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Cake tutorials

-Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) crabs making tutorial ... - Fishes etc. Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) crabs making tutorial how to make

Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) crabs making tutorial how to make

    -Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) crabs making tutorial ... - Fishes etc.

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    Marbled Fondant Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    communities to that spot in style I'll be teaching you how to make these marble
    London to take forceful I'm securing a little bored into a nine-inch boards but
    three inches in diameter cutting into freezer and in studying on my bottom
    tier 6 inch cake securing it to my board in filling in some butter cream frosting
    plan that out and pop up on your next their cakes I'm used to
    escapes them
    both in half and inspect all fully is on top of each other take a pretty tall
    cake you spectacular to clean up the edges and then I'll play a crime close
    so at the very top spread out to the signs and then put a thin coating of
    butter cream on the outside be cake as well chappie niniek runs normally
    vacations going on a fun don't usually just for the stability of the cases the
    bit taller than usual output accounted for that one sentence in the fridge for
    about ten minute do the same for youth orange cake
    a bit of a crime coast clear at the top and then said that in the phrase there
    as well for
    minutes in the meantime we'll take out our educate and create
    the final year for staying so adding a healthy amount of the top springing up
    to the signs and creating a pretty healthy way on the outside and I will be
    removing myself this anyway without bench scraper it's not so bad
    scraper slowly make sure it's nice and smooth and all the edges are even and
    then taking yours that Schuler just to create those sharp edges of that back to
    freeze and exact same thing for your French make my case Tuesday in the
    freezer for more than about
    to 15 minutes into the freezer as well in the
    meantime we'll start on our funders focus and turquoise and yellow kind of
    twisting it and then folding in on itself creating a bit of a death in then
    ruling it out to about a quarter of an inch in thickness if you can use and
    cornstarch or some vegetable shortening to make sure does stick to counter as
    becomes the new thing you'll find low air pockets showing up to seize little
    pain going sideways and present here a couple more times and then have a look
    on the other side cause sometimes the patents look pretty on the other side
    pocket of your cake make sure that the top is the kill the top edge and then to
    your place fun to take the folds kind of spread them and then presses down
    against the funding onto cake baking sheet and shopping and Anita funding
    internet process all the way down to the bottom of the cake and then use them
    find its way there's two firstly Smith at the top and then coincides with cake
    as well
    chilly here to go around the base of the cake to remove all the excess funding
    was literally two things but the
    me this picked up it fixed up any of those rough looking at
    into the freezer again for about
    minutes just broken handle it later
    shape got to a full-color pages here
    dictate them together and then I'm coming along so that I have a thin strip
    and then with the strength side facing down to the Cape Horn sticky tape that
    the back make sure it's nice and tight against the cake Democrat Michael pains
    here got some champagne gold by creative cake decorating hiding in a little bit
    about come if you don't want to use but you can also use rose water or in a way
    lemon extract and then brushing it unto my cakey you see the takes you there my
    pain was pretty thick
    this is a really beautiful paint around the whole cake twice making a double
    layer pts picture it's nice and opaque and their movements you happy if you get
    any sports hero blotches there aren't covered just going again with you
    Russian the paint and adding very thick strolls three of them in a dime in a
    triangle formation and that's going to be there to support the weight of al's
    second tier of using a special just as much a cake from the cake board in the
    center and then gently removing the statue and because it was frozen we can
    touch it and lick a cattle sometimes we can lift from the bottom I'm using that
    should suppress it back down and clean up and then paint in on both sides again
    and you pretty much done at some flowers ok baby have mine
    make a very easy to UTM marble cake I think this is a very good allocate cake
    low maintenance in the sense that it's very easy to do when she mumbled funding
    but over the cake me to paint a little border on the bottom and you sleep so
    very easy one to make and that's it thanks to jeanne and I hope you enjoy
    this really simple cake tutorial very
    trending kind of style is called Mobile things really coming yes I will catch
    you again on a date if you like little cake topper I got here and saw that on
    my website tracy's desserts *** *** Back to School Pencil Cake with Easy to make Girl Cake Topper - Torta a forma di matita - YouTube !!! Italian Italian
    Ciao Dolcezze
    Benvenuti su Francesca Sugar Art
    Oggi faremo una torta a forma di matitona matita su una base di rotolo con un cake topper facile da fare.
    Prima di tutto andiamo a coprire il rotolo con della buonissima nutella e l'andiamo a mettere in frigorifero per almeno un'ora.
    Tagliamo quattro strisce di blu chiaro e blu un po più scuro di pasta di zucchero e copriamo il rotolo
    togliendo gli eccessi.
    Per fare la punta della matita, copriamo il guscio di un cono con della pasta modellabile color avorio
    e in un lato uso un beccuccio per creare questa specie di merletto.
    Per la gomma sto utilizzando un po di pasta modellabile fucsia che incollo con della nutella
    quindi aggiungo un po' di pasta modellabile grigio e faccio qualche linea con l'aiuto di un righello in modo che le linee sono più diritte possibile
    e poi ci aggiungiamo alcuni puntini
    Questa parte grigia la vogliamo fare diventare argento
    quindi copriamo il resto della torta e spruzziamo uno spray argento commestibile.
    Ora che la torta è fatta cominciamo facendo la ragazza/bambina
    Per fare i pantaloni, modelliamo a forma di salsiccia della pasta di zucchero rosa, pieghiamo a metà e la posizioniamo nel mezzo della torta.
    Poi, creiamo le linee delle cuciture con un attrezzino con rotella
    Per fare le scarpe modellare due ovali marroni e li attacchiamo sotto i pantaloni
    Per la parte superiore, formare un cono con la pasta modellabile di color lillà
    Per le maniche avrete bisogno di due salsicce sottili
    Taglia una A o una qualsiasi lettera che desideri e con l'aiuto di alcuni bastoncini da cocktail, inserirla all'interno della torta.
    Forme a goccia del modello e premere per appiattire leggermente.
    Inserire un bastone di legno nel collo della bambina
    e coprire poco un po 'con pasta modellabile color carne per fare il collo.
    Per fare la testa prendere della pasta modellabile color carne e dargli una forma rotonda
    Incidere la bocca
    Fare un piccolo naso.
    Aggiungere due piccoli ovali per gli occhi e piccolissimi pezzetti di pasta di zucchero per il punto luce.
    Coprire la testa con la pasta modellabile marrone e tagliare un po i lati
    Creare due gocce in pasta di zucchero marrone per le codine.
    Inserire dei pezzettini di spaghetti per non farli cadere
    Aggiungere i nastrini
    con un pennarello di color marrone edibile disegnare le sopracciglia, le ciglia
    Spennellare un po 'di colore rosa cipria sulle guance
    Aggiungi due ovali per le orecchie
    Se volete aggiungete altri pezzettini di pasta di zucchero marrone per aggiungere altri capelli
    Spero che abbiate trovato questo video utile
    se è così, non dimenticate di spolliciare e di iscrivervi al mio channeI.
    Vi auguro una dolce giornata. *** *** Shabby chic Gold Leaf Cake Tutorial - YouTube !!!
    hey guys want Reeses desserts but instead really teaching you how to make
    this personal reason gold leaf cake with buttercream on the board to attach my
    six-inch made cake now playing some vanilla buttercream on the top of this
    cake just spreading out to the site

    and applying my second layer cake he refused to succeed cakes both cut in
    half so have full days in total and just continuing this tips the whole cake the
    very last day is the bottom of the Cape Verde turned upside down to make sure
    that others fight now just creating a crime coach that contribute Gainey
    clumsy begins the cape and make until finally a frosting adding that to the
    pushing it at two sides and then adding a whole bunch of frosting to side of
    cake as well try being unique and removing the excess lending at the top
    and then popping into the freezer for about
    minutes that are going to play
    their first innings this could be a very generous Leah then I'm gonna be removing
    most of it anyways so right at the top and have two sides as well feel in any
    spaces making sure you get it need to even as possible and then go to the
    bench scraper and scrape off all the excess no keep going around the cake
    happen to get happy with the smoothness of the cake you can see it's reduce a
    lot then take your spatula and just bring that extra extra thrust into the
    center of the cake and cupcake board up that into the fridge for about

    minutes in the meantime up in my fun decorations are got some rose gold here
    putting in some rare and London and just popping those that you might need to use
    in constant touch make sure it stays in there have a light turquoise colored
    funded and his ruling it out with my looking rolling pin roll it out to about

    millimeters in thickness to three millimeters and keep rotating EU funded
    as you roll to make sure and secure counter

    right thickness drape it over a cake secured the top and the very edges and
    then to stick your phone into the cake just flat out those file and press on to
    the cake in a downward motion picture company and then take your fund smooth
    and smooth the edges and the top as well as creating some sharp edges by rotating
    my finance meters up against each other really tight way to kind of pinch that
    fun didn't convince me that all off once you're happy with the sharpness of the
    jurors Timothy excess of the bottom is raised decorate their taken from gold
    leaf p.m. just copy it onto the cake you can use your finger or you could always
    just kind of go straight on with the packaging just secure a fun that way
    about this coalition eBay that I have you eaten it many times and still live
    at home this is it useful to have it is actually not to meddle in public on your
    little roses now top those onto your funnel cake you could apply them with
    little bit of water is not seeking mike has just a little bit of moisture on it
    seeking really nicely
    now to make the leaf tip of a regular piping bag alternative in half cutting
    at an angle so we have like an inward triangle kind of slipped and that wipes
    out little leaf shaped trusting you can see here only a little rose
    gold-colored London with some American gel food coloring gold and put that into
    your your old and cut off the exit and then turned upside down and his press
    out your pills kind of spreading back the boulders you go as far as solicitor
    attention onto cake with a little bit of water there in with some gold paint
    hearsay metallic gold by rainbow dust and that's where I colored my funding
    pearls gold ensure that way it covers a lot easier and just needed a sway
    compared to fewer to paint on white funded and your dad
    a pastoral cake decorated with gold leaf is a actually very easy cake to me it
    looks really affected I can't really place the drudgery I wanted to say I
    like a vintage cake but not quite meet each gonna go with pestle or cake and
    this is featuring my little forever starts here top on a quick thank you to
    stampede the amazing graphic designer who put this law designed to life among
    others but I have featured in this video in featured video games if you would
    like to purchase the talk will have a link for you in the Description box
    though this video and watching from your computer click on the top right now and
    I'll take you straight to the website think that's what we hope you enjoy this
    really easy tutorial and I'll catch you next time *** *** Mickey Mouse Figurine Cake Topper Tutorial - How To - YouTube !!!
    hello I'm gonna show you how to make and Mickey Mouse figurine
    on income peace ok
    the Big Green and making in this tutorial is about
    and here in his picture he's sitting honestok from block with
    okay some say off with the black fun and rolled into a ball
    and this is gonna be his head and then apply compete ami kintu
    into the circle cutter to make it too thin cuz you need to put
    a toothpick in afterwards can crack it was too thin
    set them aside to let them try
    the rule
    thin piece a fun in for his face I'm using
    built-ins koppel a skin tone for the color capital with a circle cutter that
    slightly smaller than the ball
    black funny
    and is a little smart air bombardments him quickly puppet with the pen
    at the top of the circle
    a smart then tell for his and Guyana
    and what color his hair hine and then place in the center this heading clue it
    throughout this video I'm using water as flu ok
    okay so now I'm gonna make the snout
    the spread is can the tricky and hard to explain but I'll try my best to you
    to start over the compass peach pond in immediate and were made
    with your hand to make a pliable there slowly stretch it to the shape of his
    cheeks and
    count to make a slightly bigger than it should look on his face
    cuz still need more material on the side to pack in infielder fights leader
    to create this product which is owed alice marble off on the behind the
    pressed down a rounded so she peed and concealing a top I talking down the
    then we do the same with the to cheeks with that much smaller Paul
    a fun
    museum alling steak and palette knife to shape it
    attach it to the head any shipping gertha all those tight around
    to seal in combining add water and feel the two parts together
    after its done this piece a punishing look smaller and more proportional to
    the head now
    check around the site to see that field
    you can't eat on them balls inside in
    with an exacto knife and cutting out where his smile
    be so you're removing on it out initial look like us they support
    don't care too much I want is fair to remove little by little
    them to cut out a lot ones that have been told to put it back if you move too
    then I'm using my fingers to smooth out the lines
    in I'm also been living a better funding for miss cheney
    cousins too bulky
    personal looks a bit too big so I removing more funding
    with a small piece of black finding cut into the shape of the smile
    and at a small piece %uh red fondant on top for his tongue
    and sorry I did this off-camera without realizing it
    numb the flip it over so I can cut the tongue
    fun and to fuck
    lose out on then use a piece kinda funny roll into string
    include around the map in
    with the palette knife
    press down into the smile line to make sure to strengthen cover it
    now I'm having a bit of water on both sides in the smile and the public the
    and with the mauling stake I'm smoothing the string and piece together so looks
    more like mickey in the pictures
    I'm using a small oval plunger and it's not big enough so I'm willing the way
    find it not too thin
    after I cut them out I pressed down my finger to make a larger
    more proportional to the state could a tiny bit of
    at the bottom so sits nicely onto the stamps in
    ok intrumental is a great shape or size for size
    then at his nose
    with a knife had to smile packet
    que no I'm adding that year's
    he should be trying okay to work with right now commit tiny bit of the bottom
    says more surface area to glue onto a tad
    stick a toothpick into the head and then search that year onto the toothpick
    if you're sure where to put the toothpick
    you can place it near their first the March where the center of the era is
    and then that's where the toothpick should go Mike
    and right now I'm making the people and I'm doing the same thing I did to me
    PI's I'm using a smaller oval tanker in
    if you don't have the oval plunger you can roll fun in
    Paul and pressed
    down your finger
    are rolling
    with a palette knife and Malling think I try to smooth the face to give it up
    any marks in ok
    and for the body roll out black n red fondant cut them with a knife and
    combine them together
    only determined at the bottom it makes it easy to securely onto the cake
    I'm also making to Denmark's for the like
    and then to own rules for the panic button
    well I think peace right on in and cut it with a circle cutter
    then roll up like fun in the same thickness and this will be his like
    below you'll find it for the shoes set this aside and let it dry for at least
    two hours
    baby for putting everything together gonna make the hands
    for the hands for a low white fondant and make sure it's playable
    so needy and warm in with your hands first can add to circles
    in with a knife kind of both I love the circles think at the lines for the
    schrum after signs of the fingers if it looks too wide
    the term after corners at the tips of the fingers
    and surrounding them by pinching them gently
    the rule to streets a fine in one way and when yellow
    they'll be going around the shoes and hands now they have all my pieces and
    put the cream together
    have some black funny ready for that arms to have the body sitting on the
    cake or Styrofoam
    cat that barbecue school were and how they're going through the body
    in at least three quarter up the head and some other and the bottom steak au
    free to put it into a star from or the cake in
    and the last thing you need to make are the arm so
    from to pieces a plan fun and for the times
    attach the yellow strain in the way string around the hands and the shoes
    and lastly and two white dots as a corner these people
    I'm using white color gel you can use for icing
    or fondant then add three black lines on his hands
    am using edible marker and now the figure is finished
    ok thanks so much for watching hope you enjoy this tutorial
    and don't forget to suscribe *** *** Ballerina Cake Topper, out of fondant (How to) - YouTube !!!
    do the do
    with dreams

    the Lord
    he's in the flesh move modine both we hadn't
    created your we humour
    part we're going to make Ford
    n over here it going where we going to make the opening day
    know that clinton thing to do to peak inside the motrin pain
    keep controlling to make if the name of
    then would even pay the moon dictated to they

    for n ronay with their poems
    of mine of
    with you thinking we're going to great the ballerinas on call
    but def page do it by the pool if they did they look nice it doesn't matter
    because we're going to probably with pink fondant
    which is going to be at the bowling green issues now we're going to be made
    to the ballerina
    past race think it simply
    leaf if
    to create all me we're going to make a v-shape
    while down rounding with the finger see it there
    anything can feel then they could he said the sharing
    this is because and speak to make civil Fortinet because the phone did
    it was getting too dry
    know you're going to said the like
    into the den me
    to make it here we're going to press deploying

    the third a nifty up so you get this
    round shape which is obviously here
    when you happy with this capable Lake
    we can leave it to dry at least for a night of
    we're going to Waltham think phone didn't of
    end we're going to cart ok with the same
    then cut to the two lines
    every move the phone didn't in between
    then left the food with it
    removing any fall
    to make anything we have going to cart
    they things troops hoping opponent all wrapped up
    are important
    no we're going to look at attended quiet so
    growth over pink phone dent
    only going to make some
    leave it to dry overnight and if you need it
    selma parchment data as well
    of won't add any issues that dry
    will set then to the K or
    in my call into a domain
    to make the body we're going to need a bullish phone dent
    and wallet to make a call
    me thing I did topic then all say
    the mall
    we're going to press a distant is well to make the

    and shape that to make this talk will depend in Reno
    with going to Waltham pink phone didn't
    all cut all along rectangle
    now cut out to at a young girl
    and form this kind of shape which is going to be
    to topple their now put it on the body
    cat to any
    we're going to spur the arms with the Y of
    then we're going to you making a boner over
    pink fondant and were gonna put
    on top often like this will need to support
    the ballerina scared

    insect another tooth
    peak and then the body
    no we're going to make the homies hey with many years
    I'm normal ball over place phone didn't
    of any don't with the help of the press
    we're going to create a gap up the eyes think that would be fucking guests
    ended with a ball to create the I hold off
    use it he conceded knows
    is starting to form totally shape but we're going to create did mister the
    sourpuss NY lift up
    engraved in my mouth in Kiev a proper shape
    make the whole month of dinos
    jodie I is
    more than make and remove the extra part
    in more than
    ended take from a friend schooner to modeling pastes greatest so
    created based that will be are more the bully renown
    engraver line ended Nov
    put behind
    of posted keep of the hand
    to create this kind of shape couldn't victory and go
    think so
    around the field is
    in place that I'm deciding that this he shouldn't DT like
    add two shapes
    to make this up suggests and
    to hide Alliance above the shoulders
    act love soft pink liters from the body
    n on this carrot so it will look really really nice
    for them why to almost in hi who is
    ended just then with any shaping good
    at Brown modeling based food
    irises in the black ones for the people
    make some very very small black modeling pays
    sausages for the
    served ice
    but more pieces for the INS's
    of free
    on this site n
    with the pink edible death powder make the bill that's above the key
    painterly upset with them great food spray
    now we can please go ahead on the body
    to make the head get a brown hoodie limp eighth
    pristine around
    is Pekin went ahead with some a table column
    does some lines to create the heart
    would flow line so brown modeling place
    comedic eyebrows perhaps a small run phone call
    the modelling paste of and create
    some flounces they see
    on the head with a toothache make a brown leading bass boat in place it
    on the head to swell wrap-around
    just take customer brown modeling peso said
    n wat until it dries
    me you blew it on the head make the ears with a smaller pool of nation-building
    pasting be the disable the job
    pressing angrily on the head
    noob sleep through the other could as well *** *** Fondant cake decorating - how to make a baby girl christening shoe topper - YouTube !!!
    roll out some fun dont or a gumpaste
    and cut out this still abuse you and make sure that you turn
    your template around so that you get
    both feet very important that if you're using font aren't
    make sure and I say this to all my shoe tutorials
    to let it dry for at least
    to 15 minutes
    air dry and it helps really work with your fun time because it comes that card
    a little bit
    I'm for the gumpaste are you kinda have to work quickly
    because the campaign is really hard and fast fast so you do not want
    your a Keith to break obviously
    so once you cut your so you're ready to cut your number two piece
    and this is basically the back to PSU
    and then what you're going to do if you're going to use
    some kind of a tool like this or even mom they have this kind
    and see this right here this ruling thing
    what this will do is create a stitching
    that fact just like that so you have to do this
    only around europe Heath and once you have this
    you're going to take once so and clean brass
    and from water because the water with
    fun dont or gumpaste create glue
    you can also use edible glue but for this project it's not really necessary
    because it works water works just fine so you're going to
    apply a little bit as water
    at the bottom as here peace
    and you're going to clue that s
    to your cell and don't be scared
    molded happily and
    this wealth dick very nicely
    then you can molded just before its
    shies up NC
    this is what I mean by let it air dry for
    minutes look how
    really nyse:dis holds you don't have to put
    anything to hold it hold on is also once you've got your number three piece
    you're ready to attach it
    to your entire shoe this flat part great here
    will be the top part and then this round part
    you're going to attach it to different have the
    shoe so again a little bit of water
    other way around right here in a little bit
    here and their not at the top
    and you're just going to
    attached as like cell
    and again don't be scared molded
    if fingers in this is very important that you do the franchise cuz then it's
    too late
    can't do this part
    think its
    and take a number for peace and you're going to do the same thing all year
    round you gonna use diff ditching
    took and again you're going to
    put a little bit of water to clue
    and you're just going to put here's strapped
    lakes so
    and you're going to just same thing
    with the other one

    that now that you let your piece
    dry you're ready to put some luster dust on it to create and nice
    sheen to it and blessed us come
    in a little package like that and basically what it is
    is powder and this can be applied
    two different ways it can be at play as dry as
    death and basically you're just going to take
    and clean brass and it bit into your
    powder and just have
    brush it over it and this will create
    nice assigned to it poor if you want and Macy
    glossy effect you can miss mix
    this with either thought care or some

    extract also don't worry about
    the fact that you're mixing this would vote cut because if not care
    will not stay on your pieced alcohol
    evaporates so you're just going to take
    your trash and you're going to
    put them lester tasked all over your shoe
    bad depending on the color that you're doing less to death comes in different
    me I'm doing a white pearl right now but you can do :p think you can do yellow
    you can do any colored you want so the next step would be to create these
    little flowers rate here
    so you're going to rule out
    a piece as fun torrent or gumpaste
    and then we get it to you is that you can and squeeze it
    a little bit so it you'll get something like that and then using
    AP pointy tool you're just going to create
    a little crease in a meadow and then
    you're going to take your clean brass
    and apply a little bit %uh water
    and the Middle and you're going to
    take pearl Angeles
    press it down from here
    you're going to but a little bit of water
    our way around and you're going to a clue
    fixed beats
    pearls other way around and this
    will create your nice
    like this
    and then from here you
    either concurred a little bit a edible view
    the reason why I am using edible glue
    it's just because its a little bit heavy
    for your peace
    putting it on each side had already created
    to rehear and you're just going to left
    Bengaluru and same thing on the essay
    to create your cross
    by doing a hero up for
    secular prose and
    to wanna each side
    on the second row
    make sure that it's Alliant mens shapes
    so once you finish your class you can leave it the way it is
    or you can just add a little bit more details
    so what they did is dead I a play a little bit of water
    and the top both this you
    right here and then what a day is that
    I am just going out to plays
    meanie little pearls on the top and I'm gonna do so
    other way around and this what
    aight will do is that it will create is little
    cute a fact and this is it
    so I really hope your injury this video *** ***

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