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Cat with shopping bags how to make

Cat with shopping bags how to make

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    Baking Flat Level Cakes and Lining Cake Pans - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    so the first thing we want to get started on is prepping guys paints
    now there's a few different methods that we use depending on what type of cake
    various the first 1 I'm gonna show you is the most common
    tonight is going to pay how we protect besides
    about cake by wrapping it in parchment on baking paper
    and using it for things like pound cake a fruitcake and I want cake
    saw it gonna get guys all set fest
    so I'm gonna take some other baking paper and
    we want to measure around the sides about paints
    site the easiest way to do this is just
    bring out a little bit a patch meant because you have similar pant sizes they
    constantly using
    I go ahead and cut the the science in sets of four
    so metaksa this folded
    Afghan around us and
    just make sure that that overlaps by a little bit we're not going
    on the inside so will I love even more but you've gotta have at least a
    centimeter our side
    about half an inch site but albright at of
    and at the same time arrested here and do
    the borders just coming
    I last now if you doing a bunch of different ones at the same time you can
    light them all at stack it and bring it across the top
    that way you don't have to cut each one individually skycaps I starting with a
    top best
    gonna place it down hold onto the inside if it doesn't make it
    and just go around with up and we can be coming on the
    inside and that's how I got the pan that's gonna be trial I
    now the next step is I'm gonna fall status
    if you don't have a really why and
    making paper or parchment paper and using our esteemed
    science like one about this size and you can do it into three sections of three
    that without a candy four summers can shift create a crease monarch
    and that's going to help us to have another bias that's perfect least right
    now you can come and just cast right along
    out but as they get longer and longer it gets harder to do that side they'll
    check that I jail
    is just a phone it in haha John crease it
    at all just holiday %uh and it makes a
    whole uneasy have to cut through ha and Kate on the web bench
    like I so we're going to be using one of the highest
    Cape as a side next time just kept
    Kevin about excess we not going to use this for six th round
    down the track I usually end up with height of a love
    so mismatched paces and just so that you not wasting it
    cuz you eat and do this quite often now cutting
    around the inside just buy a couple of millimeters
    contact are not
    to now we have a circle and we have now signed
    we need something to stick them onto and pink pants I'll
    in this one time scourge I didn't rant pan when I take a little bit of us have
    slice a bit of
    you don't want this to be too soft or you'll end up applying too much
    and it will cause a crystallization on the bottom of your cakes
    so just be quite sparing that make sure it's trite and French
    so we're going to rub that around both
    just get all the Porsche including nice little
    inch comments and then I'm gonna pump it up this way
    and Rob working my way around
    all the way up to the top okay so we'll keep that if the light up
    what we're going to do is pick up a sign pace fist
    and working with the natural curl all the parchment
    gonna make sure that we drop into it out perfect up
    educate that we had as a bottom and an incident starting at the very beginning
    about Patch man I'm actually going to stack in the middle
    impressed that up against the side that way I can make sure that that
    its resting all the way at the base and not having anything right stop with the
    cake could stake
    halfway through then you can easy way around one side to
    around the other side and that's it
    now the two sections don't always want to stick to each other
    so a little trick that I do his product the first one
    apply the second and then like the first one
    over the top and it will help to take because it's already got the pass up
    if that fails you can always take a little bit more butta
    rub it onto that inch traffic backed down
    and press it against and that's perfect last bit today
    is just a grad our circle Splenda followed it
    comments like that I am taco chop it into the middle again working away from
    me till
    an option and what I'm doing with my fingers is I'm basically pressing it
    against the side
    interrupting as I go ran out so this is how much common why
    all outlining a cake pan ready for a cake
    he can use this with round and square I'm gonna show you another technique
    though with the square
    that we don't use for cakes but we use for things like blondie
    and cheesecakes and things like that way we don't want to just flipped a guy that
    went down
    I'm so what we gonna do is basically create handles in a way
    so that we can pry and pull it up and Inc just basically presented
    the top integrity out but not have a crushed with those line locks for a wire
    site onal nice and quick
    just pressed the pain against
    the patch milt coming I've of
    and just measure a little bit why not I wanna do that twice
    so now we look for a side that looks fairly straight
    rest at a pan out and app and
    just score a few lines
    up where it would be nice
    and we're just gonna basically cut just inside
    by that chain mails okay

    I just fine this is a really handy technique for what I'd do if they bite
    cheesecake squares and brownies things like that
    because there's nothing worse than having everything off well on top or
    something like that that
    all the sudden gets crushed and squashed and also I think
    cheesecakes I'm quite sticky as well say don't wanna stick to the wire
    cuts were good at a pace this go ahead
    all but %uh am I going to work on doing
    the very base and up all the sides
    just make sure that we get into those
    a chance all those cornice last one
    alright site were gonna take awhile i win
    and where to lay there and we can say that we've got a a decent amount bites
    selling bank pressed you and
    present completely against one side salad dressing although I can speak
    age stay up and then work your way I'll
    the other side and it might come up just buy a couple of males aside that's close
    enough and that's fine
    alright so now we've got by so they sides outlet dive %uh
    we're gonna take Abbas Shah and just up to the basic and
    birth think I am I gonna take at stake and shake it
    did the exact same thing make sure they've got
    paley a little bite salts press all the way down
    pressed up against one h2 so we know it's perfect
    flip it around push up against seconds
    I KN all selected us on Twitter us want to fold them out a bit more
    to get rid of the crisis and just what you thinkin out into
    H Coruna inside just saw that
    it's a nice shop age on it you don't want to soften
    the Lockerbie square at all now onto our third one
    which she is mainly used have been sponge cakes
    angel cakes at red velvet anything it's really light and fluffy
    but also things that don't bike for huge amount of time am so it basically I'm
    doing the old-fashioned
    Fatah and flower lot but instead of using batat my little Chait is to grab
    some canola spray instead
    it provides a really nice even coverage it gets into all of the little nooks and
    which is so important because when you put the flour on
    you can come back and add little bit too but hear me out
    site gonna shake and I basically
    spraying we want to be about 15 centimetres
    Apple it at six inches alright from the surface
    its I just click away covering all of the bottom-up
    sports and making sure that we've covered the sides
    and it we're gonna take
    some plain flour all-purpose flour and
    we're just going to tell a polymath in a %uh
    an anime shake it around it's almost like you try to get your associate
    and man today the sides basically what I do is let it drop
    to the site and then pass it around
    to and I'm just happy excess apt you can say it provides a really good coverage
    on if you've been doing this technique with but a smearing you find that not
    only it won't be quite as consistent as this
    and won't be quite as finance I came despite a try and bicycling now we're
    ready to tackle
    the actual making the cakes and biking I just fine it's really k to know it
    working with
    and when we got to protect cakes into a pan is there is one final step that we
    do a
    and so we're not going to be doing it just yet to these paintings
    on all-white until I put the batter in
    but I just wanna show you and now the che about us and that is to protect the
    sides and the cake
    and it really k to make sure that your pics arising evenly
    everybody wants to get it where it doesn't have to be kind I'm
    and I cracking and things like that money so that you get a lot pie and cake
    because otherwise you have to add chopped the whole top of and you lose
    all of that
    so I wish I what we do it just to get around it
    style I'm just taking them oil again I'm gonna do appear the measure with my pay
    sweatshirt touches
    and then I want to add public an extra up for inches
    course I'll south at
    this speech
    okay now this was a different things you can get all the market there are things
    to protect the sides I find I do as well as
    and all sides sound is really high Shoals
    to be able to make something Cape and you can raise it over again
    out you can use a sparkly half a dozen times if we need to check them out
    saw it and next little bit
    is to grab some type it out just measure it needs to be.
    less because it's only wrapping around the cake it's not providing that
    excess out that I added now I'm gonna take this
    and just divided into thirds just eyeball let
    and then just pressed and nice and them
    plan to release shot because you don't want to come undone
    as you're applying water chillage okay and what I'm gonna do
    just make it easier to manage isn't scaffold into courses
    and I'm gonna take it straight into some cold water and then we'll apply it to
    after a while okay so we've gone ahead
    and added some cold water to this how much can a fan at if it breaks that's
    between a line it up and make sure that you've got enough at the pasty
    to do almost one folder I thought so placing that day a
    bring by inches just pressed up against an email tks
    feel the paper towel K
    and then roll it all the way over the paper tell
    and this is basically an secret weapon
    that we iz that's a little bit different that helps to keep out takes no skill
    and told I cut so I can imagine that we've got
    now cake batter into heat all we need to do then
    is racked this around but where it meets
    press it right against the cake and then just folded I if I
    couple times and press it to the side
    now that's gonna protect the side a backache but we still need to protect
    the bottom a little bit
    so I'm gonna take some of the oil play that down
    pick up a cake and just place it on top fucking bite-sized I prepping a
    on the other direction and then just
    up here and basically what I do when I bike
    is I will kick all of this on for about say sixty percent
    up the baking time then I'll go ahead and take the base
    of amfar probably another
    minutes or so
    and then all removed the science just so that it can cook evenly

    and you can leave it on the entire time but it doesn't provide a lot of benefit
    compared to taking it off towards the end and it will make the entire baking
    take a little bit longer I'm so just wait until it's
    over halfway through it's biking cycle and then stop feeling the players all
    removing this and popping it back into the oven
    and then eventually this make sure that you using on
    up in clubs when you gonna take both off because is hot
    has been in the oven to don't forget that I'm but other than that
    thats alittle sacred to helping Mike out all the wind cakes
    and so there I specifically *** *** How to Bake Even & Flat Cake Layers - YouTube !!!
    hi guys welcome to my kitchen and look into metal the every bake a cake and it
    turned out like this
    then from one side and the from the other side and kinda like
    sagging in the middle he is tackled me pretty of it ok I might have to get
    perfectly evenly
    baked flat cakes like this one the
    and today I want to share my tips with you are getting them
    actually quite simple there are three tips I'm getting flat
    layers cakes September 1 it's pretty basic
    pretty obvious but actually maybe the most important
    make sure that your up in Iraq it straight
    now this might sound silly but if there's a inclination up like one day
    create this might make a huge difference in your cake
    and so basically your pan would be like this it said it like this
    and if you're better is ready batter will go on one side
    and your cake will end up looking up looking like this so
    make sure that your other track is straight now over time you will place a
    lot of heavy
    step LexA have lasagna casserole or at turkey
    what will happen is that I'm the wait up these dishes might
    bend the iraq and so basically your rack will not be straight and
    you might not be able to see it but that could be a reason
    so as you can see what I do is dead come see the stainless steel bowl
    its height is actually the same height as the distance between
    um the rack and the bottom of the oven and so I keep it in the event and that
    way when I put something heavy
    on I'm iraq the wait is supported by
    the bowl and that's by the rack and therefore the rack will never bent
    but arm I don't know if I'm going to recommend you to do that because it
    doesn't look very pretty good
    well what they can do once in a while is that you can take her back
    and you can turn it on the other side and that way I'm
    if it bent downwards by turning it to the wait up your dishes will bend it
    back in place
    timbuktu make sure your event is hot before you pop your pan
    into the up for example if the recipe says
    your event has to be hyped at

    a decrease
    now what happens most of the time is that um the first thing that you're
    going to do is get a preacher a bit and then you can start preparing your batter
    but preparing the better especially if you're using a cake makes can take maybe

    minutes and then you will pop your pan into the oven
    but five or ten minutes is not enough for the up in to get hot
    you need at least
    minutes for you up in to get hot
    all over it not just you know call from one side and hot from one side
    because what happens usually is that in my get high depending on your gonna get
    my in my get hot from
    in certain areas and not in other areas and that will cause your cake to be
    to rise more from one side or faster on one side and that is that
    I'm on the side that is not I'm heated
    now what you have to do is to make sure that your up in is hot
    and when I strongly recommend you do is you getting other thermometer
    as you can see her actually have to have one here and one in the back because
    you know I'm obsessed with baking and so I have to make sure that the temperature
    in the
    front of the oven and the backup Devin is the same but you don't
    really need that heidi is
    thermometer which would place in the center of the
    because this is we're where normally would place this cake and
    and when this some thermometer displace the desired temperature
    this is when you would pop your cake or your pad into the open
    I got this from the home supply story was I think less than three dollars so
    it's very affordable
    but it will definitely improve your baking experience September
    thats for two years action not just for getting flat cakes but
    for baking as a general taking rule you
    last night open here have indoor as your cake is right
    be so what happens is that when you pop your pad into the FN
    your cake for it to bake it has two
    it need if he's hot here in order to rise and bake and become a cake
    so what happened is that at be keen as its rising
    if you open the oven door you're going to bring income cold air
    into the open and so basically your cake which is in
    which is rising its get a get confused
    and as a tracing when you introduce the cold air
    its gonna deflate and it probably ruined so unless you open your open door for
    like a split second and therefore not
    the hut air to go out I do not recommend that you open
    are you up and/or as your cake is baking and now you might be asking but
    were supposed to check on the cake to see if it's at if it's completely better
    yes you're right but you should only do that when
    you are very close to the to to the end of the baking time
    so for example if the recipe says bake for
    you're gonna start checking at twenty minutes and that means that your cake is
    complete he resent its almost bake
    almost ready and therefore even if you open the
    of indoor and you take it out it will not it's good and it's not liquid
    anymore and therefore it will not
    fall flat and also just by looking at the cake you know when it's
    almost ready because it will look like it's ready will look like it's
    completely baked you can see the batter anymore in the center of the cake
    am so thats that's how you know it's almost ready and then
    at that point to get tech checking for it so
    it's just in most my videos I do not like to give an exact baking time
    because there is no exact big-time
    the exact making time for depends on many factors like the heat if you're up
    in the size of your credit center
    but I always give an approximate making time
    any with this approximate Beijing time that you could use it
    indication to start checking for but then disappear cake
    now there is another tent I will call tip
    3a because it's actually related to tip number three
    I'm is that if you are going to bake two cakes at the same time in your
    been make sure that you use the same type of bad on the same
    the same size a fan because what happens is
    if you use two different types bands like a small one and a big one
    the amount a better here is much less than the amount a better in this one
    so what will happen is that when you bake your cake this one will
    require much much less time than this one
    XO after baking this one where its gonna
    bake it's getting get ready much faster than this one and so what you'll do if
    you're going to
    open your I think just to check in on this one but we go back to the same
    if you will if you do that introducing hot air into the up
    at sorry you're introducing cold air it to the event and therefore this one
    which is still in the middle of the baking time
    will probably I'm deflate
    so definitely do not
    if you're going to bake to pass at the same time make sure they are the same
    and the same about a better is in them okay i think is so much for watching and
    I hope you found this video helpful
    if you still have any questions please do not hesitate to write me a comment in
    in the comment section or send me an email already tales are
    in the Description box I wish you a wonderful banking experience I really
    hope you follow these steps: the next time you bake a cake
    going to next time bad day *** *** Cake Decorating - Three Ways to Get a Level Cake - YouTube !!!
    me I am sandy sheppard
    master cake decorator and I'm here today to show you
    three different app they'll probably cut this in three videos but the first step
    on how to fill up your cake pan so that you end up with a nice level cake let me
    show you a real nice level K
    this K is nice
    and level and that's all we want our cakes to look so that when we put them
    together they have a very professional look to them
    first kept is to make sure to tell
    fill up your pants properly I have some cake batter here nice chocolate cake
    and I had mixed up you want to fill up your pants
    approximately half of all
    now this will depend upon your recipe some recipes require you to fill them up
    follow because they don't
    rise this well that I know that this cake recipe
    bill that cue eight-inch
    hands and so if I feel about pants equally
    then it will be very nice
    see how are handed out spatula is
    clean every little bit have at hand to
    and to spread that around real nice n Easy and
    and a
    there we go ash you can see both pants approximately half
    well and their ninth and level okay
    my next little step for help in your pants to your cake to bake nice in
    Platte like this one has now that the bottom of the pan
    but that's the top at the K and it is very nice and flat
    I have three tips for that one is making sure your cake pan is still properly
    the second one is to wrap it where telling
    strap this is just for a min all bath tell that i've cut
    in strips that fit the the diameter
    excuse me the depth of the pan and I've taken s:
    over time i think im got it nice and wet squeezed out the excess water
    so that it swept now I take this Telstra
    put it around my pan just wrap it nice and gently
    and where did my little TP and go
    okay and then I bought
    shape and I don't know how well you can see that
    disloyalty pan it called that because it looks like a letter T
    you could buy any favorite department store any
    any department store that has fabrics and such and then I take their
    and I'm just going to Penn right through the layers
    a the tallying to hold it together
    and now it's ready to debate now if you pay
    pan comes out at the end the cake comes out the other end in its not nice and
    level there's one more trick that I have to show you
    take it out here event
    and as soon as it comes out of the oven and this one's pretty level
    but a significant out at the event take a nice dry tell
    terry cloth towel so it's fairly their I haven't folded in half
    I laid across the hot cake and gently pressed send
    and flattened the top of the cake
    to I am
    and thats that's three tips for helping you to come out with a knife
    level NHK to watch the other segments in this video series or
    for how-to videos are most any other topic
    visit monkey C dot com *** *** Baking Magic Tips 04 - the secret to getting perfectly even cake layers - YouTube !!!
    look at this beautifully even cake
    it's so frustrating when you go to the trouble lovemaking
    home bake cake only to have a domed in the center which makes it hard to ice
    and unattractive
    but this cake is perfectly even and the secret to the success of it
    is magic cake strips you can either buy them or make them yourself
    basically the way they work is that the out so the cake pan
    makes the cake gonna touch is that said and the center has been set yet for the
    center keeps rising and that's where you get a domed center
    but if you can keep the side to the cape and cool and slow down the baking their
    you get the more even cake this is the magic aches chip that I've made
    it simply aluminum foil and paper tells her wet
    and they were wrapped around and paper clipped or
    pinned together and then removed after the cake comes out of the oven
    a star with a long piece of oil preferably heavy-duty
    and some wet paper towels and then just fold over the file
    at civil
    wet paper towels is what keeps its ok cool and this is a great cake bakers
    the older if people use rags to accomplish the same thing
    web red those before they have oil
    and you just do it wherever height
    your panelists as hell the thickness have your magic aches trip should be
    so that's the secret to getting perfectly even cake layers
    use it and enjoy it *** *** Duff Goldman's Secrets to the Perfect Layer Cake | Celebrity Chef | Food How To - YouTube !!!
    Charm City Cakes is known for their outlandish design
    larger-than-life creations and the motto you can imagine it we can create it
    I'm here times indicates West for doubtful man is gonna share has basha
    secrets to creating
    professional-looking layer cake at home
    for you to learn how to make a gorgeous layer cake at home what's the first
    thing to do
    this is like the biggest like here we go kind among his people like how do you do
    that how you make the case for and I'm gonna show you on your bike

    now here in a bigger reasons for the cake song
    okay why would it is people would of like a hacksaw blade
    and his love on the table how
    wah nice in here and get a nice black
    most people have one of these right this one
    in this behind it it's a little bit more practice
    room so he thought I ask is turning the cake really trying to stay even seen any
    good work
    now because there were no happened hopefully
    her fair make it down here just like to
    make sure your knife is nice and flat like alright you prepare love
    tape see alright so now we have three letters
    now is sex is every case a you know for you a sim-free decker bringing
    you gotta put all the good stuff in do I'm gonna
    hi mister rain and this is gonna keep all that yummy feeling from escorting
    out the side
    an exact okay if
    but just for a little just so Paul Morse stop sticks to the like that
    you some white chocolate as frivolous and this is the fun part
    okay where that those a pretzels yeah because wanna
    is Eminem have a feeling we're going down memory lane Irving
    these are private and has something in common as foster
    harvesting now have been strained I'm
    thank you as a own I was left this is Amin okay so now our next layer
    we flip it over flip it over him I need only look at
    hang across town another Kingdom dong
    alright feeling this you've done this before
    away and all the time your
    when I was outrageous takes that you make we just made a life-size working
    nasa alright now this is actually
    this is one other the real trick to you want them bottom
    above the court heads to end up being the top got it
    if you just put their own right now
    will be much busier ice go and there you are
    biggest film Reik
    are stacked their failed not send a frost of resuming you do know one
    from to freeze get about the process right just pushing up the edge
    and I'm just sort of the said the reason why we pushed over the edge is now
    you really don't have to be clean with it because you know you not gonna
    you're not going to touch their heads the cake cases now
    this costs
    cents Home Depot
    yeah taping knife how and drywall
    okay rate for a sinking have easily the way you getting nice
    even side his long strips
    okay try to get the cake roughly in the middle travel
    please you taping knife so this never
    the taping knife is still you're moving exact
    alright when a tractor-trailer okay thank you cell
    still let's make sure you're straight up in Afghanistan
    and make sure your a little bit more you will show me we can play like a ghost
    it's like you're
    it's like that yeah at an angle there you go
    this is given us the shaping and there were gonna chill
    and this is what the findings instinct ICC everybody who's going up beyond
    the level known for the cake pops out for here bergen is actually higher than
    the cake
    three others were presenting his you gonna start out here now
    okay and just like you're like Manning airport dang
    coming land you're playing yeah
    you to come and mmm
    I'm I L and the play every time
    0 you white we have made a noise tonight as mark
    over now Rogers have several either
    so this is a crime to that how long is this going to the projector
    I'm gonna put in there just for the butter set/sets me like

    can't cope
    alright so what do we need to now cover this cake with on
    of first
    newsprint the cardboard your union risking a resolve with
    you want them system
    send it to the Bay Area your experience haven't heard for
    okay sorry video
    nipples on a nap wow that's a lot of fun
    we're but most a bit of you know won't give it a little need to just come along
    on the day before and thanks
    which one is based on a warm it up you want to do this too much because im
    end up tearing up the protein structure yeah
    you know what a player that's just like pizza just like anything at one point
    this is corn starch don't be shy with mister
    always brush it off later I guess but it's gonna get all up yeah
    add some I and II mean I'm gonna be covered sometimes that happens you got
    me really
    your house in a retraining
    get it now eat spinach know what happens if you actually teared
    most up in a ball against monster case an hour gonna do
    okay this up slide my hand in here
    right the finest laying on the rolling on rolling
    starting at the edge
    really well oh my yeah now get the final first thing I want to do is talk that
    this is where the crash happened all week has pointed out if you want to get
    his points to
    first you're just the recently persuading
    okay he keeps working yeah it's just
    and it's a slow process can force just gotta right now at the bottom
    okay VP to go them
    basically hitting of
    case when you get to the head for
    going this okay and take it off
    iraq and when you do so you wanna make sure there's no chrome
    yeah from K designs is no frowns you're good you can't flowers
    so this is a fund in smoother this is really when it's looking professional
    smoothing it home now for this down here
    for the river cramp
    happen with a little water here's the thing of food crash
    be given a border around yes a little snake
    yeah because any and you can see a little bit
    yeah p coming up
    time for that yep where some cases even working on lately
    we just made the from UK for Smurfs 2 there's as real
    usually right here yeah if if if
    am why
    all the way too much now it's perfect for our
    its for I cannot wait to cut into this cake
    this is the next time how their trick to getting
    perfect slice room I think the best thing to do is really just make sure
    your night his claim and so clean up between cut yeah I went down off
    when you're netscape it doesn't
    wean itself off you of gas no
    was the anticipation unum
    a Huang guy
    was good years %um
    really good are lives for yes stuff
    thank you so much for your having a good for his lair K green I'm
    so great and thank you for watching i'm for any
    we'll see you next time on PopSugar up *** *** How to get a flat top cake using a wet teatowel A Topp's Tasty Treat quick tip - YouTube !!!
    hi and welcome to a tough test reach you tomorrow
    get fucked up on a que you want to wet a towel and wrap it round cake tin
    if you pass it with a couple safety pins you can just keep in place
    then you want fill it with can't make
    and the result it but took
    you can buy professional strict to do that
    I find it works just as well used with T tell and it's much cheaper
    thanks for watching if you'd like
    you could subscribe to my channel tell me on twitter a look at my facebook page *** *** How to Level and Torte a Cake from Wilton - YouTube !!! English English
    hi I'm Emily Tatuk from the Wilton Test Kitchen
    today I'm here to show you how easy it is to level and tort your cakes
    when a cake bakes it sometimes develops a dome top
    also known as a crown by removing the crown and leveling
    your cake you're creating a flat surface perfect for decorating
    leveling is crucial because it prevents cracking when stacking and filling your
    there are two ways to level and tort your cakes you can use a serrated knife
    or cake leveler to begin securely attach your cake to a cake board with a small amount
    of icing
    just like this is crucial because this prevents your cake from moving around
    while you're leveling if you're using a cake leveler
    you first want to place your cake on a flat surface place the leveller next
    to your cake
    so you can see how high to set your wire you want to remove as little
    cake as possible while creating a flat surface
    there are notches all the way down the side of a leveller
    for easy adjustments in this instance
    I'm using a number two so using a gentle sawing motion
    I'm going to cut through just the top of my cake
    and remove the crown I like using a cake leveler
    because it creates an even and straight cut every time
    this leveler can be used on any cake rounde or square
    up to
    inches or even a nine by 13 cake
    if you're using a serrated knife place your cake on a turntable
    well slowly rotating your turntable use a gentle sawing motion to remove the crown
    from here you can leave your cake as is are you can cut into multiple layers
    called torting
    torting adds hight and gives you the opportunity to add additional filling
    to your cake
    if you're using a leveler place your cake on a flat surface
    reposition the wire so it lines up right in the middle of the cake
    in this instance it's about a number seven using a gentle sawing
    motion I'm going to cut right through the center of my cake
    giving me two equal height layers carefully remove the top layer of my
    cake with a cake board to prevent
    cracking and breaking if you're using a serrated knife
    place your cake on a turntable position your knife in the middle of the cake
    keeping it level place one hand on top of the cake
    and using a gentle sawing motion cut horizontally through the cake while
    rotating the turntable
    as you can see I now have to
    even layers ready to fill and stack more tips techniques and inspiration
    visit wilton.com *** *** Dork Diaries Book Cake How to by Pink Cake Princess - Back to School Cake - YouTube !!!
    think a princess i'm andrea and today I'm going to show you how to decorate
    they don't diaries
    cake this is the case then it might be my daughter Michaela
    shared a joint party with his death began taking up the My Little Pony
    Rainbow ok and also the shock and with you skate the tutorials are only channel
    you can click the link at the end of the video or in the video description below
    and don't forget to subscribe before you go as well
    ok I'm going to be playing like a cake board this is
    inches by
    adding people start from the back of that it's easier for me to take their
    leading a rectangle cake that directly killing kids like eight inches of music
    which I trimmed it into the shape like to sell awake I want to do than just a
    tube top of each other
    have slipped my taking two and now I'm just applying a gun to my head for a bit
    of the budget train with my swiss meringue buttercream be confronted with
    me on my channel now looking at the top layer and placing it on top and just do
    a quick from my seat in the fridge to set the twenty minutes
    have gone back and placed another coach but a crane and then let it again for
    minutes into my funded by saying I'm rolling out some weapons and
    i think im trying to keep it roughly a wish right by rolling out the corners
    and edges like a rolling until it's roughly rectangular
    fingers become application of either the one that picked up the pieces be enough
    on talk to me about making the pundits and now I'm literally invented up and
    placing it on to my case with
    expose that's nothing over the top
    making sure this notable and the name and then slowly going away on down
    using my hand to initially and then eventually even like me that may be
    funded I have to get rid of any luck
    the cut-out funded at the bundy
    on the edge
    great that I just booked under a grant you live the dream that
    thing and very well but does look really great
    want to simply funded voting district of the fund it is just so much about the
    dust of trimmed a couple of inches tall and lanky it onto the side of the boat
    the top to make it nice and smooth
    down to the actual cake image on using an edible cake image you can order these
    online they started Apple has a question from
    and basically they're really easy to use they come pre-packaged for you you know
    a classic slave and then you just pull it off the backing and then attach it
    onto the cake with a little bit of boorda never get the paper trail just do
    it much fun didn't and because i sat on the case I'm just gonna trip to
    whitepages all
    and then hit me by the onto the case
    no doubt he stood for London and the pitches and now the text you done to the
    texas won areas of the cable company just to make it look more
    click the Like button below and also at the time to do anything that would
    appreciate this took a place as well as she loved to escape now I'm gonna hit
    and run a formula strips of funds it just to cover the cake
    long long strip and rapid every on this is just another flying onto the board
    with a little bit of water in the excess of my daughters relating to the doc
    diary series right now I love getting into my book the hotel looks easy to
    write me and let me know in the comments below
    ok I just about out of blue trim around the bottom of the secret the back cover
    my daughter is nine months of the cake them using some people it is from a
    friend to help me get it out of the cut-off jean a couple of kids and also
    the name of the case at the bottom with the moving around the case for and
    that's it that's my theory that you guys like it and let me know which web series
    you guys you can see right here to put the tutoring thanks again for letting
    you guys can provide a forum *** *** How To Make a POPCORN BOX CAKE for OSCAR NIGHT! Vanilla & Chocolate Cake with Gold Caramel Popcorn! - YouTube !!!
    good evening everyone welcome to the 888 Tuesday of
    gonna be a drink show
    tonight I'll be making the tuxedo of popcorn box office revenue we're in

    where you have to keep its word designed by John is little of habit he picked up
    call you can order your and each one one of a kind I begin by making four pounds
    of my vanilla cake and folding in one and half cups of Milly semisweet
    chocolate chips that I make four pounds of my chocolate cake diet black with
    some food coloring and fold in one and a half cups of milky white chocolate I
    want to get rid of all the compilation so all they see is black and white
    striped cakes cut balsa my square cakes in
    even smaller squares Italian
    meringue buttercream Oscar ready i take
    half a cup of my homemade caramel I separately during my cakes black white
    black white and i felt usually with caramel buttercream so the end I have
    two identical cakes that are four layers by US taxpayers came to one on top of
    the other and then I add a smaller poured on top of a car to escape into
    the shape of a popcorn box by creating in a line on all four sides in his that
    top board as my guide cutting right beside the side of it down on an angle
    and I want to make sure that the bottom case studies the scene measure then I
    add some towels could eventually I will pull downs and aboard are necessary to
    support the structure of this case it's kind of like double sided
    tape on a really low cut dress or spanks you know to keep you know your mom belly
    yeah I know you are feeling once its shell I i saw this cake as smoothly as I
    can't she wants to look svelte almost every state has to be done right the
    makeup here do you like my hair was done my job well I'm not hiring her again its
    type of this case to be fitted for her little black dress I flipped her over
    then I measure her height and her whip my role of life on it into four
    individual rectangles and cut to my finance labs to be the right within the
    right height I used if we'll cover on the top edge of both of these labs
    because it's an old fashioned popcorn box I please follow up on it onto my
    cake on opposite sides and he's the father is smoother to help secure it now
    has a sharp knife and a ruler to trim my funded to fit this cake like a low cut
    my remaining
    in the same way to cover my last two sides of the cake
    bobby pins falling out everywhere but just I have made each handle this fun to
    dress for a popcorn so I'm literally just showing her into it I'm creating
    the dress on her body so I don't know how
    I want the look of this dress you have a bit of shoes you know I'm not going for
    just practice practice so last year I'm going for deep I did a spy diluting some
    black gel food coloring with a little bit of white round and I painted on all
    of the sides of the cake in one motion this dress is looking great but it needs
    some detail the pattern to thousands of the year
    strikes and stars February 26th to 29th at midnight a limited-edition t-shirts
    with 20% off I'm not sure how i roll ups and deep yellow fondant as thinly as I
    can making sure its tall enough for my kids then I cut three quarter inch
    strips from the condom very carefully and very shortly
    keeping my strengths intact I need to separate the strips and I'm about to pay
    from goal and I need to get every single corner and I'm using the finest quality
    gold luster diluted with some weight room to pay these strikes the perfect
    shade of my strengths of the little bit of water rushed on the back and holding
    them very very gently because the cold rubs off now and had to trim the top of
    the strength to match that lovely scallop pattern at the top of our
    popcorn box I use a very sharp almost ice kind of like a scalpel you can use a
    sharp knife an exacto knife and just slowly trim all of those stripes to go
    along with your four oh I'm going to put a label on other things
    using this same deep yellow fun and I used for the stripes I cut out the words
    cake porn with the cutters I'm gonna paint these take our letters the same
    gold as the strength of the cake and apply them in the same way
    front and center so everyone it's time for touch-ups you know you can't walk
    the red carpet a once over so I give her a once over the tops of the stripes
    where I cut are revealing some yellow and I can't have that so I'm paid
    medical any little yellow bits poking out of precise this is not yellow and
    black I don't want address controversy this dress is black and gold addresses
    but the lady of the evening is almost ready she almost there but you know what
    she needs here and she meet the hair do this better than i sure I okay I'm
    topping her off with parallel when I having an oscar night and I'm going to
    sprinkle on a little event called luster I just placed my popcorn on top like
    curly hair it doesn't stand voice you know it's probably evidence that this
    yes someone fall off but she's she's when I heard it through species just
    like I still got it by what is my good side cuz I literally don't know I really
    want these fun that's good I don't know if I could find this every time because
    I'm not sure
    it's been a long night she rocked the red carpet but the only way to get out
    of this dress to cut it could chart a long time you cannot wash if you want to
    know how long we actually took to make head over to my place for huge
    gonna hold a time-lapse video of higher process from start to finish and you can
    see from his dog keeps your part where I just want to take a moment to thank the
    people that got me I wanna fashio behind the camera doing such a great job
    chet although he's not with us anymore was here from the beginning and such an
    integral part of this project conduct internal my producer and we thank you
    for your support when i text you when I call your always there and do this
    without you many he led ago all my floods the lib it's amazing thank you so
    much thank mr. cake behind every good woman there's a good man and of course
    my son brings you to everyone have a great night thanks john person *** *** Bake a Perfect Cake Everytime with Bake Even Strips from Wilton - YouTube !!! English English
    I'm Emily Tatak from the Wilton Test Kitchen and today I'm here to talk about
    Wilton's new
    Bake Even Strips. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bake Even Strips
    let me tell you about them Bake Even Strips our fabric strips that wrap
    around the
    outside of your to create a moist level cake with no crowns, crack tops,
    or crusty edges. Sounds like magic, but I can assure you it's simple baking
    when a cake bakes the sides of the cake bake faster
    because they're in contact with hot metal by creating an
    insulator with a damp Bake Even Strip the sides do not get as hot
    causing the center and sides of the cake to bake at the same rate
    this results is having a more level cake. Having level cake is important when stacking
    and decorating cakes.
    After baking a cake will have a mound or a crown
    creating an uneven stacking surface. In order to fix this
    a small amount of cake has to be removed with a serrated knife and discarded
    resulting in wasted cake, but this step is easily eliminated
    with Bake Even Strips. For years consumers have sworn by their baking even strips and
    never bake without them
    but Wilton has made them even easier to use
    Bake Even Strips now come a fun new color and have fabric fastening straps
    these straps work great. Whether your wrapping and
    or fitting multiple together to fit a large sheet pan
    the even work great on your favorite shaped pan. They come in two different
    variety sets
    a two piece set and a six piece set and work on both aluminum and non-stick pans
    with a handy sizing chart inside you'll never have to guess which strap to use
    now let me show you how they work in three simple steps
    first fit the dry Bake Even Strip around your pan
    and thread through the strap next remove the strip from the pan and
    run it under some cold water
    or submerge it in a bowl for a few seconds. Once fully saturated remove any
    excess water by lightly squeezing
    you still want them damp. Finally place the strip back on your pan
    and tighten any loose straps now your'e ready to fill your pan and bake your cake
    I hope now after watching this video you're ready to try Bake Even Strips
    for yourself
    here at Wilton we make it easy, so you can make it amazing. *** *** HOW TO MAKE A CAKE PIZZA - NERDY NUMMIES - YouTube !!! English English Unknown Language
    Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies!
    Recently, I have been playing one of my favorite childhood video games, Lego Island!
    The main character is Pepper Roni!
    First name Pepper, last name Roni!
    Wah! Wah-wah-wah-wah-wah!
    I thought it would be fun to make a cake that looks like the pizza from the game,
    so today we are going to be making a Pizza Cake!
    Let’s get started!
    The things you will need, will be: A round, yellow cake, I’m using a
    inch cake pan,
    but you can use whatever size you like. This is about the size of a medium pizza.
    You’ll also need some yellow buttercream frosting, and red buttercream frosting.
    And then to decorate your pizza, we’re gonna be using white chocolate, with
    little vegetable peelers, you know the peelers that you peel carrots or potatoes with.
    Then we have some apple sour punch bites, some soft black licorice chews,
    a number
    decorating tip, a small circle cookie cutter, some red fruit strips,
    these ones are flavored strawberry, and some Milk Duds, now let’s put it all together!
    The first thing that we’re gonna do is level our cake, make sure your cake has had
    plenty of time to cool once you take it out of the oven, and then get your cake
    leveler. And I like to hold the back of the cake so it won’t go anywhere,
    and then you just go back and forth!
    And then you’re gonna take off the top of your cake, oooh the best part!
    The muffin top! It’s going away, dang it!
    You’re gonna take your yellow buttercream frosting, snip the tip, and then I like to
    frost the top of the cake first.
    Then you’re gonna take your spatula and evenly spread it around the cake.
    I’m also gonna add a little bit of extra frosting around the top, of the cake,
    and smooth it out to look like crust.
    Just frosted our cake and now we’re gonna take our red buttercream frosting, and
    spread it in the middle of our cake to look like marinara sauce.
    Now we are gonna put our cake in the freezer to chill for about
    and while it is chilling, we are gonna prepare our candy pizza toppings!
    The first candy topping that we’re gonna make are gonna be olives, these are my
    favorite, and we’re gonna be making them out of the soft black licorice candies.
    So you’re just gonna take 1 of these and a sharp cutting knife, on a cutting board,
    and cut little pieces like this, then take your number
    decorating tip, and cut out
    the middle. And look at that! Looks just like a sliced olive!
    Now that we have a bunch of olives, now we are gonna be making our cheese!
    This is my favorite! Oh my gosh, I love mozzarella cheese!
    So, we’re gonna be taking our white chocolate, just open it up, and now I’m just taking
    a little piece of tin to hold my chocolate because if your fingers are warm,
    chocolate will melt to them. Now you’re just gonna take your vegetable peeler, and
    I’m just going to peel, peel. peel!
    Look at that!
    Now we got a bunch of cheese, and the last topping that we are gonna be prepping is
    our pepperoni, so you’re gonna take your red fruit strip, then take your small round circle
    cookie cutter and cut out some circles.
    And then just do this to the rest of your fruit strips.
    Time to build a pizza, we’ve got our pizza cake and all of our toppings ready, the
    first thing that we’re gonna do is put on a little bit of chocolate cheese!
    Oh my gosh! It looks just like a pizza, this is just tripping me out!
    I make it rain, I make it rain, I make it rain!
    Now we’re gonna add our pepperoni!
    I really like pepperoni, so I’m gonna put a bunch of ‘em on here.
    Then I’m gonna put on our little sour gummies, kind of look like green peppers!
    Now milk duds, which kind of look like the little sausage.
    And last, but certainly not least, we’ve got our olives! These are one of my favorites!
    Olive you!
    Stick a bunch of these on here!
    Da-da! Here is the pizza cake that we made today inspired by Lego Island,
    I loved playing that game when I was a kid, and still today!
    This cake is such a cool idea! It’s really good for a pizza party, or a birthday party!
    I’ll be posting lots of pictures on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter.
    And if you guys make this cake, please take a photo and send it to me, I love to
    re-blog them and re-post them, I just love seeing your baking creations.
    It just makes my day!
    If you guys have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies that you would like to
    see, please leave me a comment and let me know and I will do my best to make it happen!
    Alright, thanks again you guys! Bye-bye! *** *** How to Make the Perfect Cake with Ro | Everything You Want to Know from Rosanna Pansino - YouTube !!! English English
    Hey guys, it's Ro. Some of you may know me from my online banking show and I
    got so many questions from you guys about how to assemble and decorate the
    perfect cake so today I will be showing you some tips and tricks of how to
    decorate a cake let's get started when I'm decorating a cake like to break it
    down into four steps level, stack, ice and decorate. The first step is to level our
    cakes we're gonna do this so that when we stack them they will be even you
    have even cake in front of me I have
    inch round baked cakes both of these
    cake the had plenty of time to cool and I even placed them in the refrigerator to
    completely chilled to prevent coming to level your cake you can use a sharp
    cutting knife but I like to use a cake leveler because it makes it super even
    and I don't have to worry that I've kinda at a diagonal angle which me free
    handing I do that so what you do is you just place it down as little feet at the
    bottom and then you can adjust this wire on the side has these little notches so you
    can pick the height so I picked the where it just skims the top to
    make the top flat and then you just walk him and go back and forth then you're
    gonna take up this little top layer now this next up is totally optional but
    if you like icing like I do I would highly suggest it. Your gonna take the two
    cakes and you're gonna cut them in half again called torting like a tortoise
    To tort these cakes I just moved the little wired a couple notches and you want to
    make sure that it's hitting about midway halfway through your cake until we have
    successfully level and torted and now it's on to Step
    second step is to stack our cakes over here I have the first layer of cake on
    turntable I love these things. I'll show you why later but they make decorating
    and icing so much easier. The first thing that we're gonna do is get some
    icing in a plastic baggie with the number
    tip and I'm just gonna outline the
    cake some people call this making a dam and I think it's looks like a little
    fence and you go all the way around. This is a really good tip if you using a different
    color icing or a jam to fill the layers in your cake to keep it all in there so I'm
    gonna be using a pink frosting for the middle then I'm just gonna take a little
    nine-inch spatula and spread it around so it's nice and even alright we
    just finished her first layered look at that and now we're gonna add our second
    layer you can pick it up with your hand or you can use the cake lifter I'll show
    you that latter. Try to line it up as best you can and then just do the same
    icing technique making a dam all the way around and then filling it in
    Here's a little tip for the last layer you're gonna flip the crummy side down leaving the top
    baked bottom so it's a little bit easier to ice less crumbs. Our cake is
    totally stacked and assembled and now it's onto our third step which is to ice the
    cake. I have placed some whtie icing into a plastic baggie with a frosting tip
    wanna make sure to put the teeth down and the smooth part up this is totally
    optional you can just scoop the icing on top of the cake and spread it flat
    with a spatula but I like to use a bag for a little bit more control cuz I need
    it okay so I'm gonna do is start one the outside and gonna work my way all
    the way around this is where the turntable comes in handy even just spin
    it you can let the icing hang over the edge that's ok. Filling it in
    I'm working my way towards the center like a bulls eye. Once you iced the top of the cake
    you're gonna take a larger spatula this one is a
    inch spatula I love it I love
    to use the big spatulas for the icing of the outsides of the cake and you're just
    gonna slowly
    level it smooth it out now that we've iced in smooth out the top of the cake
    we're gonna to add icing to the sides of the cake so again I just have some icing in a
    plastic baggie with the frosting tip this the technique that I like to do it's
    totally optional we're just gonna hold your hand
    stationary it's not going to go anywhere and I'll start applying pressure and spinning
    the turntable around as we go and now we're gonna do the bottom layer here we
    go one more time around
    now sides of the cake are iced in now we're gonna smooth side I'm gonna be using my
    large spatula I really liked it because it's offset so keep your hand out of the
    icing and all you are going to do is just place it here and again I'm going to try not to move
    it and just turn the turntable all the way around and putting it at a bit of an
    angle it will be perfect the first time around so I'm go around a few times now
    the top and sides of the cake are smooth but you'll see we have this ridge of
    icing all the way around the cake from the overhang which helps the icing
    connect so it looks really good but now we are going to flatten it oir
    little spatula
    Your gonna take the little special again and what we are going to do is on the corner gently pull it towards you
    Once you iced your cake a really cool trick to give it a polished look is to let it
    sit for about
    minutes or until the icing has crust over a good test is to take
    your finger lightly touch it if it doesn't stick it's ready then take a piece of
    parchment paper place it
    over the top of our cake I like to make gentle circles and this will smooth out
    any of the cracks or wrinkles giving it a really polished smooth look and you
    can do this all over your cake now for the final step step
    which is my favorite step you can decorate your cake however you'd like but what
    I like to do is first decorate the sides because it's the trickiest. First decorations that I'm going to
    do is do little loops all around the side of the cake this is called swag. To put
    some swag on your cake your going to place some icing in a plastic baggie and
    I'm using a number
    tip you can use whatever you'd like but I like the
    little star look and you start at the top of the cake and then making
    a loop and ending right at the top again
    know that our cake has swag we're gonna decorate the bottom border I love
    the part just because it just makes your cakes look so finished over here I got some pink icing
    in a plastic bag with a number
    tip to make little stars
    these are really easy all you have to do is squeeze the bag holding it in the same
    position and then lift up and boom little stars and just go all the way
    around the cake the last thing that we're gonna pipe is the top border
    we're gonna do the same thing as the bottom but we're gonna go all the way
    around on the top of the cake this will also hide your swag connecting points. Alright
    We're done piping and now it's time to decorate the top. I'm going to be sprinkling a little rainbow
    jimmies sprinkle I love these they're so cute and they have pink in there so it
    will match our pink icing but this is where you can customize your cake to be
    whatever you'd like you could play a little message on the top like happy
    birthday or congratulations. Here's the cake that we've made today I hope
    this video on how to assemble and decorated cake is helpful for you guys
    even if you guys make this cake or your own please take a picture tweet it to me
    and Wilton open link down below as we would love to see your baking creations
    a and don't forget to use the hashtag #cakeswag so that I can find it here
    baking creations I would love that it just makes my day, Alright I wll be making some more videos
    thanks for watching *** *** STAR WARS DEATH STAR CAKE - NERDY NUMMIES - YouTube !!! English English
    Hey guys, it’s Ro, welcome to another Nerdy Nummies!
    Today, I am super excited because the new Star Wars movie is almost out,
    and I got so many requests from you guys to make something in
    celebration of the new movie. So today, we are gonna be making a
    Death Star Cake! I’ve wanted to make these for a really long time, I even
    wore my Star Wars holiday sweater for you guys.
    Look, we got the Death Star in the middle, we’ve got Taun Tauns and little
    X-Wings, yeah, let’s get started!
    The recipe that we’re gonna be using today is a butter cake recipe,
    we’re gonna be making it from scratch, it’s from my cookbook, it's really simple and yummy.
    The things you will need, will be:
    cup flour,
    of almond meal, 2 teaspoons of baking powder,
    teaspoon of salt,

    eggs, 1-1/2 cups of super fine sugar,

    tablespoons of whole milk, and then
    tablespoons of
    room temperature butter.
    We’ll also need some mixing bowls, I’ve got
    and a little hand mixer. The things you will need to decorate
    will be:
    inch Sphere pans, the ones that I’ve got right over here.
    These came together in a set, I found this one at Wilton, it is the
    Pan set, and I wanted to show you guys what the box looked like so that
    it would be easy to find, there’s a little baseball on the front,
    basketball on the top, and this is the same pan that I used to make
    the Earth Cake with. And dental floss, I know it’s a little bit weird
    but I promise I will explain later.
    An icing spatula, some icing, a little bit of black food coloring dye,
    2 icing bags with couplers, and we’ve got some tips for a little bit
    more control, for decorating. Alright, now let’s put it all together!
    The first thing that we’re gonna do in a medium sized bowl, we’re going to
    whisk together our flour, boop! Almond meal, baking powder, and salt!
    And we’re gonna whisk together until everything is evenly combined,
    and then we’re gonna set it off to the side.
    The next thing that we’re gonna do is cream our butter.
    So you’re gonna just take the butter that’s at room temperature.
    Plop ‘em into our other medium sized bowl, mix it up until it’s light
    and fluffy! Now we’re gonna add all of the sugar into the creamed butter.
    Boooop! And we’re gonna mix it together for about
    minutes, until it’s
    very fluffy!
    Oooh! Look at that, it’s so fluffy!
    Now it’s ready for some vanilla, we’re gonna beat in our vanilla extract,
    and then we are gonna add our eggs one at a time, keep mixing until
    everything is evenly combined.
    Now we’ve got our wet ingredients, and our dry ingredients all ready.
    And now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna alternate adding our dry
    ingredients and the milk into our wet ingredients.
    So we add a little dry, and then we mix it up, and then we add our milk,
    and mix it up!
    Little dry, mix it up!
    A little milk, mix it up!
    And the last bit of dry… And mix it up!
    Mmmmm! Yummy, yummy yummy! It’s ready to bake!
    So what we’re gonna do is take our 2 pans and we’re gonna grease them before
    we pour in the batter. Over here I’ve just got a little bit of shortening,
    and I like to take a little paper towel, and just grease the whole pan.
    You can do this with butter too, but I like to use shortening.
    Pour in our batter, doo-doo-doo-doo! I like to fill it up about
    75% of the way. When you’re using this butter cake recipe you’re gonna
    want to slow bake them, because they’re kind of an odd shape, they’re
    very dense right in the middle.
    Now our cake pans are filled and we’re gonna pop these in the oven at

    degrees and we’re gonna bake them for 50 minutes, I call this the slow bake!
    Once your cakes have baked and had plenty of time to cool, now we are gonna
    level them using a serrated knife, and I’ve popped the cakes into the fridge for a few
    minutes to chill so that when we’re cutting them, they won’t
    be as crumbly! Take the serrated knife and hold the bowl, and then using the
    top of the pan, laying the knife flat, move back and forth.
    Just go doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo!
    Oooh! Then you have a little snack!
    Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm! Mmmm!
    Oh that’s good, oh!
    I need to stay away from that.
    Oh, that’s gonna mess up my beach body now!
    Once the cake’s leveled we’re gonna take it out of the pan.
    What I like to do is I do the Jackhammer Jiggle!
    I don’t… I Just made up that name, I really don’t know a better name for it.
    But it’s not doing a big up and down movement, because sometimes if the cake
    is lightly stuck to the side of the pan it will rip, so you just keep
    the motion really small, right in here, and it looks like a Jackhammer.
    Ready, set, go!
    And then it just will pop out.
    Now that we’ve got our cakes leveled, I’m gonna cut a little bit off the
    bottom to stabilize our cake, because it is going to be a round ball,
    and that could move around.
    So you’re just going to take one of the halves, and the serrated knife,
    and just cut a little bit. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo!
    And then over here, I’ve got my final cake stand, so pick whatever plate
    or cake stand you want to display your cake on.
    And below it, over here I’ve got a little turntable, to make it easier
    to decorate. So I’m just placing that right on top.
    Then take your second cake, place it right on top, just to see if it’s
    gonna match up, oh good!
    Before we ice our cake, we are gonna cut out a little cavity, right here.
    For the Super Laser Focus Lens, this is the Death Star weapon, we all know it!
    And what I’m using is a little ice cream scoop, for positioning, it’s a
    little bit above the equator of the Death Star, so, right about there.
    I’m just pressing it into the cake to create a guideline.
    And then I’m using a smaller serrated knife, and I’m just going to
    gently cut out my design.
    Over here, I colored my icing to be the color of the Death Star, all I
    did was I took a little bit of decorator icing, added a few drops of black
    and then I mixed together until it was the color gray that I wanted.
    Really easy, and, I added a little bit of water, so that the icing would be
    a little thinner and easier to spread.
    First thing that you’re gonna do is take off the pretty top of the
    Death Star, Ohhh noooo!
    The top kind of looks like BB-8 doesn’t he? Looks like his little head.
    You’re gonna take some icing, put it in the middle of the cake, we're gonna spread it
    flat, this layer of icing is gonna act as an adhesive for our top to stick
    to the bottom. Then you’re gonna take the top of the cake, place it
    right on top.
    Now we’re gonna ice the cake, I’m gonna be putting a thick layer of
    icing all around our Death Star Cake, so that I’ll have a lot of
    wiggle room for any imperfections. It will be really easy to hide any
    of these little lumps or crumbs.
    So you’re just gonna take a big helping of icing, just glob it on there.
    Does it look like the Death Star has hair?
    Look, we can give him a Mohawk!
    And then we just start to spread evenly, doo-doo-doo! All the way around!
    I’m gonna take this spatula, and run it around the bottom of the cake
    to taper it in so it really looks like a circle.
    It’s really easy, let me show you how to do it, you just take your little
    spatula, and you’re not gonna move your hand, and you’re just gonna put
    a little bit of pressure. And this is where the turntable really comes in
    handy, because you just gently go around. Doo-doo-doo!
    We let our cake sit out and crust over, you’ll know that it’s ready
    when you touch the top of your cake and the icing won’t be tacky anymore,
    it won’t be sticky.
    I did this without thinking, so I apologize, but I did put a link down below,
    So if you want to see how to use parchment paper to smooth out your cake, I
    have a video down below of how to do it. And also, I’ll just show you really briefly
    right here. You just cut a small little piece of parchment paper, place it
    on top of your cake. And then gently rub, I like to do little circles.
    Little circles, little circles, all over the cake to make it look smooth.
    Our final decoration step is to pipe on some details.
    This is gonna make our cake really look like the Death Star.
    And this part is totally up to you, whether you want to make this easy mode
    or hard mode. If you want to pipe just a few basic detailed lines,
    it will be easy mode. Or if you’d like to pipe every single trench on that
    Death Star, you can, so it’s all up to you, whatever you’d like.
    Because I’m gonna be free handing and piping these details myself,
    this is where we’re gonna use the dental floss, to get some even lines.
    You’re gonna take a little piece of floss, like this, and, we’re gonna
    pull it tight, so it’s got a lot of tension.
    Pull the floss all the way around and then you're gonna slowly turn your cake and
    pull out the floss.
    Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo!
    And that just gave us a nice outline for the equator around our
    Death Star Cake. Mmmmm!
    Again, I took another piece of floss and I went around the bottom to make
    the mid-hemisphere trench right down here.
    And then the top for the polar trench, what I did is I just looked around my
    kitchen, I found a bowl that was about the right size, and I just lightly pressed
    it down on top of the cake.
    Alright, now that we’ve got our guidelines set, now I’m going to freehand,
    I’m going to pipe some of the details onto our Death Star.
    We got our decorating baggie, with a number
    Starting with, the polar trench, around we go!
    Just finished piping the main trenches, and I just took a little toothpick
    and I just traced a line all the way around, and then I’m gonna trace
    them and ice them with a number 3 tip, I switched the tip at the top.
    Once I’m done piping these lines, I’m gonna be adding a lot more details
    and lines to make it look like the Death Star.
    And this is where it’s up to you whether you’d like it to be easy mode,
    or hard mode, you can add as many details as you like.
    Or, as time allows. If you’re making this for a birthday party or a themed
    like, viewing party and you want it to be super detailed, or you just kind of
    want a minimalistic Death Star Cake, it’s up to you!
    Our Death Star Cake is fully operational!
    We added a lot of detail, I’m gonna spin it around for you guys
    so you can see. Weeee-oooooo!
    We’ve got command sectors, city sprawls, hangar bays, we got it all, we
    even have a giant laser!
    I’ll be posting lots of pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.
    And if you guys make this cake, please take pictures and send it to me!
    I would love to see your baking creations!
    Or if you have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me
    know, leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to make it happen!
    Also, I got a lot of questions about what types of icing I use on
    different treats. So, I teamed up with Wilton, and I made a video over
    on their channel, I’ll put a link down below so you can go check it out.
    And it’s all about different icings and when to use them.
    And, a big thank you to Wilton for partnering with me to make this video.
    I’m so excited! I wanted to make this Death Star Cake for so long
    and it was the perfect time!
    Alright, I hope you guys enjoy it, bye-bye! *** *** Marble Cake Recipe - Super Moist! - CookingWithAlia - Episode 235 - YouTube !!! English - Default Track English - Default Track
    The first step is to beat the 5 eggs with the sugar, using an egg beater.
    You want the eggs to become double in volume, fluffy, and have a withish color.
    This is an important step to make the cake moist!
    The eggs are ready when they become very thick -
    you can actually create a 'ribbon' with the batter when you pour some of it with a spoon over the rest of the batter!
    Add the vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, and the baking powder to the egg mixture.
    Continue mixing for a few seconds until well incorporated.
    Melt the butter (either in the microwave or in a sauce pan).
    Add the melted butter to the egg mixture while continuously stirring.
    Sift the flour over the egg mixture and gently fold all the ingredients together using a spatula, until well incorporated.
    Split the batter, equally, into
    In one portion we are going to add melted dark chocolate, and the other one melted white chocolate.
    If you dont like white chocolate you can skip it, or you can replace the dark chocolate with cocoa powder.
    You can even create your own flavors, for example, strawberry and chocolate, or green tea and white chocolate!
    Melt the dark chocolate and white chocolate separately.
    Preheat your oven to
    F /
    Add the melted dark chocolate to one portion of the batter.
    Then add the melted white chocolate to the other portion of the batter.
    Mix well.
    Butter your cake mold, then place parchment paper in it (I am using an
    The reason we need to butter the pan before the parchment paper is to get the paper to stick to the pan, otherwise, the paper will not stick!
    Cut the border of the parchment paper with scissors to get even borders.
    First pour half of the white chocolate batter in the pan.
    Then cover it with the entire dark chocolate batter, use a spatula to spread evently.
    Finally pour the rest of the white chocolate batter on top of the chocolate batter.
    Insert the knife in the batter and move it around to create swirles.
    Bake the cake for around
    minutes or until it is done.
    It will become golden brown, and when you press the top of the cake it feels firm.
    Remove the cake from the pan and let it cool down!
    Bon Appetit! *** *** How to Make a Fondant Ribbon & Bow | Cake Decorations - YouTube !!!
    Hi, my name is Amanda Oakleaf. I am owner, head baker, decorator of Amanda Oakleaf Cakes
    in Winthrop, Massachusetts where we do custom cakes of all kinds -- wedding cakes, birthday
    cakes, sculpted cakes. Anything you can think of we can make it into a cake. And today I
    will be talking to you about cake decorating. So we have our airbrushed cake and now we're
    going to add a ribbon around the base and a little bow in the front. So we have our
    color. We're going to give it a little bit of a knead and we want to sprinkle a little
    corn starch. That'll keep it from sticking to the table, and we're going to roll out
    a long strip so start with the shape that we want. We want a long ribbon. So that should
    be long enough to wrap around the cake. We have this fancy tool, it's a scissoring roller
    cutter and it allows you to cut a strip very easily. To make it look like fabric we have
    another roller that has a zigzag edge that will add stitch marks. You could also add
    polka dots. You could also have a texturing mat to give different looks to your ribbon.
    To glue it onto the side we have a mixture of water and meringue powder. We'll start
    with a flat edge, and you can cradle the ribbon so it doesn't stretch with your other arm
    and just apply it with your other arm as you spin it around. When you get to the end you
    can use your exacto tool and cut along right where it meets. There'll be a little seam
    but we can cover that up with the bow. So that's our ribbon, and then to make the bow
    you want to cut out a shape where it's skinnier in the middle and wider where the bow edges
    will be and then a little skinnier towards the middle again. So it's kind of like an
    untied bow tie. That looks how I like it. We want a little bit of glue in the middle
    here because that's where the two ends are going to stick together, and then I also like
    to glue a little bit on the outside of these because that's where they're going to scrunch
    up into a bow. So put that in the middle, and the other one. A little bit of glue, and
    then you want to scrunch it up as if it was tied and you can create a couple folds to
    make it look like it is fabric. Give it a good pinch. So that's the basic bow. I like
    to put it on a foam. That allows it to dry a little faster and keep it from drying too
    flat. Then we want a strip to cover the middle so on your extra, cut a little piece that's
    wide enough and you want it to extend and wrap around the back as well. Flip it over,
    a little glue on the back. Flip it over, with your exacto tool cut off the extras. Then
    you want to just let it dry half an hour to an hour. That will stiffen up and we'll be
    able to place it right on the side of our cake. *** ***