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-Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) prawns making tutorial ... - Fishes etc. Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) prawns making tutorial how to make

Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) prawns making tutorial how to make

    -Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) prawns making tutorial ... - Fishes etc.

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    How to make Sailor Moon Cake - Pinch of Luck - YouTube !!! English English
    Hey guys! It's Jana! And welcome to Pinch of Luck!
    It is so exciting that Sailor Moon is getting popular again!
    I had a request to make this cake so this is what I came up with.
    All of the ingredients and tools we will use today will be down in the description below.
    So Let's Get Lucky!
    I've premade my cake, I just used a little Funfetti,
    since all of Sailor Moon's characters are different colors, I thought we would represent each
    one of them with our little sprinkles inside!
    So we could just set this aside for now.
    I can't wait to try this technique all you need to do is find a little coloring sheet that you like
    and we are going to make a buttercream transfer.
    I'm going to take my cookie sheet and tape down the coloring sheet that I found.
    I will also you put a link down below where you can print this out for yourself.
    We will also need a piece of wax paper.
    I do want this to be the exact same size as my cake,
    so with like your coloring sheet, if there's little cut off or anything like that
    you know how much further you need to just kind of create that line.
    Tape your wax paper down also.
    I've already mixed up all of my colors that I need.
    I used this buttercream icing, this one is really yummy, I really like it!
    I have made skin tone with a little bit of copper, yellow with some yellow and gold,
    blue, red, black and I just left some plain white.
    This is going to be so much fun and so easy and so exciting to see!
    So first you want to take your black and do all the outlining.
    I'm using a #3 for the thicker lines and then then I will switch it out to a #
    I got all the black done, so now we just need to fill in the color
    Are my bangs okay?
    Oh boy!
    So let's see what color should we do first? Let's do our white!
    I have a #5 on the white. So we can fill in all those areas
    and don't worry about covering up the black because it's on the bottom and that is going to show on the top.
    Whites all done!
    Alright guys just keep on grabbing your colors and filling it in.
    So you want to pounce your pan a little bit get out any air bubbles under there that you can
    so all of your colors are flush with the wax paper.
    So I'm going to throw this in the freezer for probably actually about an hour,
    because I want to make sure that it freezes up a little bit
    so they all stick together when we take the wax paper off and transfer it to our cake.
    So I'm just going to go relax for a while, maybe go watch Sailor Moon.
    Got her out of the freezer!
    So we're going to take our cake and we're just going to just place it on my little platter here.
    I just have some cardboard with some foil on it, pretty simple!
    We're going to cut it down and flatten it out so that when we do lay her on there
    she doesn't crack and distort and look all funky.
    So let's just cut this baby down!
    Now we're just going to ice it with some white icing.
    I grabbed some star cookie cutters and I have my icing all still backed up here
    so I want to put a few stars in the background before we put her on the cake.
    So just place your star wherever you want, just squish it down in there a little bit.
    Just to get the outline and pipe it in.
    Just put as many stars as you want.
    Okaycso now we get to take the wax paper off,
    and magically flip it over without breaking it, let's do that!
    Oh wow!
    Okay so we want to push her in just a little bit make sure she's going to stick to the cake.
    That is awesome! Hopefuly it will peel up good!
    You want to peel up very slowly, make sure she comes up
    and if there's a spot that sticks just squish it back down in there.
    Wow that is so awesome!
    We just need to do a little touch up so let me grab my black here.
    So awesome, I love it! Everything looks pretty good!
    Okay, now that that part’s done we can add in a few more stars just a little bit behind her.
    Do one right here.
    Another big one up here? Sure, why not!
    Cool! Now I think I will just switch out my tip and clean up the edges with a beautiful icing.
    I just threw on a #
    just to give it that star effect.
    Just going to take your icing and squeeze it down and pop out.
    Please be enough, oh boy!
    Wow, I just made it!
    Well just goes to show, if you believe in yourself nothing can stop you!
    Thanks Sailor Moon!
    Wow, this technique was so fun and easy!
    I love it!
    I am Sailor Moon, champion of justice!
    I think we got Lucky! (Ding)
    Wow! This came out so cute guys! How fun is that?
    And you can use any drawing that you want, that's like the coolest part! What an awesome technique!
    So if you make this send me a picture, I'll put it on the website!
    And let me know what you guys want to see next, I’m always looking for fun new ideas!
    And as always if you loved it, like it, subscribe to it and share it!
    Thanks guys! (kiss) *** *** Bat and Moon Cake- Cake Decorating - YouTube !!! Add subtitles/CC
    hi I'm less than with your
    profiting fat intake Green Bay today baby in her Halloween theory
    already started one that's really care lol
    but looks great we're gonna do it
    that cake soubry yesterday
    punctured get the right proportions arc & IMO
    about farmland so I'm taking my can and
    making a circus I know it's Jackie
    west side I'm working with now
    I want to sketch out my back here so that before actually make it can email
    I have it and the right side now if you're not good with freehand
    just google bad images and
    find a doubt that you really like and just trace it
    got my partner with I know cannot endure till you drop a line technique
    or a market for here more
    she hath squeezing and missile and actually don't really even have to
    squeeze mucho
    just let the line dropped this is really the best way to get a nice thick
    mine now I just want to come back n
    and started Phil and I don't feeling completely
    because that would be way too thick min
    you know on Lee's and just lightly and spread
    my back here so continue notice feel around
    and inserted hand
    learn about likeness welcome back in very delicately with your palette knife
    and Smith now remember this is another reason why it needs to be
    mormon have to be able to spread when we post of
    actually used opposite side this
    so it'll look a lot flatter gonna utilized that
    south side
    this now go ahead I my lawn tractor
    minutes for put it in the fridge for
    five to
    minutes hot here decided that one command
    and make myself a couple little bad I'm just gonna
    freehand whose him that may happen to use it from around the cake
    after it done so
    assert your registered a translation Phil
    he could be a double layer for a tenner anybody what
    but I find it funny after a tram
    now we're going to use the fact that you see me do a lot cocaine
    just got my yeah Cutler and
    note it you could even use it cutler if you want the company gives me a little
    more control
    and any use in blue welcome Joe
    and some purple job so you can you pay
    colors you can even use Wed if you've mixed in with your
    I think a little bit and I'm just going to take a
    so my
    her Paul I want to be pretty intense got on the edge of my spank him just don't
    like it
    right now but I at my back
    can see how much for color can't
    rockefeller threatened sure like you special imagery and then take you people
    you could do this with black and yellow or
    writing and performing in bloom however you want your mom to her
    and used her
    and just for like that right up the other side too per month i
    la mia and just go ahead and fill yeah
    make sure I think and this canyon white
    many the technique she yeah Tammy ball-handling
    you can start to screen you want
    make sure that both colors are coming out you can see that they're
    notice it
    K my back here and I will make owners to be on your side to just make sure your
    the right way there and is this
    been returned to the home and breakdown
    s fire all just right on top next time to take my vision i
    yes seen this and I wanted for ed
    mention it right in the middle that spiro and just start to spin
    and its gonna start to blend the colors together
    and give me the year in with her
    type of the SS
    and wipe your vision I'm see you don't end up with
    where muddied colors yeah they're just slightly
    I really like the way this is turning out so far so I am just gonna
    just chant Lee come back one more time
    chef to clean out my rough edges and then come around us
    I paying me at my age is there too you can hear
    to spiral collar and Herman
    me use my back again and just put on a number

    start yet use a color that I have in my bad
    and just going to put it a stretcher squeezing really see how the game either
    combinations of colors the city really cool with your own lot
    really nice stretch their next segment heat down
    so that I can worker top hears him better service
    and I thought I can not bad and he reach an agreement with it
    striptease in office bachelor Prince spirituality
    separate here are in a separate
    quite as the dry it entity that can
    plays that here mom I want to urge to stick
    of kinda cool no
    handle bad shape here little ones I one place
    hmm I these
    relax checkout time if you want it possible got
    just a couple of black culture and to you and this show
    overalls and just get race if you're around to the tailor
    just a little bit like stars so
    bath it after vacay really easy
    I hope you guys enjoy this one is fun to make and as you can see
    it is really simple beginners can do it and definitely great repros
    who need something quick you can find it here rotting on Facebook
    at DW doctor propping up one spot dot com
    I think embossed I'm sure your
    and mine Anne Hathaway is don't forget to subscribe to it always free
    and something new Accurist dot com
    look at my name lesson and the whole
    beginning cake decorating course 10 lessons
    for the earlier beginners goes from borders all the way through to five
    he already en route there I thank you
    do *** *** Button Moon - The Witch's Toast - YouTube !!!
    yahoo.com to talk to you go
    miss boom bah humbug
    to lo mein
    yeah to bottom
    return return
    business is booming
    loom missed his booze going for a ride in the spacious hello missus moon
    hello Tina mister spoon covers up a spaceship to keep it safe
    he hasn't got a garage to put it in mister spoon can't wait to take up any
    space ship to travel to button moon
    missus Boone and Tina are going to fish the telescope
    mister spoon takes his telescope to but moon
    to see what he can see on
    ready mister spoon

    to one class and
    you cover your ears the spaceship is blown down the fence
    missus boom will have two men did when she the
    on the on
    the new
    missing something exciting things on agenda today I'll be missed spoon
    are we getting closer to but no more
    Press amount
    mister spoons going to explore but moon
    the Sun comes cap did not
    spastic on few
    a people few
    yeah it's just a dole
    know that both review four inspection
    white but smile off your Facebook wall
    with the good allied
    school where is your label for love it came unstuck
    I love of God cool I'm small
    hope bet spread all while if you've gone lost or label small
    if you are going to have to find a dog who yet we caught up bottles running
    around without their labels
    notes for the rest a few lot you're all going to have to do more walking through

    know that by the right kirkum Moltzen
    few few
    bold I hope I can find my label
    becomes mister spoon perhaps he can help
    you find my label miss to spoon
    otherwise I'm gonna have to do more homework leaning
    can you find the label missed spoon ok thank you
    oh yes he's found my love is yours isn't it is mine
    well it was my hun no
    a vacuum cleaner come along please let you know
    well done mister spoon
    now I can go and join both love me
    oh you're a frame is dispute I won't have many more extra work
    by no vacuum cleaner
    would be more careful when you're cleaning you never know what you might
    pick up
    have a long back unisys is no need to sell
    missus food studies telescope let's all look so it's
    I wonder what we'll see good sick
    he set your clock no and belongs to a witch
    called a brew it you and this is where it all black hat
    call okay listen to hang it hmm
    she used to fly around on a broom but now she flies around on a vacuum cleaner
    are all say
    see I sad
    she has a pet dragon
    called fund a he used to crush around the house like fund
    but now he's a lazy bones Manlius snores like thunder
    home the cat is called
    lightning K all
    Yahoo all see him you have to be quick
    her brew is getting everyone's breakfast ready
    me in the cat has had his milk now
    it's time for the skipper all now you see the cat
    to keep sick is like I
    he help all like Dragon each school
    breakfast hotel him to breathe fire
    by go he such a lazy bones
    Bruce having toast and marmalade for breakfast me
    she's got her but have mole the molds marmalade
    it's made by her friend moldy moored
    will look as little brown spider
    he's subs marmalade but he leave sticky put marks all over Bruce spiderweb
    good rule has put the bread on the testing for
    yeah all she wants from the debris on a contestable have all
    come on lazy bones yeah
    the dragon doesn't want to quit Test Paul
    which he's going to do a spell
    she wants to magic some toast for breakfast
    no up here liking just not over the candlestick
    did you see him
    she's looking in her book have magic spells com
    sup all I
    Sep up I cool toads
    tombstones tough is

    I go we'll go
    I see surprise
    pop-up toaster she's never seen a pop-up toaster before

    dose is taking too long
    she's very hungry he saying another spell ho
    house yeah site
    i bowl have met public doses
    I just may have very angry
    she's gone back to bed
    somewhat enjoying the test
    under the dragon you thinking all of the text
    camp I
    did you enjoy this you can tell Tina all about the witch in the test
    time to go home get ready for the countdown
    bottoms vol
    the two there on last for sis
    the moon
    the new
    the I'm
    your mom
    the hands about
    almost I no No
    room done
    on how r yeah
    you diahann
    I am soon comments
    you *** *** First Moon Party - YouTube !!! English English
    First, Jenny got it.
    Then, stupid Vicki got it.
    And I tried everything to get my period.
    So, I faked it.
    Hm, looks like Florida.
    Yeah, I got it, it s so red.
    Cherry slush club!
    Blood sisters.
    They bought it.
    Hey Katie, what s this?
    What do you think it is? I m on my lady s days.
    What do I think it is? Rubylicious nail polish.
    But she doesn t need to know that.
    We have to celebrate.
    No we don t.
    Oh, it s family tradition.
    We re throwing you a First Moon Party.
    What the hell is a First Moon Party?
    Oh, it s one thing to lie to me, but to take that tone? It s on.
    Hi, do you make vagina cakes? Hello?
    Then, people started showing up at my house.
    Sweetheart, you re so grown up!
    My grandparents, my friends...
    This is so weird.
    My mom s friggin coworkers!
    There she is! I got you the super pack.
    These are coffee filters.
    Yeah, I wasn t sure what brand you liked. These kids...
    I just didn't expect my mom to be such a freak.
    Pin the pad on the period! Alright, step right up!
    Pin the pad on the period? Seriously?
    Do you know how hard it is to find a uterus pinata?
    I used to like marshmallows.
    Not anymore.
    This next one s for Katie, and the weirdest birthday party ever!
    Mic drop.
    Music: I m a queen bee come get it, no trippin , I got everything you need.
    And when things couldn t get worse...
    My dad showed up.
    What are you doing? You re missing the vagician.
    You need to stop this. No one is having fun.
    What are you taking about? This party is a hit.
    Your grandpa is bobbin for ovaries like a champ.
    I faked it.
    Well, maybe you should open this first.
    Period starter kit? Aren t you going to ground me for lying?
    Why do you think I threw you the First Moon Party?
    What'd she think, I wouldn't know?
    Periods don't have glitter in them.
    Sometimes you just gotta wait.

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    you are now watching a Lucky Penny shop product range
    hey it's Laura keep any shopping centre bring you a new
    Easy Bake Oven you probably thought other done with those but we're not
    remember I'm still missing that
    I have not found it yet
    if you want to hear me go through this whole talk right now they're looking at
    you will see a link to different time stamp single-rate to the baking or
    whatever you want to see
    but for those either wanna hear that stick with me here
    because this other itself we've done before but not the Disney Princess
    there's two or three a branded options that we have to show you
    but we can put him in the original series because I we're kinda waiting for
    some special stuff too and with them
    and we finally got it for this oven so that's what I'm gonna do let me turn the
    box around
    a nap to tell you what it is it's a surprise let's see
    it's all right here this one does it does have the warming trend a top but if
    you look at the picture here the Saban
    doesn't have any Disney Princess silence I'm not sure
    exactly where what
    the other will have on it that says Disney Princess now the other
    side in the oven they'll show it to you again
    here without any branding any stored on their see notice the princess and the
    so I'm not really sure but look at all the cool things like all these debates
    you can bake in the oven
    but I got a very special set which I'll show you after we take a look at the
    public so let's do that next
    alright I am back but is not the friendly up and you'll see it's really
    cool the way they did it
    I'm gonna show you the bacteria why not this is what I have to go through
    pretty much every other I get the first thing I do is I take the back off even
    if there is a light bulb in there
    I need to see what it is and make sure I have the right ball
    and then sometimes you find things in the heavens iPhone
    change in will utensils and
    piece is a bold baked products
    so it's all part of getting the oven ready think this video was gonna be
    a lot more than you bargained for today good I still have to clean this up and I
    want to be there for you to go see what I did there
    rights are now the back in the oven
    is open there's not much to the inside have an easy bake oven really
    this is held in by two screws in an
    couple screws for this piece let its appears work
    this looks like the right now there is a hundred up all been there so more than
    when a test for you right now ok be prepared
    gonna be bright not sure if you'll see it
    who has she will cooperate
    yes its gonna give off heat so it's a good ball
    now normally they don't have the right ball been there so I would
    switch it out I found these the other day their actual
    up involves for your Hansbrough Easy Bake Oven
    at sea was there your honor know here that I see let's take a look at one
    so looks very much
    like the ball that's in there now that this one's
    more of a white soft white normally you don't use a soft light ball
    if not a hundred what's left coming up
    all clear what are these new Bold
    tale explore that
    test it okay very nice
    so now you know the ball was good the inside the other looks clean
    so we're good there there's no extra debris really think we need to worry
    so put this back her now a little too
    when I come back also the front
    was gonna take up all the screws you know I'll be right back
    all right to the next step after a the ball one another like this is I always
    wipe it down
    and clean it there's little black scuff marks on it in this one has some
    stop on itself so tend to use this
    Greenworks at all just sprayed on that whole
    that give the whole thing being nice clean
    and this happens with every single oven usually inside and out if it needs and
    on the inside
    any parts need to be clean
    so let's see if that black
    if you can see that black scuff mark okay so that does not want to cum all
    killed kato's
    in the plastic just a little where some white stuff here
    so don't normally I would not spray right onto the D kill
    because that'll affect of greater Egg and then just give that the white down
    and I'll do the whole
    with says I'm a little princess on this side
    same on this side good
    alright so we're almost set
    now all the pieces for every other than we've ever done
    we put aid bad ever ready
    I could have taken up these are very clean
    but I will think that again before I start the video
    for this is what normally would come with other so what I would do as I would
    just set it up for your
    up and then but
    up and also the instruction book which I've gotta get
    alright so I've got a
    and then this is Ken like I would start to video
    sometimes a lay the stuff out like their
    in right there is when I come back
    after it's all been clean balls been checked
    and I start like this alright so we are back
    everything in the oven has been cleaned and prepped and ready
    to show you in the video so this is what it looks like
    in this is how I would continue through the process of the video
    so that's right here right now so this is all the stuff that came with this
    Ivan the to faking paint we don't need right now
    and are two utensils in Europe and pushers and all these peer pressures
    have it a row
    for the distance and where it's both stop
    to get into the upper part called
    the instruction booklet but let's take a closer look at the up in
    but this one hears the warming tray on top but to
    warming dishes up and as I pointed out earlier
    see I'm a little princess here and the
    I'm a little princess here and an look at the front
    so you have your Disney Princesses on the front which is pretty nice compared
    to what you saw the front of the box
    um it's nice to let me
    plug it in and it's a
    currency working great so now what I need to do next is shown with the mix
    pretty excited about their cause the time's right into this
    Disney Princess up and so what next alright well there it is
    this is what I was so excited about I only get this set
    that matches perfectly with our Disney Princess often it is the decorating
    winds at and it comes with this special wind watch
    that lights up to make sounds and then the two fairies
    and their dresses are bill with sprinkles just like the one
    there's the spatula in a special cake pain that makes a star-shaped
    so that's what I'm gonna actually make today a star shaped cake
    and then here's some more information and everything that comes in the box
    but I did you know I was actually just take this set out let's take a look at
    and we'll get started okay so here's everything that comes in the one set to
    get the SPECIAL a look at this guide stars on the handle
    nicely designed their you get the pic in which is
    a star-shaped in a in this
    the mixes in the spring also will need all that in a minute let's take a look
    at the two
    ferries that you get another bottoms have a little dial on them where you can
    that you actually gonna turn to sprinkle or fill senior
    and you can also take the backs of K
    in a take out a little cardboard insert I'm gonna keep that
    I can have to wash everything and get ready I haven't done that yet
    let's take this one out
    K in the wind is also we needed it comes in
    to section so those can be washed
    happened in this one slides of the back
    K so this is what the one looks like from the front in the back comes up
    because this is your storage for your sprinkles you turn this
    and you can get into this here wash that out put your sprinkles in there
    and you are good to go there's also a dial here K
    that you control to adjust how the sprinkles come out or fill
    slides right back in pretty cool said
    and goes perfectly with our up so now when I come back we're gonna start
    making the cake
    alright I think this will be a special video it's because this is a step in the
    process that's you
    never actually see the lucky winners the little
    everything yes every time I make a video all the first
    cool the process of some other person we
    that I showed you earlier I don't believe so I'm not gonna wash them like
    the pins and stuff but he disappears and I always like to use the sole size is
    this point because even
    easy-bake his they will scratch and I just took part by part
    we know super hot water
    but they're not really tactically tui because they've been stored at least
    plastic cases but you know
    clinton also be there never heard that really is
    so now you see that for the first time
    it's time now they actually
    start making the pics the let's do that next alright everything is washed and
    ready and step one of course is to get the pain ready
    when I do they just take a little long putter I don't like using the spring is
    all the time
    I just like use real butter I'm actually getting all the little crevices there's
    and the side Crk to stick to the sides either
    actually here okay so that's it
    and their picture cake mix came here
    all process crush it up your column South
    yellow cake mix now looking at the picture in the recipe booklet nearly
    Scholl one layer cake
    not a two-layer cake like a a box rates old
    let's break this up
    it says and wanna hear teaspoons of water to
    and stir to perform better okay for better yeah
    form batter coincidence project
    left him a big lumps in their ok
    okay let's see Warren teaspoon
    really happen teaspoon
    we go
    it's pretty easy her I'm using the special the gate with the
    such as to the lake in ill michael's
    to use winstrol other away
    but I figure why not use the on I only say that because some people say that's
    not for mixing
    little news today right for them okay for them spreading okay
    pan spreading evenly put in the parliament
    it's as big for
    minutes ago on a good person appear no
    some little ones in there but you know can avoid it now where we go
    and it's great this out here to here up
    we've got a pretty good
    ok alway before I put in the other
    better give its metal why
    the make a beautiful cake makeup you look
    break school they come back we'll put it in the oven
    a public capetown we'll be right back
    II am all set now it goes in the oven
    I remember you just got to the line there you hear the door drop
    like that and we're good to go so I'll set my timer
    and we'll come back with stood alright well I thought all that was baking it's
    really hard to see in there in these particular offense I would get my spring
    colors ready the tooth fairies and the wind so
    let me do though well let me do the very first
    to the only give you two colors for this so was to this one here
    with the pink summaries
    open this K and Missy
    crystals to look for the global here to says basically the poor some in the

    and close it back up
    go let's do it this way see it seems
    put them all in just some you know they also say
    that because you have to size holes here on the bottom
    there's a big sprinkles if you wanna put a keeper kinda sprinkle need you can
    if you have a little pepper powder you can use that to salami said it so that
    nothing comes out
    there's my first one ok now let's get this one
    here put personal her
    I think for the one God has put all the extra stuff
    inside so pretty sugar crystals
    thank you just as much as you want and a scanner
    regulating it so I have enough for my

    that one set look at that so now all set this to make sure nothing comes out
    she's ready now onto the back wind
    I was gonna put to rest anderson also
    corporate site openings purple
    stance Kings
    lap and enter discuss here twist design and then you said it to the size no
    they're too big for the little holes that prolly be for sugar Somerset add to
    the big one here
    see as I'm practice by sprinkling here we go
    the the
    have to work good Hall right so
    soon enough the other the cake will be on the other hand will check it out
    alright all set to come out of the oven let's push it through here
    the fear up
    I say we give it one more little sprinkle from r
    haha I just to make sure everything came out great let's take a look
    so there you go
    actually looks like it came out nice is brown around the edges so
    well to his I'll come back and make the frosting while this cools down
    alright it is frosting Terry me and
    I don't think I'm in actually layer this case because it is so thin
    I don't think it's a i think what they really want to do is have a second mixer
    make a second cake and then to be a lot easier to layer
    let's get the frosting ready it's really just putting in
    look at that so tight
    to white frosting a mean one
    or let me see half a teaspoon water
    we go
    me to speak quick change here for this is if you do wanna
    for often used
    is always make a turning point with the frosting with
    relieved I think I'm gonna put a few more drops in
    just because nice at the terminal little bit softer again
    the thing to little bit now that
    drops T
    right my frosting
    red so whether be right back and we'll get the cake I'll
    little dark dark I'll be right back
    alright almost certain I think one more testing here before we
    do the deck really good you know that's what I struggle with the most
    their a triple dose let's get this out turned up and now
    and hopefully it comes right out so I want to school along the edges
    can I you know test and give it a little
    push as n around the edge but i wanna
    Creek up although cook bits here to little darker on the edge
    you know at some point you'll just feels say it's just want to release itself
    from the pain
    K and this is not the point
    just going around it's hard to take the time to which you
    tactic yet
    just kinda slowly working and hopefully it's not a big lump stuck at the bottom
    but we'll see
    there is no has come out and it looks pretty good let's look at the bottom
    nice in golden brown ok could
    there alright decorating now so the frosting
    Calumpit and spread it around i was thinkin eventually be a two-layer like
    to give you two cake mixes but
    is no way to really cut this and naked worthy
    two layers in a moment we've all been waiting for is this
    sprinkles as I they show it on the cover kind of
    edged a little in the shape of the star
    no right
    so it's sprinkle time here we go and it still frosting so what I want to do
    first will let me try
    with my little fairies here gonna go
    just a little bit so it's not open all the way such as little bit comes out we
    okay love hath with her
    ones are cool and want to have in pink
    I'm just setting the dial to about their status little comes out
    Ste sprinkled a little fairy sparkle dust
    how's it looking and I have to do the big win just once
    but Siegel said it partial
    rate there here we go the the
    others for their on the plane to the alright
    there it is he did it I me clean up everything here come back
    in what has taken a look at it and tasted all right here we go time for a
    Taser got a little
    work here and I'm just gonna kind of a piece in my key
    XTC to me smells good
    i think im I need a few more sprinkles
    lemme I mean handsome online here the the the me
    can never have too many sprinkles mmm tasty
    clip I like the man of frosting can you hear all the crispy sprinkles
    so anything about that said
    in my sprinkle ferries and sprinkle on with the Disney
    princess Easy Bake Oven hope you enjoyed it
    I had fun making it and again if you wanna see more these kinds of videos
    looking a description for a playlist as always search our channel
    and thanks for watching later if you're looking for the item you just on the
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