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Cake tutorials

-Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) stilton cheese making tutorial -Different types of cheese Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) stilton cheese making tutorial how to make

Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) stilton cheese making tutorial how to make

    -Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) stilton cheese making tutorial -Different types of cheese

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    Spring Cake Pop FAIL!! - YouTube !!!
    finance reform it appears on a Monday that they did you subscribe today we're
    going to be making cake pops
    me at all you'll know that kitchen skills are not my forte in fact I have a
    big 2k for over a decade so this seems like a foolish thing to try but i got
    really excited when I thought it a cake put much in Howland I bought or like
    right on going to use it so I'll make a cake from scratch with flour and
    Ericsson Wow baking soda baking you know component ingredients and I realized
    that would be shocking about
    just buy cake mix and make it that way and
    then I just bought remake eight top level obviously if you want to you can
    do it properly he told me how to make thought let me see if possible
    ok so the first thing you want to do is cut any crunchy bits of the case because
    we're going to like these top tips or just put my
    somewhere else and a couple pics I think you have to be thought i'm saying is I
    don't know what I'm doing but honestly I've done it for one sheet of how this
    way so just thought I'd in a bowl if there's a piece of paper check that off
    to probable que o ok you the whole question like breadcrumbs kept crepe
    me this one is already a moist but you have to ask some stuff to it to make it
    more now so yummy
    got to mix this in quite slowly like the whole tub in at once you just need it
    bit by bit depending on what you should do that
    tutorial *** *** HOW TO MAKE A HAMBURGER CAKE - NERDY NUMMIES - YouTube !!! English English
    Ro: Hello, welcome to another episode of Nerdy Nummies! Today I have a special guest,
    Ro: a sherlock cat!
    Sherlock: Put me down you damnable woman!
    Ro: Today we are gonna make a cake, I Can Haz Cheeseburger!
    Sherlock: Huh! I can?
    Ro: Ha-ha-ha-ha! Yes, you can!
    The things that you will need today will be: Royal Buttercream icing, cake leveler,

    offset. Tan food coloring dye, cake pokey thingy, airheads, green,
    red and orange, a round 8 inch baking pan, a
    This is important! Oven safe, 2 quart glass bowl, and a big mixing bowl.
    OK, now I’m gonna put all of these things together while Sherlock is taking a cat nap.
    He is sleeping right down there.
    Alright, so we’re gonna start with the big mixing bowl, and we’re gonna take box
    cake, you want to use yellow box cake mix because that will look like the hamburger
    bun. 1 cup of water, and maybe I put a little bit on him…
    Sherlock: Rearwhr!

    cup of vegetable oil. Now you’re gonna add
    handed pro crack.
    Then we mix it all together.
    I’m gonna need a whisk and I don’t know where I put it…
    Sherlock: Oh, oh here, here it is! Ro: Thank you! Sherlock: Oh you’re welcome dear!
    Then you’re gonna mix until the batter is really smooth and even.
    Sherlock: It’s mezmerising! Ro: Can you smell it?
    Sherlock: Uh, I can, it smells immaculate!
    Ro: Is anybody else really hot? Because I am… Hot.
    Sherlock: Uh, a, a little parched maybe, but I forgot I’m wearing a fur coat! Hur-hwah-hwah!
    Ro: If you’re hot because you’re in a fur coat, how come you always lay in the sun?
    Sherlock: Dah, don’t question me woman! I’m a cat! We were gods to the Egyptians!
    minutes later!
    Now our batter is all done, it’s nicely mixed all smooth, we are going to spray
    these two. Our glass bowl, and our 8 inch round pan with Pam baking spray so that
    the cakes don’t stick. And you’re gonna evenly divide your cake batter into
    the 2 of these. Get the cake batter even, before I put them in the oven,
    and you’re gonna want to preheat your oven to
    and you’re gonna
    bake these for about
    Once your cakes have cooled, I put them on this drying rack, and make sure that they're
    cool, you can poke them with a cake poker. You put it all the way in and
    take it out and if nothing sticks to it then you know it's, it's ready to go.
    So here’s the top of our hamburger that we made in the bowl, and here’s the
    bottom. We’re gonna use a cake leveler, um, to make this one flat, so that
    our “meat” patty can sit on top of it.
    The meat patty, I made a big brownie in the same sized cake pan.
    Just take your time when you do this because if you cut through too quickly,
    your cake will get really crumbly. So, just take your time!
    A little crumbs is OK, but we don’t want too many!
    Sherlock: That’s my favorite part!
    Ro: I know, you eat everything I drop! Sherlock: That’s why I’m here!
    There we go!
    Boom! Bottom of our Cheeseburger!
    There are fancier cake cutters… hahaha cake levelers, this
    So… Pffft hahaha it works really well!
    Now we're gonna take off the top...
    Oh oops! Just kidding!
    Sherlock: Ohhh, ohhh, aw! You’re a cruel woman!
    Ro: Hahahahaha! I know!
    OK, now we’re gonna flip this the other way, wah! OK, now we’re gonna frost!
    I've got my tan frosting all made, I just added a little bit of tan food coloring,
    and mixed it all around! I’ve got my big offset spatula… I can haz spatula?!?
    And we’re just gonna put it all over this cake!
    Kitty is on his second cat nap! Lazy kitty! And, we just popped the brownie out
    of the cake pan. What I’ve done, is I’ve just pinched some of the sides here, so
    that it looks more like a meat patty. So just pinch, pinch, pinch, wash your
    hands, and then pinch the brownie's edge all the way around. Just to give it
    a little bit of… Meat patty-ness!
    And then we’re gonna take the brownie, this big delicious brownie, so this is a
    brownie cake, and put it on top of the bun. Line it up, all the way around!
    Yeah that looks good!
    Perfect! Now it’s time to make lettuce, tomatoes and cheese out of Airheads!
    We’re gonna start with the lettuce, that’s right, you’re gonna take a little circle
    cookie cutter, and I’m cutting it into the airhead, and you can also use fondant to
    do this, but I really love airheads, I think they just taste better.
    Fondant is beautiful and edible, but it just doesn't, it doesn't taste the best to me.
    And we’re making a little lettuce leaf, just kind of bend it, however you like.
    And then you’re gonna stick it underneath your little brownie!
    Let it stick out a little.
    A little bit of lettuce poking out!
    And then you're gonna do this all the way around the cake.
    Boom! We got our lettuce done, now it’s time to take the orange Laffy Taffy.
    I kind of rolled it out with a rolling pin, to make it flatter.
    And now we’re gonna cut out the shapes of cheese with a square cookie cutter.
    It's time to make that cheddar!
    Ta-da! We got all the tomatoes on! It is ready for the top bun part of the cake, which
    I’ve got right here!
    And, last decorating step, I forgot to mention this, but I have candy-covered sunflower
    seeds, I thought this was gonna be a good idea. I’ve seen other people use Rice Krispy treats,
    or, those circle little white sprinkles, you can use those too because those will look
    like, um, look like the little seeds.
    But I separated a bunch of while little sunflower seeds and I’m gonna put those on the top of the cake.
    And then use a spatula to pick up the top of the cake, put it on there!
    Let’s do it!
    And now is the dangerous part, we’re gonna try to transport the top of the cake...
    On top of the burger, here we go, whew, OK!
    Got my spatula, and…
    This could be a little dangerous!
    Oh gosh, oh gosh, and, line it up!
    And, I’m just gonna try to do this really quickly like a….

    We’ve done it! Now we’re gonna put a little final-shing… finishing touches just going around
    and smoothing out the top.
    Ta-da! Our Cheeseburger cake is done!
    It looks so cute!
    It looks so yummy! I’ve never made a brownie cake before so I’m pretty excited!
    I Can Haz Cheeseburger! Hmm, hmmm, hmm, hmm, hmm!
    Yay! If you have any other suggestions for any other Nerdy Nummies,
    please leave me a comment below and let me know and I will do my best to make ‘em happen!
    OK, bye-bye! Thanks you guys!
    Yummy! Thanks for coming on my show! *** *** How To Make A WATERMELON out of CAKE! PINK VELVET cake with BUTTERCREAM and FONDANT! - YouTube !!!
    into your not gonna be victory you just gotta model modeling don't you have the
    right guys or it doesn't have a problem with me and I don't have a problem with
    that i'm gonna be a pink velvet cake that's right like red bill that pink and
    I'm gonna special that cake with chocolate chips to represent watermelons
    and then I'm gonna come of this cake in white fine in which will represent the
    rind and paint the outside to look exactly like a problem with walter is he
    is a little bit quiet don't just saying you could talk a little bit more
    I begin by making
    inch round pink velvet cake as well as a board pink
    velvet cake that's nine inches round in diameter I removed them from their
    parents and the ball and level that was my ruler my serrated knife pink powder
    keg is just red velvet cake but instead of red food coloring I used to take a
    break from chocolate chips into each cake layer as well as the boy sort of
    put them in half way but chips always thinkin cake batter they have wait I
    begin with my classic Italian meringue buttercream and I'm going to start to
    diet and what I actually did this time was I used red butter and mix it to my
    white if you want to make my Italian meringue buttercream I have a video
    tutorial a walk you through every step
    just click the link right here don't know Walters face right now we split
    when I feel this cake I actually want to fill it with a butter content to the
    same as the cake so that we slice of watermelon you just see pink and feeds
    like a watermelon I know and I know what I didn't even cut you open to see the
    inside so you're both coming
    and as a fill the layers with the pink tinted buttercream I also put some chips
    in the this is a really seedy water mount you know the CD watermelons rate I
    know your seat but I know I told him in order to staff this watermelon cake I
    start with one round cake buttercream with chocolate chips another round cake
    buttercream and chocolate chips another round cake buttercream chocolate chips
    and then the ball cake with dome on top a watermelon wouldn't have AK Press in
    it they don't know what I have to tell them so I don't have to carve this cake
    really but I do have to cut away all of trust so that we just see pink
    watermelon and then white so I just use me straight in knife to go around the
    cake over their job and all the way around to cut off all the edges of the
    10th time to cram Co my watermelon and pop it in the fridge to chill before I
    said once more
    my cake is chilled and take it out of the fridge right walter
    smoothly as they can and then it's time
    I roll up my wife on in and cover the Cape
    it actually kinda look like a chubby ghost when I first covers the nice thing
    about it is it doesn't edges so you don't have to worry as much about your
    funding cracking her dripping down the sides it's a nice gradual curve on the
    watermelon rind is perfect now I need to paint this cake to make it look like a
    watermelon and my model hasn't even shown up yet are you out partying last
    may I mean really tired feet I couldn't find them I don't he was probably a
    juice bar or something like that so I called Walter had to go pick him up
    finally got walter my kitchen it's time to pay i didnt mixture of different
    Greens Adam kelly green and some ma screen and then I had actually a little
    bit of yellow and a little bit of red so if you'll notice watermelon they're very
    like there's a lot of depth to them you know it's not just flat screen it's not
    i know i know im trying to tell them so I start by painting this sort of way to
    screen out here and I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't need to provide my birthday
    paint the lightest coat of green onto the watermelon I Russian on liberally
    and let it sort of drip down and make sure to cover the entire time I went
    back and deepen my green and then I sort of speckled all the way around the cape
    with paintbrushes speckled try not to think about it too much
    keep it looking natural all the way you're really deepened my food coloring
    to get this sort of dark screen some watermelon a wonderful kind of strength
    so I took the darker green and needs stripes let it drip down and then went
    back and sort of speckled and just sort of blurred out the strip so it wasn't a
    definite hardline
    with the same dark green and just sort of speckled here and there just so I
    thought it looked great I just kept playing with it until walter really told
    me you know
    once the final coat of paint design and I'm happy I'm really gonna let this
    watermelon oh I forgot something you have to add the Little Walter can I show
    them your head
    I guess I made his bottom gotta make the little like now is it called a
    watermelon nothing really when I ask you these questions I'm testing you I know
    what it is if you know it just tried it but I have to make this little known
    outside take a little bit of cream colored find it I use the ball tool to
    push into my cake place the cream fun and crazy a boomer
    a place another piece of fine on top and then I just play around with adding some
    texture and pressing it in until I'm happy with the win and then I painted
    the little love with some ivory food coloring and a green tree
    I told you it was a nude modeling gig don't say they'll tell you that my
    watermelon cake was looking beautiful I'm so proud of it just let it dry and
    then what do you do with watermelon
    yet cut it open in the eat it it's always fun coming into the case but with
    this one I was so curious to see how it looked on the five such a big part of it
    I don't know just how beautiful they are my flight
    big wedge have at this watermelon cake so happy to see the pain shaver the cake
    with chocolate chips looking like a white Honda it looking exactly like
    riding the painted outside just like a watermelon can I offered walking like
    and take a while to her if you like dirty dancing
    subscribe if you don't like dirty dancing watch it like it and then
    subscribe Walters in dirty dancing *** *** How to make a football pitch cake - YouTube !!!
    the cake is cooked when it feels springy to the touch
    or a knife inserted in the center comes out clean
    leave it to cool for a few minutes in the tin
    then turn it out onto a rack and leave it to cool completely
    while you make up the bus rising
    spread one cake with jam and then with Bhattarai Singh
    where the two together and with
    shop serrated knife trim all around the sides of the cake
    to make sharp corners
    spread the cake finley all over with the remaining batter icing
    gusta work surface with a little saved icing sugar
    and need the green icing and its soft and ready to be rolled out
    lift the cake carefully onto the cake board
    and center it roll out the icing
    dusting the pin with a little saved icing sugar if it begins to stick
    and keep rolling until the icing is large enough to cover the cake
    folded over the pain lifted over the cake
    and unroll the icing to cover the cake
    smooth the top and sides with your hands
    easing it round the corners and then trim the excess
    from around the bottom ages keep the trimmings in a plastic bag all wrapped
    in cling film to stop them from drying out
    using side smoothies if you have them
    smooth the top and sides and then shop in the corners
    by easing them into shape like this
    take the edible plaque out if its plastic bag then check the size against
    the top of the cake
    carefully trim of the white edges with scissors or scalpel
    than ease the plaque from its backing sheet with a knife
    lifting it at the corner first
    place the clock in position on top of the cake making show it centered
    then lift
    and damp the icing and me
    with a keen run out class stick the plaque down into place
    and then do the same with the other side
    to cover the board roll out the trimmings at the green icing
    then dampen the board with a little water
    roughly measure the width you need to cover it and cut a strip to fit
    lifted onto the board and smooth it down
    trim each end to the strip flush with the edge of the board
    then trimmed down the edges the board
    do the same
    then cut diagonally through both layers at the corners
    and removed the trimmings to leave needs joins
    checked at the edges a neat and now it's time to add the players and the goal
    with a little royal icing stick the goalpost
    interposition onto the plaque
    at the players in the same way
    and two at the candles i the use any
    inning green trimmings or contrasting color of icing
    roll up small bowls and stick them onto the edges the board with a little water
    making sure you space unevenly by working out how many all need each side
    and starting by placing them at each end remembering to leave room on one side
    for an inscription push the candles in their holders
    into the balls are fighting
    to position inscription Eve
    me counter
    number of letters and spaces and work out the middle left drawer space by
    harping that number
    begin at that letter in the center the space and work to the end
    then work backwards from the center to the beginning
    letter by letter
    there are many different ways a piping lettering and everyone has their own
    as you can see wendy is going to type all her down strokes
    once she's finished the top seven letters if you're not confident in
    practice piping on a plate or chopping board into the already
    remember you can always lift electoral two of the ball with a knife
    and redo them if you're not happy and a lower
    a fabulous football K to keep any fan
    really the *** ***

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