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    default skin template/stone fences survivalcraft update news - YouTube !!!
    a guidebook a magnesium and and welcome back to
    in others are located in yeah okay he didn't
    some update need for Starcraft staff Tooting to see guys
    and around Me's cash in the bank went against the if
    stone fences guys yet like the Minecraft
    admin actually copy but not Arabic something like Minecraft vision but
    is this so fast is and yet these guys
    looks like there's no fences but there is only if the
    it's really good really fun and
    and they really good because you can't use them on
    panel if I kinda buildings cast those stuff like that
    and Ed this offense is a really good
    I know if the this tall fence gate but and because we have to all you want
    fence gate a teenage you can use that one so
    and this is it good and I so let's go to the next
    update future dates gonna be in the next update
    and that's the schemes case now and this next to be going to be able to change a
    a you know he came make your own
    scheme putting on the game and use it is really fun
    but and as i buy me anymore to play here
    on the game yet but I really like to
    see multiplayer on this game but it's not going to be able to
    be in this game for now and I don't lie but
    is a really great game but you know much play year so that's one but
    you know and marked a
    developer nope yet they're skin that looks amazing days
    as you can see I can change it was a new teen
    coming is the bombs which ensure them will manage
    sleuth reform so going badly injured
    video and make sure the UAAP thumbs up to his video for more
    update you with and and
    when I see guys rated see ya I'll
    about down and then *** *** Drupal 7 Fences Module - Daily Dose of Drupal episode 87 - YouTube !!!
    hello everyone and welcome to another daily dose Drupal
    today we're on absurd number

    as always I am Shane Thomas
    and you can follow me on Twitter at SM Thomas three
    also hop over to code try to come check out the other daily dosage IPL videos
    sign up for the newsletter can also follow me on Google+
    today who were going over a pretty cool simple little module
    called the fences module and this module solves a problem in it
    there there are some you out there who are very who who this will
    you definitely appreciate this module I'll say that
    basically it allows you to simplify summer the markup
    that Drupal outputs so a lot of times in Jubail
    because Jubail aims to be as flexible as possible and to fit as many purposes as
    it includes a lot of extra markup so as you can see
    here's their true triple sevens default mark up for a field
    you can see that a lot of Dave's their lot in nested div just to make sure that
    it can fit pretty much any sooner you would need
    ninety percent of the time that's not necessary necessary
    and %ah sites so the fences module allows you do is it allows you to
    simplify that my cup
    so here's the defense's default mark-up and as you can see it's
    much simpler
    sorry go ahead and his demo this quickly and show you how it can be used
    so let's go ahead and open the site up and I have pretty simple test site here
    I just create a simple content-type: little
    a couple fields and
    will go ahead and open up our developer tools and take a look at this one here
    says you can see here is the field this is perhaps the entire field
    here is the label missus it was a select feel like all that tests select
    you can see there's an a-lister give that says
    it's a class a field items and there's a items list that says
    one so all that mark up just to get this little output rate here
    so we're going go ahead and I'm going to turn on the fence is Nigel
    which have already downloaded and save this
    and now that I saved this module hermana come back over here
    and get open this up in a new tab so we can compare
    and we'll see if anything's changed yet and any configuration
    so it looks just about the same
    go ahead and configure this model now
    casey you can go ahead and look at the
    options are they have here
    it generally says if it's a new site he should go ahead and select
    override on both odious soon other we click Save
    we're going to come into our content type that I created
    and I'm going to going to manage fields
    I'm gonna go into this test select
    now as you can see %um in this field there's
    a rapper mark-ups election and there's a big list of all these different
    templates that you can use

    outputting airfields so it does generic container just the dev
    but if we wanted this to be for instance
    a bold window and select bold will save this
    worry fresh air
    can see now
    it says bold carrot is bold still says the same thing
    it see the label is much different it's much simpler
    HTML lies in comparison so dads the label as h
    and adds Boulder around
    the actual value see can see how much simpler dares
    mark applies is no Dave wrapping everything it's just much simpler
    see you can then of course use your CSS in your stash
    your style sheets to go ahead and Dean this however you want to go ahead and
    try a couple other ones here
    we're going to the
    test texting select different one could use a paragraph format
    which that's order and chai paragraph format agency there's a whole bunch of
    options and I'll show you how you can change these options or add to this list
    as well
    here in a second so come back in
    be specialists
    this is wrapped in a paragraph tag
    the labels in h3 this is wrapped in a paragraph tag and
    it's pretty much simple as it gets you can go ahead
    any field then you can of course configure it however you want
    making it extremely easy to change
    the markup for this specific field
    and that of course keep saying simpler simply means
    and the page into lower a little bit faster because you don't have as much
    your CSS is going to be applied a little faster doesn't have as much mark up to
    parse through
    just overall if you can use less mark-up there's no reason not to do it it just
    makes things a little bit better
    cell how can we
    modified this let's say you we wanted to modify this template for this paragraph
    well would happen to the module and it comes with a whole bunch of templates
    I'm gonna go ahead and open this up
    and as you can see I'm in this defenses module here
    has a bunch of files but there's a folder called templates
    inside this there's all these
    different templates that you can use so it
    for instance we can go ahead and open up this paragraph template
    that wasn't here
    and you can see here is the
    the template for this paragraph if I wanted to change
    this template across my entire site all I need to do is
    make a copy this template bring it into my life team
    and put it either in my top-level my theme directory or themes templates
    save it I can then modify this and all I need to do to get it to
    take effect is of course clear the cache in Drupal so it's really pretty easy
    can also see if your know that a PHP it says
    if the element is in line use a span
    if it's not if it's above using h
    so that of course means that if we want this
    label to be in line centered in no answer to making an h
    and come up
    to are content-type:
    and go to manage display
    and change the label these to in line
    save this come back
    you notice now that they are in line
    you think you're gonna have to have course do at all CSS to make this look
    the way he wanted to
    it's not going to maybe be as nice initially
    right out of the box but it does cut down the markup and allows you
    to control how the end output looks
    and doesn't leave it all up to the structure %uh the HTML itself
    cell that's pretty much it for the fences Nigel
    one last thing our cover before I quit is if you're on the bottom
    it allows you or tell you how you can define your own
    your own templates
    so let's say you want to add your own template to this template lest
    say you wanted to add a template
    you basically need to follow this format
    down here you build a template you place the template
    file in your theme and you use this naming convention
    use field dash dash fences dash name up element
    you can also use field dash dash fences dash name
    element dash Mar multiple in that just because
    some elements need to look differently if they have multiple values so few
    field has
    here two or three values maybe it's you can select multiple checkboxes or
    something for your field
    you gonna want that probably have a little bit extra markup around it
    than just a single selection saying go ahead and try to add your own elements
    and once you add this clear the cache they should show up in that list
    sets are gonna go over today as always
    you can let me know if you have any questions or follow me on twitter if
    you're not already
    and chai this module out and see if it helps you cut down on all that extra
    thanks for watching the day dosage ruble will be back next time *** *** Fence Template for HO scale TrainMaster Kit #3 - YouTube !!!
    building the fence is fairly straightforward using the template
    the first step after you've weathered in stain the wood
    is to take your to buy six cross pieces
    and take them onto the template along these two
    solid horizontal lines do by sixes can be as long or as short as you want
    pending on how big you want your friends to be I have two short pieces here just
    to illustrate how to use it
    after they take down you want to use these vertical lines to align your posts
    and taken to have a blue put it onto the two by six horizontal boards
    right next to the vertical line and set your six by six post down into the glue
    important thing here is to make sure that the top edge the post is
    even with this dash line here coming up
    show your second post go here again put to drop some glue
    said the post down into the glue and make sure the top edges along that
    dashed line
    once you have all your posts in place layaway to cross them to hold it flat
    and firm allow that to dry overnight
    the next day then peel up the take to remove the structure ditching bill
    and I will look something like this: of course without the
    sense boards put on but sure you Berkel posts going to the horizontal beams
    you want to turn over on the other side
    in begin glowing on the individual fence boards
    these have already been whether in stain do however you want to do it
    yeah and you want to do them on so that the top edge
    is right along where this dash line would be so you got a nice straight edge
    across the top
    you'll notice that the vertical
    below the level of the fence
    that's so you can drill holes into your layout
    and drops in glue in in and set the sense
    outpost down into the holes make sure that your sense
    is ver call Bray said and allow it to dry overnight
    and then your chances ready to go you can put any sign a g
    or any other whether you like to do and again you can make it as long or as
    short as you want
    you can even make it to pieces and join them at an angle if you'd like to
    the template Mason easy to do whatever configuration you want to use on your
    lap *** *** DIY Fence Making from dead trees - YouTube !!! *** ***