we're gonna do is make sure that we start with those three
    larger pedals and then we're gonna add those outer petals there is
    and importance to the order in which you put the petals on the flower don't try
    and put them around in order you my pic
    than three outer petals so these are nice and dry
    above the it mauled and their
    easy to work with now another not gonna break you wanna pinch right there that
    they said it
    see get a nice ninety degree angle between the wire
    and the paddle I'm gonna put that
    right there on the flour and ima start
    using my floral tape to tie on
    each of these pedals this is really the fun part because you get to kind of see
    all that work and see how it all comes together and how beautiful I can really
    so natalie's pedals turned out to just loop and loop that floral tape around
    because that just creates a thicker stem which is not very realistic either so
    train just add a little floral tape at a paddle
    loop it around a little bit you just want to be secure but don't overdo it
    with a floral tape
    okay so there you go got that in again agree that ninety degree angle
    I'm just gonna stick that in right there
    this looks very delicate and yes you should handle it delicately but
    sugar flowers if made properly are really is delicate
    as all that depending on what they are you can you should be able to handle
    they should be able to be worked with if they're to delegate
    I'm sure they're beautiful but they're not very practical for working with
    wedding cakes
    spent that third on their
    after once and then you just basically once you got all those pedals on just go
    ahead and continue that floral tape and slowly slowly
    but very tightly start working down that stem
    and as you reach the base
    just keep twisting
    kinda pinch that of there you go
    got a beautiful sugar flour and
    me and a final touch to this the really really make something
    especially realistic is adding a little bit shading and depth to things
    so I like to work with luster dust are dusting powders
    this is an A like in a lime green and
    and you can just take a little better this work directly under there if you
    want just it
    at a little shading if you find it summer that kinda get some more the
    flower that's fine too
    and that is how you make sugar flour an enemy
    face *** ***

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