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How to Carve A Spiral Cake how to cut a cake in the shape of a spiral How to Carve A Spiral Cake how to make

how to cut a cake in the shape of a spiral How to Carve A Spiral Cake how to make

    How to Carve A Spiral Cake

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    My Go To Look Using Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    so today's video is a makeup tutorial on the look it is using the two faced
    chocolate bar pilot the original
    my favorite palette of all time it has been so so highly requested to do a
    tutorial using this palette and you guys know it's my favorite yeah I don't have
    any tutorials using it I think I have like one or two this is my goal is to
    look with this palette if I'm gonna go out at night time or if I'm just gonna
    go out like special events or something like that this is the look I always do
    anyone know something funny I started doing this tutorial and I did my first
    and then it to my face and then I always liked finish up my eyes before I contour
    I'm home I blush balotra me I completely forgot to do my lower lash line and I
    did my entire face I put on my lips take I was even ready to say goodbye and it
    really showed my eyes so in this video you will see me do you like my entire
    face put on my lip and everything and then I finish up my eyes so not to
    confuse anybody would I totally blanked say I really hope you like this look let
    me know if you guys want to see another tutorial using this palette and if you
    want to see how to get this one
    eyes with a cap on the primary really like it because it covers the pain but
    it's a little bit too dark for me like you could definitely see it all mileage
    and away from going into the shop love our palates and I'm gonna take white
    chocolate and I'm gonna set that former down so that it's not again and this is
    a Sephora
    brush and i'm taking salted caramel which is probably my favorite
    shadow in this palette and i'm saying is I made more feet
    Roche and I'm just
    putting this into my crazy but I'm putting a lot of it like I really want
    this creed color to stand out so I'm applying a look now going into
    semi-sweet which is another brown but
    a little bit cooler it's not as warm as salted caramel and I'm applying this on
    the outer portion of my and then slowly dragging it into my crease I'm using a
    brush but it's just like a Mac
    you know that kind of shape so
    yes you can see I'm just dragging it little by little in to make Greece now
    I'm thinking triple fudge and I'm gonna do the exact same thing with the same
    brush only I'm applying a little bit more to the owner outer corners because
    I really want the outer view of the eye to be like saturated with the brown
    shadow so I'm just packing onto the outer corners and enjoying it all the
    way in my crease and went back and forth and take a little bit of time because
    you really want it to look gradient and not too messy so you don't wanna play
    too much too fast so just apply the color little by little and build up
    slowly that's how you get the best application
    I took the caller said Mike no no and I just applied more into my crease and I'm
    hiding underneath my probable with white chocolate marzipan like my other
    favorite shadow in the pilot I love it and i'm taking a shower or brush and I'm
    playing this wherever I didn't put any of the brown shadows then I just applied
    some pics + and get back into the shuttle just to intensify a little bit
    more but I'm just applying this on the inner parts of my eyes then I'm going
    back into triple fudge and blending those two colors together as I don't
    want like a harsh line between the triple fun and marzipan you know just
    making sure everything is going right back into something sweet and kind of
    Sun reaching the two colors salted caramel and triple fudge making sure
    it's a nice gradient effect and then I'm taking creme brulee and applying that
    right on top of marzipan not too much but I just wanted a little bit of gold
    to shine through and then I'm going to play some eyeliner this is the
    Maybelline lines the little I forgot how much I love this it's so easy to use
    this I love it I'm just applying you know like a little way I look at them a
    line on top and I'm gonna do it like a wing but I'm not going to just yet I'll
    show you in a little while I'm going to tight line with this Maybelline masters
    skinny eyeliner I forgot to show this image of you I really liked it so just a
    learning with this and i'm taking this blink ultrathin liner kind this is this
    is like the skinny little brush tip I've ever seen in my life so it's so easy to
    get a really sharp wing within its amazing from the brand blink and its off
    for a week anyway so I'm going in with mascara and I'm popping on my lip balm
    flashes in I do
    from my face I am just a plain my two faiths hangover primer and the claim
    that Michael faith and then I'm taking my foundation from Cochin dough and I'm
    applying this with a wet and wild kabuki like flat top kabuki brush love this
    brush it really like this nomination it's not my favorite of all time but I
    really do like it it leaves a nice do we finished it's just very expensive so I
    rarely use it on camera now I'm going to conceal my under eyes and this is the
    collection lasting finish concealer I believe that's what it's called I got on
    Amazon because I cannot get that product in the States but I have to say I really
    really love it and I'm accident with my wet and wild illuminating concealer pen
    thingy and I'm also highlighted my face with this as well I love this is from

    while the $3 and it off and then I'm just bluffing and blending all of that
    and this is a brush from BH Cosmetics it's just like their point in a
    foundation brush you already know and I'm sitting that with my Morphy
    and I'm also setting the places I put concealer not getting my whole face
    cause I wanted to remain a little bit more and this is the broader than using
    a lot recently it's from UA and it's called suntan find it looks so natural
    on the skin I really love this pronger I'm applying it with my more feet and b
    brushes just like a monkey's brush brushes well
    and new product just recently picked it up this is from the Sephora brand and it
    is their contouring wrong she lost Kabul I really liked it the first time I used
    it and it's not that it's actually less expensive them a lot of bloggers at
    Sephora I'm contrary my face with these things
    brush and yeah really not bad
    ok this is the hostage in a highlight in the shade
    like I'm having with a pen
    brush this is the more feet
    and really great brush so I'm a little sad
    because my blood broke this is a Milani in the shade awakening rose I got mine
    on Amazon because I can really find it anywhere in story was limited edition
    but I'm pretty sure I'm Alonso has it's a beautiful blush for my lips I'm lining
    him with mack et cetera lip pencil something in my entire lives with the
    Xterra so long wear lip pencil and then I'm going over it with my favorite loss
    this is buck some White Russian and yes I love this little the combination and
    you could totally leave your I like this I think it looks so pretty with out a
    lower lash line like without it looking lower lash line but if you're like me
    and you like a lower nonetheless line
    the rest of us videos for you know I'm just applying that they make me believe
    me black liner jokes about water line I don't love it as much as my next one but
    it is still really really good and then after that I took triple but armies away
    brush to really get really close to my waterline smoke it out a little
    bit and then on a regular pencil brush this is from Sigma I'm just bumming out
    the salted caramel shape so that it matches with my tablet and then I just
    highlighted my inner corners with champagne truffle and a viper mascara
    and then that complete this look thanks so much for watching please subscribe if
    you haven't already and I will see you in my next video by *** *** Chocolate Cranberry Smokey Eye - Talk Thru Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill - YouTube !!!
    hey welcome back
    my I don't know how that one welcome back what do you think that I'm always
    try to enjoy it
    that work for me right now I houdini greatest week
    she talked about it anytime my best friend got me one thing that he did
    go because she's
    shit panty walking right now you're just want to tell them
    you love them all here
    that the book and totally have is that why I'm not in my book other than what
    people have told me to find work now
    you know on straight and all she did you happen to be hungry for him honest reply
    and i cant
    outweigh the any information about the shooting great anyway
    people don't really tell you the whole may not be a great day
    when you're just actually eat lunch there's on you like
    but need it but I have a feeling I really liked
    army nah nah nah nah nah like hell so I don't wanna go
    into your mouth and billionaire do like
    and that'll
    Obama this week you don't know anything Anna and
    wined and dined her feet on a queen and then you know after
    your time let her know that he didn't use that knowledge okay
    and now whatever me or I'll yet so I'm not expecting anything here for what
    we've got a mediator
    if they are not mean I have heightened luminol
    and how I okay thank God my God why did not think you make me feel comfortable
    her like how our website but they were like
    oh my god the thing that killed me
    and the No ruinous think that
    they literally had to late grown men
    sitting all right here like I'm talkin rate here behind me to my home in
    just sitting there watching a movie and I was
    who don't gamble it up for me
    theater and their right here behind is no Peter
    getting see me up in the air I just like
    I'm not kidding when I tell you I think that any person that me a line down
    him and he can I was so uncomfortable with the man behind me I would only turn
    mesh alertly will really quiet direct eye contact with me lol
    everyone of how I feel right now I jack grow up but phiri
    when you go to a movie like that and not knowing did any doubt about how many
    bury my lol hiding but it was and I don't know it as I can we do that let me
    you don't like my anyways for
    back to me today and will be doing a look that way right here
    I anything man I ate jacqueline lovell got my
    morning rush it which is great here that happiness so
    did the most highly watched the video of me currently suni shallow
    with yeah I'm happy to have met you know an athletic high-fat new
    on print what you want to be happy and the primary so many have been hacking
    for me to a warm smokey eye with power which me spending there's only one car
    in here take your number what do you know what I posted
    a couple weeks ago I was writing this blog and I had so many comments
    you like achtenberg Twilight I don't have internet video that I was wearing
    of profit our so here that's why would you say
    I actually love is love i anything all my beaver shadows
    from my how it to create what today
    like I hot by feet shot at its finest how I wish
    how obviously he's right here at like they're all ages more meh
    cranberry did young yes
    I know I was lucky I am no he didn't he
    or not he just you hard time and i own colors and you know what
    today I don't like and doing me I'm gonna do what I have my
    machine I think ppl from my favorites palette
    and granite plaque on that and then power and when he coming back and
    thought very soon
    more he was backing have to be back in stock I how
    but isn't issue with in shape who that sell
    right now it's a little late and not longer hope we have in mind the area
    but it might be should be herself don't hold me to it but this is
    I have no control guide just keep that in mind is it more be
    not Chapel Hill producing me but they are kinda asahara and maybe not very
    I'm looking on YouTube Twitter and Instagram with a rap battle
    are you guys who were disappointed in the first time what it can do it
    I'm and don't forget aid you want you to purchase the palate
    the called Jack Attack all happened if he had ever that of this
    cell I know a lot of people are forgetting action I am at time in their
    forgot about it later cell Jack packing after the only couple that will work for
    the palette
    backpack so I am laying levin et al and I hope you enjoy
    by me
    and paleface let's do this I woke up like this
    literally and it's like don't make you like this is reality so
    alright my are a prime time news macro your computer she and the B-twenty
    cue Islands and my so
    havens the hottie how are you feeling like
    the first quarter and we can go in with this one rate here sitting down thinking
    a lot
    it in a more pen medium brown easing back next edition Jamie
    and he now on and would evening rush something now this is
    rushes for burning of be think that all the time
    net think this caller and much like emotions and go out with me
    our corner low the inner corner
    you guessed it when I'm going to see her I always like to go
    back and forth in a straight line like this crappy
    and what I've done that network and then start going in very small circular
    back and for because that will really take a harsh climate and blended
    upward my friends house your
    I'm the gap oMG in the Sun known to man issue but here is the person reading
    this thing that we just let it whip but this was a lil personal give us a little
    bit more dimension increase in RI
    this column I me soul much Mac cacheris wanna make
    the Ian rich shades for Mac documented all time
    that's why I love our so again the exact same thing
    minute with this caller and increased up my I know once we have it
    car out back and forth I will then start blending in circular
    small motion way so not only do it colors well
    this color the shady and this one all our very thin reverse that let me and I
    her me however if you are a bit early such great news
    for Mac that all enact pressure whatsoever to make it I have her so I
    love the chaise
    in with all previous color I'm seriously doing any
    AIDS vaccine process I'm not looking at anything of least colors and just
    compact hahaha each other
    you just get that a smoothie blender look when you're done at a lot didn't
    mention as opposed to going
    one she but yeah is you have this pollack bill
    different color that why
    you didn't have can rate now annealing the shade right here which is just like
    most beautiful hotly goodness color
    I on a with more P and by

    any don't want and you won't let me bat I love it
    send confusing go back and impact this on are
    release and work it upward in bringing
    and what the rest of the cars that we have herpes area
    you love
    brushed they will have the mattress
    a twenty-percent experiment
    you didn't do anything or anything is one that remains vietnam pasture
    and go back in July promotions in this in a huge key and landing is it going
    over the specialty I Darci contact and with a little liar she
    back and forth to make sure that all that blended together
    in so we have no souls I he's not gonna go and my favorite color
    and how it is that we're right here to take a nap almost brush I was going to
    put it
    all over my entire let in nineteen myself a lot a whole lot right now I
    don't buy that
    I'm a whole lot shower on it he said I'm okay with all
    I could go in with left product and i won
    happened I don't care wearing foundation or anything yet so I'm
    going to the generals my proper happiness on and I'll clean up that
    area and where all did my part around 1 p.m. after I hope he gets a hold on it
    happen this is really happening
    align right here and I'll take back our follow it
    were and how to sharpen up that I hope that we have going on
    so I'll just get it he this fall and yes
    go up hard and it will sharpen up that likes not happening oppenheimer
    I am quite cue pic of math care on my lashes
    and master who will do for this because when I want to make it look pretty
    worship darken as the keeper
    of class lol oh my goodness georgie hun
    seeking holly going on hahahaha right now I'm just not
    morning to my boss yes I mean one thing: ain't no back matter for the
    whenever I may be easing matlock low-pressure
    power water which I've been loving recently from their excitement
    going to China Federation
    have not gotten this yet is in the new NARS
    call all mainly weightless foundation
    net has how them how I like it me anything you love it
    community all a matter of my foundation my here's a look
    cell good today guy many you think my hand
    eat you up I foundation and I have nothing about
    foundation yes so I'm just gonna see how we're face
    NES I know what I am painting on john didn't but
    understand me I am NOT matching and a hint maybe
    idea it would not look good I can promise you and match my hand Asian
    my neck a lot of people may comment by operation being too yellow bullet
    is it home and its ongoing to match my neck to maybe
    unwanted all come together it look okay anything it had he had to have worked
    all luminous
    markets while wearing I'm looking forward to seeing how
    this where throughout the day I'm not going to get my under eye area and one
    Tues Takia and Mac Pro and decide not going to make the
    mix those two together cannot talk today happened earlier
    you know back in our seats at the same time me I
    under I Ariel this hang her act to go up
    toward might have only had this was getting more they lived in appearance to
    the base
    an invite my under eye area now because I can ask anything myself would like
    all shadow tough-minded my and rightfully
    first I wanna go and 8 have a blast just like that and way to go in with really
    any mp
    round shape the way initially I think this one right here
    that he did angle all along her eyesight
    any head is it 8 the area below how rounded smokey eye
    million not enough focus on making it a perfect it and now I'm going to take the
    e 15th a modified by Russian gonna go back in with hot body shape the arena
    probably will not be on let when he and his partner
    crossing really pay a lower lash line
    nearby in blended hour afterward are
    quarters anything all the doc cheetan have to go back
    now went to go eat with black I colin is
    AT&T in monster black I had an islamic have the war is me
    Peter why I never is so creamy and rich and
    net amazing something on my mind higher borrowing top
    and bottom after all that lack I hope past sit there for a minute ago and my
    iraq's wait until you may browse recently as i star
    the enquirer and me a doc online all in the bottom part my brow and I was kinda
    work upward NY a I have been doing
    much chillin top the row I just backed Obama important upward
    and then that all I've been going for a little bit more of a
    natural row for really not matter what the latter but is not ball that was the
    now many have any grab on and your my anything this
    shape play here care she didn't have it when unity that harms an
    a high point %uh rather right here prison on behalf of fashion and maybe
    behind me haha I'm gonna happen on the crown
    moral I'm not quite sure I will sit down below apartheid
    Mar any luck late this and they are all
    their lucky and Evelyn s missus really gonna get a
    be Akshat
    Pablo I'm sorry but I just can't talk about my both legislative the
    this month operating ha crews be held there is something that I don't do you
    want that
    kid top through applying my lashes I can not hahahaha
    ashes not problem doing either under certain things I cannot
    all men all I'm doing is just like it throws me off
    I personally think that the car must well after I lost a lot like this
    because we have such
    dark bottom on our top lead I really had one
    mass from here on the last night as well iraq not pass clinton's
    nominee on how much he anything happy she ate like hey and I'm going to go and
    milk hauler rate here also using a brush
    it actually fell fourth kid as well when he using
    hunter and brass go anywhere bash
    okay so this foundation is not working for me I
    act all is sitting at home I in DC have a lot he
    everything in encanta work it because I have been loving it
    market much I don't know but he didn't it
    me well what he looks like a last min went to be using
    Mac margin which it will make it a Russian ever influential
    I have the Apple she's implanting backcourt
    then went
    I don't think she found going to be kickin it all who live near neither by
    the ball I haven't used in so long I thought maybe
    they don't world here are you like from the window and
    highlight and hot my cheekbone premise and when he might be breaks
    new look combination her virginity back being upset that I created which are hot
    on a brand new human textile rationally
    me to go over that edge or cosmetic shimmer whole
    boss and is when he said that the
    early age make it thanks for any got home we eat it
    we are all patient and we didn't look right here
    I think have to talk about the head typically I would not mention it
    you may like the only talk about hot here my channel be higher I tried
    information on camera
    you wouldn't happen here to give my opinion
    and it's going to be honest I'm really disappointed and have
    my foundation I have got me bed I was so excited tried it
    you then right here entitle any said weightless alumina
    a long way foundation dollars like yeah it not me my
    in the net i think is very dry skin it clean battery
    everything a little tiny online when I get
    close to the mir may can actually look kinda
    all look like that never seen it before so I don't know I know what I mean in
    the power to Contador
    namitha but grabbed onto power contour and i cant
    not let out a slight heel and very blocky especially right here like
    net I like it though I entertaining oil
    and creampied warns that immediate use it with creamy I like it better so
    will be let me know how you like my family Asian coming from a lot you try I
    would love to know
    me to leave we'll your skin her for a better I am Friday could be a reason why
    clean so much to my skin like everything on to let me know
    let me know that he kept working but they're not and we learned in Iraq
    the day and making changes on my happiness you know I will
    I'll put it down in the search bar I'll let you know if for some reason to start
    looking like
    be a little over an hour now I'll
    so now thank you so much for watching the video I love you guys
    in a few *** *** How To Make Chocolate Balloon Bowls... - YouTube !!!
    to life
    I might stay in a case involving a little bit different paths instead of
    working with hot and then work with chocolate
    stay and making chocolate the pals since starting by blown-up San
    water balloons maintain N my name out my chocolate in best
    thirty-seconds just WAM
    but it doesn't modest area after each into one
    no mind
    I'm using doctor because it seems to
    hold them unique polls minutes in with the white
    white chocolate is optional you don't have keys much much think at a little
    bit something special
    you wouldn't you go and decrease the blade with
    and smile just don't make sure that the people incomes away
    from did the ball and it'll be easy
    have made a white chocolate thanks just the thing to sit on plans to extend
    on and it blames me
    me and my ski clean-cut
    well the
    rather not
    too much well on the whites into the chocolate doesn't stick
    and lane hair making Sam
    chocolate shapes need to go inside my ball when I finished
    I make a mistake making my shapes let teeth and
    and these breaks and make sure if you can he can t text me chain make
    nice the shapes and its strong making at Patton steamboat I keep getting it now
    we see this will make the outside area well not quite nice
    you know say make inside if you bowl quite nice nights leading
    on top reduction mean definitely an
    now I was running out chocolate Hess and I'm Bowl is
    quite and small at but it still looks quite nice all the same shit after
    should put my planes now miss the east
    and just pull out the access mean
    comes out quite easy a may have it
    managed in Poplar St the ones that
    and it my
    chocolate well in San now to check like a and getting hundreds and thousands
    is just think it makes it a little bit more special
    nominees make maestro please look nice and pretty
    and getting them in it second edible glitter
    and because much-awaited in the fridge do
    could live a condensation on them since the amplitude stick
    nice and it just makes it look quite nice and frosted
    genetically thin mustache especially if you make any effort in a party or
    understanding few he's managed it in various things
    now like my putting that was my finished Bowl
    and I'll say makes him shapes
    with the leftover chocolate that I had nitpicking
    how many he came in love cream
    lot not that great
    man admits to a base just six a much nicer with that
    better on first hit me pretty
    now and then at my nice
    shapes they made genetics a special
    near really really easy to you
    nasa made to capture month as you can see and is going to get a and Justin KK
    pic is I didn't have any injured and another story
    good measure man has my elbow
    where I put the white chocolate on top of the dark chocolate that
    and like this one as well I'd like to clean again
    and that make you a piece
    much for I hope you enjoy my video guys
    he liked him and he listens up subscribes the channel
    you think I Spy me are
    theme *** *** How To Make Kinder Toy Eggs DIY Chocolate Surprise Egg Toys Tutorial Huevos Sorpresa - YouTube !!!
    have homemade he he he he yep
    in on Sep more be he all
    and Brandon he and me reacted a
    me army you have be top
    okay here right almost there
    so you keep online you make your own
    even learn yeah yet
    yeah he says you're going to meet me here on top
    Friday are right now hormel
    let me and AT&T
    or specialty stores your also
    point he sound might people getting
    play fashion are Aston
    you're also the some plastic a bowls
    you can pick up my cool or you might buy a lot
    we'll get back to you said lohr a and
    smaller redefine heaney oil wrap and
    I'm and a bit and gotten oil wrap and a
    he compliant okay castle
    yep let's get started
    yeah he your
    okay you
    pay talk and he my
    improved away or third he
    I'll staff BK
    thirty-seconds I
    that I hi
    mae tao him up
    okay polyester
    doesn't wrong do you think right now
    bumpy met with the
    this is we have to make into a
    use toward here you shop
    old days casual
    and be and no the
    he said used the
    morning I am a warmth
    I located
    huge certainly you may be shocked one other thing
    that one for on the topic you
    shiny I think that
    and or decrease
    me and okay
    that yet Henry
    am red unit
    lanphear them
    heaney special and
    page chocolate in on
    hope the e-type
    the summer lop nah now I'm
    just like Kobe I you want even
    make me payin' top
    mother red
    in any way you want to be reckoned that is
    and unitas me around cap it
    okay so when you have %um almost three dozen chocolate
    your million what you need to do is follow up to the light
    and then that show you any the places where
    chocolate so we did did
    more yeah ready to go
    only one
    when life did
    heart yeah
    me here and group
    yeah I have
    really small mold hinder
    I capsule in fact he
    not sleep you can also heaney
    he with the
    yes skill hip hop
    yeah today
    yeah me up so after you have almost we talk to each actor nomination no
    view happen hair
    yeah and all lol
    out are University
    they all this message here
    really nice and smooth and so let
    and implement Red Raiders that harm
    %uh Yahoo redeem it
    and hope let
    okay no yeah to B&A
    mall out refrigerator said I'm all directions to build
    so now I'm going to gently turn over
    where paper happened
    I'm hoping that their you
    really good yeah
    I'm like a kid still not happy right now
    that and his arm a little bit rap yeah
    perfectly even so what we do now here hand
    said and down p.m. male in
    clean and you will also allow us to
    feel good too thanks to get okay
    that I'll from the pan Mary Catherine
    edible Ian
    and you yelled really purpose were
    same was no
    clip okay vetoing Kagan
    inhibitory in the area is
    all of her I fear agent
    okay Mary girl let you go ahead and
    and I'll mounts and down feet up the edges
    you need to have another I am I have yeah
    product where I
    very p
    speaking European yeah
    okay a number to you totally is working on a day when
    okay months really fast
    I can tell and here you are you reading
    I'm after I know
    culture and you laugh get the care India
    you at I
    mmm feet here's the problem enough it down too far
    year humiliated higher system pulling away
    K and when you another and here we get
    and let movement
    you get that's a fine job II
    le Dara what we have is
    one Saturday unwrap and one is
    rack now he's cool better you keep it up
    and this up more for I
    were that right me to you and
    and nothing is it denies the claims process casual
    not the and smaller practically handed more
    with humor in this I see if you guys wanna see it with minutes I'm
    you click the Like button and so you cracking
    our home homemade can surprise
    now you can family %um sleepy here
    martinis be like that just can't fit
    cap here her yet
    me here right
    and it was a lot of money you enjoy it
    you aren't day he easy
    that at all okay
    the just
    another video desi in come back the only super
    be we toward
    AZ Lee payment play kids kids
    price X and Droid me make the field *** *** Romantic Makeup Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    ok so before you start this video I was gonna film in front of my desk but there
    was like
    boxes on my desk and it looked ridiculously ugly so I had to
    film a backdrop except on my back drops were in denny's truck when I was doing
    this video and then he will not home so he go
    gentleman bring you a really really really unprofessional video with a black
    bed sheet with little clips on the same alright enjoy the show
    so today he was going to be a makeup tutorial on the look I'm wearing right
    now I'm extremely polished I know it's winter but I can't get away from these
    mustard colors but no this is actually my favorite color to wear like I could
    wear this color every day of my life it's also my favorite kind of ice shows
    anyway so it's really just said and it merely using the two-phase drop a bomb I
    love this palette it's so so good I don't think I love it as much as my
    original chocolate bar but it's close like I love it and you guys know I
    wasn't a big fan of the semi-sweet chocolate bar pilot I don't want it I
    didn't like it I bought it returned it with this one I really love and this
    look maybe a little bit bold for some of you but you could totally tone it down
    totally toning down with a nude lip I just wanted to show you guys it's at
    oriole using my lipstick and tourists has been so highly requested to do a
    tutorial with this lip color that is what I do and I really hope you guys
    enjoy I know it's similar like what the rosy color still looks like done in the
    past but like I said a tutorial using this lipstick was really requested and I
    just love how rose gold pairs with these brown lips so yes if you wanna see how
    to get this look at the moment so I'm gonna start this video by prime emailer
    I'm using the Melania I shot a primary really love this primary and it so I'm
    gonna take me into Phase chocolate Bambang palette and I'm going into the
    shade divinity just using this has said that primary down not gonna go into
    almond trouble and I'm going to use this as my transition shade I'm thinking
    support crease brush and I'm just looking into Mike Ruiz so that all the
    eyeshadows bled really make
    I meant that I had a min really playing this to my entire that with my finger
    is Chris purchases for more P and I'm just busting out that I shadow I'm going
    into almond truffle and I'm using the same but
    their blend the eyeshadow
    just how it looks like the weenie blend into the other colors ok like into the
    palace I'm using cashew 2 I'm taking a blocking brush and I'm further blending
    well come flooding ok I'm gonna go into the shade fattened sheep this is an over
    eleven brush and I'm still playing that to the inner half of my neck as well and
    then I just went over that we need color to intensify it a little bit more
    alright by the end of the shade immunity I'm using this to highlight underneath
    my problem now take this beautiful color this might be my favorite scene in the
    pilot it's called the Bordeaux and I'm using this kind of like a soft eyeliner
    on the top of my eyes really close to my lashes ok so many move onto my face
    punishment I am bringing my face with Anivia hydration Ethan Frome where you
    know I don't know how I feel about it I definitely liked the post shave balm so
    for my foundation of mixing together and emailing me man
    wireless and the back of the individual nation sealer I'm using my computer and
    I am just applying this to you can see me do about a trillion times you know
    underneath my eyes I mean to my rose on the news emerged in I'm just
    highlighting the those parts of my face
    while covering my dark circles that I'm using my truth the RCMP no color powder
    and I'm sending my under eye concealer and every or elsewhere I applied
    concealer right back to the eyes of minutes he gave him for brushing them
    into that Bordeaux shade and I'm just putting this on my Laurel action and
    then I'm thinking that he and highlighting the inner part of my eye
    from a scary music mike eagle extra
    Volume Mascara and then my bottom lashes this is brand new I just bought this is
    the Mac extended playing black / I hear a lot of you reading about it for the
    lower lashes and I really really love this was the first time and I really
    like look it up and then I just popped on Christina
    policy and I got mine on Amazon so the finish of maybe I'm gonna call for using
    the word wild contour palette and villages and I'm using an elf contouring
    blush this is amazing
    really precise chiseled outcome for its really I love it so much
    gonna take the lighter shade in his little called toward
    gonna put it
    underneath my eyes to highlight a little bit ok so foreclosure and using my mouth
    effortless Dierbergs duo and I'm thinking that peach blush of the month
    sheep that they thought a blush brush and I'm really like that I'm going to
    highlight maybe this is a open up brush from target really really inexpensive
    and a really great brush I'm highlighting my face just a tiny bit
    with the highway
    I wanted to warm up my pace a little bit more so I took this Milani baked bronzer
    and I'm just warming up in just a touch more though to finish off the look I am
    applying my lip color am taking the color pop Libby pencil in the shape
    tours tours start and billion my lips with it and then I'm going in with the
    Libby stay indoors right on top so that complete everything you guys enjoyed
    thank you so much for watching please subscribe if you haven't already and I
    will see you in my like video *** *** how to make chocolate garnishes decorations tutorial how to cook that ann reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to howtocookthat.net. For a printable copy of the recipes simply go to www.howtocookthat.net
    Cover a chopping board with aluminium foil, or you can use a baking tray turned upside
    down covered in aluminium foil. Pour all your chocolate onto your tray. Then just spread
    it out, not too thin. Then we'll just chuck that in the freezer.
    You just pull it out of the freezer, take it off the alfoil, and push down in the center,
    and snap it into shards that you can then stick into your chocolate pavlova, or your
    With the tempered chocolate, let's put it in a Ziploc bag. Get a glass of Marsala or
    you can use vodka. Marsala is just a sweet Italian dessert wine that goes well with it.
    Have it in the freezer for at least an hour to let it cool down and then just squirt some
    chocolate into the Marsala. And as it's hiting the cold Marsala it is setting, so you get
    a nice chocolate swirl pattern, and you can let it sink to the bottom. Just leave it for
    a little second. Then use a fork to pull it out, and pop it on some paper to drain and
    to dry. So that's a way of getting some nice,
    Spread some out on overhead projector plastic, and then we're going to roll it, like so.
    And to keep it rolled we just pop one end in a glass, like that. And that will make
    some nice chocolate curls once it's set.
    Pop some at one end like that. Grab an icing comb and just run it through like that. And
    that's going to give you some nice chocolate sticks.
    With this as well, if you want them over like bows, you can just actually bend it over,
    and join them together.
    For other recipes click on the links that you can see. Enjoy! *** *** Homemade Chocolate Tutorial! - YouTube !!!
    say landing initially and and they leave just put the check writing and their
    already melting
    so i have a feeling that it takes to get to me that i think company meet the wire
    little bit harder than i am
    teens well actually nothing can happen and i think it's fairly there and now
    armed and not to be chocolate they swim well we can determine what happened to
    does this actually works really well wait there until today to cell army yet
    rapids on nothing nice allotment three had last time study and it's an
    important to them all day unsubsidized what it looks like once and for so
    here's the mold and actually have since been causing their past
    on hand when i'm not delia's and going to template enclosing the most
    onset of the singles making these cell arm
    indeed and
    inflammatory samuel criminal
    uh... fatty
    ceremony at fifty miles an hour and a smiling
    so i decided this is asking for the immediate area and pics kinkos
    environment ministry
    sanctions took part in the basement cerebral karmaloop com constant
    choreographed seventy uh... greek spread out vietnam
    chocolate you get a common wake for my little she break it
    uh... speaks out
    non-hispanic chocolate setback ignore gejdenson com
    sniffed menu on on
    st parent country manager it new medicine on the it's a blast
    sarah and craig eat chocolate into northern thailand and field because the
    track is kind of granny
    towns in the ninety nine percent management fee because they didn't have
    to put the chocolates and a non-fatal attack them on the economy stops
    on and on
    the and and
    self-catering and if there's one eighty four
    tatar so i think in court
    launches and that's really good
    management capitalist-style cake exactly a contract that animal nature never
    cohen said
    uh... blvd risking their from frequently but they were taking life's been good
    because it
    fifteen a m
    celiac these are all the chocolate they need cell
    uh... thanks *** *** [Team PhOtOn] Tunnel Tutorial [Kandekreations.com] - YouTube !!! *** *** how to make chocolate garnishes decorations tutorial PART 2 how to cook that ann reardon - YouTube !!! English English Add subtitles/CC
    Welcome to howtocookthat.net I am Ann Reardon for a printable copy of any of the recipes
    go to the website how tocookthat.net Today we are looking at chocolate decorations
    that you can use to jazz up your desserts or your cupcakes.
    First of all we will look at piped designs, these are one of the easiest things to do
    but if you are not confident in the actual designs you can print out the template which
    is on the website and place some baking paper over the top. and here I've just put some
    chocolate in a plastic bag and just twisted it at the top so that when you apply pressure
    it doesn't come out the other end. And with my designs I like to add a stem to
    the bottom so that you can stick that into your icing, your chocolate mousse or your
    dessert and you have all of your design on top. There are several different designs that
    you can use, just follow the templates just like shown to do all of your different designs.
    And the final one you just do a skinny oval followed by a shorter fatter one , shorter
    fatter circle and then stem again if you want to be able to stick it in to a cupcake or
    chocolate mouse whatever you are making. Next chocolate leaves, these just use any
    leaf from the garden you want to paint the back of the leaf so that it looks like the
    front of the leaf when it is peeled off. Make sure the leaves are washed and fully dried
    so you don't have any water on it and also make sure they are not from a plant that has
    been sprayed with any insecticide or pesticide obviously. When you are spreading your chocolate
    on try not to let it go around the front of the leaf because it makes it hard to peel
    off. Once they have been set in the freezer just gently peel back the leaf and you'll
    see that you can see all of the veining and all of the pattern from the leaf comes out
    onto your chocolate and looks great. Next we will look at two toned chocolate patterns
    I really like these and they are simple to do. You just need a texture mat which these
    ones I've got from a childs rubbings book, you can get all different ones quite cheaply
    that way in the one book.
    Get some white chocolate, spread it out over the mat, then using a knife or palette knife
    spread it out make sure it goes into all of the little divets. Then get the excess chocolate
    and scrape it back into the bowl. It's important here that you get off all of the excess chocolate
    otherwise obviously you are going to get that marbled smeared effect of the chocolate that
    is not in the divets, so just put it flat on the bench and give it a few more scrapes
    to make sure you've got all of the excess off. Then pop that in the freezer until it
    is set. And put your contrasting chocolate over the top. Now the trick here is not to
    mix it around as you are spreading it because obviously that warm chocolate on top is quickly
    going to melt the small amount of chocolate that is in the spirals. So you want to very
    gently spread it out with the minimum amount of mixing it around. Once you've got it spread
    then use your palette knife to thin it down to the thickness you want your patterned chocolate
    to be. Then put that in the freezer to set and gently and carefully peel off the chocolate
    and there you have your two toned chocolate design then you can snap that into pieces,
    stick it into desserts. Next some chocolate lace circles using a cup
    draw a circle shape then cut around it using a stanley knife or xacto knife Then place
    your baking paper that has the circels cut out of it onto some aluminium foil. There
    is two ways of doing this you can simply use a spoon and drizzle some across like that
    or if you want it to be more of an exact thing put some in the piping bag like you used for
    piping designs earlier and just scribble it across, you'll get the most strength if you
    scribble it in three directions just gives you a bit more strength. Continue to do that
    until all of your circles are covered and then just lift your baking paper off while
    your chocolate is still melted before it's set. And then pop those in the freezer
    and once they are nice and firm you can just peel them off the aluminium foil and you have
    a fancy looking lace circle. Thank you for watching don't forget top click to subscribe
    and watch one of the other videos, particularly the one on how to temper chocolate if you
    don't temper chocolate then it doesn't stay solid at room temperature and after you have
    gone to the trouble of making beautiful decorations you want them to stay standing when you serve
    them to the table. And check out the other videos on chocolate decorations too. *** *** TUTORIAL TUNNEL FLIP - en español -TZK - YouTube !!! *** *** Gloving Tutorial: Whips, Tunnels, and Circle Move [Frosty] {HC} {LJ} - YouTube !!!
    seven guys
    is is frosty air
    I was just wanted to start a video about
    on tunnels with
    and circle moves and other moves based on
    circles all well my friends and I have been going over it
    inner ruin a just going to be you know how to do it
    in different ways to do it phone I know some to it's out there didn't help us
    and if it on their own home so this is kinda
    like the basic things you need to know before you do then
    is basic a thing weighs being rolled
    wouldn't be able to do it underside and/or
    a and what an ideal reference to overhead

    um and
    that's pretty much it so kinda bans the old
    closing all the way which isn't very important and then
    I'll start teaching you with us others like a bit about
    manger with tunnels the militia
    all the guy getting the last doesn't give a damn it movies call
    is going to like no matter what so for their purposes
    video I want to call this late so
    I'll do a slow motion because is a webcam so
    I moved back to me laureate so it with his
    or what I consider what or war their own
    here so yes you can also go
    yes in different directions I'm
    so that I'll the meaning behind it is you start off with an L shape
    so it up right and then you
    point down basing your whole you see it
    but between bill instances on that
    people giving life whatever you wanna call
    depicted about so this point in that
    cutting down role that outwards and I was yours down
    a roll it back in and they close it there was a
    closer integrated and that sometimes over
    Starz's it and this is gone
    and now this was their those in like an endless
    circle with arm or whatever or both a
    you can also go backwards obviously so thorough
    that turned you know facing down set up canopy
    words and you on rollin
    standout and it close it taken aback
    here who and what this comes in I was coming out
    and now you have here
    back with will you know that will on
    same principle applies you can go like
    to think I'm right or
    you know just isn't the same idea we can mess around it
    on me or him do one with and a
    like one with discontinuous so like hard with
    moving quickly enough but remain same maybe a place with you
    been issued with close it and then the pup
    light away made yet rotated
    you or with again so
    received the all the main idea you want to keep in mind
    me your with better I guess are different ways to treat them
    is I'm main ways Tennessee he do
    confessed looking to see whether favorite far back as poss
    or so you make ninety degree angle you better for you than
    sadly your annual ironically the city acquired
    do I was all goes up with like this
    like they would be like this right you want like this
    so I'm going to be like with us she works hard every little
    was lame was so is a look at that school what I look like kind of a hassle
    so people can do that with it was a great with the way it
    but it now I wish I was a kid and respect then
    now you can see a much bigger circles are
    where did you get that their respective on even when you baby respect maybe his
    the pair plywood is still low lot tighter clear
    didn't like little then like
    happily bending and it was kinda we're stopping
    all there are things that wouldn't hurt her wrists
    me here your you know it turned it like
    certain amo on
    the check it out so advantages or is public Internet
    on with his mentor and a favorable shoulder into it
    home I can get a lot more distance
    so it's a good by this are solar
    or shoulder I can get more out of it
    so with that doesn't mean circles bigger
    it just makes them all more trail so
    is going through this is it shows that more this you other
    so doesn't necessarily at like a super much
    amounts yearly shows but I feel like getting your body to it
    a you can make up longer trails and
    using this thing home can only improve you later
    room take away from it all so we help
    I called funnels P much to add to its
    said well you know I was the one at a time you have but
    to do so up with ppl bottles in this out
    and the being rolled out and then popcorn
    in the first will greater
    and the bottom was in PQ wasn't hers
    so that
    and they wrote a and you start all over again
    was former thinking the same thing
    a that anything goes go to purchase this
    that were for his role in that whole thing
    got the love positions the
    in the vicinity was you highlight the road occurs under
    different things I'll what do you want to make sure they wouldn't do that
    is your palms back pricey at the circus
    any plans anything that person giving rise to on
    is really easy to we doing like previous ones
    to happen homes be seen outward accept this way
    the if you wanna be more flexible a because you had a lazy butt you can be
    like this right
    at palms facing the Grand of this Site you thinking elections for you
    from easy relationship so if I'm able to
    I would try to make hope faith and make more all circles for
    with more %um ratio you look really pretty
    for you home so that's one thing you can do
    also does a overhand upping way so that
    knows you like this writer
    you can't do that the people over here so that the
    here hand is going out cross over into getting it so
    this is peace keepers I want this have done
    right a this index finger up
    right made I guess behind
    all-star he said with a lisp and that
    close enough the
    photos senator I'll
    that's really good because it makes like you be when the other way around do so
    like that a
    as good as the last few conditions between moos right as you do
    is every possibility so have is know you
    God like know is just
    back that can help you transition team moves om
    was a new pipe physicians candidacy more dexterous as well
    home and in case you can't tell that kinda leads you into
    he ever famous circle mu wage isolation
    throws made it look easy should be if you can't understand these
    things circles like here
    I had to sit back and pop louder because
    we can see it late more the roof
    and I have Mike trucker interceptions
    so in this is very much would you do
    so I'm gonna go from right
    well can over my right shoulder so from my point of view
    how it going clockwise guiding light show
    hit counter clockwise I don't think I've ever make people a show
    that you think way that it makes more sense you goes if it doesn't then just
    said I'll was going over your shoulder
    and we thank you ball like the right shoulder area against
    you want to close that nothing wrong with that in close
    was closing other hand
    is open right those who consider
    and i was thinkin moving his hands free you like as he waded
    or dislike something cool looking and
    what this was senator
    at those losing and his lips up for the up
    as thing as that will open now this injury
    where are you and then
    with this world what this means sup
    lists of candidates if for
    go slut holes
    whoever and
    so whoever backer
    only she can go both ways closing speaks out
    freehand who are
    people were the you can always do that and I think that you know you have to
    they deserve the best you can you just talk to handed and
    highlighted as well his thing all
    that's kind of like the main idea behind Circle moving
    you aren't you can do either way all you can have both hands out the same time
    doing it
    talkin home it is different circle losing by the same principle light
    on is the same phrase that we can work around anyway while
    all he can transition that any other tools or into liquid
    or did you just say other in with his it doesn't really matter so
    all hopefully that helps you guys out and hope you guys can
    here most what i'm saying is Mike this is on see the last time with the film
    otherwise what you're a speakeasy can hear me
    home I when Sloan absolutely does too
    if you have any questions or comments right down below
    and I'll check was materials something rate you'll see that was so
    up you back seam and had to go to guys
    you later *** ***

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