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-Butterfly Cupcakes tutorial -Animal cupcakes Butterfly Cupcakes tutorial how to make

Butterfly Cupcakes tutorial how to make

    -Butterfly Cupcakes tutorial -Animal cupcakes

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    How to cover a cake with fondant - Using THE MAT - YouTube !!! *** *** How To Cover A Cake Board With Fondant: The Krazy Kool Cakes Way! - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody this is now I'm doing a quick tutorial on how I cover my
    cake presentation boards with fondant
    I've had a few questions and people asking me did please do just a really
    quick little
    tutorial on how I cover my Kate Florence there are several ways of doing and I've
    tried a few long and this is
    really the easiest way that I have found to do it and it works really really well
    every time so you might want to give it a shot on
    the airport said I use our funk or and I purchase
    larch from Corp forts at crops are you can find a man in Hobby Lobby
    or Michaels and these are half an inch thick
    they are super super sturdy I'm
    even with like large wedding cakes I would say that for you like up to
    a hundred people this is good enough it did they want and
    they won't break our crack on you so I love these
    now you all know that I have a scroll saw and
    so I can cut pretty much any shape but
    for those of you that don't have a scroll saw I would highly recommend it
    if you know if you wanna make your life easier purchase when you can get one
    and at Home Depot or Lowes for like 90 bucks
    and that's a really good one on if you don't want to get yourself a scroll saw
    the March easiest way to do it would be just share you know cut whatever shaper
    size you want
    on the board and use an exacto knife it is a very time consuming and that's how
    I used to do our
    but now I've found got a school ha so I don't you worry about that anymore
    okay I so playwright
    what you're gonna need is of course your phone Corp or I
    shortening okay and this is what I use just stick to find
    onto the board and I'll show you just how I do that you need
    a really in kind of course to relate your findings I'm gonna be covering mine
    with black P colored satin nice
    but now a final Int I'm working on
    AT&T Jacob Team Jacob cake from Twilight
    right now I use powdered sugar for when I rely on my finder
    Canada pizza cutter or Colin I
    I like pizza cutters are a lot faster any
    years and they need a smoker
    tank so
    I'm gonna start by just taking a fun show shortening in my hand and just
    staring at
    very family all over the surface the cake part
    okay something to that okay you're basically
    all other he also wants
    like clock's ticking up for anything you slow that out and because short
    is clear depending on how the light to the airport to hardship
    seen keep missing a little spot so what I do
    completely done
    program the poor I like to move it around a little like he did
    and if there's any spots a left you can see them right away
    polite will not be reflecting of course
    a little bit messy so when you got covering here more
    fine and you have to wash our hands because Paul and I don't wanna get
    and shortening the on your
    final he
    crash landing this is really doesn't matter vegetable
    on vegetable all high fat ratio Crisco
    whatever you want okay so
    just from rubbing my hands on and i cant see all
    that there shortly on every inch of this thing handshaking help a lot
    totally covered K so
    now we're going to set this aside all over a lot of fun
    and I lost my hands I shall be that ok
    okay so I've but needed mine black font and I'm getting ready to roll it out I
    just sprinkled a little bit of powdered sugar
    i working table and a little bit those powdered sugar on the fine as well to
    keep that rolling pin from sticking to it
    and I'm I found this really cute little tiny
    sifter at world market so that's what I used to just you know spread that
    sugar around on my table some mineral a finding out now
    my board is a 14-inch it's really little star just got a very small amount
    I love fondant me about
    okay some mineral that out care
    for overactive hit like Phaidon yes
    okay whole share
    here all chiffon
    legislation quiet at home
    a little hollow hollow shell now this he got it
    clicking OK special tryout some just on a roll
    my find on smiling

    quickly which for of o'neal
    roll on top I
    me fall
    foo flyer
    her you can tell
    hulkshare have any
    I highest fine let
    super super slow you want
    pressed down not extremely hard but
    you know us part of Chandler you can feel
    through this lou that there are no your goals
    freeholder any k with your children are you wanna just
    go over the edges just pressed down a little bit not too sharp with your slow
    could you do want the fondant
    to go over like a quarter of a millimeter I mean just barely
    fairly fairly but you do want to go or K
    okay once you can't get out and take your small their
    half a left-handed or right-handed I like and if so what I do ish
    I take my slow their and holding it
    K&N intake here pizza cutter and the first cut
    for me diagonal okay just to get an opening at
    and you aren't here pizza cutter should be parallel
    with the site of the poor you don't want to be at a weird angle kids gotta be
    flush up against the report
    okay so there's my first cut
    if it's not absolutely perfect and I don't worry about it
    well what you wanna do a technician other close to the edge
    and with the pizza cutter you quick sharp movements
    okay and then your turn and as you are cutting
    so you can see that my finances right on the edge
    the whole point of this weather being here is to keep the fondant that's on
    the board from lifting while you're cutting
    hang not be get some funny smeared on this I don't worry about it
    you're gonna cover that with your women anyways no one's ever gonna see we
    should get a huge part of the fun and just call it off and get Adelanto taking
    getting away from having a good you know what you're doing
    all the way around
    as Clark is getting date from each time
    just cut it off care at all
    k so shortening last text really well you're trying to do is get the
    financials just stick to the port
    right away it starts to dry and it's not gonna start to
    mutual one unit it really doesn't know it's gonna always if you have to tell me
    you'll stop the border with your finger and lick holiday
    which hospital heads
    me okay so now you can tell
    pay the fine and see like these chairs here and there but you know came here in
    but like in China know what they're gonna see it so don't worry about
    no biggie now
    what I like to do if they take
    all there and I just kinda push out a little bit
    and down on the edge just in case
    i cud find it a little bit short anywhere
    I don't wanna see that haha my or anymore so this is what I'm doing
    sure tanks case to the board is now covered in fondant
    and I'm going to clean my area here and put all this
    miss away so I can show you guys how to get rid of both
    any how to rescue you from your show that was left on your part
    K are okay so here's our for covered in fondant
    anche as you can tell they're still
    some little training bet so powdered sugar
    okay so actually there's two ways that you can get read it
    one way would be to use year your shortened
    and with a paper towel you were just
    dad into the short name and then just
    you know smear it all over
    a very faint call all over be outside if you're bored because remember
    its part nobody's gonna see really what you're gonna see is
    whatever the cake is uncovering so you can just
    slightly very lightly i should say
    coach you're bored for the findings sharking
    okay that way you can do it is just take a
    paper towel that is down with water
    and just very lightly just brush off
    any shelter okay kinda hard to do it with one hand but I have put mine camera
    down can do to stop it
    on this is a good way to get your
    she get you financed shiny
    all analysts on
    watching they doin chill by laws then
    as well like they say sorry about that
    the middle of a whore no longer you're gonna see that
    and a try
    okay that that s all dry and then a straight face you right now all
    completely call
    you don't like it you know what
    also shaking shaking just slightly
    and very lightly brush wallpaper tall
    so now all of hers on home
    the only thing that you see now are are the streets
    but once this is completely dry it's gonna be totally gone like a retard
    okay so there it is
    okay that's how I cover my warts are finding it and sometimes
    if they know they want happy birthday or whatever I use my star stamps and all
    staff and
    right on the findings like right now would be a good time to do it before it
    or you can just add longer Chaffetz
    alright I so hope this helps let me know what you guys think you let me know if
    you have any questions or if there's anything
    that needs a little bit more explanation alright guys talk to some thank you
    over *** *** The Mat used for covering Fondant Cakes - YouTube !!! *** ***

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