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    Tricycle Diaper Cake - How to make - YouTube !!!
    alright everybody we're back your up today she's gonna show set to make
    another cool diaper cake
    it's legally make it done and can make this classical
    fired up baby girl today okay we're making a
    a tricycle diaper cake okay so what do you need I am
    lot are day okay but attackers
    yen cat friend get basic like it how many do you have
    I can't fall in here okay and the reason for baby blankets
    yeah in kasam hip
    repeat some baby bibs key and the media
    a country where nothing you start the Alamo occasional problems a couple in
    and make get some now lost clocks okay some baby washcloths
    yeah and camp Tampa Bay and
    back rubber bands and scissors
    some T and some
    Tom Sox nearest such a baby socks
    okay and make up to home don't Bonnell
    okay baby bottle in
    some Cup DePauw bottle that looks like a sippy cup
    the pickup cannot tell you what you think he is OK
    and like us on the home looks like a toilet paper roll
    in a paper towel roll it out them
    I'm not sure what that is but OK like a pipe cleaner twisty ties
    and income an assortment a written for taking an accurate okay
    that's pretty much what we can mean eating okay so let's get started
    files our economy no friendly lol
    the No gonna be like is that good I rode
    diaper so I put it together bicycle bomb
    K yeah it looks like she's got six diapers with the a toilet paper roll in
    the middle
    okay what the hell all together with the rubber band may hold it with their
    will make a this the first ever making for a wheel then
    weeks there hitches it Monday for K
    rapidly a row the casey's make an actual we'll
    logistically and more diapers wrapped around it
    in a spiral pattern when you think you've got six diapers are
    on the outside you're bossy paper the case you get those in what she did that
    then we'll show you
    okay arms got the wheel all rolled
    in red and coming did you put

    in next
    who put them ribbon kate looks like EMS patron
    pre-cut okay in Lafayette
    wrap it around the wheel just to help hold it together every day
    together it's gonna take the on their
    and this can be done with the fun friend
    we'll you know so I'll show you next step
    okay my friend leon stunts autonomy
    still mom in the back okay
    so don't get from we'll do a remake to more wheels like that on the
    on the back on the big paper towel okay my two
    back we almost done so I'm make out go to the next step
    okay I roll other
    Rankin and put in a friendly lol make it
    even like yes so it is a partner arm
    from real last okay handed to apply
    krina us I switched to get up
    so I can put in there inside he and no
    arm back we are okay
    don't have to pipe cleaners she fell to the back axle
    right and Nash yet to rolled a person she's just gonna feed a year to the end
    vendor of this year a size the back wheel right make it more
    Titan stuff research in a few dozen they will get the next step
    now downs road for the next step
    looks like you're pulling the blanket towards the rear right thumb
    prayin arm he just played twist their arm
    like pipe cleaner yeah
    around it the whole the blinking and then the backed up like it's going to
    come out
    towards the rear the tires and that's going to places like the exhaust pipe
    spray is gonna be okay
    okay should get both sides done welcome back arm
    not put down rankin right now and put in the front
    we r and gonna be a lot like this and I put down a
    bf be defending a
    enough run BL okay lead saddam's gotta roll a blanket
    to the front wheel that's basic gonna be the handlebars
    it she put a bid over the front wheel that's going to be like the front fender
    now employed as ass luv pick-up
    and the heat gonna be there hit like saw
    net second put us on the handle by happen to be hindered clips
    group okay okay stars got the years to pick up as a headlight
    she's put knee socks on is channel group
    yeah be like this rider
    pounds working on the back
    the tricycle you put a couple Sox on the back to the exhaust pipes
    her there she got a washcloth wrapped around
    the paper towel roll should I make it more pretty
    in a cleaned-up okay rebecca comments like to make in the seat for the
    tricycle had you make it they'll
    I'm a coward to roll up today well and one
    up to wash cars a.m. gonna put in
    there with their arm baby bib Baby be it
    okay so she's expressionistic sit through the whole ray put
    soda Hall yeah K
    in the back organic the vehicle covered up kinda like a
    the rear fender I guess your call them
    search you get placed manner show it looks like
    a rather one looks like toms finished the tricycle diaper cake looks pretty
    cool Tom
    with the GF for a less finishing touches I'm
    I put some for our in the back love you
    we r weekly guest PowerShell front mag wheel and then dinner
    and a bundle by okay saw and keep stuffed animal
    yeah deficit on my
    tricycle on today I
    make something cool next time I see you next time thank you for watching *** *** Hammock String Figure: Step by Step - YouTube !!!
    okay I had a request to do a tutorial on how to make this hammock
    1 and that's why can't the background on these
    and yeah and you may need a slightly longer strings as you can see it gets
    on pretty close together here standing
    you can start in the standard position
    over here thumb and pinky finger across your palm
    usual middle finger to pick up the string
    offices for the standard opening
    decision next your gonna take the strain
    the entire string of your thumb you can't put it
    over your pointer when you gonna do the same thing
    on the other side take it off Tom put it over your pointer
    now you to do something similar
    with your pinky you're gonna take it off with your pinky and put it on
    your ring finger do the same thing
    on this side take the whole thing off your pinky
    put it on your ring finger KH
    look like this right next
    you're gonna turn your left hand now make a fist
    you should have three streams on the top of your fist
    you take the one on your range and you can close that kinda tight can take the
    one you ring finger and pull it up
    just a little bit and you're gonna take
    them in your pointer you gonna come in from the front
    don't come in from back here you've got to do it from the front you gonna grab
    the string
    that's next to it make it bigger need to you gonna grab this string
    gonna pull it through
    hang at this other little
    now you gonna go through that one from the front grab
    the next train like this
    and you gonna take this little you gonna hook it
    over your thumb now be careful that you don't go that way got to go
    basically toward the back took it on your phone
    K you can open your hand
    we're gonna do that same thing on the other side to turn your
    right hand to face you make a fist
    you're gonna pull up
    string on your ring finger just enough so that you can fit
    your pointer and thumb through their grab that next ring
    pull it up a little bit you can come in again from the front grab the one that's
    on your
    pointer make a little you're gonna hope this
    over your thumb amber towards the back don't bring it toward the front
    this was wrong wanna go toward the back
    took it over your phone K
    everything should look like this:
    next you're gonna take it sounds in your gonna pick up this first ring
    similar to move you do in cup and saucer Jacob's Ladder
    you gonna turn this face you a little bit
    you're gonna take the string that's on the bottom of your thumb pull it over
    that string you gonna do the same thing
    on the side the bottom string over the phone
    basically we're gonna do that with every strange in here
    annexing in do you're gonna take
    this string that's in the front
    two strings here next take the one that's in the front should be the one
    on right
    so don't try to pick up them like that and make an X it's not what you want you
    want to have one whole string just like that
    came and come to the front again
    and move this bottom string
    over your thumbs again came
    our gonna go again with the thumbs to the next train
    me come here again
    over and
    they should be here by
    now we're gonna come up here
    stones a market town these two strings look like they're right together
    take the one that's in the front on the left side this time
    and pull that whole thing
    power member don't don't make it like an ex like that just take the whole string
    and come back here
    flip the bottom string over the bombs
    came to cut two strings leftovers can keep going
    over the phone starts getting a little tight
    if you're having trouble getting it over you may need to use a longer string
    hey we've got one more string laughed
    on the bottom camp
    hey now you've got this doesn't look like much yet right
    take your pinkies you gonna transfer these
    this outer string that's over your thumbs the string here
    you're gonna transfer and that to your pinkies
    and you can take the comes out just
    unfold back like this and don't pull it tight
    yet still keep it kinda loose you'll see there's a little
    loose hole right here on the front take that
    purchased %uh minute won't be able to find it if you've already pulled it
    now you can pull it tight and you have
    the cat's cradle Hammack congratulations
    now get this and then
    that tangling it too much I need to do
    is dropped pinkies and the fans
    cap the pinkies dropped bombs
    all come apart like that
    your practice he can do it a little quicker
    and make sure you watch some of our other videos cut videos on how to do
    cats cradle
    Jacob's Ladder mother once also gots
    funny videos armpit chickens you're interested
    think racking
    so be sure to subscribe to my channel you can see
    what's the other string tutorials half pounds
    into thinking
    hack it
    but be
    ranking using
    the *** *** Baby Carriage Cake-Cake Decorating- How to - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hi I love Larson welcomed are
    frothing and back with some cake decorating basics
    and today I want to show you keep that really near and dear to my heart
    it's worth it first cake that I learned and I absolutely
    love it it's great for teaching to you it's a wonderful combination
    all kinds a simple techniques that looks like are really elaborate K
    excited to show you this one so let's get started for this project
    we're going to be using a quick answer as usual
    hun number for writer a number
    or 23 start at
    number one
    a number

    eight this is going to be for basketweave and I never remember this
    it's a

    the tip any leaked it that you have work great for this project
    answer now where at
    that it cut exactly a quarter out of here you can see
    this is gonna be my baby carriage in this is the opening here
    down below are gonna but the two wheels
    but you can see I have my cake offset
    on a platter if higher
    than it is in here need space for my own view of it's over smile because they
    need space from a candle
    I have here the porter that it had attended to and you can see that it's
    pretty I
    every esta okay split and fell that's why later slipped and fell
    and then cut this out after the cape was frozen is so much easier
    to shake this and move it and not have to ice the whole thing on the cake you
    net how my to for entrance single layers
    slipped and fell that middle orange around can hear
    this is an old one built into the best and then I'm mr.
    and put those on so let's get started without many cut my hand are
    here you want it to be about an inch and a half
    why and its gonna
    are away from the cake will handle at the moment push with a premium
    you can make it free frozen you really want that
    bill to move it I was gonna get my
    offset spatula here you want to get over
    so long we can adjust my think
    that is just a little bit too long
    Aki en mom
    and so on my
    for entrance but i wanna do you don't cut the
    basically shaping the cake here so it's good and a little bit less than happy to
    see us start out half and cut my smile line
    about like that so than a minute go ahead
    and that here onto my
    plaque now murder just right is
    I'm just
    K then I can take my lil
    warrant round can hear and Mark arresters circle
    so that I can make my design cake
    anti-religious repeat consecutive win not a comment
    pieces on it kinda wanna just touch up my anything
    now a lot okay this is going to be covered with King so it doesn't have to
    be perfect
    I do want to stir pretty smooth circus
    just touch up your aunt is here
    and gonna
    still and are yeah when we touch it
    up here so I'm a good guy sir that you know I love
    I'm just gonna billion here to see even
    out where my and wheels are gonna be
    and also governmental cap there
    we turn this around see you can see my hand all
    and this here's my quick answer
    uncover-up is right this
    and if you get this moving if you really don't even need a spatula
    because we're gonna cover up their estimates so you need to do anymore work
    the next step is just to mark so
    this is day good a pram redefine work now
    and below that we're gonna do don't they're not basket we
    had read about Glee now's a good time to show you how to do that upcoming number

    basketweave to hear and passionately
    I know is scared to a lot of people but actually
    pretty simple on yesterday here and then I'll show you how to do it
    really be eighteen million get the idea
    so anything and the Danny quick better
    which is really big it's like a giant basket we taped show you have to do this
    actually could use this to make like a big Apple basket but basically
    wanna lay down your first line just a straight line
    and then you wanna come across it
    now is why at it
    K the next line comes on top of that
    you leave a little space near come back in here
    and make the next line so adjective basket weaves really not so scary it's
    just a little
    time-consuming once you get your rhythm down and your spacing
    you're good to go usually when I'm doing a big basket weave cake
    I take a seat normalized and Willy Decker a
    but this is one of those things where you need the stability
    and you just plain get tired
    so my next step has two due to low
    treatment other prey on father premium
    have my quickness to hear the first one is just a nice flat
    the next time he goes out just a little bit more just slightly
    and how it can and slightly
    now I can reduce an endowment twist a little bit

    even just a little bit more
    neck that doesn't mind out what really really light
    sky blue and a number
    row step for RuPaul's
    elect you as well in sky blue because it's just that
    her it powder royal blue even if you like it has a little too much black
    and the company who has too much
    purple citizen just coming in here wit enough
    right on the edge it's just a thing that
    really even pressure
    now send
    holding my back my
    degree angle and
    guiding with my hand next I wanna mark my little wheels
    me using my veg night here the Louisiana get that straight up and down
    throughout that he
    mango in the middle of each other so meek Millz spokes
    me p that here
    next and taking my
    cue track and it's just the tiniest
    tiniest bit of a and fortunate he is
    coronary lace or so test depending on how big it is this is going to be her
    now it's a little thicker
    income manages filling each other's
    books this is just a relieving pressure and not so much with big data
    mara random ass is just a little
    working interest here
    so the next step I could use a number for writer but I'm just gonna go unused
    and in this
    tip is to fill a nice folks with just a little strange shell
    squeeze filled with the squeeze little relief
    so now I really do have my number for a rare and is gonna do
    a less work here soon only thing I love about this case hasn't earned some very
    he decorating techniques all together
    to make one really special cake
    you can see is just summed up lines and then I wanna come back across
    and Rutland yet rated touch Paul
    in a release touch let
    pollen relief touch let let it grow up
    release really even pressure now we're going to actually start harbors only use
    the same number
    for right here and its gonna do and with Colin
    e-motion just left i cant you this ones kinda
    reverse it is kinda circulation is squeezing really squeezing really
    squeeze really
    just to finish up
    delicate hot hedge and then I wanna do the same for my little wheels
    leading you're gonna do a reverse shell when you get here
    he wanted her letter king of just slightly
    you get that much gala
    really edge said there you go
    some delicate rooms around the delegate yes got my number

    right here and this is a little bit tricky getting in here but
    you want to just get and as far as you can
    you're going to get some flowers in your city happily just use
    a real straight shell just to cover your visible edge
    back in just a nice straight shot so
    I wanna start my foreigners to fish meet up in this can use a nice easy River
    all around the top this could be an
    e-motion it could be a W her
    you can be anything you want fund
    right down and here we are and come right back up your site here
    need to finish my alleged crimes here now to learn a new
    any these borders have a basic border video
    I will link it into this video this is just a straight show
    now coming around the back side and that is when it is straight show here
    because I'm gonna do another treatment around the site to just finish up your
    bottom edges
    with a straight shell all the way around
    finished up our little border
    and the last thing that flapped if tradition flowers and a little tear on
    the edges
    Nickelback might be a balloon
    this time in at just a little bit brighter
    I'm gonna go ahead and straight maybe I'm
    as I usually do. we're gonna do too little roses
    in a thinner
    the we'll and we could do at this kid
    you can do even though daffodil
    if you want a different color that is for simplicity risk intercut larosa
    now if you want to learn how to do this rose on a stick a link that video also
    just stick right there in the center is not pretty
    now I really
    big blue this case probably for away
    and remember that he looks very very pretty
    the shower kids really mom and every mom that I have ever received this
    particular K
    absolutely loved it you hun
    there yeah wanted a little spray of flowers
    here on the top lead prominent also cascading down here in
    their handle her to get one
    have learnt euros moved to a smaller and happy rose and this ones are taken to
    start to track down in
    just right behind here we don't get too carried away is hoping for a little bit
    but we do wanna pretty arrangement of flowers
    so one more rose
    here atop her head always in three years in a minute do something sweet peas
    manage trailing away
    %um say
    member I think always in three
    okay me flip this around and show you how to get
    the lower down here in this is a little bit tricky
    me take my brothers on my scissors and Hamid
    single just hugging
    ray down here fallback
    me Calle and rather than
    try to put whole lot more rows down on that one were in there
    than a casket sweet peas down to cover that gap
    with out running the risk remains
    threat to my flowers by dropping one
    good can cascade
    months start at the peace and
    see and back from
    so Mac one
    more little air here on the site and you could completely without
    you like better you can watch me know that more
    I'm better and just gonna do
    a little slack
    heart an EU sheets where
    sleeve squeeze me heart in the EU shapes track mortars can do that all year round
    sorry downer finishing touch now I'm just gonna and I'll leave here
    really pale green always in

    picture never really
    friendship I am using a limited period after disc
    European sometimes it like that even a little there
    men come in
    like me really lately
    filling needs here do you almost don't look a little bit like heart
    justice squeeze in a release squeeze in a release
    not much for release here down in the best you can
    and there you have it
    here's our sweet little baby pram for baby shower
    I hope you enjoy a plane had any
    is pretty low pay I really enjoy your show you how to do it
    one day I was so many my you can easily stay
    I just you and affiliated
    don't forget to do it yeah
    yards passing lot haha
    so it's right here phone number
    the only include think
    do *** ***

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