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    Tutorial: How to Make Chocolate Leaves (Cake Toppers) - YouTube !!!
    your make a nice serbia from Cape away is going to trial advocate Journal
    tell me show you how to make simple but elegant chocolate bowl
    Sam to make them really the following surprised
    a paintbrush shortening wax paper
    non-toxic weeks you can use car use a mint leaves which are readily available
    grocery stores
    or you can visit your local florist and ask them for non-toxic leaves him
    you'll also need not the chocolate in two shades dark in late
    you can light and dark chocolate by mixing in some white chocolate
    until you have the shade like her mom
    before making today's tutorial I just want to show you something
    army has a smoke topside in a more textured
    underside lots of polls are bill be working on this
    textured area Italy not the top site but the undersigned oldham
    race you leave a sheet of wax paper you're upset shortening all over of calm
    call to release a cure-all and start brushing it with dark chocolate
    come can you do this until meantime
    areas covered make sure you have a very thick coating
    all wells the delicate chocolate bunnies will break when you remove them later
    beam take it home only to watch
    mom little even ho tum
    will keep up with us all and let's make some lighter chocolate
    rules became single he applied shortening
    and now you are brushing it would like a chocolatier
    ok don't forget the coating is required
    going to the school corners make sure evenly covered one
    place these needs in the freezer for five minutes
    until for for me up bowl games following
    were taken to the freezer most on the table Inc chant all
    start boring the little a baby from the chocolate
    BJ Chantelle be very careful we don't want to break
    all of it can tell more
    you can you thinking you can tell but their cakes or cupcakes
    the please remember avoid touching the chocolate things too much was the world
    the fingers will cause them to help
    always remember to make extras because some are bound to break while you're
    peeling them a bit
    peeling away from the actually makes a and that's all for today
    I hope you enjoy the tutorial for more child a recipe schools was it can't
    general dot com
    advocating everyone *** *** The Next Step Make a Scene: James Forgets - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    T this scene is called
    hold on on top it call James forget James forget
    nice about it thank you
    I love Jenni TNS
    percent buchanan it's a great one
    George forgets no no
    action James forgets
    uttered it's so sweet when you get things ready
    want to keep happy birthday up
    that was yesterday James
    that tomorrow happy holidays
    no you sir %uh graduations
    family day Canaday wow all
    I love you you love me
    think stop it build *** *** How to make chocolate leaves and curls - YouTube !!!
    to make trouble carl's take a block of chocolate of your choice
    make sure the chocolate isn't too cold otherwise it will be too brittle to make
    girls put flat side up on a board drag the edge of a palette knife family
    across the surface of the chocolate from the top end of the block to the bottom
    the cars will come away in tight roles alternatively a vegetable peeler or
    cheese slicer also worked but will make smaller curls attract leads using a
    small pastry or paint brush painted generous layer of melted chocolate onto
    one side of the leaf spreading to edges but making sure not to get any on the
    other side of the leaf make sure the leaves a chemical-free clean and
    thoroughly dry meant Bay and rose leaves are all good options the underside is
    where the stronger patent expiries and will give more defiant feigning on the
    chocolate leads labor leads onto a tray greased and lined with baking parchment
    and leave to set one set very carefully peel away the leaf from the chocolate
    holding the stem will help to ease the leaf away *** *** how to make chocolate garnishes decorations tutorial PART 2 how to cook that ann reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to howtocookthat.net I am Ann Reardon for a printable copy of any of the recipes
    go to the website how tocookthat.net Today we are looking at chocolate decorations
    that you can use to jazz up your desserts or your cupcakes.
    First of all we will look at piped designs, these are one of the easiest things to do
    but if you are not confident in the actual designs you can print out the template which
    is on the website and place some baking paper over the top. and here I've just put some
    chocolate in a plastic bag and just twisted it at the top so that when you apply pressure
    it doesn't come out the other end. And with my designs I like to add a stem to
    the bottom so that you can stick that into your icing, your chocolate mousse or your
    dessert and you have all of your design on top. There are several different designs that
    you can use, just follow the templates just like shown to do all of your different designs.
    And the final one you just do a skinny oval followed by a shorter fatter one , shorter
    fatter circle and then stem again if you want to be able to stick it in to a cupcake or
    chocolate mouse whatever you are making. Next chocolate leaves, these just use any
    leaf from the garden you want to paint the back of the leaf so that it looks like the
    front of the leaf when it is peeled off. Make sure the leaves are washed and fully dried
    so you don't have any water on it and also make sure they are not from a plant that has
    been sprayed with any insecticide or pesticide obviously. When you are spreading your chocolate
    on try not to let it go around the front of the leaf because it makes it hard to peel
    off. Once they have been set in the freezer just gently peel back the leaf and you'll
    see that you can see all of the veining and all of the pattern from the leaf comes out
    onto your chocolate and looks great. Next we will look at two toned chocolate patterns
    I really like these and they are simple to do. You just need a texture mat which these
    ones I've got from a childs rubbings book, you can get all different ones quite cheaply
    that way in the one book.
    Get some white chocolate, spread it out over the mat, then using a knife or palette knife
    spread it out make sure it goes into all of the little divets. Then get the excess chocolate
    and scrape it back into the bowl. It's important here that you get off all of the excess chocolate
    otherwise obviously you are going to get that marbled smeared effect of the chocolate that
    is not in the divets, so just put it flat on the bench and give it a few more scrapes
    to make sure you've got all of the excess off. Then pop that in the freezer until it
    is set. And put your contrasting chocolate over the top. Now the trick here is not to
    mix it around as you are spreading it because obviously that warm chocolate on top is quickly
    going to melt the small amount of chocolate that is in the spirals. So you want to very
    gently spread it out with the minimum amount of mixing it around. Once you've got it spread
    then use your palette knife to thin it down to the thickness you want your patterned chocolate
    to be. Then put that in the freezer to set and gently and carefully peel off the chocolate
    and there you have your two toned chocolate design then you can snap that into pieces,
    stick it into desserts. Next some chocolate lace circles using a cup
    draw a circle shape then cut around it using a stanley knife or xacto knife Then place
    your baking paper that has the circels cut out of it onto some aluminium foil. There
    is two ways of doing this you can simply use a spoon and drizzle some across like that
    or if you want it to be more of an exact thing put some in the piping bag like you used for
    piping designs earlier and just scribble it across, you'll get the most strength if you
    scribble it in three directions just gives you a bit more strength. Continue to do that
    until all of your circles are covered and then just lift your baking paper off while
    your chocolate is still melted before it's set. And then pop those in the freezer
    and once they are nice and firm you can just peel them off the aluminium foil and you have
    a fancy looking lace circle. Thank you for watching don't forget top click to subscribe
    and watch one of the other videos, particularly the one on how to temper chocolate if you
    don't temper chocolate then it doesn't stay solid at room temperature and after you have
    gone to the trouble of making beautiful decorations you want them to stay standing when you serve
    them to the table. And check out the other videos on chocolate decorations too. *** *** MAGIC CHOCOLATE FLOWER DESSERT How To Cook That Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Norwegian Russian Spanish (Latin America) Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That
    I am Ann Reardon and I've had requests this week to show you how
    to make a magic chocolate flower dessert. This dessert is inspired by photos of one
    you sent me one made by Pastry Chef Joaquim Sousa in Portugal.
    Firstly you need something to go in the middle of your dessert. I am using a chocolate macaron.
    I have a whole video that shows you how to make chocolate macarons so I'll link to it
    in the description below. Next take some tempered chocolate and pour
    it out onto some acetate or thin plastic and spread it out nice and thin.
    Then give it a shake from one side just to smooth the top and get rid of any air bubbles
    in your chocolate. Now using the shape and you can print this
    shape out from the website and just use it as a guide make to make a curved line in the
    chocolate, followed by another and another one all the way down to the end. Then turn
    that whole sheet around and repeat that making a curve so that you're making petal shapes.
    Now if you don't want to do this by hand you can instead use two sheets of acetate and
    cut the shape out of top one using a utility knife. And then spread the chocolate over
    the top and then when you lift up the top piece of acetate you'll be left with the petal
    shape. You will need
    petals for each dessert.
    Working quickly before the chocolate hardens curve it up to make a half circle. I am using
    cookie cutters to hold it in place if you have a cylinder that you can use that would
    be even better.
    Now for our base spread some more chocolate onto the acetate and leave to firm up and
    make two chocolate truffles. You can leave them plain or you can fill them with whatever
    you like I've got thirty different chocolate truffle recipes on the how to cook that channel
    so you can go and choose what you want.
    To assemble the dessert use a little chocolate to secure a selection of fruit to the top
    of your macaron.
    Then cut circles of chocolate using a small circle cutter out of that base chocolate and
    then cut each circle in half.
    Take one of your chocolate truffles and use a little bit more chocolate to secure the
    macaron on top of that . Now this lifts it off the base so the petals can go around it.
    Once you chocolate is set, remove the cookie cutters and peel of the acetate. And gently
    seperate out the petals from that spare chocolate. And you can just remelt that spare chocolate
    and re-temper it to use it again. Arrange the petals around a silicone hemisphere
    mold. If you don't have one of these you can just arrange them on the bench but it is going
    to be a little bit harder. Then using some more chocolate add the base
    in place and this is going to hold all the petals in place right where we want them.
    Repeat that of course to make the other half.
    To make our creme anglaise or thin custard sauce. You will need egg yolks, sugar, cream,
    milk and a vanilla bean. I'll put all the recipe quantities on the howtocookthat.net
    website in gram and and ounces and cups. Cut your vanilla bean in half and you'll see
    this sticky mass inside. Just use your knife to scrape it off and add it into the cream.
    Pour the cream and the milk into a saucepan and you can add the vanilla bean pod in there
    While that is heating whisk together sugar and your egg yolks.
    Keep an eye on your cream and milk because you don't want it to boil over.
    Once it just starts to boil remove it from the heat .
    Pour into the egg yolk mixture whisking well as you do. Once it is well mixed in really
    well pour it back into the saucepan. And just put it to one side for now and we'll heat
    that up in a minute. Now take one half of your petals and use a
    little bit of chocolate to hold it in place in the centre of your bowl.
    Then add the chocolate macaron to the middle there.
    And carefully add the other half into place trying not to break any of your petals off.
    If you broke on off like I did just use a bit more chocolate to secure it back into
    place being careful not to fuse it to the other petals. We want each one to be on it's
    own Add a decoration to the top, if you have edible
    flowers they will be ideal but I don't have any so I am using a strawberry cut like a
    flower. Leave that at room temperature. When you are ready to serve the dessert return
    your anglaise to the heat and heat up to 185 degrees farenheit. If you heat it hotter than
    that it will curdle the cream. Immediately pour it through a sieve into a
    jug. Then take your dessert to the table and pour
    some hot anglaise into the bowl. The hot sauce melts the base of the petals
    making them fall open beautifully and gracefully.
    You can experiment with different desserts at the centre of your flower. Why not even
    an engagement ring if you want to propose.
    And make sure you subscribe to how to cook that for more cakes chocolates and desserts
    put all of your requests in the comments below. Click here to go to the channel to get the
    macaron recipe how to temper chocolate and heaps of other stuff. Here for last weeks
    emoji cheesecakes and here for the How To Cook That website have a great week and I'll
    see you all on Friday. [music: the boat song by youtube.com/setsailtv
    used with permission] *** *** how to make chocolate fruitcake step by step - YouTube !!!
    our whole
    fun off today only a traditional official notice it before
    the chocolate I fruitcake I'm it's great for coming up
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    just a break on pieces I'm
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    listen to it one you here as we was used for
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    well as is over chocolate fruit cake %uh
    it hollis if you will be in a description walks please do join
    it's wonderful recipe on and there are thank you very much for them with me
    I can extend with one *** *** Warm Chocolate Melting Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to How To Cook That, I'm Ann Reardon and today I'm on a cruise in beautiful Mexico.
    One of the things people like to do the most on a cruise is of course eat. My kids have
    enjoyed eating everything but one of the things they liked the most was the warm chocolate
    melting cake.
    So I'm going to go chat to the chef now and see if I can get a copy of the recipe for
    All our Carnival Imagination guests love that melting chocolate cake.
    And how many do you make in a day?
    On Carnival Imagination I'm going to produce
    portions per day.
    Wow 1000, that's huge. And how much chocolate does it take to make that?
    I use
    pounds of chocolate per day, plus decorations and all together
    pounds more.
    That is so much chocolate. My subscribers and me love chocolate and I was wondering
    if you'd be able to share with us the recipe for the warm chocolate melting cake?
    Of course.
    To make this dessert you'll need butter, flour, chocolate, eggs - now I've split my eggs into
    two bowls here and I'll explain that later - and you'll need sugar. All of the recipe
    quantities are on howtocookthat.net website in grams and ounces and cups, I'll link you
    to that in the description below.
    Turn your oven on to
    And put the butter and the chocolate into a saucepan and stir it together until it is
    melted. Now at home you can do this together like I showed you in a saucepan. But if you're
    serves you're going to need to melt them separately. Look at all that chocolate!
    Place half the eggs and the sugar into a bowl and
    whisk it until it's smooth.
    I think their mixer is just a little bit bigger than mine.
    And then add in the flour and whisk it some more. Now it's important that there are no
    lumps left, you want it to be smooth, so keep whisking it until it's completely free of
    any lumps of flour.
    Then add in the rest of the eggs and whisk it together some more. Splitting the eggs
    into two batches just makes it easier to get rid of all those lumps from the flour.
    Combine together your chocolate mixture and the egg mixture. If you do happen to have
    lumps in your flour then you can pour it through a sieve to get them out.
    Then stir those really well together until the whole mixture is a nice even glossy chocolatey
    Now pour the mixture into individual heat proof bowls
    At this stage you can place them in the fridge until you are ready to bake them. You can
    make this dessert a day ahead if you want to.
    To make your chocolate decorations, spread some tempered chocolate onto some acetate,
    and then give it a shake to smooth out the top.
    And before it sets drizzle on some melted white chocolate over the top, you can add
    as much or as little as you like. Once that is set you just snap it into shards.
    When you are nearly ready to serve your dessert place them on a tray in the oven. And then
    add some water the bottom of the tray. They are going to take between
    to cook, it will depend on if you are taking them from the fridge or if you have got them
    at room temperature.
    To plate them at home add some crumbs or I'm using popping sugar to your plate, top with
    a scoop of ice-cream and one of your chocolate shards.
    Add a chocolate melting cake hot from the oven and sprinkle it with icing sugar.
    They should be just set on the outside and still gooey in the middle.
    The reason I like serving it with popping sugar is as soon as you put it into the hot
    chocolate it starts popping like crazy and it adds some crunch to the dessert.
    If you can balance this many on a tray you can serve them to the table all at once. If
    not just take them one at a time like I do.
    I hope you enjoyed that sneak peak into the huge commercial kitchen of the ship.
    Subscribe to How To Cook That for more crazy sweet creations.
    Click here for last week's Lego City Police cake, click here for my website with all the
    recipes and here for my YouTube channel to see all of my other videos.
    Have a great week and I'll see you all on Friday. *** *** How to Make Chocolate Leaves | Candy Making - YouTube !!!
    So today I'm going to make some chocolate leaves, so I have my tempered dark chocolate
    and I have some mint leaves. This is great whenever you’re making any sort of cake
    and you want beautiful chocolate leaves coming off of the top of it, super easy. I'm just
    picking out the biggest leaves that I can find, which unfortunately on this mint that
    I have is this size.
    But if you can find really nice large leaves, go for it. I'm just going to pick those off,
    and I'm going to take my paint brush and just really carefully, I'm going to take a little
    bit of chocolate. You don't want so much that you kind of crush the leaf, but make sure
    that you also go on the side that has the veins kind of coming up out of it.
    This way you'll get veins that are indented into your chocolate instead of raised. So
    again I'm going upside down on my leaf, and I’m just painting. Nice and gently. And
    you’re going to get a little bit messy but that's it. Go as thin as you want to or as
    thick as you want to. And I'm just putting it right onto a cookie sheet with a little
    bit of parchment paper or you can use a silpad if you have a silpad. A silpad is a non-stick
    baking mat, so if you have one of those it's really easy to get anything off of it without
    it sticking.
    The parchment is equally as good. OK. So the few cute little leaves and the hand-covered
    in chocolate. So that's it. I'm going to pop those into the freezer because I have patience
    and then in a minute when they're ready just going to peel the backs off and we'll have
    beautiful chocolate leaves... So here I have my chocolate leaves, they've been in the fridge
    for about five minutes so they're nice and firm. If I go to touch them you can see I'm
    not leaving a finger print. They're just ready to go.
    So I'm going to flip them over and I'm going to gently pull off the mint, and you could
    see behind it you have that beautiful chocolate leave ready to go. You can do a couple more
    and remember the heat from your hands can melt these so try to work as quickly as possible
    or pop them back into the fridge if you need to. I'll just peel the mint off, and that's
    it. I'll do one more. So there you have it, that's how you make chocolate leaves. *** *** How to Make Chocolate Leaf Decorations - YouTube !!!
    today I'm building on some of my most popular YouTube videos with my chocolate
    ones I won't be doing a chocolate cake wrap this time though I will and some
    future videos were gonna be doing today is showing you how to make a simple
    embellishment that i think is wonderful for holiday time or anytime during the
    winter season
    essentially we're gonna be making chocolate leaves with actual leaves that
    look very very lifelike it can be used standalone elements to stand up around a
    cake or to stick on top of a cupcake but instead today we're gonna be making them
    into three-dimensional pieces starting first with simple plate under liners
    that might be a nice receiving area for either homemade or store-bought truffles
    and other goodies and then we're gonna be extending that same basic concept
    arranging them into a really festive fall apart chocolate read this would be
    beautiful in as a centerpiece on the sweets table and really interactive
    dessert I mean guests can come in
    kick off what they want and actually pull apart down to the very bottom
    leaves so let's get started
    ok let's talk about what you'll need for these projects but the underlying reason
    the leaves require very few things either a high quality pure chocolate
    that will need tampering in order for the leaves to hold their shape for a
    long period of time or a high-grade coating chocolate does not need
    temporary I'm using the latter a pure white and off white and a dark chocolate
    you may also optionally need some cocoa butter crystals to thin the chocolate if
    it should over thicken and you could create leaves using more like these but
    we're going to actually use real lives because I think they create a much more
    lifelike effect first and foremost they need to be clean and completely dry
    before you apply any chocolate to them they should be non-toxic and also
    pesticide-free will be removing the leaves later but it's important to have
    those things in place it's also great if they have great vein structure like this
    leaf and that they're relatively shiny and smooth chocolate will come off that
    much more easily avoid leaves with holes like this one because the chocolate
    seeps through the back and then we'll make the leap more difficult to remove
    this week has great vision structure but it's really fuzzy you can't see that I
    think it's going to be hard to work with with the chocolate but will try it
    way this leaf by contrast is probably the most shiny and smooth last of the
    three the chocolate should come off easily but it only has one central vein
    which may make it less interesting I picked up my sleeves in advance I store
    them in plastic bags in the fridge until I'm ready to use them but you can pick
    them fresh if you'd like as well
    but I'm the leaves are simply melted in a double boiler over low heat if I'm
    using a coating chocolate that doesn't require tempering I behold video on that
    subject if you are using a real chocolate you may want to temper it to
    the leaves hold their shape longer but that's the matter of a separate
    discussion you want the chocolate to be nice and fluid like this and then the
    rabbit and painting it on with a brush which doesn't tend to get good coverage
    very quickly and it's very hard to clean like to apply it with the back and the
    handle on end of the paint brush gently tapping in on the vein side of the leaf
    here and putting it on that bus leave we'll see how that works I'm putting on
    all three leaves and I'll see how they look and how easily the chocolate peels
    off at the end of the day now I want to make a range of different colors of
    leaves from adding just a touch of the dark chocolate to my white chocolate to
    get this really soft brown color which i think will make a nice contrast subtle
    contrast to the other white and off-white leaves that I've got again
    just tapping or dabbing the chocolate onto the back pains I the leaf leaf is
    completely clean and dry and i wanna make sure also that I don't put it in an
    email to chocolate or get any melted chocolate on the back of the leave
    because then the leaves will be more difficult to remove no one says leave so
    set in the fridge I want to pick off and a chocolate that might be on the back
    side of the leaf because if you doubt it will tear not come off and just
    generally gently peel away now this is my wax de-iced leaf the one with the
    central vein structure but not much else and it kills off super easily as you can
    see it's a great leave as far as removing the chocolate from it is going
    to take that trip there is a little more smoothly than you can sometimes do that
    with the warmth of your hand and this is the leaf that's relatively shiny with
    great vein structure it took a little more pressure or effort to pull off the
    leaf but it came off in one piece and I've got a great looking leaf so that's
    also really nicely if to use and this was the fuzzy belief this is taking a
    lot more pressure to pull it off and you'll see it a lot greener mess because
    some belief seems to actually be sticking into the chocolate we certainly
    don't want that and actually can't get the leaf off so this is just an example
    of a leaf not to work with Italy feels fuzzy
    even if it has great brain structure don't use it
    ok so even if you happen to choose to leave that doesn't have super vein
    structure you can always highlight those veins by Dustin with a little cocoa
    powder here I'm just applying dried cocoa powder with the drug craft paint
    brush onto a fully set chocolate leave and you can see it is bringing out the
    small vein structure on the sides of this leaf quite nicely as well I like
    to put it together first I just a bit of melted chocolate onto a silicon lined
    cookie sheet you can also line with parchment paper but I love silicone mask
    is everything comes off them so easily and to give these under liners a little
    lift I'm gonna be lifting up the ends of some of the leaves with paper towels
    just to give them a little more dimension and tell the chocolate in the
    centre sacks and on about six or seven leaders to fill out this little round of
    leaves if you well
    lifting up some of the leaves and leaving some of the others lying flat on
    the silicon mat you just wanna make sure that all the ends of the leaves make
    contact with a chocolate so that when it is set after a couple minutes in the
    fridge they all stick together in one piece just sliding them off the silicon
    mat with the tip of my paring knife and I'm gonna put two together just to give
    it a little more fullness my dessert plate and then simply top them off with
    some store-bought and homemade truffles I also like to use some gold foil
    wrapped candies particularly on New Year's Eve cuz they look super fast this
    will just be a little prelude to my dessert course New Years Eve really
    really pretty
    ok now we can use the same
    bundles we just made to create a more elaborate chocolate which would be great
    for your New Year's dessert table I'm simply taking those bundles and
    arranging them in a little bit of sugar around the edge of the glass cake stand
    elected sugar here because it keeps the bundles from sliding around it it's also
    easy enough for guests to pull off the chocolate leaves later when they're
    ready to eat them I'm gonna stop us all off with the chocolate ribbon of a whole
    video but how to make chocolate ribbons with modeling chocolate this one has
    been sprayed with a little bit of bronze lustre spray so it's extra Clipz for New
    Years it just makes you beautiful centerpiece presentation
    ok so I'm back to strap on that my chocolate tree with a few more little
    gold dredge days and not to give it some extra spark call it pretty easy right
    you can either start very very easily with a simple plate under liner or build
    up into this more elaborate for a centerpiece in a future video in a bill
    that hopefully even higher into these sweet little dessert cups that can be
    filled with not removed her what have you so till next video live sweetly *** *** Alice in Wonderland's Edible Rose Bush; Creating The Chocolate Leaves and Putting It All Together - YouTube !!!
    in this video will be making the
    third and final part at the Alice in Wonderland at a bar a splash
    just hope will be making be chocolate leaves
    now to make a trap it leaves taken any
    Bassett leaves they're close enough to what grossly
    looks like but it's got more definition as you can see on the undersigned
    of the leaf we're going to his temper some dark chocolate
    and taking a paintbrush chest brush the underside
    until all coated a good and make sure
    its taken off hot too thin and these themes will break
    set those aside for an hour or two and then once a dry he can pick them up in
    very gently
    just pull back P Bassani from the chocolate
    pay and once at the Society ken cuz basil leaf
    this leave a look at it while dressed to and just need
    dry out
    now the truckers been attached to the wire just a little bit more
    melted chocolate just overlap those two wires and use a little bit more
    for all tape stickiness and
    chest flap that lesson tightly all the way down the wire
    the more you do the more secure its gonna be
    so when you get down to this point so rapid up
    and down I can until
    thats all captured to
    attach the Rose defended the exact same thing
    overlap two wires and just use your floral tape
    to attached impact that each other
    so to finish it off it can have some leftover
    while a thing from when you're going the process so if you grab some
    add deep red food I to start on that
    into the laptop for a while I think and then just painted
    just gently on one or two other roses looks like the playing cards have been
    painting them
    now I highly recommend you start someplace
    keep cast-off until you're right Servette at your
    of in Wonderland tea party helping to add watching this
    yes and I look forward to showing you slice n
    the the *** *** How to make a chocolate leaf decoration for a dessert garnish - YouTube !!!
    and chocolate right on the backside
    police you temperature chocolate
    spread the chocolate all the way to the edges
    believe and think it's really important
    is you need to make sure that the edges up
    I really clean so just clean up with your finger
    just right on edge there otherwise
    you have a hard time removing chocolate
    he said on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper
    and going to put that surgery can be really careful but usually the release
    quite easily
    and a beautiful heart
    up *** ***