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-Different things salad of mastic how to make

salad of mastic how to make

    -Different things

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    Beach Wedding Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hi thank you for joining me today this time
    I'm going to decorate a two tiered wedding cake with beach D
    this day is a very right choice for anybody
    who produces or who receives this cake looking for something simple
    with an elegant statement I'm going to use few basic elements
    to achieve that result I'm going to make a special picture on this kick
    that thing is actually completely finish content with a
    but because me like to bring this send a look
    element to the cake I like to give next detection is key
    with additional royal icing I'm going to
    color this relaxing with little bit
    patch ok and is dead coffee to copy gives the perfect
    I read tone to white icing and you can also try to make some
    brown and yellow colors mixture but copy really
    perfect like not to orangish not to
    brownish it gives a perfect Ivoryton
    to my opinion then I'm going to do
    some little seashells starfish is if I do to stop ish
    I'm going to use very simple to like to Spain
    and the there's nothing in sight there's no
    in sidebar so I'm going to use this little
    and little pocket to give some pictures to do starfish
    and I'm gonna Mobistar issues by hand without anymore we got any kind
    and I'm going to do some and seashells
    which is look like that then I'm going to talk to you about
    couple of different methods then we can also do
    without a pink to achieve that Fisher
    or we can use a cynical most we talk about this later then I'm going to use
    and ginners real sugar corals which the recipe you can find USB section
    then I'm going to use some officer almond rushers
    for like beach stone pebbles then
    a everything going to be very quickly finish
    and one more key I'm going to use also raffia
    you said Oh normal satin ribbon because
    just it something is not in the national debt particular
    doc texture the which can make you some
    unwanted sort of like a position
    that the ribbons anachronistic properly on the edge of the kid
    Shiraki will be a good finishing touch to that point
    first I like to produce my died witches tit
    instant coffee I put a limit of just a few terrible
    orchard yet it makes me quickly but
    just to make sure looked that really nuts because if there's a small little
    pieces goes nice Inc
    it mushers not good enough to not that
    carpet look best naked nast it was released
    mister that not everything it looks very quickly
    so you can just actually checked behind it
    behind a spoon in text
    or with lists for and I take
    not too much just a few spawn of relaxing because I'm gonna make
    very very teen party
    justice much should be morning a I was put to look it up when you get into it
    right I see because we need to make soup specially
    rested well I see it lose the creaminess live it
    so when I makes it just a few like this become creamy again
    because it is little bit of we need so
    I just put just a few drops of this don't put
    too much at the beginning because you can always put a little bit more later
    consider putting too much for the economy go back
    click of a really gives it
    Gooch Spain for their I ringtone
    there's another protocol
    bakers time L so the bakers putting incited
    brown bread to make that bread in a bit more brownish bit more rubbish
    so I also use this phone sometimes but
    coffee is really good use a really sweet
    a nice elegant pirates on a little bit more
    one last time
    that's it
    I'm congressman so I place my case on a turntable
    because muskies always need to turn to take it also twenty will help you to
    make it
    quite easier so I just go like that
    very very teen and don't worry about how it is going to be done because you can
    should not be gained by hand later on
    very quick
    let me just say about how tall that palette knife sure there's a handled by
    if you'd like this is very uncomfortable because you cannot control like
    he like it driving a car without any control
    so if I hold it like this in the middle and put my finger here
    so and make this motion left and right
    so if I Drive like this I dude like that
    if I don't like this I do it like that so it's always
    scraping the and
    always in the right position certainly click the button issue that I'm always
    doing this
    like dislike dislike dislike this but very quickly
    what I try to do
    I never want to have the icing on the water but not always
    under ni idk use it nicey I mean at the moment is not really important because
    I'm not really must be kickin that to achieve it really nice
    it takes to I'm just gonna have like it bit of pictures so despite
    I'm not really careful with that but
    basically in place a book don't get the icing on top yet
    on which day
    that'd but some site
    wanna do administrator to what end up
    just look at water because our stuff from yep
    I finished it dismay believe it drives in the meantime
    just just a slightly water and
    go for it with a hacked everywhere try to even up this icing
    Iran kick
    if you like to have it small picture
    just that very fine rough but very fine
    wrong picture you will be less than that so
    I don't mind now have a little bit more and did
    do the mountains in new merchandise didn't hire in lower
    once I'm sure that everywhere icing is evenly distributed
    then I do this motion just go by
    and like that see
    in no time that you have it even picture on the cake
    everywhere the same
    issue the match to the concept
    at least in concept
    that said and a so we go to the next step
    I'm going to start now all the pots
    I'm going to start with something that I need to rested on table
    a lot longer than other pieces so I needed
    if the dryness it dnt when I'm SNDK
    divided this piece first this will be then two branches
    all week in polished week or something like extension to watch decorations or
    whatever so
    I just take my little yes he
    looking much just alluded like it may be a
    in table tennis more seis and this post is already
    I reconditioned my kurdistan just a few seconds
    finish my career do that
    sausage shape and roll this
    but make sure that the Spartans tonight and ish Jones
    so like it up can be one cm eight-millimeter
    but this one should be goes all the way to
    then but I do I just take
    night idoney dis
    study from that particularly
    cut and then go tener internet at the end
    end up in 0 so I just do like three of them
    here for a pimp different sizes should be no
    I do this one very often many of my pics
    and through useful so it takes me like this
    say issue that is like it the very
    it take to T when I actually and
    just given it up like pressure on him and thing about somebody
    you don't like it and then do this you know that just squeeze it like this
    and then just below him
    but when you're squeezing make sure that you not really them as you not really
    and breaking up
    see here he realize it but I do something
    on booking our fingers I'm not speak english i'm just doing it is
    I give it away like space in between
    and squeezed like this it created that abstract look
    to the branch tempted
    I'm really dislike it's going to stay for a while delight initialed other
    good be dry enough to belong to get at the let's talk about
    she shows no shows is very often use
    integrating because the beach team all
    or motion team or this kind of like it subjects are
    very often use and then meeting about this gonna be
    first thing comes in your mind of course decisions and
    of code is what i do. methods to to do that first book
    you can just buy its legal more like this just got there just roll your
    a gumpaste or or or or plus the ash Kat n roller on peace place in sight
    pushes in take it out your she shows that it but
    I'm not gonna be too much to worry about now
    because I'm not make tutorial how to push
    posse I changed it cynical more than maybe seizure so
    and the next thing that elect tell you
    I find years ago two pieces of is a
    top a rare leads so this is exactly the same thing
    and then I thought that if I put together like this
    is she that from becoming like that here it just pushes like
    you mean exactly right picture around here so some time you come across this
    country is in
    you think about it they can you can use it it should should be a plastic
    it should be like clean the item that you can use for the food
    and I'm using this one or the use I'm gonna show you can follow do it
    but of course this is also not the point here because you may not have descended
    and I like to show you a good how to make mold
    I'll the bus the ash without relying to produce something
    or awesome want to give you some more popular whatever okay
    what I did I have only at little puppet yet probably about
    min so what I do
    I take a pasta dish it's always good to have
    an idea what to do if you don't have any
    social malls or isn't something like that and to produce something to it
    on your own and you can still achieve the result
    so pasta dish
    neatly the practice and make it
    quite fleck like that
    right leadership that would be okay
    smoked on and then carefully
    this is at a plastic piece is actually use in the corners of that
    the wall sheets Wendy when they join together in constructions
    put this on that corner to to cover that edge so
    it's another plastic piece that I'm using for an actual
    that might lead to dead very often so
    put one line in like this and then
    middle line like that room
    that suggest
    read it lines into one spot like that
    I'm actually producing it at pusher
    Kamal that I can use to produce my
    I'm see shows later on minutes drive so
    I just pushed one done you don't have to do that but just to
    gives a better picture yet and you just cut it down
    like that or
    so I need to have
    just like this and it there
    second piece to put on top if I'm
    pick just one noticed put my cutter
    talk and then put another posse on top
    what I do I will destroyed a check because too soft
    so that's right I have to give some time to that let it dry
    up it's better to wait till
    tomorrow you or not but I just did this piece
    couple of hours ago it still it's hard enough to
    get the other piece done so what I do but my cut their site here
    like this and then get another so
    bus the ash
    you could need
    I need to have a bit of starch so
    I just put lit up structure talk this piece
    she said
    so I'm pushing my pasta dish on top of that
    that i won
    so my mold yes finish
    so what I can do now after this fund right
    I cut did posse ash or gumpaste
    whatever a role it
    cut on pieces
    them here and that pushes went together just like
    you do with silica mock you get you're more your own
    see show to glue together show
    I'm I can use from now because this is not the hard enough
    so I'm going to use this month to show you how to do it just think about using
    the same day
    and I also have some freed I one before I'm going to use them for this
    K today I will do few see shows no
    with my couple rare leads mustache
    but just like yours is about maybe just a minute later
    thickness so I take my

    you cutter
    run few pieces of debt let me just make
    for and actually what I do
    make that six then I can show you two apiece for display ok
    at this stage
    what I do is but I'm onto each other
    so if I do that the process pieces doesn't get
    dry quickly so I can work one by one just put them like this
    and then great one by one yet
    but it yet just on the on the edge for the some talk
    just push start young bitch
    to get whether this my perfect
    she show with operated
    and I have this little plastic all that yet put in there
    I'm sure you'll find something soon we're in your environment
    like this wish for the best
    on and more
    okay but I do know
    I'm gonna use my my homemade mall
    which is its the right a little bit now
    just I just did about two minutes ago three minutes ago
    when that it just fits nicely so what I do
    here like this make sure that you put it put me in the right direction
    work that
    which then
    steps of:
    place a kid
    he wants to do the job okay my time
    okay now I have this piece is your
    done it before so they're not that shot showed
    so how I do that I just take reasonably good
    what I can do I can take it has to be done Russian and put them together
    and place it yet but if I do that I have to wait till tomorrow
    just to distrust sir and then use that the washer not yet
    just a good because I'm going to continue to make a try to make no what
    touch love it and play city
    arranged finish drives I'm gonna should be there
    right I think so you don't you talk with animal China continued everything
    finished a more sexual I'm going to show you know
    how to make starfish without any mold
    without inkatha just using pain without
    inside part I'm going to use this little hole to
    make tea starfish the textures and I have here
    air-conditioned Leslie ash
    which is just warmed up
    the Michael
    only oil sprayed
    on the table so that these doesn't still on the table
    I give a good need to pass the action and
    this and Washington
    into reasonable scientist like this
    mister on staying in turned to a ball-shaped
    than Latin with a bit and
    not be to create the stock then after that
    each section you put
    by just pinging
    in different directions
    see possibilities good material to that because standing it isn't really
    shaking down
    thank you places some on the base hit
    and if some indentations
    reduce painted from center up
    and then just you look it up
    moment like this don't make it like the press
    star pitcher is it life preacher should discuss slightly
    keep in a bit of a moment continue
    with on the fight
    if you ask me the question can cut this
    rosters for Swedish star Petr yes you can
    but I was younger now we don't have any cutters
    so I can show you without
    United something constant your hands
    make sure that the tapes are really sharp
    that makes it interesting
    there's another way of doing this congress booklet you can take
    something like this it's like a spread plastic piece up
    you can also take her Bishop Robert unfolded
    corner like to and pushing a justice of the user
    in my spot fish almost ready
    it is to rest for a while to get a little bit right did I mean I can lift
    up like this now
    it's no problem because passengers using that possibly teach but
    just wait for another
    minutes to before we put on the cake now
    I'm going to remove the plastic lining which is protected
    well with coated and wouldn't work on the lead
    so it now because we not gonna need work Missy anymore
    I can remove this one because they don't could be a little bit difficult
    to pull all on the need to decorate so
    I just special need only slightly we don't see anything on the time to read
    the book
    so I can just you know the actual without any problem
    but just loosely yet start
    karaoke did you only care
    at from the point very
    cake is and DA
    of decay he was just came from this point so you will not you don't see it
    my place to take on the turntables
    from now on I'm still intended and
    certainly take KK different directions
    so I have here yes which is natural Dhaka
    up I just select about four or five pieces
    for each it here and
    just make sure that all
    long enough so I just simply holding like this
    koran the cake is almost almost dry
    it's already getting a to give a
    like that and place your finger here
    your second not doesn't do too tight
    but one statement the second not we can actually pull
    question because nothing treasures ima like this
    so it just goes left and right so the governor I'll do the same thing with a
    top no
    so this is also about us what basis and
    this time I measures that not in the same same
    that's it said on the second not you can call it because it's not going to just
    so I was just job first little bit
    I'm chocolate on again in the right place so don't be don't have to have
    long pieces are after the crash fish I'm a visual
    little bit more to make it right from now on
    unit all the criticism everything what I need
    to decorate this beach thing
    really kick its day so I have my to take a
    witches tit
    cm and
    both ears are soon partner hight and
    I have my couple of seashells yep
    in some of them I didn't I didn't stick it because I like to use it may be a
    not really opening up like this I have here hours the
    our special microwave sure occurrence which is actually nothing else and
    piece a posse of with additional some icing sugar police look at this recipe
    to find out how to do this and I have my spikes
    or what do we call like tweet or or or branches
    I will only use one of them but I prefer to
    produce couple at them because because the initially producing different
    direction different shapes
    I like selected based on to fees on top and I have
    five pieces of starfish it may be just
    doesn't matter
    and I have my almond and should refuse
    to use it I said Pavel beach towels
    and I have also little bit of white girl I see
    to do everything the I would also suggest that if you have to use this
    in when you doing it quickly you may also use some white chocolate
    to basis more to have two more security
    so first thing I do I will put some of these
    the my career call pieces on top but I lectern stick up to myself
    that I can see the composition is trite so
    I like to go
    generously request is nothing to harm to that
    so like to turn it like this because
    will be more drastic looking your then I have my second piece
    on top I liked pollution is such a way that
    I get beat up pipes just like this
    alright not I like to put
    medium-size did Carl on each level
    but not exactly on the same direction
    maybe little bit let me the joints on stupid
    one here maybe one
    like you x
    so electric like its not to me everything online
    can create like one middle live it left in the truck
    so degraded more natural-looking and the next thing is not to put one of Dez
    brunch on top just resting here a
    I'll activist station to get it really
    if finishing the spiky bit inner-city here
    just put it there lived up here and wrist unit
    it's done okay
    not the question is
    where do I put this now I have my see show
    you see in sight it you conceded whatcha
    so I just put my well it seems like it and cost it up
    yes %um and I like to use some but I see
    in behind too good so i think is the best book
    stop it seeking one
    i cant use different positions and of course this one here one day
    I was but one here I have this
    quite open one whipple much that button level
    that's it now like to put some
    edition once but elect place for starfish don't they
    next show if I need so
    I like to select the best starfish wanna talk
    she's this fine generously here
    and risking here I see the doc profile
    on the front said
    and one here inch
    stand in each song probably distinction
    but maybe here just random nothing wrong
    if you use that what despite pocket that type
    one here
    doubt but one more here in front
    that's it so if I turn it on you can look at from the front
    coming up that's already it's only flow there
    but is not
    percent completed to that is some parts here
    that's not really be NT something missing it
    and also I'm a chance not to put
    little bit more so I have here
    another show I can extend the bottom part
    bit more here maybe this Wed
    doesn't seem so I so don't put anything in sight
    with this and I have also
    couple shows which is not open
    so I can placed with their maybe one
    yea I think this nothing nothing necessary to put
    more load on it so I will put public more
    couple stones which is beyond drug use
    and fish taco nicely when he
    locations quite important
    when he loan
    so serious that I'm not just to everything on it
    sorry to still use a little like it
    the key and in composition you know just composing that that
    arrangement according to the the feeling up with one of the judges
    inside the show looks like a coach there's one more
    yet possible to put in I'm
    I'm what else so

    can put one more beer
    one more at the bottom you
    as far as i'm concerned. I think the compositions finish
    ultimate lot most things in it some time until you can see by the from
    from Cameron this is the way how we do
    it s is simple beach team tweeted I hope you like it
    now is you don't forget to share your pictures
    in comments or questions if you have read us thank you for the time you spent
    median estimate today I look forward to have you joining us again
    on the next to tell
    my *** *** Buttercream Flower Wedding Cake Tutorial - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    hi I am today show you had
    people like me hey into life wedding
    hey anything jockeying plowing and Lee
    now and I have any home haha natatorium
    leading no law I'm about being last would like to see
    so many you had he star rises all all
    and really in Jharkhand Hooley also yet
    turned out to be. stunning have made
    I'm really low and I hope each day
    to you me with my
    me haha different Tallahassee I
    hell like the Eris for you
    also analyzed hi County
    and Holland any people are the flowers and only
    to I'll a lower I'll
    we have some hot this way I
    try I flowers Monday
    hard free that wanna show you
    a single rose I'm doing anything and want me happy
    you can always I'm ball young cubans with the one
    the East I in a little bit skinny and
    mean that it might get loud hockey diary hi hun likable
    job hi pendulums
    huh I am
    to a little regal
    and he ended
    he did tall wins you quick with her head can't
    this time little rain does and I
    team now I'm me
    you muslim-led most humanity
    feel comfortable arm-twisting right he
    layering happy are on
    a little bit more popular now now using a
    weekend close he me
    Morris humpty we can all see a one
    on when same little ripple
    wrap-around do
    himself yes being
    that the lappy on
    mmm-hmm regal Kenyan
    I have a little bit more pressure top happens
    sandy just bit more min home
    and head
    now it's he owns I am
    hit just settling
    and his K I regal
    campus Rob
    me me yell
    nice hell while star
    just creating Rico me
    number she with alin create
    mom me
    now anything I'm

    around nomination repaired
    revealed she went and create sauce
    this time every to
    King brown home he said
    from all
    time three
    people moms
    you Natalie haven't lost
    uneasy ally Pawlenty he gonna
    long-held except who really want to some
    the round Center have and
    regal to be top thing

    you know room
    sleeeeeep Andrew than
    come around not GTE Palin green
    just makes little dots around
    he lied aus you know
    you taking him home
    her hands camp to my
    and when to use them
    for hateful lawson's paint
    thinking have been hunting
    into and when hearing nice
    yes more
    no hung saying hun
    she my home you can hire by
    mmm named
    hidden hollow be british slut wanna
    now I'm normally
    hymie said non-uk
    and at flowers mean hot least
    the army some doing my
    but I also want really thought still
    you sir college leaves army aloni
    lol and Hardy me following
    on eBay when I miss you and I'm for I'm
    ahh %uh d people in distance
    crews grain needs to get I'll as well as on a
    hell my and how to help bring
    just teams section has the widest
    can that be on saw and Amina
    the rest bad me I'm
    lot sheehy politicized spruce needs to get lunch
    palestine taking
    hun yeah no home
    messed up wanna huh I unit
    regal me Boyd and then
    turn I'm cell and he had
    wonderfully and only
    me I'm I hashing
    yet tender cool you know how much I love the nightlife
    miss cattle and sheep which is a little bit much
    and I'm Nosferatu me
    you need to have a plan them well
    her even though BRB
    now everything
    reach hunting weekend dela
    I have my
    last get humana
    go ahead and I'll months
    and howling to handle me
    with me hang up
    now on he just spruce eucalyptus car
    the one beloved my softly
    lastly coming to you
    and i'm taking a right green and I have my
    just a little bit yell months I'll
    bad and normally do
    sleeping honey not be able to monthly
    and my don't
    home and topping
    small knobs other hola
    music enormous and green
    number by them
    and a die we had going just letting
    many being lower these %uh
    yuliana lower shiny
    ball not teaching people to I usually

    I you agree the results absolutely stunning you don't like goes to show
    that night intricately I variation in your house
    can really make a huge difference he okay hang gai
    I'm it is homie *** *** Sunflower cake-How to Pipe Sunflowers Wedding Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    height today we're gonna demonstrate this very unusual wedding cake
    we're going to show you how to do these gorgeous pipe down for
    flowers we're gonna show you how to do these beautiful garland
    and borders be enjoyed so
    right now we're going to focus on his part up the garland
    I'm going to use this handy-dandy
    marker from Wilton and I'll
    marble cake so that I have a nice even fatter
    port this garment okay I may use my spatula
    just a give me some marks so that I and I think even
    so many mark here just dropped back directly across
    turn it to
    and ninety degree angle there and mark
    so this marker can actually be used this way
    but for today's purposes we're going to use it this way
    use my guide market here Mar
    about magic or Spanish down
    and marked next time
    so to get them lou that you can see on the topless Kate
    I'm actually is that your purse today this can be done
    I thing to do math stop in on what I think that today we're going to use the
    air freshener showing how many did not
    you know it's a healthy air brush in one place and turn the turntable
    to get a nice even if at home
    man I'm just following the line at the arches with a very light touch
    planetary gear okay if I get a little over Spain
    because I'm any use at home under my garland as
    if you're not very experienced to their ration go ahead and cut a mass
    and some also using and shop faster hairbrush color
    nothing you can do you if you do regular liquid gel color
    and add a little water to it and that works just fine came
    okay so decorators it's really important that you have the right angle
    when you're decorating for your body and to get
    the right look on your K so for this I'm gonna sit
    that my turntable and I'm going to apply what
    call corn only at least it's a little
    s-shaped done with a team reading kid or even just a cut above the bag
    so a reminder I was hurt my back at a 45 degree angle
    how many guys with these two fingers and I'm just gonna
    do very light pressure and just give it a little
    s squiggle sarandon movement
    sincere kinda do lately and shape
    what I'm going for tonight caper
    down leahy look here and to appoint
    okay next if you can see here
    is another layer border it
    also used with the number one writing tip or can be done with the cut and a
    and it is just a a river shell
    so for this I'm sitting again the best single for my back
    for my neck and also the best thing to get right down in here and get some
    pretty shelves
    I'm minister down in here may tempt an ominous start my river Shaw
    which is a squeeze let it build and release
    squeeze let it build and release
    if you notice in the middle it up or dressed up and turn the turntable
    you never wanna push RB at a weird angle just use that turntable for what's made
    get it right in the right place for you to make a beautiful border
    so next I am going to mark for my sunflowers
    and when he is around marker indicating the center the flower
    I'm also going to use my marks than I did before just for an idea
    where everything is that it make sure that I get things evenly
    I wanna four of my flowers to get down
    into and my our cheer
    so that i'm gonna mark I'm using actually this
    Center have an old mixer top
    I like it because I can hold on to it there's no other products that are used
    for marking that you can get
    I'm at the cake decorating store at the Crestor but I kinda like that
    so as you can see about three in the center day book kinda appear random when
    they're finished but you can see is a pretty even order
    and for on the outside so
    I want my leaves town first and these leaves are picked on
    bit number
    roaster and I'm also gonna use a striped bag method that I've
    performer I don't really like to mix colors up too much in advance I like to
    mix my bad I get a nice very gated lot
    so district about gonna take your bra color and just push it right at the
    Federal Bank
    optimally it's where the skin is part your tent
    is aligned with your college trade
    so just to give you an idea what happened
    inside the bag I kinda prepared this period that some yellow
    a little bit of green that's mixed but not too well and some white
    that all goes in the back together so I get nice variegated
    and also so that each leaf is different and I some different shading
    all over the cake so for verification
    I wanna show you how I do this I squeeze the bag at to get
    the right color that I want you can see that on one side it got a little more
    color on the other side a little left
    that's just perfect okay so for this leaf
    we know that our pedals are going to be here
    so it needs to be outside other Rangers my
    pedals they're gonna cover and a little bit so we can just decide how big your
    pals are gonna be
    and then begin early leaves have a little bit
    have a base to start I did that with
    basically a shell border pressure control
    and then I'm gonna lay my
    back down to the side like this you can see the angle
    and begin up make a point
    release my pressure squeeze again
    come back down the other side
    with their gation it's really important to you
    make the leaf pattern random so don't get all yellow on left side and then by
    the time the bag comes out green
    I'm on that side so to make it nice and even I'm gonna go ahead and turn my
    I make my neck sleep which is going to be similar color
    on the side so minute do a leaf it goes down the side
    my cake this is the of something about being able to pipe this kinda thing on
    I can do any angle I want so
    I'm gonna put my bass down here
    get my angle again up
    the side and point relief
    and back up the other side
    so we're gonna start on our sunflowers and for this I want a little more
    early so I'm using
    for Rose can also be done with the larger took a lot
    of time so
    be just fine
    and any use my same striking method the feminist Raphael
    right outside the bad trying to get the kit
    up my pedals nice and bright can have a softer
    inside no I am going to mix my color right here in the back
    so I get even further verification can see I'm not going to mix it entirely
    there's still a lot away and left so
    mice n4 pedal is actually the same action as Miley
    might've put myself a little pad their
    angle to the outside release give myself a nice point
    come back down
    pic someone add another layer here another little
    kinda VOD any panel right in here
    I am using my and pressure control that I use for straight shota squeeze
    hey release and just letting it build in a little circle
    this is also a row similar motion that we use for Sweet Pea let it build
    curl slightly in release bill
    group might mean really
    so change colors a little bit added just a little bit have
    orange there so we have more than eight be ok lol I'm using a Raider here
    and I'm Jess going to add a little bit and
    detail here within the flower just to squeeze release
    and Paul screens poland release squeeze pon release
    K so this time I am using a paper
    with a relief to movie believe tap this bag a striped with
    I'm a light grey and a dark brown Joe
    at around other has a little bit about sheen to it which I really like
    for also just can use our squeeze and release
    squeeze and release to make a nice little sunflower seeds
    see how that very gation really pays off
    okay so for my bottom border
    many years ish trade show it's a double straight show
    that's gonna look like a breed
    so I need to place my show here and then
    up the side so a straight show here
    and up decide
    hi guys I hope you enjoyed our son our wedding cake and I really hope our
    bright clothes that tomorrow
    over now the next time stay tuned for smartphones *** *** Tiered Wedding Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hi this is Jen from work number seventeen
    and today I'm going to show you how to make simple Elliot three tier
    cake cell you want to bake cakes
    you want three layers
    hurt here and you're going to start out with Kate
    for cut to the size is your first year just a small
    small devil icing on the bottom just to help
    KK here when you take my first
    K said it on the board
    evenly spaced as possible
    and why it a nice
    dollar to you frosting and it helps to have your cake
    on a lazy susan or some other
    take to routine tray see it makes it easier to turn
    Chico and spreading the frosting just
    to to I'll quarter-inch and you
    I don't worry about it overlapping science
    that's fine actually helps a little bit later
    you don't want to build up your frost hi
    at all otherwise your cake is not going to be stable
    so try to avoid pretty much rust
    players okay so there you have one layer we're going to go ahead and
    our next layer cake yes
    make sure it's even the homicides an
    repeat the procedure me
    just about ready
    top piece for the top but I usually recommend
    I am become a case of purchase
    appeal of the parchment and this finding a nice even top
    I like to flip the cake over so that the party cake that was
    in the bottom of the pan topic a
    and am as you can see
    we have all three tears and now will you
    is add what is called the crime hope that the case
    so again start at the top
    work it around at this point you don't have to worry about it being too
    even spreading over the sides is a good idea
    has done and when did you hear
    put it on the side
    and begin to spread it around home missile
    fill-in any little wraps used
    well turn K and
    once you have a little butter frosting you're going to run
    the office bachelor around the K
    base removing any excess frosting
    all you want is the slightest and now frosting
    nestling act as a lil Tahoe long
    euro on and now on the top you can see there's
    access so we're also going to start the process
    that Jess bring in towards the centre
    fight back into your hole
    okay and then just hear the case one final
    one final I'll PC any spots
    I'll without crossing just feel
    in there any areas where frost
    long be plane and i say more done
    and you're going to go ahead and stiffness in the refrigerator for about
    an hour
    since this is a tiered cake we want to get
    extra stability more stacking steers
    so we've cut dowels that are the same height as the cake
    and I'm splendid gently push those in china too
    nicolette stephanie cane keep the integrity and the cake
    intact just push those damn
    and they should
    should all I know thats that's all we're going to do we're putting the cake in
    the refrigerator for sale
    you gonna repeat frosting process all three tiers
    or however many tears K wants to chill for an hour
    you want to determine how large
    need to roll out here time say take I like to use
    a an just tape measure
    like this and just measure up one side already
    other down to the bottom and you have 14 inches
    cell are going any
    inch circle to Paris
    K hands next thing you're going to need
    is whole fondant by it
    scrap storage an awesome care home
    package and something like this
    you open it up I find that it's
    it's usually nice and fried fish and houses
    to whole and while you're doing that s
    there shouldn't be any to
    need finance and and that way you're going away
    getting air bubbles answer so I just
    I just try to work it make it a little bit bigger
    press on in a little bit
    Egyptian feel nice and soft and pliable
    an as you can see I have hurdle
    cornstarch down on the board
    wanna make sure always cornstarch
    take your ruling cell role fun
    out to about a quarter-inch and
    I just want to make sure that I have at least
    in all directions which do you know
    for measuring tape sigh and
    am on it should be national security and under easily
    and you'll see a effort the okay back onto the
    lazy susan and them do you know is I'm going to get my hands and Ernie
    firemen just like that and careful not to it
    your fingers to her incident come through
    and going to try to centre
    on it on the cake
    and then
    you want to just Jeremy
    impress on it on the side to the
    and people back out
    press it down
    this is one releases really handy
    keep rotating
    on on Alec like you're creating skirt
    pressing gently and speak a from her
    a sing is going to help on here
    months you have against the sides
    panel image yes work your hands around
    so hell smoothed out
    Smith around haha just make sure you don't have any
    air balks make sure it's
    taped to the bottom and then for this
    I'm going to you they aren't
    inch to a half-inch around the city K
    like to use an exacto knife
    and is Paul the fun way to fill these out later
    just make sure you wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and needed that
    wrap it in plastic wrap and she use it
    and then when I like to do you know is UK to the edge
    the region me and I'm going to
    whole on it there
    actually to
    discontinue all under really clean edge
    key Tim
    yes continue have been under
    work at any air
    hand have it
    and they're just going to repeat the process with your ranged
    trade for getting sides funny
    Smith takes the cake is just pick up respondents members
    any craft store in the cake decorating section a new simply am holding
    ninety-degree not K
    just press work your way around
    archie happen or the bottom
    just makes it nice and smooth and then again
    you can use the exact im he just Tremont
    just ever so slightly on the Bonham to get yourself
    beautifully clean edge
    so I cover all three tears want
    now hinson as you can see
    I've placed the bottom here
    on played Pastore
    any serving he's ski for you can purchase
    and now in the middle here and my paper just a small number
    frosting yes
    just a service cool
    monograph next year one other thing I should mention
    is there's always a best-looking side
    K cell said
    this is the best inside cake so that's where I'm going to be working and said
    tears cell I'm going to take my next year
    again i'm looking for. beautiful so I
    hand places aren't hot making sure that its even
    all sides palestinians you know
    like little rest help here
    and minor heats this here
    just well the frosting on top
    and taking top-tier
    finding a beautiful side
    yeah I'd there and set on top
    price so

    enzyme sheer organza ribbon
    and measured around the cake and cut its Elaine
    and then I liked it but I'm just a few
    heavy-duty spots on the end of the ribbon
    so that I can then just wrap it around
    and it actions in the back
    nice seamless almost seamless
    there you have it said now and these
    are the butterflies that I punch from some paint chips
    that I picked up from our local hardware store used
    Martha Stewart craft patch
    and and taking Sam pearl head

    and is sticking
    to the pen through the headliner
    why and yes and Chandauli
    through knowing ban
    as you can see just an cake now
    and the colors are going to get major and minor as the better players
    I'm a pic easy is that *** *** Wedding Cake Projector Mapping Display tutorial - YouTube !!!
    yes and I get a lot of questions all the time about key mapping
    projection mapping while mapping everything okay this symposium on
    Tuesday really talking a lot about kidnapping
    so about
    monograms lot about kidnapping in the number one question
    that most people have
    this please how do you display how do you set up the projector
    for your cake mapping is in its very important
    okay you want to make sure that things are done properly so that looks right
    we were doing the kidnapping recharging a lot of money for this you want to make
    sure that you showing a full display
    you not just sending a projector in a corner somewhere
    there's gonna be showing your projection everything on there
    you want to meet any tool I think that you need to pay attention to
    so I want to show you a little bit about this but we have set up now mind you
    in this display they have we're not we're not showing agree because I wanna
    show you
    are I'm the set up the way it is dry without a dream recovery some stuff
    anonymity would sell it's not actual kate is a Styrofoam croaking
    are using right now so the image is a little bit less
    and little less pollution than it normally would the brain is that was a
    little bit of because is being absorbed by the styrofoam
    you can see in the pictures that we have our display you can see
    the difference between the two alright so
    one second and we're gonna show you the cake man
    on it I guess I want to show you to display
    very little bit pieces by in
    busy running you will trust dornan
    up wit really nice which was doing
    one or of me he is fine we don't hear
    winning abuse while a skid willing to work towers that were here
    when our case when BJ XT to
    I N
    I refuse to green going running three projectors appear
    when the center doing me
    for purposes of this demonstration we like the one we had his room for a
    little bit
    arm so we we were limited on what we can do
    the position itself within crop out the layers
    so we're showing independent layers anything I'm all the services
    right you would have European
    project over here and that we were hungry re going all around
    covering the protectors VOC any other directors showing anything it
    there you would you see the focus on the cake and in the display that we made
    right time to grab the camera I miss you guys will be what we did
    step back a little bit basically display dry
    you know here winning our case maybe
    are built computer willing to
    graphics cards
    in manner peerless
    beastie for wireless kit governments though and then
    the computer and everything else that we got going on with it reich
    and he is an avid seem to get the game looks a little bit in
    he running
    different layers
    me we have
    on the cake alone

    the picture frames big dreams really easy to do all it is
    is wat in thick cardstock paper
    in running sideshows
    on the picture frames itself and then the cake
    megacities star phone shows a little bit differently because the star from
    absorbing in
    but looks really good of
    you know it's a go through a little bit to you as you watch this in
    know sometimes for small rooms gonna want to pay attention to a lot of things
    that are going on
    unit we did a kidnapping in this specific room
    I just the other day my last weekend we used
    one projector coming off a one told on using
    one he may have fled trustful
    this set up itself could be done in most rooms no problems
    okay ok
    very easy ok
    we all we Gott ok Robert Russell mounts
    in I'm good
    just itself was going over of
    project itself and I see this would all be had and you would see it because it
    would repay that's good
    that would be there min top we have a peerless K
    that is going over to IP o's career
    in shooting everything wirelessly
    I'm to have to worry about cables cords or anything %uh
    inside then
    I we honor the memory card per year ministry a little bit of the slide
    media is an amazing program very easy to use a lot of fun with it
    and we focus more on doing large-scale mapping
    rather than just the kidnapping itself weaver's decided to take mapping
    good big issue for me was this setup
    how you set it up so that it could look presentable
    and not look crazy me
    and and this one we show looks actually beautiful
    and the venue here they come in Joey
    major the year any measure Longwood Uncle Joe
    you like to go along with Joe actually love it
    bring in guest in the CNN's ish dads are coming in just now
    arm on but the setup looks absolutely amazing
    too busy with the tree print out three projectors
    me and now it's even answer
    room *** *** How to Make a Wedding Cake: Baking and Frosting (Part 1) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Dan from cookies cupcakes in cardio dot com
    I want to welcome you to the first video other three part series on how to bake
    a wedding cake this first video today is going to be
    the process a baking the cake and covering it
    in a buttercream the subsequent videos will include how to tear the cake which
    is stacking it
    and the last video will include how to decorate the wedding cake
    so make sure you stay tuned for those coming up in the future
    let's get started so the first thing I'm going to talk to you about
    are the baking pans to maker three-tiered wedding cake
    the big one at the bottom is a 10-inch round
    I'm cake pan and that's going to be our base
    our next a middle-tier is going to be an
    and our top tier is going to be a six inch round cake
    now each of these will need to be bait to time so when we're finished you can
    inches and
    to complete the cake this is called a heating core
    and what this heating core does is you place it in the center
    love each of your pants if you choose to you don't have to use it
    but it kinda speeds up this though it speeds up the baking time
    up the cake any put a little bit of cake in the center as well
    heating core and that leave so that when there's a whole left in the cake
    you still have the cake that pops out from the center the heating core
    I'm not going to be using that but I do wanna tell you about it because it is a
    handy thing to use specially when you're making
    I'm larger wedding cakes now these cake pans have street sides
    which is something that you want to make sure that your cake pans have see don't
    have any angles to your wedding cake
    and he's under each three inches high and the cakes will be baking to be about
    a total up to two inches
    in height so we're going to start the baking process next
    we're going to start out baking r6 inch cake
    for the six inch cake you're going to need to cops
    a batter per layer so in total for the top tier
    you're going to need four cups of batter now I am using a homemade vanilla recipe
    which will put a link in the description box for you
    but you can use any kind of cake that you choose you can also use a box mix
    if you prefer that as well you just need to make sure your measurements are the
    same at
    so I'm just taking some non-stick spray and I'm spraying my parent here
    and I'm also putting a layer of wax paper in the bottom
    that just helps put the cake out a lot easier
    when the cake is finished so then in goes my daughter
    and I'm going to be taking this one
    at to
    degrees Fahrenheit and it will bake for about
    minutes and then it should be nice and finished
    something pop it in the oven and then I'll have to repeat the process so I
    want you to make sure
    but you're remembering that you have to do two layers per
    size %uh cake pan our next two layers will be the middle tier
    and it is the 8 NH so again and spraying my pan
    and I'm going to be using per layer three-and-a-half cough
    I love leave cake batter for this layer
    give it another stray so you lied seven cups in total for the middle tier
    and it's going to bake 4 so I'm probably about

    minutes at
    degrees Fahrenheit
    so in a pop that in spread this around
    first and then pop it into the open and then
    we will be working on our largest here next
    now we're onto our largest here which will be the bottom in it is the
    inch layer we're going to be using six cops
    a batter so in total we're going to be using
    cups a batter altogether
    for both the volunteers so I'm putting this
    the wax paper and again at the bottom you can use parchment paper if you
    and is putting this in now this one being that it's the largest it's
    obviously going to bake for a longer time
    it's still going to be baking at 350 degrees
    and it's going to bake for about
    and you just wanna watch it to make sure that it's completely finished in the
    center in springs back to your touch
    so many pop that an and all the dock with all love the cupcakes
    so all six love the cakes have bakes a nice in golden brown
    but if you notice when you been baking Katie might find there's a slight dome
    so what we're going to do next is we're going to level each of them
    of because we can't we will need to have our wedding cakes be completely flat
    so the State Street up and down so I'm going to level of my cakes now
    and what I'm using is a large Ateco cake knife and it's just got a serrated blade
    if you don't have one of these you can just use a regular kitchen serrated
    knife it works just the same
    so I'm just putting it here and in keeping the blade level
    while turning the cake around here on my turntable
    an unjust making sure that I'm using a sawing motion because I don't want any
    up the cake to tare I want it all to be cut in this level
    area here like that and you can see a slide easily of
    just like that someone to repeat that for all six are the layers
    no other cakes are all levels what I'm going to talk to you about next
    our cake boards no keyboards are essentially just cardboard pieces and a
    covered with foil
    this one is quite thin it's that eight-inch one that I'm going to be
    using for my
    8 inch layer now this one is a six inch one and as you can see it fits perfectly
    on top
    love my six inch cake now this one is a bit larger and it's actually called a
    cake drum
    and it's thicker it's meant to be used on the bottom love
    tier cakes or what not now these two I purchased locally at a cake store
    you can find them at Meijer stores such as Michaels and what not you can even
    buy them
    online Amazon eBay try those out they just called cake ports
    and this one actually make made you just cut it out
    out of cardboard and then you cover it with your own foil so that's what we
    need next to support the cake so now we're going to start
    covering it by in buttercream so now I need to
    attach my cakes to my boards
    so I'm going to do out for glue isn't just going to use a little bit if I same
    to smooth out into the middle there like that and then I just put
    my cake in the centre thereof the port
    just like that now you may notice that the because this one is the bottom one
    it is a little bit bigger band that the other
    8 in the six in sports for this one we want the base to be a little bit bigger
    because when you're transporting the cake
    want somewhere for your fingers to be able to go so that's why this board is
    little bit bigger than the actual cake so this win total
    is at
    inches in diameter so now we're just going to start
    by putting a thin layer a buttercream in between here
    like this and then I'm going to plop
    the top part above my knee
    bottom layer summit other tenants just like that
    want too much from the scraping some of like that
    and then and is going to place the second one
    on top just like that so I'm gonna repeat that process
    for each of the three tears now we have all three of our tears
    the layers are all stacked on top now we're going to do is we're going to do
    our crumb coat
    a crumb coat is the initial layer a buttercream
    that goes on to the cake to catch any up these
    crumbs that come off as your applying the buttercream to the sides
    in total I'm probably going to be using about

    cups a buttercream
    and I will put the link in the description box below
    to my vanilla buttercream recipe that we already have up on the channel
    so I'm just going to coat all three of these cakes in my initial crumb coat
    and then I'll be back to show you the final step to this
    initial video in the series so the last step
    to icing the cake after the crumb coat has caught all other
    up the crumbs from the sides of the cake we're going to use
    more butter cream and just cover it completely
    something to do all three of these a different cakes
    and then will be finished how to bake entice
    a wedding cake so there you go everybody I have finished
    off at the beginning stages I love baking a wedding cake
    we've got it covered in buttercream and the following videos are going to cover
    how to stack
    the wedding cake which we called hearing and how to decorate the wedding cake
    for a final product so make sure you stay tuned for Lowes
    and I will see you next time *** *** How to Make a Simple, Homemade Wedding Cake : Sweet Delights - YouTube !!!
    the mine and a day will send
    I'm the author a to wedding cake box both the wedding cake book
    and wedding cakes you can make I'm here to show you how to make a simple
    at home wedding cake and believe it or not you can do this at home
    there are few things that are really important when it comes to decorating
    wedding cake
    a first-ball the cake has to taste delicious will get to that in a moment
    but in terms have making it look beautiful because I think that's one of
    the first things we think about when we think about a wedding cake
    arm there's some tools that your gonna need the first of all
    wedding cakes are usually constructed have multiple tiers
    and what I have here is some cans up for really good reason
    this allows you by playing and stacking with hands in your kitchen
    to give you an idea up the dimensions
    up what your cake might be we have a six-inch a
    and a
    inch pan and this um
    this arrangement these three different sizes
    up two layers Avex once all is said and done
    I will feed about
    people and if you
    avid home baker in your thinking about making a wedding cake at home

    person wedding cake is about as much as I would suggest to
    to try first time around so the
    inch dimensions is gonna fit
    do you very well you've got your pans figured out again only two sixes

    12's those are ready to go and then I wanna show you a few other things
    that you
    really need you're gonna need cardboard rounds in the same size as
    as your pants so we have a

    and cardboard around these are
    purchased at cake decorating stores in craft stores
    and you do wanna purchase them as opposed to cutting out
    rounds at a random cardboard because the smoothness of the edges
    I love the pre-cut rounds this is going to help you make a smooth side to your
    the other thing you need to decorate beautiful cakes
    is a turntable now this is a pretty heavy duty turntable
    see how smoothly it rotates in as a heavy cast-iron bottom
    if you decorate a like cakes at home even just birthday cakes
    I would suggest investing in one of these if
    I in loooove this if you have a lazy susan that would help as well
    so I have my six-inch tear I have my
    nine-inch tear and my
    inch tear
    now these two I've already put the frosting
    on the outside in you can see that they're not completely smooth
    and I did that on purpose because if we're making a simple homemade wedding
    the last thing we want to worry about is you know whether it looks
    absolutely perfect and smooth because frankly kids can look beautiful
    in a variety of ways in terms of the actual cakes
    you bake you can bake with ever cake that you like of course
    all these recipes can be found in my box you can find some other recipes at did a
    Wilson dot com
    but what I did for our purposes was aided a yellow cake
    and that's because a lot of wedding cakes you're gonna want a white
    exterior and it's gonna be easier to frost
    a light-colored cake with white frosting than if you had a dark chocolate cake
    you'd have to to work the frosting a little more I like to use an Italian
    meringue buttercream
    on my wedding cakes and that recipe is on my website day wilson dot com
    I really haven't made here im just gonna give it a witness then
    we just want it nice and slow nice so I'd like to start by putting
    a pretty good amount of butter cream on top now this
    this cake is on the cardboard around
    and when I get to the sides the cake you're gonna see how that
    cardboard around helps us the buttercream starts falling over to the
    sides were gonna use that butter cream for the sides
    the turntable the cardboard and the spatula
    are gonna work together you gonna take
    some butter cream you're gonna put it down so that your
    you're feeling that cardboard around
    and because I cardboard around is nice and smooth
    and around its gonna help you
    keep in a shape to be outside have your decorating cake
    obviously this is Stan true for any cake that you're decorating even if it's just
    a nine inch layer cake for a birthday party or bake sale
    at the top looking a little smoother I'm gonna end up decorating this with some
    edible flowers some rose petals and roses to be exact
    but let's say you're the cake topper for something that you're gonna wanna put on
    top you want to get the top looking
    kind of smoooooth and then
    bring yourself down onto the same hi-eight and spin the cake around in
    this is gonna help you tell whether its level
    I like to know that the cake was made by hand so if you see some other those
    om spatula marks star as i'm concerned. I like that even better
    so now many use a small offset spatula
    and I'm just gonna make some others pretty
    swirls on the side I'm just giving it some texture
    this is me have two layers have cake and together
    this makes tear to ever six-inch tear
    are nine inch to your twelve-inch tear now
    these are quarter-inch towels that I've actually already sunk into this
    on their gonna help support the next tier
    on that cardboard around to quarter inch doll that you buy
    any hardware store the way you cut it to fit
    is just sink it into the cake all the way down
    and see you can see where the frosting can see where the top is you know where
    to cut
    and so we can just put it right back in
    and it will be flush with the top of the cake
    you want the dow's to be towards the center the cake because they're going to
    be supporting
    a smaller tear the 9-inch tear the first thing I'm gonna do
    is take a little bit of our soft butter cream
    and I'm just gonna put a little bit a soft butter cream here
    to act as a glue to relate to help
    the 9-inch cake it here so I my nine inch Cape
    on a cardboard around this not only allows me to hold it
    but it's what's going to go over the dowels
    and helped start building
    this cake were ready to put the
    six-inch on top of the nine inch two towels we find for this last year
    so a little bit %uh var frosting glue on this tears well
    put that one in face I have it on the turntable because this way i can.
    turn it around. I can see whether they're the tears are centered which
    they are
    ob but what i can. also check you see there's going to be a few little
    places where we just want to patch up the buttercream
    we're gonna put flowers on this cake fresh flowers are obviously
    are really good choice for simple homemade wedding cake because all you
    have to do
    is %uh get the flowers you don't have to make
    the decorations you wanna make sure you use edible flowers
    and if possible you also want to make sure that they're not sprayed
    I'm just gonna go with fresh roses so I just look for the Proteus
    rose this and start putting them on the cake
    I would decorate it once you get it in place
    at the reception hall ever ever you are don't decorated earlier than that
    usually is like a a front of the cake it'll be displayed on a table and
    will be a way that it's facing all love the
    guests so think about that as your
    putting the pedals on if you're an avid home baker there are few things as
    satisfying as making a wedding cake for yourself or
    a loved one and with this simple homemade wedding cake
    believe me you'll not only get a creative thrilled but your guests will
    wowed you can find recipes for this cake and others in my book
    wedding cakes you can make and also at Big pedia
    dot com the bakers resource for
    the *** *** How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake: Assembly - YouTube !!!
    hi I'm gonna demonstrate a do it yourself wedding cake I
    gone ahead and frosted a
    inch cake
    six inch cake the thing with wedding cakes is there not difficult but you do
    have to be accurate
    have to measure and this little bit the time taken to measure things out will
    really help your cake
    look level and beautiful Iran I can use my six-inch
    hand just
    check it
    gonna put forward our in this twelve-inch here show
    just pressed in like cut
    you don't want them sticking above the cake accident
    here some people cut them intentionally
    so they can make space between the tears he think on a stick
    flowers or something like that
    in the face is exactly the same size as the cake so this is
    twelve-inch cake is an twelve-inch faith and it's just a corrugated round any
    makes it really easy to handle the cakes and also lend support to the Taos
    many use the offset spatula very important role here because you won't be
    able to get under the cake
    trade with your fingers heating up rustic
    now we're gonna put a Center dow through all three cakes
    were gonna happen this time with a pencil man again nation Shack
    its gonna go through the cake and the card for tbe
    in K so I'm just gonna put it through this entire
    the cake and I'm going to make sure that my cake
    is and I started a set important she dont tipping
    you're just kind of press through
    six-inch round which I just went through
    I'm going to the 9-inch cake its gonna go
    just twisted a little bit and ago all the way down on the
    inch cake
    some other in
    gonna take the dow
    out so that when I cut it I don't get any wood shavings
    and kick I'm just gonna cut a little
    under the market makers I don't want sticking up at all I wanna be able to
    actually cover that part with a little butter frosting
    and make it flash someone cut a little shorter
    and it needs to be okay
    and should go in is leaner only
    in now need to you cover that up sometimes people put fresh flowers on
    the cake or
    and the bride and groom or whatever but since our cake is leaving the
    very top their one mission thats
    fixed *** *** Icing & Assembling a Tiered Buttercream Cake - YouTube !!!
    hi I'm chef Alan Tate Show with Global Sugar Art
    and in this episode I'm gonna show you how to do
    how to make a buttercream wedding cake we're going to start with the cakes
    already baked me to show you how to slice them
    fill them ice them how to put dollar odds indicate to support the structure
    and how to build a tiered cake and you can use this for any size or any shape
    cake that you desire
    so I'm gonna be again I have are two
    already bait and we have charts on our website at Global Sugar Art dot com
    on how many cups a batter you need two-out to make each size cake
    generally a good rule of thumb for the average type of cake
    is between
    in two-thirds full a batter
    so if you're not sure exactly how much better you need for your pan
    all you have to do is pour water in the pan arm
    and up to just a little over half halfway maybe two-thirds at the most
    and then dumped the water out measure it and that will tell you how many cups a
    batter you need for that particular cake pan
    it's not hard to figure out at all we do sell cake mixes
    and our regular a Alan Tate you select deluxe cake mix
    makes about 4 cups a batter so you can figure out how many cake mixes you need
    as well
    so to begin after my cake is
    bait and I've been inverted and I let it cool on a rack
    I put them back in the pan and I do this because these are two inch pants
    and I want my final cake on these bottom tiers
    the first two tiers I want them to be four inches high
    so by cutting these flat I'm going to get two layers
    that will make one tear that is four inches high for the top two tiers
    and this cake I wanted them five inches high
    so I would have big three cakes cut the tops of them
    and on one of them I would have slice the cake in half and I would have added
    that extra half layer to give
    another inch of cake
    fuse a nice long serrated knife for us are
    like a slicing knife and just go right along the very top
    above the pan and I like to turn the pan rather than cut straight across
    if you cut straight across sometimes
    you can wave a little bit are you it doesn't quite always get is even as you
    want and then once you cut all the way around you can just remove the extra
    and I'm gonna do the same on this one
    I'm just letting that
    night press right across the top of the pan here we go
    and let's see its
    got a sheep and here I'm just going to put this extra cake in the pay and
    okay the next step is to put the cake
    on some sort of a board in between every single cake
    there is either a cardboard circle or
    I really like using these
    phone boards these are quarter-inch phone boards which are much dirtier
    they have a plastic top on them so they're greaseproof
    and their and they work really really well in a tiered cake
    so you can add the use the cardboard or the foam my choice
    is usually the phone these
    you'll notice that I have a set of on dummies set up back here
    that's the exact same size as this wedding cake
    in I'll be using the phone dummies a lot built throughout the process for this
    wedding cake
    to show you exactly how things are done and if you're a beginner in cake
    having a set of on dummies to practice on before you actually make the wedding
    is very very very helpful and you'll see why as we go along
    group so I have a
    inch cake and a ten-inch circle and I'm just gonna
    put that on top the cake and protect right over
    intrude on my turntable now the reason to putting it on a
    is when I stacked these cakes I don't want the cake circle
    sticking out I wanted to be flush with my icing coming down the sides of the
    now one of the things that I forgot to do that I
    that I generally do before I put the cardboard circle on
    I will take a little bit a buttercream and this will help
    to stick that circle to the Cape so it doesn't slide
    so that's one important part you really should do
    okay now I'm ready
    now in order to ice this cake
    if I do it now and then have icing down the side of my turntable
    so I'm actually gonna put the entire thing on a little bit larger cake
    cake circle and that will give me room to work
    so I'm gonna center that on there and the first thing I'm going to do
    is put a very very light player a buttercream
    there are many different ways
    you can fill an ice a cake this is just one way
    even though I'm going to use a lemon filling in this cake
    I still like to put of nice thin layer of buttercream
    and what that does is it seals the cake
    so that the filling isn't absorbed by the cake and when you cut the cake a day
    or two days later
    you still have a nice layer filling in there any fruit filling
    is water-based and the cake would gradually absorbed that
    and assorted disappears into the cake and you get to it shows like you
    that you have less and less filling as every day goes by
    so that's the beginning now I'm gonna take some find it now
    this is a buttercream wedding cake but this is one place where I will use in
    sleep one of the problems with buttercream wedding cakes
    is after you ice them about
    eight or ten hours later sometimes the next day
    you'll start seeing a little bold right around the middle of the cake
    and anybody has made wedding cakes with buttercream icing
    will tell you this happens all the time part of it
    is that the cake is settling overnight
    on and the air that's trapped in all the layers that the cake
    slowly pushes out and it pushes that buttercream out
    so we have a little solution to this
    and I'll give you an alternative to this as well so I'm just
    rolling this phone that into a little bit of a rope and I'm gonna put this
    all the way around the outside edge
    doesn't need to be very thick this is just going to prevent
    to filling from squishing out
    and from the buttercream bulging out
    so I just want inside the cake now if you want to be
    arm if you want a true of buttercream wedding cake and you don't want to deal
    with the fun that at all
    you can take some love your butter cream icing in a small bowl
    and keep adding some powdered sugar to it until it becomes
    so stiff that you can actually put on the board and you can roll it
    and and you actually we'll get to that consistency so you actually could use
    the buttercream in just the Kennet
    a lot with powdered sugar and then roll it out the same way I did the Fonda
    but you can now buy fun in a little eight-ounce package so it's
    it's easy and it's quick I've got some luscious lemon
    cake filling this is one about the Allen Tate your brand's
    and it's real all ready to go this doesn't need to be refrigerated
    so this is perfectly safe to make your wedding cake and leave it out
    there we have quite a variety we have raspberry strawberry
    a blueberry I'll MN
    how we have icing fillings like a German chocolate icing cream cheese icing
    and we also have a chart on our website by these fillings
    telling you how much filling you need for each size
    tear so now
    I'm ready to put the second layer on this is probably one of the hand this
    little tools I have
    this is are made by fat daddy O's this is a cake lifter
    when you're working with an even larger cake like this like if I were
    icing my fourteen or sixteen inch cake use a pizza peel
    if you have one as a an aluminum pizza peel not a wooden one
    but they're usually about
    or 16 inches in in
    about diameter or square and they're great for lifting
    a large cake so many put that right under
    foot the cake out and then just
    later right on top and just center that
    and now I'm ready to ice this cake in
    the first thing I'm gonna do it ice the top of the cake I've used some above
    the our teacher buttercream
    and this is flavored with our Bridal blend in
    and when you buy the buttercream or if you want to make your own the recipe is
    on our website
    make sure that you put in the mixer before you
    you use it if you made it I had a time work you're purchasing the icing
    and with that on a very low speed for about five or six minutes at least
    you will get super creamy and soft and easy to work with
    so do the top first and then I'm using
    what they call a quick ice to by Wilton I
    I think it to tube
    and I put this into
    I've number up and eighteen-inch pastry bag
    or you can use a disposable bag as well basically a
    what I'm going to do something apart the icing on the side to this cake
    I'm start at the bottom
    just to right around the cake
    you can see how quick n Easy this is and the nicest part
    is you know get any crumbs you're covering the cake all in one movement
    me and the top
    don't be afraid to put
    too much butter cream on your cake the first time
    it's much easier to take some of then to be
    trying to smooth the sides of the cake and you're digging into the cake and
    pulling up crumbs
    and then you have to keep adding layer in layer buttercream on the top a bit to
    try to fix the mistake
    so always start with more butter cream then you need who's going to
    bring the top in first
    and then I'm going to use
    a bowl of hot water I just heated up in the microwave let me grab that
    so this is just warm water
    and I'm using any tea Co are this is a dough cutter
    our site scraper I like it because it lays
    flat this way and when I put this on the side to the cake I can light flat on
    this larger cake board
    that's one of the reasons I wanted a larger cake board and I can smooth the
    so I'm just gonna dip that in the warm water you don't have to dry it off
    and many do this in a couple movements I'm not gonna do it all at once because
    I'm taking off
    a fair amount myself
    true came
    they don't have to clean the buttercream of
    I really I just want this to be wet a little bit
    and that looks pretty good
    we're going to be smoothing this using the paper towel or paper method
    so that's all I have to do on the side but now I want to get the top
    someone to do the same thing I'm just gonna dip dyed in the water
    come in from the outside edge toward the middle
    never go from the Middle out when you look at the wedding cake is only about
    an inch-and-a-half that shows on each one
    on the edge so you don't have to worry about the center it's just the outside
    if I have a lot a cake to do
    or for me to be icing several cakes at one time
    I usually use a pan of hot water that I can just put back on the stove for a
    minute or two
    or if you have a mic wave right next to you you can just show up
    but the ball back injury here and that's all I'm gonna do at this point
    the icing is straight it's quite smooth I can almost decorate the way it is
    but I'm gonna let this dry now staking of any lecture icing
    I'm going to let this dry especially because I dipped my spatula in water
    I can see a little bit of water on the icing so I'm gonna give this about five
    or ten minutes to dry
    and then we're going to come back and I'm going to use the paper towel
    and computer paper regular copy paper to show you the two different things you
    can use
    to get a super super smooth finish on buttercream and then we'll go on to
    stacking the cake
    we'll be right back I've let this icing set now
    and dry for about
    minutes now this is all going to depend on the humidity
    in your environment and in your kitchen arm where I live it's rather dry so it's
    not a problem
    if you can just touch the decided that and it doesn't stick your finger
    you know it's ready so there are two things you can use to smooth this
    further at this point you can use the Viva brand paper towels
    or whatever brand you have in your your area
    your country that doesn't have a pattern on them
    if it has a quilted pattern you're going to have a quilt
    cake so what you wanna find a paper towel without that pattern
    if you can't find it good old computer copy paper works just as well
    so I begin with the top just lay this on the top
    and I'm using a of fun and smoother if you don't have a fun it's more that you
    can use your hand and I'll show you that
    and I'm just gonna lightly press
    and working from the outside in remember just like icing the cake I don't wanna
    push that
    icing out over the edge you can see that starts moving
    if you don't have one of those just use your hand
    just push down a little bit try not to leave any
    finger March you want to push too hard you can see all the
    rural areas not going to worry about the top too much
    because most if it's not gonna show
    so now when you get to the side just to show you that you can use either product
    minute put a piece of computer paper on here
    Hannah menus with
    the fondant smoother in just lightly go up and down
    back and forth
    and pull that away you can see how that starts moving out
    the cake was not very rough to begin with
    but if you're a beginner and you don't have a lot of experience
    icing a cake you're gonna find that this will really hide a lot of mistakes you
    when your icing the cake
    this really isn't taking much at all this is a good spot this is where
    I pulled the the scraper away from the cake
    so let's see what it does to that area can you get a good shot at that K
    and then we'll see this chess how smooth we can make bath
    its you can see it's
    it pretty well disappears you're gonna see a little bit at the scene
    but the unevenness has now gone there
    looks pretty good and that's really
    all I want to do just to show you again
    you can use either one either the paper towel
    or the paper and it doesn't stick to the buttercream
    and you don't have to use this for a wedding cake you can use this for a
    birthday cake or
    any cake you're making if you want a really nice buttercream finish
    that's a great way to do it so now we do all the cakes the same
    get them all smoothed arm in the course they'd write a little bit
    and then we're going to go on and we're going to stack the cake we'll be right
    back to show you how to put it all together
    so the case have all been iced they've all been smoothed
    are you know summers more than the others I purposely didn't smooth my
    bottom tier
    because I'm gonna be piping a decoration all around the tear
    so it doesn't matter how smooth the bottom is it's going to be covered
    I did make sure that the top edge here was smooth but that's all I really
    worried about
    so I made a grab one of my my out
    dummy parts here this is
    a cake circle which is the same size as this third tier
    I'm middle layer right on top
    the buttercream icing now
    I just showed you how to smooth the icing using a paper towel
    or arm a piece of computer paper and this is across the body cream so it's
    dry enough
    that I can't put something on it and it's not going to stick to it
    and that's one of the beauties are working with the with a crossing
    so I'm putting this this is the same size tear as my next year
    & Wellness Center it on there and then use a little scribing tool or toothpick
    and just go around the outside edge and just put a little mark in there
    your probably not see this on camera I
    but it's enough for me to know exactly where my next here needs to be placed
    I have five places that I want to put a dollar ride in
    I need to create an internal support so that this cake
    doesn't tip over. and that if I need to travel with it are bringing to a
    reception hall
    it's not gonna fall over on me so
    inside the circle I'm gonna put five
    poly dollars in these are a plastic dowel rod that are reinforced
    and I know that i'm gonna be putting him in these five places
    I just chosen for
    and then one in the middle and what you do is
    put your dollar right up against the side to the cake and use a pen
    and Mark with the top have your cake is or you can simply measure
    and figure out exactly how high you need that to be and then using a pair of
    heavy kitchen scissors
    or even better yet a pair pruning steps that you would use on like small trees
    are brushes
    works even better and then just cut and measure
    your five dolla rods and it's a very
    easy matter I just pushing that dowel rod rate in the cake
    and I want them to go just below
    the level love the buttercream I don't want them to stick up at all
    and I know I have the fifth one
    so now we've supported the that we're going to support the second tier with
    these five towels
    and if you remember when I iced the cake under this larger play
    there is a plate the same size as this cake
    so that is going to sit flat on here I'm any use this large spatula again
    and I'm gonna get right under that cake animal lifted up
    hanna Mina line it right where I left my marks
    and then pull that out
    and you'll be able to lightly move
    the cake a little bit if you need to readjust it
    so now all the weight from this cake
    is laying on the on the board he just show you here
    Sweden all the way to this cake
    is sitting on this board and that board
    is sitting on this supports that I put in the cake
    so there's no wait on this bottom tier it's all being transferred
    to the dowel rods the going rate down to that bottom board
    now I'm gonna repeat the exact same thing
    I would bend take my next my next cake size
    put that on top scribe all around it
    put in four on the cake this size probably for no more than five dolla
    and then put my next year on and then repeat that before you put your top tier
    and that way all the weight from the very top of the cake
    goes through every set a pillar does onto the board below
    through the pillars through the board and then down to the base
    and then you have a perfectly straight cake
    that's not going to lean back and forth no matter how warm it gets outside
    or if you want to transport it'll be nice and solid
    okay so I stacked my my cake I have dowel rods
    in the bottom tier the second-tier and the thirty year and they're all
    from the top down arm
    popular things that you're seeing some decorators do now
    is taking a very long dowel rod like a quarter inch towel rod
    and going down the center the cake and basically pounding this in
    through the board's rate to the bottom I feel that that is completely unnecessary
    in my opinion I don't think it does anything for the cake if you have this
    completely supported with DOL rods
    this cake is not going to tilt in either direction its gonna stay
    as sturdy and straight as can be and I have made
    and a tier wedding cakes
    like this
    and they have never ever fallen over so I really don't see the need to put a
    single dollar rod
    that dowel rod going straight through is not going to prevent your cake from
    moving from one side to the other
    unless it were actually screwed to the bottom board
    arm almost like a pipe that was in place so
    that's my opinion on on that method one last thing
    a four-tier cake or three tier cake can be rather heavy
    group I highly recommend for your bottom board
    that you use a half-inch wooden board
    arm and then what I do is I cover them would like to Wilton fancy for oil or
    some sort of a white for oil covering
    and then place your cake on that you can use a foam board
    if you're not planning on traveling very far with the cake
    or with lifting it from the edges if the cake is small enough for you can get
    your hand under in left yet
    you don't need as strong aboard but certainly for four tier cake that I was
    going to be transporting
    I would want a very sturdy wooden board that I can grab on the edges and I'm not
    going to worry about that bending at all
    and these are available on our website as well these are known as a
    masonite cake boards
    K so the basic tools you need again for the
    the cake is you need some sort of way at large spatula to lift the cakes and put
    them on
    you need the quick I sir are if you don't want to add the prostate on the
    side with a spatula
    so nice big eighteen-inch pastry bag and the quick I sir
    you're filling a little bit a fondant to
    make the the damn on each cake arm
    and then something to smooth the cake either the paper towels the Viva brand
    paper towels which have no pattern in them
    or the a computer paper and then
    a bowl of hot water in your spatula and that's about all you need
    in one last thing I didn't mention this
    is a four inch cake and so was this one so I use the metal
    a tea Co scraper for the 5n sure if I had a six inch cake
    I would need a larger scraper and this is
    a.m. scraper and aside smoother
    made by fat daddy O's that can be easily do a six or seven HK
    and that's what I used on the larger tears and those are also available on
    our website
    the last things you need are the dowel rods
    month these are the half inch poly towel rods
    those are really great for the bottom tiers when you get up to smaller cheers
    or if you're doing a smaller cake
    you can actually use the quarter inch these are butter cream color
    and these are cut and put in the cake the exact same way
    will be using these again later on when we add flowers to our cake
    I hope you've enjoyed the second part of the video on how to actually
    slice Phil ice and construct a wedding cake
    use the same technique whether using around cake
    a heart-shaped cake square cake any configuration you want the technique is
    all the same in putting the cake together thanks for watching
    and remember everything is available at Global Sugar Art dot com
    have a great day
    1 *** *** The Naked Cake: How to Slice, Ice, Stack, and Decorate - YouTube !!!
    the new
    maybe the rebound in the United doing it here to bring me
    Angeles to talk about the naked
    new trend
    it the cake without icing on the exterior
    you can actually evening see the link between
    usually decorated not going to withhold rusted
    way seem to show you like tonight
    me thing for me today for the day
    start by trimming our debate K had 26 inch round here
    and percent just harm of it down so the way I
    figure that out these ruler
    Martin or
    E West helps me he
    monolithic around K with the night and make sure
    but it's not the right it's very easy
    waiver with your night night heard upper down
    and then you get sand dunes inside K doesn't look way
    you might take here I just like
    are making around ago right d and
    marking the site K I'm not trying to cut going through it
    mark get BK night del
    rounded market
    their time

    Fort coming back to my original see
    right there this week to think that make sure they're
    far away from your than
    make you know if and
    around your market and Kyle K takedown you should have a perfectly level
    even K is normally
    we were going to do a cake covered with buttercream and fondant knowledge that
    we would trim of Hollis brown
    we would trim the bottom K only way
    smuggling were arrested believe that
    there and I already know that this is for some years behind on everything it
    to them
    so I can eyeball weird I do that by getting I'll
    K me sure sent time so there's my son
    between the two and I do it again. Mr
    lineage just keep it nice and clean for presentation
    have a perfect straight Jan and cut through
    really carefully make sure you has two hundred united
    very you cut your hand me
    always does never do this after like three cups a copy
    the bad and now I've got
    to perfectly do this one
    take moment when you make your cake
    the one with the prettiest on this is going to be the very top of your top
    nice and clean marking on this would have a couple
    police spot I'm use this one for the bottom here
    and gonna be a top moms


    just I think in our gonna
    certain but putting wanna on
    on the bottom as normal we have a delicious
    pay I putting
    you maybe half cup
    and we move it to just quarter inch from the edge
    we don't eat it all the way than you see one so just gently spread
    you wanna make sure whatever yes I seen you choose that is consistent throughout
    we do that wars this is required
    Minister of
    romance and check your I think make sure
    level every stage stacking always make sure you keep
    very easy to suddenly building like The Cat in the Hat
    yep that
    good layer
    K and i'm looking from the top down
    so I can see exactly on top
    check down man
    once again and just going to about a quarter inch
    making sure not a quarter-inch thick
    not an excuse life tonight
    here we want this to be the top
    gonna go on upside like first layer
    check it for me center well
    and missed last
    your people call
    I see frosty alt
    nothing is wrong this technically call
    filling labor we use
    generally used playin
    buttercream the exterior which is just need sugar
    white sometimes we
    somebody really want to be really delicious very
    0 infinite to about a quarter initially and
    should hi
    upside down comes on top
    you doing things going wrong
    you brush keep okay pretty well
    now the reason we did filling
    to quarter-inch because this brighter
    client wants how way showing on the exterior
    like are already prepared age here a teenage piping bag filled with plain
    room temperature doing this with called dangerous
    it's very difficult without exploded any
    big man not only are you but I love your day
    not be treated Street first
    start my I think here piping bag only two cups
    buttercream and cut the tip of it about acquires
    and Jan kinda and
    cake there mister using and
    now as you go covering the P were proficient
    you get master to go release wanna make sure if needed
    clean there
    we did any
    she's to me that way you can choose to let it blow job besides if you want
    look you're going for I like it a little bit near you clear
    I actually use my fingers
    back players Jim your other top to give it
    even wanna make sure
    he heard
    piping bags are available at most local craft stores across the nation joanne's
    bags you can also find them online
    in various sizes okay
    clean you
    the picture instant
    if you can
    your dragged created pain
    from what you already already
    now bullish using different fingers issue michael lind
    clean radius your the mansion
    with a bag get something K
    something like way it's just going to press the better
    into the crime you
    sometimes if you want get a hot towel
    don't use a paper towel and tissue
    like leave mark be
    here and the war in the warm water
    on the town actually allowed now better
    in clean just
    be patient make sure you do
    clean remiss in a
    yeah just like should
    structure before Easter this here
    I'm using buster in there
    I actually put for in mind I'll
    one and learned the
    actual and I hold pull it out
    and then
    the other for here
    another holding the other hand straw citizen
    kid another
    way things no
    we're trying to make sure
    hell missile
    within all for right down to the top
    I just couldn't formation or on the dice
    keep in mind you're sick sense K is going to cover them
    show don't with the Dell anywhere outside
    they will sell will be good you put a hole in your key
    really leisure especially in the are
    were in typically I would use a six-inch
    cardboard six ish kickboard like this to support
    the six ish here on top the problem is Nikkei
    this board will show around each other ruth bader
    muted bold cream or there's a good
    hardware my p through dark dark
    the way so what i did. registry about
    shop aboard we only do and inserted
    rock with yep
    still fits on I wanted now I'll
    did here
    and pop now
    month Center on top
    strong not gonna see I fill in this age
    with better looks just like seen
    should will gather
    just like we did
    here's use a green thing here
    go around now begin to primary actually dressed the cake
    with group and ok I'm
    floral like this you can buy your local cake shop
    I'm you
    gauge wires
    there that dinner and a committed third
    their you little bit smaller
    be about four inches long something like and
    actual usage secure fruit to the cake
    been %um make sure you've got plenty kinda
    and make sure you you for heavier
    actually through
    who were gonna get looking really pretty the way we did it I'm
    to start with the Lord we've got I went down to my local farmers market
    found nice through we want to go around golf ball sized only slightly larger
    using people's eyes Apple full-size pairs just
    too clunky into large K baby girl
    gorgeous little tiny I love riding in the car
    with the media roehi
    young ran if
    variations on those here small variety
    peaches hope also have the same kind
    you know models coloring come party season
    you kinda nice the knife pop
    colored red and green going on here more energy
    going on color scheme and something else to know to
    your bra your client wants on the cake
    mean something to her you can always make the germans fantastic
    me marzipan lot interesting
    uses inspiration mining
    type somewhere in all it's really nice to get those dark red
    tiny Henry really beautiful Nick in lieu
    smallest you can find in any color red or green or both
    nice re and I'll
    leafy stuff going on have a lot to leave going on
    olive branch
    and these if you actually have to use branches to
    too strong and nightly you when you're trying to move it around
    largest you using large like to use toothpicks
    cured one on top
    sticking out now something to put to thicken the bottom and
    here and then rested on the side
    topic a political arrangement toppers
    then take mmm a little piece the great
    here couple stupid
    something kid don't you think
    like said
    this one knees know when you're sick you're in great
    these juice everywhere hokum to plus the computer will secure
    that one great comes and the whole bunch so this is my
    use the wires actually cured with the wire
    right around stem like now
    so when all through taken off for service it will pull the wire out with
    let's say we want grates on their I want all over the side just a little bit
    you may be like and secure it down
    K new Lotus tonight using these dark green wires they come in lime green the
    of the come in white but dark green hi
    use a common brown you can get brown to you
    okay maybe we nasty couple come quite back here on the back
    I really like to make sure make cakes
    you never know sometimes until you get to the menu whether
    gonna be in the middle of the room against also
    there's some people who are you every k have the back
    and I think that's true trying to make all beautiful
    even doing on UK I wanna make sure there's pretty buttons
    flowers or something going on the back just in case
    you know Manor ground actually close to an
    I'm having a little issue here to think actually put through wanted to come
    hot just checking to make sure that not showing its not
    doing anything money house in which not the toothpicks showing
    from signs because nobody likes to see day
    it just has to be a national grouping really

    now like to have these greens showing I'm actually using the two pics
    on much like
    Mike summer all right now when you're
    putting freedom he I've only got about one inch
    space here
    if you like six-inch
    eating years only to which difference between the two do six-inch
    tenants you know larger shell here we just do it with the one-step
    so worth I am i star me with you
    for me large hers large
    he grapes
    great here I'm
    Apple I'm
    people large try
    and K doing
    and seem touch points where me contacted
    that ago
    rain covering stem great do
    nice secured
    okay and when you want
    down here obviously you have a Borders que quise
    the here
    when you wanna secured the Puente last
    and rest great K just like
    now you can choose to do this during delivery
    my captive the cake in place decorated
    used to put it on drive their depends on how bumpy road
    on you have to drive me all
    I want to do make sure splashy be
    maybe I'll do one like on over on
    looked match
    my unique you can come in
    partners you you can decorated with pink hair
    I like it really nationally only for
    the other branches deep
    mommy forage five minutes spray
    maybe couple
    now and again money
    something really don't get their very lives they don't need a lot
    toothpick instability let's see if there's a little spring growing
    here you could just use to stop secure
    make sure wrapping around the cake right now sticking out
    some secure one and with the pain
    writing again said now when
    they remove it for
    wrap around us a little bit more so group
    the way the wired
    him few more on ran
    join us website be
    me menu our style
    pictures K were also on instead
    face head
    be thump
    here well
    home *** *** How to make a naked wedding cake | Baking Mad - YouTube !!!
    I'm Matteo
    today she have to make
    these week me substantial he has to make
    a very easy a crane is the basis
    many touch heat make lost
    first stop
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    it tiny as well
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    party K now K we can t stop
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    on just ap don't wanna see
    outside we have a cake tony's
    last me I'm going to be using
    K call each
    any must so kissable Anthony
    see see nine each

    get honest
    when spongy
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    safety you I cannot cake
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    much else
    Dec thanks to my dad PNG
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    so I need to make sure I'm house just
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    the top site just state me
    take some happened to be lucky just seats
    County me nice just
    pretty me cake anybody we eat
    she chance to cake have to keep
    spongy just fresh
    stick *** *** Y&YW how to: naked wedding cake - YouTube !!!
    thing and I'm yea
    make you take the top
    of make sure for fit
    what the
    had me
    take he
    and against it for small
    okay any me
    he's take in
    am in each harmony you can tell exactly
    went right back good
    Frankie more equal seeing
    okay back
    get yes
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    St key back
    to happen but top tuned take
    at the half
    from you hunt
    of and come up
    good hit
    making sure
    in and against equity
    we I think and and fate
    Shane think be
    and now okay decorated
    E went
    for of
    of me any
    the middle *** *** "Naked" Wedding Cake - Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking Ep. 15 - Gemma Stafford Recipe - YouTube !!! *** ***