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-Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) lobsters making tutorial ... - Fishes etc. Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) lobsters making tutorial how to make

Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) lobsters making tutorial how to make

    -Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) lobsters making tutorial ... - Fishes etc.

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    Super Cute Easter Cake! - YouTube !!!
    a fraction things today we're going to be making that adorable
    keeps Easter cake so what you need
    is to around case like me your age
    unit some coconut
    and I don't think green just by putting a little bit color and shape and it
    worked perfectly nice little grass
    you need it some cream cheese frosting with a carrot cake
    if you want you can do anything to really bad and cheese
    and then some cream dying to mix and
    and announced that great little K
    and completes and I have just
    three different colors around the unfinished
    Minister we're just gonna put the rounder one on the bottom
    look at just that spirit
    is can you send it and now
    go ahead empress green dying here
    making so that you want shows through
    with her unlike underneath
    coconut so I just a little bit
    this Joe Swickard just mix in it together beautiful spring collection K
    now it's ready
    who's gonna put it middle here she's the inside layer to keep the kids together
    so just come back to him now
    pocket I
    perfect iran says the band's name and I am putting
    actually I think it would be better to put the flat side
    right here grant that
    K and now I'm going to do you
    one where frosting and the company and doesn't have to look perfect
    because it's gonna be complete lines it's sticky note on the house
    who helped me out and just alright
    green coconut
    completely covering tired
    would have to add a little bit more I'm want to get her
    just me inches we have been
    now we're gonna cross the outside edge
    certainly K get
    we can wipe off the outside at hand to we can start on it which is
    still not
    no worries
    Matt don't changed
    got over
    feels permanent
    rotate other different colors
    it sticks very nicely I like that
    p.m. alright nah
    actually i watch you around the edges p
    a little bit a picture into saint make sure and cover up
    any little cake area that is showing with the remaining
    now that it's got something to hold it up company K
    clusters no
    by County just happy
    menominee Scott
    not scorched
    was recruited
    kid yeah ok
    they didn't do it again
    so that use really really easy and adorable it's just like
    windows keeps people go how no
    even know how hard it is is breathtaking the other colors and
    the textures and using it
    beautiful so I don't like this video please comment and subscribe and
    government does it up
    and check out already other decoration
    ideas for districts the *** ***

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