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(, , , , ) Bouquet of natural flowers(fern, lily, saint vincent, gypsophila,rose) Sugar_ &_ Fresh_ Flowers_Bouquet_ A bouquet of fresh flowers on the cake (Lily, Gypsophila, Fern, San Vicente, small roses) Bouquet of natural flowers(fern, lily, saint vincent, gypsop how to make

A bouquet of fresh flowers on the cake (Lily, Gypsophila, Fern, San Vicente, small roses) Bouquet of natural flowers(fern, lily, saint vincent, gypsop how to make

    (, , , , ) Bouquet of natural flowers(fern, lily, saint vincent, gypsophila,rose) Sugar_ &_ Fresh_ Flowers_Bouquet_

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    Why you should cover your cake boards - YouTube !!!
    new hope for her home in general I was very i'm ok company I've been there for
    all your clothes
    charles died I used to make case for my home so I'm not in this matter I should
    mention that I seventy six dollars in my bank account and I quit my job my
    husband because not wanted to you because I was very stressed out but my
    job and I had zero about you know what I hear you say I have become a board for
    its to any reason why I feel so frustrated because I know it is not
    expensive to cover your key words I would've been doing because I'm pain in
    the beginning I still do we I mean everything I can get but I all hung
    Medien my case haha
    and higher quality looks good I was trying to hire and customers the best
    place to look for higher customers you are going to get you going to make into
    the game right you don't take it you don't have any money because you said
    the cake pans who'll take charge not how things go but I say after a year or two
    you should have and should have it were you know baby and then you can start
    talking about
    word yes but I think we r
    yourself between the person down three undercutting you or you know $
    how do
    you make your self a little better than the bakery over at home are sort of
    Molino really different people told me because I care about whether or not I
    don't have any case eight or more and yet on the city are cardboard
    saying hey they say I don't like this case but they probably could not walk
    just doesn't look as clean professional she right ahead they don't know
    bored they just all they see is an overall just like I stole my bad because
    I'm telling you I used to work all week about the box and solar car ran this
    bios and just slap it on talk and people will they will argue that that's what
    customers are used to work for whatever your grocery store chain that they are
    on a school board will $
    the musée buttercream cake or a charge $

    they're like $
    for a quedar keyboard and why the the hard part is that goes
    into this when you try to push you down because of using a little bored I would
    never do that I will never let you down I get murder because I have picture
    case or cover in
    because I don't know her out of the way right now we do
    you have condoms and slap your face your mom or whoever doesn't care and you're
    not trying to make money for my question is why
    for any worse than this is not everybody is looking to sell he is trying to get
    business I know what I'm doing I'm a beginner and I have no case this page
    will not get mad he does not like dirty bears for you
    case that you are Pierre and Miquelon you can you prove yourself ok all right
    way for you know a lot of friends you should know I'm use that one and one
    that was extra $5 to cover for and why would it be $
    what I will be right where I hate that rain and supplies in one case will be
    or you can get your cash
    wannabes go on mobile
    they fall and I don't
    make sense I feel horrible $5 will or little beyond this is what I use when I
    was to use just take what that's the case you can talk with this is not even
    you can possibly get so you could be used but this is the point right here
    although this complete bull crap to make hardware but had to make my eyes hurt
    more guys are paid on your case that happens you this is not this is a piece
    of crap you like our mom or sister
    your kid's birthday party in my head but this is the difference between actual
    and seriously ok all done by the way so you know it is but I kid I kid that you
    don't know your mind by water down the drain
    charge $
    my pay for costs $
    can make or break me off my question is why
    are you spending $5 on your cable or for a $
    but you cannot $
    have time to make up the extra $5 I guess you love me he heard I didn't not
    everybody has a cabin crew but you know whatever happened and you're on you have
    you know you can go on to buy packaging tape or they might keep around $
    now yes you have to buy a different size box for every side case which I have
    cheated $
    this match each card were around caesar wrap and ok we're just one
    that won the first game to price reasonable cost you between the World
    War dollar to its not but one case for it so UK arm or two together
    got together from now so I'm not going to spend right now
    cheeky $
    or $
    I should actually charging that you are ok but whatever
    haha about you know giving you the benefit of the doubt you would hire for
    a way to be on this is just everyday takes no matter what you know you got
    their keyboard but gonna see you ok
    or come on I recovered paper in oil and sometimes they don't work with graph of
    all but five minutes to do this right now but somebody by the oil costs $

    and get you doing up ten case for $9 dollar per sheet to cover with foil and
    a lot of boxes will cost $
    and there was some sort of whom are women are
    bonded can cover is not just one of these rules are $
    right you will find
    it and we're just better than most of $
    mom was crossfire can't college
    Covers may be poor
    $9 let's just see covered cake and you always always always have a fever I
    don't know anybody that can cover case doesn't have her
    covered the war you don't take a good thing but seriously outside right and
    I'm sure I actually just you know God BB
    mark so I know about where he is at the center I did not take much time
    but I covered the case haha I can see they're right or right let's try to look
    into the matter

    ounces and one pound so let's say 313
    so you can her teen or somewhere in
    there or charged $

    per hour or more will get price you can use to get a
    about $6 by Dean or not have to add in the cost of these lovely papers here are
    more than you do this the $
    so we have a dollar for the skateboard plus
    you know time five why should you covered
    you are whatever the case whether $5 on
    and to be honest this is a visit the
    times a paper white ones make all kinds of different colors right from the time
    he bore you are home you've got nothing but high
    minutes call me personally
    Board of Canada Arijit you if you were my state boards we're pulling out
    wedding cakes like five times a no then you might work for you to a buyer wanted
    me to be bob jones made from bad just imagine that I'm a great flight case
    here before I don't think this matches I don't think either i'm ok I guess but it
    doesn't go with this wedding what's a child's weight before you know it looks
    like it so kind of you know more
    my local right
    and you have to admit there are a lot of you make that case just don't just don't
    match right going local everything right now there's another you can use phone or
    PC is a quarter-inch I will not work or to you I said I was bored and they cost
    about $
    for teenage $
    take on work
    to the price is the paperwork to fail or whatever right places they tend
    to move people can relate to it should beware if you're just making little $

    for every week or do much but the more or more and you can buy I think off me
    I think that the guy I can't afford to lose $
    case look more professional and how you can see right now see much more
    professional I R
    Paul and Shannon bond and all the people who are telling you covered yes they get
    a little crazy jay jay but I worked up to you because you know there's a reason
    why we get so worked up because it's such a simple simple concept and for
    some people are so stubborn about it because they feel like right keyboard
    and I'm good how dare you you can't learn anything from anybody is exactly
    what you are if you wanna stay right where you more and you want to stay with
    the client and you feel like you're a successful person and by sick I mean
    making money I'm sorry I'm a business person I think success happiness happy
    making cake for talking about how we're talking about your ability to pay your
    bills at the end of the day or when your husband why working until two o'clock in
    the morning or whatever because you're making an income that's what we're doing
    this for us and doing what you want to do for a living right so you can take a
    phone Corp or cut out and I just cake pan to trace this cut it out and you can
    do the same thing with the river outside and then you can cover this with on it
    for you you can take this crap AP
    this piece of scrap paper costs $39 matter whatever i'm talking $
    probably make
    put the contact paper over the regular paper and then you turn off the excess
    around it but there are plenty option I have cover your for reasonable amount of
    money and reasonable about work and you want to take what I'm saying you know
    about what your shortcut in giving you nobody likes to cover her cape or I
    don't want to cut my keyboard there's a lot of things you can do to save
    yourself money and I get the struggle to save money when you're when you're
    starting but think about where you're saving your money act look there's no
    reason not cover your keyboard and let's just plain old don't want you
    and just plain old don't want to and like I said if you're a huge bakery in
    your pocket out tons of buttercream cakes and it's not cost-effective for
    you to cover your cake boards because they're not customized they're just
    getting out the door and get the bills paid cakes and aqaba you know but when
    you're when you're making one or two cakes a week or a month or you want to
    be known as a custom
    bakery who makes these different than cakes that you know you're trying to
    differentiate yourself this is an extremely easy way to do that is very
    easy and you know you want to make your cake with better people want to buy
    tools they want to buy water mols they want to buy air crashes in what about
    all these things look better but they don't want covered the bore the pain in
    the ass I get into the paint here I hate it hate it hate right that's not a good
    reason I can understand but it's not good reason right this is my periscope
    why if you don't cut it doesn't affect me it doesn't affect whether I make
    money doesn't affect whether I am successful I don't really care GBU over
    the head of it
    about it but it will affect you
    affects you and I honestly want the new became decorators out there you just
    have the most tools available to them and most knowledge that's available to
    them to be able to make cakes her help them stand out and make more money
    because they don't have to read about it and the crew about why you know her
    client for higher-end or you know why don't my cakes look like shit yeah
    covering the difference between $30 Kagan $
    case it can even be the
    difference between $
    and $
    you know it's just the finishing touches and
    I get that you don't always know about these little things with your beginner
    haven't you just know that when someone says i cant see ok for not covered or
    not I saw for oiled word was not covered that it's not direct punchy you and
    they're not you are not hurt a person and you're you know if you are in that
    person who is you know just cover here bored in tin foil or something
    oil port doesn't match the look of arrested cake or something like that and
    I get that but just take it I wish my bad when I wouldn't you be you know it's
    called constructive criticism it's called constructive criticism but you
    can't have constructive criticism without her criticism heart but if you
    want to become a better shape that future you need to learn to take
    criticism and learned better he walked if you want you don't have to be better
    you don't want to be you want to stay the same be the same just leave my
    friends hot mom talking about how people can be better don't come into my friends
    I don't need to cover my boards because nobody in my area of $
    to their case
    bullshit you just don't want to that's fine you don't I can't cover my board
    because i dont have the time I have five minutes to make my work look better and
    potentially get
    or more people and more like some Facebook because the more
    pins were more likely to get more people in your area that are directly related
    to order in case I'm you will host you do have time for that you do if you use
    foil fine I'm not putting you down you know what i'm saying I'm just saying you
    are not happy with where you are and you're wondering why you can't get
    higher and clients and you want to be better this is a very inexpensive way to
    do it and I have not heard anybody who says gee I wish I never covered alright
    I'm going to go now cuz I had actual case they can to build and going to take
    me awhile and now that we've had this talk right and every time I put this on
    youtube and everybody discussion about eight boards I'm gonna posted in this
    comment section and I will walk away and I'm not going to engage because I've
    said everything that there but with emotion and affection and examples and
    if you would like more tutorials about cakes and whatever how to do pretty much
    everything you can become should review
    show dot com if you subscribe level so it's not a by subscribing to get all the
    tutorials tutorials out every month so yeah *** *** How to Make a Fondant Board | Wedding Cakes - YouTube !!!
    so we want to make a base for our cake structure and its gonna be a founding
    this is a plane store-bought really strong
    nice thick board they're very very common I think they're little tacky
    if you're doing a wedding cake it's like everybody and their brother can buy one
    of these but you wanna
    cover up from that silver on the outside side dusted my circular area with some
    powdered sugar
    just like I would do for rolling out a find it here
    at the Smith Center gonna quickly roll this out
    to be the width I love the board it's okay if it's them
    move it around pick up some powdered sugar if you feel it sticking
    I have some piping gel here
    pick it up with my paintbrush and I'm just gonna go around the outside
    expression gonna cut outs
    the area that the cake is gonna not Chintu
    if I piping gel
    Adam any kind of crap storm I'll let the baking stores have it
    whenever you get those piping gel pens from the supermarket that's what this is
    this just has some color added to it the
    is claim minutes
    clean piping gel there we go up
    that out of the way no pick this up
    and gingerly I'm
    K over-the-top smooth out some
    and the first thing I do is cut off the excess from the outside
    using a sharp blade pick it up like a pizza I'm
    and was going straight down
    meaning it's a pretty ribbon to match your cake design to go along the outside
    we can leave it your little silver accent
    so this is much nicer than the plane's overboard
    Graham smooth at around with my hands and cut out the centerpiece
    grab my exacto blade back
    them and this is the with my cake
    something a center that
    anything just to buy I or if you wanna get one of these bench scrapers
    that has the inch marks on it
    that's very helpful stuff
    should be about an inch all the way around I'm
    there we go with my exact up late I'm gonna hold us down
    with my hands right in the center and with my exacto blade
    which is very very sharp
    put a new one in almost every time I use the I'm
    the handle
    there yet
    pick that up
    and that is a perfect foundation for a cake and how you make a cake board *** *** How to Make a Wedding Cake: Baking and Frosting (Part 1) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Dan from cookies cupcakes in cardio dot com
    I want to welcome you to the first video other three part series on how to bake
    a wedding cake this first video today is going to be
    the process a baking the cake and covering it
    in a buttercream the subsequent videos will include how to tear the cake which
    is stacking it
    and the last video will include how to decorate the wedding cake
    so make sure you stay tuned for those coming up in the future
    let's get started so the first thing I'm going to talk to you about
    are the baking pans to maker three-tiered wedding cake
    the big one at the bottom is a 10-inch round
    I'm cake pan and that's going to be our base
    our next a middle-tier is going to be an
    and our top tier is going to be a six inch round cake
    now each of these will need to be bait to time so when we're finished you can
    inches and
    to complete the cake this is called a heating core
    and what this heating core does is you place it in the center
    love each of your pants if you choose to you don't have to use it
    but it kinda speeds up this though it speeds up the baking time
    up the cake any put a little bit of cake in the center as well
    heating core and that leave so that when there's a whole left in the cake
    you still have the cake that pops out from the center the heating core
    I'm not going to be using that but I do wanna tell you about it because it is a
    handy thing to use specially when you're making
    I'm larger wedding cakes now these cake pans have street sides
    which is something that you want to make sure that your cake pans have see don't
    have any angles to your wedding cake
    and he's under each three inches high and the cakes will be baking to be about
    a total up to two inches
    in height so we're going to start the baking process next
    we're going to start out baking r6 inch cake
    for the six inch cake you're going to need to cops
    a batter per layer so in total for the top tier
    you're going to need four cups of batter now I am using a homemade vanilla recipe
    which will put a link in the description box for you
    but you can use any kind of cake that you choose you can also use a box mix
    if you prefer that as well you just need to make sure your measurements are the
    same at
    so I'm just taking some non-stick spray and I'm spraying my parent here
    and I'm also putting a layer of wax paper in the bottom
    that just helps put the cake out a lot easier
    when the cake is finished so then in goes my daughter
    and I'm going to be taking this one
    at to
    degrees Fahrenheit and it will bake for about
    minutes and then it should be nice and finished
    something pop it in the oven and then I'll have to repeat the process so I
    want you to make sure
    but you're remembering that you have to do two layers per
    size %uh cake pan our next two layers will be the middle tier
    and it is the 8 NH so again and spraying my pan
    and I'm going to be using per layer three-and-a-half cough
    I love leave cake batter for this layer
    give it another stray so you lied seven cups in total for the middle tier
    and it's going to bake 4 so I'm probably about

    minutes at
    degrees Fahrenheit
    so in a pop that in spread this around
    first and then pop it into the open and then
    we will be working on our largest here next
    now we're onto our largest here which will be the bottom in it is the
    inch layer we're going to be using six cops
    a batter so in total we're going to be using
    cups a batter altogether
    for both the volunteers so I'm putting this
    the wax paper and again at the bottom you can use parchment paper if you
    and is putting this in now this one being that it's the largest it's
    obviously going to bake for a longer time
    it's still going to be baking at 350 degrees
    and it's going to bake for about
    and you just wanna watch it to make sure that it's completely finished in the
    center in springs back to your touch
    so many pop that an and all the dock with all love the cupcakes
    so all six love the cakes have bakes a nice in golden brown
    but if you notice when you been baking Katie might find there's a slight dome
    so what we're going to do next is we're going to level each of them
    of because we can't we will need to have our wedding cakes be completely flat
    so the State Street up and down so I'm going to level of my cakes now
    and what I'm using is a large Ateco cake knife and it's just got a serrated blade
    if you don't have one of these you can just use a regular kitchen serrated
    knife it works just the same
    so I'm just putting it here and in keeping the blade level
    while turning the cake around here on my turntable
    an unjust making sure that I'm using a sawing motion because I don't want any
    up the cake to tare I want it all to be cut in this level
    area here like that and you can see a slide easily of
    just like that someone to repeat that for all six are the layers
    no other cakes are all levels what I'm going to talk to you about next
    our cake boards no keyboards are essentially just cardboard pieces and a
    covered with foil
    this one is quite thin it's that eight-inch one that I'm going to be
    using for my
    8 inch layer now this one is a six inch one and as you can see it fits perfectly
    on top
    love my six inch cake now this one is a bit larger and it's actually called a
    cake drum
    and it's thicker it's meant to be used on the bottom love
    tier cakes or what not now these two I purchased locally at a cake store
    you can find them at Meijer stores such as Michaels and what not you can even
    buy them
    online Amazon eBay try those out they just called cake ports
    and this one actually make made you just cut it out
    out of cardboard and then you cover it with your own foil so that's what we
    need next to support the cake so now we're going to start
    covering it by in buttercream so now I need to
    attach my cakes to my boards
    so I'm going to do out for glue isn't just going to use a little bit if I same
    to smooth out into the middle there like that and then I just put
    my cake in the centre thereof the port
    just like that now you may notice that the because this one is the bottom one
    it is a little bit bigger band that the other
    8 in the six in sports for this one we want the base to be a little bit bigger
    because when you're transporting the cake
    want somewhere for your fingers to be able to go so that's why this board is
    little bit bigger than the actual cake so this win total
    is at
    inches in diameter so now we're just going to start
    by putting a thin layer a buttercream in between here
    like this and then I'm going to plop
    the top part above my knee
    bottom layer summit other tenants just like that
    want too much from the scraping some of like that
    and then and is going to place the second one
    on top just like that so I'm gonna repeat that process
    for each of the three tears now we have all three of our tears
    the layers are all stacked on top now we're going to do is we're going to do
    our crumb coat
    a crumb coat is the initial layer a buttercream
    that goes on to the cake to catch any up these
    crumbs that come off as your applying the buttercream to the sides
    in total I'm probably going to be using about

    cups a buttercream
    and I will put the link in the description box below
    to my vanilla buttercream recipe that we already have up on the channel
    so I'm just going to coat all three of these cakes in my initial crumb coat
    and then I'll be back to show you the final step to this
    initial video in the series so the last step
    to icing the cake after the crumb coat has caught all other
    up the crumbs from the sides of the cake we're going to use
    more butter cream and just cover it completely
    something to do all three of these a different cakes
    and then will be finished how to bake entice
    a wedding cake so there you go everybody I have finished
    off at the beginning stages I love baking a wedding cake
    we've got it covered in buttercream and the following videos are going to cover
    how to stack
    the wedding cake which we called hearing and how to decorate the wedding cake
    for a final product so make sure you stay tuned for Lowes
    and I will see you next time *** *** Skittles Rainbow Cake! How to make a Skittles Cake - Cupcake Addiction & Cupcakes & Cardio! - YouTube !!!
    high analytical welcome back to my cupcake addiction
    today I have teamed up with the lovely Jan from cookies cupcakes in cardiac
    and we've come together to create if also rain both deals K
    Jen giving you guys the recipe bought this kills poke cake
    and skills first a and I'm showing you did easy and gorgeous decoration
    we did a rainbow cake and cake with our Rainbow going inside
    let's get started I've got making up to Jen today so you need to be fed her
    channel which
    I willing to gamble I to check out a skittles poke cake
    recipe from iPad a rolling pin and I've got them about skittles
    said you sure the I will link to the still standing sugar recipe into trial
    down below
    as well as ambiguous any sugar if you don't feel like using a skittles
    I've got that in all the different colors in the Rain Bird
    I needed some red ribbon melted white chocolate
    three blocks Up Kit Kat I've got some plain flour for dusting my staff is
    and I've also got a batch about vanilla sugar cookie dough so I'll leave that
    recipe and the link to the video if you'd like to watch
    in the Description box below a paintbrush a pastry brush
    a pizza cutter at the rate edged knife paris's
    an edible marker I've got a ziploc bag and I've got five
    large packet the skittles you need as many he can get enough to be too pure
    colors but you'll have plenty of Skittles leftover
    sprinkled on a generous amount on your plain flour and using a rolling pin you
    just wanna brawl at your
    killed cookie dough into like a long rectangle shape
    take a pay cut and you want to cut like a high often
    Oct shape over rainbow SS lightly FINA at the base
    slightly fatter the top and cut this long living in a you can always cut some
    off once baked
    econ add anymore onto a baking tray bake in a moderate oven for seven to ten
    and to the edges just flatly stuck ten golden brown want it completely cool you
    can pick it up in just
    size it up against a side to be okay you don't want to be too long or to be too
    top heavy thundery cut mine off that he a
    come down quite a bit shorter in the cake make the cut using a serrated edge
    take a pastry brush in your white chocolate and you want to brush both
    sides the bottom three inches the cookie
    and then all the way over the back we're doing it because I thank you gonna make
    it will be watertight and it's not good times or more stuff from the cake making
    it soggy
    now you want to use your edible mocca and iight mocked absolutely even
    intervals along the way the web but seven colors I need seven line so I want
    to make sure that I kind of keep each color about the same way
    to apply my standing sugar I started with a paintbrush and just painted a
    little section and then
    place if any sugar on top kind of sprinkling it but this
    actually proved to be problematic because my chocolate with drying too
    fast so I switched to the plot bag method
    so but the watch up in the book bag and snip a very fine tip
    around them painted on the paintbrush squat on them with that
    white chocolate using it you know the book bag try roughly follow the lines
    that you've mocked and the line at the loft color
    and are you feeling about a high of a one other lines at a time
    once you've got that wet melted chocolate you can take a generous man
    and your skill sending sugar and sprinkle it on top
    one simpler all the way on top just kitchen knife to trim it down
    the back edge and that will leave you a nice straight edge be on next color so
    I'm just gonna be moving away any extras
    white then issued a completely dry before tapping of
    any excess for my topic alert I used a piece of paper to
    protect the colors
    underneath that I wasn't getting a ton ingrained in my blue sprinkles
    and I want to get it on a blue in my pain you don't think in the paper she
    adjusted to ride paintbrush
    to kind of clean up any green snuck into your blog
    repetitive all the colors in your a known this is essentially making alittle
    rainbow sugar cookie you spending should be you can you feel fairness you or you
    can use just
    regular sprinkles here you can also just paint on the palate is a different color
    candy mountain or you can cut strips upon that there's a ton of options
    if you've never made a cake cake before the better to separate
    kick capping it is to cut them in to you if you try and break them they have a
    tendency to break a little bit rough but if you cut them they feign not been a
    and then really nice and neat to put together and the cake if you're having
    any trouble with you okay kept sticking to the scientific a
    chill apply at then additional card about a crane so you actually
    attaching to wet but a crane not to drive crafted by the crane
    and then you simply taking your kit kat pieces and sticking them all around that
    want your cake surrounding you just serrated edge knife

    have just a enough line
    into the center go pay and then drive that cookies to write down into the
    you better cut that slate smaller rather than logic because you want to be a
    really snug fit
    to hold that cookie in place now once you could even play
    you want to taking one featured your schedule colors and place it at bay
    over the rainbow at the law I love the color that occur response to the Red
    it'll go down below the redline Exeter Exeter
    my chosen design yet looks amazing but does require a bit of time in
    ghetto plaything probably about
    to 40 minutes all up I think it took me
    so basically I'm just following the line from that fact Cal its ghetto
    I'm coming all the way around the outside edge in the rain by
    in the one direction this is designed to look like the rain both kind of come
    into the cake and it's continuing around
    on top of the cake so an actual uniform rainbow thought a shape
    oppose a deorbit time poor you can just take all your skittles
    and shot them straight into the Company K which all baby the time in separating
    with any k cat /k get better have we been around the outside which covers up
    the line that you get in the middle of the cake at family block but it also
    holds everything together tho I opted for
    threatening him with a knife big red bar which matches the man after dole's rapid
    the final Potter backache and I think the most impressive is taking up to
    one-third NP skittles wrapper
    so be nice when you open them you wanna paint in the new zip lock bag a bit of
    melted white chocolate about the top
    inch or so on the enough back side about packet
    sticking that backside up against the back side love your cookie and leave a
    difference on the packet hanging open
    you need to support that for about 30 seconds author and do that chocolate
    stout to become tacky and stop to set
    so they've got your absolutely gorgeous skittles
    rainbow effect cake it's always kind of like an allusion effect
    you've also got that fabulous kills poke cake recipe and it kills frosting recipe
    brought to you by Jen
    over at cupcake carrier I'm leaking too heavy a and hes channel down below I
    feel like I said make sure you go and check her out
    as though it does thanks very much for tuning in to my cupcake addiction *** *** Cake Decorating 101- The Cake Board Part I - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody I hope everybody is doing good
    going on with me Wow I am
    any yeah I mean I V E on how to make gumpaste
    happy and that gonna be out soon hopefully
    I you have a blank you'll be out so
    I will post some photos on the e
    and the flowers that will include I'm going or taxable
    ENEC in which you learned tax up
    centers and is still see pain and at all
    that up economy
    Sol you will have up she's and you learn
    it plain hi so you can create your of flowers
    so it may be a lot of fun I me
    I day I me I
    on the floor to be a I
    going on and I will be there cell
    I hope me I love you there
    I know it will be a lot of fun and after I can wait for that
    I in my tail E tutorial there I am doing right now
    I am doing baby we have no
    me that skateboard goals he hears
    in my house back a shot tutorial
    black meat all the time do you have Aki
    years yes you don't will
    activate your
    K or any get back pay
    you're ready I usually what's
    in both I so me whole
    any long and he doesn't see if my shoe the
    me you lolol unca five decades port
    is hot when I do my from Google
    I will be enough range and a but my cake board
    Iveta right I have a just lost my phone call
    and then I do my second all and that way you don't see it as quite
    when you see editorial you never see the a boy bunny
    their you do you need them I and the only thing I want to make sure you eat
    live me all the time
    Wed like a day hardwood dowel I'm goal
    cool lady marry at a club like palm
    I will all the low I feel
    pecan I have delinquent and
    usually mobile straws you find the EV
    in finding me some changeups so
    I will you how to get those I hate most me
    and remember you always uni down
    on speck case and I will policy
    or Ende so I hope you enjoy it
    it tiny so yeah have my cake more and I think we can find in
    any craft store they usually weapon sales tax so you can
    find meee is basically cardboard
    and what you wanted to East Bay some
    black state bernie's my wax paper and what you want shakopee
    me and funny acne your
    skateboard the you know cut insane
    back and sure you can do it me some
    loan you wanna use double-sided tape you can use double-sided tape
    she use and Lula make sure than you know
    all lot of blue caused and to hot days to the skies up your
    K it's harder so you gonna go around
    your long
    you and then you me your
    she last me and you wanna me record low down
    and Anne E others hi
    you got a your lag and im
    I K strike to make it s flat as you as you can
    no be lots of guns than you have shell
    I match any Katie other East
    up skater anyway
    me and I press it down me and after that
    United States on caesar's me
    and pot the black panther
    all around me doesn't have to be face
    she remembered that when you're doing your
    K me you have to start
    skies okay so basically
    say Miami she
    me for for each day act uses more
    my ktvu right in the center right here
    and I will do my goal and then once I
    Hagel I put that okay on the fridge
    and and I will get out and Kat
    weighty to Caesars I will up my carport
    right to the very %eh of Mikey and Anne
    mistake and old Sol is in some way
    you get your boards ready for your cake
    and ok you enjoyed a I hope you didn't Oreo
    it question that I V act all the time so I want to state very
    in ball with the basic steps on how to
    gate those star was ready remember any time you want your TA
    you need the car eat me in another
    sorry I will see you have to call over you baby
    board and usually in government down
    wat what they call I basketball or
    you want something very dedicated and my antique over them
    way long ban but that will be an auditorium
    so until next time attack
    the *** *** How to Make a Candyland Cake from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is Dan from cookies cupcakes in cardio dot com
    today I'm going to be showing you how to make and
    edible candy land game board cake this is a really fun game it's been around
    for years and years and years it's quite popular with kids a
    all ages and I thought how cool it would be to make it into a cake
    so let's get started so there's a lot of areas to the Candyland cake that I'm
    going to show you today
    so what I'm going to do is do each segment at a time and I'll show you the
    ingredients for each of those
    at the time where I'm moving on to the next part so what if God hears the game
    for peace late out
    and the cake is a two-up

    stacked together if you don't have a cake pan that large
    used for nine by
    stew get the exact same shape down here
    so I'm going to be using a will to number five tips in order to pipe the
    and I'm also going to be using I'll green butter cream was will to number

    which is the grass tip
    and for this beginning stage I'm going to be using
    a whole bunch of different colored starburst so the first thing I'm going
    to do is take my vanilla buttercream
    and I'm just going to pipe a pathway where I'm going to put my starburst down
    so it's quite similar to the game board just not as much in
    intricacy here coming out a couple love the little terns
    man and it there and then once I got that lay down
    I'm just going two starts to put my starburst are
    right beside each other so they're touching all through
    following the entire pathway so I've got the whole pathway done
    I'll be back to show you the next step now that my pathway is finished
    what I want to do to make it stand out more than
    around the outside of the pathway but before I do that
    I'm going to put on the grass in the sections that need the grass
    so the grass is going to come from a top here
    I remember that this is the finish in this is the start so we're coming across
    the top here
    really go all the way inside here all inside here
    all the way inside here and is probably too
    about here where we're going to cut it off right there
    someone to start up here and the all those parts they just showed you
    are the areas that I'm going to cover with my grass
    so have my grass finished and now I'm going to outline my game
    are outlined the path here and I've switched the tip to a larger one
    and it's a number
    tip Sanders going to gently squeeze and just follow the
    all the way around the board the next part I'm going to be showing you is
    rainbow trail now remote rails a shortcut in the game
    and it's located around this area so what I'm using
    are rainbow Twizzlers cut to about three inches in
    length so I'm just going to place them
    just like a rainbow up like that in the
    order red-orange and yellow
    and the green and blue and then finally
    the purple so more working or not
    and then the next area we're going to be doing
    is peanut acres and for peanut acres
    we're going to be using peanut butter chips
    and peanut butter marshmallow to over in this section
    is where Pena acres is where a gramma not
    resides so I'm using my marshmallow peanuts that I just found at a local
    grocery store
    you they also make those circus peanuts which
    are you can also use their just a little bit larger in
    size then these ones are these ones are a little bit smaller but the bother them
    work just
    that's just the same and then I'm just going to fill up some the empty space
    around the peanuts
    with these peanut butter chips
    so next over here we're going to be working on gumdrop mountains and gum
    drop pass
    so for the gumdrop second I'm just using giant jump gumdrops here in little teeny
    tiny ones that are kinda flats
    I'm so what I just do as I take those and in my buttercream is going to press
    it down
    this can use a variety of the colors and a variety of the size is to make sure I
    I all sorts of different with a different look here so it's nice and
    bright and colorful
    some also going to going here
    the news again summaries littler ones filling up all the spaces
    and using a variety of colors so that is gumdrop
    mountain income drop pass next up
    is peppermint forest located in this corner I'm going to be using many candy
    canes peppermints
    white Brock candy crystals and edible glitter for this section
    gonna start by laying down some other candy crystals now these are just like
    crumbled up
    rock candy you know the kind you can't grow yourself on your own stick and what
    I bought them in bulk I ordered them from Amazon
    if there's any the candies that you can't find always check Amazon is a
    really handy
    summers gonna fill in summers space here
    with the rock candy and I'm going
    now to take my mini candy canes and poke them in
    of course peppermint forest is where system into lips
    he hangs over here and some in the peppermints
    in like this nothing in other one there
    into more problems now just to give it a little bit more of our
    kinda mystical look here I'm gonna take some other edible glitter
    and just gonna sprinkle it over top above where my rock crystals are
    it a little bit a shine so that is the peppermint forest
    the next area we're going to be working on is here with a lollipop woods
    where Lawley lives so I've just got some other round lollipops and some other
    flat lollipops to use
    and you can just put them in a different heights you can do some low
    and some up nice and tall and just fill it in like a forest
    but lollipops just like this in the force is going to
    travel little ways down here as well
    some different height in some different shapes as well
    and it will be complete just like that
    next up for going to work up top here at snowflake a lake
    where princess frosty and lives we're going to be using the
    white rock candy crystals again and summer
    snowflake sprinkles someone to put my
    Kenny crystals down first laying down my
    ice I guess it would be on a Lake if it's frozen
    soaring to fill that all up this whole area here
    and what's more now and then make sure that there's enough room for your
    snowflakes to stick as well
    through the rock candy everywhere so many put my snowflakes on here
    sporadically scatter them
    just like that so that is all the link here
    so the last obstacle in the way before the and is the chocolates swamp in this
    area where gloppy lives so many using
    large peanut butter cups many peanut butter cups
    summer multiple colored percy
    Hershey's hugs and some little many Hershey's Kisses
    someone to put a big one here and
    another big one there in the center the all-around these ones I've been to make
    sure that I fill it in completely
    son is going to put a little dot
    there a little dot there because I wanna make
    stack here wanna put another one on top
    and one on top there and then another little dot on top of that another dot on
    top with that one
    and put Hershey's Kiss up on top of their
    so as I was saying earlier I want the ground to be completely covered in
    some an alternate between using so the kisses and using some other
    the hugs and just make sure it's covered completely
    around the outside their and around the inside
    right into here so the last thing to put onto the cake
    is the finish which is the candy castle
    so I'm going to be using many ice cream cones and inside line is just one of
    those larger
    peanut butter cups that I had going to be using these little mini-gel ease
    some rainbow sprinkles and then some more butter cream
    someone to put up my my ice cream cones first
    and put the three up here so this is where you wanna get to you when you
    finish the game
    you wanna get there first let alone a pipe to talk on
    now just got arm a starship on here
    it's going to you pipe a little top
    so they look a little bit more victorious
    mmm like that than
    couple sprinkles on their is randomly placed these ones
    still a couple to show you know finish them off afterwards
    and then all around the ground I'm gonna put the rainbow sprinkles cuz it's a big
    to really colorful area so you want all the rainbow sprinkles to cover the
    ground entirely
    so I'll do that all the way around the homes here on all the sides
    was a runaway candies in this one now I'm also going to make a little tower
    I'm just going to put a couple love these little jelly's like
    in a statement might need to use a little bit
    I love buttercream in between them
    just to give it a little bit more a grand entrance here
    at the front and then on the top you can even put
    a little yellow a little yellow I'm still some butter cream
    there and pick it up on top like that so we'll finish that off early back to show
    you the finished
    cake so just as the finishing touch I put
    a little border of Smarties around the Cape just to kinda finish it off
    so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial today on how to make it
    edible Candyland cake board its lotta fun it's such a fun game as
    is so grab your characters grab cards and put this cake together
    and have a great time with the family hope you enjoyed it
    remember to subscribe to the channel: and I will see you all again next time *** *** How to Make Fondant Numbers | Cake Fondant - YouTube !!!
    on to
    now we show you how to make the number going to be making
    the number one today this can be used for a
    first birthday cake for a little boy a little girl gonna use paying for a
    little girl
    you could use any color like
    use yellow or green or blue so it is going to take
    appease a pink fund I'm their role in some
    cornstarch them going to
    start to roll it into a log them before
    I started shaped the number one we're going to take
    a wooden dowel which you can get
    a skewer and just cut it down and it take a clue
    which is our water and I'm going to paint that's half
    though thou long
    just a little bit so that when we insert it into our number it's going to stick
    so we're just gonna take into this roll it into
    her number now all the way through which is halfway through
    and then I'm just gonna stay start to roll it a little more
    and they take off this excess edge their role it some more
    me not too thin because we don't want the
    wooden dowel to show just for a little bit more
    and then at the end I was gonna roll a little bit thinner
    so that we can make and I swirl design
    so you take it and we're curled and
    in a pinch the top then it take
    than David and swirling in you can use it to a few why
    if you can get to swell the right way and then just
    swirl it up and then I woulda
    but that is that side am gonna start to make
    the bottom have your number one you know I let that dry overnight because
    if you pick it up now it's just that far so they take another piece a pink fonda
    do same thing just roll it out and then for this
    Ravenna at the ans have your
    can find on just gonna
    make it a bit then thinner than the body a bit
    for you to take those
    ans through the same thing there with its the top
    and we're just going to role it to make a little swirl
    each and so looks a little whimsical and fun
    way to take that piece
    very carefully pick it up we're just gonna
    bring it closer to our number one then when these
    are dry unity your number one
    and you're gonna play set into your cake and then
    after you could take your aunt
    a to play said just under your one
    so you have a queue little fun number one
    for 1st birthday cake so if you want to do
    other numbers me like the number eight which is a bit trickier than the number
    you do is just shape your number eighty and then take two little toothpicks
    and at your rounded part of your 8 just take them
    in the middle to think what I want and one another and
    wait till they dry and then you just gotta pop it up
    on your cake and that technique and work with any curved number *** *** M&M's Rainbow Cake! How to make a Gravity Defying M&M Candy Cake with Cupcake Addiction - YouTube !!!
    happened well
    on hi guys Italy for my cupcake addiction and today the fact that I'm
    going to show you how to recreate the
    gorgeous two-tiered Eminem illusion K
    not only me show you how to bake fact a really simple and crew
    TK I want to show you how to make it great illusion effect that makes
    it look like you've got a packing them in and
    cascading down the fight a BK it gorgeous it
    simple hanoi a little bit over the top let's get started
    think that you need %uh cake board to rest my cape on a got that on a spinning

    I'm using the equivalent have to pack in cake mixes you
    any recipe like you need likely a double recipe I'm in the making a small to take
    enough to them about
    people I up every pothole buttercream frosting in
    in cotton wool balls about my two little teens of oranges signage
    three large bag regular Eminem's this
    lustig this is what we can use to create a revolution affected basically a
    plastic stick with a little balloon cup on the end
    sold my party supply stores I'm going to Spain and a pastry brush
    Banbury skewers and Paris's just small or regular hot spot at
    I've been offset spatula a threat not and some wax paper
    amount of dark chocolate this container just insert services to text been a
    paper cut gem with three tablespoons I've just plain water
    hit up the right way for about 30 seconds to make like a simple shuster
    that's really really easy to make I six-inch wouldn't take whatever
    four-inch just a cardboard cake board you don't want that sent aboard to be
    homogenized by 2k getting so horny think indicate in with the for anything
    so first I wanna line out teams so I just a criminal circles but on the base
    the team's he just got a base they trace around the bottom of your container uses
    to cut that will settle a white paper out giving you the perfect five faculty
    evenly covered by
    your painting one Sun I use quite loud she did you know wax
    baking great proof paper doesn't really have some I like to faultline
    into three this gives them a lot more stability and they're quite
    toll quite high so I wrapped around my hands to form a cabinet
    call %ah and I'm just gonna sleep that's right inside the cake tin
    this case never really told extended hot
    on Mike 18th I'm not diminished three-inches' of the actual cake tin
    we can but that take up to four inches if we want what cakes in the line you
    want to fill the
    not feeling the almost all the way to the edge about cake tin
    letting the wax paper allow for the ride if the cake
    I also do you have to cut a second 6 importance tackle and sit on top of the
    which is actually help the cake to rise really evenly in stay flat on top
    and stop it from cracking on top publishers of in a moderate oven and
    cook them
    until a spring back when touched in the mail coming back never wanna take that
    top circle wax paper
    you can see I'm nice and flat that cake is on top so what
    allowed to cool in the pan for about 15 minutes and I just drag out the wax
    technically that wasn't the case at forty should just be averted it out
    peel off the bay wax paper what you've got
    really knife need relatively small square edged K
    I'm off to the side to completely cool down now you take your cardboard cake
    for I'm is just a tea towel something so that I'm not kissing my bench
    you what do your parents is is not shop pointed scissors shop pointed not
    and very very carefully make a small hall in the center
    it doesn't have to be dead than to be close as you can get it is quite I'm
    just wish to my sis's
    this is why we use the comp aborted not a wooden board and is making a hole that
    big enough for that balloon stick to fit straight through this is gonna get back
    take stability and structure
    now you take them on that note the dark chocolate espiritu generous taste
    on that wouldn't
    baseball stick
    lustig cop upside down into that chocolate and that's effectively to glue
    it to the bottom of the board
    you want to leave to complete the set and then you wanna grab a little pockets
    car really Nate call on all empty evidence that you can ate them or use
    them for decoration
    and then wanna stuff your empty Eminem's pocket full of cotton ball buds
    lutece it makes it really not a lot but still makes it appear to be full
    you doing is taking his dick straight in the eye and the cotton balls or she can
    hope to hold the stick
    in place on the M&M czar want to chop it feels that on that plastic brought you
    up in a bit more chocolate onto your plastic ballistic
    you just wanna slotted take a moment to check that boy
    UK a sloppy smaller than the cake boards resting on
    if not you may need to trim down just to make sure they fit
    within the confines of the cable using a threat not
    you want to trim the top of your bottom Tia
    making just not I'm flattered even then your chin up bar in TN hockenberry
    delicious frosting in between eighteen
    I liked time I K as a German always fun to give me and Nate Adcock
    animal even cut repeat the process but the top I and you want to line them up
    side by side and trim that so it's pretty well the exact same height as the
    on my he cannot even results you can happen again
    brush it with them about their 33 rushing it was there because they're
    gonna keep cake moist and stop it from drying out
    you use in your office actually gonna give a nice generous
    turning up at a cream frosting in the center but I'm shoot it here because
    there's gonna be a lot of frosting on this day
    but different content to be quite sway once you get started you wanna lift it
    anyone roughly century on that balloon stick Paul
    before sliding it down straight onto your six-inch
    board you do a little bit of leeway it's not exactly centered just
    move it around try to make sure that they ages of overlapping
    the cake porn on the net butter cake that process I get this error:
    again with the buttercream frosting I'm gonna stick a second bite down on top of
    that ballistic
    to add to the support structure for the skate world add some
    wooden skewers to go along with that Intel cake board and the Apple instead
    somebody's fault wooden skewers I'm just gonna push them down into the cake to
    get the rough measure
    and anyone who uses just to cut them off to size as with any time you make a tee
    and cake they will generally have supported them
    K ford's wouldn't doubt and now cases balloon stick
    while the balloon stick are non-toxic they also I'm non-edible so with the
    decorated is your responsibility to make sure
    if you drop in this cake of your informing the venue that there are non
    edible complainant in May
    I'm making sure that they were made for the cake is set
    slot don't have food cake what down over that balloons day
    and I can repeat the process up spirit and buttercream frosting and thrombotic
    to small Alliance K now fact
    on the turntable just 80s we can be given a really nice
    in crime car suddenly Mohammed Badie creeping on
    scrape off any excess body recommend keeping about a claim in a separate bowl
    for love crumbs another rubbish you know when to use this in your final cars
    so if you can pick up car the entire cake enough cream frosting
    and now I'm just all around my house that bachelor I'm really
    writing back and the evening of those edges at the same time

    relatively make you wanna pop okay off into the freezer for about half an
    hour to an hour
    to let that go to create quite completely that they get nice and fat
    when you take the free they can take yet more butter cream frosting
    I'm using offset spatula to apply a second car on top
    crumb cake you know going to pick up any crumbs all this company of breaking into
    the base of the first things he shouldn't really nice
    what car on top once you and your first thank you once again won a school-record
    back and you want to make sure that you get it is needed possible so I is the
    offset bachelor again
    just a really school right back beside and the more
    you can scrape in one long sweeping motion
    as you can with the cake turntable the near about going to pay
    you also want to take the time to try and just mean that those corners and
    but your body cream frosting card he did not have to be perfect if they're gonna
    at condominiums on the cake but if it's not perfect it's gonna be at the back
    and no you get into it with UK frosted you want to take your presentation K
    more than just a little doll the mouth adopt chocolate and what is not
    just glue the cake onto the board no I didn't put the cake all the way the
    center of the board actually left quite a bit more space
    at the front of the cake Eminem's to go down to the port
    I'm gonna stop by hi evidence that balloons did you the little bit that
    melted dark chocolate
    do like one little liar them down the bottom
    I'm gonna come into play evidence to the front so I found it atheist with by
    had placed them rather than to stick them all on in one huge jumble
    for some reason heart time blue M&M than a packet
    how much I just ignore the handful I felt like I just had way too many brand
    third lines down the edges up where are my M&M bill to fall
    and I feel demeaned credit trying to make sure that it looks a bit random but
    I'm getting a really nice assortment
    Eminem colors chevy blazer still in my ball
    once you've got your I guess your bf Eminem's coming down the K
    good lustig any just wanna another three or four
    imminent I'm doing this few time because
    if you try to put all new Eminem up to balloon stick the mouth the choppers
    just gonna slide down the PowerBook par-
    know anything about it that such a playa not
    in Chi about a cream frosting got a little bit of a blog at the front of my
    cake board
    this is gonna be by Eminem the feeling all the way down to the cake for
    almost so far they coming of the cake board
    in between a little sections a place in Yemen ames on the presentation board
    on I just loved it is one section and then only go do for five more Eminem
    that the balloon stick
    because those bottom ones will have tried this helps you kind of faith that
    your time a little bit evenly
    a little bit more about a cream frosting down onto the ball and another little
    mountain or fallen Eminem
    and you saw her pick up for a second to your entire stick is covered
    and you're happy with the spread of the names that you've got all over your
    if you love this video make sure you have it my channel my particular should
    and if you're not already subscribed hit the subscribe button we have like
    several times a week
    ton of stuff to do with cakes cupcake baking chocolate
    all things this way you can adapt escape from Eminem's cake to the skills came to
    a Maltese
    K the basic principle is your state completely play with a make-your-own
    to talk to Eminem's wrap a nap it is as simple as just
    waging its track down on CNN's State CNN's dick sticking into that cotton
    inside now discontinued be more about the dark chocolate
    you have a little bit of a gap I'm just gonna feel in any little gap between the
    packet and the ballistic
    with the final couplet Eminem's you want to make sure that you cannot see any
    all you can say is the packet looking like the Eminem I just following
    straight down from
    I'll to dress the back of my cake with just a couple up a little tiny
    gathered Paul the demonym the back didn't look to play anybody looking in
    the back
    K is not going to be disappointed they've missed out on a minute
    it does have a few evidence to everything K
    because if you happen to be serving it take to get to sing all the Eminem's at
    the front
    I may miss out on Eminem's because they've got a tax loss they might be a
    little disappointed
    I gotta love this tutorial I've thoroughly enjoyed making it
    K is gorgeous but also relatively simple to make
    if you loved it makes you even thumbs up leave me a comment down below
    II love to be given a share as always thanks very much for tuning in tonight
    do *** *** How to Cover a Round Cake with Fondant - YouTube !!! English English
    hi I'm Beth Somers from the Wilton Test Kitchen and I want to show you how
    easy it is to cover a round cake with rolled fondant
    I have my round cake all set up here ready to go
    it's on a
    inch cake board and I have an
    base that's
    at least 2 inches larger than your cake and as you can see
    it's very level all the way around that's the first thing that you need to know
    because then we can ice it very nice and level
    so I have buttercream icing here at a thin consistency which is the perfect
    consistency for icing a cake and you're going to spread it onto the cake just like
    you would
    if you were just icing it normally leaving it as a buttercream
    iced cake you want to make sure that you get it as even
    as you can it doesn't have to be perfect at this point but as even as you can
    because the more even it is the more even your fondant will be
    over it so I'm using my
    angled spatula here and making sure my top is nice and flat
    and I have a normal coating of icing here
    a normal amount so if you prefer a quarter inch a half an inch
    that's what you should do: okay so that looks good because it's nice
    and flat now I'm just going to move to my sides once you have your cake
    iced the next thing to do is measure the top and the sides because that's how
    you're gonna figure out how large of a piece of fondant you need to roll
    measure the height of the cake multiply that by two
    and then at the diameter my cake is just about four and a half inches tall
    and eight-inches' across so that's how I know how big I need to get
    now you're going to take your fondant out
    and begin to knead it
    you need to knead until its pliable before you start rolling
    and the new decorator preferred fondant as much softer
    so it actually goes very quickly that's really all I need to do.
    simply roll it out most projects will tell you to roll to about an
    of an inch
    thickness and I'm using my
    Roll-N-Cut mat here as you can see if you're just doing this straight on the
    countertop you might want to put some corn starch or confectioners sugar
    underneath the fondant to prevent it from sticking you can also if you like
    pick it up
    and move it like I'm doing once in a while so that it doesn't stick
    kind of like pie-dough like that you want to make sure that you're always rolling
    from the center
    outwards and never fully over the edge of the fondant
    so that it remains consistent all the way across
    and again we're going for an
    of an inch thickness it's better to start with a circle
    because it's easier to finish with a circle if you start with something
    that's really misshapen it's harder to get it there
    now I'm just going to cut the fondant to the
    size that I need eight inches by four and a half inches
    I'm going to need about a
    inch circle after you get your fondant cut
    to the size that you need rolled out and cut going to want to make sure that your
    cake is ready before that because the fondant
    will go on right away you can't let it sit
    out too too long or it starts to dry out so what I've done I've just loosely
    folded the fondant
    over my rolling pin once just like that and what I'm going to do
    is start at about an inch
    away from me so that the fondant in the back
    is touching the base and gently roll my rolling pin
    out like that so that the fondant will drape all the way over the cake
    now you can see it's draping nicely and it's covering completely
    and from here we're going to use a combination of our hands and the fondant
    smoother tool
    to gently adhere the fondant to the icing underneath
    and then start pulling the fondant
    away from the cake as you use your hand
    to slide down it to get rid of any
    creases so always pulling down away and down
    from the cake as I go so that the creases actually come
    past the edge of the cake so that they're on the cake board itself
    as opposed to on the side of the cake that's the trick
    just to continue pulling and smoothing down
    and this fondant is really stretchy decorator preferred fondant works
    really nicely it also drapes really nicely over the cake so it's very very
    easy to do this cover rotate the cake as you go
    so that you're always able to see the part that you're working on
    and just going all the way around pulling it out and smoothing it down
    don't worry if you have a a few little lumps we're going to go back with the
    at the and after everything is adhered
    so I've gotten almost all the way around and here a lot of people have problems
    this is the tricky bit
    it's adhered on both sides and then there's this flap it's okay just pull it
    out one more time you're going to loosen it a little bit on
    either side there from where it was attached and just pull it
    again a little bit more so that all of that draping comes
    to the bottom of the cake and then over
    onto the cake board itself see there's a pleat here
    but there's nothing here so now what we want to do is take our smoother
    and go all along the top and the sides to get a nice
    clean finish and you're going to go all the way to the
    cake board here to create a nice
    tight adhered fondant
    if you get the bubbles in your fondant you can use a pin
    to insert a pin at an angle very gently
    to release the air and then just smooth back over it
    that'll happen once in a while and then I'm going to use my fondant
    trimmer here to very
    carefully go around the cake
    I have one little seam there so I'm just going to go back
    and resmooth it out get rid of it
    I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and cutaway
    the excess fondant as close as you can to where the cake
    meets the board
    again making sure to turn the cake as you do this so that you can always see
    where you're cutting
    and I like to do it in smaller portions rather than go all the way around in one
    big strip because sometimes the fondant
    might stretch you don't want that to happen
    so tiny little strips is my preference
    and there we go all the extra fondant is off of the cake and just one more time we're
    going to go around
    if you have any buttercream on your board I have a little bit wipe it up before
    you do your final smooth so that you don't get anything
    on the side of your fondant
    so one final smooth just like that
    and there you go that is how you cover a round cake with fondant *** *** Square Checkerboard MINECRAFT Cake! How to Make a Surprise Inside Checker Board Cake - YouTube !!!
    happened well
    hi guys Italy for my cupcake addiction and I'm so excited about today's K
    I've got it under me i three something else minecraft so although I got
    minecraft cupcake
    about Minecraft fondant toppers today I thought I'd do and
    often over the top minecraft graft blockade I know you probably figure out
    blockade done before but have you seen it done
    with a Minecraft patton checkerboard inside
    when you come to
    take it actually looks like the minecraft pixel
    done in all different shapes and graham Brown I'm super excited to say that
    how this technique to change it let's get started the things that you need for
    today's tutorial
    I pick them up at the Papa buttercream frosting in grain and also some about
    chocolate can mash
    I will erase links to both those in the Description box black I will pick up
    some crushed REO cookie
    I couldn't offset spatula and a bread knife a really sharp knife and a regular
    after the thought of going to
    in skateboard I just printed like a little
    minecraft logo on a sticky label on labeling to that one in the Description
    box below
    we can just find a ride i'm ok I got them a little minecraft fondant toppers
    which I showed you how to make it earlier tutorial this way
    I'll even think about topper tutorial in the Description box below otherwise you
    can always use store bought minecraft toy
    have a look at a disposable piping bag which I'm pairing with a graph
    piping tip today for the 8-inch cake today I B is the equivalent
    have to pack it mixes a chocolate cake mix and three pack it makes the vanilla
    see you on any cake mix but it gonna depend on the sides of the cake you
    wanna make it to how much
    I wouldn't 8 inch cake tin and I've got
    love baking paper or grease proof paper than anything to line at
    act that is that ok with you when your oven preheating but we can't make up
    this chocolate cake mix are you
    to have my chocolate packet cake mixes but like I said you can also use a
    double back to your favorite recipe
    I'm gonna add all the ingredients that we need to make it I'm not gonna make my
    vanilla just yet
    online my cake tin using that baking paper
    and I'm not align it with I cannot hide call all the way around the edges
    I'm also put a square in the back this thing to disagree fit in and make the
    really easy to get out I'm gonna scooping about a back channel haha stop
    at two-thirds of that makes I but that double batch

    gonna spread it out feeling about high of it in half hi how
    pump it up into the oven to cook you want to wait to that both cake is cooked
    before making up just a single back to that vanilla cake mix I couldn't make
    the cake mixes up
    as I car because you don't want your cake mix sitting on the bench for two or
    three hours
    while all the other sections of cake cook some is gonna make it
    have been a
    and then scooping about two-thirds that single Manila Kate make
    in without chocolate cake mix this is gonna take that chocolate cake mix too
    like a lot a brown lot chocolate cake make
    which is gonna give it that variation in color graduated from Brown de minecraft
    they didn't make that sir and then once again you wanna line etc

    we're gonna skip all that makes jet into the cake tin and pop it off into the
    for me homicide
    talk about
    minutes to buy so that is a fair bit of baking time
    and you can bake these in advance to save yourself some time on the debt

    brown where the bank you can make up the rest to be a vanilla cake make
    and splitting that the in half to go in even a man into both
    I'm gonna had a little green food coloring to make your life a green last
    once again relining might in with that baking paper that great free paper
    I think I've Alisha green lion of meat out on top
    ready to bake want that one thank you wanna have about double the amount of
    the fake currency for tonight dock cradle I have and you want to be quite
    dark and you really want me to bring them have
    a nice man a variation in college so that you can really tell
    gone to the trouble love making those four different color got into TN
    pop it into the oven and finally abating you've done you wanna let
    all for both let completely cool it will make them a little bit more dense steady
    and ATT cop
    Department the preview for half an hour five points to having
    the first thing I want to do when I'm calming my cake if take of the top
    typical lowest cake for me this is my like grain and comp away the top than
    anything I've crispy edges he can getting into even as possible
    because I know that my lowest hey can I want people to be me maybe even
    I'm not gonna take my neck flowers cake which was my lighter brown
    I'm gonna come a bit in front in fact green cake so that I can mention getting
    exactly the same hot repeat that with your doctor green and also with your
    doctor brown
    I think the fact that for quite some time each other in getting nice and
    even if you can I'm using my bread knife and I love a bread knife is going to
    give you a really nice thorn action
    and I'm just coming down all for the side so that I thought I really
    nice shop edged QK I don't have any gas
    Anna any variation in the Layers they all
    exactly the same size now are at the right time to put on you majoring in
    mathematics kinda had both the fray don't delay them live in a
    and then you want to divide them I use Bluetooth pics here just to make similar
    indentations I'm actually gonna put in 8 toothpicks because I want mine to cross
    8 like because the Canadian skagit getting briefly every dish but don't
    forget we've trimmed or something I thought that might be slightly less
    I've been using a rule at best once you've got your I
    to keep it going along one side and down the other side
    just use them as the guiding news that really shot not to cut in along the
    it doesn't matter if they do not perfect but the nation you can get them to beddy
    going to look see him coming out a full square and what you gonna end up with if
    like four different sized squared with in your checkerboard cake
    when I can't be that the fender Squire actually make like a double pixel in the
    center of the cake
    which I didn't love Star I think about to make a cake again I would actually
    cut that
    sent %uh square in
    individual little cubes
    and fifty mean in alternating pattern you want to repeat this site you want to
    use your little tape it guide
    anyone to cut out the exact same for shaped I love
    all for the Alliance this is probably the Phillies pod you doing reading
    really gentle as you picking up the final pieces
    energy moving them around because you don't want to risk breaking any a little
    square pieces want to cut all the lies you wanna take somebody chocolate can
    match them on really not
    influence of the other started that public back into the mic wave C you
    cannot flow international work with
    I'm def going on line the inside of my top grain I'm gonna pop in the smaller
    love my light brown once again lining the inside but can after going to help
    all about peace a stick together
    and then I'm gonna go in my life great in and were paid the price is again and
    put in
    that small %ah Doc Brown square so active end of all this you should have
    four cases that each have one piece each color
    now I'm using my bread knife just a cop away the very top to make sure
    all of them liars a feature both
    I'm knife and even on top
    for his next fight it paid to have other relaunched great maybe you can also use
    just like a piece of cardboard something quite live
    you can use to pick up your cake so go make a poor I'm playing tennis
    near can ask to stick my cake and anything that cake
    scraper to actually pick up that whole page as one
    level in the center of the port taking a bit more back in NASH
    and don't go too thick with your life here because you don't like a national
    i meeting of that factually just evenly spread it all the way to the edges
    you think that little cake scraper again we gonna pick up an ICT liar
    so you want to make sure that your outer layer alternating so if you've got a
    on the out front where the bottom left the next player should have a grain
    the next player should have brown on the outside and in love should have great
    this is gonna make sure that you get that really not alternation of power
    once again you want to add another layer Nash another layer cake
    I've seen it on up circular checkerboard cake done
    but I haven't seen a lot of the square checkerboard cake there's not a lot of
    information about themselves
    are really had to work this out for myself either I'm showing you
    I thought maybe you haven't seen before i do last layer cake
    and a final layer can ash an actual minecraft checkerboard
    in 5k stacked and ready now you take a national just gonna
    me that onto the scientific a don't worry if this is not
    absolutely perfect could defeat after all grasp okay
    so there's a lot of room for error but you do want your edges to be a shop as
    the right beside their bit rough but do try to keep both corners
    are at the click of a boring beat down all the banking on attacking now we can
    get decorating
    so I'm just using my hands justice me 30 REO crumb
    all the way up on spec in ash which is getting a bit like the base if the grass
    block that kind of the duet
    underneath the grass block block you want me to all the way up but you don't
    want that
    Oreo cookie car across the top of the cake you really just one of those four
    character building a big brown at the moment but your Minecraft cake should
    look something like this:
    know you take your grain buttercream frosting I'm using my offset spatula
    justice spread really thinly on top of the cake
    much bigger I V
    entity it doesn't have to be perfect you want to take some more
    that grain buttercream frosting and Papa into disposable piping bag we factor of
    piping tip
    the graph I think it's going to be my somebody tell we're going to be okay
    the really I'm just dragging and lifting and letting the frosting squeeze out a
    little groff whole
    all the way around the edge to the top of the cake now you want to make it look
    like the Minecraft block by bringing both grower
    strength all the way down the sides you might find you have a little bit of
    trouble with the graph
    and the frosting sticking to the side that article because the area could give
    quite dry
    so i cant easiest to take my knife and just sneer on a little bit
    a cream frosting where you want the graph to guard before you attempt to
    actually attach the grass trends which a parking ticket
    this is give them something to stick to it kinda flattened down the Aria could
    be done in a
    you get there around the edges have my cake you don't want to be perfectly even
    you kinda wanted
    be hanging down in areas MB 13% lower and higher thought looked a bit messy
    file you can position your little fun in oil little toy figurines on top so I
    went with Steve
    I did creep and I did a couple the little TNT blocks
    and once you've got them position you should grasp piping to begin to give
    them like a little bit oval aircraft around the outside
    this tough to think that gives it a little bit more definition bring them
    into the K
    but it also helps to secure them in place that they don't fall over
    particularly that crater and the thief because they're quite tall
    that in basically how you make your Minecraft checkerboard in five you can't
    do this K
    most to the work goes into getting that amazing design inside but
    so totally worth it when you actually cut into this cake
    definition of I'm taking my little sticky label minecraft sticking it
    straight and onto that black cape or
    and that cake is completely regard I would love to hear your feedback on this
    guy I'd love to hear you guys are enjoying the surprising inside cake
    and you can see here when that cake with cut anything absolutely gorgeous
    and everybody get a look at it and just wonder how you got so many different
    colored check it
    inside that cake make sure to check out my minecraft fun
    figurine topic and also my minecraft cupcake if you're a little bit minecraft
    Matt or planning a Minecraft parody
    I don't know if thanks very much for tuning in to my connection
    ok *** *** How To Make A WALKING DEAD BRAIN... cake! Red velvet cake, fondant and raspberry jam! - YouTube !!!
    welcome back to had a cake it I'm feeling a little under the weather today
    so bear with me
    the Walking Dead premiere is a few days away and how long is round the corner so
    I thought I've got a cake
    ultimate I certainly feel really hungry I wanna call Kevin McCallum Kevin base
    of this human bring kiki is red velvet cake batter than a portent she would
    eight inch round full
    get that don't she but this whole day has been off for me because I forgot to
    turn my other than
    I love you so all of the red velvet batter in the pan and
    it looked so once my cake is cooled I just carved away all that extra matter
    that looks really creepy and then i turn my cake out of the pool and began to
    carve so just hit hard with the sides to get it a little bit thinner and then I
    carved away just a little curved underneath the brain
    and I carved out this little crease between the brain hemispheres I'm really
    looking to just create a base shape for my brain because most of the shape and
    the detail is going to come from the funding that I lay on afterwards
    wasn't happy with the basic shape of my brain case I sprayed with simple syrups
    and give it an ice cream coat with my Italian meringue buttercream and then I
    put my brain cake in the fridge to chill guys ready to touch of my lips to you I
    feel really dry now the microcode is chill and I Swiss cake one more time I
    don't have to be as particular as I usually am what I need is for the
    buttercream to help my fund it
    time to prepare flesh colored actually pre died from fondant with burden the
    golden yellow and a little bit of black shelf color I better on my flesh colored
    fun into tubes so I can recreate this rainy I don't we wanted to try out some
    new role a few tubes at a time
    about four to six inches in length and just picking up all the phone off
    rolling it and to choose and then applying them to the brain and starting
    again and doing this completely free and I don't think two brains look exactly
    alike so I'm just going to go for it
    always weird research something like this was you feel like you're not doing
    it right as you lean it's such a small piece but the more I added the more
    confident my God to keep going
    lower quadrant and I covered that and to bring upside down it's really cool
    because I love my head of brain doesn't really have any flood services at all so
    I didn't want like he glad I added 12 along the bottom all the way around and
    then even at the front of the brain at the bottom and that's how I began I
    really wanted to keep the definition between the two and then not because
    it's not perfectly symmetrical I wanted to keep this definition clear so I put a
    ruler in between so that when I added the funded the other side it wouldn't
    touch and stick to the fondant I had already
    of my flesh colored I knew I wouldn't see the whole service is my brain is
    gonna be so I wanna just recreate he sort of soft rounded shapes you see here
    so I rolled two bowls of fun and Latin America bit to fit under my brain and
    then I used to love from my medical kit rather than a sculpting tool and I just
    made these lines just like you know the cerebellum lines when I'm happy with my
    cerebellum and it's looking go ahead and place that my cake stand first and then
    add a little more fun for support before putting my bring cake on top of time to
    get my brain cake in place I carefully lifted up and make sure that the back of
    my brain is even with the cerebellum underneath they just don't care of the
    few more details I'm gonna use one of my trusted medical tool to further indent
    the little sort of herbs and all the little corners and
    toral you interpret really you know the brain to release you know I really
    should have learned my brain terminology before doing this video but to be honest
    googling human brain just open so I really want this brain tumor voice and
    fresh items I am seedless raspberry jim is just Russia on all over my breen
    getting into every little corner every little nook and cranny every curve and
    especially developing a ton of gym in the middle between the two years or
    something like that
    this cake look like a bring its actually kinda scaring me but *** *** How to ganache your cake for fondant sharp edges - YouTube !!!
    hi one man's woman acted I have my
    so unusual
    see you on from his mind astoria how much real questions I lost my
    talking shop ages now I can act like i text me
    play masses and I seventy shock ages the EU funded
    get an ash price an armed with a white
    having shot be justified on not neces-
    K and since Oct one breath dry and once it's dry
    I'll have a pond somehow I have time I saw pages
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    really I have stopped few me kinda
    bombs Islamist I'm on data hands down
    reason nike I am the worst missus
    in S in history I'm it's the city anyway
    sigh childlike
    me I am thank you once I'm us
    tonight I always thought my videos and a high degree
    multi okay time techno K
    iraq's Phyllis money
    state East top s now I use
    to hot chocolate one hot crane
    and I still on
    Pawlenty sure increments black
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    then you might like break an all-class
    names Boyle
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    that on the ball now
    president you thanks I East the square
    E he's going to get
    between K wat K
    looks like here just me Treme
    you don't
    him at all she don't practices Baptist Church
    mixed ms given all this crap
    my louisiana lot
    cakewalk help
    next meal high into the net
    now to stop sliding around nitty-gritty Minister say
    Michael quicker some
    saying now I'll take a small
    paints right now we'll ask mom Julie mom likes this
    you know I see resort back to the small one much people like me
    times pipe
    economy him back music he texted precise
    against tyson Nash task lists on having on
    to start with never see each crimes
    you can see yes lying I
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    Chris this time why things wanted
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    bpm fast the East I
    sir in the streets in the sale
    yes okay swimsuit
    be you just cry cry and add more
    Nash and studies that feeling you now
    now last night
    she dies down there now import sold
    all since here Minister
    Paul now technical
    now United mongol
    he deegaanka I want treaties obviously our
    you doing on costly and 80s my seat on many happy hours actually I'm hating
    arm candy hiking maybe even think run from tyson may say
    politically plus me and Chris that on teal
    all in Howell
    damn might actually holding down fat anti-abortion died
    scheme .de fact that
    pushed onto workshop
    pussy damn hit
    me square
    County nicest person here
    an awesome not on cities got back
    and again beginning
    princely ruler to see past
    says two of the same way not touching
    sky for Indian law just
    push it down
    tall school so
    months literally
    did not see the proxy home still be that Britain

    minutes silent on the crisis in
    SLE ass in my mom's I'm that
    him stop sign clean reached three minutes
    itself would be and I'm and they wanted
    run the final the online
    okay so athletic career denying
    it's very happy not to use the critique d
    when you doing to ness on here and has mine is lean on options
    Ruiz they will cost me I thought she had she had cya
    not mine solutions online to see some kind John
    and I think not crops up invested classy
    creamy shapes are just coming to settles
    and his then
    just tell could tell
    class to mass
    not time I must sleep he's out for the top

    either going on
    little chocolate but we are gonna pussy
    onto the toothless in a minute investment bank is clear
    thanks Lee s leading me the nice trips
    to stop now gone
    his knife prices for all not support it but damn
    this K
    is that okay
    him sign him brighter
    strength from time the second Nash iraq's
    the time holding a and pussy
    damn Indonesian
    you know p
    just see intensely
    do need to be fast is the best in the
    position for to goodness years
    yes this is why
    might have admitted she say I
    to the way yet
    masthead at: net might need help miss okay
    now back into the streets OKC
    taking UK preaches shield time now
    going to peel
    our St nice
    middle sis
    on place like home what are your plans to use
    and polices a few
    eight-ounce cases Olander is not the only not
    designed and yuri not come
    yes get some homes
    John induces now is immensely
    dripping whole person thanks
    both first my
    say my three different myspace
    I yardage he saw one
    am begin on my summer camp isn't he down on
    one who would site doesn't make it see ok
    ED a kind on how to skip my
    pass this say
    use snowman goodness
    to he
    feeling cracks yes she's really
    this is really important the society
    deke peace all our if you use your slayer
    quivering equipment you're using the
    he can russian-born
    night this legend were have hi
    month wanna the kind down
    thinking right now get same
    market by said
    see working away any
    very last
    very nice year nineteen months my sis not stop resisting
    Scotland's hinsons that
    don't have any star homes yeah
    spinoff wanted to use
    that UK I'm
    jumper from invite hank K
    Mitt Romney
    Riesling difference United
    for this is on there I'm in again I'm going to
    the sea this is the
    try not to
    push hmm
    trust status of the early nineties
    leah is up square don't
    taking all the slim
    came to simply

    source like this we know it
    is clear and making me it was something I d
    in a meal yes a
    or more say
    cases with the system
    get it back on take your
    okay tomorrow cost-effective reach have thought to me three times
    test Sheetal okay
    take care returns to you and very few
    vacuo from
    plastic sheet kind

    done change
    how want to take a plastic sheet
    nata night texting touchy by city should be
    that southeast an office in the current
    arm I'm sure to cover it and
    get nine reach you're in the company analyzing in
    and one sister
    hours into in a really hard shell
    anesthesia faces deal choppy
    you want *** *** NO-Bake CANDY Cake! The easiest 4 tier Birthday Cake you'll EVER MAKE! - YouTube !!!
    hi guys
    Italy my pic addiction on today that the third I'm going to show you how to make
    are really simple really quick nobec can decay
    where you can take your favorite candy antenna into the
    K let's get started so the bases
    you can make a good going to be these guys these apricot
    round polystyrene all-star friend cake dummies available at my
    cake decorating shops they're basically like a fake
    cake and I went with a 4-inch a pic tinged and AT&T and attendance for this
    you guys can decide how many layers you want just make sure the bentley
    two-inches' differentiation in thise see but not for him for all that candy
    America want to take I'm also using just a knife in a spirit and of course I've
    got a myriad
    OVC anything when you're choosing a can you can see that have gone for like
    think that a prepackaged in flats that have large boxes could you need less if
    it to go around
    you can choose whatever can do you like and I will leave detailed above the
    and the type of candy that I used in the Description box below I'm but with
    lithium action at
    need out for marshmallow right
    here often eat some melted what chocolate today
    you also anything to present your cake on so I'm just using a regular cake
    board which have covered in a little bit of pink glitter
    scrapbooking paper just by cutting it to five in glowing it down
    a little bit of white chocolate now on the board and then you just wanna stop
    your tears have cake and you just pennies white chocolate in between
    hiii is to stack them so what you should I'm not with is a knife tower
    love straight polystyrene block on some sort of a separate the cake bought a
    cake stand are playing
    starting with the bottom land use like a big a candy he could it's gonna be wanna
    be a big alliance just take it food also
    about melted white chocolate he told me too much pop it on the back
    and use it just to stand candy out touching that polystyrene
    make sure you get a bunt a different color than flavor theater really nice
    and bright colorful candy feeling your cake
    not direct entity it to you glue to stick on any good
    and the elements when you wouldn't believe star in the blue actually eat
    into the police sorry
    and you can you just gonna fall off fifty that white chocolate centerville
    edible glue alternative meeting on accion next largest last time you use
    one mile I check and again I don't leave cool don't really
    gummy keith is and once again a bit a white chocolate on the back and I'm just
    finishing them
    all the way around that second-tier for my next class
    I used bad that I love them cuz the different colors on each side so I kinda
    alternated I did the green and blue side
    and then I showed the pink and orange thought other red and orange time
    and just stop them alternating around that connect
    layout of the cake this white chocolate take a little while to fit on these
    polystyrene cuz they not call so once you stop them all on you can kinda just
    use your hands to position information I really even in nicely stuck to the side
    now typically buying your candy I recommend taking you out he is a
    and actually testing it out in the store I went way overboard in my head because
    I didn't realize exactly how much I was going to make
    and ended up needing Follis than I thought not be in the world I can just
    eat it later
    Taliban extra hot track cake I've got a couple a little
    rainbow lollipop to pop in the top to put these on before you add the candy
    ran outside
    your top tier K and this cake actually a portion
    a extravaganza KK making for one of my best friends if you want to say
    what I end up doing that I will be posting pictures on my cupcake addiction
    Instagram later this month
    for the very top tier now I'm deceiving fellow be little longer
    funded and I liked it because they're kinda flexible and you can rival at them
    a little bit
    Sunday hyper lappam and I mean use a rubber band here to hold the foreign
    place because their little bit less
    and then on that candy and it helped them wrapped knife in neatly around that
    polystyrene block
    now I've got a little gap at the top of my fads so I'm using
    a rove Twizzlers just a little bit a white chocolate around the back at
    and it just draped around the top a fad this is optional you do need to hold on
    to the for quite a while until that what chocolate
    set because otherwise they just gonna put a full x at a little bit an hour
    little bit more difficult to work with know it's funded think right for the top
    tier cuz they also create kinda like a little weller little kerkorian and I'm
    gonna fill my with little
    racked individual Jolly Rancher candy and then to
    feel I've anymore the white polystyrene I'm actually going to you
    marshmallow ropes start price: an immediate to actually blew you must
    Miller wrote together be four sticking them onto the cake
    so you want include end and with white chocolate
    to make one big long marshmallow right
    section so that I can play too tightly over the top
    at no rebate candy cake
    now bear in mind that all in the Kenny the popular marshmallow right
    and it with I completely pre-packaged there is no problem with them touching
    the polystyrene
    but you may wish to remove the wheeler and also the National Right
    prior to serving so that you don't risk having anybody accidentally pick up a
    pizza police star anyone in your candy by
    there's no need to work I have a service K he simply let your guests pop-up and
    grab a pizza candy as they wish
    I did rather enjoy this really unique take on a
    no baked a cake and as always thanks very much *** *** How to make a Homemade Cakeboard - YouTube !!!
    hello everyone this is my man and I wanted to share with you how to make
    wanna be's
    these are the homemade cake
    warrants that a make out a form core boards headed by
    from my local craft store michael's
    know this one that I've already made is
    inches in diameter
    and have already put I'm find it
    here and
    have also put me but on the side
    now what you're gonna need to make
    these key for its would be iPhone board
    you can buy from your local craft store now this
    and its
    seven-inch sick
    now to make a cake boy
    this take he would need three layers
    this foam core board I'm what you need to do is to trace
    your desired shape and size
    on the board you need area those and cut it
    you can use a cutter and as soon as I get this done
    her I'll be back and I'll show you my three circles
    KK to cut the
    the cake board I use desktop
    cutter to just it guess I control
    when it tracing the plane
    cross the line so in my experience they need to pass it so the first issue just
    trace it slowly and then when you're done
    the second part s to move
    the cake board I am on this case
    and beyond the
    and shove your table or counter and then
    use your cutter and kinda
    pope and the site until it goes through
    so it's gonna be easier at this point
    that is so hard is holding the camera like this so I apologize if it's making
    me dizzy
    but was once you do this it's gonna be easier for you to
    trace or cut
    the whole and cited the boy
    instead of going on making sporting that
    its gonna make this a the side of the border really and
    what's not small and can
    think the part but on your second passes can
    is going to be a lot easier and smoother said just gonna finish this up and
    officially that finished and circle state
    looking at here guys I have a3 circles that a
    already hi the next thing you need to do is to glue them together
    you get if i aint the smoothest
    and wait at least a decade
    together and you know they're used tacky glue
    or a spray adhesive to do that
    and that right now now I think
    a.m. for that purpose and why am showing you guys status because
    I wanted to give know you guys and alternate
    you don't what in making
    cake boards because it safe see you
    a couple bucks me explore

    inches would be close to
    bucks for
    pair I think yet for
    care he you were to
    up put find it here and put a ribbon on the side
    you can opt not
    to move by this special oil
    I am for the cake bars and just use regular
    and on employer but if he
    you're going to put the cake here and have therefore yelstin
    and then I would recommend getting
    that more sturdy kind of loyal or with
    the ones with design stuff just to make it until more presentable
    so now and then show you how to cover it
    with just regular and aluminum foil here probably get any
    chill you are funny two sheets
    a slow
    she pushed
    keep sorry you give us
    sry sis
    flattening out and as much as he could and
    the next thing you need to do is to well of course take the board
    to the foil and then cut undecideds
    a spoil
    re: scaling doesn't have you can use three
    whole cases perfect circle past
    by on before you spray that you guessed
    height by smile ships have a better nation
    hash apart
    I know that we've cut
    suicide into that now I an inch
    and a half straps to Mitch's
    mall lately: spray around
    concert hall that way
    weekend stake the side
    the slightest should occupy
    just either straps
    it's not going to be perfect perfect
    RHS gonna hopefully this anyway with I am
    watch and event steady start
    after you've done that I kinda flattened
    the side of the ball right by just
    pressing against small
    hair smooth it out
    all know at this point I'm pretty happy with it
    but you can find it stores looks pretty much similar
    to this and this
    is something that costs
    probably less than five dollars even less
    because for to two-horse race for the six dollars
    seeking a guess and a couple more because they're still
    I'm extra and again you can either covered
    where Friday and then he's our event or
    by the and
    stronger for oil and use it as yes
    and so I hope this simple
    tutorial will help those guys those movies
    and those who just want to save a couple bucks and decide
    if you want term shape or some size that you can't find a story it's not all of
    them are available
    you know whenever you go there so you could always consider this as your
    plan B no you have a couple boards
    I'm always available and that we can make it
    thank you so much guys and yes email me for questions
    and suggestions so please be kindly to sell
    anyway thank you so much and you have a great day but *** *** How to make a Standing Person Cake Topper - YouTube !!!
    hey everybody its live here again good to see you I have been around for a
    i havent I have been in the middle of I'm movin
    and my new kitchen itself also man and ready to you sir do trials
    so I have been on act like I don't know maybe a million times hit
    to do a saint Oporto re also I have haha since I
    here it is any topper tutorial and he may have
    I'm seen via Etsy I'm mind topper
    we've done and over here have a little see any
    Kyle and I'm going to show you how to do that not this one particular but just
    you know
    hat maker so that you can up I this information is your own
    hers eating use it for a guy poverty
    easier for a girl he did you like East I'll give me her
    wait maybe skirt so whois information well I
    translate well and you understand how to apply it so I show you my tools that you
    need to gather
    and gets a
    so the tools that your gonna need to do this and in proper
    and our sons cake pop sticks
    or lollipop sticks even get these at the cake store michael's joanne's have them
    even think walmart has them
    it's like paper flower pots 6 you're going to need some
    wire cutters to cut the the six an exacto knife
    a couple tools for modeling aren't these the ones that I use
    and this is the one that I used to shape the head and eye area
    this is the one that I used for the temples in there mouth area
    this is the one that I use to add details and make lines and
    put in the mouth and that kinda stuff so but whatever you feel like
    works for you will be fine many a little bit short me
    keep your fingers waste from sticking a little gun where or water
    come with a stylus and water next to get together it's good for going fine it
    and semi powdered sugar and then you're also going to need some bond
    so I have all my fun and over here
    I color-blind as I need it if in fact that I have leftover
    so this is this my alamat finance that I make
    you can see the recipe I'm I'll tutorials can of
    and effect color this thing for the pieces they need to feel like I've read
    Luke brown for the hair red for the shirt
    and I am get those ready and I met
    a teaspoon F Tyrus powder into
    I'm each chunk a finance I'm gonna make
    about and a half cup find out about that much
    a color and then add some kind of powder to make it stiff enough and I hope that
    you dry
    you can also use CNC powder and that's it
    that just makes it harder so abt let's start Korean are fine and get for it
    so that all my indifference or ever
    finance ready here I read
    and blue like a turquoise color I every black brown
    and some whites and I just wanted to save a quick
    if you're fine it's not smoothies and in it it's just needs to be heated up a
    little bit and needed
    and I always add another shortening to kind as a
    rehydrated just really pull it
    this has the tie was added to it so it's
    pretty anime firm unstable you know it can hold its own weight
    stand up like that doesn't drip over so
    I'm if your finest use of adult I Los
    Anna this is about half cup
    so you want to add a half teaspoon for something small like this
    I just started dip it in the time los container
    just out a little bit to it so you will take some practice to get the right
    that works for you for it should be cracking her
    have a rough texture just
    work this until it's nice and smooth
    and then for him all these thank you
    got fat well overcast they don't perhaps
    often if he's a Styrofoam
    to I'm work with your figures on this is like a
    kinda soft squishy star from the back of my packing place
    but any kind of air travel do even Mike floral phone that you get from Joann's
    that will work just fine an so
    for the only that to her support system listening to:
    is me the way
    CREE Q fees
    on top six going to get
    material and the first thing to do is kinda decide
    about how a
    call you once a person to be mine usually end up being about
    eat inches or so Tahoe
    you always make the legs am taller than you think
    so here
    makes delays about two-thirds of the person's height
    her torso shorter and that I was just looks better
    some just kinda throwing this out to you long skinny
    ruch and
    one-fifth the middle to be a little bit fatter
    that's where the police can't be this is going to be our gal
    so water lakes to be skinny
    cuz girls usually wear like tired jeans
    guys I hope so
    miss reno where skinny jeans yes
    K no offense to denounce
    so on I'm making this into a you she
    so that aspire to be the butt and this'll be the legs
    and just kind of making sure the thicknesses are about the same size
    and going to
    session campus feet that to be too sick
    cut that flat
    going to take my stick here
    in just thread it through one of the lakes
    and the way I'm just gonna hold this in my hand here
    and start the bottom into sir source
    putting firm pressure on the piece if I'm here and train guided up
    through the middle of the lake until it comes out
    top like that may do the same thing
    to the inside
    if this doesn't if you get this the first time don't stress
    just a you know start over
    trying to get so now we're just going to define where
    the sky and the lake area is going to be about halfway through
    and I also do like a little crease for the butt
    and I could have pushed down backed by
    area I'm
    pushed him back five area so that the but
    sticks out further
    to find where the year
    the caps are you don't have to do this part
    I just like to you just gives the
    legs a little bit more realism
    trying to find where the cancer and things
    usually flat now the bottom
    helps hopes that lay on top of the shoes little bit better
    she has something like
    looks like this click
    leads to find
    scum the same links
    up two goals in first are found to make sure
    at the legs are going to you fit in there okay
    you want than the stands then
    makes shoes I'm just being a little bit ago
    gum with right against them the bottom there I
    makes use crease simple
    just take a small pieces fun
    get into and she
    nicotine she and make
    mark for where the heel is going to be
    do the same thing to the Insight
    training issue since I S
    when she put these on front side
    Ste share
    and then are shooter polls already ready for some
    just like that Justin to the point where the shoes are touching
    and we're gonna let this dry we don't want to be messing around with this
    and trying to build up the body while its
    on while it's Wes and socks because
    will squish the lakes and we want the lakes not be shortened stock
    one thing I will do it's just I what's
    insert another another one of our popsicle sticks just right up into the
    torso area
    well this is still soft unity quite that
    on a little come here
    and isn't that right there
    then out the top here to start the beginnings of a waste
    this finds you
    on term of this extra
    cuz I don't need thing
    if you want to add details like winds on the side of the jeans
    are like crease lines
    for the FAC now's the time to do it
    someone like
    pock marks of all these little details on things just at two
    the finished product little zipper line maybe
    can define where the crotch is that fit
    let us try for a few hours or overnight
    right as always safest but if you're patient any craft I was in there
    if you are should be good for track finish the top part a first-inning
    okays our legs are all dry now
    nice and firm so nothing's gonna switch down and we're gonna go ahead
    our next where which is going to be the shirt
    saris take a piece if I meant work it
    so it's you know tyson
    soon if you have these little cracks in their
    this is just for me getting dry it out some this may take a little bit of
    shoreen just work that in there
    just gonna rehydrate are finding it
    okay so our legs are nice and firm gonna start
    making the shirt be
    and I've got
    bloom I'm going to use skin
    shaken see this nice well and is going to you
    whether just little bit of I've
    find it and sometimes pattern aka name is gonna at a little bit Alistair
    it's not a specific amount shouldn't have to kinda make the final feel little
    bit firmer
    hander had district where
    if you add too much you're fine it's gonna start cracking you need right out
    want that roll it into the sphere
    think that get all mines out
    and then flattened one-sided
    spring pressure between the palms that's kinda for body shape
    and then going to use my
    large fault for to
    make indentation where her body is going
    like this for for hips and stuff what her shirt to fit over that
    so we're going to user bolt for
    to make a nice big hollow shape inside the shirt
    so that it fits naturally over
    I feel a little dumb girl on her
    jeans so that
    its sticks all weekend just going to you
    sure even all the way around in
    pushing because she's a girl I want her to have a little bit of a feminine
    figure want her to have a little ways
    you're always kind of working from the bottom
    with figures he I wanna be working on stuff up here
    before you finish this stuff down here because then
    it's just gonna get all smashed down a mess that's you start at the bottom
    get that where you want to be and then work your way up to the top
    just give her a little blue vintage
    shaping with my fingers here
    Justin define just pushing towards
    push up towards up towards the center
    that guys to find to where I want it to be
    you want something to be pointy
    like a news for boo just
    push towards where you ever you want to find
    to go Nash got some moves and this is where her
    her shoulder is going to be her
    other shoulder
    just take as much time as you need and get her
    sheaf the way you want
    memories can use our fault holtz's flattened
    site to make a place for where her arms are going to attach *** *** Making a curvy board - YouTube !!! English (Canada) English (Canada)
    My sister saw something like this for sale on Etsy
    for a hundred and twenty dollars called a curvy board.
    And she asked if it was hard to make, just as a Christmas present for her kids.
    So, I took on the challenge.
    Now normally you do bent lamination’s like this
    with a bending form. And my experiment was to bend this without one.
    For the material I bought a big sheet of
    Baltic birch plywood. Which I'm cutting into strips here.
    So, I had originally tried just hooking the
    strap, straight onto the end of the boards.
    But, that didn't apply a lot of leverage towards the very end.
    And, so the curve I got wasn't very satisfying.
    I made these couple of blocks which kind of extend the board.
    And that, hopefully, will give me more leverage
    towards the end of it. See what kind of curve I'm gonna get this time.
    Well, it's still not circular. But, much closer
    to the circular curve that I drew before.
    So, I will only be gluing together three layers at a time.
    If this is a success, I will add the other three layers.
    Hah. We woodworkers aren't clamp collectors for nothing.
    So that's holding it's shape moderately well.
    I still need to add the other three layers.
    Oh my, this glue is already starting to dry on here.
    Man oh man. This is the biggest glue-up I've ever done.
    I'm skeptical as to whether this whole thing is actually going to come together.
    I got a center mark, right here.
    I'm just gonna force that aligned.
    So, you'll notice that it's straightening out a little bit as I do this and that's
    actually useful in a way.
    Because I will bend that curvature back on.
    I'm in the process of doing so.
    That forces the layers together.
    Let me explain that with the help of some literature.
    So, pretend that this book was a bent lamination.
    And, if I securely hold them on either end.
    As I increase the curvature
    that forces the pages to be pressed together
    because there's compression on the inside
    which pushes it outwards. And tension on the outside.
    Those layers have not contact as well as I'd hoped.
    So, some clamps are in order.
    Believe it or not, I still have clamps left over.
    So, let's see how much it springs back by.
    Well, not very much at all. That's good.
    With six layers, you don't get that much spring-back.
    So I've got a few spots on here. Right here.
    And here.
    Where, at least on the edge it didn't fully bond.
    Hopefully, it will still be ok.
    So, bent lamination’s like this are particularly vulnerable
    when you're trying to bend them straight because
    that pulls the laminates apart.
    So, let's see how this one does.
    Better than I thought it would.
    So, what to do with this? Well...
    I guess it's up to the kid's imagination.
    My nephews don't get to watch a lot of TV so...
    They have their imagination intact. *** *** How to Cover a Cake in Fondant | Wedding Cakes - YouTube !!! *** ***

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