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Bouquet of flowers (Lisianthus,gypsophila, ornithogalum, flower buds, green leaves) |How to make fresh bouqet of flowers (lisianthus,gypsophila,buds,o how to make

    (,, , , ) |How to make fresh flowers bouqet (lisianthus,gypsophila,buds,ornithogalum) Sugar_ &_ Fresh_ Flowers_Bouquet_

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    Food Photography Without Expensive Gear - Chris Marquardt - YouTube !!!
    all right we are back at the mount everest defeat in Fort Collins if you
    remember last year I was already here taking some pictures of Nepalese food
    and the way this came together john miller who's behind the camera is
    friends with the owner died while I was helping him build a website so they need
    to target the I was here and I did a little make it up to get some of the
    food photography you go to their website then you can see some other time of
    peace and and that because there is more food to be shot and I still don't have
    my studio with me I only have the camera and I will take you through how to take
    these pictures how to light things without any specialized equipment just
    with what we find here talk let's give it a try
    built this is the restaurant beautiful buffet from a lighting point of view
    this is a real challenge and in here you know when you take pictures of your food
    with your iPhone sometimes to turn out bland and not very interesting from a
    lighting point of view that's because the lighting isn't very interesting so
    we have to make the best of the lighting that we can now we have warmish lights
    here you see though the tungsten style light sources here and then if you turn
    around there's the outside there's sunlight outside and creating a mixed
    light situations actually the goal that have I want to use the outside light as
    the main line tours and just have a sidelight the warmer inside like being
    the flight so let me open the blinds a bit and this is our set up already put a
    bit of a class here I've already put some standing broccoli and there just to
    get an idea how things will turn out so we creating is what we call short
    lighting if you look you bring the camera around John and look at the
    broccoli you'll see that the main light sources behind you see this this room
    light around it and from the front that's mean either indoor light the warm
    late so we have a cool and warm light source and that is kind of the effect I
    want I need to still in a bit on the front but this is pretty much already
    good lighting so what're white balance for well in my case I kinda like this to
    the warm so I'll probably white balance for the cooler outside light and the way
    I do it is I do custom white balance so let me just do this I'm going to shoot
    and I don't bring a great card with me right so we're going to do is this white
    tablecloth here at the paper tablecloths looks fairly neutral to me and it gets
    the outside light indicates a bit from the inside and I think a white balance
    economic system light sources and getting a white balance from here just
    oh that was overexposed shouldn't be overexposed ok so here we have it this
    is our bassist Sean now all I do is I go into the menu go to custom white balance
    click Set use that picture as a reference white balance and now what I
    do is I set my white balance from auto white balance to this little symbol with
    the two arrows pointing in the middle that is customized pounds so now that is
    why I just what I just showed you is the way you do it on Canon cameras Nikon
    cameras are a bit different but check out your camera manual it's it's
    described in there as custom white balance and it's fairly simple to set up
    and then you'll have a spot on white balance for even strange light
    situations like this one
    who's down one hour he's the owner of the place and he's already started
    preparing a few things we agreed on like the shrimp and look at the color
    combinations of the red shrimp we have the green cucumber as we have yellow
    yellow lemons we have red tomatoes we have the green bell peppers this is
    beautiful let's put this on the table thank you don't want to go and this is
    cauliflower with what's the color the yellow color yellow curry ok so yellow
    curry we have that looks like some squash or parents with green peas again
    we have this beautiful combination of colors and when I set up the set I put
    this in as a stand-in so now all I have to do is drop it in and just look at the
    lighting on this now let me take a few test shots and I'm using my

    could use a macro lens with adequate years fifty millimeter lens for that I'm
    shooting at a bit of a longer focal length and now just looking at that I'm
    pretty much at the almost at the end of the range there's a minimum focus
    distance here but I can't get under but with a telephoto lens actually coming
    out quite nice have a look at this to see the back light from the window looks
    quite nice
    there's still a bit of darkness in the foreground
    feeling the shadows a
    bit I would only do this using the reflector so I would put a reflector
    here that bounces back some of the light from the window on into the darker areas
    I don't have a reflector but I think that we can help us with a white napkin
    do have a white napkin somewhere because you know a white sheet of paper or white
    napkin even like white tablecloth or something or someone wearing a white
    t-shirt standing close to it will look at this this is a reflector perfect
    first let me hold this in half and then it happen again
    can I make you my assistant ok so what I want to do look see the light it's dark
    here now look what happened see how it's frightening I see when I put it here
    it's brightening up someone to hold this year the other thing I like to do is
    like to add some cutlery to the picture because that gives me a relation for
    size that gives me a nice maybe just just put it on here to give me a nice
    context that it's not just food on a plate but someone is going to get so let
    me see what I can get from that looks nice actually more reflection on the
    fork that won the window to balance of the four can give me a nice highlights
    here coming in lower on this one
    ok I wanna come in even lower let me grab a chair sitting down maybe even had
    a knife in here for some context the structured so we getting a manual
    focusing you know because in this context can you hold this like here ok
    so the coastal this reflected the more the more broad the light source the phil
    knight source will be in that gives it a nice studio kind of feeling so it might
    seem that the reflector is almost in the picture but I'm shooting macro kind of
    shot so there's not much in the way of playing with a different focus around a
    bit I get more lemonade because that's a nice fresh yellow tone like someone look
    at this look at how fresh faces
    I wanna see this I want to each other so I want some more green in there as well
    let me going to just drop some of that on top will be out of focus but it adds
    a green splashed to it again this is very much so
    again like this perfect so now in addition to the yellow and red we also
    have some green and dark green likes it very nicely with some shrimp on their
    tomatoes and everything else even even look at them we have an additional
    reflector now it's time for oil which works but what you want to do to get a
    more dispersed light distribution you wanna crumpled it up so
    up then you pull it out again and all of a sudden it will disburse delight in
    many directions so now let me see how this works but take it away and put it
    even better feel like now ok so can you bring me a little container with oil and
    a little brush you have that I could brush as I want to put some oil on top
    of the shrooms to make him look more duty that's a little trick for food
    photography when the food comes fresh from the pan it's nice and juicy but
    then after a while it starts drying up a bit and we're just spreading a bit of
    oil over it just seemed vegetable or whatever you have in the kitchen olive
    oil just use a little brush brush it on top of the in this case the shrimp and
    it will just come come back to life and be be very very juicy looking and good
    thing is you can eat them afterwards they're not food photography we doing
    here is different from the food photography would do for a big lets a TV
    commercial where they use hairspray and artificial coloring in these things were
    not going to use any of that really using natural materials were just trying
    to get the call is right by putting the right ingredients on there by working
    with a good light and as a result it won't need much of tweaking
    it will even be very easy and post-processing to get a rise and the
    results I think I'm perfectly okay for web site or even for a little perfect so
    we have we have oil brush just going to dip the corner in a bit
    no just put a bit of oil on here look how this comes alive
    look so good legs fresh out of the frame then ok so now I'll change the angle by
    stepping on the chair and the oils helping me to get some really nice
    reflection here look at this
    whatever she doing is using the knife and fork to the to lead the viewer into
    the picture towards the food and the color combinations just brilliant let me
    get something close her clothes can I get really close
    back a bit to just get us a slightly shallower angle was then I get more
    light from the outside reflecting off of the food I was doing an excellent job so
    you have you ever need to change jobs I got a job for you liked this like this I
    like what the light does with in conjunction with the oil if you look at
    the zoom is if you look at the details here
    the oil on the shrimp makes the light from the window bounced off the edges
    and gives it this juicy juicy look so I'm really happy with this I think you
    really works now we need a bit of a different light on the forum but that is
    as simple as changing the angle of pork slightly maybe even turning it around
    putting their here so keep it like that we have the reflection on the fort
    would probably use some little contraptions to keep the food cutlery in
    place but it was quite well here and so now we have oh yes now we have the nice
    reflections on the fork year ago and now instead of having this dark this instead
    of having this dark blob here now we have the reflection that gives us a bit
    more light on this one so I think we're done with this one
    ok same thing with this one
    do you have some fresh peas can you bring some fresh herpes is what I want
    to do is I want to make this provocation looks beautiful but some fresh peas and
    top would just make it pop even more as a bit of a smudge here so I guess gonna
    get a nap can just use this one to clean the edge of the plate is another thing
    that I see a lot of people not look for those other details you want to look for
    smudges on plates and things are always a distraction so I am going to shoot
    this back corner here so I'm not interested in what's going on here I
    want the side that has the light on it but there's just so much here
    better there's the peace think they look at how fresh they are and you just need
    them to add a bit of color so I'm going to lately
    fresh green on here that isn't it isn't that doesn't have any sauce on it that's
    already good move around to distribute them a better looking i think i like it
    so much the same thing
    cleaned up this corner so we have a nice corner here maybe some broccoli and
    decide when we see in terms of cutlery just leave the country out cutlery out
    for now just see what we've got and ok here three black in the front so we need
    to fill out again what I like is the way those two goals kind of a balance out
    the picture this is both here this other one repeats it was something in so this
    is kind of a nice diagonal going to the picture but we need to feel light and we
    need our makeshift reflector works better this actually this side like this
    yet so I'm doing the exact same thing again same composition may be a bit
    closer this time and oh yes
    before and just after so we have the light here you have a different see what
    difference that those two different settings to make just some feel here
    some feel here comes to life the same trick again as before just add a few
    highlights different areas I think the cauliflower can use some oh yes oh yes
    even the tomatoes everything allowed to look a bit jews here and even the
    parents over here from the sizzling frying pan all of a sudden and what kind
    of all is that just regular just sell vegetable oil or right side so you can
    take any oil that works from now to add a spoon a dirty person have lots of
    fresh cutlery around because you will need fresh capital for pretty much every
    shot plays the spoon here
    sides now there's one thing I want to change I want to change out the broccoli
    dish or another one let me grab a few things off the buffet at this point
    changed the color from green to red I'm going to put some some strawberries in
    there so this could act as the dessert behind the they're so close together so
    we don't have to actually get together
    I think that was quite good for the website take another few around a bit
    yes like this
    exactly perfect and you can see it's quite tight with our holding their
    respective vehicles to the food but it does work
    gonna create a little almost
    empty played with just a few shrimp on it let's bring it over here
    revisiting the shrimp but when I do like a little almost like a Grammy Grammy
    French kitchen kind of thing with just need to be as shane is possible again
    think sizzling frying pan thank you for visiting Franklin careful so you don't
    spill anything i mean already let me just take a shot of that without any
    added cutlery or anything
    even this look at how do you see that looks now with the light from the window
    I mean that corner here that is hungry it's gonna won't make you want to come
    here to the mount everest campaigns for comment by the way don't be afraid of
    not having a katana things on a plate of a look at this so I'm gonna crop this
    later but if you look at the competition like this just a very tight crop on this
    I think this is juicy people will want to come into his I like it ok let me try
    a few more angles here just while we're at it please enter again primary color
    contrast so you have the red and green
    just a bit more oil oil really is a secret weapon also on salads it works
    pretty good just dab it on the edges of some greens do this again
    could change the angle just a day like this has now come over bent this is oh
    yeah I'm moving on moving left and right to get those reflections just right I'm
    pretty much adjusting the way the reflections look by just in my position
    and is but I'm here
    getting angry
    that's that's just perfect for web site just a little kick and you can read it
    clear to see there's room for very very tired to do little splotches in the
    frontier I will take care of those in HMOs I'll just clone them out they'll be
    simple ok good this dishes done let's see what we can find next let's go to
    the movie ok so what I'm gonna do now is just walk around a buffet and have a
    look at what we have in terms of textures in terms of colors and how
    these things could contract determinations I'm gonna build a little
    late with food and its we have green letters we have orange we have red
    tomatoes we have orange carrots with different sauces we have read to me to
    meet with Dr strawberries and so there would be more the vegetable and dessert
    side there's some rice pudding rice pudding difficult to photograph my want
    to put this in a little in a little container of that sort
    decorated because I was putting by itself looks very boring so here we have
    different careers but we have rice I think I'll we already got rice last
    year's gonna do a rice dish anymore but I think I will put a bit of naan bread
    on the plane let me just do that around here
    and try to find a nice looking this is nice and put some green on here is
    number has more yellowed general colour broccoli on here and it doesn't have to
    be much therefore the color and the texture
    let's see the curries wanna put some curry in one of these containers and
    click on here
    find something that one has nice textures to this is the chicken keema
    I'm putting on putting this in half of the container so I can feel the other
    half with something that will contrasted so I'll go around to the other side I
    might actually use right on this one last time we at the white rice now we
    pull out rise which is I know what it is but it's nice and yellow would have a
    nice and yellow color here and John just tells me it's delicious I trust you so
    now we have this little container with a two different ingredients and I think it
    needs a splash of red of some sort to let me just a few tomatoes will just be
    again there in the background all the colors the green and the red will be in
    the background because I will shoot from above and what I will focus on that
    curry dish here we have a few tomatoes just to add by the way after we finish
    this will need everything I'm looking forward to that too
    turn that around but the nice side on top here we go now let's see if we can
    turn this into a nice photo
    and now let me turn that play what I'm doing is I'm turning the plane I'm
    looking at the light on and see how the light changes look at the broccoli for
    example the other changes I think I wanted something like this you see the
    broccoli nuggets that the light on the side a little bit of that too and this
    is a bit of a splotch up here and just taking this way with my washed fingers
    by the way this is the composition I want to shoot it from this angle just
    saw that one side has the other side has two chicken came over the race the way
    out and shooting it now the way it turned that I think it looks good
    without the reflector of this one move the sprawling now but there is a nice
    light on the brooklyn Lee there's night nice light on the cheek and tomatoes
    look nice so
    here we just see one shot and we're done that's turned out really nice show you
    want to show some of the pictures that I took earlier some details of the wines
    and beers sometime taps so resuming his ninth so we're all different kinds of
    pictures of the shrooms know what is this
    vegetable curry so look how nice it looks with a fresh peas and top and then
    we have this little contrast here with a red and green and then comes the looking
    nice the latest with a reflection that you put in there so I think one of these
    very very close picture I think we have a lot of choice I'm happy good good good
    good cooking good photos and this will be on your website
    all right thank you guys think you guys alright so the best thing about
    afterwards you get to eat it like this shrimp and yeah as you see it's very
    simple you don't need much equipment a bit of aluminum foil white paper will
    help make great reflector just make the things look yummy this one is fresh from
    the oven and it doesn't look that much different from the one that we read with
    a bit of oil in it so that's it from the mount everest coffee in Fort Collins
    John Miller behind the camera I say goodbye have a good one one of the T and
    T *** *** How To Make FITNESS EQUIPMENT Out Of CAKE! Vanilla Cake, Buttercream and Fondant! - YouTube !!!
    I just don't drink
    welcome back to have a cake kid I'm actually changing it to fit this Tuesday
    as cause I'm here to support you in your fitness new year's resolutions by making
    a fitness seemed obviously like the same goals just take it you know this
    t-shirts but I started on my new year's resolutions let's get started making
    these cakes and by the way if you haven't subscribe to this channel make
    that part of your new year's resolution
    number one then to make these
    fitness case I used a total of
    pounds and this twelve pounds of vanilla cake
    batter for my six weight gain a used eight and a half pounds of better but I
    double keg I used one and a half pounds of batter which are divided into
    square pens for my caramel cake I used two pounds of batter which are divided
    into two halves of the five inches I made them all because you know let's
    assume full control
    my seven inch and a tantrum cakes are going to become too weakly each so I cut
    those two in half time to carve my weekly
    just a slight carving which I use scissors and I trimmed the top edge in
    the bottom to be a little more round I did this to all six of my round it now
    stands to carve each end of my dump them I made a template of a hexagon and I
    used this to cut both of my spare key to the she gets it done now it's make a few
    more cuts to make each hexagon key three-dimensional
    all six of my weight plate cape and the two ends of my jump from twenty just
    ensures that all of the crimes are really stuck to the cake so that I can
    get a cleaner finish now onto my capable I need to place a little bored at the
    bottom of a kettlebell so I flip one of my half spheres oversight just slice off
    a little bit of cake to make it and then I secure a really small board about two
    and a half inches with a little bit of white chocolate to make it this way my
    kettlebell was completed can stand upright without toppling over then I
    feel the inside with my Italian buttercream once again face the other
    half of the spear on top and chrome put the entire bowl I need a little advice
    to address something I've totally seen all of your comment like i dont Netflix
    and chill I wrote and shell and I love it
    future t-shirt of
    I saw all of these cases one more time and chilled on
    ice and show you the way plates before I give them a finalized I need to cut the
    center hole out of them but one of the bar owners here's a cute no matter how
    big the way pleaded the whole is same size did a lot of business reason I feel
    that way yes this job
    are not on top of that and make sure it's perfectly center and then I mark
    around a circle I take a sharp knife and cut out that circle perfectly now have
    to cut a three and a quarter and circle out of this
    inch piece of fun and
    then create a hole in that circle with a one and a half inch color which is the
    same color that used to cut the hole in the doughnut i'm talking about donuts
    and this is going I want to cover the inside of the whole that I created in my
    kids are gonna cut a strip of funding that is big enough to do that
    put it inside and then gently used my fingertips as well as a little rolling
    pin to sort of shit again so yes
    now we need to live at three and a quarter inch round circle to create
    people raised center of the weekly I need to trim the edge of the
    circle of on it because it creates a kind of I'm gonna repeat this process on
    the other five weekly kinks in their corresponding size
    I am NOT a quitter a piece of fun and that's big enough drape it over with a
    French rolling pin through the doubt and cover it and I really is a fallen
    smoother too small that found it on the top up against the regions that I've
    cakes are covered and lined up it's time to make you know metallic just take it
    slow with Jim and where the metallic finish on each one of these cakes I'm
    gonna mix together some black pearl luster dust map black color dust and
    some silver highlighter I'm going to mix it all together it with some clear
    alcohol and then a page all six of these key made to look like whatever wait for
    some kind of heavy metal because these cakes are round I painted with the great
    and when I painted the top I really made sure to run my brush around and around
    and don't forget to paint inside the whole time to add did not hear right
    mind to label my weight plates with the correct i roll out some gum paste thinly
    I use my tappets to cut out different members and some else will soon be I
    apply it to make gumpaste numbers and letters of the little bit of clear
    piping gel breast on the back my weight plates are looking great their workout
    approved it's time to move on to my double I want some beautiful indigo
    colored funded into a rectangle cut it in half to use one of those squares to
    cover one half of my hexagon cake and i truly it really neatly I flip it over
    and use the other square to cover top of the hexagon cake and trim it and create
    a nice clean
    now I want to create a band cover the scenes on both of these hexagon key so I
    roll adhesive on that that's long enough to go all the way around each hexagon
    cake I cut out two bands from my phone and use the been to cover the same on
    each one of my kids
    I need to cover don't you know how tired I have my two-year-old son doesn't care
    that I spent
    hours when gates and it's his new year's resolution to
    continue not carrying value need to create far that's the committees to
    hexagon cakes to create an adult I do this by using a hollow plastic dowel I
    brushed off some clear tape thing Joe and then I roll out a piece of folded
    and wrapped around the towel and cut it and trimmed yes everyone the bars not
    edible and if you find out a way to make edible floating take the load in the
    Arab suspended between two cakes please leave a comment below and let me know
    not every single element of a novelty cake can be edible because it gives
    heavy all of the elements of my double key I'm going to them before I do the
    mixture a gorgeous purple and a gorgeous desperate I had diluted with a bit of
    clear alcohol and then I paint both hexagons as well as the park time to
    assemble this dumbbell first i tripped with funded debt is gone by plastic down
    the center of each of my hexagon case now of course the Dell down into one of
    the hexagon flip it up and the other hexagon Kate and it's a jungle
    to the kettlebell before we get to the cake part we want to make the handle for
    our kettlebell that will land on top of this year can I wore my gun piece into a
    tool that was about
    inches long and then I take that floral wire and gently
    running through the middle of the
    my spot on the other side you want to end
    this companies that will fit on the top of your sphere once my handle is Dr I'm
    going to paint it with some silver Highlander I just grabbed some vegetable
    shortening onto the surface of my handle and then with a dry brush brush on them
    so our cable bail handle is complete and now we have to get our kids because this
    is a smear cake before I covered in fondant I'm going to wet my hands and
    smooth out any ridges and my brother I decided to cover my kettlebell
    like go get'em color just take it I start by using my handle to make a mark
    on my case where the handle will be answered but I rolled to falsify on it
    and place them on those two marks on the top of the key now I want one big circle
    of my father to cover this year I always get nervous
    fear of spheres Sivak five times here fear fear fear fear fear fear fear fear
    fear that's hard that is the workout
    to succeed and the cake is covered when I added my handle it was a public
    meeting as I hoped so I truly the excess Fonda and now I need to patch this year
    I create a fun at peace with a little bit of my leftover fine and some water
    and I just watered down until it the consistency of royal aides say that I
    use that pace and I iced it into any groups increases that I've left behind
    on this year and all my spear carriers are gone
    final touch to the skate of okk I am going to roll out a little bit of my
    findings and cut two beds to wrap around the base of the kettlebell I'm gonna
    conquer my spear in
    years resolution I would like to have a
    million subscribers and number two i want to be on The Ellen Show so if you
    can tell me how it got there

    la map fell into they say no you know basically harass her until I get on a
    show piece for this case have a feeling closer to my pizza schools already have
    already made a promise that everybody KK take me to thrive reps that is my
    problem I am committed I want to just keep them said last year that are you
    sure you know what I did I just hate it when you don't ask me for a Star Wars
    cake you know what I did I just hate it when you have asked me for a hamburger
    cake you know what I did I just kicked
    you know they're rolling in
    had a tough workout I know you're killin dehydrated you know what you need you
    need creating water but don't just drinking from a bottle drink it from
    you'll miss your about every time but you'll still be refreshed *** *** DIY SMASH CAKE PHOTOGRAPHY! - YouTube !!!
    I'm here to do it very exciting video for you guys and I'm using my new camera
    I have the PowerShot the cam Powershot gene
    hi buddy there's a viewfinder where I can try to get used to it cuz I'm just
    like so tempted to look at myself but now you can see the real me so my
    imperfections but that's okay so anyway the whole purpose of this video as I am
    doing a DIY do it yourself
    smash cake photo session photography whatever you want to call it gonna be
    one and two days I'm kinda doing this will be one and two days but better late
    than never I know for a lot of moms you know they might just want to do it
    themselves or you know we can be pretty expensive sometime so that's the whole
    purpose of this video and I do want to say that you do not have to have a fancy
    camera to take pictures for me for a while since christmas of last year all
    the Christmas pictures I took a car and Allen were on my iPhone so and they
    still turned out really good so you do not need a fancy camera you don't need a
    DSLR for you know if you do have one that helps in the quality will be a
    little better but you don't know
    necessarily a really busy camera I'm actually gonna be using this camera but
    if I didn't have a camera I would be taking them on my iPhone so pretty much
    whatever HP camera you have lying around here come the setup I have going on I'm
    keeping it very very simple but you can pretty much make this however however
    you want there's so many different things that you can do first let me just
    show you what I did I took a white plastic tablecloth if you guys can see
    that very very Sen very then I was thinking about using a white sheet with
    you guys can but of course you have to wash it but I just picked up this target
    and it is a little sister at the bottom I noticed and you can see the creases as
    well but once I go in and added that which I will show you days later I will
    definitely fix that but just very very simple you can get these anywhere Party
    City like I said I go to Target and also I got the spanner at Target but you
    could always make your own and I have dictate everything so it is down and I
    duct tape the bidders well I just have a hand cross there but I said you can do
    this however you want if you want to have streamers hands down you can do
    that if you want to have balloons you can do that or confetti you can do this
    however you want I am just choosing to do just the simple white backdrop and
    then the flag banner right there
    target has so many different colors I just picked the blue and I were no one
    he's just gonna be wearing this diaper but for a boy of course you can have a
    boat hi a had a tie for Aria I think we had a
    on her and maybe a half I
    cannot remember exactly and then we show you the cake that I have picked out now
    the cake doesn't have to be all that fancy there I just picked this up today
    at Harris Teeter just a simple blue and orange and yellow and white cake I'm
    still waiting for little man to finish his lunch and they were gonna get
    he faced another thing I was gonna mention is that if you could get your
    backdrop in front of a window to bring in a lot of natural sunlight definitely
    doesn't do that they will make a lot better you want to do what's it matter
    to you don't have to do a lot of brightness thing I want to say is that I
    am NOT a professional photographer whatsoever I have never taken any
    photography classes I don't even know how to work a DSLR if someone gave me
    one so I'm not a professional at all I don't know all the tips and tricks and
    all that good stuff but I do have an eye for things in my opinion and I do like
    taking pictures I think you're ready to get started I'm gonna have a can I know
    I'm going over here filming him and I think I should have put some better take
    a look at them and I have the cake over here too
    interest in the video I think in his mouth and he did not like it but I've
    got some really cute pictures of him and his method cake so once you are ready to
    edit your pictures that I do not have a Mac so what I use force this computer I
    thought for four years so I think it's time to get a new computer is so slow
    that since I have a PC I use PicMonkey is the easiest thing for me to use as
    not complicated at all now you do you have extra features if you pay $
    month or something like that you get extra features but I don't do a lot to
    my pictures to be honest so you just wanna go to PicMonkey I dot com or
    Photoshop korva can show you how to use Photoshop don't have it but you can
    still go on PicMonkey if you have a Mac I'm just waiting for my computer here is
    all the photos I have it in an album right here where have all the photos
    right here from my camera and I'm just going to pick one of my favorites and I
    thought to have not really good
    now the pictures on my Instagram are totally different with how I don't hear
    the ones I want answered my editor just happened my phone this I am doing
    totally different so first I'm going across this picture because if you can
    see outside right here she just want your background so I'm just gonna go to
    cross and you can go through all these different features I think this is a
    touch-up text overlays framed pictures and themed but I'm just using the basic
    get himself in a crop it so you can see right here you can pick different sizes
    but I'm just going to customize my and just keep it within you know the white
    background but all you want really in your pictures that then there you go now
    I don't know if you guys can notice or not but there are creases from the
    tablecloth can probably stay at moreover there now like I said I just like to
    keep my pictures baby sick when i when it comes to editing but you can you know
    experiment do whatever you want but pretty much I've noticed that if I just
    up the exposure a little bit sometimes those fine line you can get rid of them
    so I'm gonna try and do that and like I said I am NOT a professional pictures
    this is just how I always get it right pictures and what works best when you
    gonna have to figure out how you like your pictures cuz you know everyone's
    different so I'm just going to go to exposure and just pray and it a little
    my I might need to us in contrast to it as well right now and I'll I know I kind
    of just wing it I just kind of wing however
    and then I'm actually gonna
    add a little bit of battery should just to kind of bring out four colors more
    just got a little bit as well as sharpen the pictures just to sharpen a little
    bit right now as you can see you can kind of but still see the creases little
    bit so what I'm going to do as I'm gonna go to effects and I'm gonna go all the
    way down to clone right here now this see how it has little crown decided that
    means this is what you have to pay for extra so this is definitely optional you
    could just leave the picture of it is and be totally fine but I'm just gonna
    show you guys if you do when I get it so pretty much you just take a section
    right here there's no creases your clone it and you will be able to you know
    Robert along the places where you want to get rid of Greece's I think that
    would make my breasts thighs a little bit bigger scene like that but if you
    guys could see the circular and I just take a little bit over here gonna
    freshen it you might have to keep applying it and doing it over
    and then because you still a little discolored from taking this cloning it
    from over here and that is how I my pictures on PicMonkey like I said before
    you can do it however you want but I mainly use exposure highlights a little
    bit of contrast and sharp mean the most to enjoy this video you found it helpful
    like I mentioned before I am NOT a professional at all I am NOT a
    professional photographer or editor but you know I really enjoy talking picture
    and and pictures that will roll up if you thought this video is helpful and if
    you guys SO much for watching guys *** *** Food photography, photographing a cake. - YouTube !!!
    nasty little is not working incident
    him now its traditional cool here on the road
    is these food AIG insider
    just like in the cinema where said
    to the launching now because starscape
    extra in the end have to wait to come sir up my stuff together these
    style nasty creeps tossed in tree
    and all that we didn't belong to him on the stand
    last-minute we bring in stop beautifully made up
    not to last and emergency not only is this is the stand in
    is not very pretty but that doesn't matter we're only gonna shoot in
    for for lighting I'm gonna play
    level goes quite nicely with it and again and I sit at a table cloth which
    is quite nice as well so we're going to do is the liking this not know me back
    went through but I'm not convinced that this is
    to talk about watching but we'll see we're gonna look at the market not only
    have this is is the the
    move laws around the subject and I look at it
    the new I rules so I can really start to see with texture shows
    hitting someone here now
    where yet like
    that brightest spot me at the right time now offer
    cherries on I because upon okay
    will in fact have cherries on and
    it makes me sad life goes on Sydney reflections in the chair is and how it
    would appear
    again these are not cherish for a green everything
    is rough this is all real rushed and a the slice
    is on this nice little slice a spoon or
    won't go to and if I wanted and holding it
    other hand they are holding a and I would to
    have have held in a different way but I'm not amused
    and this one is just going because through that so this is where r
    through his backside doing
    a well actually lady shine
    lands cameras so again
    assistance only to decide
    while higher us go to a his face
    be while thing there
    I look now asking this Court to halt liked
    so the first thing to do release finance position a.m.
    here there's a lot to see a little bit more lines on here so
    probably bring it down as yes
    very much really well yeah
    little to list us to pick up on this house
    his okay now
    carry on and that's getting them nicely the text read out to the hatch
    its Christina Hart shadow here
    on which %uh there are too much sir maybe we gotta start thinking now about
    term softening it route recipe for
    that's with the tracing paper right against the light
    not too bad and that's if I approach it okay
    now it's time to take stock of the situation we have a little look at it I
    just made a little bit darker
    me know in the key the sidelines roughly not that much of it
    the a that that will
    see live in the chasing pack torrent
    gotta put some light in here because as much to talk to some have a delegation
    light on the inside the cave
    now does not look to some house ever I'm really think
    we've got a problem because we lost a lot of atmosphere
    I have gonna ans us feedback
    I'm rather hoping but if I shadow some this background
    some nice way I can lead to street lights
    will a had little bit back
    also got a problem here because long-term reflection
    to launch in this in the silver so have a look at a lot
    let's have a little
    look when like getting us a
    coming through the back and someone I'll do
    this black girl quite simply orders on
    gonna so this is a bit more
    the a.m. the set looks like at the moment
    not cause a fall to the dark background that could bring in another black car
    from the other side just shatter the background only
    from the mine likes I think alum
    I'll show you the call that I'm really going to be looking for
    it'll be a lot closer I'll
    and the crop course through here
    she not quite as long an image
    I'm so I think the background work to get up now
    I'm gonna try and put a bit more like back in that
    up with the Mara now has his face and was cut to size one is
    magnified and I think magnified sign
    is a better solution for us that doesn't pick up very nicely
    the texture say she have to adjust the settings
    make it so we just move in and we'll see
    and this might give you a better idea is probably too much like action on the
    so would write that down a fraction
    just keep it on the job in the front very little bit here
    he was doing homes and you can see what he's doing
    happened I'm still worried about this atmosphere
    over their sympathy for pool the tracing paper back down the line
    a so I'm just gets
    bit more the heart shatter
    in the background that my help know what happens if not financially
    color down missile I
    no %uh starting to look a bit more happens fear
    so maybe we could well no doesn't reciprocate
    rock up a little bit kala
    a just the on the background Justin streak
    color okay now that's cause me another problem never done a little bit color
    and its it's showing the color onto the chocolate as well
    other I'm not sure that's a problem really
    so we'll leave that is is but I don't know if you've noticed
    have removed the chasing paper was lost that much reflection here
    and ask another cup so having us over
    now I wouldn't share and if this goes it there
    like that mine a the slice
    holder did not did once again
    rather that's what it is it is an awesome profession back in there
    I'm say has she have complicated this is getting
    I am to show you what the set looks like a little
    there you go you can see the pieces were come just put it in
    you can see the orange light we put it in
    sir it's not an easy job is just too much a work in bit by bit
    to get it right
    but now we're getting to the moment the really where we can put the
    the star in the hero then we can finish off the mountain with the real
    real hero the best for doing this
    this to block that's cool
    blocking you lock the plate so you know you're gonna get it back in exactly the
    right and we have a specialist online
    put it in wrong and the
    wrong angle okay how the
    members come to prepare know this would normally being
    being done by stylist while I'm setting up the lighting
    now I'm not a stylist I'll show you want to start this week do
    the not as well course trial
    okay now a stylist world normally
    very well equipped for this on
    I'm do it is
    a bit roughly
    my up
    now the biggest problem is not sue
    on new ones to be
    because we want to see
    you want to see the
    slice knife
    right now that's it cut %uh this cakes on a busy couple
    so I'm gonna try and just remove it
    on not come in quite nicely and come in quite nicely
    that's very good so that's all our slice
    in those very good now a clean up the rest
    so now we've got the problem
    making the cake with super now it's not so bad lol
    probably do is wrap up a little bit so makes it look a little like to
    and certain other problem here this isn't a nice white
    so I have scrape out something the white
    and then put it back some really good fresh white back
    so scraped out the old current
    and what I do
    now is put into Ukraine so it looks really nice amount
    now that's how it's done
    I mean it's obvious that when you cut is gonna get from Chapter
    the mood tonight so that's how we do it maybe the hearing aid for the crew game
    and delicious Astartes
    do beautifully her
    unfortunately week on the forest artist
    now one of the best people at the Venice
    know either the Met she used to do it for us in the sixties
    will play late sixties many sentences
    was Deviousness before she started writing books
    she was a photographer's stylist
    food stylist and they will call him a columnist at the time
    okay we've got now the funnel cake final slice
    as I say this is how unprepared Wallace
    is not done by start this now I'm just gonna work out really well thought like
    that lines
    very strong and all on their
    or maybe have another mara to his %uh
    Angeles us a little bit for still the decision to play
    but because now taking pictures on how we gonna take pictures
    I can do different alternatives with the
    with the light the color the lighting cetera because now this is on video and
    it never really shows
    so get them to take his speeches course
    were just a just
    Cheyenne a little bit all the cherries
    just a member
    well as a final result not like to say thank you to barry below
    room was a greater food photographer back in the late sixties and early
    the this message should have to %um prepare a cake
    she does it so much better than me and anyway that's the result
    now let's have a look at the sect
    never got the seven with the a 60 minutes and then we'll stop down to

    to I to get that fear
    so anyway this is the life badly the main light
    is course the big guy log books
    and that's on
    I am you can see the
    different reflectors in the white a store in the black
    causing shadows background tracing paper
    my room from the other side
    we're just getting the sides now very simply
    I'm thats a

    july's as well what second light
    home there's a I little columnist or us
    doing is just adding that not so that cover because the tracing paper world
    are you struck by prof. worship think is our lovely
    K in the cage loans I am
    ok but they're not the talks than ever I'm using three year
    stands up on
    that they're incredibly useful
    this is the view from the back
    on very uninteresting really but
    he just to show you how much work goes into a show about a
    there really is quiet book
    well period right and it doesn't cost you see your food

    on you

    government almost bought bow *** *** The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever - YouTube !!!
    most of us can recall having been forced to wear as we bridesmaids dress but when
    the bright choose a questionable draft for her own big day we can't help but
    wonder hope she thinking badly here is a list of
    wedding dresses that are
    certainly memorable but not for the right reasons the ugliest wedding
    dresses ever the topless gallon some brides take it to the extreme to get
    attention all eyes are already on the blushing bride is it necessary to make
    sure they get a blessing to this wedding dress style is delicate and feminine
    what makes it so awful is the cleavage accessory that barely covers her nipples
    too much skin competence is important for a woman on her wedding day and it's
    ok to show a little skin but there is such a thing as too much we're glad this
    Privacy feeling confident but a friend or family member could have explained
    the difference between a wedding gowns and wedding night negligee pregnant
    belly Dr ok now we're starting to see a pattern competent brides and cruel
    family members yes it is adorable at the brightest pregnant on her wedding day
    but the kind of belly dresses really not okay she seems pretty ticked in this
    photo so maybe someone had called her and just a little too late
    flower power we get it she loves orange and she loves flowers however what you
    both have to be on her dress and most importantly why are there buddy flowers
    on her chest
    also the groom color coordinated with her dress let's not even get started on
    that foot high crown not for a bride dress we understand you're becoming his
    real-life wife me it is exciting but why displayed on your backside for everyone
    to see
    let's not forget to mention the color coordinated outfits and matching wedding
    party attire
    plated earrings with her name in the middle paint stripper dress it's
    perfectly fine not to wear traditional dress but a penguin with tool and cutter
    outside this outfit seems more fitting first strip club in that special day
    combine that with her trying to peep crown and hearts my friend of her dress
    and you have yourself a fashion faux pas times

    too much cleavage it's understandable that on her special day the bride wants
    to have all the attention and rightfully so but remember that your friends and
    family who are attending will most often not appreciate a boom over share on such
    a special day we bet most guests make sure to take pictures of the bride from
    the neck up balloon dress talk about unique would you be worried about
    popping a few balloons while moving around during the reception also why is
    there a colorful balloons behind her head and shoulders much like that of the
    queen's crown I'm scared to see what our pipelines War two sexy dress this prize
    certainly didn't leave much to the imagination this wedding dress seems
    more fitting for what usually takes place on the wedding night at least
    she's sporting boy shorts but not precut guess would have been given more of a
    peep show rather than a wedding ceremony rainbow bright dress uniqueness is
    highly sought after by brides on their big day but this is just a disaster to
    make matters worse the groom dug up his real baller shirt to match the bride it
    can be quite adorable when the bride and groom match or share a common theme but
    the amount of colors we are exposed to is just overkill hopefully they provided
    sunglasses as a gift in order to cut the glare *** *** Tips for Stunning Food Photography with TopWithCinnamon - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    here is our friend is a she runs an incredible group local topped with
    which is so good she turned into a book charles is offering such a sexy looking
    food on the internet you will have seen her work
    so therefore we're here today to learn the basics have stunning food
    now cooking be through food is one thing for taking beautiful photos
    is a whole nother I I don't know much about him hit in that it was the first
    thing we should be looking out for
    of birth of think about life
    so it's natural I is the most important thing because as a really nice color to
    it and also
    good kind of like directional hips so you get my fight fight like or backlight
    to your feed
    also artificial life can be too harsh or they can cause the kind of like yellow
    or blue tones you know avoid light poles and she was outside a bar window
    yeah you can she outside sometimes if it's like a nice guy a cloudy day and
    get he's like that way
    the other white I like he just right next to wind ok that's quite easy
    and but second like I just talked about
    need to have a few slight so a cloudy day
    perfect principally or out you can take a bedsheet just like hanging out next
    year window
    it will diffuse lighting consists of an essay the shadows are too strong
    like and then you just get a nice kind of soft shadow in your food
    another beautiful
    they're kinda to mangos I would use so
    be that top-down Leah shooting with the camera lens about the fatal shots really
    good for phones because
    the camera while trading lower back and ankle infect animal
    and I did she come straight on or just with the little bit of an angle on
    equality constrained all
    I like pull out many means I'll have a nice big shot and everything people
    kinda see
    the whole theme in the different composition and we'll send me the dish
    that me and then you can go straight and get my textures in the actual
    prudently more details like cooking chocolate or light between Oklahoma and
    it's all about smell
    what yeah I'd and detection standpoint yeah pulled
    you want have different backgrounds or fabric that heat on
    so I have not if the different would I just found in this
    put together in a little school at you don't need that much to
    can film a frame the camera at the end of the day for food
    is the really important thing have to make it look really good if it looks
    to the naked eye it's gonna look good on your phone on your camera
    you know any posted in add later on it was gonna make it look better
    but if the feet doesn't look good at bust you not gonna make it look good
    for just I like editing it later on
    three main things that you only need
    happy are ISA shutter speed aperture
    safe but gonna talk about I it's a which is kinda how sensitive the camera
    to light say a highly ISO and more sensitive the cameras like
    any problem is the hi the iPhone the grainy and if they can overcome
    so ideally you want with the iPhone quite low I like to hear around
    two months or four hundred say that quite good level not get too much rain
    max if you're shooting with natural issues like much but it'll
    the whole said apertures kinda that one I really like
    to adjust because you change how much is in focus
    so if we have low aperture with like this
    small number and it means that less will be in focus
    and I know me shoot about
    which means that
    will have like the foreground and focus but then thinking about grabbing I think
    he doesn't like myself back you up to speed kinda this how
    foss the camera to take the photo so I shoot a round

    for the second if you've got quite low light
    than we did you can put your camera on a tripod if you have one
    and that means that most ability so you can have
    and look at my your women
    like blood it's in my spine and won't move
    yeah light million takes you back pinhole camera days
    months you I
    school if you have a DSLR
    when they really did think you control is the thing called role
    and it means that the photo the take plan be compressed
    and compression is where basically they take
    or the little kinky tales of your file and they switch off into a no ball so
    that it makes it
    a smaller file size Easy Transfer yeah exactly and it takes up less space on
    your computer and everything
    but it means that you will soon lose some of that information about
    thank you taken to shoot in RAW will have a really big file size:
    but it means that when you're editing a photo later on
    people with exactly and it kind of stays more truth the image to be taken
    rather than adding a layer attainment of edit the actual information
    got on the cam is the thank you very much invited your home she's happy to
    talk be
    can be done so beautifully if you receive no small from is the Czech
    topper cinnamon links Tampa life and you have fun party food when you are

    amazing stuff market cool it okay
    Wed *** *** Edible Images for Cakes - YouTube !!!
    INS's general
    cupcakes in part
    dot com and today I am here to show you how to work with
    edible images enable icing sheets we
    have been using in our hate Kate making extravaganzas not even going through
    um companies products called I see
    images and there are many out there is the sole owner
    you've been trying so hard to have a positive have had a positive experience
    with it
    we just want to tell you a little bit about what you need to do
    if you want to get into using edible aids and adult beverages
    to at a little bit of flair to your cupcakes or cake
    and cookies US law so the first thing that she needs to get yourself
    is a brand spanking new pressure
    and the reason for that is obviously you can't speak company through
    is already gone through because until you find pastors
    not be a good thing I don't think you have a large business
    but before you purchase yours
    he found arm can not work well you have to make sure
    yes the 8 cartridges are compatible with the tight
    page by his law love that it will take arches
    will work with all the pressures that are out on the market
    and this is a regular this is a regular

    look exactly the same when you get your
    8 cartridges the the instructions will tell you how sexual creatures
    you have of output on your knee whatever that means
    until right now just follow the instructions the beach cruiser look much
    one thing that we have found was pretty with Natalie
    is your images on a computer screen isn't always necessarily what comes out
    preacher the colors tend to be a little tiny bit of
    I was just be aware that is your match face places are one of I'm
    and found that pretty people all it just puts little slight little changed
    but obviously working with your picture to its fine
    is notes that so what's up next after that
    you've got your friendship compatible if you had a lady the next thing you need
    to move to
    is order and yourself some edible
    sheets so I see images
    what we thought so far are regular
    eight-and-a-half by lovin site she's they come
    in this neck of steals also visit law
    tight day it's important to keep say post all times
    ski thriller balance sheets
    from air we also have legal size
    lines when I statements for you sheik H of
    pass keys and this one is eight hot

    so already started
    today just show you a little bit is
    own a regular sized
    and a half I love small she CPC
    that just looks like regular peace paper I was very fresh lc
    careful we had course break of summer she's just one analyst
    on as it was a fragile P so art
    see on slide into your printer just as if you will a regular sheets
    rate for it route itself and the first
    image going to be true today going to print today
    is this one I'll
    one of our clients wanted to give a surprise
    his funds so
    all I have to do here set up is press
    friends and fingers crossed hopefully everything works
    so the rhesus
    and wait group predicts that
    on silly images sup from you
    you wanna be careful not to touch the eight-part
    as is West it doesn't use it for a little while to dry
    you're going to grab hold it especially with this
    hit doing it's going to be cut off around that
    round circle punch 9-inch round cake mister savitz's
    I and let it dry next up
    we are going to keep rates
    large eight-and-a-half
    image for another client
    are gonna do a close up for you so we're just gonna get set up
    we'll be right back so now loaded the french-german
    the larger a for size paper now we're going to print
    up this new image means
    as you can see
    you can get absolute an amazing
    quality picture I'll
    me and wallpaper you can put on top
    I'll okay customized for any
    business I do have to say person that doesn't feel she worked for this company
    is absolutely
    very talented another job this is sunny image
    so there's a couple other things I just wanted to let you know before
    I'm we finish haha review I see images
    we do we have the problem that the
    has claw number time see you will have to be cleaning up
    print you present lots of cleaning mass has to happen you have to run me through
    many many times to make sure that s it is being used
    and must do be due to the fact that they ages and abilities
    natural products inside your not that technical stuff this here around
    also online enquiry I Hatter
    contact customer service to find out about the product and a email
    I was in the day so I have to say their customer service
    I see images was outstanding and I was very helpful does
    very proud please see how hopeful
    out they were even though they're located down
    States so what's up next
    is we're going to show you how to put the escalated onto the cake
    London hours I've cut out the edible image
    into circled matchmaking eighty and the next step is really quite easy all you
    have to do
    is peel the image away
    from the backing quite simple
    and it just feels just like a heavy piece of paper
    and then you just wanna lineup where you want your image to go on your case
    new can smooth it out with the violence in their captain have loopholes
    and then where I'm going to do next is unwilling to pipe on
    a border and will be back to show you so here's the finished product over animal
    image cover Katy
    finishing off with a row border out a little bit over an extra touch
    so I hope that you enjoyed learning a new track and a new
    tool to add to your arsenal well you're decorating cakes
    so this was a review on edible images
    using edible ink and edible sheets and we review the company
    I see images and overall are very happy with them and their product
    thanks for watching remember to subscribe to our
    YouTube channel and we'll see you next time *** *** Rainbow Cake: How to Make a Rainbow Cake by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    downtown are going to be making this a rainbow cake
    it is rainbow layers on inside and it's decorated using the pedal tipton will
    show you how to do it video
    with remove battery so I hope you like every most good
    all rainbows today so let's get started so to make a rainbow cake
    we're going to need prepared buttercream and prepared vanilla cake batter bowl
    these can be found on our channel and will provide the links below
    we're going to be using red orange yellow green blue and purple
    jail pace now these are Merkel urged else
    and they give really vibrant colors to your cake so try those ones out if you
    haven't before
    we're going to using six different balls in order to dive both
    %uh are buttercream and the cake batter
    for decorating the cake I'm going to be using it

    8 coattails that's a Justin opening round one
    you can use any size what you want and for all the cakes I'm going to be making
    each other in an 8-inch round pan so let's get started
    the first thing we need to do is to divide the batter equally into the six
    different polls because each fully colored a different color
    so just using a standard cookie scoop I'm just going to you
    divided equally into all the cake batter is
    out at the mall after the
    cake batters all evenly distributed you want to be. is even as you can
    so that each layer on the cake is going to be pretty much the exact same size
    so now you want to put each different color into the ball
    starting off with the orange yellow
    blue where you've got to read
    we have heard
    0 some just gonna start mixing up one here
    company is a difference between each time I make sure you wash them before
    you put it into another color don't want any color mixing
    to mix it all up and I'll be back show you how to get them ready for the cake
    so what you have
    each batter with the color mixed in you're going to
    Greece your cake pan and then you're just going to take
    all up the cake batter and you're going to dump it into the pan
    and then slowly going to try to work it out
    to the outside up and to get to the edges
    there's not very much cake batter each of these and so you do have to just be
    to be gentle sorry and two just gradually push that cake batter all the
    way to the outside
    when I get that their I'm gonna pop it into the oven
    degrees Fahrenheit and its gonna bake for about
    won't be very long because it's really fanciest wanna watch it carefully
    I'm gonna repeat this process
    that you see right here for each other batters
    so to prepare buttercream for the outside of the rainbow cake
    you going to follow the exact same steps that we did before
    making the cake batter colored you're going to divided up into six equal parts
    and color each with each different color I'm
    before you scholar everything though I want you to pull out about two cops
    all the buttercream and leave it for I see in between the layers
    and then color the rest up so all other cream-colored
    how being mixed and we've got are white
    left up the side and that's going to be used in between the layers
    so just set your icing aside and we'll get ready to
    staff the cake what I love your cakes how big they should look something like
    this beautiful rainbow
    so the next thing that you need to do is to make sure that you left all
    each of these layers and then we'll be ready to stack
    so much of the layers level unless you're going to do was in between each
    you're going to put us through %uh the white buttercream
    and you're just going to smooth around so in a stack each
    just like this and on those the blue
    Press that down make shirts
    even all the way around and then another scoop %uh
    the white buttercream so it back when I have filled up
    and created the rainbow up cake
    so I finish stacking all the layers with the buttercream
    and at this point the cake is very unstable because of the amount of butter
    cream in between each layer
    so before I do my crumb coat I'm going to put it in the freezer
    to let it freeze solidly and then I'll be able to apply my from Cote much
    each year so now the cake is frozen
    it's gonna be much easier to apply the crumb coat
    so I'm just going to the really thin layers going to have lots of icing
    on the outside with the pedal defect so I'm just going to cover the whole entire
    cake like this
    really lightly and then I'm going to show you how to do the pedal effect
    so if this crime Cody and now I'm going to be using purple
    first at the base and I'm going to work my way up and enormous do the pedal fact
    I'm just squeezing my day and then calling and pressing at the same time
    so squeeze and then pollen press
    and I'm going to do that all the way around and then I'm going to switch to
    my blue
    so have my blueberry cream ready to go now when you wanna start your next color
    you wanna start in that gap
    where the pedals were so you just going to do the same thing
    so it's just kinda alternating to the pedals are stacked right on top of each
    they're just a slightly alternating
    so many go through and finish all the different colors in the cake
    and I'll be back when I have completed all other end up
    here's the completed cake with buttercream piping
    and I'm going to take a big slice on a bit so you can see the inside rainbow as
    and after I've done not I will be back to show you
    here's are completed and cuts beautiful rainbow cake I honestly think this is
    one of the previous case that i've
    ever got to make so I hope you enjoy the tutorial and find it easy to replicate
    on your own so remember if you like to give it a thumbs up
    and remember to share its and always of course subscribe to our channel so you
    can stay up to date on all of our future videos
    you can find us on Facebook Google+ and on Twitter
    I'll see you again next time *** *** How I photograph my cakes - YouTube !!!
    case this is rose from Patrick experience in its
    aperture signals so I receive the email this morning from one
    are are Beach France asking me how do I photograph my
    key does I was going to do make
    a teacher to where you'll back I decided to do
    apkt torrents and that way I can talk you guys
    through it sale to start with I they
    Manny take photos right in front
    of mine kitchen
    door EN I
    open this door and I
    believe it prop like that sale
    that is Manny kitchen Matthew
    Indian I also need a table
    and this one is
    my corner table
    where I usually put my I'll corner lamps
    and then I also need haar
    and then I need a boy
    chest like this one that one right
    the you guys can see and you can have this
    lay in sideways like that or
    you can hand it playing
    Jess like that and of course you gonna have to open those
    side flaps so most of the time
    have my whiteboard
    laying sideways just like that and the yen
    this is right on top of my
    cornet able and that top or the back up this
    side up this white boy is actually prop
    against the back of my chair I then take
    my cape that I need to photograph and
    delay it right there in the middle and
    I snapped photos am
    after snapped those photos actually
    that holder so I snap my photos at about
    every angle that you can imagine
    that way I have a lot of choice s and then I also try
    to snap photos as close as possible to the cake
    that way I don't have to crop the photo this
    I will have a really nice
    cake this and then right after I
    snapped those photos I use several iPhone
    haps to fix my cake
    as and then I'm gonna show you guys which
    iPhone app's I used and by the way
    I actually today on my cake photos
    you seen my I fell and
    also take my video tutorials
    using my down and I love Myakka
    I can't wait to have the iPhone 4 and I can't wait to great but anyway
    its very simple you need a whiteboard
    you can also use a blackboard if you want that and this
    are those Project Board step our kids use for school
    and of course you need a table hand
    a cheer we paid back and you play step
    right in front of your kitchen door
    and you're ready to snap photos and by doing this if you place this right in
    front of your kitchen door
    you're actually using natural light now I got this idea
    from another caper who posted
    a tutorial on how she Baker cake photos and hers
    she would placed her cakes in front I'll
    her Windows and
    I tried that and it didn't really work for me so this is how it do
    sake mickey sounds I use
    this to perhaps on my iPhone
    you edit my friends and one and then yes
    a free app call Adobe Photoshop Express
    now this particular I usually just use this to
    crop my take photos special the EVE I
    to line that's that has a background it's
    wait to be and I wanna kinda just focus on the cake now
    crap back just a little bit and and the next one
    que son the next one yes this and is called
    botch reports and again this
    yes a
    on your App Store now with this one
    I usually yes yes to
    patch at my photos specially Eve
    I have and one headlines this on
    cake photos and i wanna get rid of it and when I'm talking about and want that
    lines the cs
    sleep okay
    sale this yes
    the cake
    that I me last weekend for my mother-in-law
    hand I have highlight then than 1 deadline
    I'm talking about now I don't know if you guys can see
    I can see it's right the air and that
    yes the line from the all
    of my white boy and you can also see it on the other side
    right near now
    I use my actually thats to you
    get treatment that mine that way Mikey
    for the wheel beer somewhat professional K
    said that's how I take my take photos the ones
    the most recent key folders have *** *** Skittles Rainbow Cake! How to make a Skittles Cake - Cupcake Addiction & Cupcakes & Cardio! - YouTube !!!
    high analytical welcome back to my cupcake addiction
    today I have teamed up with the lovely Jan from cookies cupcakes in cardiac
    and we've come together to create if also rain both deals K
    Jen giving you guys the recipe bought this kills poke cake
    and skills first a and I'm showing you did easy and gorgeous decoration
    we did a rainbow cake and cake with our Rainbow going inside
    let's get started I've got making up to Jen today so you need to be fed her
    channel which
    I willing to gamble I to check out a skittles poke cake
    recipe from iPad a rolling pin and I've got them about skittles
    said you sure the I will link to the still standing sugar recipe into trial
    down below
    as well as ambiguous any sugar if you don't feel like using a skittles
    I've got that in all the different colors in the Rain Bird
    I needed some red ribbon melted white chocolate
    three blocks Up Kit Kat I've got some plain flour for dusting my staff is
    and I've also got a batch about vanilla sugar cookie dough so I'll leave that
    recipe and the link to the video if you'd like to watch
    in the Description box below a paintbrush a pastry brush
    a pizza cutter at the rate edged knife paris's
    an edible marker I've got a ziploc bag and I've got five
    large packet the skittles you need as many he can get enough to be too pure
    colors but you'll have plenty of Skittles leftover
    sprinkled on a generous amount on your plain flour and using a rolling pin you
    just wanna brawl at your
    killed cookie dough into like a long rectangle shape
    take a pay cut and you want to cut like a high often
    Oct shape over rainbow SS lightly FINA at the base
    slightly fatter the top and cut this long living in a you can always cut some
    off once baked
    econ add anymore onto a baking tray bake in a moderate oven for seven to ten
    and to the edges just flatly stuck ten golden brown want it completely cool you
    can pick it up in just
    size it up against a side to be okay you don't want to be too long or to be too
    top heavy thundery cut mine off that he a
    come down quite a bit shorter in the cake make the cut using a serrated edge
    take a pastry brush in your white chocolate and you want to brush both
    sides the bottom three inches the cookie
    and then all the way over the back we're doing it because I thank you gonna make
    it will be watertight and it's not good times or more stuff from the cake making
    it soggy
    now you want to use your edible mocca and iight mocked absolutely even
    intervals along the way the web but seven colors I need seven line so I want
    to make sure that I kind of keep each color about the same way
    to apply my standing sugar I started with a paintbrush and just painted a
    little section and then
    place if any sugar on top kind of sprinkling it but this
    actually proved to be problematic because my chocolate with drying too
    fast so I switched to the plot bag method
    so but the watch up in the book bag and snip a very fine tip
    around them painted on the paintbrush squat on them with that
    white chocolate using it you know the book bag try roughly follow the lines
    that you've mocked and the line at the loft color
    and are you feeling about a high of a one other lines at a time
    once you've got that wet melted chocolate you can take a generous man
    and your skill sending sugar and sprinkle it on top
    one simpler all the way on top just kitchen knife to trim it down
    the back edge and that will leave you a nice straight edge be on next color so
    I'm just gonna be moving away any extras
    white then issued a completely dry before tapping of
    any excess for my topic alert I used a piece of paper to
    protect the colors
    underneath that I wasn't getting a ton ingrained in my blue sprinkles
    and I want to get it on a blue in my pain you don't think in the paper she
    adjusted to ride paintbrush
    to kind of clean up any green snuck into your blog
    repetitive all the colors in your a known this is essentially making alittle
    rainbow sugar cookie you spending should be you can you feel fairness you or you
    can use just
    regular sprinkles here you can also just paint on the palate is a different color
    candy mountain or you can cut strips upon that there's a ton of options
    if you've never made a cake cake before the better to separate
    kick capping it is to cut them in to you if you try and break them they have a
    tendency to break a little bit rough but if you cut them they feign not been a
    and then really nice and neat to put together and the cake if you're having
    any trouble with you okay kept sticking to the scientific a
    chill apply at then additional card about a crane so you actually
    attaching to wet but a crane not to drive crafted by the crane
    and then you simply taking your kit kat pieces and sticking them all around that
    want your cake surrounding you just serrated edge knife

    have just a enough line
    into the center go pay and then drive that cookies to write down into the
    you better cut that slate smaller rather than logic because you want to be a
    really snug fit
    to hold that cookie in place now once you could even play
    you want to taking one featured your schedule colors and place it at bay
    over the rainbow at the law I love the color that occur response to the Red
    it'll go down below the redline Exeter Exeter
    my chosen design yet looks amazing but does require a bit of time in
    ghetto plaything probably about
    to 40 minutes all up I think it took me
    so basically I'm just following the line from that fact Cal its ghetto
    I'm coming all the way around the outside edge in the rain by
    in the one direction this is designed to look like the rain both kind of come
    into the cake and it's continuing around
    on top of the cake so an actual uniform rainbow thought a shape
    oppose a deorbit time poor you can just take all your skittles
    and shot them straight into the Company K which all baby the time in separating
    with any k cat /k get better have we been around the outside which covers up
    the line that you get in the middle of the cake at family block but it also
    holds everything together tho I opted for
    threatening him with a knife big red bar which matches the man after dole's rapid
    the final Potter backache and I think the most impressive is taking up to
    one-third NP skittles wrapper
    so be nice when you open them you wanna paint in the new zip lock bag a bit of
    melted white chocolate about the top
    inch or so on the enough back side about packet
    sticking that backside up against the back side love your cookie and leave a
    difference on the packet hanging open
    you need to support that for about 30 seconds author and do that chocolate
    stout to become tacky and stop to set
    so they've got your absolutely gorgeous skittles
    rainbow effect cake it's always kind of like an allusion effect
    you've also got that fabulous kills poke cake recipe and it kills frosting recipe
    brought to you by Jen
    over at cupcake carrier I'm leaking too heavy a and hes channel down below I
    feel like I said make sure you go and check her out
    as though it does thanks very much for tuning in to my cupcake addiction *** *** 19 Photos You Really Need To Look At To Understand (Part 2) - YouTube !!!
    today we look at
    photos you really have to look at to understand these
    amazing photos will cause you to do a double-take
    oh wow that's a pretty
    amazing exotic caterpillar well it's not a caterpillar
    do you see it let's zoom in a little closer
    its actually birds number eighty
    we all know what's going on here but the allusion looks pretty real
    it looks like the guy has a dog had the good news is he can't buy me lick his
    number seventy is this a magical boat floating a few feet of the water
    nope the water is just so clear that we're seeing the shadow of the boat on
    ocean lower number sixty
    ladies you know what they say about the size of the guys arms
    he's playing the wrong sport with an armed outlawing actually he doesn't have
    a ridiculously long arm
    is extended are just happens to line up with the other guys Armon
    number fifty
    her legs were not photoshopped out she's just wearing leopard tights which
    happens unmatched
    floor tiled
    number forty
    you know that saying does the carpet match the arm hair
    I know girls shave their legs but do some also shape their arms
    will she does not have a super hairy arm it's just the leg of some guy
    off-screen on number thirty
    nice purple sure bro he actually does it have
    a tiny little man body the guys lying on the couch
    and the girl leaning over him is wearing the purple shirt and even after hearing
    that it still looks like it's the guy's body
    your number
    is he giving us the thumbs
    up because he knows he's going to be at a play footsie without using his book
    when he grows up
    actually we're seeing cue arms here his in another kids use
    under the table
    number left you might wonder if the girl in the white shirt said
    hey guys you don't make a great picture if I was in the middle and spread eagle
    and you
    all stood around me actually those are her legs but the legs at the girls on
    either side of her %uh number ten
    well it looks like the girl with the dark brown here is wearing the blue
    bathing suit and her head is like
    disconnected and then the girl with the lighter brown here hasn't
    extra long neck but actually it's the other way around this head goes with
    this body and this head goes with this body do number nine
    this year is not floating in the sky
    so what's going on here some people think that the darker blue
    is actually not water but is the beach in the shadow
    however I don't think that's right others say that this is an optical
    effect called looming
    hard to say what's really happening but it's a cool image
    number key her bridesmaids are not little people
    there will be no midget tossing at the reception
    the bridesmaids are in fact just sitting down on the knees
    the groomsmen number seven
    he does not have a bandaged up Burhan
    what looks like a white bandages actually just part of her top
    dome number six
    what if I tell you this is not a convertible parked next to a van
    do you see it it's just a clever painting on the side of the Bann
    number five are we looking at a human Barbie missing her private parts just
    like a Barbie doll
    it certainly looks like this girl's legs just mysteriously stop
    of course we're just looking at her chest which just happens to line up
    with her legs number four
    David Beckham just chilling on the wall
    with arms like that no wonder he play soccer
    or football number three
    outage apparently she's pouring beer on herself to Big Sur broken arm
    will Budweiser is not robitussin and it's not Windex
    I've heard a double jointed girls but this takes the cake
    actually hurt elbow is not bent backwards her
    arm just happens to blend in almost perfectly
    with her friends on number two
    no we're not looking at the three-legged race world champion
    this girl doesn't have three legs look closer
    she's just holding a base which looks like a third leg
    on and now for the number one photo you really have to look at the understand
    for more videos like this subscribe here number one
    this guy is not standing by a reflective late
    in fact he's not even standing by water at all
    look closely do you see 'em can you guess what's happening here
    let's rotate the picture in see if that helps
    he's actually lying down on uprooted tree
    which photo did you have to look at the most understand
    hey guys thanks so much for watching my newest video I really appreciate it
    if you're new here subscribe I wanna give a shout out to users
    loop actually got by Nicolas Cage impression
    in my funniest photoshop video I don't wasn't the best impression by I
    appreciate the love
    also for more photos really have to look at
    understand check out my part 1 video here *** *** How to Make a Lightbox to Photograph Food : Tips for Photographers - YouTube !!!
    I'm damn Reyneke with unknown media here to show you how to make a white box
    to photograph food this is a simple process but it will take a little bit of
    well you will need is a fairly large cardboard box
    a large piece of white posterboard something tissue like paper or muslin
    and tape start of securing the bottom of the box with the tape
    turn the box opening towards you this will be the front of your lightbox
    cut off the front flaps love the box now you're going to cut a large
    opening on the top in the sides in the box
    from there you're going to cover these holes with your tissue paper muslin
    and secure them with tape now you're going to want to insert a
    the poster board inside the box to act as the background
    for your photos you also want a slight curve in the corner
    not a hard crease the hard edge would cause unwanted shadows
    that will take away from your photos you're now finished with your lightbox
    and are ready to take some amazing photos above your food
    I'm damn Reyneke take your best shot *** *** No Bake Oreo Cheesecake | 3 ingredients only - YouTube !!!
    fellow guys today will be making
    no peak oreo cheesecake which is a great recipe debate during the summer because
    there's no peaky
    and her only easy green gradient let's begin
    you need about sixteen Oreos take those are ales
    put into ziplock bag can you clean to take a rolling pin
    and you're going to smash it cited one side
    and then I thought the back over and that the other side
    and this is the crest for your oreo cheesecake
    so I put in too many jars you can find them and any craft store
    and you can put has much C-one I thought about this much
    and then I set that aside prepare the filling
    see you need one package cream cheese place it into the pool
    and you're going to cremate until it's light and fluffy and then
    I used a little bit more than half a can of condensed milk it is up to you how
    or how sweet you want it and then I mixed it with the Peter
    ok and tell it looked like this slow start this post i'd
    and I took for Oreos you king is
    7th up to you
    brought them into pieces and then I added it to the cream cheese batter
    I'll Eileen except for about
    on over next senate and the best way to put the cream teas
    into these jars is used up at the back or you can use a ziploc bag
    and make sure you cut piping bag large enough that the or just got through
    and I just Pipit all n and i kind if he's my piping bag
    to push down the cream cheese filling so I give it more
    if you want to add layers to this cheesecake
    do so leaking this at bar that crashed argues that we used
    and to garnish I put more arias on top and then a troublesome contends now
    refrigerate this for at least
    minutes and they disagree
    treaty eat during the hot summer also I think getting a lot of questions plan
    I'll be starting the series
    ended actually going to be starting internalized as Libyan miniseries just

    for that and thanks so much for watching guys are really P she did
    be sure to click that subscribe button so you'll be the first chapter
    are many recipes by guys well *** *** Food Photography Tips - YouTube !!!
    home hi
    and welcome to my video tutorial on food photography
    we see more food than we realize
    walking through grocery store will present hundreds or even thousands of
    professional images
    of food and beverages flipping through a magazine will usually present some
    savory and tempting food images as well
    he spoke really a trick to photographing food successfully
    actually they re is sexually three distinct methods
    of successful food photography launching
    composition and focus and of course the lighting is a big one
    these three things are very easy to apply and they don't take long to learn
    commercial food photography can apply to advertising
    packaging or editorial areas and the professionals more often be involved
    with stylists
    prop specialists and clients who want the item
    and absolutely delicious you see examples of commercial food photography
    in brushes a fast-food
    supermarket catalogs and even billboards in shopping centres
    every time you see a sign that advertises a pizza
    fried chicken or even organic produce or even coffee
    there's been a photographer up behind that fired I this photographer
    might have been in the studio and the hot lights how was
    while they shop a series if these tasty dishes and desserts
    clearly there are some serious challenges in photographing food
    particularly thing such as meat or vegetables in a way that makes them
    totally tempting
    to fight graft food in the most flattering why possible
    it requires some serious creativity hit also demands that the food photographer
    pay close attention to the things that most photographs did not address
    the food must be kept looking as beautiful as possible
    think that a tomato is picked fresh from the ground washed and simply
    think again photograph food that looks like you want to bite into it at first
    requires a number of things and the first is your lighting
    lighting food in order to photograph them will often require thing such as
    almost arises to be applied to their surfaces
    to give them an appealing gloss that they may not normally have
    this also means that the autumn of items
    have to be lit accordingly the majority of good food photos
    a dice with a well balance also launching but I get the food in question
    and coordinate the background adds to the overall look of the food
    for example many baked goods such as pastries
    tend to be photographed with complementary colors in the background
    rather than just a plain all solid color
    it's best to aim for simple background so there's not a competition between the
    four Grand
    and the background the majority of food photographers not only make sure the
    scene as well eat
    the place the lot at a low angle to brighten the fayed
    this helps create a great day love texture
    across the service serve the food and help any classes on moisturizes
    develop many accent so highlights while many studio photographers
    also tend to use a great deal of lush feel it.
    fish photographers on my cation can also utilize reflectors
    to time that such small amounts of shadow to bring in even lot
    across the fire I photographers
    avoid lighting any foods too closely and directly in front
    this can cause problems with light because I often cause shadows to appear
    and unwanted shadows at that and a quick look at free images would reveal that
    there's never any such strong shadows at all
    actress a handful different shops to give you an idea of how this process
    and what results you can get to you keep in mind
    that many of these a studio fighters and not a SLE
    replicated a time unless you have the right lighting
    he did not have to have the same lighting as the studio photographer
    but you do need something with similar intensity
    now let's examine our first fight I
    we see a mouth-watering dessert there are two ways the photographer
    crew shot this desert the first could have been using a little more lot
    the photo certainly does have a room to move as far as launching guys
    what I main is that she could use more lot quite successfully
    if she was not able to use more light than perhaps bouncing a flash my have
    worked to a
    a balanced flash can fill in the dock area is a fighter quite nicely
    without any overexposure problems if you know I had to do it
    in this fire there is a small amount of lighting coming from one side
    and the rest of the lot seems to be subdued and lawyer
    this works very successfully even though it's not flooded with the studio toppers
    bright light
    the pastries still maintained its color and might very well
    and this is an example of how some time softer light
    like window lot can work well too
    I'm not sure of the photographer has shot this through a window
    or perhaps use an inferior lands he say the left area
    the pastry unfortunately it's just a little have focused miss some slight
    distortions when the subject looks like it's spending a little bit
    or has been shot through additional blast such as wind are
    this can happen with some lenders to combat this
    I would recommend using a prime lens to counteract the distortion
    and encourage the shop nests so at what distance away from the third
    should you stand and shoot actually there's no set rule about focal length:
    and food photography
    I've seen some fight is a food shot a distance have
    ten millimeters from the dish which is quite small
    and then again from
    millimetres or a hundred millimeters away
    it depends on the size of the food if it is a lodge dish
    such as a bowl of pasta then you may want a little more weeks in the same
    just to make sure you had the sides of the ball in the frame
    however you might want to close up shop up the pace of parsley sitting neatly on
    top of the spaghetti
    this may mean that you would choose a longer focal length:
    so that you can have a shot at the field simply by blurring the background
    you'll notice that in photos I've meals a fade the photographer
    will use very little space around the main autumn
    they may even position a dish off to the side a little bit and get the knives and
    or even the salt and pepper shakers in with the frame as well
    why did I do this usually it is due to constructing the composition
    for that commercial level many fit for talk refers
    geniuses have composition and learn to master
    early in their photographic lives in fact is probably the first thing they
    next we can examine many aspects about lighting and composition
    in this next photo on this elegant presented stack of cupcakes
    the first thing I notice is the soft gray we know a lot
    you can almost think that the photographer has use nothing else but we
    know a lot
    align I don't think she has because if that were the case
    then the opposite sides of the cake would be in almost
    total darkness on the left hand side of the dish we do see some lot
    and this is reflected light this is a the balanced lot
    from the wind I or it come from another
    softer salsa lot I would say
    that is probably the first scenario even though we don't say strong studio a lot
    over the fight I I would still say this fire works very well and I think she's
    done a wonderful job
    it's interesting how lott plays a huge part in the psychology of a fire graph
    I really don't think the fight on aids the bright studio
    look that some foods made why
    well it's because the presence of shadow and soft lot
    looks like it's being just presented on someone's dining room table
    straight out of the oven it might be nice to perhaps increase the color
    vibrancy a little bit
    but apart from that it works beautifully this is hell on a team and psychology
    or interpretation come together
    commercial fish but others know I these which is why some faded taken using a
    box and out as a takin just sitting on a table which looks like someone's kitchen
    using nothing but when daylight so what about lightboxes
    what does food look like photographed in a lot box
    let's have a look at this fine and find out in this photo we see a single
    photographed very close even though it's quite close
    it still taken at
    millimetres although you may not think that at first
    at first glance you might think was taken with a macro lens
    to get such closeness and definition
    there's a huge difference in the launching a lot box any kitchen table
    as you can say a light box is designed to float the image with a very what
    bright light and a lot box will eliminate
    any shadows which is why it works so well for small subjects
    lightboxes can come in various sizes to suit the subject
    photographers love them for food photography because if the intensity of
    light that they give off
    one thing that caught my interest about this fight I was this
    the photographer has she's quite a long shot a spade
    aiight have a second in fact this is quite long to keep the shallow open for
    that's been photographed in a lot docs nevertheless he's created a lovely image
    the strawberry looks fresh enough to 8 focus can also be an issue in food
    sometimes ideal to use a macro lens and sometimes it's not
    in reality the client will explain what types of photos they're looking for
    and it's the photographer's job to give exactly what they want
    what happens when something goes wrong well sometimes
    when everything works about a finite and the photographer
    in is unable to just pinpoint what it might be that doesn't work
    it's best to check the launching first then the focus
    in this fight %uh everything works fairly well except for two things
    firstly the lot is coming from above and not from the front
    it's fine if the light comes from above but only if there's light
    all around the lot dictates where people look at
    and the first thing I see is the Ganesh on top with a meal
    which is away from the point in interest
    if this happens you know that you need to go back and shoot again
    because if this we see that the first food item to the left
    is completely out of focus it doesn't work very well unfortunately
    because the front to the same is the pot of the food that should be in focus
    instead we have shadows in blurriness where they should be lost and shot nurse
    it's got a lot of potential this photo and if I were to take this
    I would simply change my lighting and focus and shoot again
    the secret is to position and create you a lot in such a way
    where there are important aspects have the ferry that a well-lit
    once you're lining is taking care of then focus on the areas
    way you would bot fairest way you would bar team to that
    sausage roll that Apple all that all packet of chips
    this focus provides the emotional entrance to the fight I
    said the system successful ways that you can use to photograph your food
    and thank you so much for joining me today if you'd like some more
    information about how to get your food fighters
    looking beautiful and Hannah improve your photography in general
    just started digital photography 6s dot com
    thank you so much for joining me today on put your company
    next time lifetime
    it home *** *** How to make Doll Rhythmic Gymnastics Equipment - YouTube !!!
    I am going to make them rhythmic gymnastics accessories for don't using
    scrapbook paper courting from the handle is a shopping bag
    bouncy balls a change from a broken necklace
    and jump rings a large bubble wand from the dollar store
    colored paper a plastic bracelet ribbon
    a wooden dowel or toothpick Mod Podge
    stickers cardboard play folding dulcet
    and glue I start by making a pair
    clubs by using a wooden dowel foreign 18 inch doll
    or a pair toothpaste for a
    inch or smaller
    i cud a wooden dowel with it here dog nail clippers
    cut a long slender triangle funny piece of colored paper
    inch doll
    likely to pieces of paper together to make it longer triangle
    using a glue stick cover the wooden dowel
    with a piece of paper rolled along triangle around one
    end the covered wooden dowel making sure to apply
    clue along the way
    cover the other and with a thinner triangle
    inch doll are smaller I take a toothpick
    remove the point they continue
    just as before then covered with a layer of Mod Podge
    to give it a night Spanish next I take an appropriate sized bubble wand
    we found these at the dollar store cut off
    any attachments carefully removed the decorative
    insights cover in Renton
    putting small amount so clue along the way is clue
    to secure the end to make a hula hoop and a plastic bracelet
    can also be a hula hoop for some smaller dollars
    to make a rope every move the courting from a shopping bag
    entire not at the end
    to make a ribbon I take a small piece any wooden dowel
    or a toothpick thread a piece of ribbon
    three Jeff Frank grew the ribbon to the wooden dowel
    Brett the top with the peace Efren attach a small piece of the chain
    from a broken necklace cut a piece a ribbon fold and glue
    wanna the ends the chain
    to the point to complete it easy bouncy ball
    for the ball cover cardboard with scrapbook paper
    from my phone and offsets video add a few stickers
    and you're done happy crafting
    the mud the No
    way it is your time to shine
    submit your original dull photos on Facebook boilerplate
    GPS dad for a chance to be in one of our video
    because you're so Feb them
    on be play
    time for a little exercise we want to give a shout out to
    three perfect where we'll or have
    attention everyone prepared to
    Bman did by whom wanna
    love *** *** Magic Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT chocolate fondant Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English Arabic English Portuguese Russian Spanish Vietnamese Add subtitles/CC
    This week we are making a dessert inspired by chef Peter Gilmores Chocolate dessert,
    his dessert has 8 textures but we are going to simplify that today and turn this impressive
    dessert into one that is quick and easy to make.
    To start with we're going to need to make our chocolate discs. So take some tempered
    chocolate and spread it thinly onto a sheet of foil.
    Once the chocolate is starting to get firm but is not yet set cut around something round
    in the size that you want your dessert to be. I am using one that is
    as big as you'd want to get because otherwise you're not going to be able to eat it all.
    As chocolate sets it can tend to warp and go out of shape a bit so to stop that happening
    place another sheet of foil over the top and cover it with a heavy book.
    For all the ingredients you need for this recipe just go to the website howtocookthat.net
    there is a link in the description below this video.
    Melt your butter or your margarine, stir in the sugar.
    For those of you who are waiting on the chocolate truffle recipes don't worry it is coming next
    week. I am making them and filming them this week for you for those of you who are new
    to the channel I try and do them in order of a cake decorating video then a dessert
    or a sweet snack one and then another chocolate video. So the chocolate truffles will be here
    next week, caramel ones are so good. If you've done them on the stove top your
    mixture is probably a bit hot so you'll need to allow it cool. And then
    whisk in your eggs, followed by the unsweetened cocoa powder.
    I definitely should have used a bigger bowl here.
    And then your flour and your baking powder. Whisk that altogether until it is just mixed
    in then add a dash of marsala which is a sweet italian dessert wine, it just brings out the
    flavour of the chocolate and then a little dash of vanilla. Mix those in.
    Pour that mixture into your baking tray lined with baking paper. Now the one I'm using is

    x 38cm and it's probably just not quite tall enough on the sides mine so to stop it
    spilling over into the oven and making a huge mess I have made my baking paper go up higher
    on the sides and stapled it into place so that it's not going to overflow.
    Coarsely chop up some white chocolate, now you can usee whatever you want here, you can
    add nuts, dried fruit, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, anything you fancy. Just chop that
    up and sprinkle it over the top. And if you want more perfectly looking round desserts
    then you don't need to add anything at all you can leave it plain which will make it
    easier to cut exact circles out of it. Or instead of using this brownie mixture you
    could use the chocolate cheesecake recipe that I've shown you previously or something
    else just use your imagination. Bake that brownie in the oven until a knife
    inserted into the centre comes out clean, and you can smell that brownie smell wafting
    through your house, then you know it's done.
    Allow it to cool completely And then using the same circle object that you used the first
    time cut circles from the brownie, and then you can eat the scrap pieces from the edge
    mmm so good. Using a smaller cutter cut out a circle from
    the centre of each of those.
    Now to make you ganache place your chocolate into a bowl, now I am using a mixture of milk
    and dark that's how I like my ganache to be. You can use all dark, all milk you can use
    white chocolate if you like it is up to what you prefer. Now if you are melting it in the
    microwave be careful not to burn it just give
    seconds then stir it,
    sec stir it and
    seconds stir it and just keep giving ten second bursts until its melted. Then pour
    in your cream and mix it. At first that seems like its not really coming together very well
    but you just keep mixing and it becomes a nice smooth ganache.
    When you are ready to serve your dessert make sure your sauce is nice and warm, remove the
    alfoil from your chocolate disc and place it on top of your dessert add a scoop of ice
    cream. Then serve it to the table and at the table put a spoonful of your hot ganache on
    top and it will melt through the centre of the dessert.
    Now I like to have a real chocolate lava flow to the dessert when people cut into it. If
    you want that as well then put some extra ganache into the centre before you put your
    chocolate disc on and then when you add you ganache on top it will have the same dropping
    effect but then also when they cut into it with their spoon that chocolate ganache is
    just going to ooze out of the dessert making it just unbelievably yummy.
    Enjoy and I'll see you next week with the chocolate truffles recipe. Have a good week,
    Bye. [music by Boat Song by Set Sail] *** *** How To Make A T-SHIRT out of CAKE! Stacked chocolate and banana cakes covered in fondant! - YouTube !!!
    housing girl in it's had a case
    welcome back to have a cake is this week I'm making a cake hehe I'm gonna Karen a
    t-shirt include gonna help me and I actually want to speak publicly to
    T-shirts folded and that one on top of the other two separate case one
    chocolate cake and one banana cake with my absolute fav
    I'm going
    can you tell a lot of my son that's usually carving a keg is the hardest
    part of my job the t-shirts are a bit easier because the two-dimensional at
    three different and I actually have a full the t-shirt be site we have a model
    I cut out the angles which would be shoulders of the t-shirt and then met of
    the t-shirt
    even as high as detail of just card being the sharp edges off helped make
    the tee shirt look more really mean
    the shape of my I now have taken her
    get them in the fridge to chill this is a cake injury that's four years old
    look at it
    the cake was chocolate was a Tuesday afternoon
    beyond my better judgment reached in the oven to
    and every time I look at it
    and think by longer of admit they make them
    I Love New York white t-shirt defined everyone should buy when they go to New
    York just don't wear it in that city
    free tips at the white fondant to cover both of my t-shirt
    the tricky thing about white fondant is it can pick up anything he should ask
    that surround little particles in your face to show very delicate like your
    white laundry I've been trying to tell you i'm ok I also do I'm gonna pick up
    my phone then and drape it over
    utility should take it out with my find it there and really smooth into away the
    have a look at some later problems though for the rest of this thing I'm
    going to hold the mic and we're back on the cake you when we left off I was
    disgusting when we left off I was discussing smoothing funded and now
    we're gonna move onto details on a fondant t-shirt glad you could join us
    this week it's another Tuesday on you too I know why I love cake leave a
    comment below and let me know why you love cake actually can we not do this by
    can we do the like Janet Jackson might hurt so it's time to add the letters to
    make cake I actually just printed out this exact image in the vaccine sizes my
    t-shirt and then I cut it out of paper and used those little templates to cut
    out the letters and the heart out of london keyes cutting now she's got a
    paring knife she's cutting and a paring knife what issue what is pat is that it
    is that it is it is no its okay brian
    its ok I wanna make caller look as real as possible but there's no you know rip
    t shirt collar cake decorating tool stamp so I have to find a way to
    recreate and the wrecked which is kind of like a ribbed cotton so I haven't
    made it will confirm that but the tricky part is a caller is not straight if I
    roll the rolling pin over the funding in the street line and then I try to curb
    that fun into a caller the lines kind of go walking get warped and it doesn't
    look right looks like you laundered having trouble with that caller she
    so I have to figure out a way to do this I just started taking my time and slow
    down to get the right measurement of the caller actually just chose a cake pan
    from my kitchen I make myself a template help me lay it on the t-shirt in the
    perfect shape
    sometimes the simplest things end up being the hardest could be seen
    something on your mind so you think I'll just leave this band like a circle but
    if you're off just a little bit it completely locked out of line
    details to make it look really real and so I used my tutoring
    that was to the t-shirt whenever I make my own template I like to be careful
    when cutting the livers of the paper because essentially when you couple
    letters out what you're left with is a stencil and I use that stencil to help
    me lay the letters on the t-shirt and make sure kids and their space just like
    the t-shirt is
    and in this case it t-shirt HTC TyTN why do it like let me tell you girl I put an
    HTC on that next up is the price tag and the price tag for this cake t-shirt is
    five thousand subscribers
    that's right that's the price and this is the universal sign for the family
    will do
    are made out of gumpaste I mean them a few days before I just got little
    rectangles and for the price tags I cut a little hole out of them because I knew
    I would be attaching them with a fondant strength Ryan it looks like to T-shirts
    stacked one on top of the other yeah I wanna wear one of those t-shirts where
    can i buy that idk get dot com you can't wear that shirt you don't know where I
    hope I don't trip to live in a run in I don't know if that's what it looks like
    I mean all that hard work just to destroy it it doesn't seem I don't know
    most part yes she is quite liked street meat isn't she
    ships pretending to walk down the streets of New York with a pic also been
    a buttercream at Camella you know it tastes just like a dream
    get my cat a bit no
    if you can't then the heat get out the kids gym Fit the universal sign language
    get out of my kitchen it was all a dream
    are you up somebody explain that one *** ***

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