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Cake tutorials

" " -Boar head cake tutorial , , -Boar, Pig cake tutorials Boar head cake tutorial how to make

Boar head cake tutorial how to make

    " " -Boar head cake tutorial , , -Boar, Pig cake tutorials

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    How to Make MARSHMALLOW FONDANT - The Best Fondant Recipe for Cakes and Cupcakes - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom) *** *** Крем под покрытие сахарной пастой (мастикой) - Украшение тортов с Натальей Фёдоровой - YouTube !!! Russian (Automatic Captions) Russian (Automatic Captions) *** *** how to make chocolate ganache for decorating cakes Part 1 of 3 Inspired by Michelle Cake Designs - YouTube !!! *** *** How to ganache your cake for fondant sharp edges - YouTube !!!
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    you want *** *** How To Steam A Fondant Cake - YouTube !!!
    why the hi everybody this is now
    and ironing with crazy locate are coming to you within an hour of Sun
    tutorial and tips on how to remove ugly
    cornstarch danes or sugar counter stains on your part in it
    sign on to you have cover case and fun and he is fine starch and sugar counter
    and I'm showing you and attendance cheered her that I just covered
    in black contents LRT added our
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    very easily get rid of this very very quickly
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    look around to see what you like this in our favorite and it's a little hand-held
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    think so all I'm doing here is just keeping my steamer
    completely strange as I seem
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    and they said
    katie is straight out of the refrigerator so it's nice and hold
    highly recommend making sure that your case are a little bit hold
    when you do this
    okay how to do the top of your cake
    I'm American you can't tilt your steamer so this is what I do is simply
    perhaps a cardboard or chrome are more and then you left this team
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    have any questions I hope this helps you I know we did get a lot of questions on
    how to steal a cake so
    there you go and thank you for being a subscriber
    and would love it if you guys to join us on Facebook and follow us
    are Instagram as now alright abolitionist take care
    bye bye guys *** *** Cake Decorating: Fun With Fondant - YouTube !!!
    them %uh
    on this is just a chocolate cake
    billion with them been all buttercream skills get more than I think I need
    that number one was deciding what I wanted to do
    what I wanted the finish product to look like make the most catches for something
    somethings is just
    pics ideas could just come from my head it is a creative expression I
    gets to bring out their creative side in me I am
    I get to play with the cake and actually
    make something beautiful and fun
    painted the cake in the walk-in for just a few minutes so what
    icing hardened my
    basically sugarpaste discredited sugar and
    person cornstarch and confirm in there and the only lived together in two years
    move pliable doe some acclaim for about
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    nothing too long I'm you don't melt it because I B
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    but just enough to come warm inside that much in here
    the touring what
    it is much easier to learn okay this year with buttercream
    cuz that's kinda the basic decorating styles
    and then the you can just have so much more fun with that your morning
    flexible on the shapes you can do then I had flavorings or colorings or anything
    that make it look prettier or case better completed almost
    you can do about anything with it on make little flowers let them dry
    for a few days and lung cancer
    we have an entire kingman
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    the first thing I ever made I definitely came from a box I didn't make it from
    bread mix it all up ahead with his electric beaters left it on the counter
    didn't unplug it
    and it fell to the floor and turn on and cake batter but going everywhere
    think it turned out great it was good but I'm
    a little met in the process but when she and the children ish cake then you can
    law department to about a quarter of an inch speck making sure that use a lot of
    cornstarch underneath so doesn't stick to the table or the rolling pin
    sometimes I just run my fingers around the edges just on
    can take on
    any sharp edges at the bottom has fallen
    fun at work here quite as easily
    picking up in placing an ovary have to work
    fairly fast pulling out the fun and swimming at dams
    leading illness
    I'm just coming off the balkan
    the extra fun and then on
    do the finish work
    once I move it to the turntable
    just cut off
    the extra
    and then it's making sure you get a
    older cakes are covered in fondant first before you start doing the decoration
    you get the best response from people from sugar
    from desert you make somebody you know at back
    a row stirs up they move in this is good thank you
    but if you make him a cake erred at a cookie or
    something sugary usually you get a little bit more response like Mike
    god this is great at and it a little bit more but you go boost
    yeah ok files is little whimsical style
    I enjoy making elegant cakes and beautiful cakes I also like to have
    something a little fun in there something
    a little different but it's not just the same looking
    cake that everybody is producing whether that's incorporating some fresh colors
    or for a little flowers and polka dots and stripes
    something I like to steered people towards choosing something a little bit
    more than
    the basic happen how I make people feel
    I do want the person to enjoy them from start to finish when they look at the
    cake I want them to be pleased about how it looks that presentation
    the colors that has to be visually pleasing and then
    that have to taste good too and I understand that it
    it's gonna be eaten and that's okay I
    I really enjoy what I'm doing
    and I'm you can't do anything else
    I'm I'm good *** ***