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    Will It Ice Cream Sandwich? - Taste Test - YouTube !!!
    willette Ice Cream Sandwich let's find out
    good mythical morning
    as you know we hear a good mythical morning tackle that deeper
    issues have life today is no different today we answer the question
    will let ice cream sammich now
    in the video to be released on the Red Lake channel last week I'm on vacation
    our job our day job was working and Ice Cream Sandwich factory because you know
    that's a job that exists
    and I we became so improper the process a making ice cream sandwiches that we
    got interested
    in experimenting with other things to make ice cream sandwiches outta
    hence the game that we're about to play the challenge or about to do well
    ed Ice Cream Sandwich we've got an assortment of things
    I get increasingly crazy and well
    will seek you know and feel free to play along a home
    now or later I after we go through this
    you may or may not wanna give it a shot alright
    for service over something that I'm pretty excited about this
    is not frozen peanut butter
    so peanut butter wafers saw him grab made completely home
    get new has a lot ugg good jar of peanut butter
    unease wanton Wow so
    the question as frozen peanut butter well
    ed Ice Cream Sandwich I came I'm not to buy the site cuz I can't get to the ice
    any other way guy here again open man
    hmm mmm me sell the dead body
    well i've me know yappin yeah I want a more this
    there's so much left the it ice cream sandwich them go
    we should you get really am
    will messing peanut butter for move on to next okay there we go
    %uh that's good good idea so far so good
    of course this is the Internet we have to bring in bacon
    we got some woven baking here from mmm
    meyer et MME T up your arm your bank in here we can check that out guys
    I mean you get hungry action we know the answer to this one
    well and Ice Prince Edward ish hair
    he would go new
    learn not the bacon mama no ice cream
    lhasa gunness sandwiched together will and ice cream sammich
    at yeah I A many times over
    save that for later i likey
    I love being on this is so this is the best day of my life
    alright this one looks a little different I'll ladies and gentlemen
    this is just big blocks up Jeter cheese pick one
    and a report now we gotta make him a little smaller but why
    why would you do that well heads Ice Cream Sandwich
    for those of you who are lactose intolerant I do not recommend the cheese
    ice cream sandwich
    but I am NOT cry now home
    the large your mouth
    sharpener and into my dream about us outlet teeth
    gonna that a lot and Jerry in this one
    we'll mmm the Jew sticks with you the ice cream completely dissolved in the
    near Lakewood
    on her cheek upmarket reply I've never had as much easier now that one
    ever when you can blame him a little bit yeah
    well there's something special about this I'm not lying to you
    moon I'm a fan and
    will that ice cream sammich not Ange
    okay so that's a maybe cuz I think so me you can catch me alone late at night
    was one other for you what you in a second bite and watching late night
    programming with my cheese ice cream Sam
    ok I'll up very product ma'am I so now
    maybe you'd maybe wanna go light on the bread products we get it
    you wanna go a little protein style our low carbing it you can do that yeah
    protein style ice cream sammich here we go
    unrivaled ice cream ball in there you go well
    ed Ice Cream Sandwich
    one on
    home a on sino
    we've cabbage not left cell pellet
    good morning Tricia by your pride in their produce a little better just bear
    with us
    national parties are still low carb can because I have cards and in
    micah is like having that's the twist ice cream in small
    it's not bad at another by clap for you feels like I'm health at home helping
    yeah the puppy not
    health yourself helped ourselves help yourself with a protein style
    Ice Cream Sandwich will and Ice Cream Sandwich yes
    do try that on KNM now on
    alan's good aren't tell Michelle Obama bout that she's trying to do this
    nutrition kick
    now are going a little number get a little I'm
    creative here the should be together actually yet though
    were taken the eggs is like a devil site was like a boiled eggs college
    why I'm is called a whiteout style so there's so there's ice cream
    it's a deviled egg base ETA yolk it's got ice cream and yet the that someone
    open and you have to eat the whole thing and one by it's like
    a likely to see
    well ed Ice Cream Sandwich
    to wanna mmm
    he I love gag grouper
    no my body saying no to the pop-up
    grow minus and yes though
    who got I keep on the Via got done with dinner now
    August I'm I'm about Obama IdeaPad
    I gotta eggshell demanded ok
    gross I love measure the
    I have up will eat ice cream say oh it's I
    um alright now we're moving back into
    well we're moving further and a weird territory here now I got high hopes for
    this one
    this is to see we man this is this this is seaweed is what the roll sushi and
    in this is gonna be a big hit all the sushi restaurant after we get through
    doing this
    I'll you know it's kinda nice texture to it Mira los much here
    and you can get a all round ago well and
    ice cream said we're sure it stinks was good work
    cash is my body lotion be part of the ocean three to
    one from me
    the greatest better Island blue
    I just been a a decomposing fish
    with ice cream in the mail who knew decompose we have that
    oh I just don't like silly at all oh my goodness
    I think if you like seaweed that's not bad do
    but they don't put a lot of their products in Asian food on migration is a
    reason for their
    will eat ice cream sammich and
    that bad you had a good look to Adam alright kids gather round is the dream
    you've always wanted
    Ice Cream Sandwich crayons now
    hear it good mythical morning if something is labeled non-toxic
    you might as well label it the lead on good mythical morning edible
    so these are melted crayons them molded and Ice Cream Sandwich
    I don't know if I'm gonna be all get this down be honest with surprisingly
    easy IMO and microwave hardens really good is for the kids
    after if they don't finish it all again drawl on the
    on the placemat Monday with a cracker
    well and Ice Cream Sandwich how the argument to you through this
    you could come in the same color so 3 get used to it here
    world the crayon a strong
    a crapload very strong
    your work it's not bad
    grow gone grocer another ice cream
    in it is really good your knife in part because I should have dry ice cream
    coffee goes away
    so quick active that you shop
    to swallow a little bit aryan really
    in how to go about it here over good about the portion that swallowed
    mmm min
    in little know the caller's
    Gruffudd might turn in a purple
    month only when I read but gonna puke green very appropriately
    on your turn in a purple can see it
    oh wow yeah in what we can make artists
    you give us two different types about other which %um up
    me spit on campuses will that ice cream sammich
    now and up for you as a fine art project
    %uh map okay what do you go after crayons you go back to nature people
    your rip some bark of a tree pang Bart Ice Cream Sandwich
    now will say that the internet here on earth these are the to swirl here who's
    here is that ok
    to school like a raccoon here these are the most
    Ice Cream Sandwich light ice cream sandwiches in terms of their parents
    I mean look at that if I didn't know if I can look twice admitted her chocolate
    but it's not as pine bark tell yourself to
    I think I know the answer to this one well and Ice Prince Edward H
    again ice cream is really good it really hold the phone until it's gone
    in out on
    okay to bark is really coming through now look a little more ice cream
    mmm just not have had potential like
    he'd Obama hamster cage which it Iran could be work
    you could be mayor crayon
    I very dry good a little dry and
    I mean to that we recommend you Nash
    is like getting great night without milk

    in a kinda made us like a
    is going down now it's about making paper in my mouth
    my the first ever making papers sure not bark
    this is morally wrong
    I think I'm laying a little bit is a multi a good
    your what but a surprisingly easy to swallow mean
    mine's gone it now
    you know I will have to reverse my hubby in it all day
    I'm the best will emerge Cream Sandwich yes
    yeah I mean if you're in a survival situation and now I'm
    now you know people thanks for liking and commenting on it video up
    you know it sa bit
    it's been a week press release I'm on vacation on the rattling
    panel music video go watch it again okay for the first time good click to commit
    them all over yet the crew to eat
    Assamese remaining concoction it'll be fun
    for me rat is obsessed with using
    jazz hands yeah are you feeling after I get
    at their after eating all that I love that bark Barack is the best part to
    savour ash Wed
    way are you here okay with ways iraq I
    what are you doing with your hands on knot's whatever
    feels good I do what feels good man is where everybody should do
    and that feels good yeah can I give it a shot
    we is my thing I think I can do
    who it does feel good item that you had to write
    cue it now before you head out that way you created help
    right on all their and will be needed it's gonna be read
    it's just gonna be read *** *** CMN - CHIC119: Chocolate & Ice Sculpting - YouTube !!!
    lol she by kisses show townhome
    I'm glad you join us today and I feel special a video project Korea
    a chef Christian for a business couple weeks back and
    lunches and stuff lucia him and
    Karstens and my developmentally
    amazing wonderful things for the bay sell me back
    throughout the year I cast the world
    to sprinkle in some comments for you but right now I enjoy
    show Christian and his visit to Chicago
    they sell you the I so wanna tell me about your visit here in Chicago
    doing my
    the only good one
    I for the night with money
    that was fine with that and it didn't do well so
    I to do anything goldblum
    well thank you lunch bag I
    man who broke
    but should question comes and visits s the well he's been here took twice he
    does from
    Ottawa Canada and what does really nice is the closest to the cordon bleu
    a North America send somebody out sluts Eliza
    christianson has other folks %uh to
    to work with this its cool illiteracy is
    ship Christian working with us I am in the kitchen
    mostly the instructors bothersome lucky students there who are
    joining this but melius instructors so our
    this is Jeff Christian working his magic and some some smaller
    petr force a celos press could he is there it's a macarons
    and those will be ready for our buffet
    I just see later in a podcast this is chef for Christian working with my
    for my last last year due to plated desserts class
    and you'll see that the up decorations
    very beautiful he is a lot of phone temper chocolate
    on his plate which is Candyce I he does some fruits culture
    and the is just something beautiful stuff who does
    but again well it is very simple stuff though not not overly
    something I have a friendly yet make
    well know that well
    working with it
    go home money
    the whole truth and nothing but be mindful home
    the home about

    with I
    the the run visit
    sure Christian the sure is a magic he does with the
    place kosher and Shefford wrote a really interesting link
    a swine and again there was a good for
    St he makes
    up but today he did to us one for our birthday
    and uses the chainsaws and
    chisels an orgasm all too easy there and the
    it took him proudly %uh and a half or so to
    to make a beautiful structure of this one and
    he just goes and that they say crazy he really care for personal use in a
    chainsaw don't try this at home kids
    did he's a pro enjoy
    different breed
    deal do you
    the do
    the next up is a buffet that we did the Jeff commissioners known for his
    peta foresee see here this issue beautiful piece in this work
    and then we put all the chefs torque to and all the fish s up with a beautiful
    I Chef John with his the chocolate fountain a man all kinds a good food and
    stuff that you just Napoli's
    a lot of it done by Chef preciso you see here
    so and there's a lovely display at her flowers fresher John
    his excellent arranger agency leader in the
    podcast chef Christian course work with us this
    and is really ultimately why we're we have these are things as in crazy that
    just by venture maryland there they deserve
    you know really this is the best thing for the students to did she see ships
    working there
    together as we do in their natural habitat
    than d
    the new it
    love our hey I'm
    moral I
    I love his work okay
    don't know I know okay
    want to
    farm happen
    world show be oh my
    here all
    wrong ball do
    me *** *** Ultimate Ice Sculpting Challenge - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    - Today we sculpt each other out of ice. - Let's talk about that!
    ♪ (theme music) ♪
    - Gooooooood Mythical Morning! - When you're an internetainer, you gotta
    prepare for the day when nobody cares enough anymore to click on your face.
    - It's what you do. - So, as you guys know, we've been going
    out into the world to search for what else we might be good at with a little help
    - from our friends at - (both) Geico!
    - It's time to take another field trip. - This week we decided we should try
    to be cool for once and explore the world of ice sculpting. It's time for--
    - (both) The Backup Plan. - ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
    (Rhett over epic music) Have you ever looked at a piece of ice and thought,
    "There's a swan in there waiting to fly out."
    (Link) No, I usually just submerge it in a beverage. But that changed when
    I met Roland and Dan from a business that's named exactly what they do:
    - Carving Ice. - ♪ (music swells and ends) ♪
    (Link) So, you are the ice sculpture master?
    Yeah, we're actually looking forward to having you guys in the freezer today.
    - You're gonna put us on ice. - Basically, yeah.
    Are you gonna do that all day? You gonna do ice puns?
    Now, who is this fine feline over here? Check this out. This is a lion.
    - I think it's a tiger. - Oh, is it?
    When somebody says, "I need this tiger to look like a tiger," they call us.
    And when you need a tiger to look like a lion, you call Link.
    - Yeah! - So, basically, we make internet videos.
    That's what we do. I don't know much else. I don't know the difference between a lion
    and a tiger, but if our job falls through, we want to know we can sculpt ice.
    Well you came to the right place.
    - To the Cave! You call it the Cave? - Ah, yeah, the Ice Cave. C'mon in.
    (Rhett) Yeah, let's call it the Ice Cave today.
    - ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ - Wooo hoo hoo hoooo!
    - (Roland) Welcome to the Ice Room! - It's cold in here!
    - (Rhett) It was really cold in there. - (Link)
    degrees, to be exact.
    (Rhett) We bundled up and returned to the Ice Cave.
    It is frigid in here, man!
    These two wonderful weapons I'm gonna show you guys. These are really cool.
    You guys could film a horror movie in here!
    - Aw, yeah! Workin' up a sweat! - A sweat that's immediately freezing!
    - Okay. - Oh, wow.
    - Whoa, look! - (Roland) Yeah, they're very sharp.
    I'm a natural! Did you see how easily I did that? It's like butter!
    You ever sculpt with butter? 'Cause that's the one thing that I actually thought
    about getting into at one time. Is there something special about the ice?
    Is it like-- you use a different kind of water?
    We use an RO system. So, reverse osmosis in the water. It's better than bottled water.
    - What if I lick it? - Ooh, ooh!
    - I can taste the reverse osmosis, Link! - (Roland laughs)
    - (drills) - (Link) Oh! Whoah!
    (Rhett laughs)
    - (Rhett) You spelled... "Limk!" - Link, that's my name.
    - "Limk." - No, that's an N.
    It's cursive; don't you know cursive?
    - (drills) - (Rhett laughs)
    Okay, all right, there we go.
    Oh, man!
    - It's like a snow cone. - (Link) Look at that!
    Do you ever add flavor? You should look into that.
    (grinds) Rrrrah! Rrrrah! Rrrrrah! Hadouken! Hadouken!
    This guy is... a little accident prone.
    It's, ah... it's not easy!
    - And then... we lick it. - You can lick it, yeah.
    That's the finishing touch.
    Yeah, that's how you smooth it out.
    We're dead!
    I can't feel my toes or my fingertips or my nose, but I think there's, like,
    icicles forming inside of there. Am I gonna lose a toe?
    As long as he doesn't have the chainsaw, you'll be okay.
    - Good point. - (Rhett) So we've seen the techniques,
    but I wanna see what you're capable of. We have a mascot for the show;
    - it's a cockatrice. - A mythical chicken, basically.
    - A fire-breathing chicken. - I think the chicken would be really cool.
    Yeah, I think we can knock that out for you guys.
    - A cockatrice is in here. - It's in here.
    - Just gotta find it! - I will find that cockatrice.
    - (Rhett) Whoah, okay. All right. - (all grunting)
    - (Rhett) Oh, whoa! - (Roland) Oh, oh, oh, that's what we
    - didn't want. Now lift, lift, lift... - (Rhett) Yeah! YEAH!
    (Link) You ever made a mythical rooster before?
    (sighs) You know what? This will be my first.
    (Roland) Watch your hands.
    (Rhett) That's Belvedere, Link.
    (Rhett and Link) Whoa, oh!
    (Roland) Yep.
    (Rhett) Whoa, Link!
    (Roland) All right, that's enough.
    (Link) Seeing Roland turn a simple block of ice into Belvedere inspired us to get
    our hands dirty. And by "dirty," I mean cold.
    - (Rhett) Whoa! - (Dan) Ta-da!
    - Amazing, dude! - (Rhett) Belvedere has come to life!
    - Could not have done it without you guys. - (Link) Watching.
    (Rhett) It was time for us to embark on the Ultimate Ice Bust Battle.
    - (Link) Now it's our turn. - Too bad I don't look more like a chicken.
    - That would be helpful. - We have devised a challenge!
    Each one of us has a block of ice and within that block of ice there is a
    sculpture of each one of us. Inside my block of ice, there is a sculpture of Link,
    and inside of Link's block of ice, there is a sculpture of me.
    What's at stake is being able to destroy the cockatrice.
    (rooster crows)
    And only one of us is gonna be able to do that by making the better bust.
    - Let's get busted! - (Link) Let the challenge begin... now!
    Can you take your toboggan off for just a second?
    - No, man, it's too cold! - All right. I'm kinda starting with a...
    an outline of Link as I see him. He looks a little like Darth Vader at this point.
    You look like Gile, and I look like whoever that guy is from Mortal Kombat
    with the symbol on his head.
    Dang, man, I need that chainsaw!
    (Rhett saws) Yeah! Look at that, Link! You're gettin' it in the head, Link!
    Yeah, Link! Take a look at that, Link! That's not you!
    Let me see a little profile!
    (Link) Turn sideways! Okay, okay.
    - (laughs triumphantly) - Hey, give me a turn with it!
    The eyebrows are key. So I know if I get the eyebrows and the nose right,
    everything else will fall into place. (drills) This is so fun, Dan!
    ♪ (epic music) ♪
    - You still over there? - I think I'm done!
    Lemme brush it off. Prepare the winner for its viewing.
    I got something nice cooking over here. It looks like you got a Flintstone Vitamin
    - cooking over there. - (laughs)
    (Rhett) We each thought we had the better piece, but we needed a professional to
    settle the score. We're gonna check out Link's first.
    ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
    - I don't have any ears! - You never listen to me anyway.
    (Rhett) I look like either a villager from Minecraft or an Easter Island statue.
    I like what you did with the hair. The hair is-- whoops!
    - What? C'mon, dude! - (laughs)
    - (Dan) Looks like a Greek god. - Whoa, no, not a Greek god.
    - Just a Greek dude. - (Rhett) And why am I crying?
    Because you're gonna lose. All right, let's see the competition!
    All right, let's go see what we got.
    (Link) Just from the back, I can tell this is kind of a fail.
    - What? Kind of a fail? - (laughs)
    - It looks like a third grader drawing! - (Rhett) I mean, I captured a lot of your
    characteristics! I got the wings, which you can't see right now but you got
    some serious wings. I got the glasses, which are a signature feature, and I got
    your very large Adam's Apple. Show 'em that Adam's Apple! You've been covering it
    up all day, but he's got a very large Adam's Apple.
    As it starts to melt, you picked up on the features that people are gonna
    - catch on. - (Link) It's Velma from Scooby Doo!
    I think you look like a futuristic George Washington. If, like, our country had been
    - founded in the year 2075... - By Darth Vader, yes.
    Okay, I think we figured it out. I really love this one, but I really really love
    - that one. - (laughs) So that's it?
    - You would be the victor. - I would be the victor!
    - Absolutely. - Yes! Haha!
    (Link) I won, and that means I get to destroy Belvedere by giving him a taste
    of his own medicine: fire.
    ♪ (rock music) ♪
    ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
    Well, if ice sculpture destruction was a job, maybe we would have a place there,
    but I think we're gonna continue to be internetainers for the time being.
    Thanks to Geico for sponsoring this episode. Go to Geico.com where

    minutes can save you
    percent or more on your car insurance.
    And thanks to you for liking, commenting, and subscribing.
    You know what time it is.
    (speaking over sirens) I'm Bill from South Amboy, New Jersey,
    and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality!
    Remember, you can pick up my beard oil and Link's lip balm only at
    - RhettandLink.com/store! - Peculiarly perfect peanut butter
    peppermint lip balm! You gotta try it! Click through to Good Mythical More.
    We've invented a card game for Halloween called Spook Off!
    Uh oh.
    (Rhett) In a world where spaghetti means fettucini.
    (dramatically) In a world.... where spaghetti means fettucini.
    (dramatically) One woman goes to her favorite Italian restaurant and orders
    - the fettucini. - Lo and behold, she got spaghetti--
    - What is she gonna do? - And she's like, "What? This is spaghetti!"
    But then she's like, "No, I'm in a world where spaghetti means fettucini."
    - "It all makes sense." - But she goes on a tirade inventing all
    - types of weaponry. - In theaters Christmas
    - Carnage. Destruction. Spaghetti. - (both) Fettucini.
    [Captioned by Caitrin: GMM Captioning Team] *** *** Amazing chocolate fountain with dipping to make a function memorable - YouTube !!! *** *** ice sculpture - wedding - YouTube !!!
    now we r
    Swan based culture all Haan kar
    as many different ice.com as you can I'll
    from as well as female hardcore drug a.m.
    the wedding thing you know swarms of love heart anything you think of you can
    think of the team
    and it can be carved into high ice let it be a corporate logo
    or just give us a ring
    most of it from them *** *** MAGICAL ICE DROP PANNA COTTA DESSERT RECIPE How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to HowToCookThat, I'm Ann Reardon and this is The Sweetest Thing.
    This is a new series that I'm doing on my channel and I'm on a mission to find other
    people who are as crazy about desserts as I am.
    Today we are going to make this incredible dessert, it looks amazing and it's inside
    this ice tear drop which looks impossible to make but it's really not that hard to create.
    Everyone has the potential to be creative but often they're just too nervous or too
    scared to try.
    We had no TV for ages when I was growing up so me and my sister always had to come up
    with creative ideas to keep ourselves occupied. So one summer day it was really, really hot
    and we found this sheet of corrugated iron in the backyard and we thought this will make
    the best slippery slide ever.
    So we put it on a slope and then we got the dishwashing detergent and we squirted that
    all over it and then we went and got the hose and just sprayed the hose on. Being the youngest
    I was super excited, I went 'I'm going first' and I ran down and locked my elbows into the
    grooves and slid down super fast.
    The only problem was it was old corrugated iron that we'd found in the backyard and it
    had been used before and where the nails had been hammered through and then pulled out,
    there were like these jagged pieces of metal sticking up so you can imagine what happened
    next. It was just like blood and Mum! And tears and then she fixed it all up, bandaids,
    I still have got scars on my elbows from it. And then we were on to the next adventure.
    I think being bored as a kid actually forces you to be creative. Whenever we would say
    I'm bored Mum, she'd say 'occupy yourself' so we'd go and think of something to do.
    So I used to love drawing, I still love painting. A little while ago, I did this painting which
    is actually a forgery of a Normal Rockwell painting called The Runaway, which Jedd really
    likes now because he likes policemen. He says he looks at this painting in the morning and
    looks at the policeman talking to the little boy.
    And I also did this other one which you've probably seen on my kitchen wall before which
    is my version of a family tree and it's got different things on there that represent different
    people in our family. So it's got the typewriter there because Dave is a writer, he used to
    be a journalist, he's writing a novel. And it's got some poems that my kids did and it's
    got a little footprint from Jedd because he was too little to write when I did it. And
    then it's got some cooking stuff of course for me because that's what I do.
    And that's where most of my creative time and energy and passions go now, into making
    creative cakes and designing recipes and then turning them into fun videos.
    I'm always on the look out for other artistic and creative people who are doing new things,
    they're not just copying everyone else.
    So I was really excited when I found Mike Belcher's feed on Instagram because he had
    some cool looking desserts on his feed.
    So we're going to fly to Melbourne and go and check them out.
    Thanks for coming down and visiting us.
    This is like an ice crystal sculpture around the dessert, how on earth do you make that.
    It's pretty simply once you break it down to stages. So we have just a normal balloon,
    we're going to fill it up at the tap. So we are just going to remove that air pocket so
    you get a really nice long stem that comes all the way up.
    And then we are hang it from a piece of string and set it in the freezer. If you want to
    have a flat bottom you can have a tray and that will flatten off the bottom here.
    So this is frozen but not all the way through ... and just like that. So what we do is remove
    our balloon.
    That is beautiful. It looks like a glass sculpture.
    So now we need a blowtorch and we are going to hit it bang in the middle. We are just
    going to release all this water which is going to make it a lot easier to open it up and
    create a nice big cavity.
    Beautiful, so we put that back in the freezer and then move onto the vanilla bean panna
    cotta. What are the ingredients for that one?
    So we've got water to hydrate our gelatine, we have our gelatine, milk, castor sugar,
    vanilla bean and we also have our 35% full cream.
    I'll put all of the recipe quantities on the HowToCookThat.net website in grams, and ounces
    and cups and I'll add a link to that below.
    What do we do first?
    We are going to put our cream into the saucepan, take it to bit of a simmer. Dissolve the sugar.
    We need to scrape out the seeds and we are going to put that straight in. And get a bit
    of heat going through our vanilla bean so it starts releasing the flavour.
    While that's coming to a gentle simmer, we are going to start hydrating our gelatine.
    Put it in the there. We are going to remove it and we are going to add a little bit of
    our milk.
    Probably like a third.
    We are going to get our gelatine, that's going to go into our warm cream.
    Just stir it until it's melted. Do you want the rest of this milk?
    That can go all at once.
    And then tip it into the glasses.
    The whole idea of a good panna cotta is that it should just be set. As it's on your spoon
    it should have a gentle wobble to it, it shouldn't be firm. When it hops in your mouth it should
    just dissolve.
    So just melt in the mouth.
    Okay so now for that juicy compressed pineapple, what do we need?
    So we've got a vac pack bag here, we'll just open this up. I've got my diced pineapple
    which we are just going to put straight in, I've got our star anise and we are also going
    to put our leftover vanilla bean from the panna cotta. So that's going to go in.
    So nothing's wasted.
    We're going to get the most bang for our buck out of that vanilla bean. The sugar is really
    to taste, it just goes in.
    Then for us we'll put it under the vacuum and seal it all up.
    If you don't have a vac pack or sousvide at home you can just use a food safe watertight
    plastic bag and submerge that in a pot of warm water for about
    minutes and then take
    it out and leave it in the fridge overnight for those flavours to infuse.
    This bit we're making the mango spheres which I like because they just pop in your mouth.
    What is going in these?
    We have our calcium gluconolactate, we have our castor sugar and we have our mango and
    lime puree.
    What's the purpose of the calcium salts in this?
    All that does is helps create the skin on the sphere, so we need to have the right amount
    of calcium to cause a reaction with the sodium alginate in our bath. It's just a matter of
    combining all our ingredients together.
    Okay so we've got a mango, a nice bit of sweetness and a lime for a little bit of acidity.
    So now we are just going to pour them into the mould. These are really creative desserts
    that you're making, you obviously like the creative side of food?
    Definitely with pastry, I think there's a lot more scope for creativity. We like to
    play and we like to create experiences that people can have a bit of interaction with
    the desserts.
    And this is going into the freezer until it's solid, is that right?
    Yeah it has to be completely solid, so you can mould it.
    To make the gel around the outside we have to make another part don't we ?
    Exactly we need to make the bath. So what we have here is our sodium alginate so that
    is what's going to cause the reaction.
    This is like gelatine but it only gels if there's calcium.
    Yep, exactly so you do need to use a stick blender. So we have got our water, we're going
    to get the stick blender going, we going to create a little bit of movement so it doesn't
    Nearly there.
    Okay so you just kept going until all those lumps were gone.
    We've got a bit of a foam going, so we're going to leave that for a while.
    So all those bubbles can disappear.
    Okay what we're going to do is put two or three of these into our sodium bath. So we
    are just going to keep that agitated, we don't want them to sit on the bottom of the mixing
    And they look very bright yellow like an egg yolk.
    It's a bit of an illusion, you know you want to create something so that people go 'what
    is that?' and then when it goes in their mouth it's different and that's a talking point.
    So when it's ready after our 3 and a half minutes, to stop the gelification process
    we are going to put it in cold water.
    Now to make those round isomalt decorations, using powdered isomalt and cookie cutters.
    We want to create just a nice even layer, get another silicon mat and we're going to
    lay that on top as well because we want to create a bubble effect. So by putting one
    on top it conducts the heat a lot nicer as well so it's nice and holey and very thin.
    Okay now can you show me your plating magic of how you're going to bring this all together.
    Okay so what we're going to do is we're going to get some of our compressed pineapple, now
    you want to keep some of that syrup there as well because that is full of flavour.
    Now you add the little micro mint, it's a nice little delicate flavour, lemon balm has
    got a great flavour it goes really well with the star anice and the sort of Asian flavours.
    Then we're going to have our little sugar disc, that sits nicely on top of that.
    Balancing on top.
    Sphere on top and this is where you have to be careful, this little sphere here is as
    delicate as a yolk.
    Centre that, just like that. One more thing we might just add is a little bit of bling
    is a little bit of gold leaf.
    It looks gorgeous.
    Now we just need to put that in our ice droplet.
    How did you make sure it didn't slide on this plate, how did secure that?
    Okay we have a frozen plate so as soon as a little bit of moisture on the bottom of
    the tear drop hit the bottom of the plate, it'll create a nice little bond and it will
    hold there.
    That is clever.
    Okay I'm just going to use a little bit of the crushed ice and going to put that around
    to create a little bit of a rustic look. And then we've just got some nice little violets.
    And these are edible flowers.
    Yep, edible flowers, so then it's just a matter of very gently, very carefully, dropping that
    bang into the centre there.
    Wow. Okay can I taste it, that's what I really want to do?
    Exactly let's just get in there.
    Mango and pineapple first, hmm and the crunch of the sugar, that's good when you eat it
    all together.
    A little bit of the creaminess of the vanilla panna cotta.
    You're right that just melts in your mouth.
    So it looks amazing but it's my kind of dessert, it also tastes amazing. I want to just keep
    eat all of this, I'm going to eat the rest in a minute but thankyou so much for having
    me today and showing me all the different processes and how to make this beautiful presentation,
    it's just amazing.
    Oh thanks for visiting us.
    Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more cakes, chocolates and desserts.
    Click here for the recipe, here for my YouTube channel, make it a great week and I'll see
    you all on Friday. *** *** How Ice Sculpture Are Made - YouTube !!!
    the iceman come if
    and he's brought some very cool stuff to the party ice sculptures
    are making a big splash on the special and seen these days
    and that's before they melt mass production ice sculptures is now
    possible because the ice businesses mechanized think
    and carving out a bigger market go
    now this is how to make an entrance it's a curtain device
    and it's in demand for big events a string be device
    on plastic coated aircraft cable as it melts
    it creates a waterfall effect
    it's guaranteed to make an impression but just how do they get this ice to be
    crystal clear
    they start by talking a plastic liner into a big
    tanks they tight filtered water into it
    then a worker places a measuring bar with the dipstick
    across the table the dipstick effect tendentious
    that's how thick the block a vice needs to be
    e-class electric submersible pumps on each end up the tank
    and positions them underwater at a 45 degree angle
    these com sparky we keep the water moving
    forcing bubbles and impurities to the top while Clearwater below freezes
    piece of the lead to allow the water to freeze

    hours into it to remove one of the Pops
    three days later he probz the ice under the water the surface with a pic
    it needs to be level so he checks the entire ice surface
    with the measuring box
    next he siphons off the excess water with a wet vac
    he'll take off a couple pails full
    then he attach is the lifting bar two brackets on each end up the tank
    and lists the 300-pound ice block with a chain hoist
    now he peels away the plastic liner and infectious
    the ice has to be absolutely perfect no clouds
    cracks for impurities because the water expands when it freezes
    the bark is a bit too thick
    so they slice of the excess ice with an electric fence of chilling it back to
    the desired tenants marks
    the steel blade cuts cleanly and evenly
    he slides the extra piece is a vice into a heated pit
    where they'll melt can be recycled back into the system
    before the ice is carved they put the design on paper
    the artist is sketching a liquor lose to vodka bottles may device
    through which drinks will flow
    now it's time to cut the ace the book turns on a special lady
    then the Propel an electric router across the spinning block
    the sharp edges that the router cut into the ice
    guide wheel above the router follows a plastic at line up a bottle
    so it cuts precisely to the design
    all this is done in the freezer the temperature in here
    is an appt minus eight celsius
    now the vodka bottle is starting to take shape it takes about four minutes for
    this machine to carve it
    this task couldn't be performed as quickly more precisely
    by hand
    now a worker brushes the snow off after all
    it is like winter in here greenwich Time for the blowtorch
    it now the frost so the ice looks like glass
    through which you can clearly see the label and plastic tubing
    that have been frozen inside now we have
    the vodka looms and you really can have your drink
    on ice and in ice tube arm & Poor's the drink through a final at the top
    and a drink chills all the way down to the martini glass
    Tuesday even James Bond but be impressed this
    differ fish fountain is more your style this is how it's done
    the old-fashioned way the sculptor
    armed with a chainsaw shapes the ice following a cardboard template
    she smoothed the ice with an electrically powered disc grinder
    then cuts in detail by using a die grinder with a triangular bit
    she deaths of the snow
    and then polishes the ice with a blast from the blowtorch
    now that's an ice piece of art *** ***