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mini cakes -Miniature cakes shelves with mini cakes mini cakes how to make

shelves with mini cakes mini cakes how to make

    mini cakes -Miniature cakes

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    CAKE_DECORATING_TUFTED_BILLOW_WEAVE_FIN.mov - YouTube !!! *** *** Decoración de Tortas - Cake Decoration - French Contour (Billowing) - YouTube !!! French (Automatic Captions) French (Automatic Captions)
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    on se sent pas la rose *** *** How to Quilt Fondant & Buttercream - YouTube !!!
    hello i'm are showing their and my husband Roland on cake by
    stock com or professional cake decorating inspectors
    an Food Network he's okay call
    are also known for a lifetime K okay we do
    for celebrity photos another available on our website too
    and I'm gonna be using an impression mat in it
    its fine site where the design is raised and one side
    where the design is free fast and the recess I could be towards you and the
    where it's raised will be against the K and
    I'm just going to spill into cooking oil spray on the
    raised side way and wipe off any excess
    and help prevent it from sticking to thank me my thing
    so I wanna do you know yes
    have my math up next to the buttercream icing aligned with the bottom of the K
    but I want to avoid the last in church so
    up the design because I don't want that line on the edge
    to show so I'm just gonna hold it in place
    and then run my fingers along at this time
    avoiding that
    last answers to all the way on the design
    make sure you
    cover all the lines you could use the smoother for this too
    but you have time remember that the cake is round and so you have to roll around
    the K
    can order cue
    have the design here on the sides
    I'm just going over to winds one more time with my finger
    make sure they got nice and impressed
    can make sure that the math days and position
    because you don't wanna double impression make everybody feel like
    dizzy like so and i wanna
    line up the lines from the previous section
    market around the cake and then do the same thing
    not automatic and and then when you come around to where you started
    will treat your there and it's never gonna line up perfectly
    I'll just do the best you can
    gonna be using this diamond quilting to all and it comes in different sizes
    this is a large-size and you simply pressing up against the side up K
    and rocket from laterite
    it design and imprinted in there
    just from dry
    make sense
    kellogg back when you rollin across and
    at since the cake is round I'm working on here
    I can roll it get wage not
    signs but not implant when I come around
    QB back II where I started
    I it probably is not find a matching that place I just can't happen
    figure like how much it's gonna overlap in the last one and can have
    justice thing by you might
    a swagger lower something in that spot
    no imagery this handy little tool is called the design we owe and it comes at
    three different
    cutting wheels the 1i have on it right now
    is a just a plane
    edge however yet is sort of a rounded line and
    many the other and design wheels have
    a real sharp edge more for cutting but this one is for
    quilting so you get more about a blind Justin indentation versus
    ok at in it sewer the am
    cropping tool maybe you need to continue a line or something you use this design
    we offer that
    so if I wanted to go up a little higher say with families lines that uses
    design we'll for that and
    if there's a line that I maybe didn't get impressed quite deep in our
    I can go back is and and can just a little bit more
    it also would me a little bit more payload but if you do
    use the design we all be sure you don't go back and forth because you're gonna
    have to get more
    I'm double impression and they will
    look kinda blurry and I'm not near as needed
    you just might have one lining man where the
    intersections at the time is come together and then at the mall sugar
    UK I thing dots are you could but plant your flowers for the Liberals macomb
    look like com attempted lol
    hand I'm using tweezers here that are made especially for
    round objects and we have these on our website a cake supplies plus dot com
    they have a little indentation and the center I'm around objects like the sugar
    so I just I've added piping gel
    to where the intersections come together
    and and I just a little sugar pearls
    where I think jealous makes for a pretty
    tempted like a way to make
    coordinating tears with your quilted cake is to use the
    diamond filter here as a cutter instead of a quilter
    and I'm using the small size in this case mal
    filter and I used it test is a cutter I cut out diamond shapes and killed the
    way they arrested
    funded and you want a role in the final fairly and
    otherwise you can it has a blocky left when you put it on there
    man I'm just going to use some %uh the edible silver spray
    comes in gold and pearl also and just give it a
    light coating maybe two or three times to get in even effect on it
    and let it set up just a couple minutes so that I can touch it
    you would
    straight is just like you arms spray-paint you wanna
    gone long smooth strokes versus backed partisans would be up a lot G
    and if you live in an area where you're an able to get the gold or silver balls
    I'm you can actually make your own by using this
    Adam also her gold spray and
    you just simply thank you either fun at all
    shake-up of in a small container and then just spray
    chant way across them you let it dry
    and you keep moving I'm in there if they try
    finish they
    look like this you couldn't frame even deeper you want it *** *** Roses and billowing - YouTube !!!
    hello everybody this is Kat I
    right on the ball and making some roses first
    and it is this one in this is I C
    it's almost for some partners get the cutters
    and the second one was
    this way
    and this with done
    on with little balls upon it
    little round balls less
    moment last on the next one is this
    on almost done with
    pedals just lame side by side and then
    indicted billowing and I didn't really fast
    this I used one and a half by one-and-a-half
    and some leftover
    call tragedies from
    my flowers
    this one here that I took a par on that was on my wedding cake
    and then I did this from this morning
    an estimate the same cutters
    still less often kinda
    me but yes
    and think it is really liked Center
    like Starcraft Center swirled it around
    that a big lump in
    X a good way putting into your cake
    anyways this is my least favorite and let doesn't look like a rose
    take some annis flower any
    thousand going in the trash also gave the spring
    okay over now from Arizona
    back *** *** Billow weave pillow christening cake - YouTube !!!
    hi everybody to this easy to make in this area
    she died and my latest cake this is a back to him
    cake for a little I'm for baby Isabella
    sedate him back to them and I decided to make
    I have been dying to try out this new technique and
    it by food tree on
    triana aggrieved I'm injury she had a video
    armor and this some tufted
    biloba leaf good but com
    I decided to just kind of take a look at it and try it out before I thought video
    and you know will be buying the video became loose change it and we keep for
    I tried it without looking at it kind of
    took a shot at it and I think it came out quite beautiful
    im just called up a little bit he has conceded be killed
    to but not me to compete in a used ATM
    Wilshere are button mauled to I think it some old number two
    on through these little pearl buttons
    and those polled by an I'm spiral for
    p.m. I ruffle the end up the cake
    and I meet the cross out
    and gumpaste and put out fun shove pearls on it
    on edible pearls are anyway this is p.m.
    the pillow is basically covered in fondant decorating
    with on love arm the children
    income paid I'm displaced more here
    is from from role will be a comma army
    taking they sell them enclosure where as RV lmao
    and it is the blondie moral on
    from that that's pretty much it I made the pillow with
    be will
    pillow on cake mould
    and we don't have to carbon trying to figure out the shape and so on
    I'm I made a little plaques to put God left it's about a lot
    I'll with just a flat piece of compete
    and added all the little details 3 p.m. Bromby
    I mold and close buttons and
    the beach mold cap pendants some
    give it a pop artifact and I just have like a flat will
    and sign on it so anyway this is pretty much idk I
    I'm in love with this cake I think it's a stolen and taken to a beautiful
    I can we can make a them cake like and appeared
    cake so on I don't be don't break it
    for the looking forward to your comments arm so just let me know what you guys
    on again this method is called tufted biloba leaf
    and it's pretty much being caught
    and invented by student Ronald Tom
    so it just kind of adapted by me thank you for subscribing
    and looking for cheap comment thanks *** *** Wafer paper rose flower , cake decorating,rice paper leaf, peony. - YouTube !!!
    how the 1i commercial I make my baby happy per
    so I how are to conquer answer
    to inch in diameter and the Hound only
    Pieper how couple sheets gonna make a circle I can cut it by hand also
    screw might be can take a long time to do just come pick a buncha circles
    so I have already some here doesn't cut it
    I am using a ball click
    huge half for more
    and I'm using
    gauge wires answer to Nepal
    can use a whole so good if you'd like to
    minds okay sup
    and now I'm gonna clue
    little tools them into sir
    call can use water or you can use our
    Goncalo but make sure don't put too much because you can
    me gonna mild paper to season just
    tile mom and I wanna make sure
    did stick sticks to the ball
    the first but ask it's kinda hard to do students to creep
    picture sticks
    deluxe scum
    current here good former just
    title here good
    put on and
    to the can see its rebuttal but it's not gonna be
    visible because even call this up
    just called just covering the bomb gonna be one
    pictures sticks
    last to school
    and now I'm gonna to the second
    was a second hundred in the same things how
    I mean few those couple
    p.m. not too much because Adam
    paper just pulled
    the same
    trend used
    cos its very easily
    this here P hmmm
    ok its
    two-thirds rule the same way I think the second
    computer ok just
    group you have to watch it honey like you
    stick just
    could swim so
    talk how him
    cut circle Kim but mama cut it
    come up with my just read here Salem
    and just couldn't just still week
    talked to give it to she yes
    filmmaker to see put some
    conclude this many this many pickles is here to make
    are just gonna keep doing it come come
    for the last
    cut miss her
    him and i jus hardly cuba
    she just time because i won
    to be more this is home-schooled
    mamas hands can curl
    just a tiny little other side
    just like this
    and our company is just a water just attorney wanna put them on spur
    just water read here gonna make it look
    more natural concurrent itself
    so this is holding month
    done before still
    attached to the floor using
    comp should its sticks
    to come sad because i won
    open others leader
    took school
    just to
    gonna put signs jus
    gonna finish come back
    for my last I'm hoping here
    it's kinda tricky solely first
    he didn't put clue here complete just a little
    here here gonna
    last circle
    images Google's
    so now I can you use
    I'll pat on the house more
    %ah hairbrush and give it can give it to me lol
    collar so on this Facebook
    problem to here goods
    to open you can go and look feel like you worry could put a little bit more
    include killer where it's not pollute how you want
    how much have come over Clark
    power week huge no minno
    screenings just terminally ill
    you just you look to you
    I'm me good are also
    just given just color I want to be like most current

    its killed more online
    problem we're you with her body was a hair brush burn
    like not everybody here brushed scripture
    have to do not miss just a regular brash
    can play was it hope you like
    this is what and thank you for watching
    and try to leave I wanna make a leaf also for my flower
    I can I use Justin leftover paper
    to the used for my followers I school current
    piece here this is what I have
    and I can I use are still

    little girl can
    I am using wire my flower come up a little bit on my
    fire also you can afford
    alone path the
    paper here
    and I kinda cool together like this
    wanna make sure it sticks
    explicar and mongolia's
    my scissors cuz I wanna give it
    well but more shape like
    now could cut it was my just a regular scissors
    to do it was my other systems still kinda websites
    just like this
    and I can occur other side
    just like this
    in the rico heavenly connections
    Ashley stick
    and now I hope gonna put some collar on it
    just gonna use a petal dust from the you scream
    help to shape
    Light & Power first
    both sides
    coming up a little bit more on top caller you can use any call you would
    just help
    also you can put a little our water if you wanted to pearl
    sites here
    and their ego Italy *** *** Ruffled couture inspired cake - YouTube !!!
    hey everyone needs to this is Eden weekend is
    sure video to show you guys I'm
    one of my cakes for this weekend in this cake
    is a birthday cake arm
    it is kind of like eight kids who were dressed as pirates
    stress a
    so like resembles the skirt over roughly droughts
    I'm this key is for my husbands
    aunt we are having a surprise party for her today
    arm sorry about that and
    I wanted to surprise her with a cake so this is what I came up with I
    he's was looking online and I found the key
    every stumbles the bottom year
    I'm I completely for
    got what the website was that it was a blog
    anyway I thought the key was absolutely beautiful
    I'm I will post it on the little window once I find
    and the original creator have
    these rifles here it's basically made by cutting
    guy using a circle cutter I used
    this circle cutter it's about and
    in see like maybe
    to two-and-a-half three teams
    it's like a three inch circle and then you cut the circle
    enhance and you can alleges gather
    the flight and and actions here cake so
    on its really really really easy to make
    I just a little bit time consuming if you're making obviously a whole lotta
    these but it was so easy any kids the cake such
    gorges colleges look the flower
    oh my god I'm totally in love with this lower I E
    Chynoweth arm
    meet this flower up by
    sheer accident it was basically like
    a bootable I'm I took one and fees
    it's a this circle cutter occurred at a circle
    and I needed to learn these rifles I sold it is
    and then I refolded it clothes that they need
    became this title and it looks tough it and I think this looks
    amazing I absolutely love it something I tried again
    you can use it more often on the brooch obviously is that I double
    but the entire cake is covered enough
    on didn't even the ruffles army now to find it
    and it's going to have a letter 8 as a top earners mom
    I just don't have it with me its at on her house the birthday girls house
    so I'm just kinda showing you guys the cake without it
    I'm I'll take some pictures impose it later so
    on the key customers locate his not a big cake because it's not a big party
    anything like that it's an
    skating 26 image topper
    and I pleaded
    on a
    time and that's pretty much it for this
    in a couple hours
    and its claim to sorry about that half the same
    ruffles on just in like Lee
    Late Late baby pink still stay tuned for that one
    I'm totally comes out great I'm thank you guys for checking out my cakes re
    looking at my channel
    I look forward to hearing your comments and your likes
    I'll everyone have a great weekend
    me *** ***