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-Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Brie cheese making tutorial -Different types of cheese Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Brie cheese making tutorial how to make

Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Brie cheese making tutorial how to make

    -Gumpaste (fondant, polymer clay) Brie cheese making tutorial -Different types of cheese

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    Cake Quest : Hello Sheep ... Goodbye Sheep - [1] - YouTube !!!
    %uh lol and well
    do duh
    but to right
    it the world today demanded a proud to be a padded you honey
    homework does series with that with me and square she heard
    Archuleta your Feliz squishy black you can call me any
    been some people some people call me David well I didn't you just
    is anyone I'll heal up I'll go with crazy
    again this time in eighty Days Inn yeah
    yesterday know many people call me Dave an unknown and in NY said that
    it's a really very early my any comment the other day occasionally
    Hayward Stacy we're on a KKK hacker space
    well why are we on the cake outer space that does not sound before
    %ah I know I don't know we've landed on this cake
    yes and we're pretty high up a manager
    check how yeah a pretty high up
    the floor is here and look okay
    but to host it from fine yeah
    I we're back on the OL
    I'm right here by this chapter I we like crash-landed on the cake oh yeah this
    looks so will be crashed
    I you know I hit all night muffin spaceship but was shaped like a muffin
    and then we landed on this giant cake
    yet the it looks like exist Ono
    heard not there already okay okay to be okay
    no weekend is going to be put out Stacy
    only going
    I well problem outlining
    make to get their green block I
    and I took it from up in space shipman company background for
    missus what what did chest
    let's open the chest I open the chest was the thieves account taken a
    hold the seats are them I have gained purchase you take a pic
    how captains log that led the captain blogs
    you know you love them a tricky one keep I've got to know them
    right it is but at a different day look at different dates on
    today fook being a their NASA once you read
    together yes that's still n you read the first page
    that okay captains log June
    oh my goodness
    love you
    squishy for the future in space on a joint cake up quite well what yes
    that I think yeah yell when theological yeah
    still there right today I started my journey through the voids
    minecraft yeah full few all food supply
    food supply maxed everything going to plan so far
    captain block June

    the highest yes to
    hot supply was lost
    you three-quarters ok but not sure how long it will last so that hope the
    I you or just checked my butt I
    no I don't agree to the boys to dramatic statement to do it good captains log

    a week has passed since the shortage of food
    performance have the crew has been below my standards lately
    many feel as if we're slowly drifting towards madness want to be fair
    supplies going down even though they've landed on this giant K
    but anyway yeah
    yeah Rooney allusion judit

    food scare no
    hope you'll know flight's been broken pipe in broken out
    own police i have been quite charged I've seen some
    odd structures on the radar but I don't know what to think about them
    rule who who don't know he
    captains log June

    became a ship has crashed into the structures we saw on the radar a few
    days ago
    as I lay here and die alright 0 well only
    the well I the only person who can figure out what this place is

    know what's going on here take the Bible I
    come I its ruins the Captain's Log
    wat although we got with Billy got you
    okay what we want the cake me to think about this import
    me I oh I don't know I'll she was David
    for a 0 I'll yeah I do you know what I'm getting the hat would
    and demand shoemakers a hot we haven't you
    trachea these joint requiring in the middle we have like
    wouldn't step we can make we could make stuff we can make
    it's unclear with me we have a trap dole's
    well yeah we are you leaving a club remix
    sticks it makes takes Stacia yes
    their car lipsticks speak makes we can make pressure plate
    if you aren't a NJ
    to use the which I make a crafting table yeah do it
    I mean I we we still miss Kate might as well use all the materials me not gonna
    tell us often
    I get me I guess she all
    only just broke the I'm fish
    least I am there was a see what it says the other the sign
    here's what it hears what it said it said yep
    ok here I completely understand
    but now you know we know what's going on but whyyy British RT Design
    I'm pretty sure the signs at all
    greater in there skin

    creepers to get into the fire you honey
    I'm pretty sure this time said that there are more supplies
    inside the cake inside
    the K yeah is that mean we gonna have to eat away in
    yes right I think we should make it messy
    bed first let that given its raining it's raining all over me
    right okay okay I'm making a bed I'm making a bed at a purple and white
    wall a cam using T Y and one red hopefully this makes a really nice color
    or would spur be made a white
    in red bed just what I want good night everything ok lightning I
    nighttime it's not like I'm a few
    way it's raining
    are no day
    okay alleged either way to this problem man
    I'm numb num okay and i'm taking on another occasion go straight down
    numb plump plump num the memo no idea something
    Brownlow chocolate scented chocolate scented Olympus
    take hmm nom nom nom nom number the oh no I hope we don't lose all my things
    eve fell
    I lost everything what do you have every
    the saplings first
    we cannot just hope there's more sapling oh that was dumb me
    I'll day yeah well this cake very tasty so not that bothered at the May men on
    the number doing it the way it lets
    let's fill my hole yeah was I
    I don't know whether we were meant for women to probably that Nam
    oh ok I don't know no income omnomnom
    numb nom nom nom number but the
    this is real yeah found any other supplies yet I found lots a brown wool
    and not to choke to check the chess chess chess
    you justices to okok
    you can hear him eating my way to you ok I use
    Torchia a diary and allow the bucket
    its read the diary can read the story

    to carry out old hermit
    go east diary old hermit guy this from the old hermit
    I K in the three years I lived a red
    each of the land itself I've never really understood
    this place I'm got in a fight a factory to the north of it here
    me some scalable things but is a factory
    that it that the whole diary he thinks a
    yet three-year
    person that's all you it
    friend you right but
    taking or the forties anyway well that's good to know when it is a factory
    I had very little bad though they lost everything
    it's okay he joined the CDS see you to be happy I
    what if we really needed those saplings it that the rekey
    there was the sugar cane look at state
    Stacy take a day gone now the gone forever
    yeah we just need to move on okay it
    ok yepson militancy I don't know if I should be trusted with them really
    you want some chocolate go home got pieces
    chocolate anchor I'm at some ok a give me some more
    looking I think what you want some more chocolate that's fine I'm just trying to
    think it went out their loss anemia and love you
    if you had the cake that was good yes the cakes ate the cake is safe in my
    coaches although I am notoriously clumsy at things like this
    ok as in so well he likes
    anybody have any saplings I don't have any thought then
    her I believe where Lisa gonna be okay
    like we know that maybe we couldn't like save the wood that we have and only when
    we really need it
    week-to-week enablers K I
    sleep then weakest keep attendance rate of good the rain is just three days
    watching the cake is making it also key
    yeah sucky kick-start great lucky cake isn't good luck
    I mean it's okay when is warm and sunny cuz up little melty and yummy but like
    this isn't
    you sweat this is the wet cake a hug
    just okay right I'm Yahoo
    all right let's sleep but I'm attack hope you feared prepaying
    feels really good to sleep by leveraging goes away man

    skinny to you
    pay you AQ
    magico i right it keeping in
    I'll on ABC yellow peace dove will I make I just click the LAPD is all we
    could make really cool things out this how we know this is a factory near by
    a factory to the
    where's the North I'm guessing North is this way
    but the chess was facing that way we can use are out can use our Minecraft court
    in it
    though let the year I forgot about that night I make more sense East
    or we could tell he did with his North week we could just like gas
    I'll I am
    yeah I mean I didn't I didn't is the cornet II
    I guess that this is Laura ut
    nolte CEO it didn't want to the sheep
    is that Amiga say hi today might be the factory and it
    it gets k hello I'm gonna go over climbing on chocolate
    this way he's Mishi therefore creepers I in with the sheet
    this case hi let's get ready for immediate decision I stayed within a
    silent e long it'd just be happy to know what
    didn't fully it we need weapons to talk to friends

    to home
    I baseball urban rather
    yeah hip Xiao down on OK
    shit I'm gonna punch him fidget the quickly
    I I
    she shaft it done
    IQ for decades I've got an idea we get that we get a cab stay all
    a map that good babe don't worry I've got there I've got there to add saying
    get a good save the chair doing what this is my mistake this is Mike might Bo
    I'm getting fed
    save them that them their mind okay right here we go she did you worry
    SK she's coming to rest key a look I'll
    maybe grab a.m. I have no I can hear spider
    and or not hi to him
    I to his own good day you
    %ah day go
    spider following paid every to keep it going to be saved very fear the yellow
    is coming out again and get him back in let me know
    and hitting you
    shape to to give it to dispense is given to dispense but now that you can get
    them but they let me say
    I kkkkk to whatever you do you make it a message busy crazy there's another
    well only reason the corner
    job is good you might make a weapon all good the chest was blown up in had a
    sweet yeah it's going alright I got the diary
    I'm eating the creeper detainees then
    it's okay you can be. carrie Anne protect me if
    book is named W well with the workers log
    other things in the czech oldest
    Stacy this horrible what workers log
    deep the usual today killed some sheep
    made him to spring calls sold the sprinkles
    now I'm heading north back to the factory and what it is every
    dari why does everyone keep a diary in this area
    okay the baby sheep
    into spring goals she word killing all
    the sheep just it looked just %uh may be fair I've been killin them
    a lot and I need it but take a wicket the week if they could get a quote
    of it ok okay we got a good one
    it a few
    help the great on just knocked off the red one I'm not joking
    degree will let you did not deem of I
    to KK yeah to
    bed now I K right I think that they probably prefer just being paid into
    sprint gold
    I think they didn't have a look complete with us I think it takes shape
    but yeah he's gonna let you go
    you but what a
    David me but we do you say badly need to save the sheep that the intended to
    sprinkles mad that he had we
    we could have but we could have led them to sell no
    I seats if this guy run to determine how we quickly it can you have to make a hoe
    and then a plant-based
    PTK don't worry i'd got this okay ready to go
    place down makes mistakes not to make her do it
    satisfied little concern but I don't have any water
    I we can plan your YouTube no I don't go there could go no don't go their purple
    what you think stay stay in decade there must be a way of doing
    they said they couldn't get out the week can and shake
    go I do want to be here
    and this was just having a really good time the you know I have a really good
    time if your friend the dead
    just keep block block block %uh block in here yeah block over here prepared
    right here right here to
    people have two sheep otherwise like it we don't have to sheep
    we can take a don't worry I got this right not that one in any way to get
    getting the pen became right baby gets one in there and nope staying there
    0 how weak I okay we're good now they can do I we needed it.

    I'm gonna put them in it
    but yeah
    fixed a few
    one block if you have one block been making jump up on Aug

    back weighty week in lose another issue
    the only two that we have left we need to grow we don't put on any
    no be really fun to poke a critique
    break great you know I'm is breaking them because then we can keep the wall
    for ourselves a few K
    K right okay we have these cheap
    oh my god maybe it's bad it's black kid clearly would have been
    if you really can't make her happy to get them we need to get water
    not gone to plan we need water actually keep searching the cage very sleepy guys
    alone I think we did enough
    yeah I think we have enough can they have any jump up
    don't be in the shade jump rope anything for their be fired
    okay I think they will the famous last words is fun because they could be
    some water so we can't make them week so we can get these sheet making more
    okay ed markey held quite a lot sheep in
    she never got to hear him and we're going to collect
    all of these sprinkles and frosting because there are only building blocks
    because I'll
    I love happily of course we need to collect or love this don't way and we
    did how far the factory the way this is a factory
    like yeah I something wrong here really far away then
    Bravo we probably needed needed saplings
    p.m. maybe that may have been needed
    adn possibly the beg beg on
    basically need to move on from that okay are you going to be positive to keep
    yeah a lot to sheep did just die and you know what yeah
    she did that pot on the bright side we are teaching our way through a giant K
    it's pathetic tttt
    that is put to keep thinking I think in the next episode we should go and we
    could just keep eating
    we could keep eating but I had the we should in the next episode
    the heyday yes okay a great yes
    yes so agreed let's do it pay
    and you thank you everyone for watching
    me this epic said I can be just a quick summary of Oaxaca what happened what
    what happened like
    come on live would KK look at it
    week died look over there as well Lake yeah
    so the first thing is that we learned that I you should never
    E straight down and cake no because is
    then you can fall through the cake and the cake didn't have a plate
    underneath that no it was certainly not acting
    8 that one last by and then there was no play end so I
    fell to my death yes you did yeah he did me but
    innately baby to the gay community service it's gonna be better
    yeah and you still have the cake right yeah KK
    okay I could was not a cake and we have a giant cake
    and bf we still have to CVS positive let me just feel yeah
    week in we can we can't do it. pumpkin feet I just know we have
    police ok cool I can try to carry on
    and we again today that's beginning he really well K
    would just break I you know yet idk why we couldn't get it right
    thank you what a big enough data
    could up *** *** Lékué TV | Number 1 Cake Mould | Recipe: Chocolate Génoise Cake - YouTube !!!
    we're going to prepare a cake with the mall number one
    asleep with he didn't we need are
    the cocoa powder the flower
    should I chocolate
    suffocates tweaking cream
    panic first of all we can to preheat the oven

    the floor chemical powder I actually would be tough and baking powder
    to the flowers to make the pick a little more spongy
    but it's not so necessary the
    then members yes
    man who sugared and I'm gonna be
    yes and the sugar with an electric mixer
    it has to hold the VOLUME
    the exit leases the double the volume
    and now we can add the flower in the
    composer the
    having feel a little before providing the power
    thanks babe people's even a flower
    we learned second case
    in red tunics
    that way
    then I'm gonna fall and when the bottom
    and they're gonna be on around the cake
    meat is ready and we can put it inside the mall
    the cake is ready to go to the open while you know the ppl
    you gonna prepared for the gonna for the topping on the cake
    but the Bollywood the cream
    in a pot and what he did
    and come in and talk the talk but little pieces
    to massive clearly here with
    back in the ball we add the cream
    belief almost fully and
    unique fun he had very kind exchange
    civilly guys
    we're gonna pick them cake in the central see kids ready
    a good scheme
    in means that it's ready if not we can leave it for about five minutes more
    look it's ready
    he was sitting for a couple minutes and then
    week on molded the bottom have to be
    in the tough now and then women in comedy
    leave the match the
    you can have the the top it doesn't get a flat before you leave I'm on it
    the and then integrate
    think he'll she wears

    you're gonna celebrate
    can be and then they were especially
    antennae the
    the *** *** CAKE SURPRISE Challenge Cake Surprise Paw Patrol + Blaze + Scooby Doo Surprise Video - YouTube !!!
    handset that what we have today we got a Scooby Doo this is his k chases cake
    flavors K and who'd make UK so each one is Kate have a special surprise your
    assistant US even know what they are
    CIO ya go right now we're gonna wake up ok ok ready I'm like I don't you think
    that you can share a deep inside the Scooby Doo k so I think you're gonna
    have a surprise you know what I think the inside of it now
    know right
    yeah well you are ok what do you think so yeah even just a fruit loops I like
    ya so it's chocolate chocolate and so are you gonna eat more fruit loops
    all right here in our second cake and what do you think inside of a change of
    cake do you think there's more fruit loop yeah yeah you gotta tell me what
    by the year

    like here probably be ok
    prize that is going to hold people are yummy yummy broccoli cake right what
    brought that the best says your broccoli cake is very good for now we're on the
    plane and the drive-thru
    we think what do you think are broadly he had the broccoli k ready for the
    blame ya right you know how many wrinkles and
    ok so maybe it's white chocolate white chocolate here we go
    ok so what do you think
    what do you need a plane that was what do you think you would rather have the
    broccoli cake or the cake what do you think
    yeah let us know what she thinks ok ok so far we had the flu that was a good
    game and then we had broccoli with your favorite regular cake and now he's got
    the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    go go just told me i think is gonna of course you know I don't you know what
    what you might like E Cheese but he thinks she's probably right
    well you may tell you there's a reason for me to not put in each year making me
    and my feet so here we go we've got a lot to learn that it so maybe we should
    put the Cape house you are what you eat yet and they're not so what do you think
    you like the gummy bear I did you get that could be so the effect it could try
    and tell us which one
    ok now we try to show them we tried our shockley we tried our yummy yummy yummy
    to my tummy yeah that was a good are you trying to say it was it was more like
    here we had the regular cake that was made by almost ok yeah I think that's
    why the best for you
    the broccoli hate the best then the broccoli
    the choco London to blame
    yeah yeah yeah and then the broccoli and all she like like the broccoli broccoli
    people's homes you think we should make more surprise cake
    yeah we have made cakes I think for being the first but yeah that's right
    that's right you and your baby at EQ you'll say what you want for your
    birthday you'll say I want to be a ke ke no
    she had cake as you can probably tell us what you think that you would like that
    and a lot of Hell in the normal hey everyone thanks for watching our video
    now make sure that you tried another cool video watch it
    the team was surprised that marcia to watch *** *** Cookieswirlc Plays Minecraft Candy Sugar Land Gaming Cake World Giant Cookie Building - YouTube !!!
    cookies while a
    check to pad

    fiske why
    okay mad if they hold on to keep them
    that is like jumbo bag yes you guys are still super duper awesome site that we
    would play a little bit sir Michael
    a Yuletide me for Minecraft we're gonna build ourselves hiii
    cookie representing how awesome you guys are you guys are so poor thank you so
    much I cannot believe you guys are in love with my channel oh my goodness
    yeah I could me and still are you ready building in Yemen tasted
    that ghetto P without all these cool animals around here in
    believe that the super awesome world it looks like there's wrinkles on the
    kick blocks it's just there
    this time an animal cell we are going to pick a spot
    for us to bother site right here next colony
    the elderly people possible on top of money now
    yeah it's not right you would
    embed oh yes %uh this is like the perfect spot
    a perfect okay break and now we're gonna building jumbo jumbo key
    okay so you can look at our blocks I actually have some block
    look-alike cookies right here
    on a cute little birdie up here okay cell
    everybody when you can Kevin bigjumbo keep okay so here we can't let
    get making and
    you did
    do it
    capital T
    for of chocolate ATP
    me okay for now okay here know that this is cookie land
    now let's start reading I'll arm
    okay so now we are going to build ourselves in their house yep there
    and then we are gonna go and regular cell up some animals
    got great so we've got it
    you look at. healthcare we need some furniture and he
    and all rights we got our bed
    later now we've got to go get urself animals and she
    me at gotta need help original really want to thank her
    clean gutters lol don't her Kb
    we've got our jumbo jumbo could get here so you
    to describe you could keep in touch
    so maybe we'll have plenty every play minecraft together
    molecular okay to
    picnic by
    do you
    do you
    you doing
    I me a week or so of course you would
    in the comments section can you please put Big Al Badia
    but cookies it *** *** Super Mario Bros. U Micro Land Deluxe Pack Layer Cake Dessert Series 1 - YouTube !!!
    clad I holiday
    I the
    rules by
    on up
    on the table today we have a world that Nintendo Super Mario Brothers you
    my girl and play set this is the deluxe
    pack layer cake desert the deluxe impacts
    are always the ones you want to go or as you get more tiles
    and some pretty good ones too like the flagpole
    and the bricks on the back in the box here
    we have just kinda quick demonstration at what this set builds up to
    you can also pick up the Acorn plane says but I'm gonna keep this exclusively
    at layer cake desert today
    there are also three packs out there and this is the Yoshi
    layer cake desert pack you get three tiles but the Yoshi character
    and you could just keep adding these up tell you built your desert world exactly
    how you want
    jumping right into your she's packed we've got three really nice looking
    we've got a column with moving top kind of a broken bridge up there
    for jumping off a we've got some more mushrooms
    this time teamed up for the desert and we've got one of those great treasures
    moving earth pieces
    and this we'll hear roles really nicely it is just
    pretty much a nice I'll axle and will give you some fun trying to get your
    character to stand on their
    ask for you she is pretty micro
    about intention a corner and hide this Yoshi has been tipping over a little bit
    I've been that kinda pressing him down on the speed and
    pulling them back a little bit to stretch him out a little bit
    and that seems to be helping but he's just a little tippy right now
    ass for skilled with Mario here's a mile from where the Acorn plain packs
    you can see is kinda big and I can almost fit them
    you can almost do a little writing action with them you know she also has
    a rotating head it looks like and I don't know they did on purpose or
    that's just how the the Skullcandy came out jumping over to the deluxe
    pack tiles we've got some really good things we've got another one in life
    favorite brick claim block floating pieces
    in which you can place the little cardboard cutouts a very a ser
    prizes inside the box and that is just
    a really creative idea in my book %uh we've got the classic
    Mario flag here and you can rotated to either the Mario or the
    browsers symbol but I little acrylic play here that you can
    slide up and down
    kinda sticky a top so it holds really well
    so that's really nice place to have we have a palm tree just had ever seen
    every piece to place it into your
    environment and of course Mario can set up on top
    we just have a nice little ledge piece for night
    creating different levels going on and we also have another one of those
    sorry mario broken bridge pieces with the
    rotating pieces so this will be good to match with the other said
    if you wanna can create a broken bridge as per Mario it is the ice flower Mario
    ice flower Mario is pretty much that with the
    light blue hat an arms setting up next to just a regular Mario you can see just
    a quick difference pretty much the same time just different pain
    but it's nice to have the different versions have Mario
    there's about it infinite number of ways to set these up
    but mario brothers you kinda wanna do it lanier happening in n
    but there's no one stopping you from putting pieces in front and back
    and making it look a little more 3d of course we have a vacationing Smurf here
    and wanted the groomers from the builder packs also available
    overall the desert cake set
    turned out pretty well I think the best pieces this rolling ground he said
    functions really smoothly and these two bridge pieces here are really fun the
    noodle around a bit
    so that is the maker landed Mario desert cake sets
    if you'd like to know a little more check out jack specifics
    YouTube channel and I'll show you all sorts of things until then
    stop a few boomers for me but
    thanks for watching squirrel stampede *** ***

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