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"3 " -Carved 3D Pig cake tutorial , , -Boar, Pig cake tutorials Carved 3D Pig cake tutorial how to make

Carved 3D Pig cake tutorial how to make

    "3 " -Carved 3D Pig cake tutorial , , -Boar, Pig cake tutorials

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    How to Make A FLOWER POT out of CAKE! Chocolate cake, coffee buttercream and edible OREO dirt! - YouTube !!!
    it's had a cake it Tuesday and this week I feel like guard me mother's Day is
    around the corner it could just get your mother a potted plant but also make her
    a flower pot cake
    I'm gonna start off with moist chocolate cake similar one cake with coffee
    buttercream good personal favorites and the other two with rich chocolate
    ganache and then I'm going to cover my cakes with beautifully colored fondant
    that will looks so stunning once we add our flight time to get gardening my
    bride does government let's meet the biggest flower I started off with

    inch white chocolate cakes level them and cut them in half then I flavors of
    vanilla buttercream with this is really easy to do and really tasty and
    effective I like to just use a really good quality instant coffee or in a
    little bit of hot water keep it in a jar shake it up
    dissolve it and then that it completely cool and then you have sort of like a
    thick concentrated coffee to add to your buttercream and just keep tasting it
    until you like it I'm gonna use my delicious coffee buttercream two-layer
    my chocolate
    time to shape this cake to look like a flower pot cakes are six inches in
    diameter I'm going to place a five-inch cookie-cutter on the top just to help me
    shape and taper these cakes into a flower pot I cut my cakes from the top
    down working around and around tapering the shape of the round cake and just do
    it slowly but surely take your time and the good news is you get to eat all
    about chocolate cake for coffee buttercream that you're shaving away was
    like a good shape and gonna give it a crime coat places in the fridge to chill
    it and when that butter Amos Mason said I said once more to get it ready for
    edible for the top of our flower pot I'm gonna crash some Oreo cookies in a food
    processor I know you can buy Oreo cookie crumbs but I've chosen to use the full
    copy so that we can get the white just the way that potting soil look at it
    also there might take some of that cake that we leveled off the top and that the
    food processor too because when I make that together it'll give the effect of
    them luscious which I pre made other Firefox and gonna start by covering my
    first one the weave at a flower pot
    first a role of a small piece of fine then and cut a circle that is the same
    diameter as the top of our cake then I place that circle on top and smooth then
    I measure then I measure the
    I love to know then I measure the circumference
    of the cake and roll out a strip of fun and that's long enough and tall enough
    to go all the way around
    bring it together at the top of the cake every flower pot has that little lip at
    the top
    hold in the dirt that's an important detail in this case we've gotta do that
    use a ruler cut yourself a nice trip
    here's a little tip take your pick up and placed it on the same size cape and
    that it was baked it this way we apply our strip we could have a little bit of
    a Libyan we flip or pot over it will hold our dirt
    each round
    don't have time *** *** Gardener's Hat Cake- Mother's Day- Cake Decorating - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hi I'm interested in yard crafting today
    how mission hymie this pretty little mothers day
    its popular perhaps with some flowers
    perfect for the moms at Gartner or just a guard your life it's not mothers day
    show we're going over a lot of hours that mediate
    previously this month so ridonkulous MP
    possibilities into which we don't work too Evelyn
    all the attention that we had to make those flowers in the description section
    as well at the end Inc literature and watch those videos
    so this is gonna be fun let's get started so I did you guys ask it a
    what specifically did I use for tips well
    a better question is what can you use for tips so
    these are so many things that I used while trying out just because I'm
    first you're gonna need some marshmallows and or
    cake pop all some little ones about an inch wide
    and smaller you can use either-or
    keys I'm using my wooden skewers
    these are not dirty they are warm well with food coloring
    I like a seasoned and and using an ever

    a number
    rose test and number

    for we're probably going to use a number for writing tips: you can use
    any size leave a tip that you want and also going to reuse this one
    that we have used quite a bit recently it's a number

    it's a very large mom tit so any combination
    these will work and you can see about that cut their hair
    you're gonna need a good pair scissors at
    so mister for hacking with kids turn it around
    and before intrude on top know how I love these normal am such a stickler
    about love life
    actually use the case national I'm homeless
    to my advantage so I got the cake over once I am
    buyers you can see my father's here I'm actually asset
    I wanna leave space for my flowers here
    I also let alone the higher side yeah I know what my hat off about a lower side
    so if you can actually turn out this way it's okay
    you could shoot it down if you want or you can just leave it as it is
    I also taking the form just let the National down be on the top
    no need to create work for yourself it is not a national don't do shady on the
    slightly so it's just sitting right in the center and
    Christ might be how much cash
    can be just think really lol kind of a new trial
    so I'm just gonna start with my the better
    and do a quick
    I quick I S
    next few years leaders at left-back check I just cut the engine is the clock
    an injustice meted out the top well I think nearby
    I think my yes can you just want to gently
    don't know that ha non-cash
    to use the commenting if you see me is this before these are really expensive
    looking at them in the dryer also actually hardware store are also kitchen
    miss you use it at home create a little serrated
    look around the house just for a little texture
    popular Ange and then come around just to know
    the same room top mister me outside
    we're gonna swirl and you know how I see the top hat
    will have this
    the parade in the No
    gonna do the next did you his research
    Scott perhaps now we won a hat
    flair honest I and to be go down on the bottom
    my quick question around I miss
    start Hill filled my
    share so
    you can say building up on the side and weirdness
    Scott with a thing so know that that's filled up
    message chance you're so you can see I wanna
    he's missed a home mover like so
    building my Graham
    coming all the way around that ok and you can see that starts to drape over
    the side
    and that her we're gonna continue around and bill
    out to etch just a little this is how kurdistan continue
    to build outlier violator can we have chef
    she that we won't know this
    happy BIR a whole if you want as well
    which i think would be really here so our last bit
    didn't like come on this back at the place where it's gonna
    up no one at our last fan
    so that we have a nice smooth edge there and is
    well and it down in rather handy dandy pieces
    not that we're going to start smooth this out and just get our shit
    know this will take a little time should take
    too much it's good to have some stiff
    I think but we're basically just going to Scott this year
    now nice thing about this is it's just the icing
    if it doesn't do anyone can religious parade back down
    and start a rehab really ruin anything so we just wanna Scott
    until we get shape that we want
    the sure as a hatter
    sixty shit you wanna just chill week around the edges
    to smooth the money an honest backside you can
    push this I thing as you want
    make it harder or shorter
    house you might come around us
    blind upside to the damn just gently make sure that that once now remember
    this is meant to be kind of sloppy gardeners had
    so it does not need to be perfect very very smooth it is nicely
    as you can but Joe overworking
    you could spend all day doing this remember it's just going to be a lot
    now you can come back in with your comment he won and I'm just gonna do it
    on the underside here
    to secure under say a little bit of texture
    but you can lead a la or you can text yet
    know I will check yours because in buttercream you can but it's an average
    were you know an hour so it really will step it up
    but it also gets a nice crust on it if you're using his reprised like I'm using
    this time
    this also interested in it so it's a good place to come to take a break put
    aside for a little bit you can put it in the fridge and freezer
    and then just get prepped for your flower
    so now undertaken over

    filled with a brighter Inc and i wanna make it happen
    I'm green my in close here
    right are sinister got fat
    thank you know I am
    real even pressure hold it close my hat
    moving fairly quickly
    I he decided she didn't want to apply here Cape Verde
    well actually money
    look like I have a bomb underneath and hatch to
    written coming down
    thing I want is just a little another layer in detail
    he angrily at Pocono too many children
    so I just have a parchment here cut the tip
    %uh have now size and number
    or render well I have to stack
    and just for good measure go ahead and
    cut it back just a little bit larger go ahead and just put a little
    be why I think so straight shell I think around one and
    and I don't anticipate and he responded showing
    but in case it does we don't wanna write it
    Stretton great read to us got a number
    wrote two months here are you the exact amount if you have
    have repeatedly out
    batters she did is good
    statements in color distribute around her yes
    the trick for getting great read because it's so hard to mix
    domestic my way kaminer happen at nicks
    inside out someone read
    hollering and now I want the tools to be a little bit
    sure I he you guys know
    got a part here makes for some green and yellow
    and the first thing you want to do is decide where I want to us
    I wanted to come out the farthest and come out
    right to the edge so many paint make green
    just check out here
    one out here
    one out here
    she can get an idea of where I want them to be I also want another

    just a single when they come out the site like this so
    I also want to and I stayed ball here there isn't much to her
    so that my preparation
    I'm gonna let these tumors hang out the side then now if you haven't seen or
    video please go ahead much that I will link it and also
    in the description section that mister just at home on here
    pull it out I've got quarter peaceful march not discuss
    stick it right in there asking to get my opening for exhibition action pull out
    some black statement
    actor aluminum black is missing trick
    have heating outside the Jackson
    I black teen no I'm pretty much currently and
    and then just come back up the side with another
    forget the rest
    real sharp recently and
    to get a certain age and back up the other side
    and I like you the same color
    yeah I did finish those flowers first get
    interspersed have been axed grouping
    flowers it just say it sometime year ago
    on my random killers I have a yellow center and one that doesn't
    sure you see that video the random killer video
    it is chef about making those flowers and all the different types
    no time she had you Paul
    flowers here so me here here for each flower
    and you can a want up collar which is pretty sure you can disperse the colors
    I'm gonna make a little closer collar I think with a rectangular
    Capri place together yes wanna play some of my
    unopened flowers to an
    place this right on top my
    to live here don't be afraid to staff
    just be careful me a little bit pistachio
    I got my number
    mom here and I'm gonna make some
    little stylized hotties service
    squeeeeze me
    and OO that you just get
    right now under just okay and
    of hurt my back with my lol just that here
    great increase just a little ball Almonte
    my black no
    right here and yen some black
    he know a way to make poppy
    got one here and one here
    just a fill-in so it's great to use what you have
    so we're making our showing
    pene and this one is going to be
    and closed in the center so confusing
    Raptr where pedals
    straight at this point
    and this movie and then I will start to
    where she s slightly and it's only been a row
    they have to make sure that you are to me your
    Ingles for PC don't end up with him the other
    homered he is that the panel can
    go every which way
    also at college track this peanin
    search for a pink yeah appeal
    peak much larger however
    hello so the Al
    our house in a row up over on this is close
    that's when you know much larger our
    hells that much myself
    lot space I have gotten very very urgently
    come in they say here
    no whatever rescue her gander
    pad fortune rest on now if you'll notice
    some I are starting with this way and some that everyone I am
    to look very top in
    care and I think we achieve that to the last thing we need to do it
    Assamese I almost forgot I wanted to put
    flower on hat Sony
    one more oranges Killa animalistic
    right here right will read it scanned
    care I just replaced my
    tipped with a number seventy
    liter server usage
    make return that might be over and give a bad and just added another to it
    and it appears soft feel great and I'm just gonna come in with my number

    and the exact make nice they
    leaves come back in my home screen
    let it build that hold for me and that's what I wanted you all around my cake
    how many israeli youths to fill in as well
    have to break up to collar
    a little bit the intense color I hope you guys enjoy this one I really did
    this is a lot of fun
    today I think it's a sweet little design now I want to say to you
    prozac there those who are working in a commercial kitchen making case of time
    what you do this
    times you have to actually
    very quick K for you beginners and those are just too cute
    occasionally this is gonna take your little bit I'm but it's worth trying out
    a lot
    on and you can use it any flower that you know here
    we happen to you is ridiculous P need that were requested
    so I just think this is a really fun
    Sarah design anyway you guys can find me at Facebook
    at the art frosting so many were sharing your anything work there and I hope if
    you're not doing that
    you will join us other offer me a chance this month
    it for a dogwood K be good file picture keep the dogwood
    you'll see the instructions there it's a chance to win
    one night he said jury so that challenge and
    me first you have to the picture your design by May
    you can also find me now on healthy ET athletic St
    wit which shop TV so you have a look at it for me there look at which %uh TV
    and there with our sister station the woodshop TV
    and Carl Jacobson where you can find them on my jury
    finally and a lot of a meeting artwork from
    Caro you cannot I'm leader it W dot they are
    property dot dot dot dot com cream pie hole I have my work and you can search
    the name to the thing you're looking for you know come right yet
    so this year watching I can't wait to see what you do with this design
    keep looking for more videos and wealthy all against them *** *** Hacking Fondant! Step by step on how to cover a round cake! - YouTube !!!
    time for find and my favorite part of decorating a cake can you want to know
    how I do it you're about to find out for this cake which is nine inch round cake
    I'm using two and a half pounds of funding the first thing you need to do
    when working with fondant is to need it really well get out all the air bubbles
    you wanna sort of soften it if you live in a hot climate and you find that your
    phone is getting sticky while you need it you can put a little bit of vegetable
    shortening on your hand if your phone is sticking to your service while meeting
    you can just use a bit of icing sugar sprinkled onto your surface and knead
    that into your phone as you go to stop that from happening
    bond and is simply a sugar dough mainly made up of different types over and it's
    used to cover case it's great fun novelty cakes you just roll it out and
    cover a cake and smooth it on as opposed to ice and you can click calendar when
    you're happy with your needing what I like to do is save myself a bit of work
    by bringing all the scenes down underneath your wallet and then
    flattening out your fun to just to help you better so now what we're going to do
    is a nice layer of icing sugar don't worry because we can scrape away and
    brush away the excess no place here fondant down on terrorists like to put a
    little bit icing sugar on the surface of my phone it just a light sprinkling and
    then I actually sort of brush most of it away because they don't want to stick to
    my rolling I like to use a regular rolling pin to roll out fondant and what
    I like to do is travel in every direction at first so back in
    to say
    and then diagonally just so we can maintain that round circle
    you do after press in order to roll it down but I tried to go a little bit
    gently just to keep it nice and even I don't wanna push all the fun out to the
    edge and have some perspective Finneran something bigger try to maintain and
    even as you roll you might notice everybody like this baby use a nice
    little short pin and just insert it on an end goal goalie into the funding into
    the air bubble and then use your hand to brush the air out of that hole directed
    the air out of that little can keep your phone went and at this point what I like
    to do is start to rule from the center out this is a great time to scrape away
    any of the excess I said sure you have on your fund in I use a plastic scraper
    and what you do is just
    just like I can tell them I fondant circle isn't big enough just by looking
    at it has to be large enough to cover the top as well as all around the five
    to the cases were gonna pick up this whole piece of fun and treated over so
    keep rolling I liked your iPhone then an eighth of an inch thick that does take
    some practice at first so every single time just trying to get a little bit
    thinner than the time before this is what I called game time play time I call
    this cake time so you want to work quickly when you're picking up your
    phone and this is very important it is heavy it can slip it can rip it can drop
    it can crack a lot of things can go wrong at this point and you don't want
    that to happen I like to pick up my phone with a friend relief in which
    unlike this ruling pen doesn't spin you can pick up on it with this the problem
    is its heavy so when you pick it up your phone might just roll right off and you
    don't I learned that the hard way to save you the trouble just rest your
    French rolling pin in the middle of your circle over this is a good time if
    there's too much icing sugar just brush it away is that will soar to stop your
    funny bone sticking to your cape pick it up you very careful when you do this now
    working quickly to rate this fun and over your cake you want to get to the
    corners first that's the most important leaving down just with this part of your
    hand down the sides of your fondant you're gonna get fooled with a fondant
    sort of overlaps and what you want to do stretch them out and use the palm of
    your hand
    just lightly pressing against your cake when you get to a full you sort of pull
    the falls apart we get flat and then work it toward your cake and you're also
    depressing down so that the excess fondant is moving away from your cake
    and you're also moving any air bubbles trapped under down and away from your
    case I just like to cut away any excess funding just because it's getting in the
    way now time for fun its new there what I like to do is work from the top
    outer edge and inward that's what I like to do you will usually have an air
    bubble on the top of your kids once again use your trusty pin and just
    inserted into the air bubble and move the air out of the ball now you can use
    your finance new there to smooth out the sides of the cake I like to start at the
    top and you want to just press the flat surface onto your fondant pressing it
    into your cake and then I like to sort of move down this way if there's air
    pushing it down once again and when you're at the bottom basically cake you
    really sort of one or not only press into the cake the press down onto your
    cake board now what I want to do is sharpened up the edges of this cake just
    a bit so when I'm gonna do is used to
    what I like to do is place one on top of my cake that sort of pushes the funding
    outward and gives me a nice sort of and then this second pundits whether you
    work up toward the top moments with it so I'm starting to see sharper edges on
    my cake and really what I'm doing is using this smoother as a ceiling and
    pulling this up with the finest to meet the other one and you also want to take
    your comments will go back around because we've been using a flat surface
    up and down we might have created some richest senators me working with there
    is a lot of Eric this crease a bit with a handle that rather than a pin is to
    just left from the bottom
    release that air death so once are fine and is nice and smooth and you're happy
    the next step is to cut away the excess you should see a nice clean line down at
    the base of your cake and before you put away the excess keep in mind that
    funding has elasticity suspenders it bounces back after you got it so what I
    like to do is take my fingertips and actually push this exercise into the
    case before I now they were cut away the excess fun and I'm going to use a very
    sharp paring knife so you want to cut right on that clean mine is close to the
    cake as possible but slowly and cut me we had the point of the shirt might just
    pull away all your texts responded this cake is as smooth as I can get it for
    now what I'm going to do is put it in my fridge to chill for
    minute it is true
    that the fridge makes pundits I have a special friends that has been altered
    not to do that
    here's a tip for you guys if you have a regular fridge what I used to do with
    empty space in my fridge and turn it down to the
    lowest setting possible and I would only put my cake in there for about

    minutes if not an option for you at all just set your side so that firm up a
    little bit at least on the surface my cake is covered in fondant it slightly
    chilled I'm gonna show you how to cover up his hand slightly creepy if you
    should have any this is just royal icing which I usually have on hand just take a
    little bit royal icing on the small offset politics just like Reeses all
    patched up now I can move on to decorating *** *** How to Make a Vegetable Garden Cake - YouTube !!!
    hey guys welcome back to Gretchen's bakery all week
    I have been just
    be able to show you
    my final project I've been working on it for the last couple of days and this is
    my garden cake
    now %uh the other day I mixed a recipe for vegan chocolate cake which is right
    and after it made the video I said to myself how I'm gonna decorate this
    Cape in a really unique kind of a way to come to represent the megan is them
    in this recipe and I decided to go with the garden cake
    up course you guys don't have to use a vegan recipe here you could use the
    vanilla cake the red velvet the carrot cake like really
    whatever recipe that you guys love but I did go ahead
    and follow through with the vegan theme when it comes to my filling and my
    saying and all the decorations RVM out slapping this isn't my famous Swiss
    buttercream of course because that requires
    XO I did sort of like a little bit Avast spinoff love the Wilton decorators icing
    I found that I really needed and I think that was gonna hold up to all this heavy
    decoration that we're gonna be doing
    now I used Oreo cookies which yeah happened to be vegan
    and this is what I'm gonna use for the der on the top of my cake so I've got
    had and crushed up an entire package of Oreos
    and that is absolutely the best way to make dir
    on top of your cake so let's get started building the cake
    most recipes that will normally yield to a dense layers
    you put all the batter into the haps keep an and you're good to go
    slice this cake in half right down the center
    and I didn't to charm of any crusty
    edges that may have occurred during baking now normally I do work with cakes
    their little bit more frozen then this one but
    since I've been talking so much my cake is rapidly thawing out
    I may do a crumb coat will have to see how it goes the good thing about making
    a garden cake is that it supposed to look dirty right
    I'm going to use some a
    chocolate buttercream for the filling: and then I'm gonna pile on some crushed
    fingers crossed there's not a lot of crime
    it looks like I'm definitely gonna have to do a crumb coat for this because I am
    getting a lot of crumbs coming off the cake because my cake was it frozen up
    the guys there's the PRU
    frozen cakes much easier dice
    alright into the freezer for about 10 minutes and we'll show those crimes
    who's boss
    okay that's much better just about ten minutes is the perfect amount of time
    just to make sure that everything gets a little bit more staten it's not slipping
    and sliding around
    and now the fun part we can go ahead and get decorating our garden K
    now I've decided to serve my cake on a wooden cutting board because I thought
    that the whole
    outdoorsy look a bit was kind of a nice touch
    so now in addition to all my cute little
    veggies that I made the post for the fence
    so it's the same deco magic or modeling paste that I used
    am or you guys can just use the stick a gun that would work too
    so let's go ahead and get that fence on first
    and I have some white buttercream here in my pastry bag and it's fitted with a
    8 akiko kept hand for the that's part of it
    I'm going to just me while I'm going this way
    and another one down here
    built this
    fence the hack brothers all the posts are different light
    so you can see how it really all does start to come together and we didn't
    even get to putting the veggies on yet
    I have to go ahead and divide up my plots for where my vegetables are gonna
    and I'm going to do that with the number
    at Eagle grass
    tip that I have in my pastry bag
    now I have five vegetables lettuce carrots cauliflower beats
    and tomatoes so I have to make five plots for my card
    what got a couple a cow patties and I'm
    so I'm making buttercream row then
    but they're more like heads of lettuce so if you guys wanna check out how to
    make buttercream roses
    it's basically the same idea but these are my tiny little
    heads of lettuce to go on my garden king
    I'm just dying to have my basket I've gotta put the basket on fares

    now in tomato vines I just took some skewers some wooden skewers they're not
    out a beloved course but I wrapped some green
    modeling chocolate around the stick
    to represent the vinyl the tomato and then I popped my little tomatoes on but
    the dhaba
    white chocolate

    switch that tip one more time to a number two
    a ticker-tape to make the I am little
    carrot stem
    so what I'm gonna do now is really just brighten it up with those
    sunflowers that I made

    and mister bumblebee right in the middle of the garden
    so honestly guys
    how cute is this cake and it was loads of fun to make
    it didn't take several days because I had to make the veggies ahead of time of
    course and the fence
    and prepare the recipes but once you get to put it all together it really is a
    lot of fun
    I don't even want to cut it but are cut it St
    I'm I yeah me too
    cue I that anyway I
    Samantha Cole Hamels tear and I decided that
    donations you wonder charity who I have on Facebook any
    parishioners half her age this is an amazing story
    better animal lovers getting chills because I I
    have such a great story these I aa and they have as such
    and me a service to you saving and rescue me
    animals we have created animal sanctuary
    are out there and have enough lol under me and her two dads
    this K was for you thank you guys for watching it already
    fractions a tree dot com not the in
    well *** *** How To Make the PERFECT VANILLA CAKE - a step by step guide to the science of Baking! - YouTube !!!
    welcome at the headache a kid I'm yolanda if you follow me on social media
    like Facebook and Snapdragon Instagram you probably already know but I am now a
    proud member of kin community or cake in my books and trying to get them to
    change their name one of my signature wings right that better make it in so to
    celebrate I'm gonna make my favorite vanilla cake recipe here for you step by
    step so many of you ask me about it is on my blog and how to keep myself calm
    but I'm gonna do it here well not quite life but in person will not go in person
    but in a video for you that you can watch as many times as you want if you
    want the full breakdown of ingredients tools and step-by-step instructions on
    how to make this cake just head to my blog at how to kick it dot com or click
    the link in the description below
    let's get started making vanilla cake I'm gonna give you a few important tips
    first of all baking is a science so always remember to measure your
    ingredients that step number one my second tip is to make sure that your
    butter eggs and milk or at room temperature before you start making your
    cake batter if you're curious as to why check out my blog on how to keep
    yourself calm when I go through all my tips and tricks and inhaled fighter
    information that you need to keep communities let's get started the first
    thing you need to do is take me of your electric mixer and add your butter sugar
    and vanilla in trouble now you need to fit your boy with attachment a lot of
    you ask me if you use a hand mixer if you are using a hand mixer might if to
    you would be to make a lesser portion of this matter is you really want to take
    your time and move your hand mixer around your pool and get all those
    ingredients blended together nicely especially your butter and sugar get
    your ball and paddle attachment set up on your mixer and have it ready to go
    I'm gonna get my other ingredients ready starting with me they look excellent in
    this poll precip did my flower and now going to my baking powder and myself and
    I like to just use a whisk you get it well blended
    now we're gonna set our mixer on medium-high speed to beat the butter and
    sugar and vanilla altogether until light and fluffy this takes about five to
    eight minutes
    use a rubber spatula and scrape it all down and off the sides of your book it's
    time to you at the lowest speed reaches stir and I like to add to it by the time
    and then halfway through stops creep down my boy just wanna make sure eggs
    until their incorporated you never wanna over the eggs into the batter now we're
    gonna have the rest of our eggs two at a time once again our eggs in nicely
    incorporated I'm gonna scrape down the bowl once again now in fact you
    alternate my drive with my wet ingredients which in this case is whole
    fat milk I always begin and end with dry and I add my dry ingredients for person
    my wet in three the reason you start with dry is because if I were to add
    this milk to this sort of fact-based mixture it was just sloshed around it's
    kind of like China add oil to water I'm gonna start by turning my mixer on to
    stir mode adding my first portion of flour let it absorb it into the batter
    and then add my first portion of milk now about my second portion of flour and
    my second portion remember to let each ingredient absorbed for about
    into the batter until it's not fully visible on top now that I'm at my third
    portion of flour and my final portion of milk and finally my last portion of
    flour my battery is looking great I'm gonna use my rubber spatula one more
    time she was scrape down the paddle and the sides of the ball once you strip
    down your ball and paddle completely turned her back on two meetings and beer

    to get it all nice and together guys you have got to stop this I should bottle
    this is sent tell me when i was like to be in professional baking pan I never
    I really think that the folks problem so what I do is lined with parchment paper
    if you want to baking pans like this you can shop for them below is a link in the
    description this is how I line up I take the pan I laid onto parchment paper and
    then I use a pretty pencil to trace around the time I fold my parchment
    paper right at the end of that circle and then I cut off the piece that i'm
    gonna cut with a knife and these are trendy see guys this is how it should
    start this is our curtain welcome back its Tuesday after you don't like my
    producers lack I like you just for the circle on to go in half just cut all
    along the half-circle you can feed a pencil mine right the department and now
    and then
    went to lunch I also don't crease the inside of my pen because I let my cakes
    cool completely in their pen and as you'll see later it really just so i
    dont brief my pen
    once again I have made a six-pound portion of my vanilla cake which I'm
    gonna divide between
    inch pan down with my friend rubber spatula and
    insured sort of evenly distributed in each had and don't leave any on the
    record I like him but he can't have liked it better I thought another handy
    trick is to take a knife and run it through your better I just do like a
    grid and then bang your pants onto your table and this is to remove air the air
    will rise up it will also do that in the oven but give it a head start there you
    time to make these gorgeous vanilla cake at
    degrees for about an hour
    always test them at the end with a toothpick or a cake tester inserted in
    the middle and when it comes out clean your cake is done now going to remove my
    cakes from my pens using a great palette knife and what you do is you just run
    this palette knife all along the edge between the cake and the pan and as you
    can see just a little shimmy your cake comes out of your partner for peace and
    now we can begin level this so I'm going to level off the top of the cake so it's
    nice of Latin is no craft if you want some more step-by-step instructions on
    how to level a cake like I do there's a link in the description below
    like a club level now there's a difference between that and a white cake
    a white cake requires baking with shortening which I am NOT a fan of and
    it also requires you only think so this is my preference it's not that way but
    it is delicious I'm ready to fill and cream coat my vanilla cake I've got one
    recipe of my favorite Italian meringue buttercream right here as well as the
    all-important simple syrup in this gorgeous simple serious auto this bottle
    is amazing because the shower for your cake is just a way to lock in moisture
    in your case let it absorb you can get both my recipe for butter cream and this
    simple syrup bottle at how to kick it dot com is the link in the description
    below like to bring it right to the edge a little over because that buttercream
    it's over the edge will just contribute to our compost and number two
    all the way around all the extra butter cream first and if you do need more take
    a little from your boy entirely especially rate down at the bottom then
    ice the top of your cake as well same method pressing down that's at least
    you're shaking your fridge for about half an hour or until when you touch the
    buttercream it doesn't come off on your hands and chilled micro
    nice and chilled what I'm gonna do now if I this phoebe put some butter and
    spread it around offset spatula the same way that I filled the cake and then with
    my street spatula I'm going to ice the size of buttercream all the way around
    as you go to wake up so I like to think about it is covering the bottom in the
    middle child when you have butter cream all the way around your case I like to
    use a metal bench scraper to ice my cakes officially round case I find It
    really helpful and really easy I measured my cake and Mike Leake is five
    and a half inches tall so this entry per is six inches tall you want your bench
    paper to be just a tiny bit taller than your cape notice as you scrape all the
    excess but it comes to the top three gonna take care of the little bit now
    we're going to use our special flat and pull off the excess it's really
    important I sir cakes moos before covering it and ruled Monday
    it's a myth that find it hides everything this is not true if there's
    any deposits or dips or your keep his cricket find it will only accentuate
    that so we're going to put this cake in the fridge to chill
    there you have it
    oh I'm very proud of myself if it doesn't use your flat hand as quickly as
    you can or if I'm that smooth and just push your cake very gently decoration
    using some type of gumpaste I have cut up the letters and community and now
    given glue them onto my cake I was gonna brush on a little clearer corn syrup as
    Michael you sometimes they use clear points there sometimes I used all my
    letters have a little bit of glue on them now so I'm going to stick them to
    this gorgeous cake haha community community
    this right into the middle of working see how it's like a leaf like a tree
    like a community I'm gonna have a few beers leave the base of my cake just
    here in there you know it up a notch
    guy you know
    so delicious I wish I could share it with all the community and ZnO and
    reared in a pot to cook bat and Hannah Hart and all of you others out there who
    are equally amazing I really wish I could but I just did it for you and let
    you know how it is
    let me try to please subscribe to this channel go to my website had to kick it
    dot com and join the mailing list because you will get my videos before
    they even hit you too how leaders that welcome community *** *** LAY'S POTATO CHIPS CAKE, HANIELA'S - YouTube !!! *** *** Step-by-Step Cake Pop Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    halcion if she had any cake pops
    s important he waited to greet them and present
    at isn't everything because found 270 quite but changing around the Kmart
    and sprinkles a definite appropriate for any occasion or holiday
    let's get started dome
    their stuff is a big challenge other only alternative scratch
    box the Darby injections for me
    can't Russian Olympic a call down for a while before moving on to the next hour
    one it doesn't work and bring to a boil the numbers
    like to pick it up
    current duh
    the rooms
    %uh advancing to the next picking up the cash
    and i cant one large table fertility test keep from getting clearer
    continue mixing prosecutor speaking of the devil horns on Shalom
    %uh cracks in the next general meeting
    to get the people she you can use an excuse to make sure they're all the same
    will have the desired possible from here to
    to the Harlem
    watergate both freezing mountain top make sure to have only pop sticks and
    about I used to be scared
    take a hike upset and get them into the chocolate and coconut out halfway into
    the cake
    our this all service good patrols take a look
    they're holding the state people into the chocolate
    sugarcoat it called do tapping our yes it's a child
    prevent the cake pop okay do
    %uh you could make the cake
    but if you wanna get great bigger tumbled
    looking singles Christian koreatown what every lawyer
    the dud bomb
    if you want to look at the possible when he presented as an attempt on a
    about a are cute and Scheibel said the
    samples taken from me on Duke
    after covering the controversial a quick basket bill
    you den Dekker Inc because enjoyed this tutorial and don't forget to suscribe
    %uh *** *** How To Make A Minion Cake - Step By Step - YouTube !!!
    today I'm going to show you how to make peace million cake
    which is perfect for fans armenians and despicable Me
    films it's also great as the sent a script that take on C
    so to start but thanked court six-inch or
    cents meet around kite flyers
    recent copy school is because you want the cake to be at least as Holly
    as it is quite then we need to come up
    talk like that into it done the union's head not frozen the cake so it makes it
    easier to shape
    after cutting the cake a food Mon with jam and back to crane
    but you can use whatever filling you like here then we need to cope the
    outside the cake with a thin layer of buttercream
    frosting or you could even use Jan we doing this so the sugar paste began to
    use next
    sticks to the cake
    now we're going to have to pay kite me the International House
    an amusing afternoon Roman culture ice
    in sunshine yeah use her thanks
    so million Cup and then we'll be unique to your own cash
    past in the distinction so now I'm going well he said how
    some just kinda person ice sugar
    on the work surface and it doesn't stay to
    top keep cook why I'm Denise
    the mystery packs movements to be getting worse
    even seen this much cross Spanish
    Swishahouse yes pecs
    has to make it last i holed okay
    Ste machismo
    top with a growing pain each in MPK
    damn she ha and he just likes this
    I top K
    you don't get increases in it so what you do she just
    cold i sat down he J mister
    so just change he said to keep Britain's High standout
    here military since sages lifted away
    let gravity put it down sheesh
    she twists
    just lift icelandic
    posted rushed the stage did not increase in it
    just take pics something
    you can not me States finish
    said nothing farmhouse this
    just unit
    all that way should just go for should have known it was you cannot be found in
    you just take it home you did not mention nations
    which picking winners
    she school
    campsites nah just a good chance
    to you consume your hands home me he
    past client uses fresh of your hand
    it's really good P heehee in pain
    making it nice powerful you
    my yet lightweight and
    boats she said
    nothing same
    she yesterday
    the Nexus I stop PC
    not same direction to climbs
    indicated yes sure you have to sneak the
    KCTS this
    species to get any lost
    Sunday mentions black mine
    she tensions
    just hidden name and house
    now just excess of commitment
    K nice neatly
    support actions you happy with it
    romance status
    just here
    them just clean and what happened I'm heading to start it
    crichton showcase you finishing touches
    this piece the Roman cover should places around town cash
    pace she bled knees her fictional
    dungarees needs and UPN
    to see leach genetic dissection some just couldn't put some
    arson sugar own well sent to see it and grow this happen to me
    no the strip possess all them once
    me too got my iced cake
    some me he streak price
    she doesn't want to see he put
    anti-politician Wednesday Stephenson told his job to get it
    don't coach place so
    just bro he said now yet nice long
    written scrutiny
    no of its

    just chill some yes hey first time homes
    and just roll this

    last known in said
    this just sittin
    me be in she said
    rice him on a stick
    its guess months age
    she copyright Miami
    back use this piece
    ships house she sets just measuring
    thanks okay to see have no today sign
    perhaps is going
    no chilled of
    activities in a now he's get high
    are you PC least he's just see
    get home I'll S&P tactically
    calling you want to come
    cool well J books
    right where you stack this
    page honor
    yes hitchcock nice
    on that damn
    share should good
    banks change don't get into that
    uses use
    sheesh wrong house using
    tonight in britain paste hit K
    down to hash the blue text so just got
    their brush Schwartz on this brush
    just everywhere text cake
    that's the whole done reason
    nice just
    Sengupta and sushi she sits
    and button prestige
    nice when you get back
    okay she just text
    Sherman pack
    it with great shouldn't use the most
    in mine on just
    series place many
    and steam Ste
    do you stay try pastry brush just getting a Texas license
    names net
    your she should
    you so the system
    reason nice just sup
    top I'm that speck tax sheesh
    being teams kim loves me change
    message of
    me smacking okay me some this home
    highest except captaincy and new used
    did shapes and sizes in
    nuns you can be my size
    talking Sims help
    I'm gonna tax tax from that those goin'
    from then
    in place
    and this huge stage leaving here stingy with you
    on Saint connect specs lips no key
    teams precedent nice
    Sims each
    you choose
    year cock
    gonna make some homes in son just turned his past
    past are in casts
    news them just Ronak huge
    since each don't
    cracks good house sense ass
    have many holdings speech
    my to homes am yes pumpkin cake
    she what we're are
    year after homecoming from Grampian
    right Raymond here so we can
    please nixon he in and then 0 is the rest
    on whose Nick simpson's whole his hands service just get the
    homes Martin inks
    more doing
    such I
    that's been happening expectant moms money about that sickness
    has something to do is just a handful
    that individual this
    site here reattach years the fact that
    income MCI's put their head
    this time here yes
    is this city against used latina and incumbency
    news but that said that he's arms
    receipt I'm of don't put those on to me
    saying so do you think tanks some just use this space that you brought hahaa
    need that backing to uphold
    we must sausages guy someone live show
    past seasons Michigan cokie harsh
    as the navy's makes just need this kid slim
    yet harry didn't follow
    patten's champions of mice
    her more you
    short mix which
    which she whose day
    don't wanna be to know rapid
    close to his fluid
    don't see yes I'm jus
    things alright ship
    good and then use the net tax year
    and see from there you cannot handle then disliking
    tax here sale his club's that
    okay so that's the plan
    the times just missed think so steering the right place
    good to on and mom
    don't brush mingling
    now hope that nice
    and then what we gonna do next news weakening put the Black
    the tongue when it actually arms and then hands
    take so now we can put black some neck handsome
    so I'm using the role in cuts Aaron Rome Cup midnight black
    agencies not me dark color black this the perfect
    his pants something to do with dates
    reduce sausage angst through Interpol
    like that and make it use a siege
    unit any
    same thinks
    move within days just happened haha to you
    in that instant action is
    trip there this long just the net
    end of mark facts
    pics such things just
    stepped in site
    things no had that isn't going then
    not mine
    just much saying cell peace
    and wanting to sign shake so good
    its for time just to use more to you
    just to stick now home just textin
    DRO attached to said
    just drumhead
    so we just need to you homes
    bombs that
    still you hank last
    smears I'm stands
    that you use this to me it's just quote until
    you use government okay him aside
    happens a bank Saket old
    this him hand just flapping between your thumb
    and New Years despite two
    just Hong Kong burst of power naps and
    attached to his head exact same
    well see that
    nineteen children just moms thats
    columnist sand happen it actually homes
    I'm gonna go in front and back here am here
    nickens Singh smoked too much angst
    Jinping to just used
    and nice then on into his hands
    insisted now
    nurse on today
    posting place
    good just hang
    something anything to do shania signs text
    their bring right
    just rush
    whose mind named
    text and index
    mmm-hmm you I'm needs to be
    of its peeping toms
    just Shannon price song
    units mentions means ocean
    seen nice
    good in right seeking
    next thing NJ to go whose lips tracks
    over here
    so what does this price cap
    she just looked like she'd seen ships
    this don't want to be to see
    to think it's said
    been one is just
    good it's ok dear Hey
    CCC she touched loony no
    said punchy so much week going newt
    his put it on Muni
    means the problems
    yes I'm home damn
    and just too big tweaking Michi
    good im place
    just Cup Texas yes
    number do this I yes
    Sunday Jim did
    then missed chances comes ok
    this streak
    texan here
    wasn't texted
    rush am you see you need to just
    moms can't erase
    team or looks pitched his if he is this your

    million you can just
    good each's steps
    says he can resume his arms on and stay
    now and next thing to do East company
    buttons said he needs button
    on each one of these here sense that
    going to just use session
    cast here so
    you needed bus Monday sir
    just a little bit constitutions I know just
    some this most in
    cast bronze
    just himself homes was
    to unpack course get back cannisters
    K and then you brush acne
    you I don't doubt don't repeat me just
    from back and then
    you just text Ste it
    said sent yet
    signed back need to make them look
    like to use key
    ended punchy smoke a number too cheap
    in scopey-tone didn't sell my
    do is you just push that not that its size to chosen but
    hey just
    to mean
    who needs a lot more like about send
    that she
    don't urgently that he's amo state news
    so he got one you can just not to sell
    Cup its okay
    and next the Easton p
    and put the olive branch
    we now can't make that it passes for you olympian I'm
    might be always going me too size the all-white meat
    so I'll who right on reducing
    rapper ice-t_ do strange nice need some
    black and we need smart family sprout this is to take the transient brown
    paper kinda nest perfect for the new artful
    test of the week I'm teaching maths and maturity
    center that mean it's black paste just on a mission nice
    just roll this out anything
    us it too much
    she's simple get some snaps
    ice your mom
    damn movies have nice thing
    bridge now Morgan James Koch said where
    say need help a sista who please ma'am
    what condition she's hot just yes
    this berkeley the lights sized King
    shaped day caserta happen like that
    know within days Choptank halls
    like that so just to use my heart attack
    this mess need to go with that
    need some team sheets and now in its
    white Justin Rose what's happe company to the postal cuts s
    that some she's in New on shake not that can make you
    ting some shrooms sounds shit in here
    has much
    your when I see
    AT&T just
    eyes to the east
    use comes on did
    next in was estimation C
    denton Dec K
    no just casting
    in hot Sun is the BTT hack then this month in the
    mightn't peace King singed section had
    discuss should
    said yes should
    how just completely don't insult me
    that seems to eat City
    big ones now going to be doing where he put a ring on
    you didn't mean to you open it any moment
    been right I'm the age the top here
    the coming right home top black
    you string that all said you get
    white itself black tools San
    which does Danny nice might
    on that side and thus the day
    stew season this knife which is Latin damn
    spews in nice
    movie news just in of still
    like that
    necklace she and told
    to do what we gonna do today use few that in place
    inch what might that new pic more just
    to the engines
    inception included
    on the back
    teams be
    news that the sheet
    doesn't matter if it's not complete yet with his pocket
    use these will be crazy things news that doesn't matter if these things metal
    they just look more crazy
    he managed to get things been off since then him
    only standing here some going to use this perhaps ice
    said baptist still police how
    and many sports peak settle Catan
    style sees nice
    Chinese tank said
    when that happens a new museum really a big
    said Cup at the cheaper
    said cut is using a Taser caked
    corrections but not sticking different sizes you can use
    dish Kings some shortcuts in exchange happy
    restaurants ice that thanks he's gonna sit on their
    has to have always always detainment
    so i think is that right need to uniquely publish
    soft sickness on this piece hi
    said AC ass on the ice and now we're gonna
    cut that mean to you certain that tonight
    recycled metals she'd only been in the Sinai occupier
    lives in the end up sticking not a unique or help from
    the current
    nixon cutting means
    rap sheet cut cost that stops
    that have that same cuts gonna cut white now
    don't sit I'm just in a row this
    how and want this to be court
    show Sean pay always center here
    said we don't want cue release me me wanting
    look more like an eyeball Sony
    think a signature
    Center how moving yes but I'm
    beautiful she's names rounded
    my sheet me
    you choose
    see me you know instant
    and then the next thing East brown circle
    see you need it to be
    felt that size New Jersey
    have to gain chip design Saint up so
    into just how nice app hostage cool
    and its she pled
    images step down in Santa gotten the jump
    new used to eat olympian
    new justice like No
    just right on the beach I'll said
    to and then we need black said
    this test Tony yes back I'm so you can eat just
    or stripped-down nah she got
    now suck bombs people assess
    partnership with me Tom to use
    stand you trash said
    unit but that means
    rockets into in hey
    other thing you need to his name why home Britain masses but I'm saying to
    who wants to go shit just like
    much keep it might be living in Cali so it's only in Beaumont
    thing p.m. did
    needs to No
    and that she's ole all ready to go on have number the net tax that helped
    top neck just to kiss her
    pool out back
    name me that nice
    than use few smidge you
    where it's going only want to talk to pupils
    to scientists and you can just push think I'm snare
    you can push the long to me us this is only
    now in place
    case a broader meeting on street
    and not cut out to you too thin strips
    anything strips from one thing to do is attack one this size
    slip difficult to do a modern one go get it to look nice
    something attacks one the size vietnam
    to be back here and then sign me up site and metal
    good home back this yes it just didn't
    light and medium this chick
    price K that
    you couldn't text back
    to the meeting beast oh my
    mmm Rams didn't
    you mash trying to catch my mom's price
    structure just to haha
    do the same in this so much so glowing
    pro-american sentiment band
    in tech shit subject makes you
    be thats
    Germany back and just
    of national huge joined backed
    here not post to use shop to get
    right picture networks whose
    moms me and then use the patented
    nice so what we need now use a cup with lid on simmering sections here
    family hey Sarah shane has to have a host of the black
    year in china doll today
    is this new boobs price yes in ages from
    Indian hands getting to the point that sell same
    the stick to the point
    sets Center we get there
    point East that just me
    say after that so perfect day sir you need to have said no to me it was
    looks pics strange just stick has
    in place done so already
    string honest
    sack circle
    nice blog nice name and if you move your finger on it
    its release the

    up yea really thin
    cell and it could be thicker impulse and you can just
    been here okay so that's the day
    simplistic at home name is just the simplicity
    separatist hits including so hit
    his head he says my
    use another
    sticking so you
    morty in up
    did you know newsies when he hears no
    but soon as put the soup it solves
    so we just couldn't make it was still good pieces that fit on here
    so soon now ice knitwear
    posture sites on
    know now system
    to stick it's just not cover up to and
    him hopalong cassidy says come have mine cut too said
    in touch year
    we just whose thing
    be just that cells Sep
    with ice
    then we just met going
    damages that syringes
    or not there using your really cut right through me
    saying that one
    need not games
    an interesting has amply just should be okay
    same shouldn't Wednesday
    and this is the time pace naw
    Judy you know it Strack missing
    yes right much-needed
    my various finished
    to make this cake pops of pain pink hot pink color and then we gonna add from
    killed us to get the shimmering effect I'm gonna show you how to do very
    whether you like it or not she can be a bit long tutorials let's get started yet
    best of which are both molecules of my condition called a favor from Australia
    on it is damaged couple might take the boys got a number that just quickly on
    top of this with some fathers day special such got some one on it which
    I'm going to remove from you get with the squiggles fine can just keep in work
    without making a difference but you can get in caramel mud cake cake really you
    can use any help that you like as long as some rice cake and it's got an actual
    publicly posting something just say you've got enough feeling to bundle
    together on a big ball and you crumble it and that's that's pretty much come
    get the kids to do this all you have to do is just work here and I'm pretty much
    make a big boy now covered that put in the fridge but that children back twenty
    minutes and it'll be easy to roll and bold as you can see I put a little scale
    here I normally wear them to about 28 grams of fun that a nice time but you
    could go between
    grams and give your day
    so all you do is you pop some of your mixture onto the scale up and I'm not
    gonna really that perfectly today that nice round shank them just to give you
    the basic idea of how I do them but if you really want a nice round will just
    keep rolling and rolling and rolling it to you happy with that shape and that's
    why I love working with this cake that moist cakes it's so easy to work with
    said you're doing the front party in example instead of worrying about doing
    it on the day you can actually make these three three days in advance
    pick up to actually dipped into trouble makers in their deal has that nice
    beautiful tight end just
    if you're in utica cups are really becoming easier because this will give
    you one nice to feel of how your actual back should be like so this texture I
    want your rolling in and you work around with it in the future we do wanna make
    your own recipe you know you know what you're looking for you know how much to
    have to be you know everything about it is a really good steppingstone if you
    want to start with pickups and you don't wanna go through making the recipe tried
    to say they have got them however you know a plane once you roll them up or
    put them in the fridge and let them sit for about
    minutes and then we go
    open and let them sit in the fridge for about
    minutes and as you
    can see some of the old really nicely into any cracks or anything but a nice
    trip in some you can see the correct but that doesn't matter because once it
    sucked into the chocolate nominee not gonna feel very very didn't really have
    to worry too much about the correct because the chocolate covered all you
    have to be more worried about to get a nice round shaped up so that for example
    if you if you go to the supermarket and Medicaid easiest way is
    granted but
    grams gave me twenty three KAG books to just make sure you look at the
    Graham divided by with
    p.m. 28 grams and that will give you an idea of
    how many cake pops you gonna have trouble only use how do I never use joke
    hello anything I thought only use color powder and my favorite favorite
    chocolate to dip my cake pops in its initial email it's a really really
    really easy chocolate to work with especially if you're beginning to the
    taste great but it's just the consistency that you need for the cake
    pops up on me and put them back replicating thickened in on them staring
    it now you have to start in
    seconds if you don't do that gonna happen if you
    gonna been and you gonna get in then you gonna keep transmitting it up but you
    can't because he already been to every
    seconds take it and terrorist
    little market for
    seconds taken in store for

    not only took two bits and now look at these beautiful and nice and shiny
    ensuring you that I have not ended in its just dat thicken and stirred for

    seconds until thickened and that's what you get and that that's what you need to
    be able to get a nice food color palette and you can think and I'm just gonna
    Starion finally gets to dock quickly add too much mike boorda come up if that
    happens to just add some more white chocolate melted against the color line
    license and again I like to pretend to be an even more funny I can tell right
    now they don't want a baby pink hot pink and a little bit more and staring and I
    like doing it that way to get any powder is good sometimes it can be little
    clumps of powder and slowly just into that nicely today a bit more power and
    I'm gonna stare it now when you use jealous specially if you're not
    comfortable working with chocolate the junction Cesar Chavez if you to cart
    into hot it definitely makes the chocolate a lot more Dulce you lose that
    nice shine and paddling techniques with so I would really recommend don't use
    any Dell power nap never ever ever had a problem it just gives you a nice smooth
    color shine at the easy to work with the whole time it's a nice clean power down
    now just pick up sticks and just get this is the structure you have to do
    this don't get this but don't try to make a dipping them in because we can
    happen to catch up soon I'm using some just some straws here just just used to
    break off all the not gonna do anything even halfway put them back in the fridge
    for about
    and then you're ready to dip in your truck color so few more and then they
    would end of the show you how you do that it will continue easy to debating
    if you gonna talk up or anything like that would do much in there and all I'm
    doing is dipping it in and swelling it this is up to you you're comfortable
    with just my luck to swirl and then just typical some people tech near East in
    the lot of different from me just swelling and then just tapping in excess
    of just taking it around and looked like a few bumps sports or anything just to
    be driven again if your chocolate is not running then you're not gonna have in
    any problem with chocolate covering it nicely just will do whatever you feel
    comfortable in and then what I do is shake the top of it seems they know some
    swelling and getting all the texts and then I'm just gonna kind of flattened
    out the top and then they go no i didnt in the fridge because I want to block
    and it was too high
    put them in the fridge and temperature on the table and only takes the bet that
    up completely that's a really good quality chocolate work we gonna show you
    one more time to keep eating and they could be put on the table like that
    minutes now I had someone inside just tied up in the tire and a
    little boat around them
    I'm happy when they just as bad as lying around that never used it today just
    replaced our firm block and I'm using the back of a paintbrush and I'm gonna
    make some holes in a complete the cake pops don't trample the k-cups in
    straight away if you don't have a whole because you just break them
    final product if I knew those gonna put them into one of these draws out of use
    North white cake pops do something nice but I just never use this data to show
    you how you can decorate it if you put these light just put them on top this
    would be a really cute pregnant so you can leave it as that if you like I
    sometimes I really liked it but then I do love should really think so but I'm
    gonna do now just drive point but a drive to keep russia and I just got
    killed us and you can use a new build us a few good to you
    decorating shops
    different brands of all of the same thing I've tried many of
    them and they pretty much do the same result and to dust bowl sheila is really
    really think all you do is make sure no I just get the Dustin just put it any
    way you like
    into circulation you can go straight down its not gonna leave any streaks or
    anything on this he could do whatever you feel comfortable just work around
    you like to do that's one done already
    many takes like a second to do them any ticket Keith another difference and you
    just dusting them another really nice looking get with dusting images a couple
    of waiting you don't call you chocolate chocolate colored it black and white
    creamy color and then you put his pill shimmer and if you put the telephone
    individuals that make a beautiful I like that would really really simple because
    you know covering the chocolate never gonna get you
    you notice of any good about
    my father because I didn't have enough
    trouble to do the other
    extra lighter is well another really good thing if you
    do i click and then uses blue and then you please tell she could do it in a way
    we don't cover the whole to do like little piece of areas of these she
    actually looks a lot nicer in real why then recording it with recording it
    doesn't look that great you don't notice that Sharon in that little but you don't
    actually not even if you think you might be able to get a little bit but looks
    much nicer now because I just trying to hide it so I'm just gonna buy the month
    but I didn't kill just to break out around
    hope you guys enjoyed this
    tutorial to very easy to do and places crushed my channel Channel shara a
    really really appreciate it if you want to see anything else so all the shapes
    mean everything i sorry about that though get I'm just playing around with
    the camera on trying to get the right color angles and everything done only
    don't like it but because I love this particular cake it obviously I'm not
    gonna taste great and it doesn't really moist cake it actually tastes like a lot
    like that can put together doesn't take very clunky but
    experiment with them the carrot cake
    thank you guys for watching hope you enjoy the tutorial and please don't
    forget to subscribe the best video and pic is there much later bye *** *** CAKE TREND ~ DIY 'Rustic Buttercream & Fresh Flowers' - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    in this tutorial we gonna be shine you
    everything you need tonight to create these beautiful wedding cake
    and we're going to be working with cutting and feeling LA is
    Rossi gonna show you how to create perfect messy
    wedding take a look and we're going to help complement that ok with beautiful
    fresh classically that gotten feel but more to and take style of it
    that complements years so it's gonna be a full-on tutorial
    covering both cake and flowers
    first thing that we going to do is take a look
    takes that with baked and cooled at the fridge am I gonna cut ally is
    into that style first thing we do is
    about the laptop I want to keep his rapping on it on the bottom
    and mainly just so that I can move it around and then wrap it back up again
    because we are going to put them into the fridge right after this day
    for take a rule lot play set up to the top day a
    market at the one-inch and just make a little
    incision you not looking to cut too much into the cake
    he just looking to make a little bit off the mark for yourself as a call right
    I K
    so what I'm gonna do now is just fine with those marks of
    and just start to line them up
    it's just basically to school
    the cake all the way around okay so now that we're all the way through
    we're going to continue without not straight through the centre and
    constantly looking I've got and just making sure
    that we %ah staying on track I cut you can start to feel that it's a Lucent
    RI gonna wrap those up and keep them for about half an hour
    during that time what do our I ate at $
    each to get them already
    but we just want them to become an awesome then before I start applying
    now it takes up in setting up in the fridge for about half an hour
    the next step that we going to do with each Bhatti's is to place them onto
    aboard and feel lack a client's out now with this particular design
    we are wanting to have this cake rest on a cake stand
    so we want to make sure that there is not allowed to take for that we working
    that's why I've chosen we're gonna from the bottom of this cake
    MDF 10-inch round so that matches exactly with
    the cake that working late when we go to do our other teas
    we don't need to be this study and we can go for something like a cardboard
    that we use in mice to that shit Orioles answer for Essex now I change will be
    working with Ace
    the fried
    just so that you can pretty safely and securely onto
    a cake stand we're gonna work with something a bit more substantial
    now to attach the cake to despite
    the sport itself I'm because I'm using a sweet butter cream recipe that you can
    find on the website
    and it is costing so I can use that in or stay put
    if you're transiting this quite a long distance out where you working with say
    swiss meringue buttercream or something that doesn't crossed
    then I would go ahead and use either a royal icing or a white chocolate in Osh
    by the by setup really really fair and it'll be a lot more secure
    Press gonna play some ovett on to abort scrape it
    all on Hannah is and then I'm gonna place
    a little bit onto the top about cake which is now going to become an abortion
    not a huge amount just to help but to adhere
    like a
    sign now we can detect a cupcake
    or is it a little bit more flimsy Denise you can always use the board
    and take it to the cake itself so want that's down
    we're going to take some have now buttercream
    how a basically working in a side with my shin
    building up one section at a time
    you notice I didn't grab a huge amount of it and just pop it into the center
    I'm working in a section hiya so
    you can say how when I'm working with just a small area
    he can actually say how thick you making about a crime
    and that's a really good thing because you can make sure that the one it
    eighty then but also that you giving you guessed so the people at

    the cake am a nice amount frosting in between the Alliance
    you don't want this to release kim chi Thanh nhi so as we work our way around
    to weaken it continued to just check
    and make sure that it's staying nice and even okay
    so we spend a little bit more he can say that it's not quite high enough
    and then we've got a section in the middle so now I can go around actually
    and see if it's gone Austin level then we can feel that
    in going all the way out to the ages that whole to now I can take and next
    layout I'm just gonna rest a damn really gently
    before press damn I'm going to use my index finger yes
    and just line up in four spots and make sure
    that it's staying nice and Streit say come back with a spatula
    now if you gonna be using this for the exterior as well make sure you don't put
    anything scrums
    back into it you can either wipe them away or you can't put them right out on
    the edge with a
    with a gonna get walked away anyway carried all that's now will allow that
    to rest again for another
    and will continue on without sex and now I ate
    with that HotBot pick fights
    cakes are now ready for the next step which is to shave down the sides
    this is a really important step in terms of the overall look of the cake
    I'm but the outside but most importantly for weddings
    at the inside of the cake when it's plated for each guest
    you don't want to have the side to the cake having like a ripple
    affect and we want to get rid of all of that so it's nice and flawless
    so we're going to take our shop right not and some parchment or wax
    I'm wax paper baking paper total different ninth
    tell you our I'm and all we're gonna do is
    just take the very very edges of
    so we're going to start just fight
    at the very very top trying to keep cannot nice and straight
    and unite us that in some spots to take up a lot
    and in some spots to take off hardly anything so
    just picked this up crab pots from paper flip
    spice it down and then we may you think it's
    he can I'm basically what we gonna do is rest and not just underneath
    the board we don't use the board as a gauge because it used to lodge
    so it's gonna tapped the not being just underneath
    and again work our way down and you just might find that mostly it's just that
    very very edge lit they a that it will chop
    of that top player
    all right we're ready to do our first coat on the outside a backache
    we're gonna stop with a crumb cut and it's basically exactly what the name
    means you are looking in the crumbs
    on the cake so that al final I am second cut a boxing
    doesn't get any of those crimes in it whatsoever
    so we're gonna stop with with a spatula
    the couple it's quite his big one is going to be
    to covered the toll surface at the top of the cake
    and if you don't have one of the highest that's okay can still use the small one
    the crime how is really not about being perfect it's not really that what it
    looks like
    week still going to say the color the cake shine through
    that's fine it's just there to look in that counts
    so I've got some about buttercream I think and if you are gonna be tinting
    at all to make a slightly different shade I'm for your cake design
    go ahead and add you Cullen now because the scrum caught
    wallet white be saying it's still going to be rubbed against
    as we do our next caught so we want to be consistent with that color inks
    so we gonna take a spatula and just apply it
    to the cake working away
    all the way to the bottom now if you were just doing one cake

    attended to is public cover about half as the cake
    and then begin scraping so that we can use the excess
    that we've accumulated for the rest of the cake that way we not constantly
    digging into fresh
    icing that will then have to be thrown away case time such scraping it back off
    so on choosing to use a metal scraper
    I like it because it keeps me nothin' strike by having his handle section
    that's attached
    so I can't dig into the top of the cake which is a really common thing
    so few cakes have a bit the tenting affects to them
    might just be that you taking it up a little bit much
    gonna come along
    and first they just gonna make sure they get everything off the bottom
    so that we can see that bought now I'm gonna come on the board just a little
    so that we can scrape the actual cake itself
    now working on the top there isn't a lot but there is a little bit awry stop
    counteract that into the center the cake
    and then take some %uh that icing
    that we had that already had a little bit of crumbs in it and just working
    apt to the very edge okay
    so again I'm just scraping I if %uh to get my stuff it off
    and then I'm gonna take our launch this was actually a paint scraper
    and it's been sterilized before we ever used it but it is a great tool
    and sometimes kato's on this is the only ones that can buy the cakes to %ah
    they just want you find that work for you so we love this because it's not on
    we can track it over the entire surface
    and the last thing that we're going to do is just do another whip around
    and the other reason for this is so that all of those little fuzzy beats
    a fucking straight back off again that way we can come back with a knife and
    easily turn them off
    if we keep them coming out it can be a lot more challenging
    so just around not looking to take any more of this is Sara Lee
    we just looking to lift that top so now that we've got this we're gonna let this
    sit in the fridge for around half an hour to an hour
    and we're gonna work on are the T string that time so you will still be busy
    am but we just want this to crossed up completely and before we move on to
    a smooth and then a little roughed up texture
    next step is to take all that this excess that's raised up in just chop it
    off with a shot not
    that was just give us a nice if this to work on for a second cut
    I K
    so we're going to take some more about a crane and
    we're going to build it out until we reach the port so is gonna come along
    nice peak
    etc amounts again we're not worrying too much about what it looks like
    we just wanna make sure it covers all over the board
    and goes up nicest right side always making sure I put
    a reasonable amount on the top all right now what we gonna do
    is actually me that all abt I know that it's looking quite similar
    I'm to what our inspiration is already but it's a bit of a challenge to know
    exactly how straight up and down the cake
    is I'm so lost you can do justice as you finish
    and be done with it we really want to take it to another step and just make
    sure that we're maintaining that
    before we work on the actual texturing so gonna come back around
    and where going to pull it back again to a the board is
    might wanna go around just keeping it nice and Streit
    texted we going to do is pull all this in towards the center like we did last
    and work on getting out top to have a nice solid coaching
    style track
    all-america s in and in this case we're not looking for it to be too perfect
    because we are gonna mess it up again
    we're just making sure this now High Point particularly in the Santa
    from catching so we're gonna come along
    dis Res up that section
    now I'm gonna take bit more about icing
    pricing in a such a rough it up a little bit more now that we know way stratus
    just one apply a little bit to at top section
    and if we're using ask right here we know that it's staying nice and level
    so that's got much to that covered now
    gonna clean of the spatula and we gonna use that
    just to make some markings into the cake working around
    you don't want anything today
    in a pickle online which can keep stopping and starting in random spots
    vacancy have just having that extra bit of padding
    has enabled us to hit a pole and drag a little bit of
    without going too deeply into the cake week I saw all the way around
    now I'm gonna cheese
    to some logic patches
    over-the-top using aspect sheila in this angle
    just so we can get some lodges strikes we don't want every strike to be
    tiny little thin ones going around the cake so we just gonna come back along
    and do some larger ones
    so now what we gonna do is
    just pull this in a little bit
    and then on the edges
    gonna go ahead and do that same
    little pressure strokes with aspect Chula
    so I've got everything happened
    stack we're going to go ahead and pre dad now
    out topped abhorrent ET's and just get those ready so that when we to get them
    at fridge
    later on this set will be honest I could up really easily and we don't have to
    worry about making a mess
    also even though it is a question but a crime it will stay nice and called for
    only a short time to work with that
    so we want to try and make thats process really quick
    so I've got some wooden dowels a graphite pencil
    just some taped else just chime wipe off the excess cake
    and I'm using small conduit cut is to be a cop
    doubts so just come along about two inches away
    gonna make for mocks
    and then one just
    of sent up rates were gonna press this damn right to enrich the and given a
    choice to bring it back up again
    am I going to do all five thou
    dow spots before we measure
    okay so do one loss claim
    and then what we're going to do is take that sent whole
    make sure that there isn't any crumbs it
    press it all the way down this time with the flat side going down instead of the
    point inside
    and we just going to mock
    where the paddock Remi's
    give it a little twist again
    head so we took undercut us
    we're going to do this line it up pressing the top section
    have conjured kinda chest below and mock holding on to both sides
    and just not and family bike culture i now to line them up
    I use them side up my bench said I can thread
    its it through line it up
    and get rid of the excess
    again using the same one every time not replacing it with a new one
    to line it up make sure that they're all much level
    and what kinda place them into a little doubt spots
    I K so now what we're going to do he's let them set up a good half an hour or
    so in the fridge that way we'll be able to touch them
    and manhandle them a little bit more without affecting out finish
    and then we'll finish up with our lodge dow for up to the fun
    hot but finally going to see a creation come together
    so it got all their cakes out just at the fridge that nothing called you can
    see that I can touch them
    not denting at all we're going to take the ice
    I've got a big sent abroad are down but we're going to be running through
    so that you can transit this around but the for the most part we've got all that
    Don in the last ice age so what we gonna do now is basically take
    a little bit of extra butter cream we're just gonna cover up they settle down
    and just section a fresh start on top so don't let he annexed Tia
    just a little bit too Cupar stacking is a really easy step once you've got the
    dow San
    you're halfway there so again keeping it nice and flat
    alright now
    using a spatula we're just going to slide and a
    al cake now it's gone eyeball where it goes we know we have about an inch on
    every side but we can always move it forward a little bit if we need to
    so to stay back a bit use aspect sheila
    and slowly lower it down and employees especially
    out and what's gonna give it a little push for want
    and a push to the saw it
    I cut now we can go bad a tape measure attendees a soft ones that I don't dance
    the cake at all just gonna come around
    and I've got just barely over in each day
    and we have not quite an inch this was gonna give it a little bit a pushback
    was gonna touch too far and that's right on the one-inch
    there alright so now
    we've got that compressed and a little bit where the deaths are
    just to make sure that stank and did the whole thing again
    picking up her cake
    have been at the look can always push it forward a bit
    taking aspect sheila Tuckett underneath
    and relates
    so now we take the lie
    that we have we have shop and it with a blade knife just to make it
    and I've
    and so actually go through all of these cake boards as well as the
    going to eyeball way the hot needs to be at
    style gonna come along and go
    a little bit less in our actual cakes
    and we just gonna work your way down
    checking ass ok to make sure it's staying nice and straight on the sides
    as well
    and to leave reach
    now for sport now I'm gonna take a hammock
    SP gets a little bit scary when people look at it but it has no impact on the
    at all we just need to get through that board so
    we're gonna hammock that until we reach
    the next cake now we can push down
    our reach and next forward down on our
    same process again making sure that it's staying nice and sent it
    now that we're not because we can use this just to counter sink in a little
    with Kat now lodged down it is just a little bit shorter than our cake
    so we've got
    brought on top just a couple more and that whites can a sunk in
    all we need to do at this stage
    take a little bit about I think and just patch that hole
    and that its all locks in together
    it's very secure you can say now that I that we've got our boards exposed little
    as I've been putting them on h1 this little bit spacing in a tight
    either you can do a spatula or I mean he's a piping bag
    and just feeling around the apt and was just messing it up a little bit as well
    piping bag a couple %ah I'm using a number seventy
    you could probably use anything from a five to a seven would be great for this
    but someone else's am gonna stop by chopping off the top about popping back
    not too much place the first section up a couple are in
    and you can say that thats
    a nice sized on all the lights that's hot place at tip on
    and the rest a coupla screen on tightly just make a seeker
    in your hands city can skip it in like a funnel
    site coming along
    can see that's just covering import
    its basic basically putting it
    come around and justs me that and to stop with
    just blending it sewing
    thanks for the best strikes
    and that's it alright site well we're going to do now is place it onto
    out beautiful cake stand and get ready the most important hot
    of the final declaration which is the flowers okay so now taking a cake
    we can t take a large spatula just gently touch app cake
    wage that underneath
    lifting op and I think they were acting as though this isn't TS
    so wanna make sure that this equal spacing on all other sides
    so an elite these pics Camille a bit heavy
    just drop it down again you looking to have
    a little bit extra the front because you can always push it for which
    really taking a spatula and just allowed to drop
    and while the special is the hot can't say I've got my special parking and HEA
    we're going to manipulate and move it into the position that we're happy with
    so releasing just gonna pull out ask such a lot
    and then we'll be ready to decorate it
    plate put it on a beautiful and traditional but a little bit more rustic
    stand we're going to do the same thing with flowers we want to pick up
    something that
    a little bit more traditional asphalt Posey on top
    and to help us out with that dying to show is
    although we need to know with the flowers have chosen today
    a few old-fashioned talk flowers to complement this cake
    I'm one being hydrangea have also chosen
    an intake rise which complements the color as well
    and nothing to brought cheesecake soft and beautiful
    and a very favorite for many people is David Austin so we've chosen
    page to bring a b2b to did have color into these
    my home today I think the page :1 za PolyOne the most stunning flowers that
    got in season
    so far this year and if it saves you may choose different class to complement
    compliment absolutely yet so how do we start wiring have we were
    festival we're going to show you hide right now up pre why somebody
    by about I'm going to share with the hydrangea with cattle very close to the
    bottom of the flower its
    and and we're going to use a 24-page fly which also pre capsaicin captain
    to roughly this link weekend if aidid through
    to have the Y to the Clarets am
    ethically back with I think this
    so you have it's very it's a little bit tricky but you get used to the feel of
    see the actual that you creating a false statement and then we're going to take
    another one at the sign
    because as a little been white this lhasa needs to be balanced and
    it's a big here is a big blanket and hygiene justin's you can use those stems
    can you because they just this solidarity
    and the heads adopt and I double s office exact ages so swamped the rest
    about flowers
    and lip because we're going to use EFL out while he and I have a limited
    Reina put Thursday NC small you want to get a get the other
    I'll the other flowers surprises and David Austin
    so excited para filme through these
    to why it's so important all together again it's just a lil bit tricky credit
    to the top
    but once you've got that thirst case around
    and her fans very commonly used
    in national thousands well lease for all types that
    isn't the straight quite in some quite a stretchy as louis mo mat
    and but with fresh flowers you tend to prefer that the power film
    is because it's a it's much appreciated so going to continue to Paris film
    all the way down the stands hydrangea stretching and pulling in power
    film and twirling a flower about to create that nice new thick
    all the way down and United hydrangea it's quite heavy
    back down otherwise be much bigger than this because then we won't be able to
    and into the top of the cake so once we have it all the way down
    quite a claim on I'm going to show you have to wire
    the intake rivals again using a

    while and to the right
    so you feat through the top power the petal straight through
    pull it down together
    put a parent film stretched around the top of the rose
    and now you can actually I
    you heard it through the petals themselves so that they say nothin
    they stay nice little yet close the doughnut we don't want them to open up
    fully because arris will continue to specializes atwater
    yet and if its re-opening it wilts we don't want to know I absolutely love
    each other
    a nice and fresh want them to look exactly la we've done them now
    nada de la since the last one and died of SIDS a very fragile to work with they
    petals will fall off quite easily so you need to be a little bit delicate with
    see Tony de vit awesome upside down people on the side
    of the petals and poor back into closes the flower
    weekend and again you
    gauge wire on this
    we're going to Paul part of the grain
    stein comes down in a pool that
    back to either side and we can defeat
    through from one side to the other so actually holding these petals together
    put down and turn it upside down
    and safekeeping working with sugar flowers this is a radical difference
    between how
    you why %uh real flowers and haywire sugar flowers
    so then we're going to gain para filme stretching and pulling
    from the top of the flower all the way down the stain
    he went well this one quite as hard because
    it will a is quite fragile so and next eight points but once we have them all
    actually going to pick up hydrangea on
    and rather than sit them sorry we're excited that I can actually
    inusa file by like a sore right in the center
    skin a place that Ian and it should
    pass really easily through the cake and we just want to be resting flash
    with the case said that's really simple n Easy and it just means that those why
    on going into the fayed and it also means that there's not much what he
    sings all over the top everything he's
    I kept in one nice phat to create a really nice
    soft feel for this cake instead actually placing flowers
    invasion onto the cake I'm actually I do a little hand-held Heisey
    with the with the fast himself and then we're gonna place the whole flower
    onto the K so I'm going to work with my day that Austin's first
    and I'm gonna pick them due to size I'm going to
    from and make him going to separate slightly the flower itself the hydrangea
    and I'm going to place the diver awesome into that
    and we don't want to pull them down too far because then
    that you actually see effective them and put them in nascent I
    which was we don't want that scientific focal flowers to still baby
    Lytle from from the race yet apart so than on
    probably ametuer the way around we're going to do to sign the game with the
    next time in Austin
    and we're gonna fade through and place it out
    and then I'm rather than two separate more hola
    the rice and the doses were going to a slightly different
    we're going to bring that David Austin in through the very top
    fayed the wire
    we're going to put through the bottom said its place still
    lovely a heart and then you'll find that the flowers will actually fall into
    I'm the next lower going to use other enterprises
    not chosen a stat that really am soft
    unanimity on teach I have ever gotten star with up the pedals that just
    fell back and shot points I think the hydrangeas overall it just looks a
    little bit more
    I old school really on drizzly morning tea and a different
    flowers with chai since I or complement each about so they're not fighting each
    other in May
    in the flashlight for this size and we're gonna play sup
    an intake rise onto once I'm slightly bend the standard all
    so that actually see pass a little animal that she's the next time which is
    slightly bigger
    in I'm size and we're going to pull that one
    again into the other side that we're gonna play some pretty well next to each
    and we can actually saw people went down a little bit
    so that we have a lot a follower feel to it
    and the last one we're going to bring completely at the opposite side
    might have to juggle around a little bit because as you feel h

    pushed back up again all of that para
    films you could pull together at the bottom a to the flower months you've got
    them together
    in it wat a place where you're happy and some
    you might have to actually push a little bit from the top but when she pressured
    her films together
    they come to get time what impact on my stick
    yes I do unnaturally just likes to stick together so want to get to that stage
    it's a little bit easier to halt and then you're just gonna get around a soda
    with granite top you don't have to park film is all the way down
    just enough to hold them together them all because we'll be cutting
    anyway I've I'll is only a couple inches long our site
    so we're gonna get mad at myself and I yearly so we don't need powerful
    all that's I'm gonna cut them badly that he doesn't want them too long
    say cut through your bias and then gently holding under ni
    and your place that into deflower okay
    said your have to push just very lightly
    from the top so that actually sits down but also why it
    to extradite austin's which we're going to place
    down the front of the cake to get into place in
    just that nice angles for the first time we going to place into
    this I was going to slot into the hope because only a tiny little bit why we've
    kept things very very short
    because we don't want long lies and okay then
    the next month we're gonna do at a slight angle of to the other side and
    again just slightly into the tight say that I i
    not last fall we're just gonna slightly turned this around so that the diagnosis
    balance with
    HK uncanny the UK
    is complete we had now finished wedding cake
    the beautiful fresh flowers and now in terms of preparation time
    the cake itself as long as it's not going outside or anything like that in
    the middle of summer
    it can be done in the morning or even though not all out but as far as the
    fresh flowers go how much time have we really got
    depending on the classiest some plaster don't have a lot of life span data
    wat outside hydrangeas and David austin's
    especially our fragile flower so they do like water said
    like to the better crime so we can get it all set up at the venue and then last
    minute but the plan is I was on remedy ceremony time that would be fantastic
    and while this is being hardly a very informative tutorial I hope that you
    plan to Los
    and I'm we look forward to seeing *** *** Garden Themed Cupcake Decorations, Garden Fondant Decorations - YouTube !!!
    welcomed the heavenly creations
    today I am going to be showing you how to make these garden themed
    cupcake decorations for the less you can take
    green you can make a ball dream
    you're gonna
    she's flattening out a little bit
    she picked new com McCown
    you can take your ass is a dream
    Rolla now marina can have to leave something less
    so actually and any
    use this Jan angel on here as
    partly some which can occur now
    sections can leak yes
    school uses dream
    for many new is
    TT yes
    and stick them onto
    yahoo.com that we just me slowly forming what looks like lettuce
    use doesn't need to be permitted supposed to look like a much more
    just can pushing on you
    i'm relieved when armed Murray won independence
    stick out
    you need some two sleeves
    he just keep wearing a mom tell you give as many as you want
    sorry and keep
    my hearing it on
    sequel to couple March so means krakow
    and a month on on him
    in I'm gonna take cut off the bottom
    since can become more like income
    thing you could add more only used to it are here okay with the way and it's
    you can mean it like acne
    have a little headliners me stick on cupcake
    to make the peace on
    on a roll out some green unique
    out and all
    you can be rough Shanahan
    smooth out the engines doesn't look
    marine taker green unique

    my new law
    Sam switches every time you pee
    so just keep ruling out a little malls
    noon to you have five
    when you gonna bring this Ange
    up onto it
    and is
    and if you wanna and what looks like a little bit mind to it
    you can just take some green stolen art into
    threatened you can leave that next to the people on
    on the cupcake
    soon be coming out from
    can find she at the usual P
    on to make it to carry it
    we're gonna take some arms fun am performing the sheep
    secured servers for any kind of roll it out leaving
    dinner one and the current the other
    much we're gonna make
    to love them we have a pair of carrots
    and make it look like you're gonna
    use a knife dryer
    pushin lines
    and then we're going to take some real fun
    you can kind of push it flak
    up and we're gonna make
    some caner springs for the green part
    yes just
    and then onto care
    so underneath in a look kinda squished but when you look at it
    you have a carrot for garden
    peaks hopefully this video is useful on you have fun making all these different
    things for cupcake
    I Garmin team you can subscribe to my channel to see more videos of all kinds
    of cupcake
    teams decorations that you can make easy made expirations

    is always have fun making he's *** ***

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