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    how to make a CHOCOLATE FLOWER rose by Ann Reardon How To Cook That Chocolate - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to howtocookthat.net, I'm Ann Reardon. Today I am going to show you how to make chocolate
    flowers. To start with you're going to need a rolling pin or something round, two thin
    strips of baking paper, some melted chocolate, sticky tape and a Ziploc bag.
    Pour your chocolate into the Ziploc bag and then cut off one corner. Start with a small
    cut because you can always make it bigger if it's too small. I'll show you a few different
    petals. First of all pipe some circles in a row on the baking paper. And then I like
    to put the bag of chocolate into a bowl to stop it tipping out just bend the tip upwards.
    Take a second sheet of baking paper and place it over the top of your chocolate and then
    using your thumb or your finger, push the chocolate upwards making it into a petal shape.
    Then peel the top sheet off, and this makes them very thin so they have that petal-like
    look to them. And then place the sheet over the rolling pin so that the petals curl around
    and then once they set carefully peel them off the paper.
    For a second time, pipe some circles of chocolate and this time spread them out using a spoon
    to make them elongated and then cover them as before. Make sure you are using tempered
    chocolate; otherwise your petals are going to melt just as soon as you take them out
    of the fridge. If you're not sure what tempered chocolate is then click on the link in the
    description below this video to go to the chocolate playlist and in there you will find
    a video on how to temper chocolate and another video on what chocolate to use for chocolate
    decorations. This type of petal that we've just made curls over at the top like in a
    flower that has been open for awhile
    The third type of petals that we are going to make are the smaller ones that you'll need
    for the center of your flower. For those place a circle of chocolate on your baking paper
    as you did before, spread them out using a spoon and then a second sheet of baking paper
    over the top and spread them out. Peel it off to make them thin, then put another sheet
    of baking paper over the top and roll it up into a tube and use some sticky tape to keep
    it in that tube shape and then just allow it to set. And then when you take them off
    the baking paper you can see that you've got those tight smaller petals for the center
    of your flower.
    To put your flower together use a cookie cutter ring and place a dollop of chocolate in the
    middle and then starting with the outer bigger petals, put them around the edge, usually

    petals is ideal. Then I'm going to use the petals that curl over a little bit
    on the next row and then the smaller tighter chocolate petals right in the center. If you
    don't have a cookie cutter ring that's circle like that, you can just improvise and use
    some paper towel rolled into a circle or anything that you have that that's sort of shape just
    to give the petals some support while the chocolate is setting.
    Once the chocolate is set you can take your flowers and place them where you needed them.
    For example in this one is on top of the chocolate cake.
    Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to How to Cook That and left lovely comments
    and clicked like, shared the videos, I really appreciate all your support. You guys are
    awesome, thank you. *** *** Beautiful Rose Cake - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    its benefit from cape style and today i'ma show you how to make this ginormous
    rose cake it's cool and so pretty all at the same time as well be sure to give
    this video a thumbs up for now and show you exactly how it's made cake I have
    gone ahead and buy to think things round case I've used my vanilla cupcake risky
    at the details in the Description box below for you and it also made up some a
    sweet butter cream and often today in a really pretty shade of like the other
    recipes and I'm using it for modeling chocolate you can find all the things in
    the Description box logs everything can be made it home at three and
    three-quarter inch circle out of a cake flight I have a lot of
    inch square
    cake board especially the cutting I have a cookie cutter that is also a queue and
    three quarter inch as for a paintbrush and an exacto knife I'm gonna be easy to
    paint brush with them clear alcohol just to help the modeling chocolate stick to
    itself the first thing I'm gonna do it by k
    money is that each cake and if
    you don't have the capability can always do this by hand
    out pink buttercream and I'm going to apply it to act like light and then
    attach that to the best of my out and now it's time to apply more buttercream
    filling ladies and then go ahead and put the top of that cake only directs this
    continued healing layers and chill the paper is based in like an hour ago
    heading into the fridge for a good 10 minutes so I don't do it's just a way
    that cake a little bit at the base here just to come back to win this board is I
    don't take much to really look like the face of a flower
    waste could even that little bitch and the petals around it and i'm looking
    Qatar just a market weather center give a little bit of a press the key to not
    have too much at a time when I just cut out just a little way and now i cant
    stop working day that's really important during this cake is not and shield
    that's what mine looks really belief is that it's not that cold and that makes
    it so much easier major don't have a real close to it really because gonna
    get lots of body from the petals a cheaper way
    a little bit of space and that we went for a buttercream now wanna go ahead and
    plan from coast to the whole cake
    back into the fridge for another few days but now I'm a playa final coat of
    but agree on the bottom and inflammatory and work on the job
    by crimson I got the cake and pop it down when it takes off my doctors to
    pick and roll it out just using a brain matter I dot com I can do so by two and
    three-quarter cookie cutter and then I'm gonna cut just a little bit more than
    half and then could I take this and this is gonna be on the top of my flower
    a second circle about two-thirds of it this time just to blunt the edge to rate
    around the top shape and I'm gonna take a cookie-cutter one size up cut it out a
    bit more than half to get up and just pinch the edges of his
    battles you
    want to stop by having the left side fairly close and late the right side of
    town to stop we have another pic tool that you can filter the talk again maybe
    not opened last one and I feel the pedals just at her church sometime in
    the same size but we're gonna come around here the same technique keeping
    it open on the right
    not here mediumship each other or almost identical but just this little variation
    will really help to make it look more natural hair except just cut a nice
    because I just want off the border he's the edges just like we have been again
    working on the left and leaving the right thing and ships just a little bit
    make it look more realistic
    gonna keep the pedals really think at this point we still want to come back in
    just pinch the edges that's really important thx nice and deal with it till
    you come back in between being a touching the left and leaving the right
    hoping you just leave it up a little bit hard to us
    commercial color makes five petals open and really individual and unique in a
    patent and show you want them to be the most Angely wanted them and then brought
    the edge to soften around each of the fridge for
    seconds or so so they'll
    keep their shape on the case
    take off and come along little
    now the moment of it is not looking too so he can go ahead and apply a little
    bit of clear alcohol and set up a little bit more come back just separate the
    pedals just keep them you know that make the calyx five entry and then wrapped
    them around ok to do that I'm just gonna cut out
    angular leaf shape not too far for the week in the public's
    we have had so much fun making this cake I would love it if you would leave some
    comments below of the color rose that you would love to create if you'd like
    to see more cool cat you took place here we always have the latest videos in this
    playlist and remember to subscribe to our channel for more videos we have been
    on Tuesdays and Fridays *** *** Chocolate Strawberry Roses HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Portuguese Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
    And today we are going to make chocolate roses which have a strawberry in the middle.
    To start with you'll need to make some modeling chocolate and I will link you to that recipe
    video on my channel at the end of this one and I'll also put a link to that below.
    Roll out 5 balls of your modeling chocolate some can be slightly larger than others that's
    fine and just place them on some non-stick baking paper.
    And then roll a snake of your modeling chocolate as well and place that there.
    Space them out on you baking paper and then place a second piece over the top. And then
    gently squash each one and then roll them flat using a rolling pin.
    Then do the same with the snake, squashing that long and flat.
    Wash and hull your strawberries Then take a cake-pop stick and dip it into
    some of the tempered real white chocolate or you could use melted compound chocolate,
    either one. And push that into the cut part of the strawberry. And then dip the whole
    strawberry into the chocolate, turning it to make sure it is completely encased in the
    chocolate. You want to make sure you choose strawberries here that are symmetrical and
    cone shaped so they are kind of pointy at the top. Not the huge strange shaped ones.
    Let that set. Then take your snake of modeling chocolate
    and roll up one end going about half way and this making the centre of your flower.
    Using your knife cut off half of the spiral so the underneath half of it making sure you
    don't cut off the long end of the snake we still need that.
    Now place the spiral on top of the strawberry and then wrap around the rest of the snake
    so that it is tight on the strawberry bit but loose at the top so it looks like petals.
    Then take your first chocolate petal and place it on the side of the strawberry.
    Take your next petal and overlap it over the first one.
    And repeat that again with the next one making sure when you look down from the top into
    the rose that you can't see any of the white chocolate.
    Then gently use your fingers to feather out the top of the petals so that it looks like
    they are opening up.
    Take another petal and stretch it around to cover the white chocolate at the base and
    up to be the right height at the top. Then bend that petal out at the top a little so
    it looks like the rose is opening up.
    If you have a petal thats not quite round like this one just find the best edge and
    use that for the top of the petal and stretch the base down like we did before to make it
    reach to the bottom of the bud.
    You can leave it just like that or you can continue to add more petals if you want a
    fuller flower.
    Continue to make more roses, you can do some in white modeling chocolate or coloured modeling
    chocolate if you prefer. I just stuck to the milk chocolate and the white chocolate for
    this bunch.
    In the bunch I also want some of the strawberries to be visible.
    because I want some of that bright red colour. Put some chocolate on a cake pop stick and
    push it into the cut end of the strawberry and then dip the tip of the strawberry into
    the chocolate as well. Then put it into a cup to set. This is a good use up any of the
    strawberries that were not pointy on top. And so that you can still use them in your
    bunch. Arrange your strawberries and roses on some
    celophane with some golden tissue paper or whatever colour you like and then wrap them
    up and secure them firmly with some ribbon.
    And then they are ready for you to give away, what a yummy gift.
    Subscribe to How To Cook That for more crazy sweet creations, this link will take you through
    to the channel where you can watch how to make modeling chocolate, this is last weeks
    ipad cake recipe and this one will take you to the howtocookthat.net website.
    And I'll put all those links below was well. Put all your requests in the comments have
    an awesome week and I'll see you Friday. *** *** How To Shape Chocolate Roses - YouTube !!!
    and I'll I'm about when they
    left in complexion perfection make them investing when I expect in all aspects
    cake decorating
    in stable condition yeah K team
    this is how to make chocolate runs you can make chocolate raisins
    using a Belgian chocolate polls it's also known as chocolate past eight
    on modeling chocolate and it's available is chocolate
    fashion and also white chocolate and technique is the same
    whichever paste me chills he need to break
    peace paste of said last and movement
    and soften its on your hands
    soft and pliable you can enroll the post
    in trouble soon
    between your hands said he's got
    a nice Smith ball in with your fingers
    grown it into account to make
    policy break a small piece in the post of
    became need it it's nice and soft and roll ups
    into appall his peace can become quite sticky
    if he is Tyson Schickel call failed to stop its taking
    it with and this kind of a pulsed such a compact class you want
    put the ball holst just between to send
    which banks and that was stopped the pace to stay came
    point pressed anti-family all with your fam
    mean you can't police can be ThinkPad and then with your fam
    stretch the pace to help and missus for me
    a partial and you won't be all each around
    more to be nice and pointy stroking with your fam
    from the police telling and things
    yep after
    you want to her the PUK code title around
    home what once I eat fast
    and you don't want to see all anything skull told
    in a manner the path to around waterside
    initially thinking fam her
    he had to pack for you then need to make another three
    hospitals I've got some poor already they don't have to pay
    the same signs because what room looks rough from Fortune
    want to spend Ste she went to her face three
    post around assessed long you want
    touch all Chinese to the wonderful
    to one insightful in on the outside

    something you can't teach to holding
    price happy to pop a spark between
    you think them if you wanted to make
    horrendous but you would stop at that point to make food rose
    need another five holes Southcott
    please pack us to the next level shaped in the same way
    as before joint position walls
    demand pH in each one next
    this before
    and final popper tax inside
    me and outside fun
    you want
    Hinchcliffe fan mail around basins
    this help shape also fixes her purse
    so that they don't falling off anything just
    between if England Sam you want
    hell the protests from sent when she finished
    shaping the rails you want to cut the excess post
    Boston about

    and that's how to make a chocolate lungs *** *** MAGIC CHOCOLATE FLOWER DESSERT How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Norwegian Russian Spanish (Latin America) Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That
    I am Ann Reardon and I've had requests this week to show you how
    to make a magic chocolate flower dessert. This dessert is inspired by photos of one
    you sent me one made by Pastry Chef Joaquim Sousa in Portugal.
    Firstly you need something to go in the middle of your dessert. I am using a chocolate macaron.
    I have a whole video that shows you how to make chocolate macarons so I'll link to it
    in the description below. Next take some tempered chocolate and pour
    it out onto some acetate or thin plastic and spread it out nice and thin.
    Then give it a shake from one side just to smooth the top and get rid of any air bubbles
    in your chocolate. Now using the shape and you can print this
    shape out from the website and just use it as a guide make to make a curved line in the
    chocolate, followed by another and another one all the way down to the end. Then turn
    that whole sheet around and repeat that making a curve so that you're making petal shapes.
    Now if you don't want to do this by hand you can instead use two sheets of acetate and
    cut the shape out of top one using a utility knife. And then spread the chocolate over
    the top and then when you lift up the top piece of acetate you'll be left with the petal
    shape. You will need
    petals for each dessert.
    Working quickly before the chocolate hardens curve it up to make a half circle. I am using
    cookie cutters to hold it in place if you have a cylinder that you can use that would
    be even better.
    Now for our base spread some more chocolate onto the acetate and leave to firm up and
    make two chocolate truffles. You can leave them plain or you can fill them with whatever
    you like I've got thirty different chocolate truffle recipes on the how to cook that channel
    so you can go and choose what you want.
    To assemble the dessert use a little chocolate to secure a selection of fruit to the top
    of your macaron.
    Then cut circles of chocolate using a small circle cutter out of that base chocolate and
    then cut each circle in half.
    Take one of your chocolate truffles and use a little bit more chocolate to secure the
    macaron on top of that . Now this lifts it off the base so the petals can go around it.
    Once you chocolate is set, remove the cookie cutters and peel of the acetate. And gently
    seperate out the petals from that spare chocolate. And you can just remelt that spare chocolate
    and re-temper it to use it again. Arrange the petals around a silicone hemisphere
    mold. If you don't have one of these you can just arrange them on the bench but it is going
    to be a little bit harder. Then using some more chocolate add the base
    in place and this is going to hold all the petals in place right where we want them.
    Repeat that of course to make the other half.
    To make our creme anglaise or thin custard sauce. You will need egg yolks, sugar, cream,
    milk and a vanilla bean. I'll put all the recipe quantities on the howtocookthat.net
    website in gram and and ounces and cups. Cut your vanilla bean in half and you'll see
    this sticky mass inside. Just use your knife to scrape it off and add it into the cream.
    Pour the cream and the milk into a saucepan and you can add the vanilla bean pod in there
    While that is heating whisk together sugar and your egg yolks.
    Keep an eye on your cream and milk because you don't want it to boil over.
    Once it just starts to boil remove it from the heat .
    Pour into the egg yolk mixture whisking well as you do. Once it is well mixed in really
    well pour it back into the saucepan. And just put it to one side for now and we'll heat
    that up in a minute. Now take one half of your petals and use a
    little bit of chocolate to hold it in place in the centre of your bowl.
    Then add the chocolate macaron to the middle there.
    And carefully add the other half into place trying not to break any of your petals off.
    If you broke on off like I did just use a bit more chocolate to secure it back into
    place being careful not to fuse it to the other petals. We want each one to be on it's
    own Add a decoration to the top, if you have edible
    flowers they will be ideal but I don't have any so I am using a strawberry cut like a
    flower. Leave that at room temperature. When you are ready to serve the dessert return
    your anglaise to the heat and heat up to 185 degrees farenheit. If you heat it hotter than
    that it will curdle the cream. Immediately pour it through a sieve into a
    jug. Then take your dessert to the table and pour
    some hot anglaise into the bowl. The hot sauce melts the base of the petals
    making them fall open beautifully and gracefully.
    You can experiment with different desserts at the centre of your flower. Why not even
    an engagement ring if you want to propose.
    And make sure you subscribe to how to cook that for more cakes chocolates and desserts
    put all of your requests in the comments below. Click here to go to the channel to get the
    macaron recipe how to temper chocolate and heaps of other stuff. Here for last weeks
    emoji cheesecakes and here for the How To Cook That website have a great week and I'll
    see you all on Friday. [music: the boat song by youtube.com/setsailtv
    used with permission] *** *** VALENTINES Rose Flower Cakepops - MyCupcakeAddiction & Yoyomax12 Cake Pop Collaboration! - YouTube !!! English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
    Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Valentine's Rose Cakepop Tutorial where I'll be showing
    you how to make these Valentine's rose cakepops. [So] they're actually a lot easier than they
    look. For this tutorial, we'll be collaborating with my friend Tammy over at Yoyomax
    each come up with a great Valentine's cakepop tutorial for you. I'll be showing you hers
    at the end of this tutorial so make sure you head over to her channel and check that out.
    Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
    I have a polystyrene block that I'm resting my cakepops in.
    I've got a couple of lollipop sticks. I've got my pre-rolled cakepop balls ready
    to go. If you are not sure how to get your cakepop balls to this consistency, if you
    don't have a great recipe, check out our channel. I'll leave a link to our recipe and tutorial
    in the description box. I will also mention with the cakepop ball, this is a standard
    cakepop ball. I'm using quite a bit smaller cakepop ball for this tutorial because we
    don't need quite as much cake or it's going to end up being even larger than it is.
    I've got a little bit of white chocolate, just regular white chocolate that I've tinted
    with some Wilton pink color paste. I've got some of our modeling chocolate. Recipe
    for this and tutorial is available on our channel. I'll leave a link below. I've tinted
    it the same color -- pink. I've got a little tiny bit of green and a
    star cookie cutter. These are both optional extras. These roses do look fantastic without
    the little green calyx at the bottom. But if you would like that, it's an optional extra.
    Let's get started. Now I've rolled my cakepop ball into a bit
    of a teardrop shape. This one's been setting in the fridge so it's ready to go. But to
    show you how I got that teardrop shape... As I mentioned this ball's a little bit smaller
    than we usually use. I'm just going to roll that in the palm of my hands 'til I get a
    nice teardrop. You don't want it to be too tall. Otherwise you're going to end up with
    a really really tall tall rose. And I'd like to make this in a few different sizes. You
    don't want them to be all perfect because roses in nature are not perfect. So there's
    your little cone shape. And as I mentioned, here's one that been refrigerating.
    So once you made that cone, pop it in the fridge for
    minutes so it's really nice
    and firm. Then we're going to take the cakepop stick, dip it in that lovely pink chocolate
    and just insert it into the bottom of the cakepop ball. Now that one's going to go into
    the fridge for another
    minutes or so just until that lovely chocolate seal is completely
    set and then we'll come back and get to dipping. Okay, so that's been setting and I'm happy
    that my chocolate seal is completely hardened so it's time for dipping. As I mentioned,
    I'm going to do this one, pink today not red. You can do it obviously any color that you
    like and you would use red candy melts or red chocolate if you're going to do the red
    ones. Just dipping that in, giving it a little tap off. Make sure that there's no excess
    remaining. Don't worry if it's not particularly neat. It's going to be almost completely covered.
    So I'm going to take my little cone-shaped cakepop and just pop it in the polystyrene
    block. We're going to let that completely set before we start adding modeling chocolate.
    Okay, so our lovely pink cakepop bud is ready to go, nice and set. So I'm going to take
    that modeling chocolate, give it just a really quick little knead. Don't over-knead or knead
    it for too long because you don't want to soften it up too much. It becomes quite hard
    to work with. Pull off a little ball of it. There's no exact size. It's really rough and
    really easy. Then I'm just going to take my thumb and I'm just going to, basically, smear
    it across the palm of my hand and get it off as quick as you can so that it's not sitting
    on the warm palm of your hand for too long. Now I'm going to wrap this around quite close
    to that bud and that's going to form nice little curl of the bud. So you want that one
    to be quite tight in the center of your cakepop cone. Now as I mentioned, this is not hard
    to do. It's certainly not technically hard or technically difficult. But it is quite
    time-consuming. So once again, with another ball of that modeling
    chocolate, smear it out. The thinner you get it, the better your rose will look. And over
    the crease in that last piece of modeling chocolate, I'm just going to stick this down.
    So it's going to stick to itself because it's modeling chocolate. Don't worry if they're
    all closed in because at the end, we're going to go around like so and just fan them out
    so that it falls naturally. So once again, clip off another ball. With
    that thumb, smear it out. If it rips like that, don't worry, pull off that little bit.
    It's really rough and really easy. And we're just going to attach these buds now, the next
    leaves or petals I should say, over each [join]. I like to work in odd numbers when I'm doing
    roses so you do
    then maybe 5. I don't know why. It just looks better that if you
    do even numbers. Once again, smear it out. Now the reason that
    I'm using modeling chocolate is (a) because we've got a great recipe for it on our channel
    and (b) because these are cakepops and people aren't going to want to bite in to a whole
    lot of fondant. So I did think about using, maybe, roll ups or sour straps or something
    like that. But I thought modeling chocolate... I know you that you guys have all access to
    it because we do have that great recipe on our channel and it's going to taste delicious.
    It's going to be a bit of cake in the middle and a beautiful white chocolate-y truffle
    all around the outside. So you can see I'm getting a little bit bigger with my pieces
    as I go around. I'm just going to wrap. And here I'm just
    going to pull that one out a little bit so that I can get an idea of how my rose is looking.
    Continue on like that for a little while. Alright, so my rose has taken shape beautifully.
    You can see there we've just got some issues around the bottom we need to cover up. So
    I'm going to finish this off by doing my last
    long petals.
    So to do that, we're just going to use the same technique. We're just going to make them
    quite a bit longer or quite a bit bigger so I'm going to use a bigger ball. [Finally]
    enough, roll it out and I'm going to push it out the same way. Tear the ends off a little
    bit. And I'm just going to stretch it down. Modeling chocolate is fantastic. It's so easy
    to work with. If you do have any creases, just fold it over. The heat from your hands
    is going to just work it all back in together. And then I'm going to pop that one so that
    it's coming right down to the bottom of the cakepop. And set it down.
    Don't worry if it's a little bit sort of [creasy] or anything here because once again that modeling
    chocolate is very forgiving and we're going to use the heat from our hands to just mold
    that all into a lovely, seamless rose base. Alright, so we've got our rose. Now as I've
    mentioned, we can just start folding out so you can make it as blooming or as closed,
    as bug-like, or as in-bloom as you like. And just fold it out until you're happy that you've
    got a nice shape. On the sides, as I mentioned, do make sure
    that you support it. Just go around with your finger and just smooth out these creases.
    It doesn't matter if it's not perfect. It's a rose. It's not going to be perfect in nature
    and everybody's going to be really looking at the top of it anyway.
    Now, as an optional extra, you can leave it there, it's very effective. But as I mentioned,
    we're going to pop a little calyx or some little greenery on this rose. So you've got
    your green modeling chocolate and I'm just going to push it out. You can roll this out
    if you like but you really don't need to. It's so flexible and so easy to use. And I
    love roses because they are so naturally kind of scruffy and rough so...
    Cut your star. If you don't have an actual star cutter, just use a knife and cut a bit
    of a rough star shape. And then I'm going to take lollipop stick, pop it in through
    the middle and just slide that up and attach it to the modeling chocolate below. I like
    to flick them out a little bit so that you can see it from above.
    So there you have your gorgeous Valentine's Day rose cakepops ready to give to your special
    Valentine this year. We hope that you've enjoyed this tutorial,
    please make sure that you hit the Subscribe button to subscribe to our channel for more
    great tutorials. I want to theme this up with some other great cakepops. Have a look at
    what my friend Tammy over at Yoyomax
    has made for you guys this year for Valentine's
    Hi, everyone. It's Yoyomax12. And on my channel, I'll show you how to make this really cute
    teddy bear cakepops so click the link on your screen or in the description box and Happy
    Valentine's Day everyone. *** *** Fresh Flower Bouquet Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey crazy the teaching henny
    is gorgeous fresh flower speaking at any moment during Green's
    to make simple cometh sugar baking soda
    Amica insist that income potential
    only all together just make sure that the person spoke with first
    know that trying my way
    Brians I have my word oil me and i'm having
    the recipe for all this in the Description box Lee
    you located
    I have by inge
    let y'all
    the ages some no straight you might be
    next at you angry intend to try and make some very
    speed just until combined Chinook
    something like this
    next or you pick into teams that three quarters of the way
    and make them
    degrees Celsius

    next time scoring the site indicating that just leaves me a quick guide
    for cutting top house Magnussen
    to shut up
    I just rated peak and so my night

    extremely well this
    a sway K for an extended height with them
    for remedial something much to you may be wit
    and I am limiting the top make sure it's nice and tight and then saving the
    and it's going to be the face
    well kick to begin with and I'll help us make this feature
    engine comment
    stuntin went my sugar and mine
    butter together specially
    my mail here as well my expect
    and began high-speed for about two minutes into less entry
    using a special spent that on to you all head
    making people scerzusky what am on FB about
    orange three million them be the top iraqi
    you feel their just UK
    on top precedent make sure its lesson stuff an annual
    between just putting it out like he's insane
    and occurs
    music making sure that lasts until Monday
    down to make to come continue
    the last layer feel like you could even jerusalem some salt caramel
    for you UK comics and chocolate chips just
    created and sensible
    and Kristen just make sure they're all nice and
    together for into the freezer
    I'm going to the engine first
    this anything scraper and just
    table making sure that fasting is nice and tight against the
    freeze them for about
    minutes here
    one that cakes be going your
    and you
    cake from come pick me up
    or your finally essay distance the freeze
    cake making sure to you
    in all those areas but the peaks means that pocket anyone actually
    Isaac two-story que cosa bulging science spend
    income you okay in a thinking this is a very
    inlet casual as well
    season especially tickle
    excess it's great that just makes a lot me
    easy to play fun
    top as well and doesn't have to be to me because
    and the canal
    okay kristin freezer for about 10 minutes now many my final et Albany
    some stuff the top shipping not
    science you honestly it's be
    a lot become this works in a BT I'll
    didn't make even say be shy
    but top
    Wilson make sure you press netting at the bottom
    using it
    statements that speak way and keep your
    base with an angled ninety degree angle you want be nice
    even switched

    hola and shop it's great that justified in his message
    the other in triples rounded bottom and certainly would
    stay actually happen shot
    in script for this and funny chris is just killin me
    buttercream hillside
    problem a reason to be the top too much a
    you not covering UK im
    funding definitely not one said top Islamic
    but again this is becoming buttons that it's just too much about this
    just warmed up my pinstripe hot water and slowly
    beating it crossed my fucking making less than me
    even India
    the Sun kessler Kb
    show has white chocolate many something screen
    liquid cream and make sure that all
    much is nice and
    brief a second and make sure all that office
    nice and healthy year in pieces than
    iPhone announce it down this is for the soul into them
    special shortening every temperature man mike candys heading
    Columbine their as look at oil in the house you chocolate not
    sees me and feature an easy talking here
    else K and that helps you finished say save real money
    which is what you want only and richest isn't the case

    fighting back and just the gym teachers let chocolate
    down the side the key and you want to make sure that that comes on at least
    you don't want to put too much thought into only down the cake into people
    and Angelina kick butt it
    then that would be an issue that great but
    Cincinnati upside down we don't want touching the key
    at the Westin issues too not to be just
    Munchen stretch jeans
    make sure they're all different links as well general
    the top as well
    that's going to secure LK into just system
    full line
    sent I'm still impressive on
    freezer for about twenty cut away at the
    paper limited
    upside in budget
    guys admit that it's done
    this is the most never keepers is but
    more likely than not it's not going to let you know you'll be fine
    many crappy Dayton paper and to peeling it off
    and then reveal recruiting
    totally flawless and straight and
    kita having that I've got my person
    and I got some chips out as well KK
    that is just around all and funded and that's gonna hold
    races together now come sends a very short
    you can see just facing them
    okay onto the cake I used about ten or eleven reasons
    texan bunch with
    and will feel out
    his own space between with him
    no agree with faces and then by
    just this covering
    thing will also go in there with the gym sounds as well
    no just just tens anything
    to beautiful looking cases those little details others will
    allies just so Allah and His love it so crazy that is in between
    land bases like to hide those myspace
    in between
    makeshift top and flair
    days heating
    they had left here and adding some
    Gold Dust that helps my funding not just
    Christian side
    special the excess UCS pushing it out
    it leaves a really legal finish on the exam
    proceeded to paint anything seized
    and first in line at any what this
    seeking to the she say that worked up
    and and that was inside
    fresh his
    USB Kit day here's just scratched his chin
    face once to you week pundits
    me *** *** How To Make Rose Cake Pops Using Modeling Chocolate - YouTube !!!
    hey guys i cant recieve says that spot in the subset I'll be teaching you how
    to make these medical it phrase cake pop maker modeling chocolate so I have my
    light corn syrup either measuring out and my mother about chocolate and I have
    a recipe for this in the Description box below and he did my corn syrup in the
    microwave for about a good eight seconds just that it through my melted white
    chocolate and I mean gentle at the most important thing can expect you to be
    girls free and destroy the sped up pretty quickly after about
    seconds or
    so should look something like this and becoming away from the Bulls signs and
    it starts to come rain to stop straight away as I was coming off asides that's
    when you know its rating then put that in some glad wrap and allow that to rest
    overnight just a room temperature for the next day should look something like
    this should be a bit more pliable need it back into little pieces and they just
    need there is individually went to become nice and they should resemble
    something of the consistency or front just like that
    wrapped up and grab to make sure doesn't dry out what I need to rest and just a
    quick note II I'm not using cornstarch mixture using IC should have for this
    from america itself utility coloring my chocolate of God again later separate
    and electric purple through my hands and then need it on the counter and a little
    bit or early the next making my truck with Guinness this is going to be the
    glowing agent for my cake but that's just chuck with white chocolate and
    cream melted flesh this into my cake crimson just cramming a vanilla cake in
    between my fingers to its fine then adding in my my Google
    no time and I
    would only recommend doing this with you
    you're not going to do the tix show whether or not seeking to get the EP use

    and then went pretty soft and it's taken together really well they're all
    the same science and then start shaping them into your raise funds from just
    been to get between my palm here running back and forth until you get a nice
    teardrop shape then taking my kpop stiff dick dipping it into the White Rabbit
    and then stuffing it into the bottom of my little boys but not allow those to
    try and do arrest the same thing as well then after maybe five segments with
    white chocolate has tried I can't get them into the remainder of the chocolate
    and just cut them completely just talking off any excess here and write it
    as you go for even coverage that allow those too sick completely in the
    meantime NASA preparing my pedals they've taken a little bit of modeling
    chocolate peach color and among them into little balls they wanna make sure
    that your evenly spaced out the colors so you might have a lil bit too much red

    kind of move around until you have a nice diversity of colors then be close
    to each other and freshen the mount and violent talk like stick to itself really
    well so just should be a problem they're also actually stick to your account to
    be making a specialist help you to move it and a lot a lot of icing sugar icon
    as well
    you seeing growing up in just
    inch of its life I'm talking a good one
    millimeter maybe even two million twenty millimeters and then I would recommend
    using corn such as there is a lot that goes into it so you read the body to
    icing sugar than a whole bunch of cornstarch using my rose petal here and
    I'm kinda moving around so have a lot of color at the top of my pedal as much
    Korea's you can better that way
    then with the extra had just rolled out some momentum coming out two extra
    petals you need to close in total to make this cake but all of those out just
    saw them underground rap just keeping last time and stuff and I work one by
    one and using my boat and my friend pat it's running the ball till half on the
    panel half on the front and just make it and I think give it the most realistic
    look a little bit overboard at the end of your pet over and start forming a
    kpop fighting it pretty high up on the cake pops that I can wrap it around a
    little need to talk and then wrapping be comparable and overlapping on both sides
    so they'll be as tight as the bottom one for the next layer pedals and then at
    three pedals and I still think so little bit lower than the previous two pedals
    and overlap with a connect and pressures off completely and just sneaking into my
    second paper underneath the first one and the same for your third one and the
    second is gonna be a little bit tired of looking to climb out too much but I will
    shape the top of them just pinching those between my fingers and then just
    gently flaring at the science was last there are petals wedding
    the outside
    the home completely also making sure that they're a little bit lower again
    and overlapping them
    shaping it would be a loop and Elena here just to make him look little bit
    more like leaves here or text your living room design than adding
    TV but
    my kpop both on the modeling chocolate and on be chocolate chocolate and then
    pressing that on you want to try and come up as much as possible over let
    them slightly as well and threw a fit perfectly still managed to hide all of
    that the bottom they want that slice include on you can just so if she goes
    down would kind of pitched the pH as well take a look a little more realistic
    using modeling chocolate I would try to substantiate it with one day or gumpaste
    because that is just sugar whereas these taste a lot better because it is
    chocolate using my keys thanks to him this week I will make sure all the
    colors that I've used this tutorial and all the ingredients as well so the risk
    people trying to quit but it'll be in the description books the life thanks
    guys and I'll catch you next time *** *** BUTTERCREAM FLOWER CAKE TUTORIAL How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
    Today we are going to make this pretty flower cake using just buttercream for those decorations.
    For the filling between the layers we are using mascapone, cream cheese, icing sugar
    and vanilla. I'll put all the recipe quantities on the howtocookthat.net website in grams
    and ounces and cups for you and there's a link to that below.
    Mix that together until it's combined.
    And then for the syrup you'll need sugar, water and coffee, add the sugar to the water
    and heat it until it is dissolved. Then add in the coffee and stir that through well.
    For the cake itself I am using my sponge cake recipe and I'll link you to that video in
    the blog post too.
    Brush on as much or as little of that coffee syrup as you like and then add a generous
    amount of the cream cheese filling. This syrup together with the filling give it a bit of
    a tiramisu sort of flavour to the cake. Stack on the next layer, more syrup, loads
    more filling and then the top layer.
    Mix up a batch of my buttercream and again I'll link you to that video in the blog post.
    Cover the whole cake in a thin layer of buttercream, you could use ganache or whatever frosting
    you like for this part, we're just covering the whole cake..
    Use a spatula to smooth out the top ... and the sides of the cake. Then run the curved
    end of the spatula around the base of the cake in a straight line and then repeat that
    all the way up the sides.
    For our flowers we want to mix different colours and you can do whatever you like. I am using
    a green, pinks purpley colours , yellow and a little bit of uncoloured frosting.
    Take a flower spike - this just makes it easy to twirl whatever you are piping, that is
    why we have one of these. Put a little bit of frosting on it and then a piece of non-stick
    baking paper on top. Then pipe a cylinder of yellow then just add some extra bits on
    top there. Just squeeze and pull up, squeeze and pull up so that it makes the centre of
    your flower. Next take some pink icing and a
    piping tip and pipe around the centre
    all the way around... then add petals going up and down, then just up around and down.
    Keep going around like that until you are happy with the size of your flower.
    Next start in the middle and pipe a tall blog. Then pipe around it with pink to make the
    centre of the flower. Then pipe petals just like we did before and keep going all the
    way around the flower.
    And you want to repeat that with different coloured pinks so that you get some variation
    on your cake and then you want to put them in the freezer to go firm.
    Using your palest pink make some little flowers just piping up across and in, up across and
    in. And keep going so that you have four little petals.
    To make a rose bud pipe a centre in whatever colour you have spare, and then wrap it around
    in the green. Then pipe the flower colour in the centre using a
    tip twisting as
    you go.
    Then take a knife and close up the bud so you can just see a bit of the pink.
    For some extra greenery pipe a blob of green then pipe spikes on the top and all over it,
    around the sides. Place it in the freezer to go firm. And then once it is firm pipe
    a little dot of white icing on the end of each spike.
    Add some icing in the centre of the cake just to raise up the middle flowers so it is not
    completely flat so it looks a bit more like a bunch. And add one of your bigger flowers
    and some rose buds around it. Then pipe on some green on the side and add your next flower
    into place. If you don't pipe that green on first you might find it a little bit hard
    to get in between the two flowers without bumping them . Continue to add more and more
    until you have covered the whole top of the cake. If you live somewhere hot like I do
    you'll need to work fairly fast before they soften. Or you can just put them back int
    he freezer while you are working.
    If you love howtocookthat share the video and give it a thumbs up. If you're new here
    subscribe for more cakes chocolates and desserts, click here to check out my other videos, and
    here for the recipe.
    If you like this style of cake follow ivenoven on instagram she has been piping in this style
    for years now and she is really brilliant. She doesn't know I'm giving her a shout out,
    so let her know I sent you.
    Make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday. [music: youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission] *** *** How to Make Chocolate Roses using moulding chocolate/chocolate plastique - YouTube !!!
    but very costly I'm going to show you how to make chocolate raises using
    modeling job
    sometimes called k phone or chocolate plastic
    Orton chocolate ever simple process you don't need any tools besides I'm asked
    to work on
    hands it comes pace
    pounds and dark chocolate you can mix up a motel
    only my what's up fashion now very simple you can get the rest is about
    west side I'm using the dark chocolate ice
    is slightly firmer than the others it's a good one practice me
    you want to start off by making just a small Kane check it doesn't have to be
    perfect for home
    who sat down to a bold middle to stay put their
    the shit up that pace sisters house has no need for Glee's on countback
    makes you want to take pieces passenger on the scoresheet into de chez
    Press out the outer edges your patho
    sending it says it's really quite thin on the edge butthole petal doesn't need
    to be very thin
    out whether difficult to the floppy petals but the price down
    of both and gently stroke with your finger and you get a peaceful shine
    asap a secure Paso for the fast pattern
    you want to take you okay and racked this battle very tightly
    right around the cape and climbs up the spice up to the top see you lose the
    game completely
    bring this settle down towards you as you wrap it
    close-up bash cases name visible hand at the top
    once you've wrapped K simply to children access
    all-time set Japantown on the surface
    but for same price is a game for the next Patil
    take pieces pace Press out
    Andy shape again don't worry about it being perfect
    hath no runs has a lease exactly perfect
    put it down on the surface again gently straight which will bring up a shot I'm
    the size is your petals candles
    maritime where he got little ones and bad ones as shiny surface you want to be
    facing or hang gently rollback
    the ages the petal great little bit have made mint and cuts the petal
    presidents come round this came and I special shape fixes on one end
    begin to cut it around the Karen attempting to land around
    and says it down again just sitting there to hold itself in shape continue
    to press out the site your next battle gently
    smeeting thousand getting ass I'm you may want my slightly bigger petals as
    you get further out on your eyes
    members Craig fachet on each petal as you do it
    and cut the pass around to get that natural shea
    Tuckett inside had to leave already paid
    pick some just rack the to gently around each other
    you begin to see this interview rice farming again
    don't put it all the way back against hang says it down
    me to make the next et al you now want to continue adding petals
    one at a time talk each one inside the previous ones to take an expert so you
    can see op-ed a few
    fairly random shapes parish Paso little tweak
    and talking around before you took it inside and around
    iran is take next from
    and it'll movement to be outraged the petal
    Cup Patil and bring it inside your previous battle
    and talking around the race I'm doing
    petals here we tend working alt numbers on flowers the tent knife at
    need is at hand capitals and the Restless their computers and treated
    carry on talking around
    for whatever size raise you actually want to kiss you could do a selection of
    some bus and some full res is you don't need to make them
    goal large race like this I probably don't need an awesome got a nice shape
    sana might i'm happy to the technical at no one is a big lump a scaled-back
    this become price you can simply trim of
    I'm using fine how it not is from pasted to cut through not sneezing and get the
    last laugh ice
    clear you can sit on top of the cake cupcake was a delight
    makes you happy with the arrangement petals and the UK
    as easy inducing white you can use milk chocolate which comes in in pics
    white chocolate and dark chocolate priced or you can make a mess these in
    not chocolate now I have some fun *** *** How to Make Modeling Chocolate (with Recipes) - YouTube !!!
    of your
    hi I'm back in a recent video I showed you how to do
    ribbon work with rolled fondant and chocolate
    0 in this video I'm gonna show you how to make that chocolate dark chocolate
    does my favorite modeling
    medium for making things that stand up of cookies or cakes like Bo loops in its
    my favorite
    because if it stays were made with a high grade chocolate it's absolutely
    it is a little bit more heat-sensitive then rolled fondant so there's some
    circumstances under which I can't use it
    when I can I always well so I'm entry hi how I made the dough that maybe is riven
    I look forward are also not only for the flavor but because it's also super easy
    to make
    is largely a one ball process if you use your scale
    it takes two minutes Mon
    minutes max to mix up
    one email to the truck but some basic formulation is about seven ounces
    have melted chocolate I do this in a double boiler
    but it's a makeshift double boiler I just use a ball that I know it's going
    to be big enough to receive the corn syrup then I went out to this cause a
    stir ingredients chocolate corn syrup
    and I said it I do it was not touching the water
    underneath and mail to gently if you overhear chocolate
    vacancies in second beginners who have not a lot of experience with chocolate
    sometimes think policies and thickens that they just need to heat it more in
    fact that makes the situation worse it makes it even more granular
    but this is perfectly melted me to take it off the double boiler
    and I'm just wiping the bottom so water doesn't drip anywhere in effect the
    waterside we don't need that we don't want that
    in the chocolate and
    what I am gonna do at this point is
    as a further seven ounces of chocolate in here but i wanna way
    my ball with the chocolate in it because I'm going to be
    adding corn syrup to it and I i tend to like away everything for this recipe
    because then I can keep it on one ball I don't have to put the corn syrup into a
    measuring cup and then try to scoop it out there's usually a lot of loss
    in that process pasta makes I really messy
    it's messy proposition and that's one more item to clean up
    so investigative skills great also not just for this recipe but if you're
    baking in general you look at much more precise results of that
    so I hadn't weighed my ball before at seven ounces of chocolate my ball must
    weigh about

    out is cuz I'm registering fourteen point eight ounces on my scale
    to this chocolate I add either third
    a couple corn syrup or about
    Sony to take just about
    get where I want it

    this is a semi-sweet chocolate about
    percent Cacau
    ratio I'm so depending on the type of chocolate you if you want to adjust the
    concert the amount of corn syrup you use will be doing a white chocolate
    variation in this doubt
    as soon as I finish this and because gotta hire cocoa butter content
    I need to use less corn syrup to bring to go to the ultimate
    similar kinda molding consistency if I put in the same amount by white
    chocolate dove really really
    soft even after that set up for a period of time okay so I'm looking to you
    take this up three-and-a-half mountains then stop adding corn syrup
    okay so I'm just about there and when we do the stage is just do it together
    and it the mixer starts out really fluid but as I stir it usually no longer than
    one to two minutes
    this addition the corn syrup causes that
    chocolate to ficken become very pace like to the point that actually
    ultimately clears the sides of the ball the chocolates really warm to start
    it'll take a little bit longer for this to come together
    neatly in nicely you'll see them stirring hearts thickening
    and getting a little pasty don't expect this to be
    molding consistency right away it can be very very gloppy
    to start but this is close to what I would expect to see
    see at the state I'm just gonna stir a touch more so it just turns shiny
    in cleans the side of the ball like so and that's all you need to do to make
    the chocolate dow
    except you want to transfer are the ball
    and store at so they can sit for period time to firm up
    to do that I like the store in an airtight container wrapped in plastic
    just cuz i flatten into a disk and then
    it's easier to start rolling the dough are shaping it
    typically from a desk it also tends to
    a solidify more uniformly fits padded into a shallow disc is opposed to mask
    up into big ball
    at this point so is still relatively fluid that is not gonna hold the ball
    fate anyway
    so I'm just simply scraping you know the ball
    in onto the plastic wrap the one thing to watch out for
    is you don't have too many faults in the plastic wrap because when the chocolate
    set up it'll set up around the plastic and sometimes it's hard to get the
    plastic out
    so that's done fly them to a disk
    wrap the plastic around
    like so and I do another layer of plastic around this mostly just to give
    us a little more stability in south Louisiana
    travel is still soft in our office at this point my truck had cool down before
    I started it was it was lukewarm milk this is a little bit warm to the touch
    but it's it's it's certainly cool enough to you
    wrap up five letitbit.net ball for a couple minutes before I packaged it be
    easier to handle than it is now it's flopping around a little that south with
    that done you can use it immediately so if you're planning to use modeling
    you do need to do this in advance typically if it's a really cool day
    cool environment maybe sixty-five degrees in your
    work environment if you put this into a sealed container and let it sit
    it will set up to a much more solid working consistency
    something that can be molded and shaped this is Joe I actually made about a week
    but even after a day if you're on if it's not too hot
    it will set up to this kind of consistency believe it or not
    so that's the basic that making a char a dark chocolate dough semisweet chocolate
    there is a nuance as I said to making the white talk with those summer break
    now an amount that
    chocolate meringue to come back and put that together I'll show you what I
    when I do differently when we get to that point I'll be back in a sec
    hi I am back and got the white chocolate melted
    again starting with seven ounces to make it easy I'm sorry with seven ounces a
    melted white chocolate
    but as I mentioned before because I V at a cocoa butter content or the relatively
    high proportion of cocoa butter content
    in white chocolate verses dark chocolate I have to add
    less corn syrup to get to the same and working consistency just as an example
    years and finished white chocolate
    so its bendable fireball it's fairly rigid if I'm just holding in my hand
    this is not gonna start out that way it can be kinda
    after a day or two day sitting in an airtight container wrapped in plastic it
    will solidify into this working consistency
    so they said I'm in at less corn syrup in this case is about a quarter of a cop
    but I've got my
    melted chocolate sitting on a scale so I'm just gonna wait in that quarter for
    couples about
    ounces according to their
    so many watching the scale couple more big squeezes
    ought to do it
    there now
    okay same process a minister at me thinking of a scale do that because of
    it easier
    in my truck with a school
    gonna luke warm it's not steaming hot northwestern is gonna come together but
    it's gonna
    its this is a more sensitive products in the dark chocolate so
    disaster it tends to pick lee especially if the chocolate is
    at all warmed to exude more cocoa butter
    in that cocoa butter fits left sitting on the dow it'll who's out in
    the color yellow mill
    melted butter surrounding the dow Western enough I'm actually not seem too
    the owners the dough isn't as slick and homogeneous is the dark chocolate I
    don't know if you noticed other
    like Google holes in it I'm so what I like to do
    is bringing together by needing a little bit and this also works out the excess
    cocoa butter I find
    does I'm needing you'll see this cocoa butter coming out
    I find out if I don't do this and I were just a package that of the way
    packaged up the dark chocolate dough he would settle and some other cocoa butter
    would lose out if it didn't
    who's out already and it would settle into pockets on the interior the dow
    once that setup cocoa butter every crystallizes imagery crystallizes into
    something that's very very hard
    that and then ultimately make the dough very gritty
    so by working out the cocoa butter this way I get a lot of it out to begin with
    the does now looking much more plastic like it's not as not as many holes in em
    and that will and up that will end up giving me
    a just much smoother and product
    and I'd say probably released about 1 to
    meeting process
    precipice down on the counter here and package it up immediately
    you'll see there's still a lot a cocoa butter sitting around the outside
    in that too will be crystallized my package it up so
    I want to block this drive before you package it because I wanna again avoid
    and it kinda recrystallization
    either on the interior on the surface into blotted dry I simply use
    a paper towel I've water quickly I don't let it sit on the surface two walks
    it'll stick many have to the struggle to get the paper towel I would've
    the dow now flip it over clean up my
    work surface and get the extra cocoa butter of sometimes give myself a new
    set of towels if those are pretty soft
    and happy backside as dry as I can possibly get sometimes it's it's that
    exudes more cocoa butter so I may do this

    before I actually package it up flipping it over
    repeatedly but I think it's looking pretty dry so many moving on over to the
    side again clean up my work surface
    if you give it one more pat on the top no notice
    it's pretty sweet if I started with a much cooler white top and I did dark
    chocolate my dark chocolate swap here at this stage
    because much of it was cool where to start it's almost
    it's almost manageable it's still too floppy to shape ribbons and roses and
    such with
    so again I'm patting at some more and
    that's beginning to look pretty darn good it's never gonna be completely dry
    at this stage
    but if you get of all the big obvious pools
    I've cocoa butter you'll be in good shape and again I like to
    flatten into a desk I said I'm plastic
    again it's important to get any wrinkles are the plastic or they'll
    set into the chocolate on a pallet
    dry one last
    time we'll see and trying to get the most for the growth in of the top and it
    looks pretty darn good
    simply package it up the way I did the dark chocolate though
    may be given another layer of plastic says a little bit easier to handle
    and move it and then I store in an airtight container forward is to leave
    this out
    overtime wrapped in plastic plastic is permeable on the dow would get hard
    crunchy much more quickly and if I store and that Tupperware container for
    so when it goes in about
    hours it'll be set up
    something that's more like this consistency and in the case of the dark
    chocolate though
    I'm it set up even firmer typically to something like this: consistent thing
    simply put the lid on top I like to always
    dates my containers I know when the fact was made this will stay fresher
    very very long time and workable for a very very long time but
    if you let it go months for instance they can get really hard and unworkable
    and it's not really salvage on you want to move on to a new set of chocolate
    ham back a day later I told you that the chocolate dough that I made yesterday
    with set up to a firm working consistency ready to make ribbons and
    and if you believe me or not but i just wanted to show you that in fact but I
    said was true
    here's a chocolate out very very rigid now
    this is the dark chocolate damage with semi-sweet chocolate and
    just to verify I can break off and I saw a chunk
    roll into a ball and do all sorts of other things with that
    same is true of the white chocolate though I made he really
    here it is again: not so floppy anymore this is Jeff this is actually not even
    overnight it was about
    stored room temperature may be sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit maybe a
    little bit warmer
    in an airtight container a plastic for that period of time
    the white truck with you always be a little bit softer
    the summer sweet chocolate dough don't want to alarm you into also melt more
    quickly and he did your hands that's cuz I hire cocoa butter content so
    with this don't have to be a little bit more careful in terms of how much you
    handle that
    you might need to let it sit a little bit longer to set up in the dark
    chocolate that too but as you can see
    this one is forming nice round balls they hold their shape even twelve
    hours later please join me in my next video we'll be talking about how to
    shape the
    this dough into ribbons and all sorts of other edible treats that are perfect for
    cookie and cake decorating
    the sweetly build
    all *** *** Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses for Valentine's Day!! - YouTube !!!
    hello and welcome to talk cracker jacks today I'm gonna show you how to make
    awesome chocolate covered strawberry roses for Valentine's Day
    these are essentially chocolate covered strawberries that have a
    kinda Barnett like chocolate modeling clay if you will
    applied to them so they look like roses and your Valentine is sure to love to
    get it doesn't have the is for Valentine's Day
    so let me show you how easy these are to make I'm to start off by making up my
    chocolate clay here
    I've got a 24-ounce block calls almond bark you could also use white chocolate
    for this
    I'm gonna cut off three squares of this it is a total of six
    bouncers %uh almond bark and I just got chopped this into pieces
    with a sharp knife now you can use katie kinder chocolate the you want like is
    that you could use real white chocolate for this you could use dark chocolate
    milk chocolate so my sweet chocolate
    you can even use kidney belts for this if you wanted to
    but you're gonna need six ounces of that chop up flying
    at any one place that into a medium-size bowl in place that into your microwave
    and microwave it for
    seconds given a star microwave it for another
    and then go ahead and give it a star again and ultimately you want to end up
    with a nice
    smoooooth velvety consistency in your chocolate
    you don't want anyone to remaining at all you wanna go ahead and set off to
    the side to cool just ever so slightly
    well that is cooling I've got two tablespoons of corn syrup here in a
    small bowl
    and I'm gonna go ahead and color this because I'm using the almond bark
    if using candy melts don't worry about that just pick the color that you want
    but use white chocolate or almond bark like I am here
    you can color this unique color that you want to
    I'm gonna do read to start out of course always whenever I color anything red
    me start off by color in it thanks I've just put in three drops
    I'll a gel food coloring in pain comes to mister that around until it's mixed
    and I'm gonna go ahead and added my red food coloring I
    with this particular food coloring I ended up using five drops
    love that and again you want to mix that up until it is nice and smooth
    and the coloring is consistent throughout the corn syrup

    looks really dark here but you're adding this to a white
    chocolates that white chocolate is actually going to you tame down the
    color quite a bit so it's gonna be a lot lighter than what you see here
    her when everything is all said and done not gonna take my corn syrup and food
    coloring mixture
    and I'm gonna go ahead and add that into my almond bark here
    and be sure and get as much of that color corn syrup out his you can
    and now you want to mix this together be careful here you
    just wanna fold this together gonna be very gentle with this if you stir to
    it's going to end up breaking on you and you gonna end up with a greasy oily mess
    not what you want at all so just slowly incorporate that corn syrup into the
    white chocolate
    being sure to scrape down the sides of the bowl and get down to the bottom
    you mister this the least amount possible
    and you'll see here that actually thickens up on ya and thats that's
    exactly what you want it kinda hurdles if you will
    it comes together into like this rust paste
    go ahead and turn that how onto a piece of waxed paper and using the back of
    your spoon you wanna smooth this out a little bit on top
    cut it did how so it hasn't easier time drying
    they wanna put this on a plate and put it into your refrigerator
    and let this dry eye out for between four and six hours
    after four to six hours you can go ahead and take it out of the refrigerator
    let it come up to room temperature you can see here that it's still kinda hard
    even at room temp
    they want to break off a piece here and you wanna start needing this you want to
    start making it
    pliable and valuable so we can start forming at into rose petals
    now it's really tough when you first start out here
    you'll see this line love white along the edge that some other solids that has
    whose out the mixture you want to mix all that into the clientele
    everything is perfectly smooth this will take a couple minutes
    but just go ahead and keep working at it holding it over on itself and
    over on itself and just work with it until it gets up to your body temp
    federal smooth out and be nice and easy to work with
    you can see here the difference between the stuff ready to use
    and the stuff that just came out the fridge now I'm gonna meet stems for my
    roses here so I just got some
    wooden dowels here but I had laying around you could also use skewers or
    chopsticks for the house
    now I want these to be green like Arial rose
    someone to take some floral tape here and starting at one and
    I was gonna wind this around the Dell if you use in floral tape to pull on it
    gently so it doesn't break like I just to hear on me
    and that will actually activate the adhesive in the fall tape
    so it sticks to itself but just go ahead and wine that down on the dowels
    this is completely optional you don't have to if you don't want to now for my
    strawberries I went ahead and toast robberies that have a nice green top
    on them so I wanna do is grab the tops here
    and at the base just gently twist of and when you do that you should have a hole
    in the center here where the leaves have actually come
    of just rubber-stamp go ahead and set those of other side because we're
    actually gonna use those
    as the sepals are roses to give our roses a more lifelike
    appearance and then using a sharp knife go ahead and
    core out the center of your strawberry you want to do this with his many
    as you're going to have roses not up some additional all the park here and
    put it into a small bowl and melted that
    until it was nice and smooth and I'm gonna take my
    wooden dowel here I'm going to dip the very end of it in
    and I'm going to push that into my strawberry and up towards the top point
    up the strawberry everest robberies are nice and cold
    that chocolate will actually set up and culture barry on into the skewer
    and you want to dip your strawberry into the white chocolate and get a nice
    even coating other chocolate all over your strawberry
    if you need to go ahead and use a spoon be sure and get that code in all the way
    up in over the DOL
    that way idk lose everything in the place shake off the excess
    and then go ahead and take this into a piece of Styrofoam or cardboard box or
    even a vase if you want to
    and leave the state upright to dry completely and go through and do that
    with all of your strawberries
    and now we could actually start turning our strawberries into roses
    I got my clay here it is nice and warm up in nice and soft and pliable
    a pinch of about a pea sized piece or so maybe a little bit bigger that he
    the role that into a ball and I'm using my thumb and forefinger I'm impressed
    slapped and I'm going to go around the edges
    and I'm going to work this into 8 just a general
    pedal shape doesn't have to be perfectly round it doesn't have to be perfectly
    get it in a round had enough shape
    you just want to make sure that the edges your pedals are nice
    instead getting this done as you possibly can
    on it doesn't matter if they're wavy either real rose petals our way be so
    you don't worry about that part just go through any want to end up with a total
    of nine
    pedals now you want a cure for spinal here and place it on to your strawberry
    making sure the top edge love the pedal is above the point that the strawberry
    go ahead and press that on the nice thing about this clay is actually sticks
    to itself
    so all you have to do is just gently press it and it sticks to the strawberry
    and the second panel you want a place on it directly opposite other the first
    go ahead in Press that down with your finger extra it's nice and secure on the
    now with the remaining petals you want to overlap the pedal that you put on
    just like maybe a quarter of the pedal or so and again press the bottom the
    towards the base the strawberry that's where you want to
    be pressing your paddle making sure that it is nice and attached
    and as you go through here and do these pedals you take the top edges and kind
    of call them
    out and you just wanna keep doing this going all the way around the strawberry
    you'll actually end up going around the strawberry a few times depending on
    how big you made your pedals now some roses will not use all nine petals
    some might only use other and others might use

    so generally speaking though nine pedals
    looks the nicest and is enough to go all the way around the Rose twice
    to just go ahead and use your best judgment to see how many petals that
    your roses
    look best west
    did you want to finish this off by covering up
    the bottom gonna take some more pure clay hear you talk a clay
    and just gently press this around the bottom of your rose
    making sure to cover all of the white that use to dip that strawberry
    go ahead and smooth at with your thumb your finger make it look as nice as you
    it does not have to be perfect here because we're gonna end up covering this
    with the green part from the strawberry then you take that green parts must
    robbery that you say behind
    you wanna placed your dollar into the center hole that and slide
    up anyone to gently press this onto the bottom
    euros and that'll act is like the Siebel part of the rose flower
    the one place this back in the year styrofoam put it in the refrigerator to
    let everything farm up
    make sure that your strawberries on break down on ya that you can wrap them
    up in tissue paper you can place these in
    present them however you wish to your Valentine
    and there you go that's how you make chocolate covered strawberry roses for
    Valentine's Day
    now what Valentine would not love getting a dozen of these for Valentine's
    so if you like this video we should have problems up I would greatly appreciate
    subscribe for more deliciousness and keep up to date on all my latest videos
    thanks so much for watching and we'll see you next time *** *** Ruffle Flower Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys look into gracie's desserts but
    in the sense that I'll be teaching you how to make wonderful balance an entity
    to stop making a mold for Apple thousand just putting in some
    aluminium and packing it in and shaking it into a house
    just like that
    next time
    carry my fund in some got her funded hot cum paste for this
    and dividing it into you six pieces because voices his father didn't
    using the white then and some soft shell Food Co amusing in which
    think by Merkel and I'm coming in at five different she's being
    from lightest to darkest and as a coloring and arrest make sure to come
    you other goals team growth factors that day
    try it to make their
    flowers will need these tools and I'll leave the names of these in the
    Description box
    delay take you first color and I'm starting off with my life just
    at Olympic on stage and folded
    old and roll it out to that two millimeters in thickness
    take these count and chasing them
    you because they've cut then transfer it onto your sponge pad
    and using your bogus came to just bring it back and forth so you feeling out the
    edges of your so
    and you're all six penny you're wrong would be more that creates a raffle
    and increase even more ruffle when you overlap slightly as well
    place that into your remote we can shape it
    hope you like be more clothes p.m.
    mall the mall close you I will be something abt x
    a few days and then continue with the other colors each time
    I could add a new layer Kayla shades of green pink and a size small a my
    cutters well just plays
    if the top and you can add a little bit with it and and me
    as much to help stick
    mindset really just Kristen to
    yet lane and continue these steps
    I used for
    different sizes also cut is the very last two days I used same smallest so
    cut mmm
    in and make sure that the layers I
    separate from each other you want to be and ice for value and
    have a bit more dimensions had a wonderful sticking together to think
    that you can just so
    pedals fun getting a bit more before
    in for the very last one I am
    going to fold in between my fingers to think they make a really nice one
    men places friend center of power
    you can keep close like that if you like or if you like it to be the more I've
    been you can
    to school those pills back
    into such as the flour into you happy with the way it looks
    by adding more apples and then you can help it sustain
    be more right in ending with the border into the center my fellow that's going
    to help me tweet him a little cold
    ample hello measly backup vocals tools to Chris

    and make sure they're attached
    using that both still to help create the little flowers I'm gonna use
    love and doing the exact same thing back and forth nothing to
    in unravel an exquisite in between making the skin
    this time I'm going to pinch it and that'll help it to remain close like
    that now we want to try
    open otherwise situated right on a flat surface you'll it looks Catholic school
    have really fast sign
    using the element make a little mold here Nepal
    parents at the moment no help to try any nice in
    I would be one into the center
    those flowers just to add him a little gold hell ample
    edible and an unsigned
    pay him I cream cheese frosting so have butter and
    cream cheese the thing that two candidates combined and then gradually
    adding in icing sugar
    I am i since you're gonna six or so
    national C one and then gradually minutes on combined
    can adding you know good teams fielded time to simply happy with the
    consistency interesting

    little bit more on the staff site
    Minister scoring around the top like a candle is lit up
    and that's cool leaves a line for my knife team
    guided through the cake and writing the cake as I'm saying through it images
    housekeeping national
    do the same and as you cut through the middle of the cake
    got to fight inch cake that use for this and it will be interesting to make a
    that I have my kids stick and in piping some frosting
    can attach the next play and make sure it's nice isn't it
    unhappy with their notice press it down to make sure that stuck on
    can continue with the rest the layers the very last year will be the
    bottom of the cake facing up say creates nice but said his first word
    later take away all the X's for students poaching out
    and then move that into the freezer for about
    minutes to say
    in the meantime I'll start my top he was for each
    and to help me work that I am I'm ping arrangement with
    60-inch insignia name with Libby frosting
    below the exact same steps
    and then put that into the freezer
    in the meantime such a sting al fighting's case and got
    a basketweave T huge what and I'm
    having the flat side beating out ways and just making tooling is a fast and
    the bottom
    around Cape twice you know me onto my
    pink rusting am using eighty I'm small a basketweave
    tipped this can you wanna
    boy kicked and continue until
    hold the key is kind you could do
    ATM concrete for this instead and then
    taken me do the same steps yet that just
    come straight ahead and just played
    rusting and taking my been scraper and I'm sitting around the cake making it
    nice and flat
    antique not any expense you can see at the top
    it's missing suppressing such as added a little more in space is over Mt
    and whenever you can and scraper we don't need to be to any
    because it gonna miss now I'm taking my special and and just running alongside
    in lifting of being
    in studying directly next without overlapping it just continue in that
    and make sure to removed all the X's from your special you do not want to be
    in pink on it as you go on for you next
    testrake for the ways you can tell
    provided by him and now we can
    cleanup top make much-needed
    Kinkade my
    flowers have pursued overnights nights and take them out to be
    handling in montana and because
    that fiction had touched the only man didn't get in exposure to the a
    it in try very well say probably be them
    out without the aluminium for a couple more hours to try completely
    when you're and making 80k you want something
    to hold that top to keep from sinking into the pancakes on adding some
    extras weekly used else as well but it's not very happy to talk to some Z's
    straws here you can buy these new bargain storm
    pretty easy to find and I'm going to
    release my for change keep pushing the six th
    just firings shiney remember this is enough resources really easy to handle
    and I want
    and sponge you in person than
    the frosty raised we have got a question to the first time and you can which he
    just licked it off
    reposition thanks make people are the guys that buy him some cuts and
    funded and I'm clinton using them cold americana
    such a fecal got a border color here and I'm just going to cut out
    this statement back and forth to make sure it's nice and clean
    cut running a
    and continuing down the street the
    be news in a really can't make sure its nice little set when I cut crossed
    it's all the same link and with
    and is pressing unto you can make sure that you press the function right down
    to the bottom
    cases touching the patentee will be cut quite get
    the last part into in there to stretch it out fund insti
    beginning political power in to contain an ad libitum alcohol to be happy
    paint and I'm just painting gold
    my board here
    for the very last it and fussing at where I want mine
    flowers to get then adding a little bit of cream cheese frosting
    and I'll help it to stick to make and pressing it
    in the middle careful not to press who fell from the kiddos
    they are still very fragile and could break them people sat in the first thing
    in the back
    that special meeting to make then take you little flowers
    and feel in any areas that you think needs filling
    and coming out coble
    leaves he using a leaf and you kinda and then
    painting days the coping with head
    can easily be frosting the back early am going to hear
    program feel will look nice I like effect leaves come up
    above the hide the cake thing that looks really cool
    and your sweet
    think bring being
    to you rains a
    great you can get
    and here
    creates pundits in *** *** How To Make A NAKED FLORAL TIERED WEDDING CAKE! Vanilla and chocolate cakes, buttercream & flowers! - YouTube !!!
    cousin's wedding I'm gonna be making a three-tiered naked wedding cake to
    materials are going to be chocolate one of the tears is going to be Vennela all
    layered with beautiful luscious vanilla buttercream beautiful fresh flowers from
    my case I should throw this but I need them all through the leftovers how's my
    little tiara it's not my winnings and I mean hair wearing my bride wedding dance
    be working chet come here like the scape it's time to get started to
    round chocolate cakes
    wrong well then I'll remove it to Helen chocolate cake

    inch and allocate and to talk to him which I'm gonna removed from their pants
    and level and use my fellow Italian meringue buttercream to fill these
    beautiful cakes because this cake is naked I want to keep my edges and they
    think so the easiest way to do that is to you i think im using a number

    there's always more pressure when making a wedding cake but now making a wedding
    cake birth family member which is added pressure at this level that was so if
    you're left pump it into you can actually continue to fight all the way
    around but I'm going to feel
    I need to do the top of this case so that the top doesn't dry out we gonna be
    really careful and then we're gonna be nice to more tears to go
    repeating the process again with our bottom tier and checking the cakes
    showering them and simply Sarah so what are you guys doing any naked case
    buttercream talk to me I'm all alone in here be careful of getting pregnant and
    your palate me if you do don't want them back into buttercream have a separate
    bowl dirty better
    top tier of the wedding cake all of your cakes should be put in the fridge and
    chill for no less than an hour so they're nice and cool throughout before
    we tier and decorate they said they can't take me seriously in this sale are
    nice and cool that's exactly how I want them and I actually want these kids to
    look very sort of because this is the heaviest especially it pushes the
    has to be very very chilled to the point that it as hard as I can pretty much
    guess what will be left with is the buttercream / to the cake so it's clear
    and sharp
    make a soft plush I've shaved off the exit buttercream or chilled time to
    cheer them on
    time today well I've been getting a lot of questions lately on whether or not
    you have to delegate yes you have to tell you take unless of course you want
    your wedding cake to see maybe that the climax of a wedding this is just a
    circle cut to the next size of cake and then I space the dow all out accordingly
    to help support that next year I am started out in one of the ball
    headline my dad was that put them up against two straight edge and then I
    take the mark from the first down and bring it on to the next
    move that
    first lol the other side using a ruler line between March marking all the
    now I know that all my dolls be the exact same height and we can come up
    with her gardening shears
    now insert my towels cut side down into the pattern that $
    cylindrical pieces of wood that are available at key check-writing supply
    stores they're also available at craft stores I used to tell all makes
    is now ready to support the weight of deer number two you don't have much time
    to move around buttercream cake that's the only thing we need to try and put
    this down right first good I once again we're gonna cut barred owls are third
    and final here
    here number three you would think that the smallest easiest lightest just true
    but feeling its gonna gary is at the center
    I am the cake topper now this is a cake t shirt like they are ya good and
    flowers myself deep deep coral these can keep each a little berries
    white freesia
    percent and then I don't know what these are hard but
    they're pretty back to these boards I know you can see why I also have just
    another way that insert color onto this beautiful case of credit to the proper
    circumference and we just layer ribbon on the cake and then I like you look
    into things and things being crafty is handy when taking next layer
    suburban on the bottom tier less scary there's no better team I know that once
    again my head probably looks like it's going to get a sense of what I like to
    do is search a trim my flowers and have them in bunches and then
    with all my time for flowers I'm pretty much cutting off most of the damn I'm
    leaving about 2 inches and police any extra me and I think this may give
    tiered Cape MEC level yes okay I'm gonna marry this cape I like to dress the top
    first is that sort of the crowning glory that's the chopper and then I like to
    use a few and doing a bunch here bunch there
    my producers six-year-old girl infielder she's adorable
    sorry we didn't make the cut
    that's it now I'm not the top four anymore
    fortunately or unfortunately it's not for me for real bride and don't want to
    drive on her wedding day I fed down cake decorators can't cut a slice of this
    case I can't feel it here is only one thing left for me to do I can still
    taste bad friday Ad here
    laying last August I have to say yes I said yes to the men actually a deep
    sense though rare if color yellow gold then I'll look at the clarity now you
    know why I married as goes well the case is actually bigger when I got married
    I just want to clarify I didn't say yes to this will this is not my wedding day
    feel this is my first communion veil that has been smashed up in a box for
    how my
    years now *** *** Mini Flower Pot Cake tutorial - YouTube !!!
    looking to raise these days that spot in this episode I'll be teaching you how to
    make these miniature forgot my little multi-year they'll be baked mac aching
    and just greasing the inside with some extra caution am also adding in some
    regular plain flour and I'm going to run it against the wall of the inside of my
    old ship it out into the next mall it's just make sure that the cake and ice and
    doing it just a little bit above be a bit call that way when it makes it a
    crisis over a few more natural-looking shape and into a preheated hundred and
    eighty degree of
    degrees Celsius and for about
    minutes might eventually
    five minutes might take one more look at least you can see how they're rising the
    remote mountainous or those that are dynamically I'm gonna stop me
    freezes and I put this on ebay just political insight into the Rose mold
    grow your
    in one such as well opinion president mix with the ship me in style and then I
    don't really quick and easy to do
    going to go over them with little bit of steam using a hand-held metal removal TX
    this we have nice and I'm using the same as a guide you made my night begins with
    the cut through that way it's nice and strength then put a and nine or a small
    special on the inside run around the outside of a release it from the moment
    take a small cake buttercream in East York account up there make sure doesn't
    have anywhere I'm using it thirteen tip and the
    and running it facing the mad
    about half a centimeter so away from each other you can use around to be like
    instead I just like the lines and the way you make a basket weave is you
    overlap one of the lines lines overlap and then as you go up to keep you out
    it's now the
    lines are you previously skipped you now
    overlap somebody cream then you can tell you that all the way up with this
    particular has really nice texture lines in it
    make the line that you would normally find a neighbor we
    it's not expose that way doesn't dry out and assembly races adding a little bit
    of cream small dollar raise my rose on top of a lifted because
    on each key
    to make the lead I'm using a piping bag holding the tip then cutting it to
    create this triangle wipe out for this really really looks good if you add
    leeson abundance I went all the way around the league and cup the top of the
    key and it just gave it a really pretty finish at the one in the middle is bound
    to continue with the rest of the UK
    basketweave covering

    you just continue alternating that in mind when
    you leave and you are *** *** How to make chocolate Lotus flower - YouTube !!!
    and getting contended part
    and one
    and I'll mower
    the DL will be pinpointed and you know what time it will be one
    K let me think that you know
    you could use the Real Talk they're not going to talk to the
    you the the Blue Island the

    he wanting one the real don't you wanna
    the the you
    what that we don't make it here then you can view it
    see it you know well or powder color that
    moon you that
    can't make it thing
    only then they don't want to compete with Apple happened
    only thing I can take them out just make sure everything clean
    but not anything then and then but you have been good between the government
    and the
    nothing well and will come up
    they you got well number
    I just have more punishment P
    them being me cannot be well up
    only yeah and then make another layer
    I get a little then the and the no people
    completely dry hidden
    no thinking then
    just didn't poop
    let them %um move there there
    on good with me a what point do you want there
    and then I'll go back to me point yeah
    be good but my got me me too
    and then it wouldn't mean I'm
    my there will be no just missing this
    I on
    Sunday color just the the
    no thought would be what there that my whole life planned
    careful I'm going to not be punishment *** ***

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