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    Engagement Ring Chocolate Box Cake Topper - YouTube !!!
    hey guys Gretchen's bakery here and we are kicking off the Valentine's Day
    baking marathon with another collaboration with my friends from the
    dessert network so be sure to click the link at the end of this video so you can
    go check out how to make these other fabulous creation the only problem I
    think you will have is picking what to make first so let me help you decide and
    let's go for the engagement ring chocolate box cake topper that I made
    hey guys welcome back to Gretchen's bakery with Valentine's Day approaching
    I think this time of the year is the time where people get engaged more often
    than not right
    probably on Valentine's Day or New Years more than the other time of the year and
    even know that I'm not like super duper wonderful cake decorating there are so
    many people out on you to Better Business blowing the out of the water
    when it comes to cake decorating but that still doesn't stop me from trying
    in chinese Simplified as much as possible for you guys as I always do I'm
    so anyway have all these ideas swirling and let's see how it goes so let's get
    started right away so first what you will need to make the chocolate box is
    some tempered chocolate or candy melts are fine to use here too I am using
    Ghirardelli chocolate squares any flavor that you like is fine I'm using caramel
    filled ones for the bottom of the box but once we get to the making of the lid
    you will need solid chocolate and you'll see why once we got there in a small
    paper cone I filled my melted chocolate and will now build my box simply by
    gluing all the sides on
    square for the base it was helpful to use my bench
    scrapers them silicone spatulas for support but you can't really use
    next to make the lid we will be cutting the squares and half now so this is
    where a filled at Ghirardelli Square will not really work
    a sharp serrated knife is best for this job since a sawing motion will cut
    better and avoid splintering and breaking the squares you will need to
    mars squares cut in half to make the four sides of the lid with one more full
    square for the top
    while the lids SAT's I have taken one pink champagne cupcakes and trimmed it
    to the exact size to fit into the chocolate box I then added some
    decorative piping to soften up those rough edges
    next to make the ring out of gumpaste roll it out to about a quarter-inch
    thick cut out a ring sized piece with a round cutter or a tip from your pastry
    bag will work to take a smaller cutter to cut out the middle complications
    arise and hardens pretty quickly so once it does you can use it to first of all
    measure the size that you'll have to cut out of the cupcake to then reinsert the
    ring later
    then you can brush it with silver or gold luster dust mixed with vodka vodka
    will evaporate off leaving your gum paste with just the shiny gold Lester
    set aside to dry completely next we have to make the hard candy for the diamonds
    it is sugar water and glucose or corn syrup but I also have this Wilton
    silicone jewelry mold to form the diamonds get the water sugar and corn
    syrup on to a high heat and stir constantly until it boils once it comes
    to a boil stop staring then attach a candy thermometer to it and let it calm
    degrees Fahrenheit for the hot sugar into a heatproof Pyrex measure let
    it stand to cool just for about a minute and then pour it carefully into the
    silicone mold obviously we only need one large diamond for our rings so you will
    have extra sugar for decorations for the cake or cupcakes or whatever it is that
    you're planning to use topper for once the chauffeur cools you can easily pop
    them out of the mall then onto parchment paper
    sugar like lollipops are very sensitive to humidity so be sure to keep these
    stored in a very cool dry spot so that they don't now and get super sticky use
    a bit of that reserved hot sugar to glue the diamond onto the gumpaste ring
    and for the crazy cat lady you can make it extra special diamond ring that would
    be me next I made another contraption with a long skewer and esterified to
    hold the lid in place while I glued to the bath box once it is set you can then
    add the decorative piping place the ring inside and then touch it up with more
    luster dust
    and now your cake topper is ready to go on top of your cake creation in
    celebration of the engagement of two hearts coming together as one
    alright guys I hope you liked my tutorial not bad eh I went on to prepare
    my red velvet mousse cake and set my engagement ring chocolate box right on
    time I can't wait to see what you guys come up with for years show-stopping
    engagement cake so be sure to like and share with me on Facebook so I can see
    what you're up to now go check out my friends at the dessert network for more
    awesome Valentine's Day dessert ideas just click on the links here and be sure
    to tell him Gretchen's bakery sent yet and don't miss out on my red velvet
    mousse cake that I used as the base cake to display my engagement ring cake
    topper just made and my new video for how to temper chocolate ok guys thanks
    for watching and if you haven't subscribe to my channel do it do it I
    upload every Thursday and Sunday and you will get all the best recipes at
    Gretchen's bakery dot com you soon *** *** Mary Berry Chocolate Cake Masterclass with Lakeland - YouTube !!!
    today and that issue how to make my
    very best joke here this chocolate cake
    is made by the all in one message which is said ET
    festival and take KK package in the possible
    acted kitchenette and and just going to fix it
    boiling water that helps to put kid
    said just needs mixing to stop it
    quickly surrounded
    that looks well we'll start to show you that
    with me tables thing it's sorta makes
    had pace mixture now
    to the other ingredients festival sweet thanks I did in this or that
    as I find it d liquid a helps together
    everything then next is the pastor
    now this is really important this particular is
    its only
    it let me hit that mixture it's too hard plenty
    then engaged should now the sugar
    is dole's past in that case
    then self-raising flour because this is the all in one
    said and then to use just a little baking powder that's
    rounded almost the same at the top cities and any
    that getting that need to sit and
    lost leaving said check
    all the ingredients in

    and pieces until its peace peace means
    slowly to the game
    looks beautiful mixed it
    and now into the stupid
    festival that Greece the tins really well
    on speak mixture down
    but far from each team
    and then into the head they
    in at
    fan and they will take about
    these a new push
    hands from the man buried with Leighton Grange on buses just pushed
    base come out take team
    hold sides seminal
    posted then
    just turning as it's called did
    just that on to teach I'll call
    long-term love I thought and just missed much real
    home and just Tom Ward
    so now to the Chuck I'm using equal quantity
    PP yes real dairy double
    cream pouring and the heat
    cream until almost boiling them
    had truck attack just broken into pieces
    kills he took the cream
    well melt just
    tackle time did
    and now to ask and spread
    waste apical mind
    mister bit so they really are
    now content harpley socket
    just spread top
    right to the ages
    then content stop him
    and then again
    quite eaten already top
    them the I'm school
    put all it on wants in the middle I find best
    if it's too money should
    and then to spread it called he didn't
    coalition up it will drizzle down the sides maybe that's how you like it
    I just putting it home top and then he want
    for decoration you could put in some white chocolate on top
    got some yeah and you can get tated peeler
    and make health that or just can't cross
    within my across the top just whatever seems just sprinkled
    and is in the middle just ditched
    finals yet said that
    is a very special talk path
    said there's my very best chocolate cake you can see
    three easy it is to me you can find the recipe
    on at naked *** *** How To Make A WATERMELON out of CAKE! PINK VELVET cake with BUTTERCREAM and FONDANT! - YouTube !!!
    into your not gonna be victory you just gotta model modeling don't you have the
    right guys or it doesn't have a problem with me and I don't have a problem with
    that i'm gonna be a pink velvet cake that's right like red bill that pink and
    I'm gonna special that cake with chocolate chips to represent watermelons
    and then I'm gonna come of this cake in white fine in which will represent the
    rind and paint the outside to look exactly like a problem with walter is he
    is a little bit quiet don't just saying you could talk a little bit more
    I begin by making
    inch round pink velvet cake as well as a board pink
    velvet cake that's nine inches round in diameter I removed them from their
    parents and the ball and level that was my ruler my serrated knife pink powder
    keg is just red velvet cake but instead of red food coloring I used to take a
    break from chocolate chips into each cake layer as well as the boy sort of
    put them in half way but chips always thinkin cake batter they have wait I
    begin with my classic Italian meringue buttercream and I'm going to start to
    diet and what I actually did this time was I used red butter and mix it to my
    white if you want to make my Italian meringue buttercream I have a video
    tutorial a walk you through every step
    just click the link right here don't know Walters face right now we split
    when I feel this cake I actually want to fill it with a butter content to the
    same as the cake so that we slice of watermelon you just see pink and feeds
    like a watermelon I know and I know what I didn't even cut you open to see the
    inside so you're both coming
    and as a fill the layers with the pink tinted buttercream I also put some chips
    in the this is a really seedy water mount you know the CD watermelons rate I
    know your seat but I know I told him in order to staff this watermelon cake I
    start with one round cake buttercream with chocolate chips another round cake
    buttercream and chocolate chips another round cake buttercream chocolate chips
    and then the ball cake with dome on top a watermelon wouldn't have AK Press in
    it they don't know what I have to tell them so I don't have to carve this cake
    really but I do have to cut away all of trust so that we just see pink
    watermelon and then white so I just use me straight in knife to go around the
    cake over their job and all the way around to cut off all the edges of the
    10th time to cram Co my watermelon and pop it in the fridge to chill before I
    said once more
    my cake is chilled and take it out of the fridge right walter
    smoothly as they can and then it's time
    I roll up my wife on in and cover the Cape
    it actually kinda look like a chubby ghost when I first covers the nice thing
    about it is it doesn't edges so you don't have to worry as much about your
    funding cracking her dripping down the sides it's a nice gradual curve on the
    watermelon rind is perfect now I need to paint this cake to make it look like a
    watermelon and my model hasn't even shown up yet are you out partying last
    may I mean really tired feet I couldn't find them I don't he was probably a
    juice bar or something like that so I called Walter had to go pick him up
    finally got walter my kitchen it's time to pay i didnt mixture of different
    Greens Adam kelly green and some ma screen and then I had actually a little
    bit of yellow and a little bit of red so if you'll notice watermelon they're very
    like there's a lot of depth to them you know it's not just flat screen it's not
    i know i know im trying to tell them so I start by painting this sort of way to
    screen out here and I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't need to provide my birthday
    paint the lightest coat of green onto the watermelon I Russian on liberally
    and let it sort of drip down and make sure to cover the entire time I went
    back and deepen my green and then I sort of speckled all the way around the cape
    with paintbrushes speckled try not to think about it too much
    keep it looking natural all the way you're really deepened my food coloring
    to get this sort of dark screen some watermelon a wonderful kind of strength
    so I took the darker green and needs stripes let it drip down and then went
    back and sort of speckled and just sort of blurred out the strip so it wasn't a
    definite hardline
    with the same dark green and just sort of speckled here and there just so I
    thought it looked great I just kept playing with it until walter really told
    me you know
    once the final coat of paint design and I'm happy I'm really gonna let this
    watermelon oh I forgot something you have to add the Little Walter can I show
    them your head
    I guess I made his bottom gotta make the little like now is it called a
    watermelon nothing really when I ask you these questions I'm testing you I know
    what it is if you know it just tried it but I have to make this little known
    outside take a little bit of cream colored find it I use the ball tool to
    push into my cake place the cream fun and crazy a boomer
    a place another piece of fine on top and then I just play around with adding some
    texture and pressing it in until I'm happy with the win and then I painted
    the little love with some ivory food coloring and a green tree
    I told you it was a nude modeling gig don't say they'll tell you that my
    watermelon cake was looking beautiful I'm so proud of it just let it dry and
    then what do you do with watermelon
    yet cut it open in the eat it it's always fun coming into the case but with
    this one I was so curious to see how it looked on the five such a big part of it
    I don't know just how beautiful they are my flight
    big wedge have at this watermelon cake so happy to see the pain shaver the cake
    with chocolate chips looking like a white Honda it looking exactly like
    riding the painted outside just like a watermelon can I offered walking like
    and take a while to her if you like dirty dancing
    subscribe if you don't like dirty dancing watch it like it and then
    subscribe Walters in dirty dancing *** *** 10 Best Chocolate Truffle Recipes HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon Truffles Part 2 - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to HOW TO COOK THAT I am Ann Reardon
    And today we are making chocolate truffles part
    flavours of truffles, so here today we are going to make the top
    most request truffles.
    Starting with number
    you requested NUTELLA. If you have a mold you can just pipe nutella
    into the molds like we did with some of the fillings in part
    have a mold just put some nutella into a small container,.
    Use a knife to mark the surface so you can see where your squares will be and push a
    hazelnut into the top of each one.
    Freeze that overnight. And then in the morning it will be firm enough for you to cut into
    squares using a hot knife. It was so nice of you to request an easy one first up because
    some of the others I have developed recipes for you. So this is good to start easy.
    Dip your frozen cubes into tempered chocolate. Then use your fork to scoop it out and tap
    it on the side of the bowl to get of any excess chocolate and place it on the baking paper.
    If you do not know what I mean by using tempered chocolate then you must watch the tempering
    chocolate video before making these. I will put a link to the chocolate video playlist
    at the end of this video and you can find truffles part
    there as well.
    Get a piece of hazelnut, dip it into the chocolate and stick it to the top of each truffle.
    Coming in at number
    To make this place sugar and glucose syrup and water into a saucepan and heat over high
    heat stirring until the sugar is dissolved.
    For all the quantities that you will need to make these truffles go to the website howtocookthat.net
    there's is a link in the description below this video.
    Once the sugar is dissolved wash down the sides of the pan using a wet pastry brush.
    The purpose of this is so that the sugar crystals on the edge don't make the sugar in the solution
    crystalize and also so that it doesn't burn before the sugar syrup is ready.
    Watch it until the bubbles begins to thicken. If you listen carefully you will hear a change
    in sound from quick little bubbles to slowly popping bubbles. And watch it until it turns
    If you are not sure whether colour is changed because it can be a bit hard to see through
    all the bubbles pull it off the heat and let the bubble subside and they you will be able
    to see more clearly whether it is totally clear or if it has started to turn golden.
    Once it is golden make sure it is over the heat and stir in your cream and coconut milk,
    it is going to steam suddenly so make sure you hands are out of the way. And then once
    that initial burst of steam has gone keep stirring it until it is smooth.
    Add a candy thermometer to the side of the pan and and heat without stirring until it
    Then at that point remove it from the heat and stir in your dessicated coconut. Pour
    that into a lined brownie tin and allow to cool just at room temp.
    Once it is cooled remove it from the tin, cut into long slices and use two knives to
    shape it into a point at the top. This mixture could be rolled into balls or shaped how you
    like it, this is just how I am doing it you can use your imagination as to how you want
    it to look.
    Then place on a tray in the fridge for at least an hour to firm up. Once you've done
    that you should be able to easily slice into small bite sized pieces and drop them one
    at a time into your tempered chocolate.
    Scoop out with the fork just like we did before, tap it on the side of the bowl and then place
    onto some baking paper. Give a little sprinkle with coconut on the top so people will know
    what's inside.
    Number 8 most requested truffle was HAZELNUT and some others have requested praline so
    lets do a hazelnut praline filling and double dip it in chocolate.
    Place some chocolate into a bowl and pour over the hot cream. Leave for a minute and
    then stir until smooth. Spread you hazelnuts onto some baking paper.
    Put your sugar and water and glucose syrup into a saucepan.
    Stir again until the sugar is dissolved brushing down the sides of the pan with a pastry brush
    and leave it without stirring just like you did before until it starts to go golden. As
    soon as it is ready you want to pour it over the hazelnuts and leave it to cool completely.
    When it is cold it will be solid, and it will snap it into sharp pieces a bit like glass.
    Place in a strong bag you might need to put it in two so that it doesn't spill everywhere.
    Now for the fun bit, smash it with a rolling pin until you get lots of tiny pieces, pour
    that into the ganache and stir it in. Cover it with plastic wrap and leave it just at
    room temperature overnight to set up. Once it is set take spoonfuls of your ganache
    and roll it into balls. There were also lots of request for white
    chocolate. White chocolate does not tend to be as firm or as easy to temper as dark and
    milk chocolate do, but if you use fake chocolate with vegetable fat it doesn't taste as nice
    so what I suggest you do is use a mixture of both for coating your white chocolate truffles.
    Melt the fake chocolate first as that melts at a higher temperature and then stir in your
    finely chopped real chocolate. Again if you're not sure what I am talking about with real
    chocolate fake chocolate and tempering then just click on the the chocolate playlist at
    the end of this video and there is one there that will explain all of that.
    Dip the balls of ganache into the white chocolate and tap on the side of the bowl to remove
    any excess. Place onto some baking paper to set. Once set hold the base of the truffle
    and dip the top into dark chocolate, tap your hand to help shake off excess chocolate and
    then turn it carefully the right way up the right way up and place back on the paper.
    Which is actually tricker than it looks. Once they are set put some white chocolate into
    a ziplock bag and pipe swirls onto the top, if the chocolate is too runny like it is here
    and it is hard to pipe just put the bag flat in the fridge for a moment to let it cool
    it down and that will thicken up the chocolate. If you leave it in there too long it will
    set completely so just keep an eye on it and then pipe your swirls on top.
    At Number 7 we have orange chocolate truffles. These are a fairly simple one and you can
    use this same technique for other fruits as well. Grate the rind of two oranges on a fine
    grater. Be careful to just get the orange bit and don't keep grating into the white
    because that's very bitter. Juice the oranges and place the juice and rind into a saucepan.
    Let it boil, now what we are doing here is concentrating that juice and flavour of the
    orange into a smaller amount of liquid so that we can put the maximum amount of flavour
    into our ganache. Keep a watch on it and take it off the heat so you can see how much liquid
    you have left. And keep boiling it until it looks thickened like this. Pour it through
    a sieve and if you want the bitter marmalade flavour push on the rind the release more
    of that bitter flavor otherwise just pour it through the sieve and don't push on the
    rind. Pour two -three tablespoons of hot juice over the chocolate and then stir until it
    is smooth. I used three tablespoons of juice here and I found it a little soft when I was
    rolling it into balls so I suggest that you just use two tablespoons and that will make
    it a little bit firmer. Place that in a container and put that in the freezer overnight.
    The next day take some white chocolate and using a potato peeler shave small pieces off
    the edge. Put this into a small bowl ready for dipping. Roll your cold ganache into balls
    then drop into the chocolate. scoop out and tap on the side of the bowl then drop into
    the white chocolate shavings and roll it around and then out it on the baking paper to set.
    number 6 are peanut butter squares Take some peanut butter and mix a little bit
    of jam into it just to get a sweetness that you like. Place in a small container lined
    with baking paper and freeze over night. Then using a finely serrated knife cut that
    into cubes. If you don't want to use jam in there you
    could melt a little bit of chocolate in with it just something to give it a little bit
    of sweetness and make it easier to cut.
    Spread some white chocolate thinly onto a piece of nonstick baking paper and if you
    want you can make a pattern in it using the palette knife or I am using the back of a
    paint brush to do a wood type grain pattern . If you have chocolate transfer sheets you
    can use that here like we did in the first video I'm just showing you a different alternative
    if you can't get hold of the transfer sheets. Spread dark chocolate over the top and then
    once it is starting to set cut it into squares. Leave to set completely and then peel off
    the paper. Dip your squares of frozen peanut butter and jelly into the chocolate and then
    top each one before it sets with a patterned square.
    Truffles number 5 are peanut butter and jelly molded chocolates truffles.
    This mold is an ice cube tray that has a smooth edge on the sides and then at the base it's
    got a rough silicone top so it gives two textures to the chocolate. Fill the molds with tempered
    chocolate scrape off the excess, leave for a moment and then pour it back out tapping
    on the mold to get out the excess. and then scrape it clean. Leave that to set up. Using
    a ziplock bag pipe just a small amount of jam or it you are in the US you probably call
    it jelly into the top of each mold, top that with a little bit of chocolate and give it
    a bit of a shake to seal over the first section. THen put some peanut butter in a ziplock bag
    and pipe a little bit into each mold Fill the molds with chocolate scrape off the
    excess and leave to set. Now keep in mind that the chocolate that you scraped back into
    the bowl can not be used for anyone with peanut allergy so do not use it on any of your other
    chocolates if you are going to be giving them away.
    Once they are set you can tip them out of the mold and you can see here the chocolate
    that was on the edge is nice and smooth and shiny and the one that was on the top where
    the silicone mat was has a different texture so it give a bit of a contrast. And when you
    bite into them you have got your jam at the top and the peanut butter at the base.
    Coming in at number
    requests was STRAWBERRY
    Take your strawberries, hull them and place in a saucepan then add some water and rinse
    them off then drain as much of that water off into the sink as you can.
    Place over a medium heat with a lid on to stew the strawberries, you're going to need
    to keep stirring that often to stop them from sticking. You don't want to add more water
    because we are trying to keep the liquid down to a minimum. ANd that's why we are going
    to have to keep stirring it often. Keep going until the fruit is very soft then remove from
    the heat and stir in your white chocolate. I am making a soft filling here, the more
    chocolate you add the firmer it will be but that also dilutes the strawberry flavour and
    ends up tasting more of the chocolate that the strawberry. It is up to you whether you
    keep the lumps of your strawberries or you can push it through a sieve to get it totally
    smooth. Pour it into a bowl, leave in the fridge to cool completely.
    Take two small bowls and put a spoon of white chocolate in each, mix in some oil based food
    colour into each one. You can get that from cake decorating stores. I am using yellow
    and orange you can use what ever you fancy. Using your finger place smudges of each of
    the colours on the inside of the molds just in random places. Fill the molds with dark
    chocolate making sure you tap to get rid of any air bubbles, scrape the top clean, leave
    for a moment and then tip out the excess. Now we can't possibly eat all of these truffles
    so I thought I'd give them away so make sure you watch to the end of the video and I'll
    explain how you can get your hands on some.
    Pipe in some of that strawberry ganache into each mold. Cover with chocolate and scrape
    off your excess and leave to set.
    Tip these out of the mold and they look a bit like marbles I really like these ones.
    The third most requested truffle recipe was for
    RASPBERRY now you can of course make a raspberry ganache
    like I just showed you with the strawberry but I wanted to make a filling that was just
    raspberry. Take your fresh or frozen defrosted raspberries and blend them in a blender until
    smooth with some cream. Push through a sieve to take out the tiny
    seeds. This will take a little while to sieve it through but just keep going pushing it
    with the back of your spoon until you have a nice smooth mixture in your bowl and sort
    of a slurry of seed left the seeds in the sieve. Measure your mixture and you should
    have around 240ml or just a little less than
    Heat your sugar, water and glucose syrup in a saucepan until the sugar has dissolved,
    and again like we have done before wash down the sides of the pan using a wet pastry brush
    and then leave it to bubble away. While you are doing that measure out your butter. Keep
    an eye on you sugar mixture, and wait for ti to turn golden, and as I said if it is
    hard to see with the bubbles just take it off the heat so that you can see what colour
    it is and as soon as it is golden. return to the heat and add in your raspberry mixture,
    stirring and being careful not to get burnt by the steam. Keep stirring until it is smooth.
    this took a bit of experimenting to develop a recipe for you that I was happy with. It
    tastes of raspberry and has that perfect gooey texture without using hard to find ingredients
    Add a candy thermometer to the pan making sure it is not touching the bottom and heat
    because otherwise you are measuring the pan temperature rather than what is in the pan,
    it should be just off the bottom. Heat it until it gets to
    candy thermometer take a small amount out and put it on a plate to see roughly how thick
    it will be. Now it is going to be thicker than it looks on the plate because as it cools
    completely it will get even thicker than it is. Pour into a heat proof bowl and leave
    to cool completely Now for these ones I am using a silicone mold
    that is completely smooth so it is going to give us a shiny finish. And I am putting just
    a little bit of luster dust on the inside inside each mold. You don't have to do that
    that's optional but if you want to just put a little bit onto each one. Then fill up the
    molds with white chocolate as we did before, tip out the excess tapping on the bottom of
    the mold to get out the excess and let it set up. Take some of your gooey raspberry
    filling, put it in a ziplock bag and pipe just a little bit into each mold making sure
    you don't overfill them because then it is hard to get a smooth base on them . Gently
    tap it to smooth it out and using a knife scrape off any that has gone on the edges
    as that will prevent the chocolate from making a good seal on your filling. Top with you
    white chocolate and scrape off any excess. Leave to set. Once that's ready tip out your
    mold and you have raspberry white chocolate hearts.
    Most requested chocolate truffle number
    SOFT CARAMEL Fill your mold with chocolate and scrape of
    any excess, tap it on the bench to remove any air bubbles. Leave it to sit for a moment,
    the longer you leave it to site the thicker the outside chocolate will be. There is no
    really right or wrong it is up to you how thick you want it. And it is less likely to
    break if it is thicker. Tip out the excess chocolate, tapping on the bottom of the mold
    then scrape off the top to make it neat. Place some dulce de leche into a ziplock bag and
    pipe it into the centres. THere is a video on this channel showing how to make dulce
    de leche from scratch. The hotter you heat your dulce de leche when you make it the thicker
    it will be, I have left this one a little runnier than I usually do with dulce de leche
    because I wanted the truffle just to be gooey and runny. Cover the top with chocolate, scrape
    off the excess and leave to set. Tip out of the mold. ANd then I am using some gold luster
    dust on a clean dry paint brush and putting a little stripe onto each chocolate. And then
    when you bit into these you are going to have that gooey liquidly caramel centre.
    The number 1 most request chocolate truffle recipe is for
    CHEWY CARAMEL so to make that Place your sugar and water into a sauce pan
    and bring to the boil just like we have done before, stirring until the sugar is dissolved.
    Once it is dissolved wash down the sides of the pan using a pastry brush dipped in water
    and then leave it to boil without stirring. while it is bubbling measure out your cream
    and butter. Keep a watch on the saucepan and again just spotting it when it just starts
    to go golden, stir in the cream and butter being careful that you don't get burnt by
    the steam. Keep stirring until it is well combined then let it bubble away on its own.
    Add a candy thermometer to the pan and we are wanting to heat it up to
    have a candy thermometer it is a lot harder to judge when to pull it off the heat but
    it is not impossible. I'll show you what it looks like at a couple of different temperatures
    when you drop some of it into a little bit of cold water . At
    it all sinks to the bottom if you pull it out on your finger it is firm but it is not
    hard and it makes the water look a little cloudy.
    But at 255F it holds its shape instantly and it is firm and it's hard .
    Immediately pour it into a lined heatproof container and leave it to cool.
    Once it s cooled enough to handle and it is firm but still slightly warm that's when you
    want to cut it into the rectangles. If you wait until it is completely cold it's going
    to be hard to cut into neat shapes. Once you've cut them into rectangles let them completely
    cool down and then drop them into tempered chocolate, cover them, pull them out with
    the fork, tapping on the side of the container. Then place them onto you non-stick baking
    paper to firm up. Put some of you chocolate into a ziplock bag,
    cut off a tiny corner off the bag and then pipe a squiggles of chocolate across the top
    of each one. With all your truffles like we did last time you can use a knife to trim
    off any excess chocolate from the edges. Now we can't eat all of these truffles ourselves
    I am going to give away 5 sets of truffles. As i have just started a howtocookthat fb,
    twitter, google plus and instagram account, i know I am a bit slow on the uptake there.
    I will give away one set of truffles on each of them and one here on youtube. To enter
    all you need to do is find the truffle post on any one of them or all of them if you want
    more time, follow, subscribe or friend or whatever you need to do on each one and then
    write a comment saying 'I want truffles' and if it something that you can hashtag #howtocookthat
    and then at the end of the week I will randomly draw out a winner. I don't know how well they
    will survive in the post but I am will to post them all over the world so that nobody
    misses out. I'll put the links to all those social media accounts in the description below
    this video. Thanks for watching I will see you next week
    with the perfect sponge cake recipe. *** *** CHESS CAKE - NERDY NUMMIES - YouTube !!! English English
    Ro: Hey guys it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies!
    Ro: Today I have a very special guest, Kurt!
    Kurt: What is up guys!?!
    Ro: Kurt is awesome, he has an awesome music channel, and he writes music,
    Ro: composes music, plays like, every instrument. Since I’ve known you you’re
    Ro: like, oh I can play piano and harp and guitar and, like, everything.
    Ro: He’s pretty boss sauce! Kurt: I try, I’m not good a cooking though, so…
    Kurt: Uh, gotta rely on her though. Ro: He’s pretty cute though, you’re welcome!
    Ro: So today we are gonna be making a chess cake, and I thought to invite him because
    Ro: what is your experience with chess?
    Kurt: I played chess competitively for a really long time. Ro: Nerd!
    Kurt: A lot of people… Definitely, definitely a nerd! Uh, a lot of people don’t know
    Kurt: I was a chess master at the age of 15 and, uh, but then I stopped playing
    Kurt: when I got into college and wanted to do more music and now that’s what I’m doin!
    Ro: Awesome, it’s time to bake! Both: Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew!
    Ro: What you’ll need is: Pam Baking spray, a square baking pan,
    Ro: this is a
    inch by
    inch, 1 pink spatula,
    sticks of butter.
    Kurt: And what you’ll also need is a nest of Dinosaur eggs, and if you can’t find
    Kurt: those, then maybe 6 normal eggs will work for you as well!
    Ro: Maybe they will, maybe they will. Kurt: Ah-da-da-da-da-da-da!
    Kurt: 2 butter box cakes, and a big bowl to throw it all in.
    Ro: Big bowl! Let’s put it all together! Kurt: Let’s do it! Ro: Yeah!
    Ro: OK, now we’re gonna put everything together, starting with the
    Kurt: Alright. Ro: And box cakes, they just save a lot of time, because they’re
    Ro: already pre-mixed flour, sugar and baking soda, but you can use your favorite
    Ro: cake recipe if you don’t want to use a box cake.
    Kurt; I think even I can do this. Ro: Yeah you can! Dump it in there!
    Kurt: I got it! Ro: Dump it in there! Oh, yeah, here.
    Kurt: Ahm-nam-nam-nam. Ro: Ahm-nam-nam-nam.
    Ro: Next you’re gonna add 2 cups of water, wahhhhhp! And then
    Kurt: No! Not my eggs! Ro: It’s OK honey, we’ll make some more!
    Ro: OK, I’m gonna teach you a pro egg crack, are you ready for this?
    Kurt: Sweet, I’m ready!
    Ro: OK, just a 1 handed crack, you’re gonna crack, twist.
    Kurt: What? What is this magic? Ro: Can you do that? OK, your turn. Crack, twist.
    Kurt: OK… Ro: With your hand.
    Kurt: Are you sure you want me to do this over this bowl. Ro: Yeah, yeah!
    Ro: Crack, twist… Whoa! That was pretty good for your first one!
    Kurt: That was not good!
    Ro: Now you’re gonna add
    of butter, so we’re gonna cut right here.
    Ro: And I'll let you put that in there. Kurt: Awesome. Ro: Minus the paper… Pro tip.
    Kurt: I figured, I figured as much.
    Ro: You’re like a genius, I probably don’t need to tell you that.
    Kurt: Paper probably doesn’t taste as good.
    Ro: You’re a math major huh? Kurt: I was. Ro: This will come in handy when we’re
    Ro: making all the chess pieces, I’m gonna make you do the math on it.
    Kurt: Awesome, I’m ready. Ro: I’m just gonna sit back, let you do the work.
    Ro: Perfect, I love having guests! Here you go! Bake that!
    Ro: Last step is greasing this big pan. Remember this is a
    but you can
    Ro: also use a
    if you'd like. Alright, here’s the pam baking spray, open that
    Ro: up just like hairspray and spray it in there. I’m gonna hide behind it a little
    Ro: bit because I don’t want to, you know. Kurt: Defend yourself!
    Ro: OK, oh-ho-ho!
    Ro: Now it’s time to mix it all up!
    Ro: Now we’re gonna pour all of the batter once it’s all mixed into the pan.
    Ro: OK, you grab the bowl. Kurt: Let’s do it! Ro: And I’ll get the pink spatula.
    Kurt: Does it not work if it isn’t pink? Ro: It does not work if your spatula
    Ro: isn’t pink. Kurt: Didn’t know that.
    Ro: Now we’re just gonna flatten it like this. And then I’m gonna have you pick it
    Ro: up and kinda go like this… Pound it on the table, just…
    Kurt: Like actually hit it on the table? Ro: No, yeah, actually hit it.
    Ro: That lets it settle, brings all the air bubbles up. And now, we’re gonna
    Ro: throw this in the oven. We’re gonna put it in the oven at
    and bake
    Ro: for about
    Ro: While the cake is baking, we are gonna make all the little decoration pieces
    Ro: for the chess cake, with chocolate. Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum!
    Ro: To decorate, we’re gonna be using these candy molds, they’re chess candy molds,
    Ro: I’ll put a link down below so you can buy these online if you’d like.
    Ro: They were really hard to find, I went to like
    Ro: to buy these things. Kurt: They look awesome!
    Ro: You’ll also need this square candy mold, and these are an inch and a
    Ro: And they’ll fit perfectly on top of the
    Ro: So Kurt, math question. Kurt; Mmmhmm, yeah. Ro: Ready? How many squares
    Ro: Are we gonna need for our chess board?
    Kurt: Well, you’re gonna need
    squares for your chess board,
    black and
    Ro: You passed. Kurt: Awesome, great! Ro: He’s smart, he passes.
    Kurt: I’m glad I get your approval.
    Ro: OK, and you’ll also need dark and white chocolate, so right here we have white
    Ro: candy melts and dark chocolate candy melts, and we put them in these
    Ro: microwaveable safe plastic swerk bottle… Plastic squirt bottles!
    Kurt: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Ro: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!
    Ro: I cannot talk today! And you’re just gonna microwave these and then we’re gonna
    Ro: squirt them into all the trays.
    Kurt: I made more eggs. Ro: Oh my gosh they smell so good!
    Kurt: They look different this time. Both: Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!
    Kurt: Oh! Dom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom! Ro: Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!
    Ro: Oooooooh! Ohp! Kurt: Ohhhh no!
    Ro: Pfft! Both: Hahahaha! Ro: Pfft!
    Ro: We’re super mature!
    Ro: When we play chess, I want to play the white and you play the dark.
    Kurt: Sounds good. Ro: Are you gonna play me? On our cake?
    Kurt: I’ll play you blindfolded. Ro: Blindfolded? Kurt: Yeah I’ll play blindfolded.
    Ro: You heard it, we’re gonna play chess blindfolded… He’s gonna be blindfolded.
    Ro: First we’re gonna make the chocolate squares, and I’ll show you how to do
    Ro: and then I’ll let you do it. Kurt: Awesome.
    Ro: OK, so we melted our chocolate and you’re just gonna go, like, around the corners and then
    Ro: go zig-zag. And then we’ll fill him in later with a toothpick. So just go
    Ro: around the corners, zig-zag!
    Ro: With these little square molds, you don’t want to fill them all the way to
    Ro: the top, it’s actually better to under fill them because they’ll lay flatter
    Ro: on the cake. So that’s why we’re leaving some space.
    Ro: So, when you’re looking at this, how there’s little holes everywhere.
    Kurt: Mmmhmm. Ro: That’s fine! Because what we’re gonna do is take a little
    Ro: toothpick. You grab
    Kurt: Ro’s gonna fix all my mistakes. Ro: And you just push it in the corner and
    Ro: tap, tap-tap-tap-tap-tap!
    Ro: Now we’re gonna put these in the freezer for about
    minutes and we’re gonna
    Ro: make all of our little chess pieces. Kurt: Let’s do it! Ro: Yeah!
    Ro: Now you’re gonna take your melted chocolates, and they’re in these
    Ro: microwaveable safe squeeze bottles and you’re just gonna fill in the chess pieces
    Ro: and again you’re gonna want to under fill them just a little bit. And then
    Ro: we’ll stick them together after they come out of the freezer.
    Ro: Kurt those look so good. Kurt: Thank you! Ro: Look it, they’re perfectly
    Ro: Flat, that’s how you want them to look, really really flat, because after…
    Ro: We’re gonna make
    of the dark, and then stick them together
    Ro: with a little bit of hot chocolate. So we’re gonna put these in the freezer again
    Ro: for
    Ro: Once your chess pieces are all done in the freezer, what you’re gonna do is
    Ro: just take a flat piece of anything, it can be cardboard, a plate, whatever.
    Ro: Flip ‘em over and just kinda tap ‘em out. Most of ‘em should just come
    Ro: out easy. Oh that was perfect! Oh 1 more,
    Kurt: This
    Ro: And then you’re gonna take your squirt bottle, then you’re just gonna
    Ro: squeeze on a little bit of hot chocolate onto each side.
    Kurt: Glue them together with chocolate. Ro: Yeah, glue them together with chocolate!
    Kurt: How much should I put on? Ro: That’s good! Kurt: That’s good?
    Ro: Just a little bit. Kurt: On both sides? Ro: Yeah! And then you’re just gonna
    Ro: put them together. Oh they’re gonna make out! And then just hold them into
    Ro: place for about
    seconds. And there you have it! Chess pieces.
    Ro: And then you’re gonna do this to all of your little chess pieces.
    down! How many more to go? Kurt:
    more to go, I knew that. Kurt: You got that 1. Ro: I knew that.
    Ro: Here are all of our pieces, they’re all made, we made all of the chess
    Ro: pieces, and all of our little squares. And Kurt found out something really funny.
    Kurt: I’m pretty sure this dinosaur was made the same way we made these chess pieces.
    Ro: Awww! Kurt: There’s a huge line running down the middle, it was most definitely
    Kurt: assembled from 2 halves. Ro: Look at this, they probably just glued him
    Ro: together with chocolate.
    Ro: Now we’re gonna put it all together and... Kurt: Play Chess! Ro: play some chess, where I will win!
    Kurt: I don’t think so…
    Ro: Once your cake comes out of the oven, make sure it’s had plenty of time to cool,
    Ro: and what we did is we leveled off the cake using a cake leveler, and
    Ro: we just took a little bit off the top, you don’t need to do a lot.
    Ro: And then I took a huge bag of dark chocolate, put it in this zip lock bag, just
    Ro: put any kind of a tip on it because we’re just using it to distribute,
    Ro: and here we go! Kurt’s gonna help turn it, but I’m just gonna put it on the top
    Ro: of the cake, and then we’ll smooth it all out.
    Ro: Then you’re just gonna take a big mustache-uler and lightly smoothen like this.
    Kurt: Is that the technical name for it? Ro: Yeah that’s the technical name for it!
    Ro: So the reason we put so much frosting on the top of the cake is because we want
    Ro: a lot of room to play with. Kurt: And because we really like frosting!
    Ro: And because it’s really, really good!
    Ro: When we’re placing all the squares on top, it will help us determine how deep
    Ro: we want to push in every little square. So, just having a little bit of excess wiggle
    Ro: room is really helpful.
    Ro: Once your cake is all done and it’s all frosted, we’re gonna put it into the
    Ro: freezer to let it chill for about
    minutes, and then we’re gonna put
    Ro: all of our little pieces on!
    Ro: We just took the cake out of the freezer and it’s nice and chilled,
    Ro: and we’re gonna take this weird triangular, rigid, looks like teeth or something
    Ro: like Domo Kun’s teeth. And we’re just gonna run it along all the sides
    Ro: of the cake to give it a little texture look.
    Kurt: Cake looks amazing. Ro: Yes! Kurt: We’re gonna put the squares on the board.
    Ro: Mmmhmmm. Kurt: And they alternate. Ro: Should I just start in a corner?
    Kurt: Why not?
    Ro: Line it up…
    Ro: Da-dew! Kurt: Psssh! Ro: We just finished putting all the little chocolate
    Ro: squares on the cake, and it looks awesome! It looks like marbled!
    Kurt: It looks… Are you ready for some chess? Ro: Oh yeah.
    Kurt: It’s ready for some chess playing. Ro: It’s ready!
    Ro: But before we play, I just need to put a little more frosting around the edges to
    Ro: do a little fancy edging, and then put all the little chess pieces on top!
    Ro: Ta-da! We got all of our fancy edging all around the cake so it looks
    Ro: super cool. Kurt: Elite cake skills. Ro: And now Kurt’s gonna teach me, yeah,
    Ro: yeah! How to put all these little pieces on. And what were you saying about
    Ro: the corner, if we’re facing each other this way, you want to play each other.
    Kurt: Yeah, so when you set up the board, make sure the white square is in the
    Kurt: lower right. Ro: Right square… OK. Kurt; You don’t want to set up like this
    Kurt: where you have a black square in the lower right, so just always the white
    Kurt: square in the lower right. And then you set it up pawns all here and then in
    Kurt: the corner you got your rooks, your knights, your bishops, and your queen
    Kurt: and king, and the queen always goes on her color, so if you’re playing white
    Kurt: queen goes on the white square, if you’re playing black, queen goes on
    Kurt: a black square. Ro: Huh, really!?! So she would go right here, on a white
    Ro: square? Kurt: Yeah, that’s right. Ro: Perfect! OK. Kurt: Let’s do it!
    Ro: Now we’re gonna put on all these little pieces!
    Ro: Ta-da! Our cake turned out, it looks so cool! I love it!
    Kurt: It looks awesome, the pieces look really good! Ro: Yeah, they turned out
    Ro: so good! I cannot wait to play, so after this video at the end credits, we
    Ro: are gonna play a game of chess.
    Ro: And thank you Kurt for being here on Nerdy Nummies!
    Kurt: Thanks so much for having me! I’m glad I didn’t ruin it too much!
    Ro: No, you did a good job! I’ll put his links down below so you can go check
    Ro: out his music and subscribe, it is amazing! And, if you have any other ideas
    Ro: for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know, leave me a comment down below
    Ro: and I will do my best to make it happen!
    Ro: OK, bye-bye you guys! Kurt: Bye!
    Ro: Are you ready? Kurt: Yes! Ro: It’s ON!
    Ro: OK, we are about to do speed chess we got the champ right here,
    Ro: And I’m gonna blindfold him with my fancy scarf that I got at the gap, OK, so…
    Kurt: Gonna play blindfolded. Ro: Are you ready? Kurt: Yeah, let’s do it!
    Ro: Can you see? Kurt: Nope. Ro: Is it over your eyes? Kurt: It is.
    Ro: And Jared is gonna be moving the pieces for him. Go, go go!
    Ro: And I’ll go on this side.
    Ro: OK, do I go first or do you go first? Kurt: Uh, white always goes first in chess.
    Kurt: So, you got it. Ro: Ladies go first! OK, ready, set, go!
    Jared: Pawn to A4. Kurt: Cool, pawn on E7 to E
    Jared: E
    Jared: So, uh. Ro: B…
    to B3, pawn.
    Kurt: Bishop on F

    Ro: This feels like Wizard’s Chess!
    Jared: Alright, so pawn from D2 to D3… Oh no sorry, C
    to C
    Kurt: All good, all good. Mmmmm, queen on D
    Jared: Uh, so Pawn from H
    Kurt: Hmmm, well, let’s see, Queen on F6 takes F

    Kurt: Checkmate...
    Jared: Yep, alright.
    Ro: Is that checkmate? Jared: Yeah, that’s checkmate. Kurt: It is.
    Ro: Oh my gosh, Kurt come look at this.
    Background: Did we set it up right at least? Jared: Yeah.
    Kurt: Oh, OK, that’s checkmate too, but I was saying queen takes, but yeah.
    Jared: Oh well either way. Kurt: It doesn’t actually matter which pieces you take
    Kurt: but… Hah! Ro: Welp, there it is, speed chess! Hahaha!
    Jared: So you could have checkmated her with
    Ro: Kurt like, annihilated me! Oh my god, Kurt, you beat me in
    Kurt: Yup. Ro: He’s amazing! And super smart. Don’t play chess with him.
    Kurt: No, what’s even more amazing is that this actually looks like a real chess set!
    Kurt: And it’s all chocolate! Well I can make the cakes, you can play the game,
    Ro: good god! Oh yeah, well, I make my own rules! And, checkmate!
    Kurt: Until I eat it!
    Ro: OK, I’m gonna play until I beat you. Kurt: we’re gonna be here awhile.
    Ro: OK, ready?
    Ro: Can he go here? Kurt: Bishop’s defending it actually.
    Background: Yeah you can't do that Ro.
    Ro: Oh I can’t do that? I can’t do that, I can’t do that! OK, here!
    Ro: That’s my… That’s my… Kurt: It was, it was your queen.
    Ro: Haha, I got a horsey!
    Background: Uh oh, the Queen's on the move! Oh, this isn't good!
    Ro: Can I?
    Background: No, only diagonally, move your pawn up
    Kurt: Check, no you’re in check.
    Ro: Ohhhh!
    Background: No you're not done, you're not over yet!
    Ro: Oh no, I can't do that either!
    Kurt: Check.
    Ro:: Oh no I just delayed it!
    Background: Move your king up
    Ro: Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm,hmm!
    Kurt: Oh, ohp! The fallen king!
    Kurt: Hmmm, let’s see, I’ll just do this. It’s really easy to drop pieces
    Kurt: off the edge of the board.
    Kurt: Check. Ro: Gah!
    Background: Well at least kill the queen, at least kill the queen, yes!
    Background: And you lose to him anyway
    Ro: Oh I lost to a pawn!
    Ro: That was amazing!
    Ro: Alright, good game. Kurt: Good game.
    Ro: You, I can’t do this anymore! Kurt: Goog game. *** *** Chocolate Buttermilk Cake Recipe - YouTube !!!
    hey guys welcome back to Gretchen's bakery I have another base
    recipe for you yes it is the fabulous best
    moist chocolate cake that's what it was known as
    before way back when in my past life the original recipe called for yogurt
    or sour cream so this time I'm just using but are not but if you guys prefer
    to use the yogurt or sour cream
    absolutely go I had you may not need another chocolate cake recipe after you
    try this one
    granulated sugar salt marry super super soft butter here I've got some melted
    cocoa powder and that's natural cocoa powder not Dutch process cocoa powder
    we also have some baking soda this is a mixture
    up cake flour and all-purpose flour together for those of you who can't find
    cake flour it is okay to
    you all all-purpose flour here and over here I have some buttermilk
    of course we have some the now %ah now in my kitchen aid mixer bowl
    I have a pot of boiling water over here and I'm just
    set my kitchen table over top of that we're gonna at our granulated sugar to
    that Andrew just keep whisking it and so that sugar is starting to dissolve
    and here eggs get to the temperature of
    the temperatures not really
    exactly necessary it's just that we're really trying to dissolve those sugar
    and get the eggs warmer than my body temperature and I'm about
    we were sorta unlock
    the characteristic flavors up the cocoa powder and what we're going to do
    is abnormal in water to it
    next we take that super soft butter and add that to the chocolate mixture
    okay reserve this aside we can get whipping both eggs
    don't forget to sift that dry I'll
    ok Inc
    as you can see when I drop the batter into the bowl
    it's sorta forms like the ribbon pattern that's how you know you're ready
    so at this point we're going to add in all that chocolate mixture
    get it back on the mixer just to incorporate now at this point here eggs
    deflate up course because we've just added that heavy additional chocolate
    that's normal going to had in mind vanilla with my buttermilk
    only because I forgot to put it in with the chocolate now we're going to
    alternate the drive with the buttermilk and then we're done
    so this is actually quite a likud mix compared to some
    recipes you may be used to I'm actually want to bake mine
    into cupcakes but if you guys wanted to make lower layer cakes then you're going
    to use all over this matter between two
    eight-inch pans and you're going to get to really nice
    thick layers
    so I have my album preheat oven to 350 degrees
    and if you're making the 8 inch layer cakes
    they're probably gonna take about 40 minutes to bake
    cupcakes on the other hand there a little bit quicker I'm gonna say I'm
    gonna check them out about
    and I'll catch you right back when they're done cool so here we go guys
    chocolate cupcakes these really just took about
    minutes to bake
    I have my other batch in the oven right now who they're so warm
    I always like to try them without the icing
    first and then imagine what we could put on top Swiss buttercream chocolate
    Friday saying peanut butter buttercream mango butter cream
    you name it chocolate cake pretty much goes with everything boom
    it's perfect fit even doesn't mean I think and I hate to say that
    this is a really great recipe guide I hope you try it
    be sure to get to Gretchen's bakery dot com for all the recipes
    and I will youth even group
    up *** *** How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake Part 1 of 2 - YouTube !!!
    hi I'm Alan Tate Show with Global Sugar Art
    we've had a lot of people write in to us and asked if I would do
    a YouTube video on how to make your own wedding cake
    or how to do a basic wedding cake that beginners could
    could do at home so I prepared this three-tiered cake
    and for the next
    minutes I'm gonna run through
    right from the beginning to the end after you bake the cake
    icing it covering it with fondant and using some Molesey create some easy and
    effective decorations
    this cake is a some

    in ninety gether will feed about a hundred
    and this top-tier can be kept for the first anniversary
    you can scale this cake down or
    up depending on how many people you'd like as long as you keep about three
    in difference between your tears
    you'll be fine so if you want to go out to a
    your next one would be maybe a thirteen and then maybe a ten
    and if you want to add a fourth here you can do that too so it's an
    easy cake to make I hope you enjoy this tutorial
    a couple tips I have three other dude
    are YouTube videos out that would help reinforce what I'm gonna teach today
    one of them I have I DVD or excuse me are you too
    out on how to slice the cake and fill it and I said
    I have a YouTube on how to cover a cake with fondant
    and I have a youtube on how to color the gum paste flowers
    the pre-purchase flowers so that you can make them your own design your own
    colors and you can accent them the way you want I'll be doing all that in this
    you too
    but the other ones are really reinforcing give you even more depth a
    veg occasion
    so I hope you enjoy this tutorial
    again by using a long serrated knife and cut the top of the cake
    of can use a cardboard
    to slide under it and remove the excess cake
    foot to take over Earth
    use butter cream icing to create a thin layer in between the two cakes
    and I've place the cake
    onyx cake circular or a corrugated cake pad
    that's the same size as the Cape so I have a
    inch cake
    and a
    inch pad
    ok need a small portion of fondant into a long rope
    this is going to create a damn
    around the edges the cake so that you can put a filling in and it won't squish
    attach the damn
    right on the outside edge for the cake
    and then use whatever type the filling you on on the inside
    me to use a raspberry
    the place the next year right on top of the first one face the sides and the top
    with buttercream
    this all needs to be a thin layer because you're going to be covering it
    with fondant
    X and you don't have to worry about
    crumbs make sure you ice right down to the board
    so it seals the cake in and no air gets in and dries out your cake
    okay your cake is now ready to cover with fondant
    the easiest thing to do from here is to place this in the refrigerator
    for about one hour or in the freezer for about
    just so the cake firms up to begin by needing
    some white fondant until it's soft and pliable
    sprinkle your work area with a little bit of confectioners sugar
    keep to fund it moving
    don't don't roll very long before you move it when the final gets larger
    you can actually poll the web the rolling pin across state rather than
    and it will start stretching it for you the diameter of the fondant
    has to be the diameter of the cake plus four inches for each side
    so I have a
    inch cake I have to add eight inches to that
    so I have to have at least
    inches round a fondant
    alright uses smoother and smooth the top
    role the fun that over your rolling pin very light lightly
    and then just rate over the cake
    the end by moose smoothing the top very likely
    to pull any air bubbles out from underneath thing go around the outside
    edge with your hands
    to adhere it to the cake and then work your way down
    open the folds up
    just push down and the fun that will stick to the buttercream icing
    I uses scissors to cut off any excess
    and then I'll use a knife to trim it
    just using a smoother on the side
    make sure that it's me stuck to the cake
    all the way around and then I'll use
    a spatula or knife and I'll cut flush with the bottom of the board
    I like to use the palm of my hand and just go around the outside edge to make
    a nice slow
    make sure its moods its smooth the top a little bit
    just make sure the sides are all smoothed out if you have an air bubble
    you can use a little straight pin
    and push it into the bubble and then the smoother will push the air out through
    the whole
    there so we have the
    inch layer
    all done and now we'll show you how to stack the cake
    take another piece of fun then and roll-up into a large
    log a little sugar down on your work surface

    I'm gonna roll this into a flat piece
    for using a knife
    or pastry wheel cut one flat edge
    and then roll up the fun that very loosely
    and then place at around the cake
    unrolled around the cake and bring it right up to the edge is the cake
    use your slow there to go back
    impressive down so it goes right up to the board
    in were joined in the back just press it together to make a scene
    and then just use a spatula or knife
    he cut flush with the edger the board
    this gives you a nice finish presentation on the cake
    me we're going to stack the cake next now we have our twelve-inch
    out here has been covered with fondant and its got the buttercream icing it's
    got a filling in between
    now we're ready to stack our wedding cake so the first thing I do is I take a
    look at my
    my covering up my cake and I decide where's the front of the cake
    and where's the back at the cake and I just put a little pin
    a little toothpick right into the phone boards to denote the back up the cake
    now this wedding cake I'm going to offset the tears rather than
    putting them right on top of each other so magically I'm gonna offset
    I'm gonna bring them all toward the back up the cake so
    my next year is at
    inch cake
    so I have a 10-inch Circle and I sorta set it on the cake
    the way I want to look and then all know
    where approximately I'm going to put my Fordow rods
    the DOL rods are an important part of constructing the cake
    to make sure that your cake doesn't leaner tip over as it sets
    so I know exactly where I'm going to put this
    so I've marked three little holes were I'm gonna put if a dollars and I've
    already got a whole ready to go here
    here's the Paul the Dells that we sell on that can be cut to the length needed
    for your cake
    may come
    inches and they're very very sturdy
    that we also make a yellow one that's smaller that will use on the top tier
    so I've cut four of them the same height the best thing to cut them is a
    strong pair of scissors or update easiest thing is a pair of
    a pruning scissors that you would use on small tree branches
    and just push those right down into the cake
    meant remove my toothpick where I want my towel
    me to push it right through the fondant and into the cake
    and you need at least four under every tear
    if I was doing a big
    inch cake I might use six or eight
    but formal do so those go down
    and they said on the bottom board
    now when I take my
    inch cake and I set that on this cake
    the pressure the
    ish cakewalk squash the
    inch cake below it
    dil se on top of the the dummies and I have my
    inch cake ready to go
    we've already covered this one with um Sat nice
    are fondant and I know that the back is here
    and you can see on this cake that I've already got my towels in and I use the
    smaller butter cream colored
    dowels for the top tier they don't need to be as large for small tear
    and I know that this is the backup my cake so
    and put a spatula under there
    and we know where the back at the cake is
    we're gonna set that down
    just turn that a little bit
    and you can move it a little bit if you have to now remember when we covered
    the cake with fondant it was already sitting on a board the exact same size
    I just a quarter inch cardboard so this
    quarter-inch cardboard
    so now these Dahl rods push down and the rest on the quarter inch cardboard in
    between here
    that sits on the pillars that are inside this tier which then
    go down to the bottom tier so the pressure goes from
    from the dowel to the board to the dow to the board and there's no pressure on
    the cake itself
    and then we're gonna put the top tier on can something I didn't do the first time
    but just to show you can do it if you want if you really want to be sure that
    tears sticks want to steer sticks to the other
    you can put a little bit a buttercream and that will work as a glue
    now I have my my top tier is ready to go
    and you can see that that is also on a cardboard
    and that one is gonna go right on the top
    and again I want to be toward the back at the cake
    and now I'll take a look at the front make sure everything's lined up just the
    way I want it
    and there you go now these boards on the bottom in this case will be covered with
    the decoration we're going to do
    if you didn't want any border on the bottom or if you were going to use a
    very very tiny border
    you have to make sure that fun that goes right down arm
    to your plate that you're working on when you cover it in this case we let
    the board show little bit and I'm not worried about that because we're going
    to be covering up
    so now the cake is stacked and it's ready to decorate
    now we're ready to decorate the cake and to make this an easy project and a
    really beautiful cake we're going to use three different moles
    to mold the decorations that go on the bottom and on the sides of the cake
    I'm going to use the Karen Davies Alice
    lace mold which gives me a nice wide ribbon for the top
    Ennis narrower a lace ribbon for the for the top tier
    I'm going to use the Karen Davies pipe rose mold
    and any use that for a bottom border and then I'm going to use
    the Global Sugar Art rose border mold
    also for the bottom just so that we have a small border on the bottom that
    doesn't overpower the cake
    so I'll show you how to mold each one of these I'll show you how we apply to the
    and you'll be ready to make your own wedding cake
    I'm gonna began with some either gumpaste
    or a mixture of
    percent gun pace and
    percent off on that and you just need
    them together
    the difference is if you use all gumpaste
    he will harden on the cake and as you're cutting you have to cut through it it'll
    if you use a
    mixture a fondant and gumpaste
    you'll be able to cut right through it but it stretches a little bit more it's
    a little bit harder to work with
    if you're a beginner in cake decorating so to begin with
    I'm gonna roll out the paste and I mean do this smaller border first
    so I want a piece that's maybe about a half inch
    in diameter anytime you have any left over just put it in a bag to keep it
    I've got a little puff with cornstarch
    and I'm just going to lightly cornstarch that mold
    and then I was gonna dump that right out
    net weight doesn't really fill the cavities okay this isn't
    a really large mall house so I don't need
    this rope to be very big I'm just going to
    follow the contour the mold alright
    men have a little bit of Crisco or some sort of
    a vegetable shortening handy put it on your fingers
    and just push that into the mold
    and use both hands what I like to do is
    II joke about building a little mountain range in the middle
    but that's exactly what I'm doing I'm pushing it to the outside edge
    and then pushing any excess up
    and I'm gonna be cutting that ridge of
    in makes it easier to cut off if it's all gathered in one place
    remove any excess
    so it doesn't have to be perfectly to the edge yet
    right now my my focus is to get rid of the extra
    so many use a palette knife and again a little bit a shortening
    and this will help cut through that extra a
    fondant gumpaste mixture now star in the center of the mall
    not on the end if you start on the annual poll all the product out of the
    so always start in the center and I'm notice some holding the top with my
    and I'm holding it in place as i cud of
    just follow the little
    knots all the axis that'll come off if you're right-handed like I am just turn
    the mold
    put a little more shortening in go in the other direction
    tear a little bit more shortening I'm not using a lot just enough so that it
    doesn't stick to my fingers
    and now I'm pushing it down flush with the edges are the mold
    he completely filling that in and I have no excess
    pace to worry about now because I've cut it all off
    there that's all push down I can roll over to make it may seem even
    and these will pop right out
    I don't know if we can get
    a good close-up shot about mold you can see the detailed
    if you're not happy with the detail on the mold
    it's as easy as putting it back in the mold
    and just pushing it down again with your finger can you be sure you get all the
    Mary go lips
    the be able to see all the detail in that mold okay
    so both these arm also be done the exact same way
    the larger a lace me band and the narrower
    and then we're going to attach it to the cake so I'm gonna move the cake
    over to the side here and
    this little band is going to go on the top tier
    around the top I like to use a ham marker a lot in cake decorating
    because it can ache and make a mark exactly where I want something to sit on
    the cake
    some basically going to measure here and I decided where I want the top of my
    decoration to sit
    and I've already adjusted this little lever right where I want that to be
    so I'm just going to make
    a couple very very tiny marks
    that you'll never see especially once the fun is over it but this will guide
    me as to where
    this has the lineup so I'm going to then
    flip this over and I'm in a wet the back
    this is just the water brush or you can use a little paint brush with some water
    don't make it to where he just wanted a nap
    and that will work like a glue and it will stick this gumpaste fondant mixture
    right to the cake okay
    now the other important thing is that we decided earlier that the back at the
    cake was where my toothpick was
    so I'm gonna start by decorating the front of the cake
    so I want this peace to be right square on the front so they'll be no seams in
    the front of my cake
    so I know my front is right here and that's where I'm going to start
    minute but this write-up you can see that it will stick rate to the cake
    and I'm going right up to my little marks
    and just gently push in on the cake
    income so I have one done now I would make a second one
    and I we do the same thing around the back and then my top border will be
    will be in place and then we're going to paralyze it
    and we're gonna do a bottom border okay so I've used the same old
    and I've molded the wider a-bands a place
    just like we did the first ones right cut them flush and I pressed them down
    am i on molded them so these are going to go
    at the top of the bottom tier to reflect what we did at the top tier
    so only use the same method I'm gonna use my water brush at the top
    and then just a little bit on the bottom edge doesn't take a lot
    and I know the back at the cake is right back here
    and here's my front so I want to get that peace
    right on the front of the cake
    okay and just press that in place
    and I've gone ahead and made several love these pieces so that I can do the
    whole cake
    now when you when you want to make sure that it's really
    pressed on you can add a little bit of water just push the edges in
    I will help it stick okay we're gonna flip this one
    had some water to this peace and I'll show you how to join two pieces together
    alright so we're going to start right at this age I like to make sure that I have
    been nice square edge to deal with
    attack right up to that age
    there pressed him in place and then when you get down here
    you can just use your fingers and pull them together just pinch the top
    in relief from a distance when this wedding cake is sitting on a table at a
    you're not going to notice those joins and almost any wedding cake that has
    molded pieces on a
    is going to have these little joins some people put a little flower something
    there to cover
    but I really don't think it's a distraction at all so that's how the
    the layer is done and we would go ahead we would do the back as well
    so now you have the the top decorations on your top tier in your bottom tier
    now we're going to mold the rose layer for the second one
    and this is the Karen Davies pipe rose border
    this is done the exact same way incidently if you have trouble
    on molding any of these if your phone then is to softer your gumpaste fondant
    mixtures too soft
    um you can put them in the freezer for maybe five minutes and popping out and
    they'll come right out
    usually if you put a little bit of
    cornstarch in them first and then dump it out
    you'll be fine so I just made that long enough to fit
    put a little shortening on my fingers and again I'm going in from both sides
    making that little mountain in the middle
    and then put a little bit shortening on a palette knife or a
    its or little sharp paring knife and make sure to hold it as you cut toward
    I guess that's why use a palette knife I may have cut myself too many times yes
    very in fact years of
    okay and then just
    fill that very end
    there I roll it on the back to make sure it's flat
    and that way when I put it on the cake it hears directly to the cake and i got
    a nice flat surface
    and then pop that out and that is now ready to go on the cake
    and I have some others all made ahead when you make them ahead
    just put him on a board and put them inside over large
    a SIP lock bag and then we'll stay nicely flexible
    same process we're gonna flip these over
    at a little bit a water
    look for the front of my cake which is right here
    hand I'm gonna at that border right like that
    hand we're gonna go ahead and add a second one
    and you will notice that she design these malls
    so that when you put an end to end they sorta interlock
    so you actually can't see the joined
    very clever design
    I really like karen's products and will put the third one on
    shrimp will go in this direction push that radiance what fits
    under the other one there we go
    hair how easy is that
    so we know we have our rose border done and now we're going to move on and we're
    going to do the bottom border on each of these
    now we're going to make the border the this is the GSA
    rose border mold and we're gonna mole that for the bottom up this year
    and the bottom at the top tier now this is a small mall that's very thin
    and it's more delicate so this mall will have to be put in the freezer for about
    five minutes
    after you I'm you put the paste in it now this time you don't need to corn
    starch this at all
    just again but make a little rope
    oh you're a
    pace to your gum paste little shortening on my fingers so I can
    push that in
    and you can I'm going from both sides into making sure that that's really
    pushed in well
    so that the little roses in that mold get filled out
    NK sure there's a little shortening on their it start in the middle
    and work your way to the outside edge
    there scanner push all that Creighton
    make sure that's all inside the cavity and that's nice and flat
    now from here I would pop this in the freezer for three to five minutes
    and then you'll be able to on mole that and the look just like this
    I did a couple had a time okay so we'll put that aside
    now to put these on the cake it's the same process
    except this time so that I don't have to fiddle with these any more than
    necessary and chance breaking them
    even though I could piece them together this time me to start in this from the
    cake again
    and I'm just going to use my water pressure and I'm in a brush
    maybe a quarter to an eighth of an inch of water up the site at the Cape
    it's better to do lesson at a little bit more afterwards if you need to
    and I'm squint
    place that rate in the front right up against the cake
    that's my little rose border and will do one here
    need whole piece this time
    I so wanna come right around to the middle of the pack
    so that's how you would do
    the rose border and I would repeat the same exact process
    for the bottom of this tier so once you have all your borders done
    then your cake is basically decorated now we just need to Pearl I summer these
    make them
    pop sir to get the the details I'll a small showing
    and then we're gonna put a bottom driven and we're gonna have the flowers
    you *** *** Chocolate Painting - YouTube !!!
    the mall the hey can I
    this is ABN and welcome back to whisk me away
    today we are going to be making something spectacular okay
    and episode lb teach you how to pick the chocolate
    Kelly tackling and getting pp techniques with chocolate
    I'll make tools songs means will be listed in the infobox
    in you like this video and wanna see more don't forget to hit the like button
    comment and subscribe to my channel
    cell without where their deal let's see what we can with that
    you want me and many web a spatula
    a tape a planted assets spatula
    a regular assets bachelor and some palette names
    so these are the most commonly used nights for oil painting
    a cheap p.m. brash and some
    edible markers in haiti needs a draw a lot you can crash
    than you need turns in times a plastic spoons
    I fell variety at Wilton can email
    and some short mean to pay now each happen it becomes to this kid
    alrighty and animal testing color he may also use in oil base for the coming for
    and then a metal scraper you also need
    an electric good i'll settle no to non-state cupcake pan stacked together
    to prevent your child
    and Bernie and a metal pallet I N adding nine out into the cavities
    and stain them until they are completely melted
    mix and match melts to create more coming I'll be leaving a wilting
    chocolate color chart
    in the infobox to help you achieve the kind who won here's my senate I have a
    Andy cupcake pan any my parents so that my pal it doesn't get too hot
    only placed and nixon noted
    one thing and then make my pattern into my chocolate elstak
    each other back on and he can keep it warm then
    I'll cover it up with quayle and keep my pant messy not happen attack that's why
    I P
    as you can see and adding my chocolate in the color spectrum
    don't forget she constantly and much I think and you can
    you don't wanna ran outta the color that your blending on your PT
    and by a tiny finished nothing more colors that section you working on
    hardened up I'll kidneys the melted chocolate
    I had not changed but I find it a challenge to be a bet
    translucent and dole when she'll at the N double dutch
    the colors are vibrant and it's so much
    easier to control how light and %uh he want you place to be
    cell I love domestic help that's because I find new colors on their
    that I didn't even expect to make he
    see how pretty these closer its crazy right me
    Ellis just like oil painting by the way
    he keeps on keeping tells close by because
    it will come in handy chocolate is vain St and sometimes difficult to clean up
    while and mixing I like to keep the people tell in one hand
    to constantly clean my palette knife when I switch different colors
    to create the can best hornet
    Sinclair white now to Chapa onto a pan or on top of the flat surface
    and let her dinner then using a hot night
    cleanup edging
    the candidates will be very brittle so don't forget to keep it on something
    flat while you pee template p
    in very similar to oil painting believe it or not
    this is my first attempt ever oil PT and trafficking
    lately it turned out great prior to this
    I did a lot I research on while eat do you need to pay and pensions
    if you are still painting then use your edible markers to jot you design space
    Wednesday PG we want to establish a flat background I am using a rounded assets
    to apply the kind at flat as possible once we start adding more layers
    it will become difficult to cover a large area with up at night
    because there will be a lot of pictures on your peking
    preventing you from making long strip now that I got my foundation for my
    I can start adding lanes if you look at oil paintings
    you'll notice that most and consists of short strokes
    when he clearly at teton stroke like this bright man
    till bleepin in that area so that Chinese
    else he'll and implanting them together into a flat orange
    China where on the whole people instead of focusing on one area
    that is because when you work on one area with chocolate
    you me to add layers and those layers will start building your
    the last thing you want is for you he to be three inches thick in one area
    and the rest is one inch I realized its mistake when I employees pay me
    entry into that day and everything around the tree was
    day wow the tree itself was at in where Graham
    and he made a mistake don't trip chocolate chip
    cuz with a clean spatula he can hear
    on the cradle and then pass it on top of your mistake
    wanted now TT you can scrape enough you still not happy with it
    you can cover it up with a dick lamm way a great example
    they think that seven-minute in you can't see it
    play it was to pump be around the base of the tree
    so I planned and even that was some way
    then paint over that there will be a plane when it will be
    impossible to continue to you could help me they'll be too many strokes on the
    that's when the paint branch will come in handy you
    they can spice chips which is perfect for the oil painting like that we are
    going for
    p.m. precious are also great for smaller details
    like when I start paying police on the game only problem is that you will need
    to wipe your brush
    me almost anytime you pay me what else the bristle
    keep collecting chocolate and in the NL become the huge blob
    which is difficult to people the last time it is PT
    is the street lamp and Katie I wanted to pop out
    so the best taking down for this to pep talk her into a piping bag
    and piping declare baby teething
    and Landon everything the same except papon the chain last like a king with
    this treatment
    I hope you enjoy watching the recipe
    Stadium I really loved the names Hills
    fine easy and something you can do with it caves
    friends insignificant other please email me pictures
    and he made it happen p I would love to share them on my feet while
    thank you so much to all EU that share my tutorial
    you guys are a main thing and you like this feel
    and want to see more don't forget to subscribe to my channel
    and leave a comment lol i love reading those
    really make my day went hiking by Anne
    sale until next time Stacy
    and Allen eat today K
    the No

    the my
    the new
    then *** *** Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe with Chocolate Ganache Frosting: How To: Dishin With Di # 156 - YouTube !!!
    hi and thank about a and today and issue a dime
    I'm going to show you how to make my rich chocolate cupcakes with chocolate
    frosting super moist and decadent
    perfect for any occasion and their easy to make
    say let's get started and that he would die %uh
    %uh the
    %uh this is one of my favorite chocolate cupcake recipes there so
    rich and moist and they can Nash frosting on top
    that like double chocolate trip to have it third
    just wonderful now what I like to do for SES get my oven preheated
    and put the rack in the center position then I have a cupcake tin here
    and I've lined out with twelve liners and I have on my stand mixer here and I
    have it
    fitted with the paddle attachment you can use a hand mixer for this
    but I would recommend that you use a bowl to mix everything in
    that has a little spat out when the end because it's gonna make it
    easier for us to pour the mixture into the cupcake liners
    what I'm going to do first year as get my dry ingredients start it so I have
    some all-purpose flour
    am just putting this into my measuring cup with the poorer and level math did
    sellers portend now is just a level that baby rate of just like back
    and then I'm gonna grab some weight granulated sugar here
    say yes group the show her out and a level that of
    and just put that on and alike lol
    extra sweet come to grab a little bit more sugar for this and put that in
    and now I have my leavening so I have some baking powder and baking soda here
    that those in and salt saw
    is perfect in your baked goods because it helps to bring out the flavors and
    everything so we have some salt here
    I like to use a fine sea salt for this now to get these really nice and
    we're going to be using some unsweetened cocoa powder
    but what you want to do is
    and because there's always looks in there
    and they tend to stay that way so
    just go ahead and put it in there and dissected on into the rest of the
    so once you get all that stuff in there then grabbed a with
    this is a wire whisk and I'm just gonna make everything together until it really
    well combined
    you don't wanna see me white spots in
    now I'm gonna take my dry mixture
    Panama Papa over here on today stand mixer
    and was gonna let that sit there for sinon on wax crap
    is the wet ingredients so the first thing I have
    is some mail this is home now and I have this
    at room temperature than I have and egg here
    and I'm gonna take my tag am just going to crack it right
    into from now take a lot make sure everything's okay there
    trap that right on and man
    to get some flavor gallon when I had some pure vanilla extract
    and believe it or not vannatter extract does help you enhance the flavor of
    so we're all about the chocolate here and wrap up for
    or with air disconnect this together in touch nearly
    thoroughly combined and now this is some hot coffee
    now you can use hot water for this but the coffee
    kinda boost the flavor of the chocolate and
    when it's hot it's going to help to dissolve the cocoa in the mixture
    but it's not quite hot enough because what we want to do is
    male some butter and their so I have both of and
    unsalted butter here and I'm just gonna take it and throw it
    interest like best now even though the coffee is hot
    you still want to keep this up you can do it when the stovetop
    or I like to do it in the microwave it's really quick and easy
    so you wanna get it hot enough so that butter melts in there
    and I like the butter to be a little bit softer kinda give it a head start
    because I don't want the coffee
    or the water in your if you're using just water to come to a boil
    I just wanted to get super hot and up to now back so
    man out at an arena finished off the batter's melted and the mixture is very
    am just working at together to get it nice and thoroughly combined
    the butters gonna make me think million reaction
    waiver on just gonna satisfied in our readiness make the whole thing together
    in the bow love my stand mixer or you can use your hand mixer for this
    turn it ones who knows be and start
    of with here I'm no and your egg mixture
    and you're gonna foreign about happen this just drizzling right on man
    just left back at nicks through a bit
    and then grab ahold up your hot coffee next yr
    understand that this one little laugh start to make sure its combined wanna go
    Codec Pack I'm gonna pour in half to death
    same way night and flowing dress of now
    really incredible already ourselves happening
    a rate that about half that and now I'm just gonna
    perles offer sack given a scrape
    specially when you have a stand mixer you wanna get
    really are deep down the bottom there because things tend to lay down there we
    want everything connects really well
    and then we're gonna go and do the whole thing again I'm gonna grab ahold
    around now him right on down
    you're doing it like alternating in a little bit at a time like this
    so that it messes through life in evenly so once that
    no next year trying to get like down and make
    through when you wanna come one in with the rest of your hot coffee mixture
    and poor that Maria with was gonna get a little bit
    then once and for all in Marathi am just gonna let this mess for
    about a minute and toilet the company for moving really well
    mind hey that looks pretty good
    one last scrape a reality there's always something laying down there at the
    and you can see this is a little bit more in the inner side
    so that's why I said it's good to have this
    mixing bowl with this outgoing because it'll make it easy to poor
    into our little cupcake liners looks good
    thrilled that as a matter fact miss being hidden
    now I'm just gonna go around and I'm going to distribute this
    even roll into all the little liner so it's gonna come about
    maybe a half to three-quarters of the way for to think that and is coming grab
    before you go to the next one to get the little dribbles just go around and wait
    for them off especially if they're like
    on the cupcake liner because you don't want to stick their
    and then just go ahead and give it a couple tracks down
    just to get rid of any air bubbles that might be in there
    and then you're gonna pop this into your preheated oven
    on the fender rack for a bath eighteen minutes or
    until you answer to pick Kirk after and it comes out with just a few more East
    you can also touch the top wanted the cupcakes
    and it should spring back now after that you're gonna put it on a rack to cool
    for about five to ten minutes
    and then you can remove each cupcake from the teen
    and put it on the rack to cool completely and then
    will get to the can of frosting before removing the cupcake from the

    make sure it moves freely if it doesn't just take a butter knife
    and go around the ad and live
    Senate up to make sure that neither the edges are stuck to the pan
    and then turn the cupcake remove it from the pan
    and place it on your rack to cool completely so now I'm gonna make big a
    in this ball I have them semi-sweet chocolate and I just broken up into
    you could also use any three chocolate chips for this
    over here I have a saucepan and I have about an inch or so above water and it's
    just simmering
    so now I'm gonna take semi-sweet chocolate am gonna put the ball on top
    and as you can see
    the bowl does not touch the water so that's what you want the police to be a
    little bit bigger than your pot
    this is some heavy cream
    I'm gonna pour this rate over top of my chocolate
    to now the cream and chocolate are going to be heating together
    and the chocolate is gonna start to melt see you want to continue to start but
    and slowly so that you don't incorporate any
    air into it once the mixture is thoroughly combined and it's nice and
    smooth and
    remove it from the heat and allow to cool slightly before weeklies the
    all my cupcakes are nice and cool and I have Mike a nice here that's been
    sitting for
    minutes so it's still a little bit warm
    and not perfect because now we're gonna take her cupcakes
    and we're gonna dip them in so to take your cupcake
    make sure the cupcake it's completely cool when you do this so that when you
    grab it doesn't leak squishy and crack
    and then go and turn a cupcake upside down
    and put it into they cannot dipping give it a little spin
    and then a lift it right up now there might be a little drip edge but that's
    place it on a piece of waxed paper or parchment paper
    now the one nice thing about these cupcakes is that f you get they cannot
    join their
    then you can decorate them the way that you want so you can decorate these for
    different holiday so you have Halloween or Christmas Valentine's Day
    spring times birthdays New Years Eve so you can really customize them
    to whatever the occasion is and they will look absolutely beautiful
    and more than that
    they're gonna taste really great sell its stake in

    gamble even see what we got going on here so that we know they're gonna be
    who soviet
    decadent is the were know how late
    and there's so moist I'm really need a glass milk to go with this to be honest
    with you
    got it this recipe go to my website
    dishing with Diet Doc Kerem and I hope I made you like
    lol even here more enjoyable and alleged
    the next time palm old
    in *** *** Giant Buttercream Rose Wedding Cake Topper- Cake Decorating - YouTube !!! Statistics

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    *** *** Cake decorating: Cascading Roses on a Wedding Cake - YouTube !!!
    hygiene welcome back my
    hitch going to show you now just
    a sticky shape roses
    downside say
    his see
    K the stadium on Sunday
    falling off cascade
    cake flowers
    so when you start doing K that you want to put the flowers on topping downsizing
    three different teams want you want to try and figure out which
    why know how you want to decorate the top because once you start putting
    flowers on you really can't move
    so what I've done is shows these flowers
    top Kagan asserted in the design this is the key
    size key okay and
    yes it's happening K planned on the bottom
    and planned on the bottom you want certainly do something I did
    is playing mostly because it video because I know I have enough flour so I
    could take as long as
    what together but for the video signal
    de Chine make plans ends so the first lie was the time the second part was
    that inside
    and this there's three here because we are you doing to happiness I
    was one of the few flowers on the other side on the very bottom just
    bouncy before you start issue
    put the roses you want to find the low side
    your cake so this is always a leucine me
    know kiki is perfect think ship year
    money you doing K try to find it
    and then its which once you have that is as the final the cake
    right so just where you want the front
    you go back a little further you going to
    to start your your the highest part
    biggest roses are going to be not quite centers
    KTVB sir you've got to the same this is realizing
    and I'm just going to one raise my voice raise my roses
    I'll K
    this is facing me guess I'm staying alright
    so these are mine flowers
    insensitive this case the design sorry but this one
    first yahya is very high
    on the cake yea and then
    if when you are picking out your roses you find you
    why are you so much actually do have this
    them don't worry K the jury have risen up from the
    without putting up lap K so
    these are going to be p.m. peking
    so pink and blue say pink and yellow and white
    flowers so unique
    I was just able to stick that when writing so
    thats Kb facing people I'm going to put this flower and you can actually even
    put some
    separate you know just for everyone when you
    pushed some you may want to bring toothpick have a toothpick so you can
    push with this president your fingers so you don't
    break off the edges this K
    Sep I'm going to put
    this one has appointed side I don't need
    are take toothpicks
    preach no
    totally lying down the same time something to put some
    leaves on Jimmy okay so
    I have a little Waitrose you're going to said
    makes have a little time
    think rose bed wat you can show us show you how to do all those 'em
    actually do the Rose Bowl educated one put the
    facing out out way that direction
    his the direction here's a little peek
    next I'm okay
    now is the time for one more over here here
    disc sup its M
    he opened a little way home no fee we actually could
    just fun okay
    so there you have some roses there
    maybe one stick a little think went back in here just to give them
    filling me

    P you that might be two months so maybe we can just
    p.m. know we're going to bring some downside
    so whatever you choose I'm going to take a peak mines was that would make sense
    am going to use Miami
    my toothpick
    to push it in so I kinda want to be right about there not to worry about
    decorations are not as good but the Rose Room
    I can actually stick a toothpick right in the center came
    percent rate in the air make a pit
    this month this rows below it you put a little smaller one
    this rosa turns on a things I wanna make them
    rose by turn ap rather than
    down so %um
    you stick that rate near
    so picked up my flowers I'm going to use and I think what I do is opaque
    ok but it think when rain here stick their ATM
    and then you can put
    small pink ones here he said his
    tips need to stick to my into the cage young
    a little further down stick that made
    to make placed him
    if you want
    always have a bunch a little white ones you have a bomb
    kik alright
    I think that's very nice and then to come down to decide here
    and you want to just put it too soon to rate where the heaviness comes as
    come over here in put some rate holiday ship
    its might think we're that
    design comes heavy sea freight
    down at the bottom down here played
    musicians its small airlines
    just that the mean so
    first them and then here's a little pink one bank here
    going to fix my own p I'm my friend here
    actually that she did not
    I have the am little bit away in
    think when here you can stick in the back
    just really love the balance and as you want if you were well
    you because you feel you won't see them this is a buttercream icing
    Selam you might see them to see against a very creamy
    little bit he turns better teams you'll these decorations your arm
    our way nice home
    so now you can certainly have some flowers around the back a lil
    little bitch just for pretty that has been used white one so you don't
    I'm just started sticking the little was bentsen anywhere you want
    she laid down on the decoration and that's really all you want to do so then
    now I have this little big green icing than enough and when you make a little
    East Bay
    sure you appointed me
    team he's roses and doing this you probably know how to do that
    so but just in case I'll change
    used to flatten down the tip and you just makin
    use me p.m. point scissor
    you okay and then click here this episode was james and susan is rising
    reasons papers said just
    cent now you can can't play
    you can practice a little bit making it leashed
    if the point doesn't come out right in the center view the
    that's okay you can also just turn your hit me
    singer make it plain thank you card
    come down more in the center
    so I wanna do is yet some some leaves
    this come back up again
    look but some leaves on the flowers on sign
    use pushed and
    useful app go behind your flower
    and some movies as soon as you might want these
    little leaves to be weights it's a wedding cake in my one true love your
    flowers to be
    might I L you leads to be like to see them
    flowers leaves week okay
    can find a highly
    was all those who
    I'll show you that again on the topic is she really can't see
    no stay because you can actually when you put your cake down somewhere you can
    actually an issue than flowers radon
    I'm table okay
    so can come over here and if you
    you can actually greater decay killed him
    be leave number worried
    okay so that would be your side so this is the time happen
    here is facing you years facing me so
    you look at the back as the cake you see that they're all leaving
    see so what you want to do you when you get back
    you wanna feel they do just a little bit leave
    and me and when you fill in be calling eggs SPD could be built the map
    just squeeze until it fills up in just a little thief don't have sticking out too
    to uncover this is all things that we him
    there's me you can see so much I can
    down here and then just a teeny
    bit around the Rose I'm in here you can actually put one's a little bit smaller
    right behind
    and find leave the cruise ship
    near came when Ray here between
    stewardesses when
    here take a look and see what you see doing it
    chain do it for you back here clearly
    there's no rose is no leave there so you can you want come
    squeezes bring it has to back to the flower term
    to me if so there you go
    and the roomies rosie is a little bit these little tiny
    was billed as a user tiny actually used to
    for that this is a tiny room
    this is one ones very very slow
    and because I'm these are
    decidedly squirt squeeze out in the new
    girly he just make a couple there
    you probably can see that very well like to put a little
    you feel it away and put away
    rosebud uses the line euros is not quite so drastic
    just here K so you can play with that and make it look as nice as you want but
    don't overdo it
    open too many roses downsized right
    and them human overdo it be very nice *** *** Buttercream Flower Wedding Cake Tutorial - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    hi I am today show you had
    people like me hey into life wedding
    hey anything jockeying plowing and Lee
    now and I have any home haha natatorium
    leading no law I'm about being last would like to see
    so many you had he star rises all all
    and really in Jharkhand Hooley also yet
    turned out to be. stunning have made
    I'm really low and I hope each day
    to you me with my
    me haha different Tallahassee I
    hell like the Eris for you
    also analyzed hi County
    and Holland any people are the flowers and only
    to I'll a lower I'll
    we have some hot this way I
    try I flowers Monday
    hard free that wanna show you
    a single rose I'm doing anything and want me happy
    you can always I'm ball young cubans with the one
    the East I in a little bit skinny and
    mean that it might get loud hockey diary hi hun likable
    job hi pendulums
    huh I am
    to a little regal
    and he ended
    he did tall wins you quick with her head can't
    this time little rain does and I
    team now I'm me
    you muslim-led most humanity
    feel comfortable arm-twisting right he
    layering happy are on
    a little bit more popular now now using a
    weekend close he me
    Morris humpty we can all see a one
    on when same little ripple
    wrap-around do
    himself yes being
    that the lappy on
    mmm-hmm regal Kenyan
    I have a little bit more pressure top happens
    sandy just bit more min home
    and head
    now it's he owns I am
    hit just settling
    and his K I regal
    campus Rob
    me me yell
    nice hell while star
    just creating Rico me
    number she with alin create
    mom me
    now anything I'm

    around nomination repaired
    revealed she went and create sauce
    this time every to
    King brown home he said
    from all
    time three
    people moms
    you Natalie haven't lost
    uneasy ally Pawlenty he gonna
    long-held except who really want to some
    the round Center have and
    regal to be top thing

    you know room
    sleeeeeep Andrew than
    come around not GTE Palin green
    just makes little dots around
    he lied aus you know
    you taking him home
    her hands camp to my
    and when to use them
    for hateful lawson's paint
    thinking have been hunting
    into and when hearing nice
    yes more
    no hung saying hun
    she my home you can hire by
    mmm named
    hidden hollow be british slut wanna
    now I'm normally
    hymie said non-uk
    and at flowers mean hot least
    the army some doing my
    but I also want really thought still
    you sir college leaves army aloni
    lol and Hardy me following
    on eBay when I miss you and I'm for I'm
    ahh %uh d people in distance
    crews grain needs to get I'll as well as on a
    hell my and how to help bring
    just teams section has the widest
    can that be on saw and Amina
    the rest bad me I'm
    lot sheehy politicized spruce needs to get lunch
    palestine taking
    hun yeah no home
    messed up wanna huh I unit
    regal me Boyd and then
    turn I'm cell and he had
    wonderfully and only
    me I'm I hashing
    yet tender cool you know how much I love the nightlife
    miss cattle and sheep which is a little bit much
    and I'm Nosferatu me
    you need to have a plan them well
    her even though BRB
    now everything
    reach hunting weekend dela
    I have my
    last get humana
    go ahead and I'll months
    and howling to handle me
    with me hang up
    now on he just spruce eucalyptus car
    the one beloved my softly
    lastly coming to you
    and i'm taking a right green and I have my
    just a little bit yell months I'll
    bad and normally do
    sleeping honey not be able to monthly
    and my don't
    home and topping
    small knobs other hola
    music enormous and green
    number by them
    and a die we had going just letting
    many being lower these %uh
    yuliana lower shiny
    ball not teaching people to I usually

    I you agree the results absolutely stunning you don't like goes to show
    that night intricately I variation in your house
    can really make a huge difference he okay hang gai
    I'm it is homie *** *** CAKE TREND ~ Giant Cascading Rose Cake Pt 1 - CAKE STYLE - YouTube !!!
    welcome to my giant rise wedding cake tutorial
    we're really excited to be sharing this design with you we created it back in

    and in
    we were lucky enough for it to be featured in a gorgeous wedding
    since then it's been copied all over the world and shared
    and in this case we want to show you a beautiful hombre effect
    it's really a continuation and growth at this design into something that is so
    much more
    so we want to couple with you had a into lock those flower petals
    and really had to create something that is absolutely stunning
    and what we feel is the perfect rice cake
    now the best thing I'm going to date to make agile rice cake
    is to stop building rice we want to do this a few days before we
    assembly anti cake I'm so I generally like to stop that at the same time as I
    thought my baking
    that way every time I do well I yeah on these rises I can leave them for at
    least six to eight hours
    or even tie the knot and now a big difference if you've been looking at how
    simple rise to preach utah real
    and that has a lot of banging in texture in the pedals
    instead with this one way going for a nice soft finish
    so the major difference is that we're not buying the petals
    and we're also going to be fading out Alcala and the reason why didn't buying
    is that when I designed his cake I wanted it today a flower
    thats of Cascade into a beautiful wedding gown
    and has that raffle and the softness and so because dresses don't have to buy
    into them like flowers to a
    the best way to combine nice to was really to just lay off the pills nice
    and soft and PUA
    so the first thing we do is decide on what color
    you want to have euros Bay and if you are going to do
    more than on bright fade out along with me
    of gonna head intake and a soft pink
    and it's just the sugar flavor kala pink
    and I've made four different shades did not hugely different at this point
    but they will become more noticeable when you're rolling them out
    the pedals get quite in and so the color actually is not as pronounced
    as it is when it's right here so we're gonna start with our heaviest
    am I going to do alkyne for our rise in this color
    Hafiz couple appliance and then we're going to continue along down the line
    so I only make for callous in the end we can have more than that as weak transfer
    onto the cake
    as we do that it's going to be fondant in not sugarpaste
    so this is the sugar paste all the gumpaste that we use
    for this rise so
    we can just take a little section of it first and I'm gonna make a rose kind
    so I just make it nice and supple in your hands and then rolling into a pole
    using the palms of the hands and then all I do is pick it up
    pinch with my index finger and thumb to make a point
    use my other time to rest it on so that it doesn't get squeezed
    on that aunt and we just rotating around
    and that's really the easiest way
    some people make them by placing them on they hand
    enrolling like this but I do find that it creates a little bit unevenness
    so I prefer to just eat a peach method
    I K and we can allow that to dry
    I V not so I've got one that I've already prepared so that we can start
    working on Alliance
    we're gonna need to get out of Laurel Matt all about little
    out flower tools now for the sizing
    I've taken
    Peto set
    am cutter in the roses and I'm using a lot just
    3 and and as the cascades down okay quick can actually go to the first size
    in the extra Lodge
    rise pedals so we're gonna take a smallest
    that we have its gonna roll this
    out and we can adapt five pit oats I'm doing a bit of a cheat
    in that I'm using I laminating shape to protect
    this will come in really handy later on and as we work on the largest section of
    the cake
    and it just means that you can roll out a whole pile pedals tuck them away and
    lost a nice and moist
    site you can get them I'm from lots of little shops and
    art supply places of this place is things like that
    I K so we're gonna use a little bit
    shortening onto a table just rubbing it in
    little bit onto the top
    and just pressing down and rolling and we're gonna roll it out quite
    seen so as a rolling
    fluid movements with your whole hand
    you don't want to be chicky at all otherwise you get
    indentations and it will get teeth in places
    such as lifting all the time
    it wants to stick with the shortening some just wanna Kate lifting it out so
    it doesn't get stuck
    alright so it's getting quite
    in now
    ninety one more role in the center
    and then I'm gonna take a little bit of corn flour or cornstarch
    place it down tab that inflicted over just a little bit
    just so that it's not to attack you when I got a touch it and you can buff much
    to the delight
    so you don't see any white now and separate the laminating shaped
    and the first three that we cut we're gonna hide away
    India we're going to be using it in a couple of minutes it's not very long
    but you can generally take things under the laminating sheets
    for good
    minutes or so I site that's just a little tip that helps you
    to have to keep constantly rolling out
    k will teach a more to look at a place that onto al blue floral mapped
    always wanna keep excess
    tucked away nicely tries out superfast
    Tai Chi so move face
    we're gonna take a large have ample tool
    and just halfway on and half white of capital
    really gently gonna roll around I'm holding it like
    I woulda penso staying around the edge so hard for people to should be on the
    blue and hop should be on
    your pet ok and it just helps to soften the edges
    and it gets a little bit of movement for us
    now taking a chicago il and a small paintbrush
    we don't want too much glue on we're gonna paint one of them completely
    and the other one about three quarters at the white up
    okay so make sure that we've got now one that's tried I just place it directly
    pick it up tuck the bottom edge
    in and then taking one side ruffled
    all the way into the center and for the other side
    over the top he don't to be in to shop at the point
    it's just meant to be nice and gentle and soft
    and I take the entire thing pop it down on a second one
    lifted up again tucking the bottom and I just gonna kill by so these are really
    no pressure on the top you don't join these petals at all
    really nice and soft okay so that tough first row
    and because it's I on the cheap pedals and they suck really closely together
    we can go ahead and put an X liar on immediately
    so it a cast
    do the exact same thing as we did with FAA first
    just halfway on and half way of
    I can't now this is where it's a little different we're gonna take
    a toothpick and when we've got an even number this we want to have them the not
    all cold inside why
    so I'm gonna kill the right side of two of them and both sides up want
    so do I chief s we talk underneath
    with a toothpick pick it up slightly and she's your index finger to roll it
    and then release it you not try to squeeze it at this point at all it's
    just a gentle could with
    and then just 3G toothpick out again now this one
    we're gonna do them the right side and then the left side
    and that just makes it a little bit more cotton style:
    we don't want anything to be two angular with this because as it cascades down
    the cake
    we needed to flow on so we're only going to do a subtle
    don't pinch it or anything to accentuate now
    out clue this time it's just going down the left hand side
    from about half way up down into the middle
    and the reason why when opening on bodice is that we want to look like it
    on filling so we don't want to attach it
    with glue over the whole thing or cinch in too much
    okay say taking our rise I like to work of folding I have %ah
    the and of my first row take one of the ones that you've coached
    Co just once back place it on
    touch the bottom make sure that going the same as we did before
    but now we're just gonna press and the left side l
    open they were gonna take double coat
    Tackett in just by a couple of millimeters
    again attach the bottom and the left side
    and he can roll it enhance
    last one Tuckett only by about a millimeter or so
    touch the bottom and then
    kill it around so you pressing on all of the left side it's
    and then leaving the right sides nice and open
    profit up make sure that they're not gonna fall all the way back
    if so you just want to keep the little press on the very tallest pot a bit
    too so that it stays in otherwise this is ready to set
    I'm like I said about six to eight hours at least
    I or I not so we'll be ready to do affects row five when this is done
    anatomy lab now respond to dry way going to move on and we're gonna get the next
    size cut inactive seeks
    and that's how we're gonna make five petals going around brosser gonna fight
    out the color a little bit
    sigh with added a touch of white to Al pink
    it's not a huge change
    it's not even hardly noticeable yet but
    rolled out
    things get a little bit ly tops I O the other thing to remember is
    we've got a few more shades did go down the line
    and we don't want to end up with pure white petals at the base about hiking at
    the top
    we want to still have a slight hint and teenage Akala
    so we don't want us to fight it out too quickly
    so it is rolling really fluid clout
    shortening and an eighth
    couple more also we do need it to be fairly thin
    K so add
    a little bit of a cough hour
    straight that through and buffet away
    and that was just prevent it from sticking
    there's nothing worse than cutting our beloved days and you cannot budge them
    on countertops site the bitter conflict our
    now arrange them into as
    too and that's because at the Y that i'm gonna kill the edges
    so we're going to just pull them first so I take a poll told
    halfway on halfway off again really gently
    and it just helps to give a little bit amazement
    think I so without to rate we're just gonna take a toothpick under
    just roll the right side on me holding it back on itself
    but not squeezing the next to it gonna do a double Copac
    but again like F this trial when not trying to get a really shop point in
    fact that she got a big space
    at the top with one of these so that they not touching
    and really shop because we want everything to be super soft feeling
    with all about petals so
    like we did with acid have three we're just going to apply clue to the bottom
    left hand side and we can go ahead and do it all of them
    because it does take a little bit for that to set up so I pop that on
    now picking up their rice you can stop any way that you like but I just like to
    start with one that's code back once
    resting and you'll notice that it sits up just a little bit high out
    then after this trial pressing on the left side like we can't
    but leaving the right side open grab on to BW's
    and this time you going to I the lab by at about a thirty taking it in
    underneath by that a third gently keep a hold of it
    take your third one and and the main thing is to make sure that you're
    getting the bottoms to touch
    and also I that you're not rising up too high
    on your petals k let it back down to said he can't read this through
    and a final on
    and it's really that easy was gonna kill them all up and around
    cinch them a little bit make sure that none of the math
    falling completely if they I you wanna grab just a touch
    glue onto that right side but we want to keep them Philly opens a car looks
    really floppy at the moment
    but when we try it we're going to use a drying mat and we get a place it in
    today at and then I've taken little bits of paper towel it up just cut out
    just into little squares give them a little fault
    and we going to use days to help keep the shape
    call their rice so you want to look at unfailing we don't want to be really
    rice that we just want to make sure that they're all staying nice and upright
    and also that there's a space between each of them
    so taiwan ones like hiya
    they wanna stay fairly close so not only do we want to put this out
    but we also wanna allow bit a song tucking it behind
    disperse petal I'm just so that it gives a spice
    between them lifting this one up
    threaded through
    when we can elevate it a little bit more going around
    and the nice thing about Italian is that it doesn't stick
    if you use add tissues or cotton buds or anything like that
    the content it gets stuck onto the Chicago itself
    and then you'll be left with little fuzzy be its side paper towel is really
    good for not sticking
    of K
    that one doesn't need anything looks like it's holding really well
    so we're just going to lay face as it is seeking a the pop them into the oven
    I feet on you up in on a fairly light and and only for a couple of minutes
    which it all
    and a meeting place this entire thing in your often and
    that means that you can go into another row in around three hours a psycho
    otherwise you want to leave it for around I hours or even tie the knot
    X like yeah
    alright so let's have a look and say how a three-quarter roses going
    so it got really nice open pay tolls because we light it
    upright and just allowed it to fill all the Bach with hôpital we've got a
    really nice
    open look it's very soft and you can see that even though we have
    double coat some of them overall would not looking like a shop cotton rice
    but looking much more softer and that's going to help us
    so we gonna continue to to grow our audits
    gonna do the exact same thing again I'm just remember
    go down unique shade of color so we're looking at
    a quite a pale pink now at this stage and we going
    up a sizet to what is the largest in acid
    price cut its
    alright now gonna grab a roast putting up
    once it's getting larger like this I liked tenet I thought to attach
    some going to line it up in between to about existing petals
    I laugh this what I thought I want to make sure it goes
    almost to the center pressing down the left side like we always do
    open it up thread
    wanna be a double Kohls again making sure that's touching
    has sent out and personally the left side event
    but it and Phil to the next one
    always making sure that you'll lining up with the two pedals
    and making sure that you're reaching almost that middle as you go around
    and Phil and just talking last one in
    K and then we can kill it back seat can say
    it's what's is is not usually a full rise but we are going to extend a little
    past these
    so you want this to try can't so there's a couple of ways that you can do it
    you can see the place it directly into hiya and stuff
    it straight away or if its seeming like it's really humid day in its title
    really floppy
    what you can do he's rested on to hear and then come back in about two hours
    when it has just added to sit just need to get a little bit more of them
    and then he contended I about and allow it to try
    and that way these pills white full chief %uh back so just be mindful of
    what the temperature is like and what he needed his like
    anything made to because these pedals have been done all the way up here
    it's actually not a high spot the hotspot he is still lower petals and if
    they've tried nicely
    they can absorb the pressure other resting he abdominal out is to die for a
    couple that was
    and then I'll show you how much fun it I thought that allow it to try for the
    rest to the time
    alright to now we're going to grab at Las color that with pre-made up
    so if I did a little bit more white and gonna watch her again
    and we're gonna roll the steps I'm why and this time I can use the first
    in our oversized rice make shaken up but this could see gonna be crawling up
    quite a bit this time
    just moving it around
    Wentzel I'm sure it doesn't want to roll out as much
    just wants to move around and shortening so I just try and keep it steady and
    then stop rolling out
    now the set that I got I love the oversize rose petals
    was actually fairly wide so what I went ahead and did
    because I'm using them constantly for this particular design is I just wish
    in itouch so that they are a little bit longer so if you have a set and they're
    looking much wider
    and I'll show one and not the same as a house it's just that I've given it a
    quick squeeeeze
    because in this design I like them to be a little elongated
    so that's just a little tip but I'm done to give the right look
    casserole around
    now when we get into this final row we want to be really careful about a level
    that we're killing back
    because from now on we're not gonna be coming back anything

    bring it directly onto the cake so what
    gonna do now killing
    to the the right but I'm not doing a really severe it's not going away into
    it's just very slightest age
    and again with at Davos release at all
    we don't want to be obvious way with stopped
    allied try this and why we've started on the cake okay
    have got all of that only going to take now full rise because it is already
    was classed as a full gratis but we're good now going to apply
    out oversized so turning it over again same as always
    lineup between to pay tolls and make sure that you going all the way
    into the very sent us this time pressing on the left side
    then just on fill the right take one about doubles
    again aligning it up both with
    the two underneath and going all the way into the scent of many can call them
    on the pressing down the left side
    without glue as always however
    stepped in a little bit much mikhail putting down
    one more to go
    specially I'm feel that if it's in the white because they sickening saw a much
    all straight back over the top so if they've
    joined all-white into the center now only on killing me can say they've very
    very floppy
    so what we gonna do is you can use that same technique
    unless allowing it to dry on he out the only difference
    is I'm gonna take some of these that I haven't folded
    and just prop them up a little bit
    so separating between H about pedals just so that they don't dry
    attached to each other tank and we can't allow this to drive for only about an
    hour or two
    before we flip all about and allow to dry
    you now follow drying pad we just want to keep this separation
    on Kauai
    site and leave it as it is up to today and then we'll be ready to crab cake
    and stop cascading all those pedals
    so now that I'm Rose is complete well can have a little bit of a look and see
    what we were trying to achieve with this
    so what we were looking for is really nice open and full pay tolls
    had they look like that I'm filling and that will help us to line up
    and next lie is that going on to the cake
    we're also looking for them to be fairly soft to have a little bit of movement
    but not a lot of folding back because from now on we're not going to be using
    has a technique at all so we can keep this hiya
    we've got out 3t cake that we have already cut field cannot
    and covet with the cunt gone for a PIL PIL white
    and we've also print onto an iced cake board
    now if any of that and needs a quick recap for you always wanna go over it
    and that's what I wedding cake foundations course is all about
    he's just getting that flawless blank canvas to work on my dad designs
    I'm so check that if the name to you otherwise a next step
    is to take some about sugarpaste gumpaste
    that we've got in Hampi Inc and makes it in
    with some white fondant now when we doing
    the cascading pay tolls we doing it slightly differently
    and we're going to be working with my sleeve fondant and the reason for that
    his side that it reminds a little bit and
    them %uh throughout this process it doesn't take this long to dry
    so that the shapes that we put it in it was static out we don't want to be a
    as what we had without gum paste even though it is technically firma
    it takes a longer time period to them up so this is
    class color that we are working with was quite a pale pink
    we're going to need to go another four shots
    so I'll you can say without darkest that this is where we began
    and we basically need to have that much variation again
    I the formal callous we don't need to make a huge amount
    we've got the athlete is for how many you can aid
    in each of these four all documented for you in the course materials
    that basically for gonna start dividing up how white
    to love the colors
    made significantly more what fondant
    than the other yes so we're going into
    a little bit more in iris Tai Chi
    and then we'll at some can't and so we can take some about think that we hadn't
    and just start combining it with our white
    and just needing that in the main thing
    with this is just to make sure that we don't end up at peel what
    still have a slight teenage at the end
    so up a list calories not gonna be shine on the top of the cake
    at all it's just going to be in the lower section
    that we still want to make sure that every time some color
    now what we doing this you'll notice that
    every time we did a new layer on the rise we dropped the color damn
    where is this time we're only going to be doing four different colors
    throughout the entire cake and that's just so that we can have it
    so don't bleed out at the Rose fairly quickly
    and we still want that center to be the prominent feature
    and the other ones to look like this love just cascading
    so we want the color loss have to happen
    a little bit more slowly as we work our way down
    thing you notice that this combined
    had gum paste and find it feels a little bit sticky a
    then just the regular complex that we've been using an app pink
    there's no reason why can't combine these two
    it's really no different adding a touch a ty los into
    I found which we do a lot of the time without the grains and
    and things like that so I it's fine for the two of them to go to get %uh
    mankind so we've got our
    third kala might just pinch a little bit of this
    so that after final set of color is not appeal want
    that's basically all we going for that's really important that you stole days
    away when you're not using them
    and because I will dry out even faster than the gumpaste
    effing working with because they've got the fondant so I can see now we've got a
    strength of color slowly fading it's not a big difference
    but just fades it apt going towards the and
    so we can put this away now gumpaste
    and then we're going to be working with a skull is so we'll just keep them
    okay this one out and a little trick that I do is just have spiraled them
    around the container
    so that I know I the order but what we're working inside I don't forget what
    I've got more to get up
    so just find a way that works for you with a clockwise or counterclockwise
    and we'll start with the first one
    what pop down a little bit of corn flour cornstarch
    when not using the Crisco because we actually wanted to try out a little bit
    fast top
    so that it will maintain the shape that we like
    we are going to be protecting them in our emanating shapes so he's got some
    size it's a great idea
    otherwise it just means that you have to study the lightest color
    get by Scott get those prone to the cake
    and just makes the process a little bit longer
    and your little bit more on search in
    about how it's going with this you can always add an extra one
    have different tack callous where the maid
    think I so is still going for relatively themed
    he should be reaching a point out where it's a little bit difficult to stop
    looking at op you feel like it might start to take a a
    like I just make sure it may have been completely
    tennis around to a concise sneezy
    and then wheezing exact same size which is the first one in a series an
    famous what we did on a final hot layer about raw is
    and that's important because we want did today
    something in common with the end to this and the start of the rest
    otherwise it's a bit of a severe change
    so just pressing down same as what we did before except the release
    a touch easy a because they don't have the shortening
    now we've worked at all of the amounts that you going to need in terms of pay
    that is based on these being a
    hot cake by the time that they dont if you're working with the toll it headache
    or even a shorter cake
    I'm you just need to adjust it a little bit if you're unsure
    just make an extra half a dozen avait shite that it's better to have a little
    bit too many
    than not enough think I now before we went move on to the next step
    which is softening love the pedals and attaching an his wanna make sure the
    Olivia work surface because we're gonna be bringing eyebrow cake
    going to be working with everything all at once I'm so don't look
    equip around and %uh then we would be ready to stop placing them on to the
    cake *** ***